Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, August 21, 1891, Image 8

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The PaUlinor nnl Ohio company to
muim two now locomotives ili.it veer built
at tin' Mount Clare shop.
The St, Oniric car work ti.tvo Just
turned out seventeen tin chair ear for tin
Missouri, Kansas niij Texas road.
Tli ttlehmoiid and Danville i now run
nlnit ptwtal i'r tsvlwivu Atlanta uu.l
Washington, liciitiux them with I'nusch
Kiw. The supply from til Atlanta work
runs tlu- round trip.
The Columbus, Hocking Vlliy and To-'
Kilo comany is itoltiii to place four (Mil
brlvlh-vaon Its Hooking tlivlsiou, lira colt
tract to hull. I which has been awarded to
tho IX'troit liridg) company. ,
It la expected that tho Nw York, Istk '
Krieaud Western' new ooal dock at Wc-
lr a Prtt MtM
atuitlrtl In Koatl Making.
Ther has at l-t come about an on-'
thnsiiism for fttie roads; is it also to be
for beautiful roads as wvll as solid drive
ways? The land is so full of beautiful
thiti that one can only pot a taste as
one drives about- 1 should not Ih half
Ati3ivl with Retting ri.l of dust and
nmil I want to see the houses pushed
farther Ni k from tlu street, and the
barns hid in the grove-s Whv should
tiioy U all cl.vso by tho r adsi.le, shut
tin?; out or spoiling the view of fine land
scapes? Tho poorest tvsintry house locks
picturesque at fi distatve; hut if thrust
uniler your inspection, aiul now as well,
it is often only offensive. The finer
Louses an little better. On J.X'S not
ride to look at nouses, but to set) the ,
world as the Lord matte it.
.Men may nave the right business in
stinct, ami know how to build good
roads for hauluiji loads, but they do not
have the art of makiiiit roads so as to
fcike.idvantaicf the beautiful scenes
about Of course I do not expect thetu
to run a highway over a high knob, just
that we may look off; but when it road
does climb a hill, why not understand
tli.it it can pen to view delightful
vistas? "But what nonsense!" you tvc
claim "How impractical! Who U p.v
nig to waste time aud money on the
roadside?" It is no more wasted there
than in your yard or garden. A beauti
ful road front is the fiuest adornment
your property cau have. It is the eh
pant fringe on ft shawl, the trimmings
cm your bat. And if you desire to acll, I
a fine frontage is half the bargain in at
tracting bnyers
This is the age of summer tourists.
Our ratio of city population has in
creased so greatly that the country must
be considered as not only a place to raise
tooti tor uie uruan uweuers, uut as a , l .,,,. i he
place for them to visit and enjoy in the ugara KalU without extra charge. Item ;
b.-ated months. These visitors seek., tofor the Mlctiigau Ceutral hiu bud a
alxive all. fine roads and pleasant ones, monopoly of thai wtuic rout
It tys any neighborhood to become fa-; The Pvnnsvlvrfnia compaiiy hu set bide
Clous for its beautiful drives. Sl.SiM.tM) to expcud in improving iu road-
The cr x'lvl from hl Sllwrlmi gold
mine aliout 1(000 aummlly.
Th lx. iIitiumM woman In the world in
laid to be l)ueou Margherltii. he aeldoiu
wtmni a drew more than one.
King I'harle of IVrtugal, though un
it i reported that the Norfolk and V.t. der thirty yeamol ae, ha gmwu o havy
em wanta to buy t hit Ohio am) NnrtliWNtt- that be can hanlly move nUmt.
em to give an outlet from IMrUuiouth to- ArehdueheM Maria Therettaof Auiilrla
makns gold brtxx'hea with her own hands
autl given them .t preseuta to her family.
The iieen of Madagiwear lately ttxik
her yearly lath. a funetlou that waa at
tended by the mngtuii of liymnv the llring
' of artillery and tli Inviting of tlj'U ma
! There vemt to lie mi quextlon ilhoiit the
aging erteet of her many imm upon the
I'riueeiw Clotilda, widow of th late I'rtuce
NaixltMii. Though ouly forty eight yearn
i old. her one blond hair i while.
