Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, February 12, 1892, Image 4

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    Oregon City Enterprise.
Published Kvery FVldny.
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Avtverusing raios givim on ftitlirtlon.
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l'nim Mills.
XUvilow Brook.
New fcr.
PsrlE P'.mt?,
0. W. pTossrr
W. S Kiinysn
Arthur Hleeh
K. S ltmmhstl
h. A. w rncht
Henry Miley
Jtsmlltou A whliru
" 'j fjjUJ
C. T 'Howard
K. M I'wprt
A. I. Cornwall
K. M. Ilmmu
F. Ulesy
Eutered l the Post Offiee In Oregon City,
a tecoud class muter.
lT"The war to build up Oregon
filjr is to fire Oregoa City people jottr
Must It BeHarrlsonr
The announcement of Mr. Blaine that
he will not be a candidate for the presiden.
tial nomination seems to have been taken ! u,Bm' t-'rmmms oecause certain wad un
bv most of the political observers as leaving ! .nild InMietil Oswego are
the held Wear for Harrison. But is l'resi-! "ot nmde l,' cou,!,-v ool,r(- ' "O"
lent Harrison the strongest man to succeed
' himseir?
Admitting that Harrison's administration
has been clean and able, that he has disap
pointed his enemies and surprised many ef
his friends by the stable policy pursued
since his inauguration, that justice and
custom demand that he w ho has given so
satisfactory a government be retained in
tlie public service, still the political situa
tion is such that the success of the party
might be jeoparded by an attempt to re
flect Harrison.
The labor vote will be an important ele
ment in the next presidential election. The
bulk of that vote is ineradicably opposed to
any policy of government that has ever been
practiced. It would oppose Harrison sim
ply because he has been identitied with
measures that are possible and practicable.
Indge Walter Q. Gresham probably occu
pies a wanner place in the hearts of the peo
ple tlian any other man in prominent pub
lic life lo-lay. His record is such that the
ivprking people have confidence in him and
ji is also a safe man to put in a position of
trust. Would it not be better politics, in
e of the temper of the people, to nomi
nate Gresham than to crowd Harrison for
the place that many think justly due nim?
Presidential Possibilities.
The Pendleton East Oregonian is discuss
ing presidential possibilities and its first pa
r is devoted to the consideration of Grover
Cleveland, whom it considers at the head of
the list. Why anybody should deem the
fat ex-president at the head of the list of
possibilities for the next presidential terra is
not quite clear. It is more likely from force
of habit than from force of reasoning.
Grover Cleveland, as a presidential possi
bility, has leen practically oat of consider
ation since last fall's election. That elec
tion made Tammany the dominant influ
ence in the democratic party, and as Cleve
land attained success in lv4 at the expense
of Tammany that malignant organization
will see to it that he gets no further favors.
Tammany is perfectly unscrupulous and
thoroughly disreputable at all times and un
der all circumstances. It is worse than
It is true, as the East Oregonian says, that
Cleveland gave the democratic party an is
sue when it was sadly in need of one. But
it is also true that he lost on his own issue.
The democratic party can't stand an issue
that involves a principle. It lives in tradi
tions merely, not in principles. And while
it Is true that Grover Cleveland is a man j
the democracy need not be ashamed of it is i
also true that there is no man, however low
and crafty and steeped in sculldugger.v, that
the democracy need or should be ashamed
of. It is truly happy only when led by un
principled schemers; vide Dave Hill.
Hill has Tammany and New York under
his thumb. Cleveland not only lacks that
support but he is at vanai ce with a major
ity of his party on the silverquestion. More
over Cleveland is inclined to have princi
ples, and that is the one thing above all
others that the democracy cannot and will
not tolerate.
The Louisiana Lottery Swindle.
The sanctimonious righteousness of Presi
dent Morris of the Louisiana lottery is quite
refreshing at this stage of the desperate
gaVne he has been playing. He has been
engaged in his nefarious swindling business
all these years because he thought the liber
ties of the dear )eople demanded such a no
ble exponent of unshackled freedom. Now
that the supreme court of the United States
declares constitutional the law of congress
denying the use of the mails to the lottery
company, thereby somewhat clouding the
high moral nurposes of the concern, Presi
dent Morris declares that he couldn't for a
moment think of accepting a re-charter.
