Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, April 01, 1892, Image 4

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    Oregon City Enterprise.
nnm.it i t n t mm nn nt invitiiA nnmrimr
UlllliliL i'At Ltt Ut libAlKAiiiAi) bUUfl 1 1
r.';:..,v. ," ,"
Entered t the I'oul OftW III Oregon I'tly, Or.,
t .- ".- - '"
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Om your.
Six tnomhs,
Three mouths,
,s,H.rii,ii.i ii.vaM.' lr. t,l a.,,.'.!
1 00
AlvortiMiig rftit given oh riiu'ttou.
. - . .. . .-
Oswocv 0. W. rn-i?or
runbv, - Kuitiht
ru -kaniss, - N S Knit . in
M.lWAltk'.O. .Hr A M 1MIKiT
I ut-'ii Mills J. TrulhuiiOT
Aims. - - Y.. S Kruntull
Moattow Rrook. K. A.Wnslu
Now Kr. V S NYwtvrry
i -iimvilio. .... llfttry MiW
I'.irV; rUv t, H.i?i!uu A W-ivhtuirn
Ji.iv iw. .... Mrn, , SItoi'!ri
(''!t!-rtu I' V. Cnss
SmT '!!, J Q,
ii"hurr, - .r 11. .K'vtu'p
it1.!to, ' V' T Hi'wmi
ir,--. KM t'.-oi.-.-r
!..:ik.. M. .V lv-iv
MlLJU - K. M. II 'It! 111:111
A I Ti 'TH, Y ViH''
t'.iy - - - - Piitr.to I '.y
jylhe nay to buiM up 4rotfin
City i to Orcirim City ptk'p!o our
KKi'i iu.ir an TU Ktrr.
tiOKPON E. HAYES Okkmx City
FOR B E 1' R K K N T A Tl V K S,
JOFt P O.KKR . . Wii-onvillo.
A. - LAW TON C iiM-r.uh.
JltNKY JKUKI.I. . . HuliUii.L
KK'HAKP SCO rr Milu-A'ikee.
raK n.KRK.
S. M. RAM SB Y M.J ilU.
J. 0. WETITKRELL Cinemah.
F"R SI R tVitB.
H. S. GliiSuN CUckAiUH.
J. C. BRADLEY Bortncs
R. L If.H.MAN Orun City.
Tho Intlitnatit-n Moetintf.
It is n-'t a firatifyina state of aouirs that
the pe-'ple should ftel oalle'f upon to hold a
ptihlie ine'ting to indii antly prote-t
acainst the tla'rant violation of tlie laws in
the niiilst of us. It is also a litiie o,.l that
tiie mayor, witose -ct'i:iL' ili:ty it is to en
force the laws in the city, should lie selected
to preside at an indignation meeting of this
However, it is but just to say that the
meeting held at Pope's hall la.t Saturday
night was called to consider wavs and
means of dealing with certain overgrown j
hoodlums rather than a general protest j
against the city government. The lawns
admitiist-.-red l:al heeu found insutlii ient to
deal with a certain gan of maletactors !
whose abiding place is in this city. The
question before the meeting was whether it
would be wise to attempt to reinforce the
present U'jfv:, ies of t l.o law and proceed
within ilie law, or for a committee of citi
zens to take the law into their own hands
and deal out justice witbont regard to legal
red ta) e. A committee was appomte 1 to
take the nittcr in charge.
While violence is always to ! depreca'id
it must t,e conceded that these leprous
yo'l'.g thug-, w!.o-e pre-etieeis a niemee to
the unproui:!':'! l.-j.-ues of the city, rii !i!y
deserve vigorous tn-attnet.t. A:,d they
merit this on gemral principles. It has
nee!) inaoe pretty char that in tlie future the
j-eople wiil i."t im d or, .-g-ti c-reiunny ii
the oc a-no; .-!,;:!! an-cfor di aling with any
one or all of tois criteina! hand.
r.overninei.t Aiil tu tlie Nii anogiia runnl.
