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Oregon City Enterprise.!
Published Kvtry Friday.
L. L. rOKTKB, rrairroa.
Tin thousanda of Americans In attend
ance at the opening of the American
btiiMinti at the I'aria exposition ouht to
con vino the French tlikt w are good
fort ot folk lo be on tlio lest of terms
sees, that (lie mixed picket are Imbed ' Dihiim He I also required lo deh-nd I Hut. Isklng lh map of the continent
for llieronnlv and lt olllcert all (laiiutin: an.l atai linn from the Uulf of Mmli'o,
andothor suits lo which the county audi l.mk south and weal, and whatdoyoii
i t ii h i ar is w aa m i rm irw iiain imbn tm .
himiett with the machine caring only for Its oltWrs are parties, growing on! id eeeT lUnesnelds In Nicaragua, Ilia Han - m 1 1 v M-allred, and evrry woman ? a
mixed. They are realising the hopeless
nesa of their rauaa and eveiy man la for
On. year I5
Hi i month!
Trial subscription two nionlba -S
A discount ol SO cents on all subscription!
Ibr ona Year. 23 centi tor nx monina, 11
paid in advance.
AdverUsing rates given on application.
Subscribers will find tha daw of expira
tion atanird on iMr papers following
ih.ii- nm. If this dak- u not chaiirnl
Within two w-ki sfWr a pavmenl, kindly
notify oi and we win loo aner iu
Pxwir ran for admiral on a platform
of Manila bar and went throunh with
out Ogatlve voter. But when a aailor
turn politician for the flrrt time at the
age of C2 he must look out for reefi and
crone-currents not down on hit chart,
Entered at the poniofliea In Oreiron City,
Or., as second class matter.
Toaro Ktoo haa been imorting T2,
000,000 worth of cotton goo.lt every year,
but only $27S,OtX worth from tha United
States. The new conditions will now
give at (hit trade and bo benefit our
cotton growers and manufacturer, and
incidentally our whole population.
Beaver Creek
Oanby ,
Clack am ai
Union Mill
Meadow Brook
Kew Era
Man) mm
Kajrle Creek
ir. T. B. Thoroai
Geo. Knicht
A. ftlalber
Oscsr WiMinirer
O. J. Trullinper
Cbas. Hoi man
W. H. Newrwrrj
Henrv Jliley
r L."kusll
J.O. lias
C. T. Howard
R. M. Cooper
Annie ftubtw
E. XI. Hartman
B. Jrnninin
.... Htnrr A. Snyder
H. Wilhero
J. C. Klliotl
F. Go-Inch
Geo, J. Currin
.Mrs. M.J. Hammer
Adolpb Aacbod
Tin Aurora Boreelia ears that it is in
formed that the republicans of Oregon
City will not support Capt. Smith for
sheritT. No republican haa given out any
such information. Gill is at hit old
tricks. Any man that pays for a write
op, gets it.
Cooke and Hedges. This was what de- Injuries ooourlng on county Mails, laxea,
termlned Uenglcbach to thww up the etc. ll la therefore necessary that a
I sponge. Two years ago Ine op got man of large experience and exivptUinal
the worst of ll and Uenglcbach aald they ability should tm selected lo till lliat
could not play hlin. The populists that nioal important othVe The republican
seethe drift of things, privately admit parly presents llarriaou Allen at It"
the democrats are trading Idem oh", candidate for the otllce of I'lxtrlcl At-
Many of them, like Uenglubach, will get lorney. Helta lawyer of experience
back at the domocrala. Menglebach, and reccgnlied a one of the best lawyera
A Society woman
t'udrrgor a greater at rain than Is
Juan liver, l ake Nicaragua, and due J M1My ,m'" '", '"" '' '. Tha
give us your hand, your head la level.
