Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, July 13, 1894, Image 6

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    qpHE boston STOfrE
Having bought the Boston Store stock and some other goods at 25
will sell you goods cheaper than ever known before.
Oregon City Enterprise.
ViTor. - - - Hlrsro Straight
Ri-corder. LL Porter
Cnief of Police - - Ckaa. E. Hum
Aemr. - K 8 Calif!
Tr jasuror, R I. Holinan
Cut Attorney. - K. F. I'ric
St tfl l'ommiloiier. C. Hahooek. Jr.
Si p'r. of W arer Works. W. H. Howell
Ct-T Knitlneer. P. Ktnnaird
Ceunoilmen-C. 0. A'.brlcht. Jr.. H. U Kelly, C.
X. Greeunuu. J J. Cooke, B F. Jaguar, H.
C. Sieven, lien, Broiiitrilon, M. Howell
iunril meet. Bret ttednenday of etch Dionih
In city bill.
Uxul Advertising.
Hereaf'er no legal advertisement will
be inserted in the Entkkikisk unless
payment for the same is made at the
time the affidavit of publication is ren-
dored. This rule w ill be imperative and j
d ad-beat litigants, who make it a prac
tii e of working the courts, lawyers and!
newspapers will have to look to some !
otiier pettier toget their notice published. I
Prices the lowest Red Front Stores.
S. K. (.ireen wis confirmed as post-
master on Mond.iy.
xv per pound can for Cedar .
Camphor. Sold by all druggists.
The G. W. Shaver has been leased to
run on the Cascade route for the Dalles
Transportation company.
TnBfpiiftiiMid in aia-i a, ,,(,, tt laHiud I
and children free at Capl. Bundy'B bath
house, foot Eleventh street.
For tliU mouth only Bellorny Sc Busch
will sell jelly glasses with heavy tin
covers for 35 cents per dozen.
For good sauBaie of all kinds call at I
the City View market, foot of Seventh 1
street. Fuss & Schiltz.
Rtftvsh yuiself these hot days with a
dish of ice cream soda at ihe Novelty Ice
Cream pailr rs, second door to Burmeis-1
ter & Andresen.
Messr-. Berkley & Hanley are at work
removing the dirt from the Caufield
block under a contract of 10 cents per
has se-1
E. E. Williams, the Grocer,
cured the agency for the Vancouver
Creamery Butter, and recommends it
above all other brands.
M. Shaner who has been on the sick
list for the past two weeks w as able to
resume his work as foreman in the wood
pulp mill on Monday.
Kimball organs are admitted to be the
sweetest toned and most durable organ
made. See Burmeister A Andresen
about prices and terms.
Reports from farmers throughout the
county are to the effect that but little
damage is being done to wheat by the
aphis which is in many cases leaving
the fields.
Buy your groceries of F. Dresser & Co.,
329 Washington St., Portland, and get
the "Wonders of the World's Fair" abso
lutely free of expense. Every f3.50 pur
chase secures one portfolio. Goods
delivered at boat and car landings at
Oregon City.
Did you know that your old hat and
needy cloths can be made to look as good
as new by the Oregon City Dye works?
You can save one-half the price of a new
auit by renovating your old.
On the 11th day of July Mr. Peter
Norlz and Miss Mary Hannes both from
Macksburg, Oregon were united in liolv
matrimony bv Rev.L.Grey of the Oregon
City charge at the residence of Mr. Louis
Dicklemann in this city.
On Wednesday evening the grounds
bout Peter Paqnet'a residence on lower
Main istreet were beautifully illumined
and fitted up with seats to accommodate
the friends of the Eastern Star Chapter
of this city who gathered there in large
numbers to enjoy a lawn social. A
pleasant time was had, ice cream and
cake being served to the guests.
On Sunday J. S. Birdsall and Chas.
Sweet of Cherry ville brought Dr. E. II.
Ingrahm in from that place to be tried
for insanity. He had been found In the
woods after being a wanderer for four
days and was quite wild. He was tried
by Judge Hayes on Monday and com
mitted to the asylum to which he was
taken on Monday by Sheriff Maddock
and J. S. Birdsall.
m -K
Notions, Fancy Goods
Important Matter Acted liu
Auditcd. Kills
Petition from ( U. ami K (. Can
field asking (or the two of a part of Main
c treet fronting on lot 2. block It. during
tho election of a building on a.iid lot,
Petition fiom T. P. Randall and otlieis
8kitii! for a street railway franchise on
certain streets in Oregon City read and
referred to a special committee of l!vt.
A communication from K. P. Klliott
and others asking that a street in Mt.
Pleasant addition be opened read and
referred to the committee on streets and
public proerty. Street ordered oixjn.
