Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, October 27, 1893, Image 3

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    Oregon City hntcrprise.
FRIDAY, OCT01IKK 27, Iwi.t
Clucknmns Co. Directory.
c"iVl Court. '
i. W M-Mnim
li r. HnrtoH
!. W, (Ulmill
. H M h,m.l,
J.I) Wili.r.n
), ;.
II 0!l.n
Rl.tiiv Hin)rth
M I. Ilmmaii
I lllrlmri) Hri
M'nili.llm li.i,
uiiKtioN city urricKim
T, WHiillImn
l. I. I'irir
J I'urtliitn
i. K Kh..l,..
F J. Uula
II R 1't.u
mi. tfllltlf.r.
LiiH'Hui" 0 Alliflhl. Jr., II. I,
M i.rMinttall. W A Wl.ll.. J J
W ot iimii.I1, J, U. I'orur ui T. I', tui).
taunrll niMUlrat WiiiwUr blurs mouth
ts cur bll.
; iiuir(
w. H. nwn
Mli Smylli
in Jr.. II I. r
p lirMiiinaii, w Whll, J J, ('.,.. J.
fTh way to build up Oregon
Cll U to Orrgoa (iljr people jour
(iixxt grwn In 30c. pound. Choice
anrulotixl IIT'.c. a kjuihI it llto Red
Wauled, a ulrl about I:' yritri old in
Ui rau-iiy of hunt. Imiuire st tlili
Ollno. tf.
Winding up sale ' Ilia former stick
oJJUyrr .V Ackerman, Hsturday, Octo
ber I'H. l tii.'l.
lUillciiny A llim. li wll lotihgxs in Tort'
Uinl, llirrr.fi iro Ki'l llinir price clore
you buy III Portland, j
I r jr grsmiUlod sugars IS to 111
JWIHI'U II, rll Coir. i'.'H'. Kjlll
tml m-IkmiI UMiki, iul iti'lie aay
down, ul the lied Front.
Mi. Al 1 1 wui ' the old rclUblu horse
ihiwr ill lx) found kI H. K. Kciituni's
biwkiiiiilli' nlui where lia will !
jUhiumhI to meet oll ami new (rlnU
!ik. J tf
lUII's Hair Kmewer contains llm nat
ural food " 1 tnilor-tnt t-r ir llm hair,
to. I medicinal limb fur tlm al, curing
ltyiniw, haldnoM, dandtuir, and acslp
Tiior w ill Ihi a aoiial lor llm eeveral
Grand Army organisations iriveii at tlm
bourn of Aloiiao Vlchaiu on Friday
avrniiig of next week liy tlm ladies of llm
E. t, lUker ramp, No. H, lo which
mrmUm u( tlm U. A. It., and tlm V.
B.C. of Mra.lo I'ont and tlm Hona of
Yetrrana am all invltmi and linmilwd a
IraiMMil limn with nfrmliminla.
ItroUKhlun'a Or'un Cily Mill liav
xitn rnnnliiK ortlnm and Hundajra
lalnly lo fill tha ordnr (or tlm I'ortlund
(irnoral I'.li-ctrlo company In getting
out IniiiW lor tholr l'nlve work
arroM tlm rlvor. A part of tlila waaK
Inch floiring, thrvo lni'hia thick with
tiingua and gniova una Inch thick.
General hnildlng and rrpalra Inddont to
the arawm have inadn inlt a Imal do
mand for IiihiIkt.
Tlm ln rrailiiiK room la now hflng
palronlwd hrtUT than avur Iwfora and
try fair aiicrM la liclng mot with In
-curing atilncriilli)na for It uKrt.
A many of the mnrvhanla of the city
hva taken wood on account aoma of
them wholiava an cvor aupply might
Uglad to know that the readmit room
mould hf glad lo have donation of wood
nd that It would m fully a accoptahlo
m monny al thla time wlmn the room
tnuat Ihi kept fomfortahlo for thoao who
jatlmr tluire to read tho pajn'r and
llyla,wa are my to re-
rt, on llm (irk jut,
IIm llray, of Heattle, In vUlllng hor
"it, Mm. Itliodti oftlilaclty.