He is shocked beyond measure that his
highly beneficent business should be placed
under the ban of the law. Of course he
could not be induced to engage in any ques
tionable occupation. So the good people of
Loueiana will please not worry any more
aliouttherecha.'tering of the great gambling
shop. President John A. Morris is going
home to New York to try to eke out an ex-
Utetic with Iht twenty million contributed
by the ople who are so oppressed by the
money power and the government II t
not yet announced what General lteaure
tfarvl and Jubal Early will Jo with tlioir it
tances. For twenty years the Louisiana Stat Lot
tery has been permit tint to conduct tt
swindling business under sanction of state
law. For each monthly drvit it sells
tickets amounting to l-.iW.tKKl ami (lives
prises amounting to $l,iVSl,mx--neroiisly
return to some of the people $.2 (oreverv
rt, $100 paid to it by the people. If the tickets
; are not all soul the proportion of gain Is the
same for the company wins when an unsold
: ticket or part draws a priie. Tw ice a vear it
has special prijes and special receipts. Out
j of its annual receipts of :K$AW.ikH It re
! turns in the sli.tiie ol prieU,."'i0.iiiH) and
j keeps l:UtO,ttXVa ranher handsome ir
I l" gam wnere no investiuent ot money
! ismniiml. All i r., . n.
j profits from local daily drawings.
President Morris'ssentenlimis mwti.in i
! we" calculated to cause the oponents of
the lottery in Umisiana to cease their vigi-
l"lce. The idea that he or any ol his con-
i'cienceless gang -cares for any law. moral or
! except as it bears U(Hn their business,
i is preposterous, Hut thev are rich now and
1 " " ul,a llle,r purpose to attect a lolly
I scorn for anything less than the most puiic
I tillous honesty.
Oswkuo is a live and energetic town and
it is enjoying a good growth. It has recently
become extra ambitious bv reason of the
booming oerationsof a Portland real estate
firm. There is no fault ! be found with
this and it is hoped that the iron city will
experience all the prospority its boomers
have in prospect for it ; but it should re
member that it is not all of Clackamas coun
ty, and that it cannot best judge of the ex
penditures proper for Uie county to make to
encourage its growth. The Ironworker pet-
given mat tne county lias not funds
enough to justify making those ex eiisive
improvements the Ironworker professes
not to believe for it says the county court
has funds enough to apply to the new Mo
lalla road. In the first place this is not
true. No new road to Molalla has yet been
oeiermineii uoii inougir the survey is in
progress and it is hod a new road will lie
built. In the second place if the new road
shall be built the county can stand only a
art of the ennse the interested prorty
owners must pay the remainder. It was
excted that just such criticism as the
Ironworker makes would be passed upon the
court if the Molalla road or any other should
be built, but it was scarcely expected that
people of intelligence and liberal spirit
would be among the carping fault finders.
To find fault is no evidence of merit.
About a year ago when Idaho was in its
first legislative paroxysm of statehood it
elected three United States senators, Hhoup,
McConnetl and Dubois. When it devel
oped that McConnell drew the short term,
anlitling him to serve but one session, north
ern Idaho was not pleased for that left both
senators, after McConnell's term of office ex
pired, from the southern part of the state.
Then the legislature chose Claggett, a north
ern Idaho man, to be senator, notwithstand
ing that it already had namedDnhois to be the
successor of whomsoever should draw the
short terra. This remarkable action precip
itated a contest in the senate which has
concluded that Dubois is all right. The
Idaho panhandle is a very greedy piece of
territory. It already bail the congressman
Sweet, but still made a bitter fight and one
of questionable honor, too. for a senator.
But the politics of that commonwealth have
always been of the rip-roaring, lurid kind,
and they will probably continue so for some
time to come. The contest which Dubois
and his friends made against the confirma
tion of Judge Beattie has been decided in
favor of the latter. Judge Beattie's ap
pointment has been susiended in the air
more than a year and the probabilities are
that the experience has been profitable to
justice if not to himself. Idaho is rather a
tittering young thing, politically speaking.
