Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, April 01, 1892, Image 3

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    Oregon City Hnterprise.
HIII'AY. Al Ull, I. I Hiil
Another I'liiiiriT (J iinn.
Mm. Itcliiwn Mui k nr died nl linr
mn 'a liimin In lllulilund, Miirrli I'tllli,
IW.', iikimI Hovt'iily-two yiMirii hii1 two
liiofillm. Klin wait horn In Ti-iiiiihi,
Jamiaiy JMtli, 1H20 and wa married to
Coliniin Hm kniir, January 1 7, 1MJ17. Him
tirvlvnd her liunliuiiil two ynuri and
anVI'll llllllllll. Him waa tlid iiiuIIht of
fimrtt't'ii children, live of u lioin mirvivn
her Mrn, JiihiiIi Walton of Oregon
City, Mm. 1,ihi I'uiiit't of Portland, Mm,
Win. Wallace of M u 1 i no, Mr. Itiiry and
Win. Iliirknnr ol Mink and I'luilum pout
rltli,(,1 rrerllvidy. Mm, Itnckncr milled
with tlm ehrlnlln church In iHiiH. Mr,
mnl Mrn. Hui'kncr raniu from MImnoiiiI
In trtKin in IM.'i'J mnl (( I on ii dona
tion claim tin' follow i 1 1 n 1'i'ln imry iihiii
tlui rriHk which Iivhm tliiir name in
thin county. Mm, Itticknor xun mnl
wove hII lint flitiiui'lit lln f.iimly worn for
many year.
The Hik Jubilee Muttera.
Tli celebrated "Kick Jubilee. Hinnera"
graduate of the. Kink milvumity, Tenno
hit, will ulvu inn' of llirlr unrivaled con
cert at Hliivnly'i Imll, Tluirmluy, April
7tli, IHIC, Till roneert In under the
miBiin'H of tlm Ladica' Alii H'lty ol tlm
t'uiiKrriiliiiiml I'hnri li ol thi rily. The
Juliilcn Hintii'M have been Mtntnutliened
I iy aoino new voii'i-i niucc thi'ir lal viait
to tin coant two year ano, uml tlm
inurtiu loviiiK rcnidenu of ll. ii city are
luinrvil of a rare treat, Hhively'a Imll
la niur'i improved by having the acuta
rained, urn view ol the Mage i an Ix hud
from nil purla of the hall. Poor ofi.
at 7 :30, concert to cominenca at H p. in.
Ailini(uion Ml rtmta ; reaerved acati al the
put ofllce.
Comrade, of Meade l'oal, No. 2 wilt aa
emlile promptly at 7 :'M p. in. next
Monday night at tludr rmiular plaen of
meeting to tnuter a mitnltr of recruit
alter which will marrti to l'ow'i
Imll to hear a mch from Coii'iade (ioo.
W. line of l'ortland. The Woman'a
ltelit'f mri and the Hona of Yntorane
are rnpioatixl to l present In force.
Alitoall citixiMm tlial are friend to tlie
old aoldier and are wlrlutii ally di
jkxmsI. Tlie old army annua will lie
ling and we ixxm ( a royal time. Kn
trnnce free. till. man I'ahukk,
8. U. C'Aiirr, Coninmnder.
Hull of Honor.
.kllO.N AT osi;t,t.
A Large Atlniihince at the Meeting
Mud hii liileriixlliiu I'muiHiii Nuc-ci'M-fiilly
Curried (hit.
Quito a ii unit.rr of teacher from Ore
gon City and oilier (Hiinta took tlie It: IK)
boat Haturday, Murch 51(1, for Oswego.
An tlm Allium did not liiml tlieio aim
tranaferred the ti'iu hera to the Itiimoim
whli'li liimliid them. A liuinlierol teai-li-era
Imvinu arrived from the northern
portion n( Hut comity, Hiiairiiitenleiit
Tlionia.in culleil the a'aorintion to order
ut 10::i0, ahotit thirty teiu'her being
prewnt. Ainoliu thuin were noted the
followlnu: Mi"fl II M. Wetlierell, Mina
llitner, Miaa I' nil ii iu l'orter, Miaa llicln
hotlmni, Miaa Hoaa, Miaa Ina Thoinaa,
Miaa Auuie Heultie, Miaa Norma Vox,
Miaa Mullen, Mm Anna Young, Mr.
