Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, June 19, 1891, Image 6

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KiUnlilcrs Arretted mul Mound (her.
Tlire aviii's ln fine their mum K
tilKtt Jone. Ommi Johnson ami Frank
iMaik, were rine-t.'d hy Chief ol IV.i.v
l'unlom Tiii'thl iv on ' eon-plaint of H.
Foster, tif Jim. i i.m Crty, lu i-hiini'.l
tlint tlie stole from him while in y
inn loker in the Hon Ton s.Uum, lliey
were lakon Ivforv J. km ice Fnnt lor
ticming, 1'iit lief ore tlio examination ua
Concluded, KoMi-rkim-eil out, Then in-
Father l!i:)etiraiiil t'ifM'iiletl With Hit i Tlio dtv council will meet a it ttoiml ! The ooiiimllteo iM'I'ointe.l ly !' Cini'
.., , .., i.i. . .i .. 1.....H r I nf ....nili.nl i. ill (..iii.ii i.,v i.v.iliin.r I nil,. In i-iiImi II lllllll 111 I'llV fl'I'tlll'M HOW i
' - I lnuia uniform. nit imotiinf
m. .inn n i .--nin. a ,., . . . Ki,-inn . of rwt timl. tit
vimlilijt her mother, Mr, Hitrn'r.
When F.itlier llilleluiiNd enlotcd the
hool hk iiimiI i lie umu! lime Ust 1 ri- Tlie t, t N. S. I'luti nave a verv in-
uv, l.e uoUceU s. in. -lllllll! lin.-llal HI Ihe r..l itur imrtv it (lie unn.ii v hull I'll,.
Iity evening.
UPlxaiiince el the a-cnililei ihiiiiU III
one part of the loom, and could Hot
eomprelicnd wlmt n the tain He
w. uvkoil hv one el tlieSixior to no into
hi adjoining nin, naturally exwlinn;
to tind miihc ti until ii)il awaitihti
liimnditnent, hut was most auvuhty
uiiim'l in ti'iilnii; an elegant uphol
formation was hied auainst the dvieiid- : l(.,Vl ,.mir Maudum in the loom. The
ntKfor KHmhliiHj. Jusiw-e Font honml ,,j,.,U coon Mlhered annind him when
them over to amiear Ix-toie the Itnml UihuiM I'miioI m.vlo Him followimr
jury in the mini of J.'iO em h, which they
promptly furnished. These putie lnd
recently arrived in town, mul were
evidentpy bunko sharps.
Series f IMsrnurseit.
The Kev. (iilman Parker, pas'or ol
the Baptist church, will ttive a coins of
four sermon on wlittt conslitu'ea tht
true trnct l "f a church. Iniiimiin
next Skrmhv niofiiinii Th stihjocts
will he:
Kiist "Sound Scriptural P.vtrine "
Second "A 1 1 iuli Average of t'hiisiian
Char acter is its Monihetslnp."
Thir.l "I'onseeiateil Aitivi'.y on
iSaiHtitie.l I'.nthnsi.ism "
Komth "S eiiilnUty."
T'ie rhureh is pio.vrin. i.'onver
sionsi anil hapMms o 'i-urin.' ovi y week.
Hie .snl.j,.i ef m t
ilisvontvv will he:
SuUstariix' in Kiotmis
S'le.l-.v e.
I' 1 11 ' s
r"eiir!li til ia',y at lii aier Civi k.
A muss iiutvinj; was i el.l ttl 1.1h.ii.!
Hus.'he-'' on June ! h ISi'l. nit-l ilei-iie.l
that we leli'liriite the K.mitii oi Jnlv at
the pi. me irnntn.ls ai K.l. Itniri.is '
The Mink; Amateur liriss l.attil was
employe. I f. r the itav, anil it nas aii'ee l
that they sIkhiI.I have the exe usive
rihttokep a ref'eshmeiil stand. H
Hiiirhes was atMH,in'el lo have the
ground pienaied ant Commissioner
M "enliku as apwinted to seleet a !
proper ora'or J. M. Ware was ajv j
potnteil as msr-hal of the day: Thomas
lhniels was aintited to luniisli voc.il
music; Mis Maiaret lliiirhes was it-!