The project of organizing a county fair
which the board of trade has in hand is one
worthy of serious consideration. In too
many communities of this stute there is a
lamentable absence of local pride and a
consequent sluggishness in industrial and
social functions. Clackamas county has not
been very energetic in this respect, it needs
to wake up and to grasp its opportunities
when they are ripe. There have been very
creditable fairs held in the county for a dec
ade and they have been productive of
much good; but there has been nothing
that has really risen to the dignity of a rep
resentative exposition for a large county
possessing the richest resources and most
varied industries of all the counties of the
state. It is time this matter were taken in
hand and dealt witli liberally and energet
ically. The hoard of trade has placed it in
the hands of a strong committee but the
people should aid it in its work.
It is instructive to read in this leap year
of grace that the Barlow debating club has
concluded that man would not go farther
for woman than for money. As an encour
agement to coy maids Barlow is a flat fail
ure. The British ship Ulida cleared last week
for England with l.iSO.fi'i bushels of Walla
Walla wheat, valued at $lt2,(XX), the largest
and most, valuable grain cargo that ever
left the Columbia river.
Fob a rainy weather forecast the Oregon
City street cleaning brigade beats Uncle
Jerry's signal service all to Hinders.
People who use arsenical preparations
for their complexion, do bo at the rink of
their lives. Ayer's Karsaparilla is guar
anteed free from any injurious drug, and
is, therefore, the safest as well as the
most powerful blood medicine in the
world. It makes the skin clear.
Hoard or Tin do Orioinlnod litre lira
tins llto Oil Field Other fiotoi
ef Interest.
Mans Mkktisu. On last Friday tight
a public meeting was hold with Mr, Win.
Irvin in the chair. It was announced
j that the. object of the meeting wis to
tke steps toward the entertaininenl am)
enjoyment of the teachers of I'lackunas
county, which are to meet here the '.'7th
of Fehruaiy. Kvery one felt an iutiivsl.
The following committees were ap-
i pointed : Oil reiYlitlolt
-Misses lidie
l!uer, M.S. Barlow, Bessie Shopman!
nn,l M,.sr Win. Ircin Wn it,i...
Jay tireen, V. V. Josso, Henry VilU
and T. tiilliam. On finance and re
freshments Mm. Ueo. A. Sheppml,
Mra. T. C. Andruso, Mm. W. W. Jose,
Miss l.idio Bauer, Miss Callie Willsand
Mrs. Wm. Barlow On mimic Mr,
tieo. A. Sheppanl ami W. B. Mitryo.
On decoration C. l Barlow amlW.
W. Jesse. The teaclirm will be nut at
llie depot by the committee and escorted
to Zcek's hall. A few words of welcome
will be given by Mis M. S. Barlow and
V. Gilliam.
Tttit Oil Fikld A few people from
the oil fields of Ohio and Pennsylvania
claim the indication here are similar.
mere will no doubt be arrangement
made for prospecting the field with lr
ing machinery in the near future and it
is hoped the prosiecting will prove rk
cessfnl. Oh and Ball Keel's orchestra will
give grand ball Fiidav, February !2,
at Pioneer hall, Aurora. The supper
will be served at Aurora hotel. The or
chestra w ill consist of ton pieces
Hot His Ijcknsk. Mr. Geo. Sitchbor,
of Cauhy, the saloon man, got bis liquor
license at last, and on last FrMy ,ie
gsve a free opening and from the ccn-
Btant stream of ieoiile to and from tie
place all day, one would judge that the
majority was In favor of licensed liquor.
interest is taken in our literary society
each week as could be seen on our meet
ing last Friday. More than fifty persons
were present and quite a few members
were added to the list. The subject for
debate wan " Resolved that man would
go further for woman than money." The
affirmative was led by YV. B. Msrye aud
the negative by P. Gilliam. The de
bate was decided in favor of the nega
tive. The judges were Mrs. V, W.
