Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, May 01, 1891, Image 8

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Want. SuCTing In Maaaactiitaatia, j
: ltrawiim Ruum t'rolliln Th Story
Af Rrckt tlrawn A Wuiitati'a llitml,
. How On Coat W Slartmt.
latniw. fsowtue otnr unmo is fav
ored, and drawing room
must contain the fewest hvhh01i
of furniture, and the few
be sot flat against the wall. Willi onu
sofa and a table the room in thought
complete, 1 in in also an English fash
inn, datum back 1.10 years, Now York
The must Impressive affair of the past
fcw weeks was when the postmaster
Hem-mi's wife opened their house to
fashionable company asked to " talk" I
by Mrs. Ballinglou lVntU of the Salva- '
mill wrm. a viw nvmiati 9 Ituuioiice I , n.. l i i
,, , . . timuM to placidlv work lit the ferrv.
all prominetit women, from the tires-1 . '.. ....-
Went' wife down through the senatorial
circle. They had come prepared for
well, certainly not what they saw nil
hoard. Thoir faces, full of intent interest,
and much of the time wet with team, were
as great study as the woman with the
M.ulouua expression and inspired voice
who stood liefore thorn. If anv one had j
Tha Stiiry of lin k I llrown.
IVvkin Hrown, the "ferryman" of
Rtuwn'a ferry, near Carmlohaels, who
died nveully, hud worked that ferry
forty years single handed and alone. She
was the widow of James Ittvwtt, who
died before the war, and Itockie eon-
her erly day she attended nil the fair,
horse ractn and old tune mtistertt, ped
dling gingerbread and uprnoe heer, both
famous, an she made them herself. She
had a secret prc(iarattou for her (ringer-'
bread that made it famous, and no doubt j
did a great deal toward making it fa-'
tU' SSV' Vl .10 i l.er..t..t..r ml- ui
tlJ.i.1 Ci-4 M-lJi ,,,,., ,tt n,-r. L till"
' raT fTivffWfVMVTf ItlMV
t v t t r v f f irf wp t f n
T V 1
Kai'h i'r l lirim lin1". It t eii lrut lui'l.
Ill lu-l M'vi'tKl liumUwl ilor "'r
;wr, thuu Urgo uiiili to lu'tr.
; miliar at all the loeal fain. She ne-er
wme prepared for cant and eensational
etlivts. the very thoti(ht must haw
vanished before the beautiful face,
told her ws-ret to any one, and with
Btvkie died the itiuxerbread. .
For the jvvst twenty years he ha
IWW pnw, and stnuur; ton, o weet T w Z Z t , "Z T TkT.?". ,U"
manner eo modest and , . ; " " 'T " w
to colors than what others milit cull
beauty. She wan exceedingly hoeiiita-
and rinn and
wouuulv. i
Aa thi young English woman stepped
forward to be introdnctl by the Ker.
Dr. Hamlin, of the Church of the Oov
vuant, then- was nothing in the simple
well tittmg black gown and quaint bliK-k I
hvinuet to mark hr callinj?. It wasouly I
now and then that a turn of the head!
showed tlu little narrow baud half
illMlllli tii.l 1,11, t.tf .VS.tt-,. .... l. .......I..
m.slU.Uors.Uvationirmy." Though
i-iwlisn by birth and eiluoation, and mi-
ble, and often entertained friend with a
dinner of her own cooking, which was a
marvel, and topped off with her famou
ginjcorbread wa a dinner never to lw
Iter years of toil and trouble did not
(jo for naught, as she loaves quite a sum
In the fall ot
band Company
Mini lliirii imrluiT-
U IiiMHIHMI rin '"""
ii ,,r iiinuiiii 'lu, rUi'k
nil Mm Knii uuMi el
Uv ill"li,'l
ii. m ."" ' ' .
..H.n...r Ktfl ll-. M Hit Bll MW'MllliMHP nun
,e..l.f. M-ll M ,..,.
