Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, September 18, 1891, Image 7

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oods will be Fired Out During the Next Thirty Days
Annual Clearane Sale!
Will begin September 1st and close October 1st.
V'hhI ldiij;'l;i Kill Slim' fur.
ve Jtiil'tr,. I.iuiir' Uh ltathT ( )xfrls that
, will Hi ll for
SI 60 Regular ju ice, $2 25
$1 60 Kcgular price, $2 50
Misses' and Chlldren'9 Shoes Cut Proportionately.
f0 dose. M.-n'B fine Shoes per pair... .$2 00 Regular price, $2 75
Our Men's French Calf Hand-Sewed Shoes, every C2 Rn rr
pair warranted Standard, price. 0 OV We will sell for UU
This is One of the Biggest Bargains We Will Make.
,,k!s ar, all in lM,hn .ha,. Udie- will ,.l,.-e cm, daring the day, as we cannot warrant them the same attention during the evening. We are now in our new quarters
adjoining tho Hank of Oregon City, and even though we have douhle the room we had in our old quarters,
j JVIust Make Room for Our 4eoi pall and Winter Stock.
Oregon City Shoe House,
vvmnmi am ntoi'N.
Ikr llli.omT fr III Wcik
; VtunU), i'ti,niltrr li
.,uiiin tu i'wi lower, y'
i iH'iii'. The atm.wphore
ilrttrr ul smoke, tho ni'iilh'-t
;tliy cloudy Blitl local show
l during the- latter l'il "I
I'm have .lotto no material
Ilw have delayed "ii' I1"
uJ ,ui ewliul reU.dod hp
i lew ao-lions Tho lluesh
ni pun tii ully out, only a
. lulu ..t remaining h I
Tin" wheat In being delivered
I iiN'n and elevators.
I n rioter lictti-r, lliii I"'")'
I irmlK. llu- yield wa 'heavy
mure tli.m was iiiHii'iut'l.
I urn rd'oiled from I'vr'ry
In Winliinutoii county for ex
it farm yielded lit bushels I"'1'
er.M bushels per inn. hintll
iieully reported Hum usual.
i ii'ii tiiin yciir so extensive.
i."ut in moro iill'i'i'lcl ll'iiii
at II l crop I iii"
I Iml nut proportionally us
'In' wheat nop. I lop picking
nut llninlii'il next urn
'f'l'iil ruins nIhiiiM ih'lay Ih
'"' Hum in iiiiw expected,
"I Huiiu'liiB countv wore "HP-
free nun lice uinl mould,
kii'K Hiiinii yards hid fiiiiinl to
anmiiti.l . No lien urn ohsorv-
''i'1'liiini I'limilv. II is 'H,i"
t li.-o iiinl niohl.l I'liv
lllH llti I top to IllU I'Xll'Ilt of
hi Jm-kson ami .1 . M '
'III in ripe, of good i pmlity mill
"iuiiit l.illowiiiL' Im in pioeries
"f 1 1 10 Willaini'tto valley
,., M mvt, ,,,.,.111'ri'il. The
1,1 lm I it cooler mnl nlioiil
:"' There IlitM hri'll loSNSIIIokl'
!in.is,, I,, i,o interior
"" "'' higher (i lovnliniis friiflH
'I'M ho ,1 ,10' Tlnvnli-
!" im,.n-M in huihc wrlimiH
rmiliiH it in iii'Mi'lv ili "".
i ailti o Ulii'i-nimi I'oim
i" inino hIii hiiUkii llni"
''"l- H'lllllicH, il'lli I'f 'HI
1'mi.i1h iiro (iviiH'"t 1
Mo, row, Cumuli .n.U'i.i'in coimlien;1
In tl,Uiif wmiiy.ln IUU.t.
.! iiifiior .ouiiIi.-h lo.rvi-initf
thrr-liiiiK l ull ulonx i;-l'f' "
v,l,l, aliOVM llm voriH!.. min o-
ll. ..MHvlutioin. ul Urn Liniu'ii i every
,omii v. Tlieht lm i-i'iiun to inovi-
to .Mhimr.l. Kruil r-mlnni
Umrro iil.'i.lihillii mmiy lo-hii-it.
Il nl IMiil Trmi-fem.
Mmii-i Ki...i..y to W I' -'"."!
) I. V ul Wm I'oimi'll, t '! i,rle,
ai :lm:h n.'n-n; V-w-
lim.ii M. M..rr..y to 8rl. J -10
,u r.' in H. t 2 . r 3 . f H"'-
Marion Jol,.ioii to 1 -ttn, 1. Mrmi,
lot 12, 1'lm kninim l'urk. HH.
s.ii.h k iv. "'TW
0Kl,-.hy,m.o2.'.,t4H,r 1 , M
Julius iii.nmi.1. -nil I'l'''' .!..''!".!