Jeeae, Jay Green and J. Scov'gins. Fol
lowing the debate was the entertain
ment consisting of music and recita
tions. All took their parti creditably.
The society will meet attain Friday
the HKh. The subject for debate is
" Resolved that horses are more useful
to mankind than railroads." An enter
taining program will follow consisting of
songs, recitations, readings and comic
farce. Everybody invited.
School Mektino The school meeting
will be held Saturday the 13th. It is
hoped that every voter will be present
as the matter of a Bchool house and site
comes up and it is to the interest of all
to he present.
Mokk Land Sm.es Two sales of ten
acre tracts were recorded at Barlow &
Co's. office the past week. What the
purchasers intend doing with the tracts
is tiot yet learned.
Ouuanizino a Board or tbadk Four
teen citizens met at Barlow & Co's.
private office Monday afternoon for the
purpose of organizing a board of trade
Mr. John Cole was made temporary
chairman and C. U. Barlow temporary
secretary. The object of the meeting
was made known and the bylaws of the
Port Townsend board were read. It
was then agreed to form a similar
organization and a committee consisting
ot Jacob Keek, W. Jessie, J. Cole and
C. U. Barlow appointed to report bylaws
at next Wednesday's meeting at 2
o'clock. All wishing to become mem
bers of the board ol trade will be present
at the meeting for permanent organiza
Mr. John Sims went to Portland Mon
day on a flying business trip.
Mr. Geo. A. Sheppard camo up last
Saturday and spent a few days with his
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Meldrmn and
Ex. Judge White came up Sunday and
were the guests of Wm. Burlow .
Mr. West Conkle, of Philadelphia,
Penn., was in town a few days last week
and was registered at The Kohlor.
An Overworked Editor.
Being editor, compositor, pressman, book
keeper, news rustler, and a thousand other
things connected with the maintenance of
this excellent ofllciai paper, besides milking
a few cows, churning, Hipping flapjacks,
stirring buckwheat batter, wrastling pots
and dishes, and looking after a few libel
suits all at the same time, it keeps us " a
hustlin'." We are laboring bard to keep tire
Globe up to a standard that should require
the work of three men, and it is gratifying
to us to see that our labor is appreciated.
Condon Globe.
Ayer's Hair Vigor keeps the scalp free
from dandruff, prevents the hair from
becoming dry and harsh, and makes it
flexible and glossy. All the elements
that nature reauires, to make the hair
abundant and beautiful, are supplied by
11.10 uuuiuauie preparation.
This month la the shortcut mouth at ttit ywr,
Hut 'tis loii( tuouih for Hoslli:
Five years win. In Iho wild rslutsU,
fh yleldfi up her bnMth,
Five years siio, and never the Mine
la the world aluee that drasd dsy ;
Khali 1 find her sksIii, when the wild ralus lull,
And I go on niy lonesome way?
Samivtlme, sonifwhrrv, si the end ot the dark
Slotll 1 estoh Ih Until ol a undo,
And knew I litve reach! my (out al last,
Though lh path he blind ineauwldltr
The Unlit ol a mil will Hindis the dark -I
shall hrealhs anew Ufe't tumuli;
This month l the shortest month o( the year,
Yet 'tin loin aiioim h fur IHwlli,
houUe Chandler Moultoii, In l.lpplnoott'a.
Krpillillean I'uuveiitliiii,
The republican stale central committee
met in Portland February 3 and divided to
hold the stale convention In Portland April
il. They recommended that the primaries
tw held March ID and county conventions
March ai.
The representation divided on was based
on the vote for Dinger Hermann In June,
Ism, one delegate at-lnrge being allowed
each county, and one for each 'Jou voles or
fraction over hi). This gives the following
numlier of delegates to the convention by
Baker tans
Hellion 7 I. Ill ll
. . Ill
1'Uekamaa. 10 Mallimr ...
Clatsop 10 Marlon
Columbia .a Morrow
Coo Midlothian
Cr.k S folk . ..
lurry 1 tUicrman, ...
. , io
ixtuaia V l lllamook ..
(illllam i t'maillla
liratit I'moti
ttartlfy 4 Wallows ....