In Ihla judicial district, Ifing able to
handle aithout outaide assistance, all
... . i i -. i , .
cane i, civil ami criminal a nu n mar
arine, thin saving to the county ths ex
pense ol hiring any additional counsel In
t hone i ami. Mr. Alien Is a native lorn
American, of American and Herman
The way te bnlld ap OrettaClty
I. te glie Oregea Oty Peeple joir L inJ ,o
A.i Oregon young man not long ago
proposed marr age to a young woman,
but bearing that her hair wat falae lie
declined to fulfill hit engagement. She
brought suit against him for breach of
promise, but she was nonsuited on the
ground that she had won the young
man's affections under false pretenses.
Chkxkt bought the registration blanks
for the county for 32. His bill lo the
county was $100, but as lie is a reformer
and fighting the battle for the reform
The cilixena of Clackamas county will
not he satisfied with an ordinary re pre
tentative at Salem. The v were not un
mindlul of the paramount importance of a
wise selection of a candidate who would jllt( m-akt the (ierman language
speak, act snd vote as the whole reoj'le kei ,d it noted for lilt honesty snd
of this community woold. Such a man f,ir tym n K,, t,jt pnaahm and in
is the republicsn candidate for Joint rep- business. At Ihoee who have heard him
reeotive lor t iackamas ami Mult- dring thia csmpslgn know, he la
oman counties, A. 8. Dreaaer. He is L ,H.nt snd ehnjuent a.ker and a ill
oseaed of every .pialillcalioo reiuWte utl(uMrlly rirry u,i, county
for an ideal representative of the people,
ll fk...... I. - t .!.!. I
..... ...., ,.. ,.rU1UH,. imaur, ami T..S eU tion that lakes idara M.mdav
logical snd convincing in hi. rgnmenU, ,,,,, llHrfUnc, to 0tfllm
is a brilliant lawyer, and his character ,nv u xw . Nw
.1 I I
.......j ,v .u.ulrw mi nutation. ,. lM..,n i ll.. .!, r.,
weit acmaa a narrow strip of land less
Ihan twenty miles In bresdlh, yon come
to the I'aclllo Ocean, llehold, the yialun
of (Htwer ami glory, of wealth and re
nown, thai riaea Mora lbs mind's ere;
the liiiN'nal atatea of California ml Ore
gon and WaaMiigtou, to the northward ;
atlli further north, Alaaka; and rUlil out
at sea in fioul of you, Hawaii ; all terri
tory of the t'nltnd Slates of America.
Hut liHk again and look further. There
befora you, atill gating Wealwsrd, la
another world; with Its myriads lo la
i-lollied snd led, to be educated Into
civilisation and markets ; China and
Japan and Australia and New Zealand
and the miiltitudimnia tales of the bound
leaa I'aclfti', Including, of course, the
Philippines. With the Nicaragua canal
all lhe regions sre geographically onrs.
What should we think of Jetfeisoa If,
Ignoring the piactical advantagea, ha
had, on grounds of romtlluliou or other
acriiple, liwl the chalice to buy Ixiulsiana
For representative in congress for first
THOMAS II. TONGUE, of Washington.
For presidential electors
O. F. FAXTON, Moltnomah.
Til. MAN FORD, Marion.
J. C. FUL1.EKT0N, Douglas.
W. D. FUKNISH, Umatilla.
For supreme judge
For food and dairy commissioner
J. W. BAILEY, Moltnomah.
For joint representative for Multnomah
and Clackamas
A. S. DRESSER, Clackamas.
For district attorney for fifth district
For representatives
J. L. KRUSE, of Stafford.
JOHN TALBERT, of Clackamas.
CHARLES TOOLE, ofCaneraab.
For county commissioners
JOHN LEWELLEN.of Springwater.
For sheriff
W. h. SMITH, of Abernethy.
For clerk
WELDO' SHANK, of Canby.
For recorder
1H0S. P. RANDALL, of Oregon City.
For awessor
ELI WILLIAMS, of Currineville.
For treasurer
E. T. WHITE, of Damascus.
For school superintendent
J. C. ZIN&ER, of Oregon City.
For surveyor
ERNEST RANDS, of Oregon City.
