Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, July 28, 1899, Page 4, Image 4

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Oregon City'Entcrprise.
Pullifshe1 Kvery Krldny.
i, i. rourKK, r.riT..
One year UW
(ill nionihi t
Tral subscription two month !M
A discount of V) mill on til subscriptions
for on year, 25 cents lor til months, II
paid in advance.
Advertising rates given on apiuicauoii.
8ubseriher sill rind tlie dat of eiidra
ttn stamped on tbeir psrs following
their name. II thin dale u not changed
vithln lo wreki after a paviurnl, kindly
notify Di and will look alter it.
Kutersd at tr.s postomce In Oregon City,
Or., ai iecoiid class matter.
Hearer Creek..
Union Mill...
Meadow Brook.
New Kr
Wilsonville . ...
Manpiara ,
Kaxle Creek....
Cherry ville
....lf. T. B. Thomas
. ........ lieo, Knicbt
A. Mather
tHrar s issinKer
U. J. Truliingsr
Chav Holtnan
V. r1. Nr wherry
Henrv Miley
K. L. Kiissell
J.O. tiaire
C. T. Howard
R. M. Cooper
Annie ftubhs
E. M. Hart man
, B. Jennir.m
.... Henry A. Snyder
H. iitern
J. C. Klliott
K. Ua-tsch
Geo. J. Currin
.Mr. M.J. Hammer
Adolpb A schorl
cause lie lil Items in it t It at liail not
been delivered to the county. Tlii'ii we
are to understand lliat lit Is trying to jit
pay for articles not delivered. Would it
not tn well to wait until (lie county net
the goods before putting in a lull. The
county in a good tiling but do not push
it too Intnl. We wish to male tliat hi
bill wan cut on article delivered an well.
He completely ignore the iharg- s mad
by u a to hi unjust and Illegal prli-ea
and divert tlie discussion to personal
abuse. We (ball inxiitl that you slit k to
your text.
'The way to tnild ip Oregon City
la U tire Vrrro ('It; People joir
riNUKKi of Michigan cornea out
openly for Alger. They are a good pair.
Clackamas county his 7,880 school
children. On this basis the population
ought to be at least 25,(100 for the county.
The failures are the least ever known
at this season of the year but the 16 to 1
people say that we never were in such
bad shape.
Dvbino the last presidential campaign
the voters of this country were told by
the republicans that the election of Mc
Kinley meant the return of prosrity
and business confidence while the demo
crats said that it meant disaster.
Which party told the troth?
Thibk is not a man that is acquainted
personally with the conditions in the
Philippines but what says there is but one
thing to do and that is toestablh-h order in
these islands, i'eople that talk different
ly are not acquainted w ith the facts or are
talking for political purposes.
Steikkks may rest assured that when
they become dyoan. iters and destroy
lives and property as they have at Cleve
land this week, they will lose and
ought to lose, the sympathy anJ respect
of all decent citizens. Nothing is ac
complished by such methods and labor
had best discredit these acts.
Tub Chicago meeting of the demo
cracy was dominated by Altgeld and
used as a demonstration for Bryan. As
the time approaches for the next cam
piign it becomes apparent that the
democratic party is in the hands of the
crowd that believes something can be
got for nothing backed by anarchy and
socialism ,
Col. Robt. G. Inuekboll is dead and
in his death the country loses one of its
brightest men. The son of a clergyman
ho was bitterly opposed to orthodoxy.
He lost the admiration and Bupport of
many people on account of the manner
be treated religious subjects. Few men
lived of broader charity, kinder deposi
tion or who hud higher ideals and he
ivedas he talked, His home was a
model in all that a husband and father
could do. As a public speaker he met
h a greatest success and his efforts on
these lines will always command atten
tion. As a platform orator he was with
oat a peer, His platform orations like
o ie nominating Hlaine in 1870 made his
reputation rather than his attacks on
A captain in the regular army at
Manila uses the following language con
cerning the insurgent government.
"Each Spanish house looted, each
church or convent pillaged, furnished
some money to the insurgent cause, and
thus it grew apace, in numbers, in
strength, in organisation, until thev
established a so-called republic, which
was and is today the worst of mili
tary, rutlianly despotism.
It knew and knows no right, reelects
njne; might is its guiding principle.
Our so-called forbearance made them
arrogant, and long before the trouble
began it was getting to be an assured
thing that there w as no w ay out of it for us
except to hold on. It was more than
evident that we could not decently turn
over the islands to a people, not a people,
but made op of innumerable tribes or
peoples. There could have been no
order, no government, no justice, no
equity; and then Mr. Filipino would
have known what it was tube robbed,
as they are now finding out. Many are
finding it out; but too late; they are
helpless. None of them dared to ex
press a dissenting opinion on the subject.
