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    Oregon City Enterprise.
VOL. 31, NO. 18
4 or okkoon cnr.
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Iran, mad. HIHt dl.wiuuud, MikH iwd
lo.tlmi. Hurt and tall Iiani an all polol
I" the I'Blu-l Ntaiaa, Kuruiit and lln Vii.
N'HIU r..-ld iiilijM'i ta click It'll
!- (row A. H, la 4 r.
u o. UKMimrn, pr.idM.
f. J. MKYRH lA.aitr,
J)lt. 0K0. IIOKYK.
Cm t and ilrldgs work HiwHalty.
work werreiilwl anil sallslaollon
Offlr III Caufi.ld lllk.
ami I'robais binln.n
txUe I'patalra, oimmhIi lluulffjr'a Book
' 03m ovar MrKiltrlrk's Hh Hiora, hear
Ilia Hank of Oregon Cliy.
lac. saoaaau. 0. ctiriiu,
Otao ClVV.
CVUIttfaMleataalllheeuarUaflBasUta. 01
tea, lu t.gS II bti.dlu.
Lack a mai amtbact a tki't to.
11 earl ami careful buying we p
rnanajrwl to Ret a goixl (trick of
jiujH'r lofiro priced aIvauc(xl. Ho
oil are anfo with uh an far an priced
are concerned. Our aortiner.t of
delightful new patterriN is a treat
to lover of floral dc!gni. Come
and Inrimct our int'Tcnting flock
who' her you want to hu or not.
Dellomy & Buseh,
The Hufijrnllir
" V W''"'r W'V'V -VVVW VtTV'V "V "VV-tffl
Dramatic Scene Enacted
Jiulh IIouhpM.
ratrlutlcMeiir Hang During Ihe-L'loalag
Hour Three I burn tor Dewey
and the irwi and Xav.
Enl Says Is
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They all My that
Headquarters lor Hay, Land plaster, 8edi, Etc.
CarrlM tha moat complete stork
ot First Class Groceries to be
found in Ilia City.
ft imoi in a Mr a
rmUb, AM'arli. I halo, of Ttl'a. tWrla
Utn, l-oaiis. lu.ur.i-ra. Pay Taia. Parfael
1 illaa. etc., ata. omra or.r fc.nk tit
. oraa i:if.
t t. t. CLAHK, Pra., and Mgr.
aaeoacirv, .... oaeaoa.
riu (a of laih, gold crowns, all klndi o(
' SlUngs and bildgeaotk.
Seventh tiL hear depot. Oregon City! Or.
1? rt 1 1 rai A r.l u I fx nil iitinf a Ttauf vaIao m
WAniKOTy, March 4. Vice 1'real.
limit IJobaM Jclaril (he atnaU of Ilia
fjftlb coni(rat ailJourDml without day
elglit mlnuU-i aftrr 12 o'clock today. It
wta aflrr a continuoua awion brin
oiriK at II o'clock Friday, with the e-
caption of one hour recM during the
The day of final adjournment broke
with the annate in eim.-otive eeoaion die
poainK of a teiic number of nominatioua.
When the door were opened there wai
Men but a hamilul of tired and bauuard-
I looking aenaUiri, who were waiting for
the final report from tie confereon
the two billa yet in dipute. Finally
Hale appeared with both. Tbe de
ficirney bill wat quickly paaeed, and
then came the final and cloaing fight on
the neral bill and tbe price of armor
plate factory. Thia wm Anally oer,and
and the weary aenatora took a abort re
f 04 llaa el builaaaa. raaManea tad uburbaa
i lrorir.
arn rtopnj la Uarta to mil oa auj hin
OorrMpandaora promptly 4aird. OSoa,
ee ior auuta ul MikoIUMauiea.
aim araair oaaooa citt, oaiooa.
rjnh Abmaou et Tllla, Leaa Mooaf. fora
eloaa Murtaaa, o4 traoaael OtavraJ
t Law Mualaaaa.
A TTi It V W 1 T I I U
C:3ieorr MrKltirlrk'a Hhoa Hiore, n
t lb Hank of Urriton City.
Oaiooa Citt, OaiuoR.
AanaicTtor raoraart rvamiMiD.
Cioe nail to Orrion Cllt Enurpri-a
h t-
Eaben; 0ubjibbir6 Co.
