Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, May 13, 1892, Image 1

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    1 CJuiiitoa
VOL 20. NO. ')
fMii. f, hvan,
Chore rttv. Turin ami Hutiii-Vn prnjfty lor
Vliy arrlpt, comity Attains ati1 aei'iirb
tlc nf IHI kill, Is li.Minlil nr. i,n "I "1hl
slot anaineaa nl ovory ilinrilpttun tiiled to
nr nurt-triMeuia.
tifliee up Hairs lu milMlaganrth o po.tnrtti-e.
Will (itwllo la atit r the Htesa it Federal
Cimrtii. Alan attwsiA ee-inhtlly to an, hii.iti,,
lied, rath I'. N I '! ullii'n tail Interior j.
1'ittintil. titti. Ate,,,,, K tint it. I hamuli
Hock, over 1.lvrmor a lluil
OtthiKiM H'Y. OJtKOON,
j k luvm,
OaiPtloK "ITV. . OHIOO
Will prwctle In all lb rmirn of Hi tiatc.
times, roriist Hal slut sUglith ttreota, at""!'"
eourt hniis
nuiiir MirwTt rcasuaaa'P,
Omn tan (tonn alinv fmitntVre, Oivin t'll.
T. a. wnaina
A- m. HRKiuni
i Pimm -A ruaxKH
tittle iii Jiur lllai'k, Org City
(1 11, DTK,
attorn ky A.M
OWoe. iitor (irrrm City tlauk,
iiatmi city, awrtiirti
l tOltliKC UIUIW Kl.l,
Optuua IWY, Oaaaatw.
Will praetuwtlti alWhe courts ! the . l
flee, axil duar'tu t aullolil lliinlkfi Ortnj
a. aH ntvaa ipaii . t. r. iiini
AmitaltVa AT LAW,
llliiWlim IV land Orilr a tmli;
iifhiv ro.m I4inl l It a law nie
-tiuituoK irv.-
W.T araMV,
J. , IK4C).
Oregon oty,
Twelve rra easM'tlenre at restasrr ttl lla t'.
A l.afnt ..(lire wars rwommewda im lnonrrc
lull, i4 all a tnila at iMielnMa bet. th land f
fl uirl la rMiH. ant lnvultjg tt trwUK
la lliaavvvral laixl i.llit
'4'ornar Kfejal aul Main lrr(s Oracoa Cttjr,
Q II A t C I ATol'KKn K,
Furiilnh AlnlrM ol Title, lnnn Nimy, Fura
clima MurtttaNi, ami IratitaiH (ivnrral
Iaw liinlnM,
K. rum,
Wll.t I'MI-Tlra IK i.t.1. l iM T nr Till Xkf
KmI Iblatii and liuiiinnrt.
Omrc on Mtln Hitvrt Wl. HUih ami Hcvpnth.
naaauf i iTr. na.
1 0. T. W.IIJiIAJIa,
3(mirfthl lliminrwi l'niMrly nml
urlmn iloinin in OnKnn Cily.
Farm Praiwrly lu Irai-talo lull on cany trrmi.
CiiMTiminliMiii JmiiiJljr annwernil. Ofnoa,
ntxt lir lu Caiifliilfl at iliill)r'l ilritx IIuh.
yr 8 MAHYK,
rimilm, Uraliiaiia aud Pluaae work jirnnivlJj'
- - - - OHKIMIN.
Capital, ....
Ijkiii miU. Illlln dUrniiiiUul. Mitkdi in
laollniii. Hiivk and Atllii axt'liHitav u,i all imlulM
lu Uh Dulli'd aiati'ii, Kur.iw ami Hiiiik Kiuik.
liloalta rei'tl' ivl utitHit cnvi'k Intoriot at
iimial rnloa allnweil mi tlmi) di'iilt. Hnuk
nix'ii from A. M. U)4 r. M. Hatunlaf aveuliiK'
from It to 7 r, h,
1) 0. LATUUltETTK, lTi'MiKnt.
Oldest Banking Bonse ill the City.
Paid up Capital, .W,01I0.
OKll. A. HAIIhlNil.
A Roni'raltiAnkliif liimliinaii trnimnolod.
DopmlH reimlvco milijom to chuck.
