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nml lrorlelr.
Fiat'AY, AVul'ST 21, tS'.U.
.ttiat navigation on the Hii' Will
amette is tvtially stHpondcd owioit Ui
(lie low water, the various towns rv aitita
tins an 'n river. Tiie Statesman, of
talent, Mys tlieonly way that they will ever
reach the oar of the oers that Up, is to
howl and tiowl Ions ami doon, and tuner
lot congress forp-t (or a moment lliat tliif
Willamette river is greatly in need of im
irovenioiits. t'ontimied agitation is what
lias liMUstu about the improvements now
goin on, on tli ions liar'.wrs alonii tli
cot ami on the Columbia river, ami it will
be on'y by unit I efforts of the whole Wtl'
a iu tte valley, that any elective work will
vr be done on the Willamette river. If
at the beginning of congress thia year ami
at ea.'h succeeding congress hereafter, un
til l object is attended, peutioi s from
every town in the valley, b.uked ti(i by
liurcs showing the value of the production
of the country tributary to the Willamette,
the volnmnof business carried oi, and the
lii!i reiievs in frv Ulit rates between now ami
what it would be with an open river were
went m there would be a hope of getting
so'u. th'ns done. Our delegate in congress
aliouKl be able to show that the Willa nette
is more than a little inland stream lined
with iiisig.iilica'it towns having no com
merce and no connections with the rest ot
the country. If systematic agitation is
kept up the time will ionic, anil not
lar oif vv lien congress will realise our needs
and give us such aid that we w ill have a
river navigable for the larger Uvats at all
seasons ol tiie year.
" We have had thirty years of protection"
s..id McKinley in his address at Sandusky,
O do. "We don't want to borrow any
money now. The secretary of tiie treasury
11. lSMMHi, atter fourteen jears of revenue
laritT policy, sent a message to congress ask
ing congress to invite the states to endorse
the bonds of the federal government that
they might be more readily sold in the mar
ket. The United States does n't have to
have an endorser now it noes not have to
K' t the states to go its bail. It can borrow
a I the i onev it wants on a single name,
a .it that a n- l ' The l. tiled States of
America. alter I' irtv vans of protective
taritf. And u i. ertlie ro.tnue tariff licy,
wneti we ..a i to borrow, our credit was so
bad ami our binds were so un-iiprcliantaMe
that the government stood a discount of IS
cents on every dollar. How is it now? The
government does not pay any discount. If
it wants its bonds to pay o'l it has got to
pay a premium to get them in. That's after
thirty years of protective tariff. It is un
matched ai:d matchless in the economic
hirtorv of the world."
Rumor have been plentiful ol late In
regard to Harrison declining the nomina
tion for a second term. They had no real
foundation and were evidently gotten up in
the interest of other aspirants for president
tial Honors to lest lh strength of Harrison,
His administration has been such that the
pirty can have no valid reason for not
giving him a second nomination. He
has proved himself to U a statesman worthy
of the confidence ol the people and as an
executive officer has shown that he lias
tlrmness and a will ovver that will not
allow scheming Hiiticana to use him as
thev see i!t.
It is mow than probable that the ordinance
now under consideration by the city coun
cil prohibiting stock from running at large
in the streets of Oregon City will be passed,
rhere is not another town in the state of
the sie of Oregon City that allows the
streets to be made a public pasture of. In
order to avoid causing any hardship to the
parties concerned, it would U well not to
have the ordinance go into effect until in
IVcvmber. or January, so as to allow ample
time for all to disose ot their stin k.
Tn tilth annual session of the Oregon
I'rvss association will be held at Astoria
the 2'.".t and "Oof tin mouth. The session
promises to lie one of the most pleasant and
profitable ever held by the association.
Several important topics of interest to news
paper men will le discussed, and it is prob
able that a uniform rate lor legal advertising
w;ll be established, as well us to regulate
several oilier matters concerning the
HiLisiioKohas anew paper, the I'euio
erat. the first issue being published last
w t!; by K. C. Hiclns and ti. A. Sauford.
If the democracy of Washington county
do not give it a better support than they
have heretofore to papers advocating their
doctrine, it will not be long uiitiltlte daises
will bloom over its grave and HiHsboro
will again be left with but one per.