For coroner
J. W. NORRIS, of Oregon City.
save money for the tax
payer, he would cut this 25 per cent and
take 120, and he was paid tl:0. Great
is reform.
Thosi Courier-Herald fellows have a
happy faculty of denying having any
knowledge of the origin or aothorship ol
an article, when pounced npon every
issue of the paper to answer for some
sbosive little thrust. Tbey never have
the manhood to father an item, but
each saddles it npon the other in order
to escape.
He is alert tograsp any measure proposed
for legislation, and his fearlesa nature
w ill cause him to forcefully defend or op
pose it as his conscience dictate.
In A. S. Dresser is a safe place to re
pose this county's portion of the law
making power of the state.
To the several foreign-born elements of
our population it is a matter of pride and
Interest to know the number of persons
of their nationality in the United State,
and their general economic condition.
In 18'JO there were more than 9,000,000
residents in the United States who were
born in foreign countries. Of this num
ber about 30 per cent were born in Ger-
"Next week," announces a Missouri
editor, who has the Sheldon episode still
fresh in his mind, "we will be running
this psper as Jessie James woold have
run it. Delinquent subscribers may ex
pect a call from us with their accounts
stack in the muzzle of a six-shooter.
Otherwise this psper will have to be run
as the sheriff would run it."
To the everlasting disgrace of the
fusion parly, they have desecrated the
most solemn, sacred and memorable day
in our National calendar Decoration
Day. While they should have been pay-
.:t .... . - .i .
wg muuie io ins memory ot our
country's dead, they were csnipaigning
throughout the county. General Weaver
was imported to this city for that acred
day, for the purpose of taking advantage
of the throng, and to make a desperate
endeavor to railroad the office-seekers
into county positions
republican and ever man that la Intur.
many, 2) per cent In Ireland, and about , , . .
10 per cent in Canada and Newfoundland. , - .
I svMa tito uiututmrssWUII il 114 IKHiTY
rrommsitoKTO the United Kingdom L , ,,.,, ... .. v ,
" of holding the Philippines. Not only Is
contributed 53 per cent of the total im
migration to the United States, and Ger
many 35 per cent, In the decade to
lK)the immigrants from the United
this policy vital to the prosperity of this
state, but these inland have been conse
crated by the blood of the Second Oregon
to litwrtv. ronaA.'ri.l l. il. I.l..l ..I
- I V VI
uijj.iuiu conaiiiuieq oniy per cent ol l( g . r, .
me loiai immigration, the proportion
from Germany being slightly lews. In
the ten jears ISO! to IsTl the combined
immigration from Austria, Hungary,
Russia, Poland, and Italy constituted
only 1 per cent of the total immigration
In the decsde 1S8I to I S00 this propor
tion rose to 17 per cent, and in the nine
years lSUl-lS. to more than M percent.
It is doubtful whether more than IXW.OOO
Americans by birth are living outside of
the United States, while the number of
persons of foreign birth living in the
United States is probably ten million.
ofNHlmn? What will be thought of
issues Vital to this us a century hence, if, through fear of
trouble, or any other fear, we yield Hie
paign and the policy of the party it vantage ground which, all unbidden, haa
come to us, vainly seeking the retention
of the buc.dlc republic of Washington
and Franklin, which haa already gone
from ut Iwyond recall?
The globe It shutting up like a tele-scoj-e,
and, through the smaller end,
one can see further than Jefferson saw
th'ough the larger.
Alrwidy thia -imple approaches In
numbers a hundred millions. Presently
there will be two hundred milllona
IVjts sny thoughtful man Itnaitiiis that
they can be held within a Cblneeo wall
w hen the world at large la moving reso
lutely forward?
Hat all of modern Invention, convuls
ing th rest of the universe, flit ua
where the fathers of he republic left u?
