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Trouble at the Barlow Road Toll Gate
as Some of the Travelers lie fuse
to Pay Toll
Salmon, June l.-A. J. Odell hat been
having trouble lately with wolves. On one
night he hail four sheep killed by them, ami
trap was set, but they were too cunning
to get caught by it and visited the calf pen
instead, killing a young calf. It is the
heep which attracts them.
J. T. Weckert, who lost his house bv fire,
moved down t& Sherwood, in Washington
county, having concluded not to rebuild
for the present.
II. S. Campbell has moved to the Summit
for the summer. Snow is nearly gone over
the road and travel beeun.
J. Baty lias moved to the toll gate Tor the
summer, but may not stay. They are hav
ing trouble at the toll gate. Travelers in
sist that the road company have no right to
collect toll, as they are only under a cor
poration, and have not bought any right of
way and are also on government reserve,
and refuse to pay. Pboukkss.
A Conft.igratioa Destroys Some of the Principal
Basinets Honset at Sherwood.
Shxrwoop, June 3. "Old Sol" has made
his appearance once more alter being
hidden behind clouds for so long. It
seems good to see his smiling countenance
The rains of the past few days have been
a great benefit to the farmers.
Hops in this vicinity are looking well,
only a trifle uneven perhaps. Fall grain
is generally looking well with the exception
that a few fields of wheat sowed on low
ground are turning yellow from the etlect
of the recent rains.
C. 0. Riesner, Henry Beavert and T. H.
II. Baker started for the mines in Idaho,
Wednesday the 20th.
Enen Johnson, Harry Sterret.Ed. Meeks,
Bert West, Frank West and Mike Riesner
left Sberwood for Anaconda, Montana, not
long since. The last report heard from the
boys they were all at work.
Jim Anderson and wife moved to Xew
berg recently. The many friends of Mr.
and Mrs. Anderson will miss their cheery
The Portland Pressed Brick Company is
expecting to resume operations at their
place soon. They are at present putting in
large plastic machine with a capacity of
28,000 brick per day It looks as if we may
have a little life amongst us again.
D. C. Her is expecting to build a new bop
lioutse this summer.
Wm. Scott has just finished putting a
new shingle roof on his barn.
W. C. Heater will build a hop bouse this
O. B. Fisher and family will move to
Woodburn this week.
Memorial day was observed at the Pleas
ant Hill cemetery. A large crowd was
present, but the rain dampened every one's
spirits so the exercises were cut short.
Messrs. Atkinson and Gritlith will hold a
series of meetings at Hood View soon.
We wish them success in their good work.
An interesting law suit took place at the
justice court of district No. 1, on Saturday
the 1st. 8. A. Coinstock plaintill vs. N.
Johnson and Mat Jacobson defendants, to
recover $18.80 damage, was decided by our
able justice, Nelson McConnell, in favor
of the plaintiff S. A. Comstock.
E. 8. Calkins, Supervisor of district No.
32, bas nearly completed his road work for
this season. Mr. Calkins has done some
efficient work this season and deserves
commendation for bis care in expending
the money placed at bis disposal, and the
interest he has taken in improving the
roads in our vicinity.
On Saturday evening, June 1, the store of
McConnell & Her, dealers in general mer
chandise was found to be on fire. The
flames quickly spread to adjoining buildings
resulting in the total destruction of the
Sherwood hotel owned by J. C. Smock,
Scott's opera bouse and Younger's barber
shop, owned by J. E. McConnell. Mc
Connell & Her succeeded in removing a
email portion of their goods. Loss esti
mated at $4000, partially Insured. Most of
the furniture was saved from the Hotel ; loss
$700. Scott's opera house, total, loss $330.
Young succeeded in removing all furniture
and fixtures from his barbershop. J. E.
McConnell's loss on the building is probably
$75. The damage to the Southern Pacific
depot will exceed $500. Totol loss probably
$3,500 to $i,0fi0. S.mii.ax.
Clarke's Citation!.