Thoinaon, MeaHM. KvaiiH, (!. Y. Draper,
I'. M. Weddell, i. II. Dunn, K. M
Kumla, l'n.l. W. II. Duhyn of Albina,
KiiHriiileinlent Thompaon and ninny
whowf name were unknown to your
The name of Mia M A. Ilarriaonof
Weat Ori'uon t'ily, Mia Mary liiekner
of tiawiun. Mr Walt and Mr. T. An
deraon wer proKwpi and received into
liiemla-rahip by tinaiiimoil vole,
The Oawego rndiixd tlieiiauuua Im-ru-tiful
onientilUMl "The Aah (iroye.''
t K. 1'eaim la.'inu ubaeiit Mr. Wed
dell began the diaeiiaaion on uM'tiing ei
erciaea in our rwhool and he wa fol
lowed by Miaa lUmttie, l'rof. Dohyne,
Mia Koae, ('. Y. Draper and otheia,
after which the Oawego achiail reitdereil
the old annu "Jubn Drown" with much
Mia Donaldon being abaent ) II.
Dunn oiiened the dirweaaion on methods
of teaching ueouraidiy, favoring outdoor
inoiildinu in fine weather. Mia Mullen
and l'rof. Kvan ue tl",'r niethtHl E
M. Hand thought ladiea excelled in
teachinu geography and C Y. Draiier
believed we ahould draw largely upon
the miiiil' liimginnlion. The aubject of
discipline wa Ka oin'l till tlie arrival
of l'rof. Straniro and the next place of
meeting ' cotiHiilentl and Oregon City
A committee on program wa then
apKiinUd conaiating of C Y. Drain-r, K
M Kami and Mia Hoc.
After recea Miaa 1'erry entertained the
aaaociatiuu with niilaic and 1. M. Wed
Kxen-lwaln primary arlth...MI May Kelly
Diaeiiaaion of aaine A.J. Yodor
Value of phonic and method of treating
tlm tamo Mia A. ltoa
DImuiwIoii... l'rof. W. 11. Dobyn
M t HI I .
Literary exercise K. M. Hand
Dlaclixaloii Miaa Mella Drown
MapitraaiiiKllliiNlrated, MiaaKanny 1'orU'r
Helected readlliR T. J. iiTJ
bi-lecleil exerclaea H. Dunn
(Jlll'Jllioll liftx.
i;ouimitUio on ontertulnment and
arraiigement, Diol. Htrango and Mie
May Kelly and Kuiinie l'orter. Com
mittee on mimic Miaae tirace lluird and
Molta Itrown and 1'. M. Weddell. 1 tie
thank of the aociatlou were then ten
dered by a unanimous vole to the ner
oii people of Dawego lor their kind and
hoapitnlilo entertulriiiieiit, to the Oawego
NchiKil for it excellent miiaic and to the
Oawego teacher for their untiring
effort in inukinu the meeting o grand
aucec. Afte- a delightful song by Mia
Jonea, the aociution adjourned.
About two liiindied of the Oawego
people were preaeut, which Indicato the
great iiiten-Ht taken by them in educa
tional matter. The day will long be
remembered and much good we hope
will uriau therefrom IIoknkttk.
mye leen neither aluenl nor tardy
dunng the winter term of achool :
Archie Kpely, I.iiilia Itaaaelhrink, Khei
limn K-ely, Walter Seely, Amelia llaaael
brink, l.illin llelhrink, l'rimilla
Miley, Maud Seely, Mablo Seely, Kniliia
Schlickeiaer, l'ridn Srhlickeiaer and
l.illie Sehlickeir. Mismk Jaoukh,
OikhIh you Jo not necJ Bitnply b
Cdtirio they Hiidiii ('heap. That Bort
of economy in thu wort kind of ex
traviigunci. A Coffin
Will be of Hcrviite, Home Jay, but
you would be Hilly to buy one jitHt
for that rcaHoti. So in all lim.-H of
biiFincHM, even our own. our advice
in don't buy anything t
10 nuns the hungry ?
