Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, October 29, 1897, Image 5

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    Oregon City Enterprise,
California Kinreaa (HiruiiKli) MM) a. in.
Kunvburii lial (way tuilmia) H su p, m.
KiiiIiiim( I.im'kI (wnjr nations) 9:'7 m
(;lllnrnl Mpreas (lliiimifli) O.Op. m
y k)Utiin nemo Htiuntin
Mall nliiaoa ii.i. Norlli J i m.
Mull olnana tfiilUK HiimiIi, Will, m mil i 'VII p in.
Mil I tllali tin S'l Iti.m Niirih Jhu i in., III It .111,
Mall dis.ilbuud (Mm riiuili V lUa 111 , Mil p. in.
t ia-r sins m.inaic Lies,
Mall rh m lor roriund aid dn rlMUh g
points, I'' Uiiii, ami 4 46 i'. in,
MjiIuIu-m lr Milnaukm only, 1.41 a. in..
4 top. in.
Mail 1 rilvai Itum PmlUiid, 11:80 a. in. and
4 ,15 p, ui,
ID anuria,
Orviiiu 'lly to Kly , farm, M nil no. Liberal and
Molalla IratM ml 14 m. ami arrives al U ui,
titfuon Cllr lo Haer Crank, Mink, Clark,
Meadow llriM.k, I iiliiu M 1 1 la. ami Coltou leaves
al a. 111. Hun. lay, ttelmulay and rVUay,
ami reiiirtuou Inllowlns. ilava al 4 H6 p. m
Cranu City In Viola, l.neii and llwllaiid
leaves urrgnu City Monday, Wednesday aud
Friday al I.UU p. in., leaving Viola (a ma daya
at 7;u0a. at.
Or-anu Clly to Willamette, maffrl and
Wl...nll.a, arrlvua al lu SO a 111. and.vava. at
J I. Ho a. 111. iii..y.
U in ml iivlivatjr window n nrnn un uinlar
Irinii lu tu II a 111. A'l lH' r-p"i ml. li
b"i ai ili ir la .i 0111 1 y so I ufT Suular,
aa ni mil' d .
An han fii mall lhat la dclayvd mil I Ml I"
aimao. V nu a. in., U I11 xili C ill 0.1 VI
o rl.M'H nr 4 ID evli io oar,
t'li-aHMoa nanos
( .'41 a m.
a wi "
lu uu
1 1 ;i 0
i 11 p. m.
4U "
a in
.lu -
wil.LaMim ral.L
3ft , m
7 iw "
IO '
v aft "
l iia n. in.
i ift "
4 "
IU "
.Z "
1 M '
Mumlay oa'a loava eveiy hour until a n'ritx k
p ni. In tHwl uu end ! h Jsu rv 5. I'A
C.A hli.l.KH, -trr.
TwkSTX rivic Ykahh or W'katiikm
Till) t'llillll Hlatt WHlllr titlrfttll m
1'ortland MvtiiU out thti (olio. I im (lulu
covi-riinf, Nuveuilwr weather (or a period
o( 20 yeara. I'uriiK lliat time the
normal temperature ha m u tlt-KWci
Tim rmfat moiilh waaln when
the Uirrniuiiiwor .vcraKnl 44 ili'Kiwa,
ml Hit) culilint inonlti wan In 1 K'.Ml ilh
in verKo o( ail iliKrtH8. TI10 liintn'at
iBiiilKTaturo aa on tlm 2ml in IH'.K),
wliim the tlirruKiiurttir riBUtorol 73
di'iiruri, while 1I10 coMt'it tluy for the
paai :'tJ yuant ocnirrtxi on the 2tUti , in
1MH), wlien the' mercuiy drov" toll
di-Kwa Kaliifiihlnt. The avtite dale
on which ItllliiiK arii orcurrtnl wai on
the 2titli. 'iMiruiK thvae '." yearn the
vcriiO ralnfull (or the immth Imi Iwun
6.71 Inches. The vcmne nuinUT o(
daya on which more than 01 o( an Inch
of rain (ull were 13. The jjtetat
liiunlhly ralnlall wan In 11)76. w hen the
irecliiUlion rttai'hetl 15.77 IncheH. The
Inanl rain (all octurrod in IH'.K), when
the irtvliitioii waa only .50 IiicIicn.