Queen Victoria's yacht, the (Mamie,
hax eot Just JTSJ,ul In the last avvntvn
itm s,m,,"l 'i,'ilt.
F?Pi'''rt'r'':lt'.r. ;:luV.VvJ shasta line I
f f "LiJLmT. , a--v-
A -v aT
.... t,,
mri'nf priiMvJtwf. H et .'n I't'O'f I""' it. . m l.v
..,-1,1 I .b.ll'f ' ' I '
. li,ii Itfrftt ,...lii II til tit'll
.HlMtX ll.tlll. ,,, Mill, , ,,,, .
II. .in iti'iiii et II...II,..., ,.,; ''"'
I'll)- W.HMll.HMI. H-.l-la , I
l,r..l. Ill.r. lUtll.l.,,,,, , ,", '
IHU'I ktlBII '"'HIU,
tlllHMII'K.I W U. l(
IJt'l.ll ,lf ( ,
.H HANV l.iii'll. dun,
hawken, X, J., which will l one of the years, She uses the yacht only a fortnight
most extensive along the North river, will eeh rear, and it U sometimes tntrd a little
be completed Iu the uear future. by other member of the royal family.
. cv ' r N
it e r X
l. II..-.- f H
Th latest scheme fur direct railway com
tuuiiicatUm tx'twevn Kuglaud ami Krane
provide for a double watertight tulia.
capable of containing two railway tracks,
and suuk about forty feet iu thechanuel.
The New York Central now requires
conductors to send In an accurate account
of the total mileage travelnl by th xwu
geraon each train. The work has hereto
fore been done by clerks at headquarter.
The Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton
was the first roatl to Introduce arlnrrars
ou Its accotiiuitxlation trains, and they are
proving so Hpular that the company has
ilecltled to make (he arrangenieui perms
The Sunday trains on the Midland and
Rio Grand lines between latlville Slid
(Jlenwood Springs are called laundry
trains They bear this appellation because
they are always tilled with miners who go
to lue springs to wnab.
Cutler a new arrangement naaseugers
over the like Shore for Syracuse aud
Princess Louise of IVmnai k, daughter
of thee.mwu prince of that couutry, and
IVInce Kugeno, tlilnl living sou of tlie
king olSweilvn, are engaged to he married.
The bride Is a descendant of Queen Ixiuiae
of Pruiuila, mother of the late Ktnperor
The Onehess of Fife stand next to her
two brothers, both of whom are unmar
ried, in the line of auereuinn to their
father, the lrl nee of Wales, and it would
not he so very singular if t lie baby princess
should some day be added to the number
of Kuglaud' rcguaut umwiis.
The young Chinese enix'ror ha cele
brated the completion of hi twentieth
year by picking out a new wife, l'recmleut
allow a man of hi rank evu of thm
companions, ami this acquisition la only
th second. His mother examined the
many caudidaie for the honor, and select
ed ten therefrom, out of which number
llwaugti mad the llnal choice.
band ; Company
ut Ki US IMd i KM KM s To
Pullman Duffu siee
. r,.r sunn in He,.,,,,. i l , H j.
sUSl'lltd lu a . I l.iu,
j , Wt Si. I. IHM.I,,,
iiKjumr.s h'Kii.A.Mi ,M, L.ufe)
! alsll Tfsln, Kilt iK w Sa,,,
; ! ,i s ( v l'..td,- l i,
I) me n I At i'..,i. j, j
! .41 AtlMiiv Mlltl f'.,tv.h..
i lllr,.u I'seMe llslll..l '
Mftvx Trln I'.il, r ,,,,,, fci
"r a I . l,..iil,. i . , '
t J'f I Ar M.-Mn,,,,,; j , j)
r.if ticket Sll.1 lull liil.,....,. ... '
f.l nio'. le , rsl i.n i i,,u,,t '
t'rr..u t itr
II ki.KIII Hit K I .
kl,nar A.. i t oJrw f
Ieru has appropriated fc3,000 to defray
the expcuseof making lu exhibit at the
Kansas, which defeated It World' fair
It is money in pocket to beep clean bed autl equipiuenu ou the line wwtof appropriating Is now trying to rata 1130,-
treets and to have thera planted with
hrnbtwry and choice trees. We need a
total revolution The stock law has re
versed everything Once the street was
public pasturage, a no man's land and
:i all cattle laud. Now the fences are
Rn:ie ! r'v hotrs .-.re gone, and the
c iu-s ,iv : t i; .':ie We can cultivate
'.iwn to .ii'.tli'-s that border the
tlriv - I ; .. say tliat for myself 1
desire u tho sntutner Ixiarder. but
I'ittslHirg, not including the 1'iiulnirg.