Tna London News says it is not many
years since Kurope was practically inde
pendent of American supplies. This sea
son it is clear that without America's help
Kuroi would be on the verge of starvation
before next harvest.
Th Kugene Daily Guard is dead; another
man has found that the old conservative,
slow growing towns of Oregon do not sus
tain tiewspaiK'rs, though they may be large
enough to, like the young, energetic towns
of our neighboring states.
KaxEMHia the board of trade meeting to
night. He there w hether you are a mem
ber or not, it is to your interest. New life
must he infused into Oregon City. Now is
the time when Portland oilers to help.
Portmsd is at lat realizing that she can
not secure all the factories that desire to
come to Oregon, finding that though she
cm offer the best facilities of any city on
the coast for the distribution of their pro
ducts, factories require in addition to that
unlimited power and at a cheap rale to be
a success. By combining with Oregon City
the two towns can lie mutually lienetited.
Tiioitgh not getting the factories within
h;rrorporate limits, Portland can well af
ford (o hel.i Oregon City in the buIMingup !
ol her industries for the dUturee is so small
a. id river tra'isportation so cheap that if
costs no more to lay goods down at the
ducks, or de;iots in Portland from this place
tlmii it does lrotn factorii-s in the outskirts
of th.it ciiy. The conference of President
Osborn, of the Poitiand Chandler of Com
merce, with our board of trade tonight
Friday) is but the brining of the com
mercial union of the two cities, the eonsn
niative of which will he of inestimable
benefit to Oregon citv.
Wilhoit, August It, issi.
EiiiToa E.MTitarstsE: We do not pretend to
be a philosopher. rate man, but do take
pleasure and derive ome proflt in the way uf
knowledge in the study of the different phases
ef tinman nature Perhaps some mlgnt think
that one situated away back from civilization
near the muuutains, would have but very Hide
opportunity to observe people, but lhehai
pens to be located on the route to Soda Hprlnju.
he has an oppnrtuuity to maVe cunslderabl
observations A great many people folding
In town seem to think that weemiutrr people
do not have tense eui nifli to knew the illtler
ence betneeua lady or gentleman, and In this
they are mistaken. While resiilrm. .if ,,,,,,!,,
districts do not putou .pilte as much style, thev ! lBr"' slliI""'' from here this year,
wimnirs nit.inus.
E. M. Iliuliiuiii, or Mimituuii,
Eloc'etl tin Imperial Agent.
And Assist I Item In (ieltlng MMthsldj -Wlicat
I he talk ol the lu.
Hop t;ructs l'rcialilng foranF.aily
rick..Ol.r Note. Vm.
Kviirovii Mxtrtttti. Xolwilhslandlng
the busy season of the year, another rail
road meeting was held at Wright's Springs
on Saturday last, and uil a crowd was m
attendance. At the close every one seemed
to be highly pleased, am) thought there was
no ipiestion hut what the farmers would
raise the rettiired subsidy. At two o'clock
those present were anxiously awaiting the
arrival of the president. P. J. Killing; but
from some cause, not know n to the writer,
he did not appear, so at three o'clock W.
W.Jesse, of Harlow s, was nominated ami
elected to act as president of the meeting.
The minutes of the last meeting were then
read. New business was nel in order, i d
a letter was read by the secretary from
Messrs, lloliiian liros., regretting their tit
ability to be present, yet stating that they
would give one thousand dollars, provided
the road would Is- constructed within four
miles of them. Committees were then
called upon to report; but on account of li e
busy season they had been unable to see all
the farmers In their respective vicinities,
IM l.'r,mtStt,ot. I HARDWARE I
N,trihniera Ante"1
1'iiHiaiul, Oregon,
. - l.aiiee Occident
Heater I am-e Ntlvor KirsU n,Wl
ft SItlvw',",,,-
Cvscciit Wctlos (wananUHl.) U X S 1'ro.if Cii.iii.H. Aivmlo File. U. Vivm
Lowers mul Wtiotl ('Iiijh'M Spcciulticrt,
Oregon City Agent,
and Mr. Samuel Marks ol Marks Prune ,
ieiit a few hottislu our town InH weidi, j
Prof. S. A. l. Oiirley and wife, teacher j
o( the West Oregon City Ihh.I paid u a ,
pleasant call last week. j
Col. Hair, our county commission! r ;
mil III our town last week. The Col. is
much phased with the Oukly bill, and anl
be would endeavor to gel gravel on aion
as possible.