Jarkaon Waneo
J.metdiuio ft Waatdnttna
Klamath 3 Yamhill ..
Lain S
Total wa
This gives 11" voles lo the llrst congres
sional district aud IHI to Iho second. Polk
lacks one vote and 1'onglas six f having
another delegate, as their vote was Upland
I.VH respectivaly.
The great advances
made In pharmacy dur
lug the past few year
make il necessary (or
the druggist to be
constantly adding to
his stock new and ex
pensive preparations,
many of which are
ditllcult to obtain and
not to be found out
side of a city store.
We lake ((HHtiul
pride In anticipating
the demand (or these
new remedies and cus
tomers can depend tip
on finding thum in our
stock. Our prescrip
tion department is our
HOBBY, and we be
lieve our facility (or
Antipyrine, .
doing this kind of
work considerably
above the average.
Caufield & Huntley,
Prescription Pharmtoliti,
800 lbs.
Direct from the Kast
just opened up at the
Book Store.
Over 30 styles of the
latest and best in fine
stationery, 'fell the
school-children those
long looked for 10c,
" Foot Print " draw
ing tablets are here ;
und that those bar
gains in 5 A lOctablotB
" Anna," " Flora " &
" l'rodigion," are all
W. A. Huntley,
Next door to PostofTlce.
P. S. I carry Buttorick's Patterns.
Have you had a January fashion sheet?
Free at the store,
Cooke's Stables,
W. H. COOKE, Manager,
Successor to U. H . T . 4 L. Co,
Corner Fourth and Main Streets,
of the City. Kigs of any description
lurnisnea on snore notice.
All kinds of Truck and Delivery Busi
ness promptly attended to.
Horses Boarded and Fed on reason
able terms.
The Best of
Crockery, Glassware,
Come and See what Cold Cash will do for you
Opiolte (he lot OlDr,
Successors to Kn C. H. L BcrIsler,
Watched Clock;?, pilwto&f e, Jewelry
Repairing a Specialty.
Main Ntrert, Oregon '!()' Ori(on.
Practical Architects J- Builders.
Will prepare plum, elevatlonii, wnrkliiK 1
talln, and pn'lflcllcn for nil klmlo ol builil
Iniri. Hpn!itl attention xlvuii to modern cot
tK". EatliniitM (iirulaueu on nppllcKtloii
Call on or addroai WHITE HKUH.,
Oregon City, Ogn
Or'Kn 'kty, Oregon,
Concrete and Artificial Stone.
HidewalkH, Steps ami Curbing, llano
mont Mourn, MontiiiioiitH, Kte.
All work guaranteed. KHtiiimtea fur
ni.slied free.
AddroHB care Chnrniiiti A Co.
M. II. FlHtiuxnn.
J. V. Hill.
Flanagan & Hill,
ol Wtiie, LI(iior, Ale, lifer. Ac, to be
found In the Htato, la Uigm-Eaituain Block
Give ma a oall.
I:tabllMlicd INO.1.
Drayage & Expressing
Freight and parce's dolivored to all
parte of tlio city.
Candies, Nuts, Notions, Etc.
Fine Tobaccos and Cigars.
Complete line of Holiday Goods at Port-
land prices.
AIX .....
oitr.uo -itv, our.uo.
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable
Double and Singlo IligB, and mid
dle horneH always on hand at the
lowest prices. A corrall connected
with the barn for loose stock.
Information reKardiinr anv kind ot
atoi'k promptly attended to by ponton or
Horses Bought and Sold.
I Manufacture
and Sell
of the Best Quality;
Rough and Dressed
Lumber and Boxes.
Prlcesthe Lowest,
Goods the Best.
Four Miles East of Hubbard.
Blacksmithing and Re
pairing. Wagon, Baggy Work ml Horse Shoeing.
All work flrst-clasB and promptly done.
Shop at Elyvlllo.
Photographs Delivered Promptly In the
Finest Style of Art.
Fine Crayon JVork a Specialty.
Old Pictures Copied to Any Sisto. Satis,
faction Quarantoed.
QalleryHarPoitOfflu, OBEOOB OITT, 0B,