Fort Wayne and Chicago, on which a gtxsl
deal is to be done lu laying a second track.
Th Delaware, Lackawanna and Vi
ern road has put on two vestibuled trains
tsch way between Uuffalo aud Xew York,
and Buffalo and Philadelphia, making th
run from HutTalo to New York In eleven
hours, and to Philadelphia, in counectiou
with 'be Pennsylvania via Mauch Chuuk,
In twelve hours
The Concord and Montreal railroad baa
for all t;i it it t.-u legitimate part of onr leased from the Old Colony railroad for
present maimer of life that these people ninety-nine years the six mile link between
North Acton and Concord Junction. Mass..
and the former wiil run all Its summer
mountain trains via its Acton branch.
Heretofore the through mountain travel
has been via Lowell.
The Poughkeepsie Bridge company ef- i
fected a trallic arrangement with the New
byways must be looked upon as i,.,,.., " , tl,. i.ri.i... .,r
its through trallic 1 bis arrangeiuetit was
conditional upon the construction by the
bridge company of a connecting line from i
the bridge to the New Kngland railroad.
To build this link will cost about HtJO.ouO
eh.ill Ih- in the country a part of each
In that way only can we preserve san
itary conditions and prevent degenera
tion of the crowded inhabitants of the
towns It is a plau of recuperation that
ought to lie eiic.mni.fed. Hereafter onr
not altogether ours, but in part the legit
imate resort of the soul starved citizen
ho spends ten mouths in warehouses
aud counting rooms. It is even getting
' to be true that the factory hands follow
the fres.i-air children, and find it nearly
as die:;;) to spend a few days in the
country as to fester in the city. For all
th.-se the country ro ids should bo de
signed an I ma le beautiful
Cl.iK'sing between our yards and the
trrei t. 1 would prefer to make the street
o-n.'.nn nr'il and th jvirds simply clean
u-,d pnctical I have h-ard it said that
We Mioithl liave our flowers and shrub-ben-s
r-tir-d from t:ie p-.i iUc and cou-ci-ali-d
Til-re are t'.vi si.U-s to this
qut'st'n:i We are social tx-iugs as well
as individuals A plenty of retreats I
would have, where one may commune
with nature undisturbed but I see also
a delicious charm ui tli fellowship of
eiijo;,"iint. It is nut wholly as drive
vr.ys we may use a highway, but as
plaees for neighborly gosip
Tliinit of the powerful influence which
clean handsome roadways would have
on the mind life of the people If we
are to have a continuance of dusty, and
in wet weather of muddy and disgust
ing dirt roads, never well made, never
The Japanese have on the average aboil
two earthquakes a day. "
The amount of gnhl in the world would
fit iu a room twenty four feet each way.
Thero are KM authorised guides In ths
Alps. Sis of them are over seventy years
of age.
There is a church building iu New York,
every inch of the front of which is con
cealed by a luxurious yrotvlh of ivy.
Corca has a cave from w hich a tvlulry
wind perpetually blows. The force of the
wind is b K-li that a strong man cannot
stand before it.
The Ktltiest piece of water upon earth Is
dike U rum la, Persia, more than 4.UU0 feet
above the sea level It is very shallow, and
no living thing can exist in it.
It costs one uud one-fourth cents per
pound to bring tea from Yokohama to New
York, 7.500 miles, and ten cetits per pound
to send tea by express one mile uptown in
that city.