It ini;-t he 8'l-i,ilei that t!:ere is some
sni-e in t'.iM lank of the Oregon people's
parry plaliorni that deelares a'ainst. gov-ernmi-rit
ai l to the Nirarugua canal uiilc-s
tin; government own and onerate it. The
peoi'le's party n.cn. however, do not siand
aloi.eon that proj o-iiion. .Mo-t people who
ha . e oh-er- ed 11cm onr-e- of the 1'acilic rail
roads in tio-ir r'-la'iMn- v. oh the governimriit
and tin- po'me'wiK leartily agree with it.
llitl it is on!' hecan-e of the opportunity for
coiiscienci !i -s m-cal- to swindle the gov
ernment and the people that is presented in
this partnership h i-ii e-- that makes it odi- j
oils. The principle of the thing is all right I
and guverninentaid would he vastly henefi- i
cial if the other partners were ordinarilv I
The ae'iun of the Central I'lu ifii: railroad
gang in inducing the government to build
them a railroad and then depleting the gov-
eriiitiei.t i.roiertv ;od ii-in" tho ,-ic. ern.
... , ... ,
merit aid as a means or pi aging the pen-1
' '
pie is enough to n.al.e (he people wary of .
any .scheme likely to uli'ord oppurtnniiy Jor
a repetition of the outrage. j
The rumor that li iin'.ingiou and Hi.m
ford were attempting to get contiol ol the
Jii'-aragua canal prnjeet i- -ir'h jcnl to keep
the government from giving the enterprise,
important as it is, any go', ernmeni aid.
Those verv honorable thieves ha.e man
aged to'amass private fortunes ol'.finCo.oi o
or !f0,'ii"W,'n) apiece, but they cannot pay
the 'lel,t they owe the gove; nn ent on t ie
property that has brought iho.-.e ii Inmost,
fortunes; to them.
Tuk KxTKitpn.-SE will he sent ilir ingthe
elate r am pa ign from the dale the Hin
eenptioii is received till the issue of June
10, 181)2, for twenty-live cents. Postage
stamps will be accepted in payment. Get
all your neigh bore to subscribe.
Thf Kmtllsh Seiilliiifiil,
There is much mawkish and pillion sonti
inotitality talked Mini written nwt tin' til
legist (Vioml ly feeling of the opl of Kii
hind towards " their cousins across Io w.i-
ttr ' Tin l.liiu .f I'liftuml KturiU
. j " glvM ,,,.
! ; , ., , ., ... ,,,
II I H'l. mil;, 117 niisi ii'i in iu.10,1 I I mi, null ii
, "... , , , ,, , . , ... ,
!' I crushed at all liButls, or t.retit
Itliljlill's Ml piVUI.IC V l Olllleil. Tllllt il till
' i,,v1,i'.v a"1 constant attitude of tin- two
i countries. It is shown in the status of tin
i ,lt.,iril)! S(,;l ,m(,s,i(111. u s,,,m M ory
possible invasion.