Dws electricity, with Its tcntrli!ng
a.enciet, count fur nothing? Hut, waiv
ing mattera of commerew aud war and U
busineaa competition, both rational snd
national, what of our boasted religion
and civilisation if we srs to draw back
agast hrfore the thought of carrying the
represented by the administration. Thia
stale is vitally Interested in ll
t ride oft he Orient. In that trade lies
prosperity lo the eoplsof Oregoo. This
trade will make the stats advance with
mighty strides. Without it, great ad
vancement will be relegated to the next
generation. This election coming at this
time wlieu the great national convention
are about to aieeutble and on the eve
of the presidential campaign, aaauuiet
great significance as pointing to public
opinion and shaping In this way the
policy, not only of t beg rest partiea, but of
the government itself. It behoves every
td or there will coma aocUl Unk.
ruptcy, snd It la In the mucltiat aymrut
i m in, iit-iita, iv-
gaidli-sa of health
or ferliuya, that
women often lay
the foundation for
serious lllnrsa,
The late hours
and rich foola,
common to sih I
Sty gatlierln
Sim or late
range the s4mil
ach ; the liver,
priliat. lKitiliira
Invoked, ami the
heart duttrrs or
There is no
niaitlclne for the
Cure of dlsrasra
of the aiiMiiai ll
ami organs of ill
irvalton ami nutrl.
tioil which ran
pwl I r, 1'lercc's
Ool.lrn Mnllial
1 Ha-overy, It
Urals lliaslnma.il,
piuiflrs ami en.
hchre tha, blil,
rleanara the ring-
I liver. iMKir
amas county, A vole for
the fusion ticket means the taking down
the titg in those islands it meant that
Pible and the flair borond existiiin l.mn.
the boys of Clackamat county who gave ' J,ri,,
op their lives,died in Vain. It meant that
this state does not believe in progress,
but in taking a step backwards. ll
means that the produce of Oregon can
have no market in those Islands and
that this s'ate cannot
ishas the ram
ami gives face am
form the ra.lisnl la-anty of health.
"t'xdden klrdii al I Hscuvery " ronta'na
ao bIcoImiI, ami la alvdutrly free tnmt
0wuni, cia alne and other narv.MU-a.
M' t, ll.lsiA. f ttf CiJUu
Ca. T'ssa. him . mwI4I I. km i
a sisHi muk imUfium sad llrsf ti
4alMt. sml i... sut bto.at tnmt lbs wit
I 4 in rwrr. I..4.UI Ms.lt.al tmtmy .
trU.wM HlWts' llva sat arlklHI 1 m-
! Inl llint
IH, Pierce's PrUrte cure cuuatlivtiua.
. 0V THI It.
IfMiiloh'a 1'iMih and Cooaumptlnn
Cure, which ia a-ild fur the small price of
25 rents and M rents and I.U), duea not
cure take the tniltln bark and we will re
fund yixir mminy. K..ld fur over flty
yeart on Ihla gtisrantoa). frisi 23 rent
andSOcsmla. C.IJ. Huntley, the Inig.
41 Iie4 Tlsas.
I take a pleaaant barb drink, the next
morning I fel bright and my complex.
Ion It better. My doro aar it art
g-ntly on the alomat h.llverand kindeya.
and la a pleasant laxative. It ia made
from herbs, and la prepare-) aa easily as
la. It is railed Una's Medicine. All
IrtiggUts aril t at 2V. and AO eta.
Lane's Family Medicine moras the
howula each dar. If you cannot gn i
arml for a I'w simple. A I Irrae, Orator
K. Wutdwar l. I..Ry, N V.
The Enterprise and Drrg mlan for 2 C
a year.
The idiowym raay of the cmtiiry whii h
we are leaving behind ut was liberty
The idiosyncrasy ol I ho rentnrr belure
us will be markets, fh. i..K.;.n levervthlng.
. '".'-' . I, . .
wru, .i. usr l;ng
"After sulTerlng fnxn pi Ins for flftea
years I was rured by Us.ng two boxes of
Ik-W iti's Wli. h llasel Naive." wriUa W.