Jennings, tk Grocer,
At his new utore, corner of Seventh and Jackson Streetn.
Hut we have to eat, and WE have
the txittom priecH. Call and be
convinced, a (jalH. loal Utl, ntc.:
alw Flour and Feed at way down
W. T. Spooncer & Co.,
No. 3, Corn. Dank lilock, Oregon City.
Nrin for Sale
Denver ('reck, Oregon, HO acrea, roml
on two aidea, about L'fl ncre in cultiva
tion, ginal wilier, ii vanetv of fruit tree
The w hole or half for aale to unit pur
clmacM. Uy .1. W. May, owner, or L.
K. Jannky witli W. t'arev Johnaon tf
J. W. DraiH-r CHiiaed it little Hurry hiat
week by the announcement that he had
obtained title to the hliuill rocky inland
In the Willamette river juat aliove Abei
nelhy ialiind on whic'i the electric light
HUtion I located. The cluiin to the
iahuid 1 baaed on the alleged di'covery
that apart of the apot aurveyeil a an
iHland had never been filed on, it being
mippoHcil that the I'.leclric company
owned the whole property. So Mr.
Draper took advantage of hi dicovrv
to acquire title to the land from the
stale. The upper end ol the island hav
ing un area of 7. Ull acre ia what ho
bought from Hie Mate. He paid (10 mid
eHtiumteti the value of the properly ut
$!H),000 or f 100, 000. Not many people
Vadieve that Mr. Draper can mibatan
tiatu hi claim.
There will ben dramatic, entertainment
at the ichiHil hoiiHH at Milwaukee next
Saturday evening. The drama "Ilroad
on the Water" will be preaented and a
mimlier of recitation, tableaux nnd
song will Ull out a good program. The
proceed will go to the school library.
The police report with some satisfac
tion that the notorious Bob tlarilner and
llert Karon have left for pnrts unknown.
They left Oregon City Sunday night but
were seen in Portland on a glorious
drunk the next day. A number of
peoplo here are preparing to give them
a proper reception on their return to
the city.
To the people of Oregon l!ily: I will
say that I am now ready to do all kinds
of house and sign pninting, paper hang
ing, Kalsoming graining and hardwood
finishing;. Persons wishing good work
and willing lo pay fair prices can have
the same by calling at my shop opposite
Pope's hall. P. B. Any " person wishing
good work cheap, will save time by not
calling. W. J. Davis,
Last VedneHdny was Miss Mollie
Wilkinson's birthday anniversary and a
company of he friends surprised her in
the evening and had a joyous time play
ing games nnd boing happy.
At the Turk Place store yon will find
a line assortment of gontB' and hoyB1 felt
wool and straw hats. Latest stylos.
Just in from the lCnst.
i1i.ll rend an able naoer on the relation
ineioiiowu.g pupim o, uiainc. u. 'iof parents U the echoo! after which the
ai4H'itlcn adjourned to dinner. The
teacher were conducted into an adjoin
ing room where a grand collation awalled
them, which had la-en prepared by the
hospitable people of Oawego, and it wan
indeed a aiimptuou repast, the table
being loaded with all thu delicacies. In
the center of the table waa a I urge cako
on which the word '"school cake" ap
peared in large letter. This cake was
a product n( Mr Webb' skill. During
the dinner hour the Oawego school sung
several sang which lent additional en
cliiin'inetit to the banquet. The aasoci
alion then re-assembled and were enter
tained by a musical progrmn from the
Oawego school ending with "Juat before
the llattle, Mother."
The name of Miss Norma Fox and
Mr. Mcllcart were then proposed
for membership and duly elected.
l'rof. Strange, having arrived, gave
an able discourse on discipline, em
phasising the fact that children love and
respect power in a teacher. Superin
tendent Thompson then gave an ad
dress and it being necessary for him to
retire in order to reach home, Yice-
Pres'dent Strange took the cluiir.
Prof. Steele, Into school siierintondent
from North Dakota, was introduced and
he made an address, dwelling particu
larly upon teachers' saluries. He be
lieved llmt f.M) per mouth should be the
minimum price. A teacher who was not
capable of earning that was r.ot capable
of teaching.