All Filipiuos had to be under penalty
of death, out-and-out supporters of the
Filipino aspirations. Whatever wears,
for or against, expansion, there is but
one thing to do now, and I cannot see
how at any time we could have been ex
cused (or deserting our responsibilities.
We must stick to them at no matter
what cost. We cannot afford to tacome
the laughing stock of the world. We
must never let go Cuba, nor of this
group. In neither place are they capable
of self-government, and the worst of
anarchy would prevail, life would be
cheap, and some other nation would
gobble them up."
If a man on the ground after months
of observation comes to this conclusion
it would seem that people who know
nothing of the condition in the islands
and talk from a political standpoint
only would remain quiet. But there are
men who not only hare no patriotism
but no idea of the higher functions and
duties of government and not enough
decency to keep quiet. This town is
bleesed with one of these reformers who
is trying to instruct the jwople with his
Attain, Bishop Thorhurn, of the Metho
dist church, who lias spent most of his
life in India and adjacent countries anil
who has been in the Philippines during
the war has the follow ing to say concern
ing these islands and their people :
"This country must establish law and
order and KOod government in these
islands. They owe this much to civi
lization and to the world. The people
of most of the island are wholly in
capable of self-government, and were
the Filipinos given authority in Luzon,
anarchy and ruin and assassination
would sweep over and drench the islands
in blood. It will be several generations
before these people can be educated to
that point where they will be capable of
self-government. Most of the present
generation will have passed away before
that time eMail have come. It will he
a matter of slow education and Chris-
tianization, by which the seeds of treach
ery planted during the 300 years of
Spanish rule will be eradicated entirely,
and then there will be a new race and a
new ciyilization on the island. The
United States must first establish good
government, and protection to all the
people of the island. This they have
not had from their Spanish rule, and
they have been schooled in treachery,
and hence they are not to be trusted as
yet. I'ut it will not be long before they
will acquire confidence in'the intention
of the United States to protect them in
their pursuits and in their homes With
Brnall gunboats running among the
islands, much has already been accomp
lished in this direction.
Both of these men are of large exper
ience and their expressions are not from
a party standpoint.
The Now York street car strike la imt
general as yet. v
The F.pworth League opens an Inter
national convention at Iudiauapolii.
Salem's funding bonds were sub.
scribed by Salem people twice over.
The Moscow and Kastern is a new
railroad for Idaho said to he llnanced
by liov. Scholleld of Wis.
Clara Fitch a l'.Mear-old girl Is louml
murdered in Cycle Park and Frank Me
I'aniel I arrested on suspicion,
Satmday July
Gen. Peel reviewed the Second Ore
gon on dresa parade, today.
liained nurses are being sent to
Hold. 0. Ingervoll i dead.
iVwey attend a banquet at Trieste by
Minister Harris.
iwwerHaae nf Hernia.
There I. It Is trim, ns givnt nit In
ritinlliy "' Inheritance of health n
Far Young Men and . t
!,,,, Is nothing thai
i .. i. mti ur woman -
Five Italians ate lynched in I, lor
shooting lr. Hodges. Tin latter 1 still
alive but badly wounded.
The. Brooklyn trolley strike Is still
The Palouie country rcuorta a good
grain crop.
Sunday July 1.
F.lihu Koot, of New York ha been ap
pointed and accepted the war portfolio in
place of Alger.
At Clevelaod the troops charge the
striker and manage to keep most of the
cars running while at New York the
atrike is a failure.
time of cngcr squandering "III leave
tlim noor. and other enter the world
pauper of need so dim (hut no charily
from medicine enn ever rnle them in
comfort, but moat of us have Just that
mediocre legacy of vitality w hich len
der ll limllslltigulNhahle nulla III the
nm. It Ilea In the lunula of each lo
Improve or wnsU that prom riy, u h
cliooac, for Itiero are self made men
physically as well a ttniincliilly; those
who, hocnuao of aliceatral wiutiTnl
lieas, have only a sixpence of health
ami turn It Into a fortune, and there
are spendthrift of health who come
to as sorrowful caao as spendthrift of
void. The body Is the rvnlin w here a
wlao and frugal ruler bring hnppl
iieas as survly as a foollah olio Insures
dlatrcsa, and wisdom here, as else
where, Ilea In learning and obeying
natural laws. North Atnerlcau lie
pome nn iioi u w ii ii o km i inn' 'i i in mix- i""
and soundness so huge Unit not n life , Ti.y may di. - ever n .