j In the face of the shallow and elty lot
joo tors of Lord Siilistmry on the Pehring sou
ipicstion, however, U is giant;, mg to reno
such statements as (ho following Inmi Act-
tnl Stvivtarv of Stat Vh:irlon to tho Itrii
ish miniMor at Vashiiij;ton. This ivintmi'
mtation anuMiuttTi to an ultimatum tlitit
KnIaiul to rvspvt:
Tho pwsiiltMtt ilirH'ts mo to ny. inooaoluston,
tlint tho motttis t( List Mr ts tlie iortsi tltls cov
ortmioni Ortn nooopt In rvdvu. t'ho rotrtnts
HfhT tluMtvAty of .irltttrtitiou ntnuiM lo mrv
toluto. uot Sos, Ho il.H"i not tloin? tt pr
trit this tliM"tssi.n titl ttavtiu nuv in tho
mt'st rion.liy jlrit Miinittti'J tho ""Usulo
tt.'ns hioh sitpp.Ti tho jui tiom uiJ of tins
tfi'vornmom tlnttMo pp'tv whtoli U m snl
i'i'S of :Vo itsivt tub;'. i'-tti.'n sit C.i not ho nh
Joi't to spoitttioM pi'n,!itt srhif ruTtou. ho o
pvoM'v tho htpo :lt-a 1 iM'-t S-sli-hnrv w CI i o
prMi:pi aa-J iru'iuMy mwu! to tho roitowaltf
lu1 iiuhJus. t ho t'rt".i.lt'in ho ir tth ro
ro! thit Itor imjt't s o; utuont oonttnuos
to 4vt'it hor rijiht to !o.'l ith ihi suhjool pro-oi-oly
i if nt pro is:o:i hl Loon m ulo for a
sotiiotuont of tho titpulo, anl in tluU oout
this i;. t titinom, us has alroiily toon pointoil
out, will Ho (Minpel'tti to tioal vvith tho sut'jo't
upon tlu' sittio h ils au. 1 um? ovoty mo.ui In
its jv.vi-r to 'okot from .lvtni don or oi iou
iii.'Mry tho proptrty a:ii juriMltottinal rights
tthu It it it t !o:s; t'! 11111'. i ,u: I i !;j '
Y!..Mt Jtift i:i tiiis ;ir ; ra-hion tlu- iia'.ttity
ILiton o.i.i.r .own trotn in-, poiiot.il it 1 1 t ho
ha? aooe-levl to the ttatufotiv Tatr tlcinaml
of this jjovonmiiMit t'ora n nt-ftai of t! o nu
lus t etnii on about tlto sumr tonus as o
itO'l liu-t yoar. EurtluT cioaiatuvs tiom
Yut"ri:i tor l h ri i , r -t a liavo horn lori'i.l-tit-n
aiol iiio ir!a;tor u ars a tuoro 1 1 ao. f ul
Tuk iirst iLovemor
j a part of t'aliiortiia -:
stiil i i . a.r in New J.-i
. Tut v'oiiLtotion ht twi
f t "it 'nii i hon it was
Ktuiuian M. I'rioo is
My. his patiw -tato
ii tlov enior 1'rioo atnl
jt'rt'ott was iitit so i-U-ar aipI dirttt as it
; ioi-rht ita' e hoof, t'.owcvor. In l"lo ho ua
i purser in tlio l"i,itd Elates navy and with
i an epo;Uioii that oapturod Monterey, ami
j in some manner he irot tt e.ereie jiuliotal
' funt'tiiois then. In he was tnale navy
1 aei.t fur the Paoilie roast and as iueh h
was the virtual nen or of the country.
This is when he poernor of Oregon,
lli.t he tli'l not Jotii; remain on this coast.
He rt'iun.ed to New Jersey uud was elrtel
to congress in IVd and permr ot that
state in Isol. Ho was a delegate to the
peace conference in Hil. He was alwavs a
democrat. It is sail! that he expended J-".
om of his private funds for the government
j while in California aiat has never heen re-:
imhurseil. This is extremely douhtful. At 1
unv rate tl.e oM poeruor is
still h ing at ,
the a,-e of seveiitv-toitr veai
While Oregon is in such turmoil over her
me.ho.1 of levying taxes it should not he !
torgotten that other parts of our common
country are also aitnttsl over the same stih- j
jeci. in laci tlie siinjectoi taxation is u
hone of contention evervw here. In Klovd
(.,mmyi ,,,.v are j,t w (mviti an !
.. i'.ii,. .., i;,,,. v;..i, ..., ,.,.. f i
, 'j-.vmo, n.no, oiMc. nut,,.-, w, j
proiiiiiicrit rneii ol Tharles City were before
the uraml iurv charL'ed w ith making lalse '
.,,i, ,,, ,i, ",.,. j. ,,r n,.,,., i..,r.. !
indicted. While the investigation wus in i
progress one man who hud returned to the
assessor f'Ji 0 went to theotlicer and volun
tarily added $:'ofni t his valuation. This
kind of medicine might he valuuhie else
where. It is very seldom that such high class fig.