Approved lillln and niiliw dlHintintail.
(imiiity anil oily warrantu timiuht,
Lnaua mmli) m avnilnhln uuurlly.
Kxohaniie l.minlil anil old.
CollccUiint mndo promptly.
Draltn mild avallatilvlu any Mrt of tho world.
Tnlckraphlo hanK old on PortUud, Hau
FrannlMin, Ohloiii.i and Now York,
Intartiiit paid on time ilopmltn.
Tln I'ollllrul History or Cun
(lliitilc Skf l li(l,
Frr SMI, llimarriit, tiniiWllriN, la.
difenilciil, I'loliilillliiiiM ml
IVpl' I'tti-tjr.
Totim jnniir new (.inicn tliamntity
wliii III at llrti -tit tit a; t-lnwtim m callixl
iihiii fur llmir millraKa, a
ort lil..rii.liul
akntcli nf I tie iMillllia) lllaial tliu iMiiniiica ol
uf Oic liuiiinn' alliimrf ami 'cn.i'i panjr
dir alMlD H iinliir may Im wfij, in canhlliur
Uim to make mm liib-lliip'tit 'cholocnfl
naiidliliilca. I.im'"lliViryi.flliaVIIIm.
rtl Viilky" l allwl) onilin lili nativity
o ( unnw'tii iil. ItiatlMtiiK thnl "Hit fend
vt wcinilni pKilnu-m" am! tidier (xirloiMi ar
tli li-4 aiiiuilil liavo lltv rrtllt. Tli mail
rnli tatlii' nrw i:iiloniJnati((lit llil yinitig
ami auililllniia yiuikpflit Ita vorti-x, uml lu
the airliiK or hiiiiiiih' nf IK landed Mm
uhiii ili (nlilcn almiM nf Culiliirnia, iim
thu wealth nf tli niiwa, alihunli fatiulaua j
ill rl. ,e, vlehM ,mly ,), ,. ..,,
of 'Hull anil harilahip'' ami Ink iy w atiwH
proloiiKiHl In what wwinml tuhiiu that tn
hmi'iulilr iinintry. Hut iheHiitoinn ttiat
yoar foiunl luai In Uri gnn reudy to avail
hlniM'lf of the la.uuty ol the pivemennnt
a a.iiat upon a aretiott of laud, whic h, to
,iie Uok aaiu, lieilhl hy lakiiiK alilu
urar Hiki, In Ijmi county.
".' m"' '""', oii", a io oe
A it l.i- f...- .ii i. ,. i. i- .... , - I
ipiT-ii,iirii, in- firm(ui won niui ireiui nia
native alate : lairmr aaay a (eulher
helnre a cyi lone hen lie l.nind hlmaft'.f aur
roulnlel hy iMAft'ilnm who had Itrnu'lit
'with 1 1 if m from Miaaourl, from Arknilao
ami Imiii Tcusa, Hie rnhnl pnlay prin
ciple ami the intoli rniit and iierwtillng
spirit, whirh, inter in time of tiieA-rvat re
lielllou, ilewlul Into a hot bed of asiiteasion
ami matte S ta "amik Tom" and "Sonp
t'rrek" tl mitotiiiua flronrU-iMs of
npH-rheads ami traitors. Tliriw can tie
but little il.mlK lmt his pmin.taiuoMofn.li l
itv to "the ftorutil rliu'lplew" wtuiJd lime
si commemM lilni lu his liciliU.m as In
hne -utvd lirefernieiit exvpt Tor one
thltiK - lie had itoo ihik Ii "liook cariiiu"
uml his liulio.itlo to in .ever
Ml. n.u4I with the .....!.) 4hat l
should tlu sunn-thing In gain a H' ;ihiMtl,
rtHMIi'ikil hi in to the lo-k of M'hiafil teach
ing. A iiiauwrho hud' InHik lariiiu" enough
to b ach scIaoI was not to lie triMted with
the "eternal psjucl les" in those days, by
the Scio dciiKTuta, exiepl IliaA be might
vote the OcLm, ami he waa not advanced
.. ,,..,, ,,e r.,. oi pma.e, uui ne Ue ,.ken hack Into the fold ami placed
tied among the more advanced le..,. ral , .,,,,',. ti,ket for the legislnture.
of Mnlalla ,.nnrlnct in V U-kama. coiii.tr I There,, j,,,, MUBH Uirongt. the le-i.la-about
KM. MaiIiiIIb pmlm-t waa then, as I . in .., ....... Ul . tnm, ntriM.