HesiL'tiation of Recorder I,. L. Porter
read and accepted to take effect Aug 1st.
Treasurer's rejiort for quarter ending
June 30 read and referred to the finance
Recorder's report for June read and
ordered tiled.
The following hills were allowed and
warrants ordered drawn .
R L Ilolman $ -IS 112 .
CE Burns.. L'3 :!5
W S Maple 3 L'3
A V Si hwan 2
I L. L Porter 2"i 001
t - i
J Sl.aw 5 00
I John Green 2 50
Mr Lacy 2 50
J V Beach f0 00
C C Babcoek 103 80
E L Shaw 00 00
J V Kelly 5 7")
S M Kamsby 1 10
J W O'Connell 2 50
W II Savage 5 00
M Schuli.ius 1 .V)
q ("nimbly "50
j R0ll-e C"0 ' M
d w Kinn.irj.'.'.'.".'.'.'.'.'.'!.'.".' 30 00
Geo Reed "50
W T Welch 57
1 1) V Kinnaird 80 00
II E Cross 32
88 I
C B Welch 18 00
Geo Reed 10 00
On motion and roll call the hill of II.
E. Cross was allowed at 232.18 on the
Main street fund.
J. W. O'Connell was allowed 3 for
inspecting root's.
The bill of the Portland General Elec-
I trie Co. for light amounting to li5.4ii
was referred back for correction.
Warrant ordered drawn for $5 in favor
of E. F. Driggs for attending stock case
in recorder's conrt.
Hamshaw & P.ehm allowed $12.90 on
Main street fund.
The street superintendent was ordered
. t. - II ' Ll , I 1
I ur open irre uirey in me Dioca neiween
the property of Dr. Norris and G. R. II.
Chief of police was instructed to see
that parties stopjied the nuisance com
mitted bv running sewerage from water
closets into the creeks on the hill.
The city surveyor was instructed to
furnish a statement of all extra grading
! on Main street on application of Ham
shaw & He hm.
The street superintendent was in
structed to clean the culverts on Fifth
The water commission was instructed
to lay no pipe on improved streets ex
cept under the supervision of the street
A special committee waa appointed to
draw an ordinance to provide for the
cleaning and sprinkling of Main street.
The chief of police instructed to in
struct the night policeman to report all
lights that may be out to the council.
The recorder was instructed to notify
the P. G. E. Co. to put in the two arc
arc lights as per agreement.
Stevens, Kelly, Albright, Cooke and
Broughton were appointed as a special
committee on the Randall street rail
way franchise.
Cooke, Albright and Howell were
elected the special committee on ordi
nance for cleaning Main street.
T. W. Fouts was elected recorder to
take office Aug 1st.
A warrant for $549 waa ordered drawn
on the general fund in favor of I), Lyons
for work on Fifth street.
A warrant for $174 was ordered drawn
on the general fund in favor of Perham
Bros, for work on Fifth street.
Communication from D. W. Kin
naird on the amount of work done on
Fifth and Main streets and estimates
(or tho month of Juno read and ordered
J. W. Kelly was confirmed us riccial
policeman without pay.
till TllttM Itiv tli, .soil rui'l fi,p Kit f " II
and K. O. Caulield block waa lei to
White Hros. of this city who were
lowest bidders among seventeen com
petitors. Tho price is f HiSO, ihv other
bida ranging from (SO higher ut to ."i,l."0
the highest. The building is to be- till feet
front by tio feet deep and will be divided
into three atoie rooms of 2'J feel each.
! " be but one storv
high but will
have a solid foundation so that other
stories can lie added if necessary. Work
will begin as soon as the excavating for
the foundation is done.
Last Friday a 11-year old son of a Mr.
Moore of Park Place was out pealing
huik and became very much heated,
lie took a drink from a stagnant pool
and a short time alter he was taken
violently ill and in spite of strenuous
I efforts on the part of a physician to save
him he died the same night. It is
thought that his heated condition to
gether with poison in the water may
have contributed to his death as lie was
a strong healthv lad.
The last of the week Mort Green and
' S. C. Baker were arrested (or attempted
robU-rv and taken In-fore Judge Haines
I of Oswego who hound them over to ap-
pear before the gtand jury in the sum of
I fiiOO. As they failed to give bonds
thev were brought np to Oregon City
on Saturday ami are now boarding free
at the Hotel Maddock. Green was in
trouble about a year ago, being charged
with stealing tools from a carienter.
S. V. Kin,', one of the founders ot the
well known firm of Olds A King, of
Portland was in the city the last ol the
week looking about and noting the im
provements. He remarked that he oli
served many changes and predicted a
great growth for the city as soon as times
brightened up.
