Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, May 15, 1891, Image 2

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HIE enterprise:
ubllnher mud lrtrlrUr.
Rkah what lh Mink corrciHndcnt h
to mm- rvKiinlinit roads, lie advocate th
name method of road work adopted thtiaea
on by (lie aiirvior of ll Clackamas
road district, TUt matter should be
ted until belter methods ot road work are
Cxhsy Is taking front rnuk in the pro'
perona town of Clackamas eo-mty, and linn
organiced board.of trade, that Iim a nim
bcrshlp of over fifty. Tin ii a movt in Ui
right direction. A welt regulated board of
trad ran do more to advance th Interests
of a town in a general way than van be ao-
ctmii i-ltnlitsj by any other method. Tli
namea o( the ritiaene who inaugurated (Ida
organisation at Candy i a euttlotent guar
antee that it will be conducted on buainea
principles. . ,
Tut Klickitat Leader saja there wr
three cliHttol mortgages recorded in Golden
dale against the famous shoe shop at North
Oiilles, which was foreclosed, and the shop
and machinery were old by the sheriff on
May Itli. II n,l lint establishment located
in Oregon City, where rate of Iransporla
lion are reasonable, and in the immediate
vicinity of a great commercial" canter, It
would have flourished as other institutions
of an industrial nature have flourished here.
Titit EdTRttriuai lakes )ride in calling
me uueuiion or its readers to the general
prosperity and prugresa of Clackamas county
ml Oregon City. This journal ha been
enlarged to eight vage to meet the demands
ol this section and its patrons; and 4hia
number is issued as a special industrial
number, showing the Inducements offered
ttj capitalist and manufacture, and tlie
advantage offered to farmer and fruit
rair who desire to purchase lands or
email tracts. Tun RimitrKtsK is now
printed on paper manufactured in Oregon
Uly out of Orvgon white fr, a fact in which
it feels justified in cmwlmr .l,i,i ti;
iourtiul has the beat corps of country corres
pondents of any paHT in the Northwest,
wid tins number is the best advertisement
yo can send to friends in the Fast. Any
one desiring information alxmt Oregon City
or Cla.-kamas county should address the
secretary of the Oregon City Hoard ol Trade
Tiiiaais much complaint regarding the
OV..Mtion oft'ie roads leading into Oregon
City from every direction. The citiaensof
Ouyo.i City must arouse to the necessity ot
bettering this condition of things, or trading
jaaiiits outside of the county will reap the
otticm. nvo counties on each aide ol the
tik'kaiuas are competing tor the trade of
Me outside precincts of Clackamas couutv,
(1 they offer the inducement of better
rls than can le found by coining to Ore-
Man ity. I'eople residing on the upper
ewekumas, f-pmigwutcr, a:ul Kiiuts contig-
uejns to Mariotfcoiiuty, all preter coining to
iev f:ty as a trailing center; but they can-
1c blamed for going elsewhere when the
auditions of our toads are such thai they
i t,: be tmvvled with comfort, and utterly
i possible to haul heavy loads of produce
t market. Some system must Is- a loptcd
vfcerchy the roads leading to this city can
i Improved and kept in that condition.
'lo great trouble prevalent throughout the
i'.n ty is that there is no universal system
vi road work. A road supervisor is up
yeinte.1 for one year, warns his ncighlrs
tt and gets v hat litrle work he can out of
'Wmii, the majority of whom leisurely put
ia their tiuke to get their road tax worked
out. The supervisor then adopts a system
. roat work which he considers the best
;-a-i of niakir.e a road th.it will
te miuiremenis of the public, when next I
year another s:iHTis,ir is unpointed who
. wio;-t adherent method oi'road work, and j
und-esthe lalr put on the tlioroughnire
by the t'oi'n:tr Mi;er.i.r. rsi,l,. :.; I
the laiT in many instances on the r.j.ul is
luisaiisliictory lor reasons ubove meutioued,
Ithoujh this is nofarilt of the road super
visor. It would tie a matter of economy to
thetaxpaye- iind lanuer if the road lav
was everywhere paid in money, as it voi:j I ftn"i-,lMU'y of the money market is loosen-m-iire
much better roa Is, as the pro lueer j Yl'rilJ' lllia will lie the golden year of
would save many dollars in the wear ami ' i'rol Vri,.v lor Clackamas county, as well as
tear of horse Mesh, vehicles, haul larger i tll? bl,lu"w ot Wcstcriqiregun.
freight to market, to sav nothingof the com. !
fortof driving on 5olh, gmwth tU. It AlU)irii'UI' tUl Vl t K"'S.