The iirealeat amount o( rainfall in any
'i cuin-ecutive huiira waa 3 (12 iiit tiva on
the'Jlilh ami L'Tth in 1S83, while the
Kreali'nt amuiint of aiiowfull in n like
jieriuil o( lime aa one inch on the 10th
in lUtKl. The avfraKO nuinlier o( tltar
daya weretl, partly cloudv, U. and cloudy
IS, The prevailing w inda wertt from the
aoiilli. The hinlifHt velocity atluinexl hy
tlm wind wan 41) miles ier hour from the
eimllii'iiHl on the Mill in lSlkl, when the
aiiHiienHion liilil.'e arroBH iIib WilUtnrtte
river in Una city waa dunuiKi'd, nt'cuiwh
tuliiiki anveral hnudreil dnllara worth ol
repaint. Aa lant November waa the
worat month In the 'M years aince the
weather lian been iimlvr the "control" of
the weitlher Imiemi, jiulniiiK hy tlie rule
of coiilriiritm by wlili It nil weather prog
noaticutora work, next month will prob
ably he the bent one experienced in thin
Johnaon, wlioapent (our monlh'a aurvey
lii Koverntnunt lamia in lite central part
of Idaho, about 100 miloa north of Hoine
City, returned to Oregon City hint Thurs
day, accompunled by Steve lltmgute and
John VauKluin, the lemuindur of liie
crew, James Church, V. J. Dauuhy,
George and Louie Ltx'ey , George Shipley,
Charles Iloratmitn and E, C. Holt hav
ing reached home on the Sunday preced
ing. Hal Uauda, who waa alao a mem
ber of the party, went to Ithica, New
York, where he la taking a courre in
civil engineering at Cornell university.
Mr, JolniHon Hays the weather waa de
lightful, only two or three atoriny days
occurhig during the entire time, they
were awav. Moat of then work waa 011
the diyide between the Salmon and
l'aveite rivers, a mountainous region
covered with timber containing but little
undergrowth, making the surveying
comparitively eimy, The party secured
an abundance of IIhIi and birds ami a
(ew deer. The only reason they did not
dine on venlaou whenever they wanted
to waa tli 3 (act that they had no rlflu and
bugged all their game with a shot gun.
All the party look the picture of health
and say they punned a nioet pleaaant as
well as profitable omlng.
Tub Equalization Board. The
county hoard of eipmlazition completed
its work and adjourned Saturday and
the aaHeaaor ia now busily engaged in
writing up his books to correspond to the
changes made. Many changes were
made in the valuations throughout the
county, while in this city a horizontal
reduction of 20 per cent was ordered on
all propei ly abutting on Main at reel.
Thit Oregon Iron and Htei'l Company of
Okwhio, wIiimh aHMMStniiiit had been
pliiceilnt ,J.'i7117") waa reduced $07,000,
leaving lis ufHoHNiiiiint at (184,000 or
about the same aa 1ii.it year. Alao a
horizontal reduction of 2'i i'r cent waa
made on the Oregon Iron and Kteel Coin
puny'a flint addition to Otwegu and
Oawego Heights. Hunk atock held in
Oiegon CUv waa cut from 76 per cent of
lla face 11a It appeared on the aaneaHor'a
hooka to (Kl Nir cent of its valuation.
An Inkoiimal Dinnkr. Dr. W. E.
Carll gave an Informal dinner at the
Willamette club room In the Welnhard
block Tuesday evening, In honor of his
old-time friend and claNsiuate, Dr. Win.
Grim, of Han Francisco Drs. Tucker
and Wood, of FortUnd, with the mem
bers ol Willamette club of Oregon City,
couiM)sed the rest of the party. After
dinner clgara and cards, interapersed
wltliconverartlon and atoriea filled in a
very jileaaant evening. Dr. Grim Is
vlalting In Oregon with the Intention of
locating In our state and will probably
decide Umjii l'nrtliinil.
Cosmopolitan I'nherallf,
On the H1I1 day ol Octolar more than
lO.tKH) aliidenta were on the rolla aa mem
lara o( Hut flrat frealimau uUaa of the
Oumnopollun iiniveraity. The confii
alou Into which the plana regarding the
CoMiiiiipoliimrs educational work were
thrown by the retirement of I'reHldenl
Andrews, In order to meitt the urgent
wiaheaof friends at lliown Unlveraity,
has been met hy the acceptance of the
presidency by Dr. F.liphalet N. l'olter.