The prevailing Sunday sport in Cuba Is
ntistlr flirlifiri.r hihI if. ia m.t. uri I uf ifi itMlit
enjoyable and often terrible, we shall do Ki(ht e)) a Cuban K(.ntenlau goiug
well to hide our flowers and shrubs as : ulKmt tU9 reeUof Havana with his pet
far as possible out of sight This need j bird on the way to a fight,
not be, and 1 do not think it long will j The cultivation of tobacco has been pro
be. The enthusiasm for road improve- ; hihited throughout the whole of Kgypt.
tuent is rising. A dozen states have be- j The owners of the lands which are found
gun a serious agitation for a great evo- to be under tobacco cultivation will beub-
Uritr.n. . leCted tO i fiUB of tl.UUO DOT aClT.
shire to Texas are nrging action. The When the mosque of St. Sophia, In Con- j Proval-
(XX) with which to uink an exhibit.
It ia reported that the xxipl nf New
Mexico Intend to raise 70UU to add to th
tat' World fair appropriation of tS,
t'uited Stale Consul (ieneral llallen
tine, of Itomttay, says that h Iwllerr sev
eral native Iutlian priucea will attend th
Virginia Is Interested In the World's fair.
It is proxted to mnk th Virgiuia atate
fair in lstrj a much grander atlair than
usual, and then to take the best of the ex
hibit to Chicago In Isttl.
The Woman' Christian Tcmeruc
union Intends to make a notable exhibit at
the exposition. The headquarter and chief
olbcials of the National and World's socie
ties are already located in Chicago.
An extensive display of pontage stamp
msy be expected at the World fair. The
American Philatelic association and the
Philatelic society of New York have both
sppointc.1 committees to work to that end.
One of the Interesting objects which will
lie exhibited at the World's fair is a table,
made from the timlier of a house lu Kim
chal, Madeira, In which Columbus lived
for a time before he liegan his voyage of
Frederick J. Skin", formerly editor of the
Denver Tribuue, aud recently engaged in
mining enterprises, has Ix-en npjioiutfd
cuief of tiie department of mines and min
im; of the exposition. He is one of the
Colorado commUsioiicrs.
Ohio, which has an appropriation of
flui.uw to .ieiid on its Worlds (.or ex
hibit, intends to put about a quarter of it
into a biiildim:, " hu ll will be made the
state headquarters on the uroiinds. The
Ohio Archii'ulogical and Historical society
wishes to make a separate display.
! 't have lots .MIx'JtN) fret, liHiV.'iHl feet, all favorably l.x'rtle.1. i'heso
lots twice tlu' ordinary si.e are but half the usual pruf of other lots aim-
i ilrtrly l.x'ilt.Hl. Vt have ..io-H. r.Mw..-.'r. nve ami in, . ,..,...
isuitablt! for suliurtmn hoiii.'s, iMiiveiii.-iit to town. wlita.U. ihurth.., j U I'Aili.XAV
I . . . . I i I...I....I " t'
fto.,RIHl of very Jinxltlftive Soil. A lilfge, grow nig i run-........ . tiaih for the Ka.t lei0
I which wp will sell art in siunll trucls to suit .iirclmacr. mul on '
A M. ai.dH isi I', M
TIPWFTQ I" " .Mwl)
IIVIXCIO lull., fsiir.i tuin
oS t.tt..x
ligant Htm Dmng Pulut b
fl.Hiail I'alare Mrraeiv
Call and see us and get prices at
Civccrrr OA f ir nfflpo ,r tm
Robert L. Taft at Portland office, s iuuuw
No. 50, 13 1 ark street, rortiana.
TbislMlus. is prepated to do
till kin. I" of r,..l. and .loll
Printing on sb r n di. e w Hb
neatness un.l tb-p.ticli. Ilmi
mi your work and give u a
: A- St. I.l
ttni an t I (s'im.J f-Am,
V f ftirihrr prtlf ttUt lt))iir W it
- r. 1. 1
i. . 'i i i i.i: .
sM' tlaist
Northern Pacific R.
Never a made up tie under any consider
aliuii with the ut-Klige shirt.
The coat shirt a most sensible deviation
out of the rut of custom is coming, aud
coming strong.
The toggery provided for the summer
youth, while bright and picturesque, iu no
phase transcends the Isiuuds of propriety
Id color or design.