Would even he a matter of great economy ; Timber Grove.
tlicm in this way, if the pro rata of mad j J. T. Grace's 11 months old baby had his
fci was do-.Jiied. (iuo I roads a Id to the : thumb cut oil at the first joint, and his first
wealth of a community, as nothing else ; finger is badly injured. Mrs Iloal and Mrs.
can. 'Ihey are the great rivilizers of the 1 K.lgecomb bound up the wound nicely,
wintry, and good roads are attracting the I The babv's four vear old brother was cliol.-
Mrftrtiiti,,,, ..r K I. - 1! . . 1
' ,,":,'1oKeuucaiorsoltheiia-;ping with an ae, and the child crawled
Tun f.'-Vfl appropriated by Congress
for the naval militia, doe not become
available until July, when an e.piitablo
division of this sum among the various
stales entitled to a share in it will I an
nounced. The money will he devoted to
the purchase ot the necessary equipment.
New Yirk, like Massachusetts, has already
made a demand for an allotment, and
is already trying to organiae a good force of
citiien silors. Where doe the Pacific
coast come in on this appropriation.
L. .
It is high time something was being done
toward opening the Willamette river fori
navigation. The boards of trade through
out t lie valley, and the newspapers should
advocate a waterway convention to lie held
at some convenient point, so that a plan ot
united action could be adopted. This is a
mailer of great iiuporUnce, and demands
prompt attention from the entire Willam
ette valley. The" cost would lie small to
open the entire river from Portland to Al
bany and Corvallis, so that the stream
would be navigable for boala all the year,
if distributed pro rata among the towns of
the vallcv.
A Vine .wuiictn Hotel to be lltillt at
Once. Prominent People litter'
estetilti the New Tow a,
Tint outlook for Clackamas county this
eason is very hopefur, and the agricultural
community will no doubt reap a harvest ol
hekels as well a crops. Grain and lions
will both bring a good price, and present
prospects indicate a bountiful yield. The
lateness of the spring season lias given the
I budding fruit trees a fair start, ami they are
I past all danger by frost. The spring show
I ers have had a potent eil'ect on the grass,
' iin.t it..L- II, r,,..u ...... ...II;.,.. r.. ...i.:l..
.... ., , i ...iv ,,i v i ,111 1 iiu iol n line i . ,
i , , ... , ... and replace therein
tlie ll.-l l l'1-ll!, IVlll lA l,,P,,,.,,,a u.,.1 t ).., 1 1
etable products will not fall behind cereals
in a thrifty yield. Wool is up, and the
Tin: m-eition ol in inigrati.,n from for
eign countries to the I'nited States is becom
ing a matter Of portentous importance to
the nation. There exists vast dillerence
iu Ithe classes and atandard of the people
who are ticking i0 !,(. .horcs in great
ordtt Among those who make desir
oie citizens, and quickly assimilate
with us as a people are the English, Irish,
Scotch, Norwegians, Swedes, and the bet
ter classes of the Germans. The people
above mentioned are intelligent, industri
ous, and become part and parcel of our
country. But with all these there is a large
class of undesirable immigration that is
sapping the very life blood of the nation,
ami sowing the seeds of anarchy, distrust
and disintegration broadcast, that will prove
a menace to our free institutions unless
checked. There mnst be a line of demar
cation established, or these I'hited States of
Amyica w ill reap the whirlwind. The in
vestigations of the New Orleans jury have
demonstrated that the very elements of dan
ger exist to an absolute certainty. Those
nations that use this as a dumping ground
Sir their paupers, felons, lunatics, and con
tract laborers, must be given to understand
this class of immigration is not wanted,
even if this is a free country. Thousands
of Swedes, Norwegians, and the better class
of Germans have come during the last forty
years, who have taken up and reclaimed
our waste lands, made good homes, and ac
cumulated wealth for themselves and the
country. To such as these the open band
(it welcome should be extended.