E. M. KandH read an interesting paper
on physiology and the subject was
discussed by Messrs. Draper, Kvans,
Pease, Dobyns and Dunn, the general
opinion being that physiology was be
coming one of the most interesting
branchs In tho common school course
Mr. Winches being absent and Mr.
Pease having arrived the latter opened
the discussion on the subject of indiffer
ent pupils, followed by Mr. Steele. The
chair then called for the best method ot
dealing with indifferent pupils, to be
expressed in one sentence, and various
responses were given bucIi as "shake
them," "praise them," "interest, them,"
''uho tho haiel," "ridicule them," etc,
but all concluded Miss Fanny Porter
struck tho nail squarely on the head
when Bhe uttered the one word
The Misses Molen favored the associa
tion wilh a duet after which tho com
mittee roported the following program
for the next meeting :
Address of welcome K. M. ltands
Kespnnso T. J. (ieary
Recitation Miss Urace Hand
Lecture If. S. Btrnugo
As the word at the head of the column
would convey it Is moi iutiiortunt infor
mation we wish lo give our readers,
esiiecially to those wishing anything In
the lineol fine taple and fancy groceries.
Our reiiorter while travelling around
town, hi attention was called to the
New (irocery of Marr A Hobertson whose
neatly and attractively fitted up eatah
li'hmment ia hauled in the Sl.ivelv
bnildinu. corner 7lh and Madison St.
'the store is 2.rx.V) feet in dimension,
ia well stocked with the choicest of staple
article, fine Tea, Coffee, Hpicea, Cut
ter etc.
A Specialty being made of California
fruit and vegetable in season.
Italivery wagon are run in connection
with the business, and order are called
fo and delivered. .
A trial at the above place will con
vince you that your trade will be ap
preciated and that your orders will re
ceive prompt and careful attention.
ltiilullng r'nr Sale.
Notice in hereby given that the old
achool building of school district No. 43
Clackamas county will lie sold at public
outcry to the highest bidder on Saturday
Apiil 2nd lHir2 at 10 o'clock a. m. at the
school house door. Purchaser to move
building bom the ground withiu thirty
days from date of Bale. Term exsh in
Imud. J. L. Swahkobd,
Clerk of Dint o
y 8. IICHHT,
UKAL kstatk a insckanck
Moiict Loaned on Approved Security.
Family Groceries
All Goods Fresh. Pure and Full Weight.
Orders taken at your house, and free delivery to all parts of the city.
DAVID MAY in charge of sales department.
Offloe In the Pen Ortice HtilUiiig,
O'fjfoo Clly, Oregon.
Hull call Hesponse with sentiment
For Sale.
A good farm near Cam known as the
Karrblace; contains 1 64 acres, 2fl of
good tillage land, 25 inclosed and seeded
pasture, well watered. Fine orchard,
and garden of small fruits. New barn,
root house and well.
Price reasonable, one-third cash
balance on long time. Apply to owner,
A. O. HAYWAitn.
Stockholder- Meeting.
Notice is hereby given that the annnnl
meeting of the stockholder of the Mt.
Hood and Harlow Hoad company, will
lie held on Monday April 4th W2 at
10 o'clock a. m. at the office of 11 E.
Cross in Oregon Citv for the purpose of
electing three directors to serve for tlie
ensuing vear and for the transaction of
such other business as may proiierly
coins before the meeting.
H E. Ckohs, S. M. MiCown,
Secretary. President.
Slockluihler'a Meeting.
Notice is hereby given that the annual
meeting of the stockholders of the (llad
stone Heal Estate association will bs
held on Monday April 4th, 1802 at the
office of H. E. Cross in Oregon City, Ore
gon, at 1 o'clock, p. in., for the purpose
of electing threo directors to serve for
tho ensuing year and for the transaction
of bucIi oilier business as may come
properlv before the meeting,
h. M. McCown, 11. E. Cnoss,
Secretary. President.
Thirty Yean Kiperienre on Pacific Cout,
Auitrau ana r.urope
'rerwrea PUiu. Elevailoni. Sertloni, Per-
iieiivei, Workiue; PrawliiK, Iieialti and Spect-
rii-ai mi. or a i ui ni rutiuc ana i-nvaie
BiilMmgi, accompanied by reliable eatimatet
or cimii.