The washable waistcoats that come In
many well chosen designs will Is) worn
with the coats and trousers. They tuny Is)
worn with the cheviot, hut nut the Manuel
The silk band has been tried again with
success upon the bell crowned liondon
hats. An ellort to carry the velvet craze to
this extent has not met with general ap-
peopie are originating legislation on the stantinople, was built, more than 1,000
gjri..c. i years ago, the stones and bricks were laid
ti "in i . i, I in mortar mixed with a solution of musk,
I lie Wheelmen s association la pub- , , , , .... . , ..,,
,. , . . , , I and the building has been fragrant with
hshiug pictures of the average road i tue odor ever since.
it is, and essays concerning the road as j
tt ought to be. Prize essays are pub
lished by the universities. But in all
this stir 1 see no mention of anything
but lietter road beds for hauling loads.
JJy plea is for beautiful roadsides.
Road adornment associations might
wisely supplement road improvement as
sociations. 1 know of many rural art
societies which hava made villages very
beautiful; why can they not exist every
where? The planting of onr streets is
the next national enterprise, 1 sincerely
hope. Mary E. Spencer in St. Louis
Globe- Democrat.
The Value of Good Hlebwajs.
Relative to the value of highways, tho
state board of agriculture of New Jersey
has published a pamphlet showing how
that state tuts been affected by some
roids recently constructed there under
the new law. This pamphlet says of
Real estate has been doubled, trebled
and quadrupled in value since the con
struction of Telford roads from Orange
to Dover, N. J. One of the chronio
grumblers against taxes for road Im
provements in Union county, when asked
if he would consent to have the road re
stored to its old condition in order to
Dr. Dowd, of New York, has found that
each cubic inch of soil contains from 00,000
to 2,210,000 minute organisms.
It has been found that a small dose of
strong alcohol shortens the time that food
remains in the stomach by more than half
an hour.
A scientist of Tennessee thinks that the
Gulf stream every day passes through
thousands of miles of subterranean chan
nel that is surrounded by a living fire,
The earth is gradually growing larger
from the fall of meteoric matter. An as
tronomer estimates that the glob is an
nually pelted with 146,000,001) projectiles.
The cooling of milk immediately aftar it
is drawn from the cow is said to be of the
greatest assistance in delaying fermenta
tion, and It is thought to b th most prac
tical method which can now be recom
mended. The amount of coloring matter stored In
coal is snch that one pound of the mineral
yields magenta sufficient to color SO0 yards
of flannel, aurine for 120 yards, vermilion
for 3,500 yards aud alizarin for 2uS yards
of turkey red cloth.
A new sewing machine by a Welshman
has no shuttle or bobbin. The thread is
supplied directly from two ordinary spools,
and am through the assistance of a rotary
save the taxs, replied- "Well, as I shall j iooper. It is vastly more simple than any
not reqnired to pay more than two j other sewing machine.
d l'!r.rs t year for the rest of my life, it , 0ne of the reccnt inventions for life sav
woulit Jot be worth while. I he travel )n( app8ratns is the Irvine pneumatic gun
has me eased on these roads tenfold in a , for throwig B line to ship in distress or
c.u. cl ue. Since the law went into j I)ergong in a burning house. The air is
ertr--i hI estate values m Union county adujted from B reservoir to the chamber
-.d-.anced nearly $1,500,000, ex- behind tbs projectile at a prsssurs of ,4
slier v of property advances in Eliza- pounds on the square loco,
beth of about 700,000 mow. -v..-.- ,
The spats are now worn to match the
waistcoat by the swaggerest men lu town.
Buff colored spats and waistcoat Is just
abput the snappiest thing the season ha
yet divulged.
It will lie noticed that the new long top
coats, while they have a plait down each
side seam, i heating a skirt elfuct, have
no buttons upon the waist line of the back.
In place thereof there is a triangle done in
self color silk.
The more conservative men of the fash
ionable world pretend to see in this revival
of the models of HW iu men's wear a forth
coming reuaissance in short clothes, and
are deeply agitated thereover. Scratch an
opponent of knee breeches and you will
find a personage with bad legs, take my
word for it. Clothier and Furnisher.
Have th dark room and everything la
It In perfect order.
A poor camera box and weak lens will
not give good result.