Mr. J. P. I'i'V", litis Waltrom, J O. ;
Johnson, of Portland, are rcgisieoo ni
Hotel le tlonleii. Mi. Tims. Miller, of
Oregon City is visitimt' Mis. Urn, Harlow.
Mrs. Sneiiker, of Portia ..!, is vi-llinK her
utKVr.T I! KIMJ 11 T
lleli.w Isitlven the Oregon City Market He
,mrt corrected wwkly iroill .ii..lll..ii fr
nuhed l nKsreHil.) Hie h' merelianta
0. E. A. FREYTAG, .
Garden Seeds in Bulk.
f ton
timothy hay,
Clover hay.
Potatoes. V cwl.
Olllona f I
Apples, sreeu. f txi
Apples, drlnl. V Iti
Mutter, f l
Ks. 'fdos ... .
ilouey. t ! ....
Hf, tlv. Y
H.f. drpwed
Multon. live f ta
Miittnu. dresscl, f
Pork. live, p Ik
Pork, itreased, f tfc
Veal, live, f Ik
Vest, tlresscsl, ft
Maim p tb
Hacou, "
W heat. Valley, V Ml Its.
Oats, per bushel
rim a
Oreeon City Mill. Porllau.t Itrsnd
ii .. , , , . , ... : i otnnry riraiiu
uiiii ueoce posifoncti iiiv ii iT(sii uiuu me ' ',,ru Meal ....
next meeting to lie held at Maripmni, Sei- Oat Weal
tenilver ii. Mr, K. M. Itartniau was then aborts
nut in nomination lor stieeial airenL bv i bran,
Wm. liarlow, and was elei ted, Mr, Har
low suggested theailvisability of employing
some good man to make the canvass in Hie
meantime and pay him for the time it takes
in making the canvass, and hlsduty would
le to call ition (very farmer near whom or
through whose place the proposed road may
run, and get him to subscnlie what he can
conveniently, and at the same time work in
harmony with the committee men. Messrs.
(iabe Trulltnger, Silas Wright, J. Purdam,
Dickey, Wheeler and others, sanctioned it,
and thought it the best and ipili kcsl plan
to accomplish the end. We will tie glad to
see Mr. Ilariniaiiinourviciuity making the
canvass, and the people at this end mil do
all they can to assist him in getting a subsidy
and suhscrilie liberally.
Wheat is Hodmiho. From the bulletin
in front of Barlow ,v Co. 'a warehouse ran le
seen every morning a heat quotation, and
for the last few days the price seems to he
going up daily. Very lilt le w heat at pres
ent is selling, yet then.' is quite a lot being
hautetl in and stored.
Kakly Hop Pick.
Chickens, v -.tine
Chickens, old, per d"
pucks, pr it"
ilrn-se, er do
Turkies, perpiiuud
pel dm
I to
0 .HI
ft A'
ft ii
In 'W
.. 1j
1 3',
7i'J' ,
:v l
141 s'
Sherir Jal.
tlmwers of hops,are
looking around enifiiging bands for Hie hop
pick. Several yards will be picked earlv in
September and the yield w 111 be larger than
first eXH'i ted.
SiiiCMKNT or Wiikat, Several carloads
of wheat have been shipied over to the
Oregon City mills already to la' put in store.
From the present outlook tlicru will lie a
13th and Main
Oregon C
Wilson & Cook!
.tun its t.v
Sol.K AhlMs Ft TIIK
Atkin Saws, -:- Oliver Plow.