Bakes county's indebtedness, as recently
published in the Baker City Blade, includ
ing accrued interest on outstanding war
rants on March 31st, was $153,600.68. There
is in the treasury of the county $4000 in
case. $25,000 in Malheur and Union county
warrants, and with current and delinquent
taxes her available resources foot up $70,
400.41. Baker is one of the wealthiest coun
ties of the inland am pire, yet her actual in-
debtedness foots upward of $80,000. Ye
kickers about the insignificant indebtedness
of Clackamas, County 1 How do these fig
ures strike your craniums? With $20,000
Ions by reason of heavy floods, and tlie build
ing of an expensive susiiension bridge across
the Willamette, Clackamas county has only
. hi actual indebtedness of about $40,000, and
and another year will reduce that figure at
least one-half, with no expensive criminal
acB or heavy freshets to carry away bridges.
along and the axe ca ne down and made the
terrible wound. Mr. Gran' was away from
Mrs. hd. Lower is on the sick list this
week, but is better now.
William Lamb is clearing for Buckner.
Timber burns well here now.
A special meeting of the school district
was heldand the site of the chool house
removed south of the section line.
Grain looks well in this vicinity, but squir
rels are bad this spring. '
J. F..01sen has finished planting ids po
tatoes. -
0. J. Hoal is busy making shingles.
Mr. Cosper has a two-acre field cleared and
W. C. Buckner's cow brought forth a calf
that weighs 80 pounds.
Mrs. Lower has a son that was born on
the Tth of May.
A lakoe number of delegates were iu the
city las-t week attending the Baptist State
Convention of the Young People's Society.
There are umny points of interest in and
around Oregon City that alw ays attract the
attention of visitors. This place has the ad
vantage of any other in the state for gath
erings of this kind, and our people are noted
for their hospitality. u
From Oswego.
Cat fish are plentiful now. It is a com
mon sight to see large strings of them that
have been caught by the small boys of this
Mr. D. Monk has been visiting his grand
son at Springbrook for a few days.
Harry O'Brien has gone to bis home near
Newburg for awhile.
Ist Sunday was one'of great excitement
to the Oswegoites. The Second Nine base
ball club, and tlie small boys' nine played a
game of ball of five innings. The victory
was in favor of the small boys, which will be
the Second Nine.
The first nine will play a club from Port
land next Sunday.
The Millwankieband boys made a call on
the village band last 8unday afternoon in
return of a visit made them by tlie boys
here about two weeks ago. Come again,
There will be a dance next Friday even
ing, May lh, at Prosser's hall. Come one,
come all.
E. L. JJav.idson has quit the druggist busi
ness and is catching cat fish now.
Thetemjierance lecture last Sunday night
at the M. E. church, by Mrs. Stevens, waa
grand. About forty signed' the pledge after
the lecture.
There will bean excursion Saturday, May
16th, given by the Sunday school of Oswe
go, Sellwood andMilwaukie, to Multnomah
Falls. A god time i anticipated.
Mr. T. Worthington and family were vis
iting J. C. Haines and Mrs. O Brien'i last
The wife and child of Karl Marks arrived
last Friday evening from Lebanon, Penn
sylvania. Miss Etta Cook, of McMinnville, is visit
ing her uncle, G. W. Prosser.
Mr. A. Maloney and wife wiil leave for
California in a few days. They expect to
make that their future home. Helen.
Mr. Wllllnini baa places! the order for tl
lumber tor bin new hotel. Soon as the lum
ber is on th ground a large force of crn
tvra will go to work on it, and alio will go
Bp In a hurry, ,
ltnw roi tni "Oaklt Hu.i.."-Muy
blda were put in. for the (trading of the
Oakley hill. The contract waa awarded to
Mr. Peek, who was the lowest reapnuilhlt
bidder. When the grade on this hill l
completed It will give a county road from
Wllhoit Springs to Harlow's which will have
no superior In the atnte.