' .... ..y :iiH!i).
r i , ' " ' 1 "
Am:, llornung, . -llknowii iiniini
(ttotiiivr ol boot mnl ' " 2') Nolan
hun Antonio, T.. will
(ot'i.'t hU i-xiwri.-i.oo vitli mi atttuk
,ol tlui or,iin ftlii' H rA,U- iih fol-
crHinp In thi' Mt.mm.-li winch I lielievc
woiil.l imv.' i-aiiM-u '
.. . .... .1, iimiiiiiL um ol I lullll-
not nr.'.. r- i , , .. i
iKMliiin'o folic t holvra anil lMurrhoi'ii
1!..uh-.1v. The I" mi .i-; uu ui
i. ..'.vl tlmt I followed it up I" 20
tninuteii with the He.on.1 .lose, mnl he-
lore tho P'M tor ronl.l Kel u wiierv
I ,li.l not n.-e.l him. Thin Heine.lv
Hhull lwttV" I oi' ,lH' ,nulln HU'8
of my fm'nily. Vot snl by A.
I I an ling.
Cai.imi Miuh, Texus, June 6, ln.
I'toin inv own HTnoiml k owlediie, 1
can teioinineii.l fhrnnherlMii Colic,
t holeni mnl 1'iiirrhoea ltenuly for
rrninpnin tho Btom.u'h,' itlw for ilmrr
luH'a.mi.l flux. It in the best medi
cine 1 have ever wen lid mnl the best
Helling, a" it lyn K'iveB HatHfii.-tion.
. K Skerrill. 2". fiO eent bottleH
for wile hvti. A. Um.lniK.
'oX C H I! Co tol-. A Metnicn
i. mid n', "
i2h, r le.
l'Jtl Mi-ten; , . ,
v i it-., k,. to W W Irvm ..0 '".
we 'lit, 14, rl ; tl.
I.' Hev.nm.to.lohli H Ki'veno.. - 4
,,l;l,t'J,r .ineW
Uime HvniMttoThonms IVvmo, nvv'.,
f-,'2(l, tilt, r He,
I'lnal Seltli iiieill-
ham: ,
...mlt.-rollh,' IvIiHe;
ol M. A. Hum. II. il.'miel.l
-' 'h,.v"r" :,i A;. .II-.K -iii-i
Now in tho timo to provide yourself
an.l liiimiv iviin u i. -on,'." .v. .......
l.iiwel eoinpliiint". It is ainiosi cm in.
to he needi'd, mid no family on" "'hint
tohevvilhout it. It e.wts hut a time
and may he the momix ot wiviuk noi. o
Htillerini!, if mt hh'. ' ne.e '" "'
.lillccnt ivniulii't. Ill use, hilt hilinhet
lHiti'H Clio. Cholera mnl l'uinhoe:.
if...i.e.lv is itniloithteilly the boHt. -o
and .".(l.'vnt bottiex for sulo by v.. A.
llarilinU, I'nWt-
A Safe Inveiitnient.
In out) wbi.'h is uiiarauteed to brim;
..liaf.i.-inrv rcHiilt-i. or in case ol
iniluro a return o pureliiiM' priee. On
thiK 8a(e pluii . . iim imv tw" " ,r
advert iwd d riiK'niHU a hottle of lr.
KiiiK's New lliwovery for t'onniiinption.
It ia k-uarmiteed to bring relief i" every
cbho, when used for any allection of
Throat, Lung or Cheat, bikIi ay Con
suniptioii, lntlaininiition of Lungs,
Iti-ont'hitia, Asthiua. Whooping Cough.
Croup, etc., etc. It is pleasant and
Hgieeiio.ts io n,c, - .
call always be depended upon. Irlttl
buttle Iron at a. nmumn"
For diarrhoea or summer complaint in
anv form, there is nothing better than
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarr
hoea Hemedv, Mrs. Nancy Berry, of
Adams, Lawrence county, Kentucky,
savs one dose of it cured her of an at
....".i. ..r ,i;.,.ri, i'u-n or three doses
111. IV Ul ....... ..v.. ... - -
ill iMim anv ordinary ease. lion re
duced Willi water it ia pleasant lo ta'no
25 and 50 cent bottles tor saio oj uou
A. Harding.
If vou feel "out of sorts" cross and
b Di- Mi'I.enn's Sarsaim
H-riinu ...... ... - -
rill,.- .'lieiTl'iilues-i will return and life
will tn-.ptire new r.est.