in appear-- oiii-ide of the expensive mag-i.-.ine-a-
the Kn rr iii'iusi: i- miming. We
an-iy ran a tale by U-iU-rt C. V. Meyer, the
. O 11. g Uoreh-t V. le'II! tic J! an el'- are Inik-
g -o uiceJi i,f, a
1 1 ar. it's Ma:ii
hi-.-torv in la-t iiionth'-
ii t o wa- in no respect 1-ettei
erve'i to the Knti:iii i:i.sk read
than the on
its. Todav
I'C hegin a copVl'iL'iited
enllTie 1 " Mi's, tiuili-oorotigh's 1 'iatnoiids,'
iiy l!ie well ki.oivn hiteriiteur, J'llian llaw
fiiorti, whose i,a:i,e j a sullicient guaialee
ot it- merit.
Tiik pa'h of an alderman is not always
trewri '.i :tn rose-. In Cliic.igo the' ri cently
i.de ted nine of the genu.-, hut the indicted
to. -it in
City con
! night -tl
dan- -ct
' portant i
muM no
ohh'iil.ed hail and they
um il. iiy the wav, tin
i ire;
:il will meet ne.vt Wednesday i
lust regular meeting before the ;
it the I,. ;c il:g of II eertilill illl-
-e against the opy. A icirnT
te oi.of j.hce at this tm.'i'ting. j
MAI'.sll KCIIOlv
when twilight on the rushes hilln.
hen thre els the innon through night's, d irk
When dims the fir horizon line
'"w worms phosphorescent shine.
Then comes in deepest basso full,
hike beliowliiir of roving bull.
! " Ah rr oooiii, Ah-rr-ooomp,
fhueaa rrooiupl"
O'erhead the gtnetjy uighthawk tl i 1st
And In the woods in kileiice sits
,, ,. .,, , ,, , ,, , ,
'J tie wiiip j.oor wiii, while round the hiki;
afl ie ,hims tlie ,,,,, ht,.ulei
A,j .( u,,.r,. ,,,,,,, mve ,), eail
neverherutirig over nil.
" Ah-rr-oooi;:),, A n-rr-oonni i,
lliia-iiii rroomp!"
'the tinklingco'.i' t,c. in tie: "riu-.li
No more are heuol, mel hi tho lush
Ai d coinse s ;il::p '.on-, he holi fro:.'- e,
h i ic- echoes h,r then giiuuod cry
Aero-s the lily pads iilj'l Cfine,
As -ome old nine's hejo -e lefrnim
" Ah-rr-ooio-i p, Ah rr oeomp,
Jnm aii-rrooiup!''
And I ;i j i ;itiiom.' the s;t::nn. reeds,
V- hen oi;;ht tins tolil her : turr beds,
'me ;i fr or one. shuoU slh.-nl there,
V. hili. thou ,i on lie.- ihirti'.iiing air
'I hose iiiiniehjiiioiH mo'iriifiil m,n-s,
Sent lljovard troiil b Uraclliall t hroiiis,
" A li-rr ooolop, Ali-rr-ooomp,
Kruest McOalley In JudKe.
On hat IWn Through tlm Mill lllvw i
Siiiin lleruli. Aitvlr.
Wiuioir, March "iYj'Po run KiuTnic
I writ lo oiler my sympathy to thoi'iindi-
dales defeated u. the ,.. an county con -
' vention. No wonder some o( them feel llki
kicking tluMuwlvo!! niul cvory on tNo tor
tlio uoinm of tho oonvoutiou, Attor out
hat w llrm hohl on tho public (oat for
,. i t....i . ...... i ... i. ... i
it u.tui, ivii mini mtimi
to Inivo it so ,,,vr,Monlonsl.v i.h,l,v. i " AT hAmon " v" ,M;"-T'U "
1 l,ivs tonml that tlio lo.or ol April, ISlU, tlio toivnof HurliiM was put
sn, k.'.lth.'lianlorilistoanhiiu. Hut il' "l""i tlio nnukot. Tho linprovouumlH
you inaiiaco llu'so politio.il halx's oan'tully, j (or tlio past your Inoliiilo tin' i'lal'llsli
un.l tnt thoiu kiixlly, thoy will survivp the nionl of a ponloHU-o, Wi lU 1'iirifii .i
wi'aniii)! periml. Hut he siiro ami not re- t'o's oxpross oitioo, it voting prooinet, a
sort to the hottle, hut lee.t them on patent ,,(.nH, .liatiiet, a ehnrvlt, two lioteln, a
prepare I hahy io,l, ami tl they Kol h
liouhli-MMue rt'lmlnlIer a i;oiM spankinn iv
j easiounlly, ami liuy will et ((row up to he
HOihI tvpuhlli uns.
