Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, January 11, 1901, Page 3, Image 3

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Personal Mention
A. Kt Hlotit, m over (rum Toledo,
Tn: :y.
lluii. J, A Talberl, was In llm city
Tr. Iy.
J ,11, Poat, tl( CUckllllll, WS Ill tllll
t y tlili week, f
Hugh Curran, of Ciirramvllle, waa In
Cinlty IliU week.
P. W. Hmllh.of Indlanola, Neb., m
In this city tlil week.
J. C, Paddock, of Clackamas wa In
f J city Wednesday.
A. I,. Pollard, of Vancouver, wit In
Or n Ciljr Monday,
Thus. Daniel, of Heaver Cieek, we In
t'.liclty Wdncday.
I' -Lt. Off, of lloaebiirg, win regliterei
; . (:. F,lx trio Monday.
I'op. J. I.. Krue, lepreeentallveelect
x In ilit illy TuUy.
V.'llterd Itobblne, a merchant of Mo-
! "i, wm In town Tunedey,
J. I. Wililfin, of Nw Ere, was In
V tlly Monday on builue.
Miry Madder, of Portland, y lilted
Ccjua City frleii.lalhli
J. Heed, of Nprlngwaler, had hualne
''.! tit county court yeaterday,
V, A. Sleight, of Cenby, transacted
t-: In Oregon City, Momliy.
!'.. E. Wlleon, in atturney 01 Corvalll,
r la town TupiUy on legal buaiuea
' V. Clara llolmilrom, of Garfield,
4 frlrnJi In tlili tlly during tin
r W'V W '',0' w-ijriyi(i
.'. L sml VY. K. Thorn, of Widen.
I j.mii rrtflalvre il lb Electric
?i;r -lay.
J. L Flher, of Tin Dellei, vlilled lb
...!y of Mr. end Mrs, Tuherntg her
i:.: work
Fred Yerger, of Aurora, wai In Oregon
C:y, Wdndy. Mr. YergerUan
' Imp-buyer m tint Uri.
I.ucll Alderman, of Portland,
! 1;jh1 Ilia Mliwt Helen ami NeluGle-
r , of tlili eily, during Ilia wk .
D. VY. Smith, formerly of thl city,
t I dow of Al4m, Idaho, li In tin city
C' weak U ling up lili itTin tmta,
I'. F. Mitchell, of Highland, In
t . iMuo.liy. Whil her ba ordered
CM "nUrprte sent to lili addr fur a
C. T. Ilowir.l, put-maitar at Mullno,
c I th Knterprla' gnl anil good
f J, ai In tliii tilt W.lnr.Uy on
. Iwir.l Turliolka, ot Mllwiuklf, n
! i Cfrgun City Weiic.lay, Whila ln-r
t t Lnlrrril Ilia Kntrr ro anil tu liil al
C i for a rir.
r"'.i Miuila f-lanrliiiil, of Canrnuli,
t Mr. ami Mn. 1'ilila, at McMinn
I thli imk, Mia iatumrl to brr
tuntttUy in(iiiiMiilrJ l.y Mn
J. C. ilurm, of l'ortUnl wlto li iitpiul
Uim Mata Agrit ullural Collcga, lt)
) aunt Mn. John (ilraon, ol tliii i lly,
. Jay ami Saturday of laat wwk while
: lili way Im k Ui cullrga.
I Inn Ifio licit lami In ! county for
Irait nionry. Try nn,
J. K, IlKiMiti,
At Tlit. Wtilla llonn Tavam tmxt HhI
urday, Jion't fornt.
An Infaiil iUui(lilir of Mr, and Mn. (J.
W, (irangn, dlnd lint 8nlnrcUy afternoon
In Wl ()n.im C'ily,
a in i in.i i a .
Air, nnroii win una ilri(i or ilia
m IhkiI formarly taught hy hhlrlay Km k,
imar Oregon City. Aurora llorailla.
Mlia ftlarlali I'talt anlrrtaliied lha
whUl club ami a ton luvltixl gui'ila
Tui'iday avmliig and dallgbtfuj tliii
wai ii"'t.