Clarke's, June 4. Mr. Malley, our new
storekeeper, opened up his store a weeJt
ago Monday. He keeps a good assortment
of dry goods and groceries in G. W. Grace's
store building, which he has rented for six
months. We wish him success.
The grange held their monthly meeting
lout Saturday wilh a short attendance, ow
ing we suppose to so many attending the
state grange at Oregon City last week.
Mr. Ethington, of Iowa, and Jesse Fau
bion, of Park Place, were visiting relatives
Iiere last Friday, Saturday, and Monday,
returning to Park Place Monday morning.
Born, to the w ife of H. W. Gard, last Sun
day morning, a girl. Harry is to be seen
with a broad smile on his face ever since the
advent of the new corner.
Mrs, Frank Reese has returned from Port
land where she bad taken her little child
for medical treatment at the hospital. The
child is very weak and she will soon take it
back to the hospital.
There was an entertainment at the Tim
ber Grove school house on theS'ith of May.
There was a good attendance, but not so
many as there would have been with more
favorable weather.
Maryiville District.
Mabysville District, June 3. The di
rectors of our district have decided to build
a school house, and Saturday, June 1st,
after some lively bidding, let the contract to
James B. Beeson, he being the lowest bid
der. James Parish and family and Thomas
Flynn were visiting at Mr. Manning's yes
terday, and from the way the horse shoes
were flying around they must have had a
good time.
John L. Gard's termor school ends June
7th, with recitations, songs, etc.
The weather is fine now, and everybody
(at present) is In love with Oregon.
Crops never looked better here than at the
present time.
Mrs. M. F. Rees has returned from Tort
land with their boy Stanley, where he has
been under the care of physicians, and we
hear he is greatly Improved.
Mr. Evans's shingle mill was burned to
the ground one day last week. He believes
the tire was of incendiary origin. He will
build again at once. Nika.
Road Work Progressing Favorably Between
WiltoBvllle and Seeley's.
WtLsoaviLLC. June 4. Road work is pro
gressing between Wilsonville and Frank
Seely's. The stumps have been blasted out
the entire width of the road. They are now
piling no the stumps and logs, but it is
feared that there will not be enough money
to finish the work properly.
The roads between this place and Oregon
City are nearly as bad as they were in the
The hay crop is looking fine. The recent
rains will increase the yield considerably.
There are an abundance or strawberries,
cherries, raspberries, etc.
Frank Seeley has begun planting potatoes.
He Intends to plant about twenty-five acres
Several more of the farmers we understand
will plant as much.
M. C. Young took a load of hogs to Port
land Monday, getting back the the same
There are two daily boats between Oregon
City and Dayton; the Toledo and Modoc.
They began running daily Monday.
Sherwood had quite a blaie Saturday
night about 9:30 P. M. 'McConnell A Iler's
store took fire. From that the fire caught j
into other buildings burning Borton's hotel
the depot and George Young's barber shop.
The fire is supposed to have started from a
defective flue.
Mr. Miley received word Sunday of the
death of his wife's mother. Mrs. Miley, ac
companied by Mrs. Stahl. started with her
mother to California for her health on Sat
urday evening's overland. Sunday, at 3
P. M., just after they had crossed into Cali
fornia, Mrs. Smith died. It was very unex
pected as she had seemed to stand her
journey well. Mrs. Smith was about 70
years old and had been sick lor several
The Mink Band Will Play at Wright's Springs
the Fourth of July.
Misk, June 3. The rains that fell last
week made the roads in our locality almost
as bad as they were last winter.
Everybody seems anxious to see a few
weeks of fine weather again.
Adam Herman has been ill with earache
for the past week but is last recovering.
Mr. Holman, who has been ill so long, is
recovering, but very slowly.
Last Saturday Sam Beachler and Mr.
Staben, of the Oregon City headquarters of
Wright's Springs Fourth ol July celebration,
came out to hear the Mink amateur band
play, and after hearing tbem a few pieces
they engaged the baud to play at the cele
bration. Mrs. Wm. Bluhm is home again after her
visit in Oregon City. Cyclone.