An, I now n wonl of ml Uv to the ilisap
imuiteil ian,li.laie- themselies. loti't allow
the hilterness of ilipappointnient to enter
your soul. lo as ih.l onr humhie si-rvant
on a like, oeea-ion. lio out upon a Mump
taitn, sprinkle hayseed tn your hatr, and
instead of .Nttiing down and repininj; oer
jour hard U t tind in luud ork a solace lor
vtnir wo -, a ii -od appctiie and a clear con
M'ience. Lake tim es in a phi!' 'sophical
maitiier " I ho stapes ate simr anyway."
And reiuemU-r tin- world ui!ii;oou justtl.e
same, (he duties ot thovaiious ollhes will
he pt i tor 1 1 1 od jut as wi ll it if nit per
loi iiic-l thftu. and the interests of the ilear
puh'io will ho looked after. In -hort, reL;n
yonrM'tt to tht' ttun itatle ;ud say. ' 'Not my
will t"it Diiue W done.' oh people f t'la ka
ma county." V.. .Kivv.H.
rKKsiPPMiM. talk.
Frank Le-'m s. I'lir nomination of such
, loon as e 1'n -ideitt t'ieveland hy the
democratic party and President Harri
".m h tie npi.hluan party would mean a
a hotter and lusher moral tone tit oltties ;
a:nl there woind he reaMtu tt hohevo that
wiihin the next (ittt-en or twenty Year the
,u --tiuus of s;!rr and lanll would he set
tlvtl once for a!l in accordance with the
w i-iies of the H'tpte.
New York Herald: New York state
is now hopelessly divided !etwoen the
followers ,.!' Senatitr II ill und those
ot M r. l'le rivi.l. if either is chueu
tor lir-t plat e, New York hy that taet takes
its plate anions the douhtt'ul st.ttes.
Yn k-hur IP-raid : 1 lie things w l.ich
make flovolarid weak, make Kill strttti.
Kansas I'ity Star: Cleveland wdl he nom
inated. M 'uiphis ApjHat-A-a!a;iehe: Senator
Hiil thinks that t!ie revent election! in New
York state tnerelv show that there is a fam- !
ily row in the denitn'ratic party. A family
row is uMially the worst kind ot a row.
Troy Times: The country will never
elect Mil h A man as Hill Is known to
be. A Tammany district did indeed eloet
Tweed tn tht? state senate after his crimes
l'l en exposed, tint the democratic party
of the nation recoiled in .lisyust from the
performance, and Tweed, smitten with fear
a"d sh.iiue. ilid not dare show himself at j
Alhany. The principle dillerence U'tween j
Hill ami Tweed if indeed there is any-is
; a tacK in the tormer ot that sense ot slinme ,
K "'B ",r";, r '"a. sense o. mimi.
" !,w u l""luVl M" j
"' ' I
N'ortlniest .News Elites.
.Monday morning Andrew Hacker, (a-
,"""irly Known an tony, waa louml ,
"lead ill a salism ut Walla Walla, wlieru
lie wan employed as bartender, from ex- !
cessive drinking and heart failure. !
Corvalliti Times:
vetopmcntH may lie
Some early
expected in
i li
the Oregon 1'acilic muddle,
coming to a bead, for
Something is
the tension is
tigliletiitu;. The bund is getting, ready
to play, and by tho way they are tuning
their hums we believe it will be a funeral
W. I-'. Courtney, the we'd know n cat-tle-b'tyer,
was badly hurt at Yakima, a
few days ago while unloading stock.