Mri. N, If, ,iuihon, data organir
or tha I. 0. T. M., will addran tha
uirinlri of that ordur In Hl lin'i ball
tlui (Kilday) afUrrioon, at it p. in.
A I'irty wiiaglvan to alxiut 'JO young
lullna of llm cliy at tha homa of Mn.
I.. I,, rit keiii lat Friday night by aoma
of bur young frlcnda, whlcli wn greatly
enjoyed by all rrn-rit,
Thar wi not a lulliciant numUr
I'll irut at tha fluhrrinrli'l lin-allng In
Juitli a Me Amilty 'a court room, lait Mori
day atraiilug, to form a quorum. There
will Its aiiolhrr uiiwllng haturdiy nliiht,
whnn it li Imood thai will Ihj a Umr
I'ar Sal.
.'.II of my bouarbohl liirnllura, fruit
I baby carriage
Maa A. J. I.kwtiiwaitr,
i:tib and Main itrmti,
Oregon City.
" Tar KiflT'
'ool woiul tpam, lnrni'i and 3'
. Daln wagon, 4 in. lira ball Inu k run
) ynri, two fronh cowi onn liKilt-r
.', Iron bind bamiuar, Oliver ilow
I cultivator.
K. M. IIai.ikw, Oregon City,
JhrfB inlli'i from 0. C, Ml. riaaaanl
V Kra road.
F .u m rrSule.
) Milci lonth of Oregon City, three
ai aoiith of Molalla, known a Hie
M Farm, containing UlOicri-i, 110
r plow land, 40 in creek bottom, KX)
land; 7 arree orchard, all well
ered and fenced with itika and wire
e, and drained w ith atona and tile
heri. Good building, IK) rodn from
ail Iioum, 115 roiln from church.
J locntlun for tuking ntock to nioiin-t-1
i, Trice fil,00(). fl.000 down, but
tnrn to nu it at A per cent Intercut.
For furthur tmrtlculara apply to
A. J, Hawtki.i., on farm.
7, Hurt Mooro, phyiiclan and aurgeon
hnated In Oregon City with utiles
'porarly at reildonce on Tontli itrwt
I JuiToraon. l'rompt renpome to pro
lonil calls. tf.
Jut thin out and Uke It to 0. A. Ilaid
.' drug atore and get free "ample of
auiherlaln'a atoinaub and liver tabled,
. ) beat pliyili;. Tfiey alio cure dltor-
t of the atomacb, billlouineMB and
11. Ilolnian, leading undertaker and
ibalmer, Oregon (Jlty, Ore. Two doon
itli of court hoUMe.
liiACIIEll. C8K ACKER'S r.ngllHh
i i'liiedy in any case of coughi, coldi or
Jiip. Should it fail to give immediate
i lint money refunded. 25 eta. and 60
' G. A. Harding, Druggiit.
At Tha White llxaa Taern," a
thraa-act coiiiKily that il nld to ha full
of delightful lova eplaodue, anlrrlaililng
character lyai, amuilrig conipliratluiii,
atroug Intereat and rraliiiic itage -(Tei li,
will ba tha atiracilon at hhivaly't Opera
llouaa Haiurday, January 12.
Tha Aurora ftoraalla iyi, adiUirally ;
An rtbirl will ta made to have all
barlmhi4 lu tha alata cload by law on
Himdayi. Tha barttera are certainly en-
titled lo one diy'a rrat In (he wrtk, tf-
pe llly ao when their work dayi iKlmUt
uluiora hour i than the uiual work day.
The uinoibrri of the Dickena' club
gave a parry to llc-ir frirtida lat evening
at tha home of Mra. T. W. C'laik. A
lellgbiful lima waa enjoyed la playing
gimri etc., and mia vny novel iilnai
wrra introdurl wbwli piuvad blglily
amutlng. Kelre.lniipnii ware arrved.