Surveyor! and Entlneera PW1 note ana
Krai e.tat aieata. Plain al Siibalvlnton. Hlai-
with accuracy and DMineaa, to any teal or
site oi orawiug.
Office In llektow'i 8nh 4 Donr Factory, oppo
lle Connreiiailonal Church, Malu atreet, Ore
o ( Hy. Oregon
Fist Bin
I it ii urf
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable
Double and Single Rigs, and sad
dle horses always on hand at the
lowest prices. A corrall connected
with the barn for loose stock.
Information regarding any kind of
stock promptly attended to by person or
Horses Bought and Sold.
Practical Horstshoer,
Shop on Main St, opp Woolen Milli.
Speclel Attention Given to Contracted or Ban Feel
Ten yean experience In eastern cities.
J. BITTNER, Propr.
The OU1YM Firot Oils Hotel In
Oregon Ily.
Clean rooms wilh comfortable beds.
Tables supplied with the best the mar
ket allbrds.
50-foot Streets and an Alley in Every Block.
Within Twenty Minutes Walk of the Business Portion
of Oregon City.
Lots 50x100 feet for gate cheap on easy terms.
Agent for Owners.
Corner Main and 6th Streets ( Office formerly occupied by F. D. Bruce.
Mnuuttcturert and Dealers in
Notice to Stockholders.
The reuular annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Oregon City Fruit
Evaporating company will be held at
the office of (i. II. Bestow in Oregon
City, Oregon, on April 24th, 1892 at 1
p. m. Ivy order of H. B. May,
G. II. Hkstow, President
Fine Perfumeries and Toilet Articles,
Alao full mock of
IPjIHsTTS- oils, ETC.
Filial Net! lenient.
1 hereby give notice llmt 1 have filed In the
county court of ('lsfkitmttB coiiutv, Creiron, my
Accounts ami vouchers for final settlement,
HKHrimtutKlrfttrlx of the eMtHleof Christian Wjr
ley, liecessed, null the court hits appointed
Tuesday, May 3, IsS'J, as the day for examlua
tlou aud 101110016111 or the same.
Adlnistrfltrtx of the estate of Chnsttau Wagley,
1,. I. 1'ohtkk, Atty.
Dated March lit, Wi 4-1:4-29
Great Reduction
Cabinet Photographs
Thwaite's 9
167 First Street, Bet. Morrison and Yamhill
a ir. FEiDEicn,
Blacksmithing and Ke
pairing. Wagon, Buggy Work and Horse Saoeing.
All work tirst-class and promptly done.
Shop at Elyville.
Cooke's Stables,
W. H.COOKE, Manager,
Successor to CD T ILCo.
Corner Fourth and Main Streets,
of the City. Kijis of any description
furnitdied on ehort notice.
All kinds of Truck and delivery Busi
nesa promptly attended to.
Horses Boarded and Fed on reason
able terms.
Bchool deportment cards one cent
each, good for term, at the Enterprise
The only complete line in Oregon City, embracing everything the
trade demands.
Honest work and reasonable prices is our aim.
ortland Seed Company
Seeds, Trees, Fertilizers, Poultry
and Bee Supplies, '
Spraying Materials, Etc., Etc.
No. 171 Second Street, PORTLAND, OREGON.
Oregon City Sash and Door Co.
Carry the Largest Stock of
Sasli, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Etc.
In Oregon City.
Special sizes of Doors and Windows made to order. Turning of all kinds
Estimates for Stair Work and Store Fronts
Furnished on application. Builders, give us a call, and see if our work
is not of the best, and our prices as low as the lowest. Price List sent
on application.
Factory, Cor. Main and Uth Sts., Oregon City.
Candies, Nuts, Notions', Etc.
Fine Tobaccos and Cigars.
Blacksmiths and Wagon
Fine Wagoa ail Carriage Wori a specialty.
Complete line ot Holiday Goods at Port-1 ZllXVZul 4 H"m 8her
land prices . Shop on Main Street, near Suspension Bridge,