It is now, one of the dcinocraue strong
holds. In IH.KI and again In KW the drinocrnls
elei trd Mr. Ktarkncnthrr to the k-giluture,
siiici' which time liiscnreer bus Imshi known
lo most of I lie old settlers of the nounly,
any ol whoiii woulit rcoognixe Hie ili-ture
her drawn if It in name were eliminated
from it. lu :l.i7 the tuime party clei'loil
him to llm convention w hich framiil the
constitution in the stale. Knrly iulninlie
becjinie a convert to the n-publu-an party
(hen in tho Hush of a vigorous yuuth, the
sliiulow of whose (Hiiuing success wasrn.it
liefnre. Homitflcd sucu'ssfully for a aoiui
iiation fur oflloe and was elit'led to the
slate legtshitiinvtlils Unic hy the republi
can party. Tills IcglMutiire elected the
I'nited Stiilm s.ntc Colonel E. I). Milker
ami Hie Hon. W. A. Starkweather won re
warded for his aval in serving the new
party with the .appointment as register of
the I'ltilcd SinV-s luml ollice at Oregon
t'ity, from which 'siMtioit he resigned when
lie liad grown wttarv of its honors and toils,
am! retired to the ahiulrs of private life so.
ki ting as Hie place of his uIkkIc n farm on
the east hank ofthe Willamette rivwU-t-
ecu (lie on City ami Milwaukee where
lie lias ever since wsliled.
Hut the toils Incident to his new vocation
it the form were "vcn more distiislefut to
him than hud Iweu the labor nl' conducting
tlves otlice of rvglHUf tif the United -Htntcs
'land otlice, and Jake tho Isniclilee in the
iwthlcriiuss, lie begun to long fur the Uesli-
lusts if Kgypt. This time he balled his
hook for one nl the nitineyed oftlces of the
county, and mail tunny friendly visit to
lite pioneer friends whose hitch-string al
ways hung on the outside to whom lie In
timated that it waaaUiut lime "us limners"
were getting some recognition, and Hint lie,
for himself, would like the nomination for
slwiriir. Ami it may bo rcmiirked that this
pnifeesionnl ollice sin ker and demagogue at
every (Yeah ebiillithiti of litis ii'nl for the
mcognitlon of "in farmers" Ir so entirely
stistctl whenever he secures lor hlmsell'a
gotxl uiylng ollice as to creutc the suspicion
that in his estimation at least the one grcnt
pur-me of any polillcnl move In which he
iulcri'ts hlmsell uml till Hint is worth 0011
temling for in gullied. In this particular ef
fort for recognition ho fulled to meet wild
the siticcsH to which he tuul been ucctis
toinetl and tho pioneers ultcstcd their np
ircrlntlon of the services of one ol their
mitnher, who In several of the Indian wars
which hud liurussed the early settlors, luul
risked his life lu their ilefoncc, ami when
rcliellinti tliiviiteneil Hip oxistettco of the
government served t Intro years lu tlefonsu
of tho union, ami they guvo the nninlnii
thin lo Major J, 8. Rinciirson.