At.?'! Foit
Speakivci of the decline in the Knglish
tin-plate trade, the American Economist
ays :
In the course of a retrosncctro-liistorical
article the Colliery Ouardian. London, says:
"We may, therefore, take it for granted
that, the tin-plate trade of the Lnited King
domat any rate, so far as the Tinted
States are concerned has reached the ze
nith of its power in the first half vear of
And we learn from 'Griflith's Guide to the
Tin-Plate. Manufacturers" that of the 4?
tin plate nulls winch were in active,opcra
tion in June. H77 ''are closed until the end
of July " It is said that the balance will
close for one week during each of the four
succeeding lnontlis.
This is undeniably done to raise the nat
ural price of tin piiites in this market. It
is done by a trust, a combination, a syndi
cate. But those who in the past "have
charged that the .Standard Oil Trust was a
direct result of protection will be found in
the ranks of those "strong-siding champi
ons in Chicago and elsewhere," who "In,St
work and work hard" for the Welsh tin
plate trust.
arc even mure quick to dlstliuriilsh the diRer
euee between a gentleman ami a rowdy, or a
lady ami a woman, than arc the town people,
ami they admire the one and despise the other
as heartily as any one can do. How do they
distinguish the difference? Why, In several
ways! Let me tell you one In particular.
When they sec a crowd gulvt along the mad
whooping and yelling like a lot nf wild Indians
accosting every person they meet with some In
suiting remark, throwing kisses al every woman
they see al.injr the road, we know are nut ladles
and gentlemen of the town. And when we see
a couple of younir men coming up the road In a
biuiry, yt'.llng at the top of their voice, whip
ping their horse on the keen jump, up hill and
down, the foam flying trom him, and nearly
ready to drop from exhaustion, we know that
they do not rep resent the respcctahle element
of the town, but that they are classed among
the fools, who ought to be In jail for craelty to
animals now in conclusion we would say to
our town friends, don't taks us all for green
horns vtcn you come out for enjoynent
have a good time like Indies and gentlemen and
the country people will treat you well and re
spect you the same. Avosr.
A tear ago every stocking factory in
Chemnitz and all over Germany, according
to the Drygoods Chronicle, was running full
blast day and night. To-day the condition
of the Chemnitz hosiery trade is demoral
ized, They have reduced the prices of all
cut and circular hosiery to a starvation
point in order to compete with American
goods. The stimulating effect of the tarill
on our ow n industries is shown by Wade's
Fibre and Fabric, which calls attention to
the .transformation brought about in the
knit goods district of New York in the past
year. Manufacturers of knit goods ure stead
ily empldyed, and the only drawback to
their business at present is the low prices
for which goods must be sold. A great
maijy knitting mills are running night and
day, and many more are running over-time.
The commendations of the river men are
not very flattering just now of Major Hand
bury ' for sending the government snag
boat to work on the Willamette river above
Salem when there are no boats running on
that route and will not be for some time yet,
owing to the low water. What they want
is that nil work for the present be done on
the Kv.ii- h-low Hak-m, where by removing
a ii" her of snags and doing a small
aruo'.b t of work on the bars, navigaliali
coul l !;f kept up at the lowest stage of
Finding myself in the vicinity of Macks
burg on Sunday, August 9th, and learning
there would be Sunday Hchool, followed by
a Baptist service, in accordance with my
Usual custom I attended the same. The
services were conducted by Rev. J. K.
Hargreaves, of Oregon City. The attend
ance seemed quite large, and the greater
prrqiortion of those present seemed deeply
Hut my attention was most forcibly drawn
to the dilapidated condition of the room in
which we were worshiping. Home of the
seats, by virtue of having lost their end
support, were made to accommodate by
overlapping some other scat more favored
with under props. The room was venti
lated by a number of broken window panes,
and its general appearance betokened neg
lect and indifference. On making inquiry I
learned that the room above the school
room had been built for general purposes,
as public meetings, entertainments, religious
services, etc., and that recently the school
trustees had locked the school house helow
against religion services.
With such a public huih imr in thedistrict
there is no need to use the school room for
public purposes, which is often done to the
iiiconvenicnceof both tvachersand scholars.
It is to the interest of every taxpayer to
see that the building is repaired. One part
of a building cannot be neglected very long
except at the expense of the other. A very
trilling expense only is needed to put the
structure in goon shape tor future use, and
make it a credit to the district.
Yours, A Visitor.