I'reaideut I'otter has been at the head
of two great collegea for nearly twenty
live years, and bring to work exccf
tional talents as an organizer and man
of broad culture aud common-scne
Ideaa. lie la already at Irvington en
gaged in organizing biaatafTof (irofeanera.
The wink of the university baa Im-cii
grouped under fifteen heada.covering the
various braiichea of knowledge. Each
of Ihi-ae will Imi in charge of a profesaor.
Aa soon as the tank of selection ia com
pleted, tlm Ntmleiila be anaigned
their work and the lurgeat freshman
vlaas in hiiftory o( the universities of the
world will begin ita studies.
The extraordinary dimentlons of the
duns lima for mud has onel the eyes ol
the public to the imortance of the gap in
educational (acllltlea which the Cosmo
ihiutan has undertaken to fill. Know
ing that (he appropriation made by the
Cosmopolitan is a limited one and that
the entries are far beyond the moat san
guine expectations, embarrassing the
work by their proportiona, many profes
sors and other prominent men have 'al
ready made the olfer of advice and as
sistance w ithout pay.
A Stockman I'aper.
The South Omuha Dally Drovers Jour
nal, (with Weekly, Semi-Weekly and Tri
Weekly editions;, publihhed at the Union
Stock Yards, South Omaha, Neb., should
Hud its way into the hands, of every
Stockman, Farmer, Feeder, Shipper
Fancy Stia k Krecder, Ranchman, Grain
Dealer and ShipiHir in the Went. Ilia
well and carefully edited by men who
make it there bunuieaa to study the mar
ket and write it up in an intelligent and
absolutely impartial manner. No other
laer in the Went gives as complete
market rcH)rta nor aa many sales as The
Drovera Journal, and no other mat ket
paper publiahea matter of a miscella
neous chaiacter lhat ia so well suited to
the needs of those in whose Interest it ia
published ; and The Drovera Journal is
the only paper in South Omaha that fur
nlabes all the Important telegraphic
news "while it is news," tlx days in the
week. The Droveis Journal haa a larger
circulation than any other live stock
newspaper and m rket reporter in the
West, and It ia the very beat advertising
medium where it la desired to reach
farniera, Ntofk-raiacrB, breedeis and
dealers. The subacripiion price of the
Daily Drovera Journal is H 00; Tri-
Weekly 2 60, and the Semi-Weekly (2 00
and the Weekly $1.50 per year, and yon
can get a free sample cony by addresning
The Drovers Journal Company, Denna
Allbery, Treasurer and Manatter, Union
Stock Yards. South Omaha, Nebraska.
Old People.
Old peoplo who requite medicine to
regulate the. bowela and kidneys will
find the true remedy in Electric Hitters.
Thia niedicino does stimulate and con
tains no whiskey nor other intoxicant,
but acta as a tonic and alterative. It
acta mildly on the stomach and bowela,
adding strength and giving tone lo the
organs, thereby aiding Nature in the
performance of the functions. Electric
Ititlera ia an excellent appetizer and
aids digeation. Old peoplo find it just
what they need. Price fifty cents per
bottle at Charman's & Co., druggiat,
Charman Droa. block.
Notice To Teachers.
All teachers receiving the Entkri-risk
for school work will please notify this of
fice at the clone of their term bo that the
the paper may be discontinued. (Do
not send notice until week of closing.)
Orkoon City Entkrprisk.
Undertaker and Enilmlmcr.
R. L. Holm tin undertaker and em
balmer. Gradnate of Embalming col
lege. Full atock of caskets and cofTms
at prices to suit. Undertaking parlor in
Welnbard'a building on Main street.
An .clilerr-nieiit of Hie Century.
Our attention has lately been called to
the ineritii f Ihc gieui Warner Library
now pitaning through the pre. The
Review of Reviews very appiopriately
spenk of it as "Diatilliig the World's
Wisdom.', From the mazu of writings
of all limes and ages, the able writers
employed tiion thia gieat work have
condensed in thirty volumes the cream
of the world' thought, i'.y a happy
combination of writer and subject, oetry
and art, philosophy and hlntory, science
and religion, fact and fiction, biography
and romance have each been given a
prominence commensurate with their
importance In a compendium of litera
tuer. f
Ol this library, Public Opinion in an
ex'ended editorial notice well says:
"Conceived tiKn such broad line,
prepared and written by the most com
petent of living bands, and embracing aa
it doe the literature of all climes and
times, it is nut difllcult to understand
that such library must represent an
enormous Investment. We are told
and can readily believe that the entire
coat of thia collossal work will be above
a quarter of a million dollar. That
such a work should ever be undertaken,
aud Miotilil now be placed upon the
market at a price which easily brings it
within the reach of the general book
loving public, must we lielieve, make
Mr. Warner's library rank as one of the
triumphs of American enterprise."