388, 300 Wathlnttton St.. Portland. Or.
Oregon Phone. Main 87.
Furnituro, UpholHtcry, Clothing, Dress Goods, Silks
Cloaks, etc.
WlTrfff III IJntiMt DM Wf Pirff ftmMtr Vt tfiV. Pira ... r.
ajlTlTTTTTiTBTaW laaiilTWTl faTWTla
Graduate of the NorthweaUtrn Unlver-
aitv Ihtntal School, Cbliaito.
AIho American Uolleiteof Dental Hurgory,
With Dr. Welch, Willamette Block.
f a a. w. eworK,
3oIUctlona, Forncloetire of Mortgagee,
and a Runeral law Imainnaa at
tended to pronmtly.
Main 8t. First door South of Methodist
Church .
Oldest BanklM Bousi !i Us Cttr.
Paid op Capital. 1&0.000,
Burplua, iM.m.
UDaNT, CMAti.ii a. CArnauk,
rtca raaaiuiNT, eao. a. a a am no.
lAiHiaa, - a. e. CAuriau).
I ganoral banking bualnnaa tranMcted,
J, oo.lt. ranlT(finliiioi to ohaok.
- norotad bill, and notea dlionnntad.
JiMintyand city warranta bounlit.
oana mtda on Available leourlty.
"hna bought and .old.
liiilaotlotil mads nromDtlv.
iralta anbt avallanla In any part ol tha world
B.Hnmpblo ainliaiiRe. .old on Portlaud, Han
rniioo. finioaaoana naw York.
itaraitpaU ou tlina dapoilta.
to buy Syracuse Chilled Plows for
which we are agents. Also full
line of Steel Plows, Harrows, Culti
vators, Etc.
quality highest;-price the lowest.
We are agents for Simonds Cross
cut Saws, and the "Z" brand of
Sledges and Wedges. We keep a
full line of Hardware, Stoves, Tin
ware, Wagon Wood, Iron and Steel,
Phi m hint a Specialty.
Corner 4th and Main Streets, - Oregon City.
. Ilonnltal and Private Kxperlanoa.l
Jlfrrs hla profi'HHloiial servlcf a to tho peo
ple ol uroKun jiiv ana vicinity. t)enial
attrition paid to Catarrh and
J Chronic tlltieuHfs. llentof rofar
1 oni-es given. Olllca In Wtllaniatte
BiiIIiIIiik Olllca hourai 10 to 12a. m.,
: 4 to o p. in.
V A N TK D riltVE It A t, T R tlfcT WOR r 11 Y 1' K 11
' ion. lu thin atutn to niaiiMHa our lin.lni'M in
i, sir own ud noarbr uoutitiu., It Lmnlnly of
i a work couiliii'lud at hiitnu. Bnlary mmmlit
"HI year mid Xinoi di-llnllu l in nnlldu, no
0' no b .nbirir. Monthly 175. Ibiforuii'TS.
:nrlfa -nll-HiliiroiwiHl .lamwd anvalopa, Hor-
tl K, lion, l'rHt., Du t M. Chlungo, tt-23
,"o Itloncy Akel I ml II Cwro
I llllecletl.
We have aeonred at great cost
tha services of one of the world's
grealest specialist. He has
testimonials from some ot the
bent ieopleln tbe United States
and Europe.
Wonderful Cnwra! No Nurjr
ml 0MrwlloiiI 1X0 hIiiI
No IM-Ihj IVom lliiNlnraN!
As an evldeiH-e that he has the
ability to perform wbat we ad
vertise, no recomnemie will be
requited until the valient him
seiracknowlegeaa loaltivecura.
Personally attends to all cases of
K lien Hint Ism
Qonorrhnea Blrlrtnr Varlooetle
Blood Talnta Nynlillli Uma haok
files Loot Manhood fciiiiaiioua
Thirty years of prHctlce has made bun authority on diseases of this
nature. Call or write. Free consultation. Correspondence solicited.