Trensurers Nelico.
t i.n, .. in n iv l.i.nil.4 funds aiu.lt-
....i.i.. i, On. iinvni'i'iit of all warrant
....I,.,'! nr or to Hoc. 4, lhNi. interest
Wlll.ClSO troll! OHIO o. Ulin uuuw.
S. II. Cai.ikk
H rut.Hliriir (Miickainas county.
Oregon City, Oregon, Sept. 4, ISM.
AilniliilstrHt.il- 8 Sale ot Iteai rnnwny.
A (alirernlu II time.
1 a 1i.ir.rnin ntm nf the best located
fruit farms in Placer county, California of
40 acres. Tiees just commencing to
hear, all standard varieties. One mile
from railroad ehiimuiK point. bood
soil and pure water. Good buildings,
and is one of the most desirable nomes
in the Sacromento valley, a hue view of
which can be had from the house .
Terms on application to ihaubis
Aldkn, Oregon City, Oregon. ft
II vit i v, Kxi'.-iilor.
!i U;IH II
I'liutl Scltlcitii'iil.
'"'I'uO.eiiialleroriho IMatu off
, ). 1 llU-V.'V. il.-.i'ii-"'1- . I . , 1 1
, t ,.v ,riv ..-.lie '. 1 l,:,V" ..' 1
,n,vri,cl i-tlnals.-llli 1,1,1 .
...ratorol'lhe. 't 1 !.. ,' V ,c
.,-..-1. " " " ' I S. it , as II..'
2.1.1 d...V -I N-'V"'"1" '. , ;;t ,u Toiinl.'.
l....el..rh.mr..iK ...!
and lhee.-e,tioii tl..'i'-t'' I ' ,inl,
III' 1 1 .1
it 1 1 : I'M I ... -
r.,...,v r.i.1.;. J:,Xl
v,,;Uh hei-l .11. .' " ' !,.,
bugs mid fheep. 1
worth in thousaiid cases.
The following frank statement from
J K, Hare, of Trenton, Texas, will be
uf interest to liian.V of our ciitzens. ' My
little hoy was very bad oil for two
months with uinrrmea. ....... .....
us ntediemes, also called in two doctots,
1 ul nothing done htm m,v gonu iihi. ...
used Chun. but lam s v one, v ., ...
. i . 1.. t.liu.li i'livn nniiicdi-
l iiart no a ... ...',. , T
tl, relief and soon cured linn. I urn-
aider it the best meilicino mane . ... . ...
cotiscietilinlisly rc.-oinnie.l it In till who
uce.l a diarrh.ea or colic medicine.
l.nr hiiIo l.v (ieo. A. Harding, druggist.
Laud Ottlce at Oregon City, Oregon.
A.nt. is. ts'Jl.
Notlea In hereby (riven that the. followtng-
i t...u ai.... .....liA tf hi. tn.tn-
naine.i eii.er .. .... .........
ti.m to nuke final proof in mjiport of hi
..... i .1.... ...u.f .(ll ).a mail, hemre
claim, a.... ..... ; -' , , , . :
i...... ...... ........ ...... .tf tit.. 1 no im1 Stales
HIV itki.i.'i nun i. . . .
l.ami Ditice at oreiton City, Oregon, on Oct.
a, vli:
.Ta.nea Nicholson.
.. ....... ...r.. Vrt r,-:- f.tr .lie k U' of nivl.
IHiIllf.f... run j , . .
ami w'j of 8w i4 ol sec. W, lUr'lt.
lie name u.e hui....uk 'ir".. . ,
hl conlliuioii" resilience upou ani cultiva
tion ol. sain niii.i. via. .
Charles Moran. J. J. Guard. Kobert Hlncold,
(too. Hogem, all ol ClarKs, i laciiamas couuij,
i.renou. . . ...,. x.
h-'Jl: lrl J . 1 . A . r r. it nt.t . nisi.,...
Land Office i Oregon City. Oregon.
Al'g. 1H, lS'Jl.
Notice ia hereby given that the followlug
uamed settler has filed notice of his imeulion
lO ..lake .Ilia" pr,.. m nuce"i. "is iiftim. But
that said pro..! will be made before the Kegis-
. .ml U0i.nlfar IT M I ...wl . t.tu'A ... Ori.i.n
City, Oregon, on Oct. 6, Ml, vis:
Mathias Vetsch,
A.linillIRin.l..r U. .lie CBinic ul rfnst-i-u ..tri.tr.,
deceased. Homestead entry No. 5Z76, for the n e
?if sec 21, t -2 s. r o e.