II.- fell among the animals in (1,,. chute
and was trampled upon, sustaining an
ujy wound in the heal and many
bruises. He is yet alive, but bis coii
d'tioii is considered serious.
vunilay afternoon a young man nained conimeiiced to niako tho guivel Ily.
Herman Mack, living six miles north of They are at work on tlie county road in. rth
Nye, rmatilhi county, met with a severe of t lakley H.'ights and soon we will ex
accident while jumping, lie slipped poet to have a road lit to travel ut all
and (ell on u pii ket, the hIi.u )i end seasons of the year.
piercing the thigh to tin-depth of Illicit Si uool. OrKNi.n. Oil M lay our
inches. Monday evening blood poison- school opened wilh Miss llessie Sliep-
ingset in and Or. Wells was siiiuinoned
trull) Pendleton. He dressed the wound
and when he hdt the patient was feeling
Tuesday, at n point two ami one-hall
miles from Vinson, Umatilla county, a
i woniaii who was driving to town
: cart was held up by a masked man.
in a
roblier seized her horse ami a-ked her to the present time, tliero has been some
hand over her purse. Although she had ."ii)l) acres seeded down on tho prairie,
but ifllin her possession, she bravely re-1 Answkii Fito.M tuk 1 Ii.i.hoatks. Nuiii
fused, and the highwayman allowed her ' emus ipiestion was asked our delegates
to proceed without accomplishing Iiih ' (ri their return homo us to why they
purpose. At. last accounts ho bad not Biippoited Marye in convention for slate
heen apprehended. , senator. Tll() answer was emphatically
John M. Morgan and wife lived in . given that our delegation did not. snp
Ilenlou county about twelve years and port him. Neither iliil they place him
raised a family. They were ijuitu well in noiniiiiilion or second the nomination
known and highly respected, hut mar-: bunco hu got no support from tho I'ur-
tied life was a failure in this case, ami a
divorce was applied for and gruilel.
I This Was several years ago, and Mrs.
! Morgan was allowed .ps'tilli'or llmsiip-
port of herself and family. Sinn; then
' it bus been learned that Mr. Mory.ui U
very wealthy, and in the settlement
wilh his wife, induced her, by fraudulent
repie-cup, (ions, to sign a deed convey ing
j her iiileiijrit in the community properly,
valued at :;0!,('I0. .Mis. Moigan i-now
' a ro-iih
of Colfax, Wash., ami her
j former liege lonl lives in Sio:luo. She wl inllu. l,iH Hinniner,
lo is jii-,l beguii nn aclion lo sol a u'dn Hie ,Mri), i lemli ieks, niolher of A. llen
J di ciee ol (lie coiii tand ask thai, she be drick s, tho .Sontlietn I'ucilic ugeiit liere,
jifiven her rightful hIiuio of his pos- ' cunio down fioui (iervtlis Itml spent Ii
I Hossiutis, ftw (,,yH wi tl, her sou.
tiik (iKonni or i iik tow n m it-
; SiH'lttl l.fiMil
III lliti Young Toii-
Tlu Kemm'ints llolil M Moetiutr
Other NotoH f Interest.
,v ,i . .
; tf,,m,mt imrfluitilim muro, ...nteelion-
my (ttoto, a mitliimiy hii4 ilivMHttiukititt
chop, A I'lrtoksiuilli ntht I'alonol tio,
1 1 wo WHtvhotino;, rt tutlihor nliop, M luk,
a teal Ohtuti1 otlioo, A lioo shep, a pholn-
lirupli gsllory, a lnoty stiiMo, u town
hall, eliih rooms, a tioaril of tvj,lo. w illi n
nienil'i'isliinof tlintv two. ami a nurseiv.