SmawAiM lUruu.t Hmn Laid.-No
that the roada are again good lumber la be
ing hauled a rapidly as caix tie cut. Quite
a strip baa been laid, and many thousand
feet have tieen contracted to be put down
at once. i
ltt'tt PINll CoMXKNCKIl IN RvHNKsT.- Mr,
John Zeek put five carpenter to work on
his building last Tuesday, The building Is
to lie 40xi 0, and (wo stories. Mr. Zuck says
he will liavciteompleteM In short order.
Or a Tew Ktam isiiimu jTt.r with
Phomixkxt OfTmna Paori.a.-Mr, D. W.
fmith, a Port Townsend banker, w here
last week looking over the situation of our
new tow,n. Mr. Smith has been all over the
Willamette valley looking for investment,
and after a carvAil examination of all the
IKiints divided that Harlow Mueisd the
greatest inducements. Mr. Smith mads a
caretul view of 11 llmt great country tribu
tary to us, and y greatly pleased with bis
Poktlami Cu'iTxusT,. or tun Km or
Coiimtt a il u'i air, W iiotanxLi Ouockkii.
lion. I'onald Macleay, of Portland, will
be here thia week, ile coniits to nU k out 11
tract Uhiii which he w ill build a maguilhenl
summer house,
Oks.kis CtTt Visitor. MLa Kaile U'
Orsey and Misa Annie lihnde were ililrs
to lira. Harlow's last HuuJay.
Goisu to Dflsa.-lr. and klr, Wil
liam Barlow will leave for lHinrer ueit
Tuesday to vNit their daughter, Mrs. ti. A.
Shcppard. Tliej expect to remain about
four weeks.
Nsw Station A. .int.-Mr. Charles !'
I.aslimuil bus succeeded Mr. John Sims as
station agent. Mr. I1, will act as agent,
and also as telegraph orator.
PitriTios roa Post Orrtra. A petition
was forwarded this week to Postmaster Gen
eral Wannamaker for a (Hist ofllcc at this
Hiint. The petition had over one hundred
names of legal voters.
iHroT TO BK Itl.SMHKl.Kli.The Southern
Pacitic railroad bus ordered carpenters to
remodel and enlarge tle depot at this Hiiut,
a telegraph line. The
constant increasing business at this suiit
necessitates this change.
Gkavki.isu tiik SrKKKTs. A nuuilier of
teams will lie placed this week graveling
the streets. It will add considerable to the
good appearance of the town.
G a HiiKN Kits Ill's. Most of the small
tracts sold by Harlow .V. Co. are being put
in gardens and fruit. The soil of this prai
rie being adapted and guaranteed to grow
anything almost that soil can produce,
brings lots of gardeners and fruit raisers
here. Old resilient say it grows every
thing, and want now to experiment on trop
ical fruits. ,
II mi as Kxiovaiu kTimk. A largecrowdj
congregated at thedance last Saturday even- j
ing. Hie Aurora baud lurmshed its usual
good strains of music, and a general good
time was indulged in by al).
A Tkxa Miitiao Mas. Mr. JayGreen,
a prominent Texas mine owner, was here
this week looking over the location of our
town. He was so much pleased that lit
could not resist making an investment w ith
Barlow & Co.
Iwdkbted to the Kditoe. We are in
debted to the editor of tlie wide awake Ks
trrprisk for a call made us this week, lie
was much pleased to note the progress our
town is making, and expressed a bright fu
ture for "Barlows." Mr. Editor calls it the
"garden of Italy." Nettie.
0. Bourret, the Woodburn physician,
purchased a lot here this week. He will
erect a large two story building on the main
street which he will stock with a complete
line of drugs. We are pleased to have the
doctor among us, as he is a wide awake
business man, and his reputation as a phy
sician is first class.
"i6i"KVwr j HARDWARE
I'nrtUtnl, Ongnn
Nlt,w,tarn Atfutlla for
--bailee- Occident -Timltimith
ieiler Unc
I'roscont WedgoH (warrantotl.) H & S Proof Chains. Arcade Filos. Ropo.
Loggers and Wood C1ih'hw S?MT.aHiw.