In lat werki' Uaua of tha 1'aclflc
llouiralaad. Itiare airard a cat of the
farm home of Hon. J L. Krua. Clarka-
mai counly'a repuwontalive, and Die fob
loalog nfitu-e : 'Mr, Kruaa W eucreee
(ul farmer, at bn well Improved farm In
dicate. II owna 4X) acrea of land In
on ol the beat Ms tinin of tha county.
lie kia on bia Itrni 'il heal of line
Hhnrthorn caitln, W head of well bred An
gr goal a, and about hi) bead of bog."
The aectnd annual eibihii of Itie folk
County Mohair Uroweri' A elation will
b bald In Ia!Ui, Thuraday, Felmirary
14, 1'Jtll , At the marling of the awi-la-
lion lat Saturday It waa decided lo bold
tlie iliow In tlu city, provided a aufTU'l-
enl iuiu of money were railed to meot
all lb nrcenaary ripenm! of iucb ex
hibit. II. I.. Km mm. U. S. Grant and
Wiliort Ayrei were apilnted a a rum-
untie on general arraiigi-menla. Dallai
"Atthe Wbte Heme Turra."
A light comedy, with a itrong under
lying vein of (arre, that la what "At the
While lloree Tavern," width crowdinl
Wallick'a theatre, New York, for oyer
ten we'ki,and kept llerlln in acreaunof
laughter for nearly a year li ald to be.
King and Norcroai will pteneut the lece
at Khlvely'a Haiurday Janmry 12. Willi
ol. of the iiuat carefully aelectm) com
paniei and a cant of twenty clever play
er. Minerva !rr and Frank Nurcrori
have lieen eeciired for Hie two prlnclal
cbiracieri and all the other memlier of
the company are equally clever and en
tertalnlng. Heall on lale at llunlley'i
60 and 73 rent.
A (Vrumrry for New Kra.
At lit meeting bald In Warner Orange
hll,et New Kra Imt Kiludiy, whlrlj
wiiariiiounreil In thn Kuteriirlne, Iher
wer about SO farmer and othera prei
enl. Cm), i,kh wa mlecled for
ibnlruian, audi), McArthnr, leirnlary .
The meeting went lo woik in a bimlrn
Ilk way, lo inerlnln whit could le
don in lb wiy of lecuriiig a creamery
and cheea factory. Kvery Ixxly proaent
wa entbuaiaitirally In favor of the
enlnrpria and tin proper mpport wai
pledged for It liialliteriani, J. I,
Waldrou mad canvan of tho who
wer (bar, and found that the pereoni
preaent owned U) cowl. (Jommltlee to
canvan tha varloua imlghWIioixl to
aacertaln the iiiunUr of cowi that could
m deieridd upon, wer appointed :
Naw Kra dialrict, li, Frledrlch ; Can by,
C. N, Wilte; at of Nw Kra; Tho.
Illaiichard J lielghlorhoo Oppoalt New
F.ra, J. Kleth ; Mt. IWanl, Win. Mo-
Cord; 1'halp'a tielghlorhool, J. I).
Wllklrieon,. Commilte lo look out
location for bolldlngi, etc.. IS. Fnedrkh.
F. Vetrtiiand J, Kleib.
There will b aiiother riieeiliig held at
lb lima place, Haturday, January I'J,
at 1 o'clock p. m.
New Yeir'a evening nineteen hundred ; M A
,do,,ew..very pleaiantlycelebrited'E U ROtiVt. Ill WW K L)tm ?
T tMHf-?-?H V-i-S Mt U
rP0 rtilucfj our Uxk ntotk preparatory to our annual utock tak- li
1 ing we ofl'cr tlio following bargainn. IlriiripmtM-r that wo 'A
a .... I J
aiwayn Hell Umkn at cut ratco, but th!ne priceo are from 20 to 40
x-.r cent, lower than were our regular cut ratco.
at it
' win' n mm jvij I'lnaanaiivij i:m;inmiKt , ay
at llm rldinr of Mr, and Mr. ',. T. U
White, near PamaacuM, Oregon, when V.
their eldeit daughter, Jennie K. wia V.