All claaaea of student will And in tin
a treasure from the world's beat minds.
It is destined to have an immense sale,
If you wish to know more about this
work and the secial term of distribu
tion to club members address,
The Agency, Hurler's Weekly Club,
200 Seventh street, Portland, Or
Electric Hotel Arrivals.
G C Greavenaon, Oakland
Clyde Evan, Stafford
W II Riddel, Salem
A D Hner, Chicago
E Rose, San Francisco
J M Tracy, Ixigan
Geo II Kelly, Cottage Grove
A G Hall and wife, Cascade Lock
J C Morrison, Portland
E A James. "
I'M Weddell. "
James Roberts, "
E llarman "
Henry Laney, "
Geo J Jackaon '
The Electric hotel is the finest in the
city and fl rat-elans in all its appointment.
Electric car atop in front of the door.
$100 Reward, f 100.
The reader ol this paper will be
pleased to leatn that I here I at least one
dreaded disease that science ha been
able to cure in all its stage and that is
catarrh. Hall' Catarrh Cure ia the
only positive cure now known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a
constitutional diaease, requires a con
stitutional treatment. Hall' Catarrh
Cure is taken internally, acting directly
upon the blood and mucus surface of
the system, thereby destroying the foun
dation of the diaease, and giving the pa
tient strength by building up the con
stitution and asMlntine nature In doing
it woi k. The proprietor have so much
faith in Its curative power, that they
oiler $100 for any case that it fail to
cure. Send for liat of testimonials.
Address, F. J. Ciiksky & Co., Toledo,
O. Sold by Drugglsta, 75c.
Hall' Family Pills are the beat.
Aspiring Webster.
The Park place Literary Society met
last Saturday evening and organized (or
the coming winter. The olllcera elected
were Junes Mathes in, president; Carl
Prown, vice-president; Clark Williams
secretary ; bied Hauraves, treasurer,
Louis Rail, editor of the society paper,
and Louis and George Rail, sergeant at
anna. It was decided to hold the meet
inga behind clone doors, only the mem
ber aud those who secure passes from
the members, being admitted, as it waa
thought better result could be obtained
in that wav. Meetings will be held on
Friday evening of each week.
Stray Horse.
Strayod from Willamette Fall about
August 1st, a gray mare, six yearBold,
weight 1300 pound height 10 hands,
collar mark on back of neck, one hip
slightly lower than the other, a little
till in the shoulders. A liberal reward
(or information leading to the recovery
of the animal.
J. A. Mokiinkk.
Beaver Creek, Or.
Altniui Time Table.
O. C. T. Co'. Steamer Altona leave
Portland for Salem and way landings
daily at 6:45 a. m. Leave Oregon City
for SaltSni at 8 a. ni. Returning to Port
land about 3 p. m.
Wail I'uper.
Best stock of wall paper in Oregon City
latest design and prices to suit the times
at It. L. Holman', Main street, oppo
site Court House. tf.
Don it With A Knikb. Those fine,
juicy steak and prime roast to be ob
tained at Albright' meat market are all
done with a kinfe in the hand of an
expert cutter.
gentlemen or ladies to travel for re
sponsible estahiahed house in Oregon.
Monthly $t5 H)and expense. Position steady
Rflorence. Ki?lone sell-addressed stamped
envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept.
Y Chicago.
All naln banished by Dr. Miles' Pain Pill.
. ''Mr. jy
a a a a
Sunday Services.
Kev. I. W. Hu l.r, faator. HarTlceaat 10.80 a.m.
and 7 80 p. M. Htinday School after morning
aerrlca. Prayer meeting I hum-lay erening t
7.20o,cluck. Prayer meeting of Young feople'l
Society of Chrl.tlan Kudearor every Sunday
rouiuf at.30 prompt
Kcoo.Paator Horning Service at i:i; Sunday
School at ll:t; Evening Service 7:30; Regular
prayer meeting inuiaday evening. Monthly
Covenant Meeting every Wedneaday evening
preceding the Drat Sunday lu the mouth. A
Gonial luvllatlon to all.