1'IHH'i'HAl.H r-ull liHAl'INU,
M,.l, ,l iir...i..l" li't Hio n.Unv Mill
I,.,, ,, I'rolllii unit m't'i'lHi li"" "
,,:;;!; ,i',,.,ii "tiIuJZ'"
!,. ,o,.i ol N m imi "' 1,1,1 ri'l'ili"'!
' he rmlii In reaetvi-.l l ri'J i ) "" "
ritolMllui. "
Hnnlinl iriiHi,, i, .
Hi. ll.nllh. '.Mi " ,',','
llll'.HII I ,. "r
I'llllll III t ' I ni V X 111 Tr,... "
MLllllljill III ,U IM.,f1',
i.nii'i. Mt llm iiimii "i, '
ill rtvo ,.,, ,!, ,,, , 'I. j
H'.'rv.. III (,.l mU,:
4 ;'.! JK
M II JillHiiN,
Trpsnirtit'" Niilli.
I I,,,,, mi In w limi'lii luihl. ni'iilli'Kl'lKlii
tlm ji.impin "I U Mniilii'liii"'il I"'"' w
l''iilr!'i'i iili' linin IheiUiml M n''
I. e CAHir,
riximy Ti'-linli-l
Oresmi Oil. April IT, inl.
To Hie ii i)rr "I M'hiHil illiirli-l N' 1.
Clm kmn i iiiiiil. ilr.nii .
Ilm iv."iil llm l.ii liniiifl ilunlel
r iiim tin mnl I" I'""' '" lh ",l"!','f
,liMO.UIIiln""l "I'l",'"
t',,iiilnM.m,v, ulllilii IM il)" biiui ili '
UH. null,.., n ll.17 Kill lie rliiri'l 't'lln
.. II i im r ..I,
1 I'l.'ik. I'lilinl ' J
Urmiiiit'lly. April I.V ll. "
,ullr Tu llullilrni.
hrnlr.l I0.U Iit eifi tln l"i 'C """)
!., lu tt.'.l flili- ml'IIH'ill "l 'i li'i' li'-il
mull IJn.rlmk m suiiiiU), Al'Hl 'l'i. Iiwl
Tin' .lm l"i rni"n ll"1 Us1'' '" "J"'1 ""1 "'
nil I. hi. r'nr lurllut ,iliruUr 1"
Julinlliit'l lluiiil'lir.')
ril.INK lUkHl
J TtiMI'klNH
i!ro luia ul x'li.nil illiltli'l S'i HI
nl tiue years ago by nsudem.v, Mrs.
EKilii is nut. save for a very slight ac
cent, in the least like au English woman.
Hi type she is purely American, and
would not. except for the little accent,
, even suggest Eugliah associations.
Mrs. Booth is the daughter of a Lon
ih clergyman. rared iu orthodox faith,
and, as is plainly evident, is thoroughly
edncateil. She began work in the Salva
tion Army eight years ago, when but
seventeen, and with sister workers doing
teacue work" in the lowest quarters of
London. Not loug after her marriage to
tieueral Booth's son, Ballington Booth,
she came with her husband to this coun
ter, where he has become a citixen, and
where their child, now two and a half
years old. was born, "a boy," as the
mother proudry says, "who will be a
citizen of the United States."
The love for her own baby has made
this yonii:; mother's heart even larger
aid more tender, and iu one of the low
est neighborhoods iu New York city she
lus established a day nursery, where ba-Ui-s
of the poorest, most wretched, and
tiften depraved mothers are taken care
of. Seventeen hundred babies were re
ceived there hist year. Not only are the
little unfortunates cared for day by day,
but in this way, as in no other possible,
the mothers are reached and helped to
better lives.
' AiTufher method of "rescue work" is
donning the tatters of poverty, going
into the very slums, where church work
with Bibles and tracts would bo power
less, and living the practical religion of
caring for the sick, and for the time set
ting down to the level of the lowit.
Washington Cor, Springfield Republican.
Wouiau Suffrage lu HuurhiiHlll.