Tlieio are tweiitv-niiii' iluolling lioiises
ill tho town, U telograpli olllco Hill I'e
estaldislied Hometiino ill April, The
population of Huilow is about ISO. Ilorj
cilions hi o wide awako i.ion and women
nliiuo entcrpiiso uud enoruy uio the;
etivyof iieighl ots 1'iiilow in ill the '
center of the gulden oi Oii'uon. ami liold '
its key to its own pvat ness. liailow;
alicidv ships more tons of natural pro
duels of the soil than any other town of
its sio in the lato
I'l.M H II It'll' I'l l II. T'llO (ll'llloclMtic
cluh was called to order Hy l'li'Milchl
IVlk Oiilddo on the '.'olh.. nt tho hull of
rin' Kohlcr House, Tliero was a k-hhIIv
crowd present, tilling tlio hall to its
utmost capacity. Several speeclie.s were
made hy prominent iletnocruls and a
gcueial I'litliusiaui wras iii.tuit'cstcd.
l'loiuinetit anioiii; the speakers In the
cltili w.is I' to lo Win. Vaiiglin, who
spoke in n very clear and impiesMive
milliner. After the luisinoss oftliecluli
was transacted nil invitation was ex
tended to Mis. Murv K. llol'Oit of New
tjnestion and the I ii'iso i '
Whatcoinli, Wash.,
on the Moiietaty
of Hard Timeil She is tlie nutlior ol
the new h.mk, "A Scientitic llximsme u(
the llrrors in our financial System,"
and to say the least she met with a
hearty reception.
1'OliriKIII Axmvkiisaky. On tlio '.'Mil.
of March wal tlie lortietli wedding
....... ..r i. .....i xi i'... i...
low. In the evening they returne.l from
oicgout'ity whero a dinner had turn
given them Oi.it ilay, ami exiiected no
(urtlier dcuioiini iiition in tlio matter but
ut alioiit II o'cliH-k a stung Hand struck
up under the w indow rendering lieuuti-1
tut music w incli wax a happy surprise.
Tlie elegant und upa 'iouH parlors were
thrown open and every Mom in the
liotiseWHsa Ida.e of light. A iieneial
. ,,anj Bmkin , wj, ci.l.gratillationH lol-
The progtiitn ctiMsted of a choice selcc-
tiou of wal iiuiiiIht ami wound
up ith a dance TIiobh ptesent were:.
Mr. ami .Mm lien. A. Slieppard, Mr. j
ami .trs. . M. I nil, .Mr. und Mrs. W .
W. JesseM insert Jesniu l'arrott, llessie !
Slieppard, t iussie Urow n, Mulde li.unsby
Viva Toll, liussie Haucroft, .Messrs l riiuk I
Jessc, Juy lireen, J. Ileim, Will Tilll
Fred Jesse, Win, ScojiiiH, Cass l ull and
Carrie Hainsliv.
I.K.M' Vk vii I'ahtv. The young lu lies
of Aurora gave a leap year party n !
Pioneer hall on tlio night of tho mill,.
The hall was well filled and the ladies
did the honor to tin' 'iueon'H taste. It
Was conducted in a very thoioiigh man
ner, nothing being oiiiiticd to make the
occasion a happy one Tho lady lloor
iliiuiai;ei lo-n' rr-peeiiinv veil gi -II nil ,
and courteous to their fin-tnls.
I iKA v i : 1.1 Mi
Irvin, our loin
out Homo title
TIIK llo.lli.
I supervisor,
-Mr Win.
lias warned
and they have
pard as teacher, and the lirst ilay'siittend
ancii numbered IIS, Tim directors have
decided to have a three months school
now ami another three nionlhs I, iter.
I'Aiimi.uh Iirsv. The season having
been earlier than tisiiul this year has
enabled the fanners to get in a larger
acreage of grain than common, t'p to
low delegation. '
Mrs. S. McDonald of Shoiilwater liny
was vii-iling fiiends a lew days hist week.
Hon. l'olk ( iribhle of ( iribblo prairie
and lion. Win. Vaughn of Molalla was
in town Saturday ami registmcd ut Tlie
Mr. lien. A. Slieppard caiuo up I'ri-j
day and spent Sunday wilh bis family
Mi. Win. I'.ailer retiiincd hoine from
ai,:,,,v college. 1'iidav. ami will remain
In papers or quantity.