HiLLlBSaXU, PaaUir. On Sunday maun at H and
1U:W a. a. Kvery aecoud and fourth Sunday
German aerinou after the S o'clock uiaat
At all other inaaaea Kuglinb aermoua. Sunday
School at I M) r. u. Veapera, apologetic
uulccti aud Benediction at 7:30 r. a.
T. U lo e, Paator. Morning aervlce at 10 4!i:
Sunday School at 10: 00. Claaa meeting after
morning aervlce. Evening aervlce at 7:80.
Kpworth League meeting Sunday evening at
M; Prayer Meeting Tliuraday evening at 5:30.
irangeri cordially Invited.
J. Moutgomi-ry. Paator. Service! at 11 a.m. and
7:80 r. a. Sabbath School at 10 A. at. Young
People Society of Christian Eudeavor meets
every Sunday eveulng at 630. Ihuisdaj
evening prayer meeting at 7:80. Seats free.
Erlu.i, Paator; J, k, K.Hnrr AI-Unt.
Preaching aervlces every Sunday at 11 A. M.
mi i :.mi r. at. baonain rr.ooi every BunOay at
10 A. M., Mr. Zl'iiinurinau Supu Prayer Meeting
every I hunday evening
greiralional church. Kev. K. Hack, pantnr.
bervicea every hunday at 11 A. M. Sunday
school at 10 A. XI.
ST PAUL'S CHURCH-F.piacopal-W.
U. Williams, D. I)., miniater in charge.
Hiii. day i'hool at 10 a. in., services at 11 a.
in. and 7;;So p.m. Fridays al7:.'W p.m. even
ing prayer service with an address. Seats
free. A cordial invitation to all the ser
An Unparalleled Offer.
Deinorest'i Cut Paper Pattern are the
most practical on the market. They are
of any size that any member of a
household could require. In each copy
oft ho Magazine is printed a coupon en
tilling the subscriber, or purchaser, to a
pattern (worth and regularly sold for 35c),
or any number of pattern for four cents
each to cover package and postage.
When Hie value of tne patterns is con
sidered the subscriber actually gets
And w hat aMairazine it is I For 1897 it
will be more brilliant than ever before
New management, new methods, new
ideas. Kadi copy contain an exquisite
reproduction in color of some celebrated
picture by a famous artist, worthy to
adorn the walls of the moat refined home.
It is affirmed that Demorest's is the only
complete Family Magazine published
combining all of the moat excellent point
ol ita content pories, beside having in
imitable features of itsown. Demorest's
is actually a dozen Magazines in one.
It h a Diitest of Current Event and
Ideas for the busy man or woman, a
lieview and a Storehouse of Interest for
all. Wives, mother, sinters and daugh
ters can find exactly w hat they need to
amuse and instruct them, also practical
lieln in every department of domestic
and social life, including the furnishing
and ornamenting of the home, embroid
ery, bric-a-brac, artiatic and fancy work
of all kinds, etc., etc., and suggestion
and advice regarding the well-being and
dressing of their own persons.
The Bcope of the article (or 1S06 and
1807 will cover the whole country and it
varied interests, and the article will be
profusely illustrated with the finest en
gravings, and in addition, it will publish
the bent and purest fiction. It treats at
length Ont-of-Door Sport, Home Amuse
ments and Entertainments; it cives a
great deal of attention to the Children's
Department, and "Our Girls," and ha
a Monthly Symposium by Celebrated
People, in which are discussed import
ant questions of the hour of interest to
the older reader.
Let u have your subscription at once.
Yon get more value for your money than
it is possible to secure in any other
The Magazine one year for $2.00
Or six months for 1.00
(Over 250 different garments are shown
each year, pattern of all of which are
obtainable by subscriber at 4c each.)
Sample copy (with pattern coupon) sent
for 10c
110 Fifth Avenue, New York.
d Clarence Porter. Geo. C. Ilnner.
Horseshoeing a Specialty.
Any design of an iron or steel
shoe fitted up. All kinds of
repairing at reasonable rates.
Shop of posit Pope's hardware store. F
Oregon City, Ore. b
Sfejin and (Jjafffiam
Advanced in price.