Mi.sk, June 4. Mr. and Mrs. C. Ilorn
shuh and family went to Portland lant
Wednesday to attend the marriage ol their
son, Rev. H. E. Hornshuh, to Miss Anna
Bowman, of East Portland. The bride is
an estimable young lady and Mr. Horn
shuh is one of our brightest young minis
ters. They have the best wishes ol a host
of friends and relatives.
Some of our young folks attended the en
tertainment given at the Welsh church last
Wednesday night, and report having had
a pleasant time.
P. Massinger's little girl that was so se
verely burned about three week's ago, is
slowly improving.
E. W. Hornshuh, our road supervisor,
has been blasting out rocks and stumps on
the main road and lias done a creditable job.
Any old bachelor wishing to get married,
had better come to this neighborhood, as
we can see girls from nine to ten years of
age wearing engagement rings.
Ed. Hornshuh, of Oregon City, was visit
ing his parents yesterday.
Geo. Schmidt was thrown from a horse
last week and badly bruised.
Republican Clnb Hold a Meetlng-Bew Black
smith Shop I'sder Way.
New Era, June 3. Sunshine once more.
Potatoes are looking fine, wheal and oats
will make a large yield here this year from
all appearances.
Geo. Harrington, the New Era school
teacher, and George McArthur are both
down with the measles. They are at Mr.
D. McArthnr's place here.
Charles Foster is working for Mr. Ran
dall training hops.
Fred Madison, Max Baumaun and one
other person left here about a week ago in
search of work and experience.
The New Era Republican Club held a
meeting last Friday evening at Brown's
school house. Some good ideas and agree
ments were brought forth. They will hold
another meeting soon at the presidents call.
Some say they will hold a meeting once a
month hereafter. That is something we
have not done but should do.
Mrs. Charles Buckler is slowly recovering
Charles Biuman has got a blacksmith
shop about completed at his father's place.
He will practice on old log chains and
devices for a while.
G. H. Brown is building a new addition
to his barn.
Herman Anthony has the frame to his
new bouse up.
Meadow Brook Meanders.
Meadow Brook, June 1. Wm. Tinner
stett, of the firm of Anderson A Tinnerstett,
who moved to Tillamook City last autumn,
came over last week to see how his partner,
1. Anderson, was getting along with the
Milk Creek fulls saw mill. He found the
mill running night and day to supply the
demand lor lumber.
li. Dibble, of Molalla, la hauling lumber
from the above mill for a few residences.
J. Oorbett has about completed his new
dwelling, a neat and commodious residence.
Since our last letter Mr. Uorbetl's mare j
kicked and broke the leg of one of Joe,
Carlson's work horses. The animal had j
to be shot which throws Mr. Carlson out of!
a team. i
There will bo a grand Fourth of July
celebration on the hanks of Canyon Creek :
one mile south of Anderson's taw mill in j
the most romantic grove in the midst of a
natural park with over head a perfect
canopy of the intertwining branches ofj
cedar, fir, mountain balm and maple; under ,
foot a soft velvety natural carpet of the j
most lovely moss, bordered by the cold j
laughing waters of Canyon creek. This
picturesque grove would delight the heart j
orbothpoet and artist. Mr. Editor, and
esteemed reader, if you want to enjoy a
Fourth of July celebration come to Canyon
Creek park. Particulars later,
Piuknix. I
A New Church Building Conteniplaled-Tlis
Ladles' Aid Foelety to Entertain.
Hum. and, June 8. The building of a new
church is agitating the Methodist people at 1
present in our community. If it Is built !
work will commence on it right away.
The Indies' Aid society held ita regular J
monthly meeting at Mrs. (1. C. Armstrong's .
yesterday. Among other things, it was de.
cided to give a strawberry festival and lawn
social in the course of a fortnight, or as
soon as the berries are at tbeir best. There
will be a concert and literary piograni, then
strawberries and cream will be served, fol
lowed by outdoor games, such as croquet,
etc. Everybody is invited to attend. Fur
ther particulars will lie given next week.