To Mr. Starkweather Hiia action itppenrs
to hnve seemed huso IngratlUido. II ml ho
not talked on the stump for the principles
of the republican party, niter having been
it democrat ? and had he not voted In the
legislature for K. 1). linker lor tho V lilted
glutei Semite? and had lie not supported
tlm (llnnliy ot iliitnliy ol rctflau-r of iIip
Vnlt.-.l Muli'n lavntt dllliiv (liU i li rk. Ownn
Wuilc. illil nil 1 1 ic work) wlillo "Major Jake"
aa Mujnr lilneiirmiii famlllnrly known,
wta liiintliiK wonlilcka lnilluim niiunrt the
aiiKoliruali of cuiiitii Origin ami MnlioT
)nrliiK Hi rampiilKii willed followed lie
milked In lila Irnt, illnplnyiiiK ira ai-tivlty
eli iit It to liiilin Mini of lila frlumli
to Mralrti olf Mnjor lliiii'unuin'a name and
voU) for Joliii Myera, Hie dmiorraltc tioin
inr for )4ierlir, Tin tiiajor o Imaieti tiy
ltvii itc, ami till KrniiJV) man kIoui4
oiwrliU reveille. Kvlilemiy tiilnklni; that
kiaiKvi' In havlnir bia roiiipetilor at the
ninmitiiiii liciiti'ii at lia olU conlil tw
aia-daa a club to eomta'l tli umiilliiif liV
tl, p.rty f B,iy fKvr lie mlitlit a-.k lie wa
not at all tnixlMt In hit denianiln. lie
wiaaiil like to tw aivrliitcdiirveynr ftenenil
fiOinii Iml of r.Bjw he would not he
luireaaonnlile in ln ilciniitiila. II that were
oatoflbe H)HilliIHx-t In Hie illatrlliution of
thv reward HinonK the faithful he could Iw
ft iv ulrii ty K'vinK t'iui two MirveyliiK con
rtacta in the John Puy country near Ixine
lliK'k. Oth'rwlKtlie lmleieudeiit conven
tion w aa to he held at aiu.li a time and
lUr for the iurjHi-eof iiontinntiiifT otfta-vni.
Hucli waa the nevurt tlireata which accom
panUM hla ileiiminl for the nurvrj iiiK con-
lr.,,1. Tl... ,-u...r ........,.l It.l.
' ,...,,..
mini auw ainiMi of itn at corrtiion In the
renihllraii rt.v and cume out aa the in
i1i einltit caniiiilnta fur utiite la-nntor. He
draw oil' enough repuliliran votea to U-at
linn. I'eter ratiel. the repuldicuu nomi
nee fur Male avualor, anil guve the election
lu t'ie ileiiiorrntio nominee, hiuiaelf bt-liiK
h it an fur In the rear aa to ilealrny all hoiea
! r , -, il, M,rl, ih. i.i,.
lueiiiallly of the i i i.l j m-n, l 1 1 1 inrty.
Then follow ml a dreary time w ith him.
The btiiixcrf.iroltiieKrew ititoterahle. lleiw-alin the leitinlature and an BiMniiiliiient
hail sinned .ki ilivply BKninat Hie ilriu- as refiiMerof the land otlice, be has met!
iM-ralic rty liyilenerliugilieiii in their dir- wUJa aucc wiUi the exiition alxiyei
et nee.1 at llie lH-inniig of tbe n'bflliun refern lo, (when, returning to the reiuib
lo ex) relnstnteiiient, ci..le, they j lhao fold, lie went stain to the legislature,) '
were in in iiunortiy ami coma i.oi rewaru
any xesl be might brlw. TIk- indeienl
cm party was evaneM-rnl as lie rainbow.
His only lmp was lo rcfitt ami return
lo the Klilii-nn mrty. Hut, too impa
tient for olliie, be could i,.st await the
lops of a ei'iiiKiiuilile pnitmliemnry fierioil
to teat (lie erneitiii-ia of Ills kith nml
renewed applicailon for apHiititiueiil to the
nftli-e ttt aur evur ireiieral waaaj.uiii rt-fllMil.
i Ui lil)m , ).rw1n.iil,.,,iBt. but the
!.,,,,,(,.., Brly ( ,., and
hltiiM-U so weak in influence tbnt the few
repuliliiinis lie was cMahlrd to draw olf was
not enough to lient Hie iionriuecs of that
party at the polls, and he was denied the ex
ullutioiusf gratilinl revenge. Again here-
i ticnted and hv Hie Inllueiice of a few of Hie
' then leaders of the republicans of iherouuty
r,ii ion Hie imlilio levee at Portland, which
hud been deilicntel to the use of the public
lor a Ire. hjii.liuK by Mr. Woahcii Collin,
the original iroprietor. eiturkwcaiher
voted for this Job. There was also a I'nititl
Stales senator loeleitaiid one ot his Iriends
relerreil to alKive by whose help tin rene
gade wus again foisted upon the republican
pnrty, was acandiilaie for lhat otlice. His
ability to lili Hi position with credit to
himself and honor to the state was unques
tioned, ami to a man having a speck of
grnlllude for devoted and eansr.it friend
ship, or any local pride, his doty to vote
for thut friend and cititen of Clackamas
county would have seemed jilaiu and im
icrnlhe. Did .Starkweather da this? Not
at all. Hut ikrsertltig his friend to whom
he owed so niiK'h, he voted steadily for a
man w hom Itu had previously vilitled as
corrupt. Afisiu be beenme an applicant
for a federal oflloe and agniti fnilnl to get It.