Us on formula for a developer, and
keep on doing so until you axs master of it.
Do not neglect to dust th plate befor
inserting it In the slide, or th pictur will
be spoiled by dust spot.
The proposition of the American photo
graphic conference to establish a purchas
ing and disbursing agency, where tba
members of the conference can get their
supplies and apparatus at manufacturers'
prices, has created a big stir among dealers
To make a picture of one person with a
double exposure, place the subject In posi
tion on the right of ths center of the black
background, foens and expose for two sec
onds In good light. Now place the subject
on the left of the center of background and
focus again, giving the same exposure.
Develop the plate, and you will have twin
brother. This line of photography offare
a gnat soop for originality Ld skill.
Vnt 1 1 ) I Ills
j It will i..t you Dialling and mil
' -uii'lv do you good, II V"U bit v a tough,
('old. or any trouble Willi l lno.it t bct
! or 1. nogs. 1'r. King's New iicovciy
(or Consumption, Coughs u. I Colds is
I giiaialiteed to gite relief, or inonei ie
'funded. Snll'erers fiom la t inpH- loon. I
' it just the thing and under its u-e had a
sp.-e.lv and period recovery. Trv a
-ample bottle at our cciiso and lenin
(or yoiu-ell just Imw g.m.l a tlung il is.
Tiiitl bottles live at t. A. IliiidiugV
drug stole. Large size .'iilc, andl.l).
A Sure liiH'slment .
Is one which is guaranteed to bring
you HiitiHlw tory results, or in cure of
(ailuie a return o( purchase price, tlu
this safe plan you can buy from our ad
vertised Uruggist a bottle of lr. King's
New Discovery lor Constniiplion. Il is
guaranteed to bring reli.d in every case,
when used (or any alb-ciion of Throat,
I, lings or Chest, hiii-Ii its Consumption.
Inflammation of 1. tings, Iboiichilis,
Asthma, Whooping Cough, Croup, etc.,
etc. It is pleasant and agreeable to
taste, perfectly safe, and can always be
depended ution. Trial buttles free at i.
A. Harding s drug store.
A Wonder Worki r.
Mr. Frank Hull'man, a young man of
Burlington, Ohio, states that hn had
been under the cure of two prominent
physicians, and used their treiilinent
until be was not able to get around.
They pronounced bis caso Consumption
and incurable. He wus persuaded to
try Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, Coughs and Colds and at that
time was Hot able to walk across the
street with out resting, lie found, be
fore he had used half a dollar bottle,
tiiat lie was nititdi better; be continued
to use it and is today enjoying good
health. II you have any Throat, hung
or Chest trouble try it. We guaranlen
satisfaction, Trial bottle free at (). A.
Harding's drug store.
Aug. Hornung, a wellknown manu
facturer of boot and shoe at M20 Nolan
Ht., Han Antonio, Texas, will not, soon
forget his experience with an attack
of the cramps which he relates as fol
lows: "I was taken with a violent
cramp In the stomach which I believe
would have caused my death, had it
not been for the prompt use of Cham
berlain's Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. The first dese did me so
much good that I followed it up in 20
minutes with the second dose, and be
fore the Doctor could get to where I was
I did not need him. This Remedy
shall always be one of tho main stays
of my family. For sale by duo. A.
Faults of digestion cause disorders of
of the liver, and the whole system bo
comes deranged. Dr. J. H. McLean's
... .,1 r i-i ,,, , ..
nireiigiiiuiiiiig Domini uun moon rurl
fier perfects the process of digestion and
assimilation, aud thus makes pure
l.litilliUlraior Srtle uf lienl 'r..frrl)
I .N I UK M M 1 1 i: i.l i il i. iii.in,-nii.
el h.
.11. .- II.
etO.-r if III- .-..u,..
S! Ill .if I !(. .11. I, I
I- 'I. Ill II..- in .11. r
III... ci,.!.! l,f ,,
slul t M h.-Uhi
I'-r, . mi. I K. H..U
P- . si. I K . o
II ia .l hi j '.r.-i o.. ,
I-..U.I I l I.. ii:,i e
.-ii do- uoi a . !
i .sol t.i . i n,
l..- kl. ,1 I. . ,
t. t hrill' r oi, )!