The proceeds wilt go towards buying an or
gan: the organ to belong to the society, and
is to be used at all neighborhood entertain
ments, such as the literary society, sohool
entertainments, etc, as well astheM.E.
Sunday school and other meetins. The
next meeting of the society will be st the
home of Mr. Williams.
Albert Wright, formerly of this place, but
now of Heppner, was visiting friends here a
few days last week.
Grandma Ano, aged over 00 years, died
last Sunday, and was laid to rest In the
Kedland cemetery Monday evening. She
had been blind and helpless for many years.
Mr. and Mrs. Asa Boylan will take their
little eight year old son to the hospital at
Gladstone for treatment in a short time.
The little fellow fall and inured his leg just
above the ankle about two years ago, and
the limb has gradually been getting worse
till now the bone is excised for two or three
Inches. An operation will have to be per
formed to save the limb.
G. C. Campbell preached at Kedland hall
last Sunday to a large audience.
Charles Cutting has sold the lease of (he
Morgan place to Mr. Aldriilgeof Abernelhy
creek. Mr. Cutting Is going to Eastern
Oregon, leaving his daughters with his sis
ter, Mrs. Hicinbothem.
Miss Annie Hicinbothem is visiting her
It is reported that Andreas Dengler was
yesterday taken to Oregon City to be exam
ined for his sanity. He has been in poor
health for some time, and his reason has
been aflected, having developed lately into
a suicidal tendency. Rustic.
Children's flay Appropriately Observed at the
M. . Church last Bumlay.
Molalla, June 3 The weather is on its
extreme hot again HO degrees inthe shade.
The present prospects for cereals, hay, fruit,
hops and garden truck are about all that
could be desired by the most exacting
Ijst Saturday the enterprising people of
Teasel creek met and built a neat fence on
the frontage of the school grounds, which
greatly adds to good appearances.
James Tubbs has hired two men to build
a fence about the M. E. church, South,
which will be completed by the time camp
meeting begins, (this Thursday night.)
Prof. Charles Crittenden closed another
successful term of school at Teu.el creek
last Friday.
The Molalla schools, conducted by Pro
fessor's Hovis and Eby, will close next Fri
day. Oscar D. Eby has purchased H. A. Ho
vis's residence. The latter gentlemen starts
with his family for Missouri toon.
Children's day exercises were conducted
at the M. E. church yesterday at three
o'clock P. M. The house was full to the ut
termost. The raffling Molalla boys purchased Dick
Austin a $28 watch last week, and they now
ask Dick for the time.
Wev'e been anked to explain and recon
cile a former statement which has puzzled
many readers of the Enterprise, including
ye scribe. Read it 13 mouths for the son,
and ten days for the daughter.
j Decoration 'Day Appropriately Observed-
Other ew.
Ohwp.oo, June !, Decoration day was a
disappointment to a large number of our
peopl-. Everything was got in readiness
for a grand parade, but the elements were
against us, and we were compelled to have
our exercises in Prosser's hall. Not moje
thau one-half the people could get in the
hall. Prof. Strange delivered an evcellent
address, followed by Hon. F. h. Miutie In
his usual happy style. He was followed by
Father Eaton, who spoke feelingly of the
days from '01 to Y15. Committees from the
G. A. R., I. O. O. V., and I. O. O. T. were
appointed to decorate tin graves In the
cemetery. There is but one veteran's grave
in our cemetery, that of Judge L. H. Calk
ins. It was beautifully decorated, and a
flag placed at the head bearing the name
' h. H. Calkins, 0th Wisconsin Artillery."
The A. P. A. boys were very much disap
pointed in not being able to parade. They
had gotten Bp a fine liberty wagon that
Cheapen Than Evei
Wo arc now selling nion'n all
Wool Suits at $7.00 and $7.75,
siuno grailoa as Albany goods
which wo sold two yours ago at
$115.00 and $15.00.