He deserted the parly. Toted for Cleveland
lor president and fulling to secure a lucra
tive ollice front that ad mjjilst ration went
still further In apostney ail, become a howl
ing advocate of the vagaries ofthe farmers'
alliiiniH' and people's party.
"There is no new thing under the sun,"
sit it h the prrnrltcr; snylng which many
ofthe unthinking, in this age Of discovery
are olten ImpeHt'd to cull in question, and,
confronting the fads in this politician's
checkered carter, as the panoranut of his
lile pusses before one's imagination with its
kaleidoscopic changes, one might well ques
tion whether in tho records uf the past
there is to lie found an example of such
glowing inconsWency, such audden, rock
less and violent changes on audi frivolous
and faulty pretext, aaapiicar in the politi
cal life of this man. Hut Die truth ofthe
saying it fully exeitiplilled to the reader of
that mittchlctts liit4orlnii, M man lay, who
describes the class of iolitlciani who came
to the front in Knglund over two centuries
ago, and succeeding the time of the resto
ration of Charles 11. A Her reciting the
numerous sudden and violent iMiliticnl,
religious ami social chungea which took
place in llritain from the time of the long
parliament and the beheading of Charles I
to the restoration of Charles II, which ex
tended over tho rise to the height ut power
and glory of a new dynasty under tho great
Cromwell nml its sudden casting down un
der his less able son Richard, the grant his
torian describes the class of politicians
which was tho product of that period.
The farmers' alliance cnmlldate fur senator,
who Is blessed with the gift uf gab, has also
been a student of history and it would seem
Hint early in life he must have selected a
politician of the class so ably dcserilicd by
Macaulay for his prototype, after which lie
has steadily and persistently endeavored
to copy; which steadiness and persistency
is tho only obsorvablo indication of con
sistency In hla character. Let us quote
from Macaulay:
One who in such an age Is determined to at
'sin civil greatness mutt re uouuee nil thoughts
nf mmaiatenry, hutead of afTnetliix Imiitahlilty
In the mi'tat of emllrai niiitalhin he in u at lie
alwayaon Ih watch for the Indications of a
eowlnf reaetlon. He muat telle the enact
moiaeul lor dcMinliii a talllnf caiiae HavliiK
(on all lenetha with a faction while It waa up
IHirmoM he aiuat tmldeulr extricate hlmaell
from It when It dinicultlea lwlo, inuat ere
ritelt, eat enter en a new career of power
and proaperlty lacoiupwuy wltb new associate.
Hla altnatlon naturally developra In him to
'.he blifheat deere a peculiar elaat of alilllllea
nd a peculiar elaaa of tlcea. lie becomea
quick of otiaervalha and fertll of rtaourc.
He eaichea without an effort the lone of any
aec.lnr party wltb which he ehnow to mluale.
Hedlacerna thealrntof the tlmea wltha aana
cllf which tothe Mltltadeppani mlraculoii
VUbthe aaiiaclly with wblch a veterau pollfle
offliwr piir.iic the faintest Indication of crime,
or with which Mohawk wj trior follows a track
Ihrntiiib thewooaa Hut we shall seldom tod
In aeutcamui so trained hileTlly,eonlacy,
any;ol the vlnuesol the noble family of truth. It
has no faith In any doctrine, do teal for any
cause, )a sneers alike at those
those who are anxious to nroserve sod at others
wboareeacer to reform. There lanothlnfla the
stale which be oould uot without scruai or
bluah Join In defending or In destroyUia,
Fidelity to opluhos and to friends secwis to
him mere dullness and wroiitthcsilednene.