unlied In rnariiagn lo Franklin W. H
Kurrr At 7 i. in al.ll Ml.. I'iI.aI ' W,
iiniiiirn piayeu in wanting march, the rj
bappy couple, attended by Hoy and ' K
I ..... U'l.l). I .. II I ...... ..t .L.ir
bride, entered lb room, taking their
place beneath an evergreen arch from
the center of which waa euipended a
pretty wedding bell. Key. i. II. Wood
officiated, tiling the linprenlv ring
The ceremony waa witnened by the
th near relative and friend of the
bride and groom. After congratulation!
th newly wedded pair, followed by lb
gueita, repaired to I he dining room where
all partook if a deliciou wedding lunch.
Th rniny preient were bolb beautiful
and Hatful.
On the following Thuraday Frank and
Jennie left lb home of their youth for
Cortland, their future borne, where
after January 15, they will beat bom
lo their mauy friendi, the beat wiahea of
whom go with them. A. M,
I). M. & Co. Seriee of Copyright Novell and Historial Storio
by inch authon 11 V.. I". Koe, Amelia Ilarr, Kggleitrwi,
Church, Atibot, I'.tc Handaomcly tiund booki with gilt
top, kejfular price $l oo. Special Sale price f!Cc
Abbott Juvenile Uiatoriei, mrat deairahle lxokf. Sold every
where at 50c to 75c, Special Sale Trice
Henty'i Hiatorlcal Storlei for boyi. Regular price, 50c.
Special Sale Price ,
All our sc and yx Ixioki In itock
All our J5C and 40c borAa in itock
5 Vol. Set Kippling Authorized ed. Contalningall hia work
except "Stalky Co " Regular price, $15. Special Sale Price 7.80
15 Vol. Set Uickeni, leather, big type ed. Moat dcairable
for a library and a bargain it ; 8.0S
All other act reduced from 't to 4
Webaten Unabridged Dictionary, !28opagta.. 79c
Teichen Biblca large type divinity circuit Ifyj
Family Bible, with record, etc JSc
All biniei reducer! proportionately.
I'rln For Orrrn Cliy.
Oregnu Cny eihlblior at the poultry
how In I'ordanJ thli week, took the fol
lowing prlte:
J. Murrow an I ion, lUrre l Hytnouth
Hock; aecond prlx on rnck, md tied
foraecondon cockrel, awrlwl third.
Kcora W. Win. I'll on won four prl-i'
in Ibi claaa, The pri were awarded
over blrdi from all aection of tho itate,
and om bird tint wer bytight In tbe
eal for big prlcei. It li laid Iher wai
on pen In lid claa that cot 1 10.
C. K. Itamaby won Ural prim on pit
gumn cock. J. II. Howard, won avcoud
prlie on bli P'lgiin bar buck In cUaa
For the number of eihibiu, Oreiron
City did remarkably well Th poultry
inlere! io Oregon li aoiuiiiing big pro
portion, and opl ar Ijeeoming aware
of lh fact that high clae poultry pay
V. a Any Picture in our evre at '4 of regular price and
K many at a diacountof , .V) per cent
JfarrlUf.Mceave.. !f -rr.,
F. M. Mark and Melia Ijwler; O. A. V. OREGON CITY. 1
liock and U. Jeaai Knight. iiiXXXXXXX2iXXXX2i2:2:XXja32r
Money to loan
Hiihjii h (iairriTii.
al loweit ratei.
Mky She ( ante.
Vame Tiomaon In hii PaHi letter lo
lb Faturday Evening Poet aayi: 'It
w half pat ill lo th morning. Th
Kt. Iaar ilatlun wn uncanny, for the
moon waa ibinlng broad and full, and
lb dawn wa creenins up Madame
Harah 'a carriage drov Into lh court.
Young and nulling ah tepied out a
handeom figure of a woman in a long
fur coat. Then Coqnelin came. There
camn too, a boil of actor and actreaei,
Joiirnaliiti and aociely folk. They cried,
'Vive Iternhanlt I and 'Vive Coimelm!