Our school bonne Is getting a new coat of
paint at the hands of Mr. P. Origgs.
We hear that A. M. Lovelace has sold his
properly In Damascus pi Mr. L. 1. Jiohna.
.Mr John Ifllleray, who had his foot badly
hurt some time ago, by the fulling of a horse
that he wis riding, is Improving, lie Is able to
W'tlk shout with the help of a crutch.
Peter firings and family expect to laae
b.uiiaseus soon, rl liuy will go to Lyiideu, Wash
hiljlon, where they formerly teslded.
A bull w given by the proprietor of Mnm
power's hall, Saturday evening, August St.h.
1 nose who attended report an enjoyable time.
On Tiii!oAii.- Mr. P. ti. Cline, ol ilarlow
.1 I'ii. left here this week to make a lour of
Oregon and Washington and w III advertise
ill all the town and cities he visits. Arrange
ments will also ! made to advertise at
Huntington on all trains bound West, also
at Pasco Junction on the Northern Pacific
lines, lly this plan they will evpect to get
a good many emigrant interested and lo
cated in good comfortable Ii.mmcs
Oi'ts Aia Snow. -Three Frenchman and
lira wen iraineii wars nave an open air
show a few days ago on our streets. The
kars were well trained and danced around
as graceful as an artist In th business. The
little folks were all worked up with rulhus
asism and thought It a great treat.
Go k Down KAT.-Mr. A. J . Strayer left
for his old home m Lcwistown, Pa., a few
days ago. lie came out several moiithsngo
to look after his brother's interest and likes
the country splendidly.
H. P. R. If. TKfsTi.a. The long trust le
north of tow n is now finished. The spans
put in, instead of(2o) twenty feet a few-m
arly, are now sixteen feet apart. The rail
road commissioners are deserving of this
Cash Ptaciusi. Mr. Henry Koncher
has purchased of Mr. It. J, Crntn,
bis farm. Consideration four thousand
dollars cash.
C. a.nii M. Tkavri.kh Mr. Davis, the
traveling salesman of the firm of Corbilt
A Mai lay, was in our town last .Saturday
soliciting trade.
imkub ucinBga l lEi.u. -f or the nasi
week could lie seen at the depot, sacks of
cucumbers, marked Portland l'erservingf'o.
from Anda (voucher. To your reporter Mr.
Koncher said: "I made a contract with the
P. P. Co. early in the year to raise them
some cucumbers as an experiment, but
really I was surprised at the great quantity
I grew from two acres. It averaged ton
tons to the acre, repaid me a net prollt or
three hundred and forty dollars.'' Mr. K.
ia Ycry well pleased with the experiment
and will put out several acres next year
Moiik Dkmand kok Loth. Mr. John Hiins.
formerly of Canby.purchascd four acres from
T l . . , . .... !
unriow mul., aim is now platting it up inlo
lots. The properly will be put on the
market about the first of the mouth, mid
those wishing to invest will no doubt do
well, aa they will go from twenty-live to
forty dollars each,
About Finish KD.-Messr. Mollelle Jlros.
have been busy working for the past ten
days on Mr. Antone Zcath's dwelling and
has it nearly cumpleatcil.
Land Pi.attinii.-Mr. Mensc, deputy
county surveyor, is at work for Mr. W. W.
Irving platting oil' live and ten acre tracts,
adjoining liarlow.
, Miss Lura Miller rclurned to her home
oi'.-fi'iii i.iiy nisi wciik, aim was accom
panied hy Miss JJesslc Klieppard und Veva
Mr. Chas. Wait, attorney of Portland,
imriiiaiice ol all eneeiltl..n Issued mil of
and under the seal of the circuit court of (he
stale ol i iregoii, fnr i'!cama oonitiy, dated
S July itst. isii, and lo nieitirccn..l and .IciiVfrM
j to as sh-rlll of said county and lutein favor
I ot I'. K. Votntcrahe, ualtittlT. and against
j I'honiaa Jones, dt'fritdain. eoiumaiiiliiig we tit
the name of the State of llrctfoli. Hull mil of thr
' ncrs.-tml property of the ii defend oil or If
itilicleiit c.iiild not he found ihau out of Hie .