Hew and elogunt parlors in the All.ky building, oor Third and Murrlion.
ml 78:30 p. m.
entrance, am niorrimm, opposite McAllen x McUonelra, Portland. Or
Jiiu, iin.iiu. lane elevator. Hours 0 to IS a, m.j ! a
Upon reaaaembling the annate took on
a new appearancv, Tbe chanitr had
iien cleaned up and the etna tors came
beck to tbe cloaing meeting with a more
spruce apiarance. home few altera pta
at legialation were made, but all were
Dnaucreeeful. Then the gal lent filled
with gaily dreaaed visitors, who were
there to awe the final ceremonies. They
were not long permitted to enjoy them-
selves, as an executive aesaion drove
them into the corridor., w here they pa
tiently waited for the doors to be opened.
When thia waa done only a few minutee
remained of tbe congretw, but the hands
of the clock were turned bark 10 min
ute, to give time for the nanal compli
mentary r,eeoluliona and the aJdreaa of
the vice-president.
President McKinley and his entire
cabinet had come to the capitol and were
In the preaident'a room back of the sen
ate chamber, where the varloua bill
were harried for aignatare. Finally, the
last big appropriation bill had received
the preaident'a approval, and every
I thing waa ready tor the cloaw. Tbereeo-
, lutlona thanking Vice-President Ilobart
and Frye, president pro tem, weie ad
opted, and the vice-president responded
in an appropriate address, and tbe aen
ate, which had been in a turmoil for
aeveral daya, quietly came to an end.
Claalag Beaaaa la tha Haaaa.
Wearily the house aat through tbe
ailent watcbee of the night, recessing
from lime to time, while awaiting con.
ference report upon the appropriation
billa. The floor of the house waa lit
tered with waste paper, which drifted
ankle deep about the desks and made
tbe ball look aa if it had been awept by
a anow itorm. Still tbe weary and
heavy-eyed legislator kept to their
poU through the night. The leader
open whom the attain and burden of tbe
cloaing hour full moat heavily, and the
speaker, who bad the greatest reeponsi
bility of all, remained constantly In
their place, watching vigilantly the
progress of tbe contest between tbe two
houses. The final agreement on tbe
river and harbor bill, containing the
compromise on the Nicaragua canal, was
secured about 3:30 a. m.; the sundry
civil bill, in which the bouse forced tbe
senate to surrender the provision for the
laciflc cable, about 6: the District of
Columbia bill, with the provision for
sectarian institution eliminated, about
7 o'clock j the" deficiency bill at 8 :30, and
the final conference report uoon the na
val bill at about 9 :30 a. m.
The ball presented a aodden, bedrau
gled looking scene until the daylight,
sifting through the ground-glass ceilings,
diaim d the vellow light this morning.
Outside a fine, drixiliug mist was falling,
completely shrouding the top of the
dome, and gluing the wet, half-masted
flags over the two wings, to their staffs.
The red-ered members sat listlesnly In
their seats and the few persons in the
galleries slumbered peacefully.
About 7 o'clock Henderson aroused
the house by an electric speech. It waa
one of the most eloquent of thia congress.
The surroundings added imDressiveness
to his utterances. The disheveled mem
ber and the wreckage of the night were
about him. It was on tbe question of
sectarian institutions in the District of
Columbia, provision for which had been
stricken out of the district appropriation
bill." With force and pathos he de
nounced the bigotry of the conferees,
who, he said, were willing, at the be
hest of a secret organization, to turn the
homeless and friendless Into the streets.
The scene vias dramatic in the extreme
wlten Henderson recalled the dark days
of the war, when the white-capped Sis
ters of Mercy were administering on the
I battle-field to the sick and dying soldiers.
With the advent of the day the house
axsln tk on the appearance of life.
Mmbra went below for bath and
breakfaal, and returned refreshed !
their stations. A early a 7:30 the
people bifn to pour Into the galleries,
the firat party to arrive being a dozen
ladies, who took their places In the pub
lic galleries. The Important bnsineas of
the boose had been virtually complete.
when the bouse recetaed for an hour at
9:30. All that remained was the enroll
ment of bill and the final ceremonine.
At 10:30, when the houae reconvened,
tbe galleries were again packed to the
door and the hall buzzed with confused
murmur of voice. An American flag
had bee lowered from the pre gallery
above the speaker' chair.