,1U, f ,,eir shut front or a...-. "" -
,i.. i aeneaiauce is spoiled.
ri... t...v l..ih.lrv make a s lally d
dlo' and gel ' """
Hl I... Hit letter work
I neie ' . .
done at the TroV. l eave your ..idH al
Johnson's Urher shop.
Deaaljr la Womaa.
I one knew a man who was con
sidered a great couuolaaeur In femi
nine good looks, and he annoyed mo
by rvfualug to see any beauty In nun
or two girls 1 considered very pretty.
At last. In mild exasperation, 1 lurucl
lo hi in and asked him what ho
thought const liuted beauty III a wo
Iiiuu. lie answered, A pretty nnmi,
a sweet voice and spirit Hi tuo eye.
Philadelphia Inquirer.
In the International college contest the
Americans low five event and win four.
The steamer Homer brings half a
million to Frisco from l'awson.
A tramp is killed at Pasco Wash., in
entering a house where he had been
given food.
Oregon has 18.',:W.S tchool children.
Monday July 24.
A street car is blown up at Cleveland
and a number of persons injured, some
probably fatally.
Good feeling ia engendered by the
Athletic college meet in F.ngland in
which Yale and Harvard take part.
The Brooklyn car strike ia a failure.
Kobber bands in Negroa suffer a sig
nal defeat it the hands of Capt. Byrne
The outlook for the hop ciop ia good.
Sec. of Agriculture Wilson,
making a
Wealtk'a Halaala.
Wealth begin Iti a tight roof that
keeps the rain aud wind out; In a
good pump that yields you plenty of
sweet water; lu two suit of clothes,
so as to change your dress when you
are out; In dry slicks to hum; In a
good double wick lamp and In threv
Uieals. Kmeraou.
than U
Jnal received a lie Hi'" "l'"
Uius. Call and see them.
Oregon City Auction
tin, tout Mtrr.it.
A Beautiful Compleiou I an Iuih...I-
bllity will tg'd pure bhssl, Iho sort
thai onlv exists In coi -lion witlm ssl
dlve.tlon, a health liver ,.ud Is.wela.
Ksil' Clover Kot Tea act dire. tly on
thshowrla, liver and keiney srr,.,,
them lu i-eriecl health Pi Ice i.". cl.
and Ml. -is. C 1. HuntUv. I'nvgi.l.
A lino line of portierro Jul received
at the
Ore;on t'l'V Auction House.
Panlel William. a the noitht cor
ner ol Center and Seventh street, has a
choice and Well aelccted l k of f-mlly
groceries which he 1 Mp.lng al very
.....,..i.l-Ilia motto ii "ll
and lei live, with boneal weight sml ,
lliesiirea". (iissU delivered to any
part of ill l citv.
w -sy 'cr-v v 4 v
Very Satisfactory.
ncrenso In our bu,
last season was very i,fk
lory, liii'ti la proof ihsi
Jirifes, ll clii(il.le K(Mxti
nitirieoiis, s'uaro iri-ain,
are apprwuiiti by Die
We will make it Letter
this K-nson than Ust, f(
cannot givn vmi la-t't-r If.
Ilielil, lull We II (ivn .. U;.,,
value f..r your dollar x
you ever N-forr.
tour of the slate
pleased with what he sees.
who is
is much
Tuesday July 25.
The Alaska boundary still engsges the
attention of the government.
One-third of the volunteer army has
been raised.
The work of Sec'y. Koot w ill be con
fined to insular affairs.
A reciprocity treaty with ranee has
been concluded.
Kioting continues in Cleveland.
The peace conference ia nearly at an
The coroner' jury charge McDaniel
w ith the mun'er of Clara Fitch at Port
It is said the volunteers will not re
enter the O, X. O. as they say
that they were discharged from that
The boundary trouble looks like set
(lenient now.
Hoot thinks he has a
war oflice.
big job at the
Ingersoll's funeral is conducted with
out clergyman or ceremony.
Some gold and more sad tales are
coming from the Klondike,
Kroger resigned and then withdrew
the resignation.
Considerable immigration from the
KuHt is coming in to the state.
Thursday July 27.
It is eKrt d that President Ileiireaux
of Santo Domingo has been assassinated.
Protests are being made against giving
Canada a port on Lynn canal.
Kioting still goes on in Cleveland.
Troops will be sent lo Manila from
The Czarowitch is buried at St Peters
burg with im posing ceremonies.
The Coukiek-UekaU) man says that
we begrudge him what he is making.
From what that paper has been saying
wa believed that it was being run as a
c mrity proposition. But as long as Bro.