Oregon City Agout, W
Are you wanting either a Fan
or a small tract
Call and examine our choico lis
Willamette Falls Investme
wlreaacroi our aide alk, as broken lnia
are not pleasant things lo have and wodonl
waul any more from that cauw. .
Wa I s.
The weather is fine and the farmers
happy e ice more and busv as ben. All
transient laborer can get work among n.
if Ihey have the Iwckhone logo in work.
Once in a while a trump comes tbrouliour
way pretending to seek work, and luimer
hires him in good faith, eipcctuig Ui get his
work done, only to 1 deceived ky Ihr
wretch. It is teally a bailie that young
stro.ig fellow should ruii around iu lb
vHiunly preunidine to liiinl eini ioyiuini,
when ib'Tc is work im every baud aim gnoo
wages. But the fa I Is Ihey do not want
work. They havegol the check and shamr
lsauee to tramp and ask lor a j"b in order
to get a mealnr a night's lodging, or drop In
at a farm bouse on Saturday night, and
make a bargain to go to work on Mundav
morning. Then the far.ner will give them
tools an I lake tiicut out and show them
where to work. But when nnon conies the
miserable wretches have kipd, and tlie
farmer can go out and bunt up his looli.
lint we are glad to unto that this ciuiiium
uity is getting tired of ibis lnw class, and
our farmers are keeping a sharp lookout fer
m t-extrabrdi
Wo will tlltVf ill KtiH'k I Ilia Week
' Latest
ila.le lit the 1
Stria, J
Ladies lineDun.uola Knl, St. Louis'
iil liavt all llit
in stiU'liing, luii.-li, ftc
ranti'tl to li gmul si-rvi'-o, or tl
can liavo ainitlicr jutir frt't
inoin'v rt hiiuli'il.
very latt'Ht i
ami vwrx ji
ic jn
(iowOS Mil l, UK
Til KY t't'M K IN.
We hoi-e the lime is not hirdiMunl
The citizens of Canby met at Knight'
hall on May eighth and organiied a board
of trade. The meetUig was largely attend
ed and from the feeling manifest would
judge that the business men of this place
were fully alive to it every interest.
Last Friday evening Prof. M. V. Rork
addressed a large assembly at Knight's
hall on the question of farmer'! alliance.
While we don't agree entirely with the pro
fessor, will say that he li a fluent apaaker
and well worth hearing.
The following is the school assessment
of district No. 80, of Canby for the year 1891
Vs handed us bv I,. V. Mock, district clerk.
Gross value of all property assessed, 105,
105; indebtedness and exemptien, $24,055;
taxable property, IHI,0r0.
The contract for building onr school house
was awarded to J. Wilser, ol this city. He
made the lowest bid, $1735. The house Is
to be completed Oct. 1.
Mr. I. Le Mahiea, of the Courier, b as been
among us for several day gathering item
of interest for publication.
The lodge of Good Templars, of this city
elected W. D. Shank and J. S. Wilkinson
as delegates to the grand lodge that con
venes In Lebanon the second Tuesday ia
J. A. Chase, of Park Place, was here last
Saturday looking after his several Interest
The EnteM'Wse is represented at this of
fice by 34 regular subscribers; the Oregonian
by 2'J weekly and 5 daily.
M. S.Caldwell, of Hoseburg, has moved
to our city. Mr. C into take charge of the
section on the S. P. road.
We would suggest that it would be wis
dom to refrain hereafter from itretching
when these Icllows will have to earn their
living by honest work or starve
.Some of our patriotic Needy people went
10 Portland lo see Presidant Harrison.
Amongthem were Mr. licorge Itortoii, pl
Jercr and brick layer; S. V.' Ilardi sty, mer
chant; l. II. ltyland, attorney; It. W.
Zimmerman, tanner, am! harness maker: L.
O, lliivver, hop grower and tanner ; T. Tower,
musician ami music teacher. They report
the reception a grand success, 'i hey fe I
well repaid for their trip, and all wish the
president t "ale journey home, hoping that
be will visit us again.
The grippe has about disappeared from
ourmid-t, and we are not sorry. Hope it
has lost iis grip for good.