jHjinied as decorator : and Kev. K. M. j
Jones. John Moellhke, Kev. f-tuhh, ;
Thomas Panielsand Kev J. C Sylvanns !
were a iHiiute.l to prepan1 the program
Kveryhody is invitt d and don't forj.vt ,
your lunch haskets
1. W. Jamks, Chairm in J
Jous Wilson Secretary. I
invsentation ad.lrss :
Kkv. KaviukA. Hili.khh.ni,Hkiovki)
I'astok: t hat levling ol joy ami ttrati
tude till our youihful heat t, foday, as
weasemhle here to coni;ta,ltlitJ you
lU'v. and IH'ar Father lo th joyous
feast which has ahout downed iihui us.
l the Kvo. of Hie least of St. Antony
Your Holv l atron, we the pupils of St.
John's Si liool tender to you our most I
heaity congratulations I relict lmvinr
l en di-t:iiiiu:shisl with the lienor of
1 addii siim you, as 1 It ive not snlliciont
el .tli nee loexptess the deep sentiment
of the iieaits of your n alclui children.
I F-aj-i'ily have e nw.'.ited the dawn of
i tins day which utl'.'rds us an opportunity
t toexteirt to von our most foe hie thanks
for the many hetietits which have hen
bestowe.) upon us i. jour o ini; eaie,
: and for hich we shall ever feel indebted
to you
Would thai in apt'toptiite words we
' cou'd exi're-s our appreciation ot the
' ccat .lite est on t.ik" iti our school,
j where w." are not only educated, in order
i that We in. .v honorali'V t'alliil the dupes
: of ttos lite, hut whore we ioe also in
structed hi our holy religion, whi. i
prepares us for a happier hie beyond flie
, irraie, where an evenasniu tflory awaits
: us.
; On-e mote 1'clovcd Faster we tender
' to vou our heartfelt 'hanks, for the love
I jou cherish for each one of ns
I May your v'torious pastor. St Anlonv
'obf lin for you Hod's blessing, worthy
! father Oh! did not words fail us in
I expiessinir our sentiments of gratitude.
I Thanks, a thousand thaniss to yon
j dearest fa' her. It is our sincere w ish
! 'id earnest prayer that thnl may span.
you loi' ni on earth, that you live lo
see stili in oiy happy letiirns ot this day
and that his choicest hlessiln.'S may de
scend upon yon, our (beloved father, our
friend and mi' plide.
1'mi.sor Sr Johns Soiiool.
Mr. Allied Ueatio, now sutdyinn den
tistry with his hrotlmr at IVndle'on, is
in the city visiting ivlatives.
Tlu (HHiple of West Ouajotl I'it.V r
makitiK activo pre(!arntion (or the
Fourth of July colehration, and will
make an oll'oit to soeuro the Osw to
Itritss Hand.
The old Oieijon Tity Hand is roorxan
Uinir, and ill (jive somtt tmhlii conecrta
aHni, A fomplnto list ol the memhera
will ap)ear next week.
Mr. W. 11. Howell, suiiniendpnt of
the water worka.ia very luisy with a foree
of men enlendinu new pie lines inau
jjurated hy the w ater commission.
A sociable, with Mrawherrv short
cake, will lie itiven hv the Mountain
View Sunday school this ovenim.', l the
church i:: that place. Fer hoily invited,
liootl sidewalk all the way.
Thayer A Alden oil',
a one stx-imrse power
at a haiuiiin
tract ion engine
and separator. Has only been uetl two ; (. Inamati lo
e..rs and is in iro.si repair. Wood saw i
noes w ith it. I' ice, Kit. It
with (air:
i . . ... .. 1
success, l lie lollowtnu m'tiiteineu "live ;
donaled each: ll. A. Ilatdmu,!
Julius l.onns.T. I. t'harman ami M. y.
Stralton. liev. A. Hillehvaud, J T.
Appcison, II II Johnson, W. t'aiey
Johnson, Fat t'oibeit, and t', I', l.itioui
ette eiieh conttibiiied I0, while thcie me
nuuieroiis sinallel' subsci ipllons II.