Early Rose Potatoes and Onion Sets
Having deeiileil to p into
The sto.'k includes some
"VA" 1 M III' l-..ll, I M'i'orateil ail.l 1 lUlll iul'le-
ware, Market ha.-kets, Laitheii Crocks, Jars, Ktf.
j Coine early and secure lirst ehoiee.
..ri.1'1.11,1, I l.tt.,
G. W.
pi'osl- l'.t Hlh-,
Mils). K. l. Ill It.MKISI t.U.
Successors In Mrs.
i.ruiH" is
Watched Clock;?, j&lVeiWe, Jewelry.
Ropalrlng t Spoclnlty.
Mil I il Nlreel, 4r-Kil I'Hj, ri-Kii.
1'' ir the next lew months you can get
upholstering at greully reduced rates at
llolinun ,V Warner's. Call and you will
learn why wuui-i doing tho work for so
little money
If e,,,i .nil'..,.!,,., I..
ik or in-
j UH.(
lined eves, or granulated e i ell Is. v oil
ran be ipiickly cureil by u-ing Mr. .1. II.
McLean's Strengthening live Salve. 'Si
rents a box .
W'liu reinl this wi
illteresti'll in tlio
to wliieli is t 111' lie
iilillt In llso lilt
not ho
oast its
I mixi'il
Will 1st ulwl lo kiKiw Unit
.liilm W. Mnsnry A' Hun
nro now lii.'iiiiifurlitiitip; n
liitii'l i:iinl, winch is gtmr
iiiiti oil to lie strict ly pun
Linsonl Oil, W liiti! I.i'iul
ttiul Zinc; lor yours (heir
Cdllll'S in oil Inivc I II tlio
Htunil.inl, iih fvi'fy piiiiitrr
knows, niul tin mixi'il
iiiint now ifi'iiii'oil liy this
colelinifeil lumm.! bun a
UroatiT Hiilt! Limn all otlmr
liiniiils ciiiuliiiiitil.
Wo life tilt! Hull) (li'tll H
fnl' t llis Hei'l iull, Mini In'IVn tl
full liiu of MuHiiry's pitint
in hlnck.
( Mil' Mr. Louis, tvlm is
l.liiiroiiglily con VI r su n t
wilhovoi'ylliin rnltil ivo In
Inillisi! ili'coi'.lt inns, will,
M-lli:lJiS, 111! tllili! In j.;ivt'
ynil sniiio irui:lii:ii.l hints
in ri'Hitrd tn iminlino.
Jii'L us tulk with you.
Cauticld & Huntley,
Prusorlptlon Druggliitfii
Hi-il Clover
Whit Clover
Mammoth Clover
Law it 1 IniHM
Uluo (Iran
Orchard (lias
l Ve ( ll llHM
lluiipirian (irasn
Cermau Millet
other husiness, I shall oiler my
ehoiee hamains in llANCIXtt
1. I . ., . ... ,i
4ltl t t'I'li, Mtl ;T.
MM. ANtdthSKS.
C. 11. L Barmclster.
: ine Stationery
Lnlesl Periodicals
Stiiiiiii Hooks
Sell joi Supplies
Mil Supplies
Gold Tens
Hook Si oio
Orciion City
J'riiciiui,, Jrvhitccls Hwildcrs.
Will prepiire phiiix. eleviillons, working rlo
htllli, iiml speelllenllomi for nil klmlK ol hmhl
llll'S Hlieehil lllleollotl bIvcii lo iiio.lern cot-tiiii-H,
t'.siliiMiieN furnished on iippllciiiloit
Cull on or iiihlreKii WHITi: lllinH,,
(lreoii City, (Ign
I'hotographs Ilelivered I'loniplly in tho
l-'inesf Stylo of Art.
l;i nc Crayon Win k a Sjn-cially. ,
Old l'iclures Copied to Any Size,
faction ( luaiaiiteeil.
Oaltory Monr Pout Olflou, OBUQOH CITY, OE.