I. W, (Irai e the entiirprliiliig iimri'liaut
of Clarknt wiia In the cily on Tunwlay.
Mla Vivian Mlman.of Harrla.Omgon,
I vUltlng I. H. Lawrtmi.e of Kalla Vluw.
Among tlm I'ortlimdiira In the llv on
Tiu.iily wan Tlmo. Wygant on of the
early aolllcra of thla city.
Mra. N. It, ItaUr and Mr. Flatter and
daughtur CUra.of Corvallla, are the
gueaU of Mra. Major Tho. Charman.
Mia I.u. II. Morrill who la attending
hualnitM college In Portland waa up to
nd the Hahhalh with heraialer Annie.
I. UMahlnu haa gone to eaaUirn Ore
gon lo look alter aotne VMJ acre of vain-
hle laud which he own in the I'owder
Ulvnr Valley.
Mra. l'eler I'iiint returned the flritt
of tlm wwk from a thrne wixtk'a vlait
with hrller, Mra. W. K. (iarrotaon,
of Tint Itallm.
A. U. I.lltln, rounly attrveyor of Col
iiinliia County waa In the illy on Friday
iunMH lliig the road Work which la biting
dona In ami around the city,
Ned Towmuuid, accompanied by hli
luothnr of Portland, aptmt a couple of
daya in tlm cily thla week the guttata of
0. (i. Huntley mid hla mother.
II. K. Hiuitli went up to Jcffuraon Ktin-
day to join J. II. Walker who waa there
on huiini'M, for a hunt on Mouduy.
They made a gowd bag of Denny.
Mim Nullie, (laughter of Mr. Chaa
MiMtliuke, who live on the went aidt) of
llm river waa taken aerloualy ill laat Fri
day and at laxt account waa not iuiprov
Ing any.
Mr. C. Ilaird, accomiianled by her
Wedding mid Reception.
Aunouncemuiit wa made taat week of
the furl that Itev. J. A, Ki kaUjrm had
been grunted a llconae to wed In Multno
mah county. The eequid to thl la of
courae a wedding which occurred at
Trinity church In 1'ortland on Tuuday,
Mr. Kktonn met Iti bride, Miroi
Fannie 1'. Hardy at the Union Pacific
train on Tuuadny morning, the having
come from Chicago to join him and a
few hour laUtr the I'.iahop pronounced
the aoltimn word which bound them for
life. Mr. Kckiitotm haa made no aecret
of the fact that he expected aoon to be
married and ha been butty for aoine
time fitting up the rectory for hi wife'
nx-eptlon o that It would be all ready
for ihein to Win housekeeping In lm
modlatuly ujion her arrival. A plcaaant
recuptiun wa arranged for Thuraday
evening at the home of Mr. and Mr.
Geo. Warner. Aa Mr. Fxkatorm baa
made many warm friunde here both In
and out of hi own church hi wife
will be accorded a warm welcome by
her hiiabtind'a fricndi, and from the
report of Mr Kcktttorin which have
preceded her all the way fiom her
diataut home In the Kat we feel awiured
that her huahand'a friend will aoon be
lmr own a well aa hi own on account
of her own good grace and merit.
J ne Meant
Cannot be UndeBold.
Immense StockI
Write Ub!
Solo Crowers
of the New
Karlicat. Moat Prolific and beat drying prune grown. Send for Catalogue.
SUUM & IUW. Mount Tabor, Oregon.
w a lit V
. Of,7
aafe. Next year he will have twelve
aluUtr, Mra. Cordon, of Pacille Urove, ; m Ulore i or thirty five acre
( alllornia, wa In Inn city lite Unit of the
week tiaillng her daughter, Mr A. H.
After an ahaence of a couple of month
dining which lime ho haa Ix-on in Nun
Fraticiaco, Chicago and other point", C.
P, Thore ha returned to hi home in
Ihi city.