F, tiuillixon v t'n , of Foitlaml, scnl i
a check of F-tMd t'apt. K. S, Waiieu,
as t'icir contrihutioti to the fund
tin Sunday July 'JS, mass will he held
at the Catholic chinch at III o'clock a.
in., instead of I0:,'ill, Fleveil children
will receive llrst conimunlon on Ihal day,
ami will he escorted lu the church liom
St. John's schiKil hy the children ami
Hie society ol t'atholic Kuittht. The
public ate Invlliil to wituesa the iKre
uionleH fJMr. Ai V. Si liwan, who condncla the
tin and pluinlnnn estahlishnient in the
old Methodist church on Seventh slreol,
is pirvarvd to do alt kinds of plmnhluK,
tin roolint?, mauufactiiie window blinds,
do all kinds ol repiiirinu at lowest rates.
l, S. Itellouiv h just received ft new
supply of furniture, tinware and notions,
the and leu cent counter ds etc, Foi
hut'iMius in new and second bun. I uoo.K
itotothe Second Hand store, opposite
lilmk, .1
Bargains. Bargains
a .... M
All nw slvlcs (or lah". "' ''';'
childien, liiiu d ami ;utittlmme.l, . '
percenl. less than I'm Hand or O'W't
City prices. AIoahne assort uu-nt t
men's an I tan s Mummer Hat".
Just received- Is'tfe II '
misses and children shoe", whlth we
aiesellni)! at (ar below regular pi Ices,
No cheap u.ioils- till beil mti inU.
AslJ 1
HOHll f
Ihirlinutoii Fiil III,,. , (r ):
II, I, ell, Fmill thliteeii tt
AI'K 01
11 or
lin. ni. i.
. if AvHI
III lt..ii;
We aiu now wlliim
1A pounds ittaunlnled UKr,
IS pounds evils C suuar, .
Ill pounds tloldett l" miKnr,
(iivo u a tn II iwhI Htitisfy ymirKt-lvpH
S tin
l.il! Ill I
,1, ,.
' ijtHi'.
UI ds
, willi tttir priiTS. K".:
t.i Hi it
HmnihiMi &-Weshhi
BBtllllli w' - - w"i
last. on, formerly the Ore
base ball chin dul not
jios here last ,iiidav on
i iiui hlv comlili.in ol the
d bv the late lams.
Jolia Fitch, orSinackiille. t'atnmiis
Incest With His Ihiu-rhfrr mul
Kscapes to Frt hind.
Fmm Mr. John KoWrtson. the con
tnotor. who had just returned from
Hillsboro and Stui. kville, the particulars
are learned of an urni-aMy inhuman rase
of outrage peier.ttei( at Srnockville
One John Fitch has for two inontns
comis-lled his little 9-year-old step
daughter to submit to continued criminal
aussalts. Mrs Firth, it appears, is in
poor health ami has been away from
home all this time. When the crime
became known Fitch was r.iken to Hills
boro and placed under $:!.V) bonds, which
an acquaintance furnished. When
Fiteh obtained his liberty and the com
munity became nprised of his crime
indignation ros" to such pitch that he
was forced to fly for safety. He accord
ingly came down to I'ortlarid, heinjt
followed hv his bondsman, w ho want to
get him back to stand trial.
The little uirl is beim; kindly cared
for by Mrs Win. Bailey, wife of the
superintendent of the Fortiand l'res-ed
Brick Company.
! .V Large h ick H'nek to he Kn cteil
J in Ore;mi ( ily.
! Arranp-iiients rue partially completed
for Ihe e'etion of a one-story brick
: bl.s k to extend from the Commercial
' Hank alonu' Main street to Filth, haviint
la front.p.'e o( 110 feet, and will extend
j back 7-'i feet. The buil.lititf will he con
struoled jointly hy the Commercial
! Hank, ti, A. Ilardim: and Held Hand,
i:f I'ortland. The buildimt will have a
modern front with ulate glass. The
completion of the huilditii w ill be n val
uable uildition to Oregon City. Messrs.
Wineset A Scripture have leased ground
lor shops between Treinbath's saloon
and thcir.in works, and willerei-t a new
bnilling 'Pie venerable landmarks
now occupied by them w ill be removed
to make room for the new brick.
The ground on which the structure is
to be erected, is partly owned by the
Commercial Hank, and the remainder
by Mrs. Mary Harlow and Heiij. Hand.
Flag F.ntertuliimcnt.