iretl property In-lunglug lo said defendant j
being unaMe to ft ud sud'cleiil i.ers..iial prop-i
erty. to Justity s,ild exceutlt.ll, I did on the .'Oh
day of July. Isyl. levy ii.i Hie real pruperlv
I lieioiifc'lrg lo ?,id defendant for the sun, of.
fliri Ai. and Interest at ten per cent per annum
j since the nil day of Vlareh ssl, nd Hie further
i sum of M ;v aeerued est. and for III as an i
flt'orney fees logelher with Interest thereoli !
since September J.ul, ;s-o. N,,, will, on i
i Ssturday. .sepiemtier l'.i. ls,d. at Hie ftont ,u.,r '
j of the court li.Mise, In said county and stale, at I
the hour of lu o cpa-li. a. in , of said day. ai j
politic auethot. pr..eee. In sell all defendants '
right, title all. tlitere-l in and to the (.it UiM I lot i
desortlied real property to wit l he s.tiilli l, 1
of sooth c, of s.miiIi east , of seotWi,. A loan
ship .1 smith. rmiKe ." east. Ill I'ltoliBiii is . mi til y,
Oregon. H W. II hsMniiN. j
sherlfT.d ('Uckniints cmouii , t iresom
Hated Ureg.ni fllv, llleg..n. Am s, si.
W nlso curry a full lino of Fihhii,' Turkic.
ainl p't rortlaml j.rin-s.
W W ft t f r
i I., Cfecv
s ier., ., i .,!, sew
vhi arssooi i i si
;klt KHnicnoN in
R. Prier,
the old e slalillshed and reliable
4'ablnrt I'liotouraplia.N'J pcrilnt.
United Hack,
Truck siikI Livery
W. H. Cook!, Manager.
Comer Fourth and Mnin Strwtn,
()KK(i(). CITY.
of tlio City. liign of any description
ftirthHliiut on sliort notice.
ff'All kinds of Truck und IVIivery flusi
ni'HH promptly atUindil to.
Horses Boarded and Kcd on reason
able tnrma.
I have on hand an assort incut of K
Maitinslhat I will sell helow (W.
Furniture. Flahv I 1I til ivid; t' 1 1.
anip-Stools and Chairs, Tallies tte. at f
land prices. ' '
A full supply of Undertake
uoods always on hand.
Store located at Mountain Viuw, on
Molalla road, one milo south
euHt of Oregon City.
Wo deal in Flour, Corn Meal. Feed.
GroceriiiH of all kinda, Jloota itnd ,Slioon,
(ionta1 IJndcrwcur and other Mlyles of
Clothing, and nuinnroua ollmr articlos
Hiiitalile for the tioetln of the fanner and
lila family. Hv prompt and fair dealing
we hope to receive in future, as in tlm
pant, a liberal Rliare of patronage.
Htm 1 he lii(!heHt market price paid
for liuttor, Kkkh and KowIh.
KepUiinhiir 11, 1H1KI. .
Farmers, Attention,
Hone hilt Hkillod laluir eillBltt!
lhohcHtof ,at,riul uh,,1. n,l
U Vtt UK n e o I , ' """" "ill KK I'd
work Ln..ir,iti.o,l ' ... .. "r ',r!,!,'K ftr 't rh low an tho lommt.
i . "T"w'hl"il. All M-nrIt !,.., U, Sn
l'.'O U LI, 11 II II' 1 I Ii. ,1.,, I...... 1 I
l" "iiiiuill (liuy,
All klllilH of
Suppiios Kept
ilonn iiroinjitly.
on Hand.
Dr. C. P. Sullivan,
OSWKflO, OltHflON.
1ISTS Dclwccn Portland aim
Oregon City,
Curry a full lino of
n ...
mm IiOAKE & CO., lriclm
bhOD. Rth anrl ;-! . L
i'" 7.tt.l.er.t?.. Oregon rifv. Oregon
" i IL' H A' A .... ii . . ' " w mr r -
AlhriKl,t'H Itutflif.r Simp.
iii.i;.i.i ttt.i.
Drayage & Expressing
Kruitht ami i,,i,....i.. .i i-
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