Mi-s. Worlliy Z.mniermau is home again
Iroiu Oregon I'uv, where site 1ms Usui at
work for some time. Slie is still jogging
along alone, Imivs,
Judging by matters anil things, and the
actions and movements of Mr. Samuel
tiglesby.'thn Sn-dy politician, we Ik ink it
is high time, Ix.ys, lor you to tune up your
cow horn ami tin pans, and put a new roat
of rosin 011 your horse fiddles.
Mr. J. V. Kilter is putting up a as-tv
slaughter house, and he invites the farmars
to bring on their fat beeves, as he is going
lo run bis meat wagon in our lunglilMirlmid
this season, and he is prepared to buy the
farmers' cattle aid furnish them with Irtsh
Mr. Chas. lloopman has pan-based the
Needy blacksmith lup, and ta prepared to
do all kinds of wihh) andiron work. The
farmers will do well to patrouUe him, as be
he ia a first class workman.
Mr. O. II. ltyland has received the ac
pointmcnt of notary public, and when tbe
boys get ready to take unto themselves a
rib they should call 011 him to have the knot
We see in tbe last issue of Tin Kxtih
miihk your Wllhoit correspondent gives a
kick in regard to the public road. He
thinks the people should be stirred up to
make better roads, and we think he has
good cause or what he nays, and are glad
mat ue uas meiuioueu me matter. U't us
hear from all the correspondents through
The KiTiaraist. Let u all getaiharii
stick and go to work in earnest. We all
know that the roads are in an allfired bad
condition, and that without any reasonable
excuse. Our road law isJaine and worn
out", and our legislature ought to furnish u
with a nevVand netterone. In our district
we are doing a little better than usual
Three or four enterprising men are doing
volunteer work, besides our (upervisor al
lows us to do our work at home, where we
are interested, and the ieople are pitching
in with a will. A great many supervisor
are stubborn and selfish enough to put all
the work where they arc the most Inter
esUid, and ignore the interests of othors In
the district by taking the men at one end of
the district clear away from their own rood
to tlie other end of the district, coiiiikjIIIiik
them to work on road where they probably
do not travel once in a year. The conse
nuences are they do not feel interested in
the work, their time is fooled away and the
f!,a,ls.,aff '!0" tl,e better- Then again, as
tlie Wllhoit correspondent says, oue super
yisor undoes another' work. Now would
it not be better fur each aehruil .n.i,.t ,., 1..
a road district, and the people elect their
supervisors? as they would know who the
best man was better than the county court
does. Ho should be competent, and'eleetcd
for two years instead of one, and thus have
in i!ioriiiiiny 1.0 IIIII.HII Wlillt bu coin.
jnenees. Otherwise ho nmv lav on" bu
iilans, and before lie ran ,.iirrv n... 1..,..
eil'ect his term expires, his work is unlin-
J'V "V. "" "-"visor uikcs 111s place,
und by tho time tins new one ascertains
what the roads in his district require, hi
time also expires, and the roads never get
any better. iiKB0B
Manufacturer.-, and I't iilt-rs in all kindn
CAT1X(.S furnislud uud UK PA I US
i . : . z por
Sullivan : & Davidson
Ill CUT DEUGRISTS btlweci Fortlisl ill
Carry a full Una of
IIRt'll, HKUiaNRH, Tllll.KT ARTICI.aa, KO
and LUNC
Meal aetveil day a
Chop In any
MAIN aTMaav,
-:- $3,300! -:
Bankrupt Stock
the old tttalil
'ablnrt lltoi
Corned Iteef, I'ickll
Urd, Dull
Hhop ea Seventh ilm
To he Bold at M) Contu on the
Dollar for 15 days only.
Call early if you want your jiick
anti avom mo ritHii.
Tho Great Eastern
Mayer &. Ackerman, Props.
Corner of Front and Morrlann.
For Rt-ncral rrjiairing ho hIuiuIh
without a wwr. For firht-olitHH, rc
liahlo goods Me -tore is nocond to
none. k. -
Livery,, Feed
Double and Si
die horHt-R alwaj
loweRt priewt. I
with tho barn for
Information ret
stock promptly atu
Horses Bou
0. J. IiC
Plain and
Tho Ixivejoy 1
the city with the