Herald has changed hands
Messrs. Re.lner, Mason and Ioomas '
... ..... .
naving rreen loreed iroin its management !
bv the old publishing company. The
psp?r is now tinder the direct super-1
vision of Jas. Shaw ami E. J. Weston
for the company.
Work is now in progress at the elec
tric station with a small force of men who
will be engaged for awhile principally in
getting ready for a large night and day
force which It is the intention to put on
as soon as the water subsides so as to
make it practicable.
A. W. France did not go to the cosst as
stated last week, the E.ntkri-kihk lieing
misinformed, hut he moved to his new
cottage on Tenth street. His cottage on
Eleventh street out of which he moved
is now occupied by I). II. Glass.
J. M. Cummings on Tuesday entered
into a contract for carrying the mail
from Oregon City to Mulino, and is
now regularly in the employ of Uncle
Sam as sub-contractor.
Harry Moody has purchased the
Schiller stock known as the Boston Store
where he will continue the business. He
starts off right with an ad, in the Entkh
CHISK. Head it.
J. E. Btoetje, who has one of the
finest flower gardens in this section of
the country at Oak Grove, was in the city
on business the last of the week.
On Saturday of thin week at the court
house door in this city at 10 o'clouk the
annual delinquent tax sale will occur,
Water Consumers
Must pay their rent to T. L. Charmun,
secretary, at his office, Room 5, C'nar
inan Bros, block. 2t.
Justice blanks, real estate blanks, and
all other blanks at the Entikphihb of
fice. Portland prices.
Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair.
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. No Ammonia; No Alum.
Used ia Millions of Homes 40 Years the Sndird.
I.uxt week after the Ms i khihimk tind
gotto to presK tho alarm of lire wa
Hounded for the (.hooting gallery, the
roof having caught lire front the laundry
I "P''"")' ' '' l-ri-vcntcl
Iuane Elv and Miss Florence Murphy
were married in Portland on Sunday at
the home of a cousin of the bride, by
Rev. J. W. Cowan of this cilv. They
have gone to housekeeping in the groom's
cottage near the cemetery,
F. II Ray, who loft this place al)iit
a year ago to find a better location, has
at last returned sati-tled that he cannot
do as well elsewhere. He has formed a
partnership with V. S. Maple to do
The Oregon City laundry has again
changed hands, Win. Dickinson having
purchased Ihe interest ofThos. Howell,
the firm now being Shannon it: Dicken
son. I hey will continue lo do llrsl class
work at all times.
On Friday the members of the county
court are intending to accompany aiiier
visor Cooke out over the Mads in dis
trict number one, which comprises all
the territory north of the Clackamas.
Mrs. Eugene Hedges, who has been
very ill ever since her arrival in this city
shortly after her marriage, is so fur re
i covered as to Ire able to walk about the
house and yard.
John Conler has ettahlishod a log
ging camp on the Willamette opMsite
New Era where he will get out a lot of
Idling to fill a big contract for Portland
On Thursday a delegation of the Ore
gou anil Washington l. 11. L. A. was
in the city looking over Gladstone Park
with a view of making that an outing
and annual meeting place.
John Beck, the ioiiulur Portlund
jeweler has moved Irs establishment from
First and Main streets to 270 Morrison
8,r,5,!l w,,oro ,l0 he I''-''! to meet
I. (. un.Tu
W. C. Green has moved his barber
Hhou down to the shop recently vacated
by A. Walker w here he will continue to
do first class work.
Curtis Baird 1 amo down from Albany
the last ol the week and 'tit the Sab
bath with his daughter, Mrs. A. S
Miss Cora Harding returned from her
visit to California on Tuesday's steamer.
She reports the trip tip a rough one.
Marriage licenses have been issued to
Emma M. Spiller and N. I). Hughes;
Herminia Lock and J. J. Bottgor.
J. C. Edmonds and Miss Emma Alder
man were married lust week at tho home
of the bride in Tillamook county.
It is stated that the Oswego Cominer
cial bank will go out of business about
the first of August.
CO. T, Williams and wife wont to
New berg last Saturday to spend Sunday
with relatives.
Miss Winnie Williams is visiting
friends at Newberg and may Ire away a
W. B. Lawton is working In G. A.
Harding's drug store learning the phar
macist's profession.
Much correHronilence is omitted this
week on account of luck of room.
Burmeister & Andresen keep a fine
assortment of strings for tho banjo, vio
lin, guitar and mandolin.
Why Not
Use the best butter. "Vancouver
Creamery" is the best. Trv it and be
convinced. E. E. Wii.i.mms, The Grocer.