follllcs he reiisrds. not as a eclenne nf wblch
the object Is the happiness of mankind, but
ss an excllliif (am of mixed chauee and
.kill, at which a dexterous and lucky player
may win an estate, a coronet, perhaps a
rowa,aud at which on rash move may lead
to Hi iuas of furtuue and of life Ambition,
which in good limes and In good nluds Is
half virtue, now, disjoined from every ele
vated and philanthropic sentiment, becomes
sselosh cupidity scarcely less Iguokle than
Tins man has steadily through life pur
sued this H)licy of iiironsintency, jirescnting j
she i -(range paradox of being consiMcntly
Iiicoiisnlent, alUiough since his second
. anty in lmm, which w as n-wariled tv s
uthcr than to enable the parly hich he I
bad lately been opiiosing to beat some of
the ramildates of the party with which he
boil lately been associated, apparently
acurated by a feeling no nobler than that of
reeeiiKe inspired by In failure) to secure
Ironi bis party a lucrative otlice.
That Mr. htarkweuther has abilities of
a peculiar kind maybe a-lmitlcil, but ac
cording lo Milton, who is perhaps aa goo-l
authority as we have in such matters, his
most di'.tiiiguisliiug ijualities may be found
in that realm of whine regal splendors that
eminent authority wrote:
High on a throne of royal state, which ftr
Oiitsbou the wealth of Ormus and of Jod,
Or where the gorgeous East with richest hand
""""ers on ner sings osroanc pen ol gold
nttan, exalted sat, by merit raised
To that bsd emtueue.
The blind oet, whose acquaintance with
tthe c-!irtler of that splendid monarch
seems to have 'ven intimate, thus des-
icnisss one 01 mem:
On the other tide uprose
rUllal In irt n.M .mmiIiiI anA human a.
j A fairer persou lost aot heaven; be seera'd
Fordigulty composed and high exploit.
Hut all was false and hollow, though his tongue
Dropped manna, and could make the worst
The better rer.son to perplex and dash
Matures! eouuselt; for hit thought were low,
To vice industrious, hut to nobler deeds
Timorous and slothful: yet be pleased the ear
lint novr that the narrative ia finished,
ami Hie hero ofthe tale stands before the
Imagination, drawing near to the close of a
long life, a large part of which has been snt
in a leverish and Irtiilless struggle for ollice,
with the large influence he possessed In his
younger days vanishes because of his
vacillating course, the classic langaageof
that eminent American state.inian, Andrew
Johnson, as he aioke from the steps of the
white house to an excited mob of dento
cretsand rebel sympattiircrs, "I waste no
ammunition on dead ducks," comes to
mind nod the render no doubt is implied
to ask "Is the subject worth the candle?"
Letter l.lsjg.
The following is the list of letters remain
ing in t he ost otlice at Oregon City, Oregon,
May 1,1, 12:
Folc Andrew Patterson, Nick
Jni-tiiHi, Willurd Tuscany, Jus
Jones, Mrs M G Thomas, Mrs Rosa
Kunil, Gottlieb Thomas, V B
l'araoll, I. R-S Za Zelle, Chas M
K culled for, please say when advertised.
Boston Record: If the "no work, no
pay" rule is adopted In congress it will be a
severe blow to the Ilennlngs race-track and
various other places of amusement that ex
ist just outside the citv'a limits.
N'cw York World; If congressmen are to
be kept within call of the svrgeant at-arms
it may tie necessary to set up a pool-room in
the rapitol where they may "play the
races" without going to the distant tracks.
Sent Home.
Chicaoo, May 9. All but three of the
Sioux Indian chiefs captured dining
last year' troubles were seut home from
Fort Sheridan today. Tho three who re
mained are Kicking Bear, Short Bull,
and Bring-th-White.
Minuter Smith Ksiigns.
Washington, May 9. Hon. Charles
Etnoiv Smith, United States minister to
Russia, formally tendered his resigna
tion to the president today in order to
resume journalistic duties in Phila
delphia. CA Start for Portland,
Nbw Yohk, May 11. The train with
delegates to the Presbyterian conven
tion at Portland, Or., and their friends
and families, containing a little over 100
passengers, left here this afternoon.