II. I-III,.' el S l;.
n I r t h. :ki, ,i,
l.iltnrt. I.eiLiini. hi,..
I .
11,'" IMll.l.ll,,, ,, (
4 i.elku ke
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The luirliier.lilt. I.i.r,,ii.l.., ...1.,.-... 1
Itteen the iu,.er.lg..ed K. X. iirren and
n. 1.. minium, uoiiiir i.ii-ii,,.,, m iiri-jjiiu
I itv as I iniluie dealers ami undeiinkers
under the linn name of vViurcn ,t ,,!
man, is ,hiv .h-.ot,., l,v mhiiu,,! ,,,.
sent. L. S, U'srren irtires, tthil,. , ,,
llolinan coiiiimies the business a! I he 1,1,
slaiid.who will iissihi,). ,1,1,,, mull.,,!
lei t nil tiioueysdiin the laic linn.
Ii I.. IHU.M AN.
liregon t dv, dr., July Wi.
F. L. Posson &i Son,
Umerul AgU. for 1). M. Vcrry & Co's
Garden Seed.
Grass, Clover and all kinds of
Trees, J!iill, Fertilizer Hc
Bee Keepers' Supplies.
We want you fr a customer. f;ive .
a trial order.
F. L. Posson & Son,
209 2d St.. Portland n
Great Overland Routt
I Wo I .W IliAt.Ss) inn Y!
.Sill II ANi.I tdi
Shortest Line to Chia;
And all l-.-li.ls ( i.l III
sr i-t i. m NisM-iryta
The Northern I'arlllr K.I
( His ..ui lino inii.iim
I'aswiiger Trains,
r-.-i . . 1 1 .1 - lass MeepMS (reol(!.
I imiriotis iv Cos. Ins,
I'oliiiiin fUi-e si,., pmjfr
I'alitcti Dining 1 a (''
limit I'l.rtlaud ; the IV
Sen that your tickets reml a
Northern Cat Iflc K It
avoid change ol car.
1 lililll I'lllltlisl! I'aKe SllsftlSli'
(liliUt iM.sehi . Slli-.l HIe iillf
li-rii roitlsn.l. larnRis and si'
Psll) tvi
. It. (lit KIT
ts.4Jsi'l !'. .tgral.1411
(.. 1'orilniiil. Or.
fsr-l'.-iwl. r..tiir rtrst sli t U m
Oregon Pacific Railrc
T, K. lllKili, KiM-eiW- I
Train No. 8 will run Tui'i"l!"'
days and Saturdays, aud on i'll',t'
iiitvsnlien necessary:
Train No 4 will run Momlne,
days and Friday, and on inurme
alien necessary:
Meaiiier SmIIIih lulf.
l.Vs YMCISA-:WlllalllP!l
i. IX it, .11. .
I.tva MsMraaN.-tst' Wl!im'tl
1 II I XI III In. U I.
'nire'.imia'ii)r ri.iorv Ilia rlhl t
siiin, u.iei wiihuul nolle. .,
Trslna eomiret with the O. C.
RoslaattliirvsllUanil A Ilia nr.
TboOrnnon I'aciflt! slesmbitt
WlllainetUt river division ' 11
I'ortlaml, sotit-botind, MondaTi "i
'lav, and r riday at A. "J
CorvalliRTnssilav. ThiirsdsV a"'!
day at 3iU(l I', M. I.eav (i
nortb-boimd, Monday, Wtalne
rntiayai A. Arrivn"--
Tuesday, Thursday and Hstiiraw'
l M M I ... UliiesitsrV"1
- . ... . v... nw t.v. ---7 ,
my, noiii norm aim boihii-.-.-v
n over nluht at Halein, iov"'
Kriilidit inj Tlot Oltlc, Hslnlnl"l,,
I'nrtlsinl. .pi
c. !' limine, o. t. & P.
Practical Architects iff
Will propsrs plana, elevsll""". ."",( 4
ta II. .l ............ ...... I... .11 klPlI', ,;
Ins. Hpeolsl stle.itieu lv W P!
ts, , . Kallmann fnrulalicd ""..fl Wi