Judge A. K. Wail, who formerly re
aided in thla county, waa up on Friday
greeting old friend. While here he took
uranioii to vh.it the land olllce through
which lm waa ahown by Col. Millor
Mr. Thore of the Portland Chronicle,
wa In the cily the flrat of the week look
ing around and was much aurprtaed to
find that the place had grown bo much
audio note the aplrit of advancement
every where apparent,
D. F. I.lnn and wife were on theatreoli
on Monday imirning greeting their friend
and antillngly glad to return to the tat
of their adoption. 8Naking of the great
fair they aald that it could not be do
crllted ta it wa too ImmenHe for either
word, picture or en lo deacrlbe and
that It muat tie aeon to be appreciated.
Uat Saturday the Hon. Ja. M.Traeey
ami hi wife returned from Ihelrtripto
the world' fair and to hi old hoire In
the Faal well pleased with hia trip yet
glad withal to get back to Oregon. Mr.
Trai-ey nay that he alawy had a aneak
ing notion that he would like to get back
to the F.at and that It In many rwpeota
waa better than Oregon, but that hi
trip ha effectually knocked all that out
of film and now he it autiaflod that there
ia no country aa good aa Oregon.
BKACII-WAKI). At the home of the
bride' parent' on October 25, in
Oregon City.by Hev. U. Wm.Gil.oney.
Mr. Ihtnlleach and Mia Uuanie
Monmouth School Note.
Monmouth, Oct. 23. The enrollment
of atudent ia Increaaing, there being
now enrolled about 310.
Preaident Campbell made flying trip
to Portland laat week and viailed the ex
poflitlon while there.
Prof, ltloaa of the Ktate Agricultural
college delivered Btindy in chattel the
drat of a aerie of lecture, which will
continue during the winter.
Mr. B. F. Mulkey, county clerk o
Polk county and a graduate of the State
Normal achool and Mr. Hawley, of
Polk county, addreaaed the atudenta in
chaiiel laat week.
IU-V. Armatrong, of Davton, occupied
the pulpit in the ChriHtian church Sun
dav niorninir and evening in the ab
sence of the regular paator, Rev. Smith.
Perhapi eome of our reader would like
to know in what reapect Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy is bctUtr than any other.
We will tell you. When the Remedy Is
taken a aoon aa a cold haa been con
tracted, and before it haa become set
tled in the ayatem, it will counteract the
effect of the cold and greatly leaaen it's
severity, and U ia the only remedy that
will tlo tliia It acta in perfect harmony
in all; twelve acrea additional to this ... ntt,.lr ...j .tj. naiure In relicvinu
will be act nut in the apring uti De IB t,1(J junifM oixftiinK the eecrellons, liquify-
Profit In Hops.
The Pilverton Apiteal aaya that Jame
Down, of Down's station, aold hi crop
of IM.OOO (Kjunda to George Muecke of
Aurora. For 18 cents per pound. For
this he realised the snug sum of $0222,
Mr. Down ia ouite an enthusiaat in the
hop buaiuea and be ha made a aludy of
hop growing for aeveral years and his
method are somewhat different from
thomi of other growers in this ection
HiMvarda are rented for two-thirds of
the prolit, thua making him erfectly
The underHiimcd, a reHident of Clackamas county, Oregon, having eoia
bin farm aituated one-hall mile west oi viiHonvuie, or uotjuc
Ferry, will Bell at Public Sale, on
Saturday, November 4th, 1893,
Commencing at 9 A. M., the following property:
One black mare, 5 years old, weight 1300; one gray mare. 7 years old,
weight 1325; two bay mares, 4 and 6 years old, weight 12X) and 1300;
one 2-year-old colt, one yearling colt; one Holstein cow, 6 years old,
will cafve Nov. 9; one first-class cow, 6 years old, giving milk; one beef
cow, about 45 head of sheep, 30 goats, one fine sow and eight pigs, six
hogb, one wagon, one two seated hack, two sets double harness, one
man's saddle, one ladies' saddle, one binder, one mower, one self-dump
horse rake, one adme harrow, one new 3-section harrow, four plows, one
cider press, pair new platform scales, small pair platform scales, two
fanning mills, one cook stove, one parlor stove, one lawn mower, one
hop spray pump with all attachments, one caldron, three dozen
chickens, one cask linseed oil, one barrel Prince Albert paint 300 pounds,
forks, shovels, hoes, grubbing hoes, saws, axes, augurs, household furni
ture, and a thousand other articles too numerous to mention.