Ths Trtffio Anooistioi of California Makes
Has: r'aAXCtaco, Muv 7. At a meseting
of the executive committee of the tradic
association a long resjrt waa sub
mitted by Traffic Manager Lee-da, which
waa adopted. The rcpjrt states that it
ia advisable at thia lime to submit an
out line, of the olicy lor the associ
ation pursue. The foundation ol the
burden which bear ao heavily upon the!
whole coast, the n-iort stales, ia lhe
exoeaaive local tar ills imposed by the
Koutliern Pacific company. Other car
rlem on tins coast are completely domi
nated, and all avenuea oi commerce in
the atate are aa completely blocked aa
possible. Ixical rates thronirlu ut the
atate are not only unreasonably high;
they arc outrageous, and apjiarently not
maintained alone for revenue coming di
rectly from 1hat aource, but for the
further ptirjvoae of carrying out a well-defined
policy, which ia directly antagon
istic to the beat interest ol the whole
atate, and with particular force against
the city ol Han Francisco.
Waakttha Will Keep lu 8priii; Watar.
Waukesha, Wia , May 8. Waukesha
ia patrolled by armed men tonight, and
every loyal citizen ia sleeping with a
weapon within arm's reach, prepared lo
sally forth at a moment's notice to the
defence of the city. These preparation
are all dne to an attempt made last night
to lay a pipe line from the Hygera
springs to the c'ty limits to connect with
a pipe-line lo Chicago. At midnight
Saturday a Chicago, Milwaukee it St.
Paul ttain brought 300 laborers and a
quantity of pipe into town. The piping
of water from the Hvgera Spring was
forhidilon hy the city some time ago, but
the promoters thought the work could
be done before the courts could in'ei fere.
The citizens had received an intimation
of the profiled invasion by telegraph
rotn Chic u; i and wlijn the train
pulled i ito the station, a crowd ol 2000
armed men was prepared to receive the
Ths Columbia CeatsBDisl.
Abtobia Ob. May 11. The ex
ercises ol centennial day paused
off in splendid style, every detail ot the
elaborate programme being carried out
to a letter, without accident or unneaeary
delay. Tiie weathei has been delight-
fill somewhat cloudy, with a stiff sea
breeze blowing all day. The demons! ra-
I ion in the harbor during the forenoon I
waa very imsing. The street parade,
witnessed by no less than 10,000 persons,
and the illuminations of the harbor at
night were brilliant beyond description.
Fort Townsead Celebrates.
Pout Townsund, May 7. The city was
handsomely decorated today in honor of
its centennial celebration. Over 2000
visitois were in the city and were roy
ally entertained. Tne day opened with
a big procession ol over 1000 men line,
after which a big clam-bake waa in
dulged in, A naval parade by the men-of-war
and revenue cutters in the har
bor, with a march past ol the troops
from the fort, to the music ol the Seattle
military band followed. A ball will be
given tonight in the opera house.
Tut Tlooded Marsh.
Pkoria, 111., May 7. Rescuing par
ties were out in the rescuing tlooded
marsh district all night, and found six
of the twenty families. They have not
been over the entire district. The dam
age will be very great. The destruction
U complete, and there is a scene ol the
veriest desolation. Later reports indi
cate that all the inhabitants have been
rescued alive, though much stock per
ished. Water is constantly rising, and
the damage is appalling.
The Sanger at Ban Franolioo.
San Fbancisco, May 8. The United
States steamer Ranger, which has been
completely refitted at Mare Island,
arrived in the stream yesterday after
noon. She will take on coal and will
start on Wednesday lor Port Townsend
to report to Captain Evans ol the York
town. The Eanger will possibly go to
Bering Sea and then to Yokohama to
relieve the Palos, on the Asiatic squad
ron. Fata Returning,
Fakir, Maiy 7. Baron Fava sailed
today lor New Y'ork from Havre Dur
ing his stay he has expressed great sat
isfaction at being able to resume diplo
matic functions in the United States,
and great dulight that the difference
betweeu the two countries have been
adjusted amicably and in a manner so
honorable to both nations.
Stanford's Resignation,
San Francisco May 8. The Exam
iner this morning prints a story, appar
ently well-authenticated, that Senator
Stanford will resign early next year
should a ' republican legislature be
elected this fall in California, lie told
novel al intimate Iriends ol his determi
nation to do this before he went Eust.