An interesting program has la-en ar-
The t ileal I
;..ti I'llv, jr.,
pl.iy Ihe Hsw
ac. oii"l ol" tin
grounds cause
Mr C. ti Huntley has I. mil up a flour
ishimi bu-.incss In Ihe line of books,
stationery, peiiodicals, notions and Cig
ars hv keeping only Ihe and latest pi
din tions, and selling llicni al a icason
able pine.
Mr. T. W. Clatk st ites that the Sal
vation army of Portland, have made ap
plication for the lower room of ttie
armory building, and ottered to put up
Ihe money for a longtime lease. He
has not yet fully decided to let them
have it.
The graduating exercises of the I'ort
land Business College will he held at the
M,s, Stinkier, of Salem, f.unieily of!
this city, went in San Fianci-c.i this;
week to meet her sister. Mi" t'r.. v,
w In, has been iittciiiling a coiimm vaioty ;
of music in the nasi.
Mr. Julius Freylag ntd family leave ;
this week for Ansliii, lYxaa. wheielhei :
bae prvpoily iriteusle. ThcJ ate as!
yet undecided' whether they w id iciiiairi I
there or not. s
Mr. Arthur Hhsk. of Milwaukie, is
ol I Ihe live ager.is loi iiik . M r m
I'lilsK. Hiiring Ihe Past Wi'ek
senl in a new subscriber
da v.
Kev. tl. W, tiilainev slatted Monday
for a visit to his parents in Indiana, i
His pulpit will he tilled next Sunday by I
Hev. Wm, Travis, ol Fast I'orlalid.
All Woodmen an- ex'cted to be In j
alien. lance at their hall on lues.luv
,tir 0s.li
iri, I
f rt. . .
r"iii(. i
t "I 1
Now I
.. ,, . . i i-r i ... .... I,,,,,. i .,,,.i
KlVo it I' till cMot k l'l I I ''"I Him I HUM
tvnilitiV. Iltcir St'S K CIIIHtm-l s
nil 1. 1, ct r.ii
he hii"
tliuiMt every
r'llttll lllL', (Villllir. Itllstll
i'lt kt ls mul Pliiirii'.lnil StiitT.
l irm
mi . w "
fttti fil!
in, a i,
I) si'ion
a J.ii.n.
i ltd nil irnitlcH r uit'ssfd I n iitber.""" J
t Ml Hr
Oil, Jutt
, I'M
If, T ,
Sjucial I'.ills Cut.
Ill i
Semi in ymr oflcis U fore the fairing n "otw"
n.in, Ju
" " l.
ii 1, (o
tr. u i
li, 0
imsit, i
ami 4 I
He, Vim
I, !
of, A I
-r. J t), I
', & mi, 1 1
loll. II
. f
Upr. ins
ji SffP
lli t. I
Ilik'h School building thisevening. Two ; ,neniug, ol next week, as biisim ss el
of Oregon ( itv's young ladies, Misses
Hattie A. Cochrane and Annie lirahani,
w ill graduate in stenography and typewriting.
The society for the iinMiitation of use
till singing birds at I'ortland, have
caused to he distributed large Mwter j
with copy of the act passed hy the last j
legislature for their protection I tie considered, chcaer than
ihos win nave io im can ini now ttiey ; (ir .gi.u City
Kill song nir is in inn itrure.
iniHirtance is lo be trausacied
Miss I. F. Hardesty ami W, 11 Soics j
both of Cluckamas county, were married j
in this city Wednesday evening, Justice i
Fouls olliciating, 1
Chartnaii A Son are paying the h.gli.-t
price for wasil, and selling goods, ipiahty '
anv sloie In
' rangeif for the rlag Kntertaininent at
' the West Side Oregon City scIk1 to-
1 j morrow evening Addresses will be
Death of Thomas keele. iad hv Suisrintendent Thomson, K.