'I'll ! borne again In eis munthi,"
'aid Madame larah, throw lug kiaaei to
her fricudi.
'Hut what ar you going for? 'they
aiked tier aadly . 1
'For a million, 'laid Madame Harab.
And that wi true; f x her lourenee in
the United Si a tea the il lo be paid one
million trance and all Iter eipeuaei.
Probite Order.
I.I vy Stlpp wai apMiinted guardian of
Halpb, Martin and Albert Italy, minor
beira of Hubert Haty deccaaed.
II. K. Ntngadill, aduiii.iNtutor of the
eatate of Ai U. Stagnlill, decoau'd,
mado final aettletnrnt, and waa diic
charged by the court, and the court or
dered a divlaion of the properly a fol
ium; Of lh total mm, $11 12 00, ff7l,-
45 ; titci :150 already paid, li given to the
widow, Mary K. StagHilill; the remain
ing $571 4ft to b divided equally among
the four children.
Letter Mat.
Tho following la the lint of letters re
maining in tbe poNtulllce at Oregon City,
Oi.,on Jan, 10, 11101 i
womkn'i limt.
Irleli, Mia Kdna Tbomaa, J V
l'iillliim, Imian V Waterman, Minnie
Kimuiuna.MiaaKdna Yancy, Mrs Polly
mkn'b uht.
Deane. (len II (2)
Kdwarda. It U
Flynn, F.dward
Karn, Mr
Mooney, P J
McNiih, Iiuao(2)
Miller, J II
liiley, E F
Mi river, G
Htningrandt, Geo
Tamp, Pnter
Williams, Jamea
GF.O. F. 1I0RT0N, T. M.
you TKr ir.
IfShllob'a Cough and Consumption
Cure, which in sold for the small price of
25 cents and 60 cents and $1.00, does not
cure take the bottle back and we will re
fund your money. Fold for over fifty
years on this guarantee. Price 25 cert
and 60 cents. C. G. Huntley, the Druggist!
Di eted Preoldual.
Iticbard Scott, of Milwaukie, lias been
elected president of the Slat Oairymeo's
A laudation.
Mr. Scott, li one of the moel prominent
itockmeii In th itaie. He will attend
the conventioa of the National Stock As
aociallon, which will meet al Salt Lake,
January 15.
ton't trouble yourielf withcakea.eta ,
when you can gel them the beat and
cheapest at Kuenen'a.
When threaUuied by pneumonia or my
other lung trouble, prompt relief Is nec
Miary, as it is dangaroua to delay. We
would itiggeit that On Minute Cough
Cur be taken a oon a Indications of
having taken cold are noticed. It curea
quickly and id early ue prevents con
sumption. G. A. Harding.
BiantU 11w Hind You Haw Alwars 130.
For Toting; Men and Young rfomen.
There Is nothing that will aroime the
ire of a young man or woman ao guick an
to have interior laundry work put ott on
them. They my dreis ever so well,
but if their shirt front or shirt waist Is
iiuiBsy their neat appearance is spoiled.
The Troy laundry makes a Specialty of
ladies' and gentlemen'! flue work.
There cuu be 110 better work than ia
done at the Trov. Leave your oider at
Johnson's barber shop.
If troubled with a weak digestion,
belching, sour stomach, or if you feel
dull after eating, try Chamberlain's
stomach and liver tablet, Price, 25
cents. Samples free at G, A. Harding's
drug store.
(Jalbrallh'i Confectionery.
Got your panoche, cocoanut ice, date
creams, vanilla, chocolate creams at
Gulbraith'a confectionery and you will
never regret it.
US1NU ACKER'S Dyspepsia Tablets.
One little Tablet will give immediate re
lief or money refunded. Sold In hand
some tin boxes at 25 cts. Q. A. Harding,
ft Kl li lir(i
We would like to give you a very interesting talk on Capets
and Chinese Matting. If you should contemplate to buy either,
be sure and give us a call as we want to work off some of our
surplus stock, we Will save you some money,
The Housefurnisher.