J. Itaxler. North Hrsuk, N. C. It beats
!'. r of counlereita.
tury will le given over to a great mm. I
Election June 4.
Votb the ticket straight.
Vote the ticket straight. No republi
can should scratch a man.
Tub Grover Cleveland tramp and
debt have diFappeared together.
There is not much difference between
borrowing a lawn mower and borrowing
Did yon beae the roast the populist
orator from the east gave fusionitts Sat
urday night?
The demo-pops are trying to ran the
campaign on Myers Chineee racket and
some more ancient tales.
The Coiriek Herald has not enough
sense to write a campaign lie that does
not give away the author. In speaking
of Lewellen'a connection with the build
ing of the court bouse, that paper says
that all he bad to do was to let the con
tract and get the structure started.
What else could the county court do?
Its superintendent was there to see that
the work was properly done. The fol
lowing court could not have stopped the
work. Perhaps the Courier-Herald
wanted the court to lay up the stone
and brick themselves.
any man.
ONSTITI Tl 4 1. AMI'S hlll VT.
On Mondav Ihe vor., .til b.r.i'i-1 i t,,e u'',,oldi" '. ! Ending
in .... I by the Second Oregon. These are
vn. vs as v as sJ V t la Ult I J 1 0 J (.lltj Wl."
stitution. Not to vote means a vote
against the amendment. There has
k.n I .1.... . . I .1
.....ipw aiiiru.j me con- Ol ll .SKW I'OHMKHHIONS.
stituation in the past and they have Wx shall undertake to show that the
all failed. The first amendment on the one hope the people of Texas, Arkansas,
ballot is known as the municipal in- Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, South
debtedness amendment and allows ' Carolina and Florida lies in the vista of
municipal bodies like counties, school ! opportunities newly created in the
districts etc. to go in debt five per cent I Pacific Ocean and brought to their door
of their assessed value. Probably the by the construction of tha Ninrau.ia
i..... i. .i . i .... .
u.i.nn liliui'fllw. ,,! nail..... ...III..
ir.u-e.nu.lna. These are matter, that 4W 0f univ.r4a
effcTtlbe jsjcket of every voter. Vote vival of the fllte.l.-H,.nry W.lirra,.,,.
tue republican ticket and you vote for
the advancement of the Filipinos, for a
betu-r government in those islands, for a
better market for your own produce, for
Ike Fxrltrment ot Over.
The rush at the drug More still con
tinues and daily scores of prnplr rail for
a bottle of Kemp'a IUUm for the Throat
. . and Lungs for the Throat and Lunira for
more vital Interest th.n the election of j !!" ' V?"Ul Co,,U'
... .... ...... bim, oiisiiiiiMion. Kemp's
Ualaam, the standard family Mine ly, Is
sold on a guarantee and never falls to
tflve entire satisfaction. Price l'c and
The Enterprise gets the newt,
the Enterprise,
Far Vsnar Jlea ana Tasag ifemea.
Thern la mdhlng that will arouse the
lew of a rouiig man or woman ao (julrk aa
lo have Inferior laundry work put off on
them. They m dress ever so wsfl,
but if their shirt front or shirt waist le
mossy their neat apparanra la t oiled.
The Twy laundrr makea a siierlallr of
ladies' and gmitlemen 's fine work.
There ran be no belter work than I
done at the True. J .rave your orders at
Johnaon's barber ehop,
"DeWlll'a Little Early Riser are the
finest pills ever uae.."). J. Moore,
Millbrook, Ala.. Thry ip.lckly cure all
Iver and bow.d Irrmblea. lino. A. Harding
Itsw in Taar Xl.ui, t
IV i S..r.,, I'm. fn,.lUMnr Ills Sssr.
Slslisa. A.M swiliaa kaiM.li U, klaasvur
Since 1883 this country has spent over
$160,000,000 on the new navy, and those
two little jobs at Manila and Santiago
amply repaid all that expenditure.