Last October Mr. Skeede and bis wtfe I M. Kands, Ksip Interesting dialogues,
came to Oregon to make their home with ' dramas, recitations and instrumental
Mrs Crowley and Mrs. Katon, their music will fie piesented, participated
daughter and" grand child. At the time in by the teachers and pupils of the
of liig departure from Kockford III. .which j school un.. a number of Oregon City
place had teen his home for forty-four j people. This will he the most interest
vears. Mr. Skeede was quite feeble in i ing entertainment given in the vicinity
body and mind His physical health ', of Oregon City for a long time. All who
was" greatly benefitted bv the change ' do not attend will miss a good thing.
and tin to a few days befor his death he I Hie admission is onlv 15 cents, ar.d the
When the news of the result of the
I'ortland city election liecame know n at
The Dalles, tile Chronicle sell! the fol
low ing dispa'ca to the Oregoiiian : "We
congratulate the Oiegoman on the - do
feat of hossistu in i'oitlaml. Hoaaiam is
scaled in The I'alles "
Mr. C A. Holstrom brought to this
ollice Wednesday, a specimen of sand- j son paying the costs
stone found on his farm on the Aber
iiathy near this city It has the apear
alloc of being suitable for building pur
poses, and a Iwenry-fiKil ledge is in
sight This specimen is added to This
F.vrKtii'itisK collection.
License to marry was issued by
County Chok Johnou this week to Iora
j F. timer and M. s tir.tybilt.
Cheapest : in
(iissl plastering and bricklaying and !
for sale cheap Apply at iiotlii e. !
M ilwaukie, Oiegon. i
The case of assault against A, W. 1
France lias been settled, Mrs. I'onalil-1
Oi'lt'tx ti'"iit il' country j-riiiiiptly lilltl.
i. i
0 , !
(,-. 4 0
tl -i
n. 1 ti
. If- .
art ..I 1
11, 1
Near Mn"u&
Miss Ada Hiig.es, of this city, is
visiting relatives and friends in .salem
this week.
ate his meals w ith appetite and regular
ity. Sunday alternoon June 7th he sus
tained a slight paralytic shock and
passed into an uiconcoue state, in which
he remiined until half past nine Thurs
day morning, when he gently breathed
his last.
Mr. Skeede leaves bin wife and only
daughter, Mrs. Crowley, now making
their home with Mr. Katon, also two
sons, one residing in Oklahama, the
other iu Missouri, the latter, .Mr. Jud
son Skeede was able to lie present at the
funeral of his father. A delay in the
receipt of the leleg'am prevented an
earlier arrival.
While his family were making pre
parations to remove to a more suitable
climate for their health, Dear Grandpa
passed to that beautiful country "Whose
inhabitant shall no more say, I am hi.-k."
" How blest the righteous when they
die." M. M. II.
proceeds will be applied to a
, fund to purchase a fh-.g tor
school house.
fund to
the new
I Ihiuiloti, the (Jrent Summer Besot.
' Mr A. J. II ickett, well and favorably
j know n to all the old residents of Oregon
U'ity. is now manager of the Haridon
i Land Company, has returned to the city,
I and established an cilice in Charnian
i Hros. block. He is selling lots at Ban
jdon, whir l: is rapidly becoming the
j greatest summer resorti n Western Ore
i gon, at the astonishing low price of $2
: each.
i The follow ing well known Oreuon City
i people have bought property at Handon :
'N.O Waldon. J. M. Hroderick, T. I..
Charnian, ( has. C H'ibcock, Geo. W.
McCarver, Mrry K. McCarver and J. H.
Mr J. I'. Crocker, the enterprising
proprietor of the Mouniiiin Hluil Meat
Market, in addition to his constant sup
ply of fresh meats, keeps in st.a-k
ti u ii lis, bacon, lard, butter, eggs, cheese,
etc. His shop is conveniently situated
on the hluir at the head of the stairs
on Seventh street. j
.a spienoiu program mis neen ar
ranged for the Flag entertainment to b
given at the west side Oregon City
schiMil Saturday evening. Kveryhody
should go and spend an enjoyable even
ing. The admission is only 1.1 cents.
The teachers, l'rof. S. A. I), (iiirley and
Miss Haird are sparing no pains to make
it enter, aitiing.
Although the weather was very un
favorable and prevented many from go
ing, the excursion to HunneviHe last
Saturday given by the Willamette
cornet bind was a very pleasant alfair,
' and everybody renoris havimr hail n
glorious jolly time. It is very much re- j Rcivjcd a i . . Ri Arif--MITW
gretted that the bad wealhe: caused VatlNtKAL DLAOKoMlTH
financial loss to the hand
Bis rr I
Absolute l'lirity. Careful !iaN'iiing.