He names me ioi.owing wuaesses 10 pn.vo
his continuous residence upou and cultivation
of, said land, viz:
K. liaulmbein, 1 H. L. Jiavbet, s. c. coiman,
F Meiuig, all of Sandy, Clackamas county, Ore
gon. 8 21: 9-23 J. T. Appebson, Kegister.
A.liiilalstrator's Notice.
Notice is hereby given, that the undersigned
ha been, hv ..rtl.'f of the County Court of Clack
amas .couiitv, Oreeon, duly appointed admin
istrator ol tlie estate of Henry Miller, deceased.
All persons having claims against said estate
are reouire.i to present them, with proper
vouchers attached at the oilice of C b and
I) i', l.atouretto, 111 Oregon City, within six
months from the dale ol this notice Haled
August 12. lS'Jl. J. K. MOKKIS.
Land Office ai Oregon City, Ork.,
Aug. IX, 1S91
Notice is hereby given that the followirjg
named settler has Altai notice of his intention,
to make final proof in support of his claim auA
that said proof will be made before the Kegister
and Receiver of the V S. land otiic. at Oregon
City, Oregon, on Oct. s, ts91, viz:
Thos. H. Moore,
Pre. P. I. No. 7628, for the ni2 of nw'i se'i of
.mi . nd ue1'.' of nvr'j of see. 2S, t 4 s, r5 e.
He names the following witnesses to provo
his coiitiuuous rcsldeuce upou aud cultivation
of, said land. vi:
J. V. Palmateer. Wiley Boyer, Hiram Overton
all of Currinsville. Claeksmas county, Oregon,
and Uavid Hatch, of Portland, Multuouiau
county. Oregon.
8 21: K-25 J. T. Apperson, Register.
If v,m sillier from any nil'.-clion
caused hv impure blo.al sucl. us s.'i'olnla
B,.H rheum, .m, l-ilf. 'iipU. ' " "
u!" lako Pr. . I. II. Mcl.eanV
rtiltcl States Land Oftloc, Oregon City, Oregon,
July ill, lS'Jl-
,.. i ..... nl..,tn l,n. In eninnllntice
rtoni .' is in-,.-, .j s'... ---.
with the provisions of tho act of Congress ol
isVs ,.i,iiil,.,l "An act for the sale of
Umber lands in the States of California, Ore
gon, rv.'VUtfll, lino .. llsiin'K,"" . ... . ..... j ,
Thomas II. Moore,
nf Currinsville, countv of Clackamas, state of
Oregon, has this day tiled in this otlico Ins
sworn statement No 24.'.tl, for the purchase of
.he s i.j of ne '4 n ml 11 of s e '4 ol section No.
m in township No. 4 soulb, range No 5, cast,
and will oiler proof to show that
ill. 1,111,1 Sl'utini i" ...... -
for its tluilu r or si, mo than (or its nrgrloiiltnr.il
.urooses, and to establish Ills claim to said
lu, 1 before the Kegister and Receiver of Ibis
, , .1, ..I... 1 II-.,.. on on Wednesday, the
i 2..th day of November, is-.d. ,,..., ,
He names as witnesses: Pavnl llateli, 01
I Portland, tlreaen and Hiram Overton, tleorge
I l oelierhy, and Wiley lioyer, nil of Currinsville,
i "ifn"' 'ml nil persona claiming adversely the
! iib.n ;--.lecriln'd l iiels are re,iieste,l t,. lilc their
el aims In this oll.ee on or before said -Aith day
of November, lxU. J- APpcrsou,
s-2s:ltv:;u .viS,s,f..
If you stiller pricking pains on moving
the eves, or cannot bear bright light
and tind vour sinht weak and failing,
von should promptly use lr. McLean's
StrenL'tlienimr Eve Salve. 25 cents a
- Ilnln f..n,iiii"',iv'sn I'inrtPst
.' ,. ., l.v A,,,,., l-.er. A-.;.
, .1 1 li....... T.'l.-.l
.Hi 111 N)ii
' V i.l' fill il..- tin..'. i'iH nii'iivj 1." "
Kt V- 'ft '-. l''.iU"Vi' IHlklli.lMl lllill.Hpt lll' ii".
U.1IU.1I"" I'." ll..I.Mal"
ottoe lo Tn-9"yr.
Notice Is hcicbv given that tbe board of
roieiliiitlou forc'lnekimins counly. will n.eet
,r ili,- court house in Oregon City, on Monday,
toi.iciiiber'JN and remain in session one week.
All ii.uues ,UV.ri to eaui-ne their assess
mem before the meeting of the Hoard of
l. onali.alioiicni. do so by calling nt my othce
In the court house on Saturday of each week.