TiieNiher ('ticHtion Attain I!e
In? Agitated.
Rumor of Senator Kauford's Proponed1
Rrslguatlon Other Import
ant News.
Wasiiikotov, May 5. In the bouse to
day Holman attacked the river and har
bor bill m being extravagent. It not
only appropriated more than $21 ,000,000
but authorized contracts which would
nuke the government liable for $2fj,000,
more. Whiting, of Michigan, thought
tlie proposition to secure a twenty-one
j loot channel from iJtiluth to Buffalo pre
mature and ill advised. Rreckinridge,
of Kentncky, attacked the bill. Lock
wood favoied a deep water way channel
as did Catt-lungs, of MisHiasippi Gen
eral debate being concluded, the bill
was considered under the five-minute
rule, without disponing ol it, the com
mittee rose, and the honse adjourned.
Washington, May 7. In the house to
day, I'.l.imliard, (La.,) offered additional
section providing that when bids under
the river and harbor bill are not deemed
advantageous to the government the
materials may be put in repairs and the
work done otherwise than by contract.
O'Neill, (Mo.) vigorously assailed the
proposed proposition, contending that
the effect would lie to start in motion a.
vast political machine, having control
of the expenditure of millions of money.
He was interrnoteJ with cries ol "vote,"
but indignantly refused to tie shouted
down. The amendment was finally
agreed to, 123 to 45. The committee
then roue and reported the bill to the
the house
A motion to tahle the bill was rejected,
and the yeas and nays were ordered.
The amendments were agreed to in gross
with the exception ol the last section,
upon w hich O'Neil demanded a aeperate
vote. The section was agreed to, yeas
121, navs 97.
Stone, (Ky.) moveJ to reconsider the
vote. Blanchard moved to table the
motion, pending which O'Neil moved an
adjournment, which waa rejected. .
Bynuiu, (Ind.) moved a recess till 8
o'clock, supplementing it with a motion
that when the bouse adjourned it would
be to meet Tuesday next After motion
lor an adjournment till Wednt-sdav,
which waa lost, the house adjourned on
llyn urn's motion.
Washington, Mav 8. The American
fleet assigned to the dutv of patrolling
Bering sea, now at Port Townsend, will
start north in a few davs. The revenue
! vessels Rush and Corwin have been
added to the fleet, and will be under the
general directions of Commander R. S.
Evans, of the Yorktowu, who is in cons
mand ol the expedition. The other ves
sels constitutingthe fleet are the Ranger,
the Adams and the Moiiican. The rev
enue cutter Bear will also report to
Commander Evans lor duty later in the
season. THE 8ILVB QUE3TI0H.
Signatures Being Obtained to Bring the Sub
jeot Befort Congreti Again.
Washington, May 7. The silver ques
tion question threatens to come up again
as a subject ol present legislative inter
est. The silver men are not disposed
to accept their defeat, and are again cir
culating petitions urging the rules com
mittee to bring out an order to fix a
time for s vote on the free-coinage bill.
Fifteen or more signatures have been ob
tained ol those refused to sign several
weeks ago. Ninty-nine names alto
gether have been secured. Exclus
ive of members ot the rules com
mittee, 103 constitutes a majority of the
democrats in the house, so four names
remain to be obtained. Pierce says he
does net know what will be the result
ol this effort, and that he may tail to se
cure the requisite number of signatures,
but intends to keep at work until he
becomes convinced he cannot Bucceed.
The anti-silver men ate not giving them
selves much concern over the matter,
and say tbey do not believe the requisite
number of names can be secured, that
the house looks upon :.he silver question
as settled (or this session and is not in a
temper for a renewal ol the fight over the
Bla-id bill.
The Baltimore and Charleston,
Washington, May H The cruisers
Baltimore and Charleston, now at As
toria, Oregon, to participate in the Co
lumbia river centennial? celebration, are
also ordered subsequently to visit the
principal ports of Puget sound.
Modus Vivendi Ratified.
London, May 7. The ratification of
the Bering sea arbitration agraement
and modus vivendi convention was ex
changed between Great Britain and the
Uuited States today.