Cheney is not happy, and that is evident,
wa hope that he will make all kinds of
moi.ey as he has in the past. Then he
wM have more houses to rent. The
C jurler-IIeruld saye that his bill was
cut at the last meeting of the board be-
News of tlie Week
Friday July 21.
The Chicago democratic meeting was
entirely an Altgeld affair.
Alger's resignation may be followed
by the recall of Otis and that Miles will
be sent to the Philippines.
Four of the officers of the Second Ore
gon want places in the new volunteer
Spain's (ireutest Need.
Mr. R. P. Olivia, of Barcelona, Spain,
spends his winters at Aiken, S. C.
Weak nerves had caused severe pains in
the back of his head. On using Elec
tric Bitters, America's greatest Blood
and Nerve Remedy, all pains soon left
him. He says this grand medicine is
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knows that It cures liver and kidney
trouble, purifies the blood, tones up the
stomach, strengthens the nerves, puts
vim, vigor and new life into every muscle
nerve and organ of the body. If weak,
tired or ailing you need it. Every bottle
guaranteed only 61 cents. Sold by Geo,
A. Harding, Druggist.
irk and tufrr
in( prnpl art
like lb prr
eiipple In Hie
Hihtr, who hail
no ore to hrlp
him ''-" to
tbe lift living
pool brfoir
KM .inj-' Ki.Vl I "tie one else
-7 ll r 1 I l slipped ia
7 I WJ'0 """' ,,,r
.' W.II ?Tl If they o-.id
Wagon Maksr.
4th ami Main t.
Oregon City, i:
.iV. v " ,
jO, jQ jk v v twCvjev tf AjiA
only (rt little
help lo over
come tbelr n.
tirmc weak
nm thry
Wtitlld thro be
able to rtfain their covrtrd health and
It is juM these people thai )r. I'irrce'
Cildrn Medical IUciiVry la ilrihrd In
aid. It the ationg, hetpins hnd ( r
lhoe who are in the rittrmr nf IkhIiIv
weakness and nervous ruluuiinin. It
promptly tones, noun-lir, and liuilda up
the cutire system. It fivr krrn apre.
tite. S'hhI diicstion, purr blixid, mux ular
treni(tb, nerve force and rrnrwrd ai tivity
" W'hrn 1 Brl wrar vhi I s mmplrirly 'lis
erHirsjt"!." sv Mrs W M halirtlv. living at
KkIiIuciI Th Cu.. N V it' H-' r;L In a
Irltr.' In llr I'trrt-r " waft if, Miln ,11 lit, ttmr.
OHll'l U(i lie III Itrti cifl SAitMint ill Mutr, ,hirl
eutntiK (istus In mv Im k sti.l rivlit Inn IUI
palusll IhfisiKh thr Wiwrr Tt lf tnv Imj.Iv sn
mv ellpnw hurt mr s tun. h I omit! ,rrlv
lilt my lslv Mr skin lrr. hsfli ,"l
fcslr ami hinif likr k. on ni sun, Mv
httiMinfl rallril ihr ilmtifr snt ttr mii It w i
weaknrsa, snl my mfr Hi, tnr.lutiir iti'l tnr
B.i'MkI. I kr, Krttittf wnrM- Sllil Mrnkrr. It
reined I shcuM go rrry on, ilnv I wrirtr
fiu and rrvriv,. ailvKr. I have Ukm lr
'Irrce s C.nlilrn Mrdnal lhcrvrrv. Ill, ' !'
Vorilc I'rrs. ri)itHin ' and fir, Mint f-rllrt, .' and
n. I can llr in l. with niuc comlurt sud can
do a good day wtk "
The most valuatde hook for th men and
women is lir Pu ree's Com
Ition Sense Medical Adviser.
A splrndul K.rt p.igr volume
platra. A copy, pner cov
ered, will he sent to aiiroite
sending twenty one renls in
one crnl stamps, to pay I lie
rost of nisitinir unlv to llr
W H V I''"'-. Ihiflil-i. N. Y.
Sljjjj Cloth-bound, 31 atanii.
('arm, ron .rl !l, of t'sft
kv's, I'l.lMn,, t.ii. ami l.hdi gs
of ii-fior . i a 1 1 1 y ami h.o.l
niiHlnsiii I'llir,.
ft-' A
1VM lullr of ,,r, fa
lance leIr.ioiiP wirt ;
Oregon ami Washlnrv
now in n ratinii tr t
(ireguii Trleplioiieaful Tw
rgratdi coiuiiany.