The cloaing scene in tbe bouse were
of more than usual interest, After all
tbe bill had been paaaed there followed
the usual resolution. That offered by
Bailey, thanking Speaker Reed, and tbe
remark of the minority leader were of a
character to lend a dramatic turii to tbe
proceeding. The action of tbe bouse
and the apeaker reply aroused t'j
house and spectator to enthusiasm.
After adjournment, member and vis
itor joinod la singing patriotic airs.
Laal Day la Iha Haaaa.
The house proceeding lagged after
midnight, aa the conference committee
on tbe various appropriation bill were
not ready to report. Time waa con
sumed by frequent recee and the
member were kept in good nature witu
oup and atone.
At 4:30 A. M. tbe 'river and harbor
conference report again waa reported by
Chairman Burton, sod waa adopted.
At ft A. 51. Boutelle presented a par
tial conference report on tbe naval bill.
Tbe bouse refused to receds from its op
posit ioa to an armor plate plant and also
insisted upon it poaition a to ship and
armor plat.
The two boar from 5 M to 7 J30 were
spent in recesses, reassembling every
now and then to see if the work wa
ready. At 7:35 the District of Colom
bia report waa presented and adopted.
The conference resort noon tbe defi
ciency bill containing a fall agreement
upon all disputed point waa presented
at 8 o'clock and agreed to.
At 8:30 o'clock tbe final conference re
port on tke naval bill waa presented by
Bootelle. He ei plained that the sen
ate had yielded to the house a to the
number of shin to be authorized (12),
andtbe boaae bad confirmed the armor-
plate provision so aa to limit the cost o(
armor to $300, bat bad secured elimina
tion of the proviaion for an armor-plate
factory. Tbe report was adopted and
the house recessed again until 10:30.
At 11 o'clock a resolution wa adopted
directing the speaker to appoint a com'
mitlee of three to join a similar com-
speaker had retired to his room and,
Pyne, speaker pro tem., wa In ih
chair. Dalxell, In the center,annoonea.l
that the committee had fulfilled It doty,
and the president had made reply that
he had no further communication la
"The president reo Tested a to etats."
be continued, "that the Wth eongre
had performed it extraordinary duties)
manfully, and be requested m to-
tend to each and every member hla best
wiahe for a safe return home.',
But five minute remained. Initwae
enacted one of the moat dramatic acenea
ever witnessed in the ball of representa
tive. I'ayne summoned Dockarv Mm.
- - , -B7
Mo.) to tbe chair, and be in torn recog
nized Bailey, the minority leader In ibia
congress, to present a reflation thank
ing the speaker for the Impartial man
ner in which he had presided over lh
deliberation of the house. Bailey said r
"It i an admirable trait of the Ameri
can character, and it is one which will
tend to tbe permanence of our iaaiita
tions, that, no matter bow we conteod
against each other over our difference
ol opinion, each is already to accord to
tbe other whatever praise may be de
served. This commendable spirit hae
led some shallow men to criticise o be
csuse they could not comprehend how
we could ao strenuously combat th
principle of oar adversaries and atill re
pect those adversaria tbemaelret.
Tbeee men do not know that a largo
majority of tbe men In every other party
are earnestly anxlou to promote oor
country welfare. (Applaoae). And it
i oat of this broad spirit that a contort,
ha grown which la aaold astbehouso
itself, that in tbe closing hour of every
seaaioo there shall be offered a resolution
like that wbicb I now send to the-
clerk'a desk."
The resolution waa read, aa follow :
"Reeolred, That the thanks of tho
boose are tendered to the Hon. Thomaa
B. Reed for the able, impartial and dir-
nified manner in which be baa presided
over it deliberation and performed th
arduous and important duties of chair
The reading of tbe resolution waa
greeted with tamoltuoa applaoae.
"Mr. Speaker," continued Bailey,
"we bare not always agreed with lb
aistingniabed occupant of the chair, and
we have taken more than one oecmaioa
to emphasise our dissent; bat, remem
bering tbe momentous questions which
have confronted os in thi congreaa, sod
remembering, too, the intense eieito
ment which tbey arouaed throughout Uo
country aa well as la this hall, the won
der i that those occasions were ao few.
and in this hour of impartial retrospect
I do not hesitate to say that he baa been
mittee from the senate, to wait upon the
president and inform him that the two
bouses bad completed busineea and were
ready to adjourn, nnless the president
bad some further communication to
make to congress. The speaker ap
pointed Daliell (rep., 5. Y.), Reeve
(rep., Ilia.) and Lanham (deru., Tex.)
and another recess for an hour followed,
when tbe bouse reconvened for the last
time, tbe hour ot final adjournment be
ing but half an hour away.