TERMS OF SALE: All sums of $10 and under, cash in band.
All sums over $20 and under $100, one year's time, and all sums over
$100 two year's time. All notes to bear 10 per cent interest with ap
proved security. c- T TOOZE.
thinking of selling out another forty
acre fluid. If he doea thla will make
eighty-aeven acre in hops on his farm.
Some Supreme Court Deelalona..
A number of supreme court decisions
wore handed down the first of the week
among which were the following which
kre of interval to people of this section :
In the matter of the estate of W. II.
Clayson, deceased, Kmma Jane Clayson,
respondent, vs. Charlea Clayson, appel
lant: apal from Cluckamaa county;
judgment reversed and the cause re
manded for further proceedings as may
be diHtmlted proper.
Charlea Logus, administrator, respon
dent, va. Kxra Unison, appellant; appeal
from Clackamae county ; Judgment af
firmed. Opinion r curiam.
Uarkleyet al., vs Oregon Cily; mo
tion (or rehearing denied.
To the Public.
Having decided to continue the under
taking buslneas as carried on by my
lute husband, Mr. C. P. Wineset, I would
axk for a share of the public patronage
when circumstance makea it necessary.
Mv business will be in charuo of Mr. S
F. Scripture, who will tie found ready
and comjietent to attend the same.
Mas. C. P. Wiskskt
Card of Thanks.
To the many kind friends who assisted
me during the long illness and death of
mv husband, 1 desire to return my
thank through the column of the En
kihk for their timely assistance and
nathy. Mas. 0. P. Winkskt.
The latest styles of fall and winter
millinery at Hamilton A Johnson'a suc
cessors to Hamilton ouwn, removeu
to The Red Front.
ing the mucus and causing its expulsion
from the aircells of the lungs and restor
ing the system to a strong and healthy
condition. No other remedy in the mar
ket possesses these remarkable proper
ties. No other w ill cure a cold ao quick
ly. F'or sale by George A. Harding,
Thi old and reliable firm always keep in stock a lull line of
Masonic Building.
IfijKj, M ail fatm
Ma, Tiine, etc.
Plumbing, Gas Fitting & Jobbing
Attended to Promptly. Es
timates Furnished.
G. W. r roofer's new hall Is finished at
Oswego, Oregon and will be rented by the
night as follows except Friday nights
as the Good Tein piers have that night,
on and after the first Sunday in Septem
ber until further notice; Oswego
granges each second Saturday in the
month. For dance all niuht w ith piano,
5.00; for dunce half night with piano,
2.50 ; any show $5.00. Good stage and
well lighted.
G. W. Thosskr, Proprietor, tf
The People's FttTorlte.
The Famous Seaweed Remedy ia still
in the front. Scores have been cured
here in town by it and willing to testify
to its success as a cure for Rheumatism.
All who suffer should give it a fair trial.
Sold by Thayer & Alden, Main street.
and G. Hargreaves, south Madison j Special sizes of Doors and Windows made to order.
si reei.
Oregon City Sash and Door Co.
Carry the Largest Stock of
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Etc.
In Oregon City.
Wood Sawing.
The Babcock woodsaw. Work quickly
and cheaply done. Leave orders at Grout
A Confor'a office or address me at Ely.
Elmkr Dixon.
Turning of all kinds
Estimates for Stair Work and Store Fronts
Furnished on application. Builders, give us a call, and see if our work
is not of the best, and our prices as low as the lowest Price List sent
on application.
Factory, Cor. Mian and 11th sts.. Oregon City.
Meal Goods fop pall and Winter
5 mum
They have to go Hard Times, High Prices and Big Profits cannot exist in this town, because we have the
Goods and make the prices that saves the people's money. A splendid assortment, which includes
REMEMBER! We deal fair and save you dollars on every one of your purchases with us. Call and
GOODS, GROCERIES, ETC. Just arrived an elegant line of Ladies Jackets
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