I'urtlaii.l, Meattls, ?p
a a nr., TatNinia, SsJ
Wall Walla. PrmllrVa,
Ail-any ami ltj other lua
in lb" two stale nc LU
Quick, a curate, chni
All lite saliafat'tion of
ierstial ciiniiiuiiicaUt
I list alien iki rlfM l lo
rlear unilrrstainliiif, Sj
kane as rasilr iirrj y
I ortland.
Oregmi City ofTir at
Hunlleys Drug Store.
Portland, - 0rfa
B 1 -W. , , .
s n engravings anil coioiru
The Kxcllrment ot rer.
The rush at th drugstore still con
tinues and daily scon s of people call for
a bottle of Kemp's IUIhsui for the Throat
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tbe cure of Cuuabs. Colds. Asthma.
Bronchitis and Consumption. Kemp's
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sold on a guarantee and never fails to
give entire satisfaction. Price 2-lc and
Tsiaoc Mans
CoeymoHTa Ac.
Anvnn Wn.lli.j , itrt.h ali.1 llr,iMl.i mmf
quli'klv srlln 'Mf , .1.0141 ft w mm ,n
liiiilii.n i, i,iai.is ,,,i.
tlfu,l,ini,r..a.liul llu,. !.. l aimi,
srtit Urn. Iil'lr ,,t,rT tt Murli,
I'slMI, Ut.n liinnwh Ma,.n 4 I ,. tsxlv
tfklt yi(4, WllS.igl rh,f,. n 11,,
Scientific American.
A h,nitim,ly llln.lraivl tMtlf, t,p,M rlr,
nil, Hon ,nf .i.i.tin.- ..urfal tn Si a
f-v. r..ur nH.ntl,,. lu S..UI l.r,il A.tMia.
MUNN rUo.""" New York
UrsncS KB)., t r SI, Ws,I.ii4i,m, i, c
Baarstb llWrvina TOII Hjlt km
The Kind You Haw vmn Booht
IJUIMI ..v kfl. Bill.
ivvniiuiii o rviunvy run
Has lin r.in.il In ills, ones of fw
Kl-lli-1 Bid t rlnarr thgnlis, Han
).n n.-glo I. d your hlltvejs7 Han
von nyrrWiirU.-d tinir lirrvotil
( 't.-in and caiis-. Ir.nilde with )o
Kiitn.'ls and HU.Iil.-r? Hale J'
pains ill Hi" lullia, aide, ba.'k.grou
( land bluddrr? II nvo vi.i , flalihy i
. '4rnii" e of the fut-r, esisial.;
IT lilxl.-r Hie ryrs? Ts frrwpirst dr J
(sun prt-.s nr. lie 7 W UUalll s hklorj
I'llls n III Impui t new I tfn lo tlicit
ras.d orniis, l.i-e up thn sy steal
land innl.li a in-v man of yon. Itjl
W tlli.il .'-I I. I I
Kor sa'e by 0. U. Ilonllt'
The Honielltst Man In Oregon (ily.
As well as the handsomest, and others
are Invited to call on any druggist and
get free a trial bottle of Kemp's Hulsnm
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is guaranteed lo euro and relieve all
Chronic and Acute Coughs, Asthma,
I'.ronclntis and Consumption. Price Zlo
and 60c.
Agents for the best machine on earth
Improved New (ioodrich.
Oregon City Auction Hoiiho.
One Bottlo Makos You Llvoly
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Natur m strengthenlna' and nc
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ant and tonic. No other preptru.
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stantly relieves rtnd periiianetitlyeiif"
Iysptxiltt, Indigestion, lleartbua
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Your dot-tor's Prescriptions
will receive careful itttrntiou here,
Cm i 'lie.
I lriiuuinta i
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Gko. A. IIabijino.
lEWIi L E R,
Opp. Huntley'H I)rg ,Store,
druut Hritain ami Aincrica.
A Personal Matter
i ' mill Hi ll U UU ..si.
Ire sml pleasant mi look upon.
Cim Im. repainted Bll( fr,.,1(.(,(,
at a very reml,e prlc-pal,
;";'"-....... Doo'tlJnv;
Leave Orders at
Ely's Store...
TUa Painter..
Bl A
Ii' aT
Karl's Clover Root Tea
... H'-iiiitlllrs ll fiH.o.lr.lim. I'l.elnea iw
l,alvrsal-.l.,4 ImrHkl... ' "" " I
hll..ul. ... .. 1 ... llllllll"
Um Mln!
I mil
. liiillKit.ilnn, nml nil l''r"i'"',:"' ,
An aerrmdila I.kmMvo ,
H..I.I .... -i.- .1...- ...... .inti-r 'f '
"MIKKIMS ut S.V., Dili-. anJ fl.U".
ooi c ennrauToas
For sale by 0. 0. Huntley.