5K -X- 5K 35 35
Boots and S
per cent, on tho dollar, consequently
Art ttll-lnle sjtMpfoiiM that pour bhxxl
inot rifht full of innmrilirt, ritii.n'ni;
a tlufntali iiiiif tinnirfilly coiiiiikriuM,
A fie Ixiltlis of S. A'. A', will (Winer
all iiiti'oii mill imiMirS rruiffr r, rfridiar
tht Wikhi VmriioyMij, tint! girt a clear
it rid rosy nirriitxiirii. ( in innsl rjirl
uiri, (iMilriidni iiniif..
Itciton, T3 I aurvl Street, Phil., MT!
'l tuve Im1 for e4i.4 humor In my blood
whUh ni.ile merited! to tluve. a .111.11001110.
timle. would lie cut. Dm. cuin( .h.ylni to
w a great .nnoyame. A Iter t akini tttree bottle.
my late I. .11 cler and smooth at
It .houlil he .(n-ttte .thd.
tleeo well and fret like runnln
foot no .11 for III ue of S. h. h.
Treat I 'eon hkvid jn.l klinneeiniIWfre..
!W1M' M'kCIFIC CO, AlkaU.Ua.
Ih'furi' ciriitriicting
your crop it will In
to your interest to
I.llleuili.l A t o , iu and lirj Front Hirer!, Smi
I.llleuili.l llr.n.H nd 10 W.ier Ml. New York.
hi Horoiiuli llltflr si,, Loudon
f."c. streyffeler"
In Oregon City Every Saturday, l eave
orders at Enterprise Dice.
418 E. Market M., Portland, Or.
OimmI hoime. Iiaru, elo. A lo
21,01 H IN (il.AI'MI'ONK
J. K iittowU. I'.rk flare. Oreion.
W'ANTKD-I'ii.hlin Cana.er nf inori Ad
IV drei. I.llier.l ..Ury and e.pene. (i.ld
weekly; I'rrinauent roaiiion lilt) iW N llltnH.
CO., Ntirnerymert, I'orlland. Oreou.
Another Strike!
C. A YARD. Kl(?nnt
'inings, colored huntings, .'ifi-inch muslin.
Fino 1'h.'. figured iiiuIIh 12 yards IKK); l.'ro. lawns lOo.;- 25c.
wool chnllicH for Kijc; light figured
cut to I'm!.; n fine assortment of dry goods received just nlicnd of tho
strike; Indies' trimmed hntu cut to $1; nil wool clothing going rapidly
it suits; another hig lot milk crocks, jars, jugs, etc., 10c. a gal.; 17
IIjh. dry gran, sugar if 1; castor machine oil -lOc. a gallon; binding twine.
Hamilton Bros.,
Oregon City and
Unload YourLivcr
Three Dohcs of
Moore's Revealed Remedy
Will Make You Feel Better.
Doch your hack ache? Does
every Htep Heem a burden? You
aoo billions.
Moore's Revealed Remedy
Will give you relief. Try it. For
nalo by all drugging.
Full Stock of Guns $ Ammunition.
Repairs on all kinds of amall machine,
promptly made. Duplicate keys to
any lock manufactured. Hhop on
Main Hlrect, next to
Noblitl'. 8Uble.
1 Cash or Installment,
! Largest stuck of solid ami cushion
tiro wheels on tin1 coast from
110 to ".
(live iis u cull licfiiro Inlying
::!1 Wurliington St., Ptirtliiiul, Or.
;Vitreof Aiii'lot for Saloon l.lrnM,
Notice la hereby given, that Ihe under
signed will apply lo the city rnuinil of
Oregon City, Oregon, al the regular moot
ing in July, fur the continuation ol the
license (or a sal'srn at the corner ol Main
mid Fourth streets III said fit v.
Join R, Tmkuiutii.
Oregon Cilv, Or., June M. MH.
any mrlu olar.
HON FY llr'N'MiKll BY
any trorer.
' Mi, is I'oari.ian T
Clo'jSctA Devera.
At 1111. t.Ks uhiok. mi. , k ur P.
Meet, every Friday rilhlal the K. of f.hall.
Vl.llln. Knight, uivlted
It I. Hoi UiN, (', C.
V J. I.ni l. K ol H. and 8
High Prices Overthrown!
challieM, in.lip)
Iiluo prints!, dress
rmttceim cut to 10c; '2"k!. cashmerea
Park Place, Or.
If you ore interested in
you ought to be a Htib
Hcriber ot I'kintkkh' Ink:
a journal for advertisers, i
Printertt' Ink
i issued weekly and is
filled with contributions
and helpful HuggeHtions i
r ii.. i -i . ... i 4
I iroin mo origniCHi nillKlH
C in tho advertising biini-
Printers Ink
costs only two dollars a
year. A sample copy will
bo sent on receipt of five
10 Spcuaa St., - fUui Vock
00 TO
Victor liicys.
Flue Permmerleg and Toilet Articles.
Alio a full .look of