10-25 J. W. NOlll.K, Assessor.
Ill the Circuit Court, of the State of Oregon, for
inevoiiuii .'i v .iivi.,.,.....-,
L. G. Young. Plalnttir,
versus (
Pearl Richards, Defendant.'
To Pearl Richards, said defendnnt:
In the name of the Stale of Oregon: vou are
hereby rciiuired to appear and answer the com
plaint Hied against you In the above entitled
suit within ten days from thedate ot the service
..r 11, is numinous noon vou. if served within
Ibis county; or, If served In any other county
Ot l tits St 111 e, l .It'll t. Hilt,, iiiciu. r
date ot the service of this suH.mons upon
vou and if served by publication,
then hv the first day of the next
term of s'aid court, to wit: Tuesday, Movcmher
',1 IS'.I- and If vou fail so to answer, for want
thereof 'the plniiilitV will apply to the court for
llm relief demanded in the complaint, to wit:
tor 11 tinliMiicnt auainstihe defenilam 111 the sum
of two hundred dollars in I'niied St iles gold
coin, with interest tner. on iron. .i,,e 1. m.
nt ten per cent per annum, less s. ,11.110 paid Sep-
iss'.;- for the further sum 01 .itUKias attorneys
Ice herein and for the costs and disbursements
of this action: Also, for a decree of foreclosure
of that certain mortgage executed by Pearl
ltiebai.lsaud Sarah A. Itlchnrds, 011 the lJth
.lav of .bine, issl, In favor of this plaintifl. to
secure the sunt and interest above named,
which mortgsgo Is reco'-ded on past' :!i:t .'f
book "M o morlg.iges lor iiickii n,as ,-i.iiu, , , ,
Orcuoll, This summons is published by order
of Hon. Frank .1. lavlor, .lu.e.-e el sam. oun.
made at I numbers ou the 2m!i day of An . v, 1st,
11. K. CKOsS,
I Attorney for PlaiinitV.
1 9-11, 10-10
Land Office at Oregon City. Or.
Aug. IS l.v.1.
Notice Is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of his claim and
that said proof will be made before the Regis
ter and Receiver of the U. S. laud oilice at Ore
gon City, Oregon, on Oct. 9, KM, viz:
Charles N. Rhoads,
Pre. I L. No. 7627, for the se'i of sec. 26, 1 4 s, r5 e.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon ud cultivation
Ol. sam mini, . ..
L. A. 1). l'uter, David Hatch, Mr. Stewart, Mr.
Boyer, all of L'urinsville, Clackamas county,
Oregon. . ....
8-21: 9 25 J- T. Apperson. Register.
estate of llelkleip Pros . belknao Urns, .fc
Kenedy aud Belknap Pro's, and Kenedy Bros.
Notice 'is hereby given that in pursuance of au
order of the countv court for Bent,i county.
State ot Oregon, lutuni on nit-inn tin. 01 ji.
ism, in the matter of said estate of Belknap
Bros., consisting of S, K. Belknap, (deceased.)
and li. M. Belknap, as partners, and Belknap
J'ros. aim rtciicut, i-oiisisiiii t.i o. ... ............
(deceased.) and K. M. Belknap and G W iveji
edy as partners. Belknap Bros, and Kenedy
Pros, consisting of S. K. Belknap, deceased,) E
M. Belkn ip, O.'W. Kenedy, and K K. Kenedy
as partners, the undersigned, the administrator
of said partnership estate, will sell at public
.meiioii 10 iliehiirliest bidder fur cash .'"id fill
of the United Sou, s, sr.li.iec, to the cot flr.tumou
of the court, on Saturday the 2,ah day o: Sept.
IS'.d, at 10 o'clock a. m. ot said day. at the court
nous" door in the city of orejon City, In . hu'k
aniiis county, slate oi Orcirnii. all the right, title
interest ami' estate of said parteerslup estate,
being tlie ieo simple in and to all tli"t certain
lo', l ieeeor parcel i t b, .i t lying and being-in
the said countv of Clackanvis and Stale oi Or...
gen. and more particularly desciibcd as louu.ya
to-vlt: .Nor;!l.est tiuaner tu sie:-ii ...
tcwnslii). four, south of ranee live east. ll
lamette mcrelian, situate in Claekauias county,
suite of Oregon. E. N. I.EI.K.SAP.
Admiuisit-a.ur of said estate.
Dated August 14, S '2S:9 ol
-. "" '" """"" '' "' "
I " ...w...- .V--vw---J ?-':'"'... .rV-. - -4 - I - ,- I,
M .-. iv. , I --.-' ,. , ,.,