Tbe engrossing clerks were now the
busiest people about the capitol, and al
most every minute one of them rushed
in with belated measures in his arms.
The last legislative act of the house
was the passage of a joint resolution au
thorizing the acceptance by the United
States of the cession of a tract of land
from the state or Massachusetts,
nee-led to extend the lines of Boston
navy-yard. It was now 11:45 by the
clock, but the assistant doorkeeper with
a long pole set back the hands 10 min
utes. This raised a loud laugh.
Immediately afterward there waa a
most dramatic episode. General
Wheeler, who has carefully refrained
from exercising his privilege as a mem
ber of tbe bouse pending determination
of the question aa to his right to hi aeat
in the house, arose from his old seat
down near the front on the democratic
Bide, and loudly asked for recognition.
"Mr. Speaker," he called. The
speaker's face was flush slightly, but he
looked straight ahead aa if he did not
hear. "I ask unanimous consent to
speak for five minutes,' shouted the
general, but tbe speaker disregarded
him. Every eye was now riveted upon
the diminutive figure of the grizzled old
veteran of two wars. The situation was
Intensely dramatic, but Payne, the floor
leader of the majority, hurried to the
rescue. lie moved a recess for 10 min
Tending that I ask unanimous con
sent to speak for three minutes," de
manded V heeler. The speaker then
turned toward him for the first time.and,
looking straight into the gray eyes of the
general, iguored Lis request completely,
putting the motfon of Fayne and declar
ing it carried.
As the hands of the clock pointud to
seven minutes to 12, although it was
really three minutes past the hour, the
committee appointed to wait upon the
president marched down tbe aisle. The
' as fair to oa and our tide aa any of as.
were oar poeition reversed, would bavo
been to him and to bia aide." (Load
The chair called, for a rising vote.
Every member was on his feet, ana tho
resolution, w a unanimously agreed to
amid prolonged applause. '
Dockery, when the applause had sab
sided, appointed Bailey, Bell (pop. Colo.)
and Paine to escort the speaker to th
A moment later aa the speaker
emerged from the lobby, escorted by
ti e committee the cheer that greeted
hi appearance made the rafter ring.
Slowly the speaker ascended the ros
trum, gracefully Dockery informed him
of the action of the house, and then re
linquished the gayel to him. Aa th
speaker faced the house, the stillness ot
death settled down upon It. People in
the galleries seemed to have ceased
to breathe, so oppressive and impressive
waa the silence. The speaker fairly tow
ered over the surroundings. Slowly and
with great deliberation he returned
thanks for the compliment the house had
conferred upon him.
Half a dozen tiiuesoluring the progress
of his remark! the speaker was obliged
to pauue.owing to spontaneous applause.
wbictt arose from all sides, and when ho
concluded with the announcement that
the house stood adjourned sine die the
applause and cheers were deafening.
The galleries joined In the outburst.
Suddenly some members began singing,
and above the din arose the strains of
"My Country, Tis of Thee." The air
was taken op, the galleries caught the
inspiration, and as one man eveiybody
rose and joined in tbe singing, until in
one grand chorus thousands were voic
ing the beautiful words of the national
anthem. It was a scene to live a life
time to witness, and a fitting and patri
otic climsx for the great war congress.
When the anthem was concluded,
General Henderson started "Auld Lang
Syne," and it was also sung with a will.
Suddenly John Murray Mitchell waved
aloft a small American flag, and mem
bers and the galleries went wild joining
In singing "The Red, White and Blue."
While the singing was in progress Mr.
Hull, of Hull bill fame, jumped npon a
desk with a large red, white and blue
streamer, waving it to the rythm of the
air, and redoubled the tumultuous na
ture of the demonstration. A voice in
in the gallery thouted, "Three cheers lor
Dewey," and they were given with vol
canic and explosive vigor. Then came
cheers for the army and navy, and fi
nally for Joe Wheeler. Tbe demonHtra
tion concluded with the singing of tho