I'rescriptions Filled by Competent
Toilet Articles. I'erfmnery. Fine Cigars.
Grand Or?nn Concert.
There will be a grand organ and vocal
concert at the Congregational church on
Friday evening June 2bth.
The new Vocation organ or lered by
the Chiistian Krideavoi society of the
Congregational church has arrived.
The Vocalion is a new invention in the
line of church organs Its inventor baa
expended two thousand dollars in pei
fecting the instrument and thus has
produced what competent judges pro
nounce the best thing ever put on the
market in the line oi church organs at a
medium cost. Its capacity and quality
of tone being equal to that of a pipe
organ of do" ble its cost. Arrangements
have been made tor introducing this new
instrument to the people of Oregon City
with a grand musical reception at which
Mr. Hoyt, of Portland, an accomplished
player of pipe organs will exhibit the
qualities of the instrument in his render
ing of several selections.
For the vocal part of the program the
tenor and basssingers in a male quartete
which is soon to give a vocal concert at
the Marquarn Grand, in I'ortland, have
been secured, also the quartette choir of
ttie congregational cnurcti or rortlaml
Oregon City will be represented in the
program by Borne of its best musical
talent, and no pains will be spared to
make this entertainment a rare treat
and one of the very best and most en
joyable the people of Oregon City have
had theopportimity of attending. The
management of this concert is such as to
render almost the entire proceeds there
from available for making an additional
payment on the organ so that those who
attend will have beside the rare enjoy
ment of the occasion the satisfaction of
making a permanent investment of their
money for the good of the town. Ixrt
every body come and bring their friends.
Brief FurugritpliH of u Local mill Gen
eral Nature.
Miss Antonia Miller, of Albany, is in
city, the guest of Misses Logus.
Fresh Wilhoit on hand constantly at
E. G Caufield's pharmacy, five cents per
A good assortment of milinery goods
at I'ark Place Cash Store far below
Fori land prices.
Mrs N. Dolman, postmistress, of St.
Helens, was in tne city this week visit
ing relatives.
Fortiand, was
the guest of
Miss Carrie Lilley, of
in the city over Sunday,
Miss Marv Convern.
Master Freddie Charnian
Saletn over Sunday, the guest
aunt, Miss Azale Cochrane.
was in
of his
Mr. B. F. Giltner, assistant secretary
of state, was in Oregon City Sunday the
guest of Hon. T, A. McBride.
Mr. 0. E. A. Frevtag, the live grocer,
announces that he has a large stock of
fruit jars, which will be sold cheap.
A lot of plants are on sale at Liver
rnore's hotel from the Oregon City Green
House. Leave orders there for cut
Go to Charman & Son, and examine
the immense stock of summer goods,
luce and fancy hats in great variety.
Ladies' summer jackets for $1.
The funeral of George W. Walling, of
Oswego, whose rt mains were interred
in the Masonic cemetery at this place
last Friday, was largely attended, The
funeral was conducted under the aust
pices of Multnomah Lodge, No. 1, o-
Uiia city.
It is now evidently certain that more
factories and mills w ill he erected in Or
egon City. Surveyors have been at
work during the past few days taking
measurements of water facilities and
sites, and Ihe land proprietors will he
enabled to nnderstandiiigly nllcr favora
ble inducement, to manufacturers for
free power and sites.
An important contest case has been be
fore the hind ollice all the week The
contest was brought against Lew F
Melcalf by John McCallen, an:! is for l(i()
acres of valuable titiila'r land near Hri- I
dal veil. Messrs. jturney A I,raper, as-'
sisted by J. C. Brownell, are attorneys'
for McCallen, while lirockenhrongh &
Cow ing represent Metcalf . The case is
only about half through.
lion. J. T. Apperson attended the
State World's Columbian Kxposition
convention held at I'ortland Wednesday,
lie stated that as only three or foiir
counties were represented, alter some
discussion, it was decided to turn the
whole matter over to the State Hoard of
Commerce, who will make the necessay
Shop In the rear ol Pope's Hardware sin
Oregon City, Oregon,
A suggestion : If you are troubled
with ibetimatisin or a lame back, allow
us to suggest that yon try the following
simple remedy : Take a niece of flannel
the size of the two hands, saturate it
with Chamberlain'sFain Halm and bind
it ovcr tire seat of your pain. It will
produce a pleasant warmth and relieye
yon of all pain. Many severe cases
have been cured in this way. The l'ain
Halsatn can be obtained from G, A.