The LOW Prices which we eHtabliBhed are atill
in force. If you really wish to buy a bargain
in watches see ub before our present stock is eold.
AAx.'rtAA4"'444AAA"iAi' AJOA 4 4 A J
Crayon and
Water Color
The only first-class photo gallery In the city.
W. I. STALEY, Principal, Salem, Oregon.
We have told yon that a business education pay. Businessmen will tell you
so. Our graduate will tell you the same. Certainly no stronger evidence la
wanted. This school is
Thorough, Practical, Progressive and Popular.
It I the leader in business practice method,
through the mails by the intercommunication system,
will tell yon all about the school.
our customers claim for a and
onr groceries: That we offer
the best of groceries at the low
est price. They have confi
dence in our good and know
that we never misrepresent onr
selves and that our stock of fine
groceries is the purest and the
most nutritious. Last, hut not
least, their grocery bill save it
self fully 25 pei" cent by their
dealing with Marr & Mnir.
Our way of doing business i
to treat every one fair and square
and offer the very best in our
Marr & IVXuir-
lllaao Tf P 1101 at her new location in the Caufield block,
1U JTlltlj neXt dooi to the Beehive has one of
the most complete stocks of
Best Ice Cream in
Library of the
Best Literature.
Prepared nnder the personal direction
Charles Dudley Warner.
With tbe assistance of HAMII.TN
WRIGHT MABLE, and a large corps of
famous authors and educator.
The choicest thought and literary
gem of all age and all nations.
The Library is to consist of 30 royal
octavo volumes of about 600 page each,
printed in large, clear tvpe, on tine
paper, substantially and richly bound in
modern library style. The first volumes
are now ready and the others will follow
rapidly. 'Each volume will be lavishly
illustrated with full-page and vignette
portraits of authors.
Advance orders on special introduc
tory terms, which prevail during period
o( publication only received through
ket street, San Franisco, Cel., or 2119
Stark Btreet, Portland, Oregon. Call or
send (or sample pages.
; International
Successor qf ths ' CntiMrfged."
The One Great Standard Authority,
ho M-tiU'S lit n. n. J. r.Tvwer,
JiuUU-e V. H. Muprvme t'mirU
of t ho V. f. iov't PHntlnB
OWoe, tbe I'. 8. Hnprftine
firemtM'onrtrMuiOnf near
y nit Oio Sciwolbooki.
by State Suprrlntenilfnta t
cf St'luKtlrt, (VlU'iff 1'iv.- J
iltMitA.Hntlnthw'hiiut'iators j
annual wiuiuut number.
In tlm lioitarlmM, and to i
()ir tviu'li!', ttiiolrir, in (
ifawioimi mil.., mm acii
fit i it a lor.
It la eaay to find tlie word wanted.
It la easy to aacertain the pronunciation.
It laea.ty to trace the growth ol a word.
It la easy to learn what a word means.
Tho Chicago Tlmes-HernM soys.-
form iHtilwohUfi imllmritvon rrvrvllilnir iMTtHlmuif 1
WXHlnr1. liiUfi-nntlniiiil lilftioiiHrr InlMMvtent .
) t our iHiiwmiTO In Itw wnv of orlhoirnililiY. i.rlll-
) l,y.ftyiil"iiuv, nn'l definition, h'mni iltlifrp In no (
, miN:u. jii.uafMriivtiHiinmancQouaauLUuiikr
. aitipr.in nuikeii nm i. iwn.
Specimen pages sent on application to
O. .t- C. HElfRTAH CO., tlihlishera.
upringneitt, mhhh.. i'.h.a.
y- Views of Oregon
Cljery's Arb Gallery
Student transact buaineea,
Send for catalogue, which
Hay and Feed
Can be bad at reasonable
prices, wholesale or retail at
Steven's Warehouse.
Capt. J. V. Exon. manager.
Ed May, Local Agent.
Petzold's Meat Market, Main, St
the City.
Opp. Huntley's Drug Store,
All Kinds of Watches,
Clocks and Jewelry Repaired
Great Britain and America.
Give me a trial.
Umbrellas, Guns,
Sewing Machines,
And all kinds of small ma
chines put in good order. No
work to difficult to undertake.
Prices reasonable.
Shop in Caufield building
Near Court House,
Established 103.
i:. I,
Transfer and Epfe,
Freight and parcels delivered
to all parts of the city.
- Maclst
AND -n