BoyH nnd Children" Clothing
tit about ono half former pricea
Neglieo ami Outing Shirts at vtry
low prict'H.
nil tlio Wiling Htylt'tt and 11 1 greatly
reduced jiriees.
Carlton & Rosenkrans, Canby, Or.
o o
Crescent Wedges (warranted.) B A S Proof Chains. Arcado Files. Rope. Crescent Moo
Loggers and Wood diopters Specialties.
Oregon City Agent, WI A COOK
would carry over one hundred school chil
dren. But we will get to use it tome other
time. We would have had over two hun
dred men In line pledged to Americanism
pure and simple. At night Dr. due deliv
ered his lecture, "Amusing Reminiscences
of the Civil War.". Those who missed the
opportunity of hearing this lecture missed
a rare treat.
Rev. R. M. Jones preached In the Con
gregational church Sunday night to a full
house on the ' Views of Catholics ami Pro
testants of the Lord's Supper.
Mrs. Cora Bullock, of Slellu, Washington,
Is visiting relatives ami friends in Osweno. '
Miss Dora Bullock returned home yester
day from visiting her sister, Mrs. Gray.
Wm. Worthinglon, formerly of this place,
now ol Stella, Washington, was shaking
hands with friends here this week.
G. W. Prosser leaves for Port Townsend,
Washington, today on business.
Miss Grace Worthinglon is at home on a
The board of school directors held a meet
ing last night and decided to have eight
mouths school, to commence the first Mon
day In October. The following teachers
were elected: Principal, Prof. II. fl. Stark
weather; 0th and (Ith grades, Norma I.. Fox ;
3d and 4th grades, Mary Bickner; 1st and
2d grades, Annetle Pauling. These are all
experienced teachers except Miss Pauling.
She has the ability and no doubt will soon
get the experience. A mkuica.
Hullno Notes.
Mui.ino, June 4 One day last week a
gathering of funners assembled at Liberal,
and organized a general merchandising
company which they termed the Liberal
Co-operative Merchandise Company. The
object of the company is to incorporate un
der the laws Oregon and carry on business
as any one individual can carry on business
by having a board of directors to look after
the business. The shares are fixed at $.r per
share so as to enable any person to take a
share. Dr. Cloudier was elected president,
and Kueben Wright secretary.
Mrs. C. E. Nush was taken suddenly very
sick last Wednesday morning, and was not
expected to live for three days, hut has re
covered from danger at the present time.
Dr. Thomas, of Beaver creek, was sum
moned and proved himself to be a line fam
ily doctor.
Bom to the wife ol C. E. Nash, a boy,
May 20th, weighing li pounds wit!, slo.bing
buby and all. The new papa is so proud
that we suspect he will soon need a larger
size hat.
Revs. Gardner and Connor begun a pro
tracted meeting last Sunday evening at
grange hall, with a large audience.
The A. B. Knotts, who recently discov
ered a rich gold mine in his field of grain at
Gold Hill, is a brother of Jackson Knotts,
w ho resides here.
Ladies who experience a Ren He of weak
ness, and sometimes lameness of I lie
back, should use Dr. J. II. Melean'a
Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier,
it will supply the much needed strength
and overcome all weakening irregulari
ties. Eur sale by C. G. Huntley.
The Kermease.
The best ten-cent cigar on earth. Hold
for five. E. E. Williams, the grocer.
Ur. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair rllgheit Award.
' First "and AMen. HARDWARE 1'ortlaiul, Oregon.
Northwestern Agents for
-Dlamnud. Uni-e Occident Tultletixiih lestcr Unre Hllv.r Hleel
Iltirklrii's Arnica Nulre.
The best salve In the world for Cuts.
Bruises, Sores, I 'leers, Suit Klieiiin.
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped hands,
Chilblains, Coma, and all Skin Krup- (
Hons, and positively cures I lies or no
pay required. It is gtuuiuitced to give
perfect HuliHfactinn or money refunded.
For sale by Chaiiiiun A Co. , Chariuan
Bros lliock.