Harding. Druggist.
Among those who attended the inter
esting festivities of the I'ioneer Associa
tion at Portland this week were, Judge
J. W. Meldrum, Capt. J. T. Apperson,
Hon. W. Cary Johnson, Mr. Klliott,
Mark Hatton, Mr. Kisley, Mr. Winston,
of Damascus. Mrs. F. Cochrane, and
Mrs. II. L. Kelly, were the only ladies
present from this vicinity. All report
the Nineteenth Annual Kniinion a grant!
success, and speak highly of the speeches
of Lydell Hakerand George II. JSurnett,
anil the poem read by Col. Robert A.
Miller. The banquet, with its opportu
nities for social conversation was an in-
I teresting feature.
Great Reduction
Cabinet Photographs
f AT
Tliwaite's ,
167 Klrst Ktrect, Itct. Kiirrlson ami Yamhill.
F. L. Posson&Son,
General Agts. for D. M. Ferry & Co's
Of All Designs, From tho Smallest
Clxild's Cmjxir-
To tho Largest
Patent Hot-kin: ('liuirs of m at ami mll'V
rated and Wood-sent 'hairs; Pam-v Heed
seat ami laek Pininj: and Library Chair.
MO Tl,l.,l Clru.l D"vi i ri rifl
rrg lllllll u h.iiim -'vptJ
I I ti'H
t o. e.
dii, U"
Hti Ul
krr. hm
trr . I
)ltl, An
I 4 .
I. J
kitinn &
t, W n.-r
h a Fr
. . . lnt!
lleSI'M)!': .I"'!
tit j"t'
and i at.-o. W'
a.i r,
l., A
r ij uf
tit, J.
n. a w
We also carry a eoinjilete line of Mattresses Vm?.T.,i
Yum, Coil Spring ; I'.ox ami Tup made to order. WuiJSlW!
wire, two ami thr nlv, of all sizes ; HedsteadV I.our..C!u
Cots, Ktc., Ktc. sr."r
Warren to Ilolman. I1,!.'
1 1 . t
icirii .
ji.t.ii. :
l'C, J
k,x I.
"I. Wli
t I t .r
i i' ii.
Mirrors, Fratnes. Pietnres. P.rie-a-bra
.iitfrttviiif:, lliclunj-s, ,.e.
Arlington Bui'
m r.
Oregon Picture Frame Coinpa:!
108 Third Streot, Portland.
funnier l,y timil or Inuit .r"iii.lv lllli il.
IJce Keepers' Supplies.
We want you for a customer. Give us
a trial order.
F. L. Posson & Son,
209 2d St., Portland, Or.
Successors to Miller Bros.
Catalogue Fr
Garden Seed.
OrH, Clover and all kinda of
Trees, Bulln, Pcrtilizcrs, etc.
t i , r i
lur. Mm
f (Ii
7.'i hC
or. h
. M'f. .
pure mucr rirr w:
. w I ij iviuuiw ot. uuo ,v'iii..ui,n
DiMlrm In
l T A A
Fine Perfamerles and Toilet Articles.
AIo a lull Ktock nf
The eadinr rhotojrrapluT o
All kinds of FISH and I'OKlt
'H'l u.T'V-
fiimivin. t
- .. !'. io. t
'J'liiirr.nny mul Friday). "oll'vlilMa,
hoi.Klit anil .old. ufJu'
il'l'naiTK rom A ro, it)'" It n, r ft .
fili.ti, 1'r
fcri'ln Kt
l l.lk HI
Wlull, V
in. t it
Wvll. 11
- Itrniim
: we in km at
t'lioli'ii Suit Water FUli,
'1 liiirimiivn mul Friday).
lioiiKlitaud unlit
il'l'naiTK foHI A ro,
' 1 !1
leairiiitf Wood Titmn''
torna, Jirueketn, w ll l' ""1
inns, 'I'll.
Will he Hulled by Culling V
and "i . .
Shop Carpenters V
Doors, Windows