One week the Courier-Herald jumps
on Dresser and then it praises him. Be
consistent if you wish any one to have
ihe slightest regard for what you are say-.Bin.
. The officers of the Oregon City (Ore.;
Manufacturing Company have granted
At the election Monday no man that
has the welfare of bis country at heart
should vote for Daly. The advance
ment of the nation and of the state in
particular is centered in the election of
Tongue. The Philippine question alone
should determine this. Tongue ia a man
of ability aud a credit to the state' and
has made a place in congress where he
can and has done much for the state,
The next honse will be close. No re
publican and no one having the welfare
of the state and nation at heart should
Deglect to vote for Tongue.
voter will conclude that the chances are
great enough now to pile up public debt.
The judiciary amendment is to increaee
the number of judges of the supreme
court to five. It is beinjf claimed that
this is necessary in order that the court
keep op with its business. The irriga
tion amendment relates to the appro
priation of water from streams for various
purposes. It has considerable opposi
tion from able Jurists, claiming It will
entail endless litigation. The repealing
amendment relates to the repeal of a
section of the constitution relating to
slavery. As this is a dead letter, it
Genuxebacii is on the broad Pacific
on his way to Cape Nome. As he gazes
in the ocean and communes with the
fiifbes, he congratulates bimeelf on the
me employes In the woolen millasub-lfactthathegotthebetterofthedemocrats
Btantial advance in wages. About 40J whom he claims were knifing him on all
York "Textile 1 occasions. fipnLlBhfha ii.,?..m.
. . ' w juuiuQij, was
good, he saw what every discerning man
are employed. New
Manufacturers' Journal."
should be taken out of the constitution.
The amendment should pass. Equal
suffrage amendment is to give woman
suffrage. It failed once.and Monday will
tell whether it faila ainin fit;... ,.i
q - viiiuo vi
vanai. j ins we may take to bo now as- y
sured, for, although the vast power and
resources of the transcontinental lines of '
railway will obstruct its completion to j
their uttermost, they can only a little'
impede it. It is inevitable and lade-1
signed to work a aweeplng revolution in
the economic conditions of the country.
But it will be of far-reaching and over-
mastering Importance to the people of IkJ
the Gulf State and the Southern State
contiguou thereto; to a degree, indeed,
that it I not too mush to ay It will re
habilitate them in their lost prestige and
On Easy
3t Payments
3000 inhabitants will vote on the ques
tion of establishing a park commission
in such towns.
Amono the office to be filled at the
election on June 4th, is one of the great
est importance to the people of this
county, namely, that of District Attor
ney. The District Attorney is not only
the prosecutor of state criminal cases
but is also the county attorney and must
decide many questions of Importancel
oeanug upon county matters
The Gulf of Mexico is an inland sea,
with an Imperfect outlet. Th n,,n
States are In a pocket. Of the States I R
upon the eastern seaboard of the United I V
Slate they are furthest away from the
center of trade and money.
All effort at direct communication
between them and Europe have been
embarrassed by the Increased distance
on the one band and the domlnancy of
the great Northern cities on the other.
In that direction there Is no hope save
that of fiscal and geographical depend
ency. A the map now is, they will al
way have to pay tribute to the ship
owner and money-changers of New
York, and it collateral branches, Thila-1
and delphla and Boston. '
I It .8 cany to obtain a good ono. Whcro no local
dealer mil- them, we will nenj a piano or organ for
a small canh payment, lalanco in monthly pay.
taenia. Two years time to flniwh purchase if do
aired. We would like to explain our Method. We
will aondan inHtrumnt guarantying satisfaction,
or the piano may ho returned to m at our cxjxnm.
Catalogues freo for tlio auk ing, toll all about tlmm.
Hpocial pricou and full information if you write.
filer's Piano House
home or Portland, Orenon.
KiniiAi.i, I'll -,
u i:m:u pianon,
" inn t i f., on,,..
m:i:iinvi ,i uhv.at ivi mi i kx oiiuanm.