We recmendl'e Witt'a Colic anil
Cholera cure U'caiise we believe it to be
a safe ami reliable remedy. Its good i
eUceta are shown at once in cases of
cholera morbus and similar complaints.
C. li. Huntley i Ilrtiggist.
Marvelous KcmiIIh.
From a letter written bv Knv. J. (inn
derson, of Ditiinndalo, Mich., we are er
mltted to make this extract: "I have
no hesitancy in recommending Dr. King's
New Discovery, as the resultH were al
most marvelous In the caso of my wife.
While I was pastor of the IliiidiHt church
at Hives .function she was brought down !
with Pneumonia succeeding La (Jiinpe.
Terrible paroxysms of coughing would
last hours with little interruption and it
seems as if she could not survive them .
A friend reccoiiiiiiendcd I). King's New
Discovery; it was quick in ita work ami
highly siitiHfaclory in results." Trial
bottles free at Churman & Co's , Char
man llros. It'ock.
All Absolute Cure. i
The Original Abietine Ointment la
only put tip in large two-ounce boxes, I
and is an absolute cure for old sores,!
burns, wounds, chapped hamla and all
skin eruptions. Will positively cure all I
kindH of piles. Ask for the Original
Abietine Ointment. Sold by U. .
II nut ley, at 25 centH per box-
-by iiiuil
110 cents.
The Fntkki'hihk is the only news.
paper In Oregon that gives a cash pre- j
niium to those paying their Hiibseription
in advance.
I Pemona who are subject to diarrlnra
I will find a speedy cure In De Witt's
Colic and Cholera euro. Use no other.
I It is the best that can be made or ti nt
! money cun proctirH. It leaven tlio svh-
tem in natural condition after Its use.
We sell it. C. 0. Huntley Druggist.
If you iwe the Pctalum"
Incubator a llromtrrk
Make money wliile
others are wnnllnn
time by old procrmwrs.
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It, ami drscritws every
article nreileu lor lac,
poultry bumucM.
The "ERIE"
mechiinlcntty the t'l
.wheel. Prettiest model.
JJm arm 1nritlf IflUH
Agents. Bicycle cnl
lniriic milled Iree.sivci
rail rtencTttitlofl prices, etc., aofnth w
bsAMca llQTJSB, m B Main St., Los Angeles.
moved to Odd Fellows' temple 8. W. Cor. lit
aud Alder, Portland, Oregon.
row fcchr. it wh.l not c-mm..
An airreoaMe Taxatlv and Nekti Toaia
Bold tv Itnnortsts or tent by mail. Bo, Wo.
aud $1.00 per paekaire. Samples free,
If A TIf The Favorite TOOTH rWSIt
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For sale by . A. Harding, druggist.
pAKMIiRS . . .
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Full Measure of Feed
At the.
City Stnblen.
Kldd & Williams, Props.,
H.icce..r to w, Hf Cooke.
Livery Ki'ti on Short Notion.
DulTy & Heckiirt
Siieciiil earn in moving NoiiHchold
tlOllllrl 1111(1 PillllOB.
Prompt work and
Keusonablo cliargcH.
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Ojin. Huntley's Drtijr Store,
All Kinds of Watches,
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Great Britain nnd Ameriett.
Give me a trial.
Nitrous Oxldo mil for the pillule extraction
of teetli
All work starrRiitcd nnd prices reinonnblo.
Iloem7, H and 9, Hoiuliwnut corner First and
'J'avlnr streets, Olenn A Onx's old nuncl,
Portland, Oroiron.
I FA1X8 KNCAMPMKNT, No, , I. 0. O. T.
Meets first slid third Tncsdt-ysnf eoh month,
at Odd Fellows hsll. Mmnhcm snd vlnltltir
patriarchs, eordlnlly Invited to attend.
Hertbe. Chluf Pairlaroh.
Meets the 2d snd 4th Fridays of each month
at K V Hall H;IHI V M.
W. fl. Cbam, 0ko. K. Wii.kiukt.
Chlol Runner. Kneordliia Boo,
Hub. Chief Hanger. financial Soo.