The legislature will soon reach the dis
cussion of the bill for municipal suffrage
for women. Perseverance is the strong
hold of the woman suffrage cause, and
this measure will be urged with the
force and earnestness and eloquence that
sprite's from belief in a just cause. If it
fcuis, the battle will be only adjourned
to another session. The knight errants
of tue cause of woman's rights know no
Mich word as defeat. Little by little the
Wo hnv lots oOx'JOO feet, IOOx'JiK) feet, nil fitvoraWy locntc.1.
18S8 masked men broke into her cabin
and not finding as much money as they
expected, they tortured the old woman
horribly. The fi.nils who jierjietrateil '
the fearful deed have never been discov
ered. For the past two yearn she ha?
niAiiii her hiinte with litir a.,n Aun,,,.,l
She was eighty-tire years of atf, and the lots twice the ordinary size nro but half the tmual n ioe of other lots siin-, ,''J"'
ZZ Sr-nd brekThe' W r"'- J M
right hip bone. Uutler iPa.) Herald. I suitable for suburban hoiiios, convcnieiit to town, schools, chuichcH,
I'runi' Orchanl," of
ami on
il llr,'Kiil. Iix 1 lm klli t'uunly .
..lulrit n.tiiillllOrill'" 'l HirrMUri
A Woman's Hui
It U only recently that the manicure
industry has invaded London. It is now
in that city an established trade, as it
has been for some time over here. An
English paper, however, is still snfti
ciently impressed with its flourishing to
aunounce as a rather curious jiiece of
information that some women who have
pKuty of leisure and monev "go as often
as once a week to the manicure conrt,"
which will not strike au American read
er as reiii.irk.tbly frequent. Many New
York women send their maids to learn
the trade of the manicure, and thus se
cure daily trained care of their hands.
It is a fact, by the way, tested by ex
pert observation, that pretty women
rarely have pretty hands. And it was a
wise woman who said: "(live me a pair
of fine eyes, a good carriage and a pretty
hand and I will marry the king." So
high an authority as Disraeli, too, ex
tolled the charm of a beautiful hand in
woman, and ascribed to it a means of
fascination whk-h never disappears.
"Women," he says, "carry a beautiful
hand with them to the grave, when a
beautiful face has long ago vanished or
ceased to enclutut When other charms
have all disappeared the hand, immortal
hand, defying alike time and care, still
vanquishes and still triumphs, and
small, soft and fair, by an airy attitude,
a gentle pressure, or a new ring, renews
with untiring grace the spell that bound
i our enamored ana adoring youth.
New York Letter.
8h Found llr Lover Dead.
A few days ao Mr. John C. Oore, a
highly respectable and prom iueut citizen
of Uaineeboro, being informed of his ap
proaching dissolution, nt his request a
messenger was sent utter his utuauced
slroni walls of prejudice and custom Mlag Etu Dyt.(W, who ee with
and inherited injustice have yielded, and
the position of women, legally and in al
most every other way, is vastly different
from what it was when the agitators be
gan this crusade, though political equal
ity is still withheld.
At tirst ostracised, then ignored, then j
laughed fit. their cause has of late reach-1
ed a point where its opponents find it i
her father and mother seven miles be
yond Gaiueeboro. The bravery and de
votion of this young lady is a matter of
admiration and universal commendation
wtiere the facts are known. She crossed
Cumberland nver, which was very high,
in a canoe, after dark and rode on horse
back to Gaiueslioro, runch of the way
through woods surronnding the waters,
,liuliiliilriiirii Nullr
N.illiv U lli-irlo (l I'll llll Hi" iiliib'lll'd
) l lmrlt i I IA) i'll. n I' ii i'i i'"'" ' F '
( III,' BlHlH
lull U
Itt II lU)i II. iln-,''.l. All 'i"ii llltlm
..ii. .it,o nhl riuli mil rr.iiliil In lire
Tlmmi i,'iil Ihr muni" mini tin-1 "Hire "I MrMtliln
, A Im'xi't, I" urKMnu l II). In Mid finny, mill
r ltilu'lu r Mllhlll ! l-ii'liwii inun inn
I II IK I M l I tVsu.N
A.lmlliltltnl.T nl the 'li wl II . 1 U tun,
Or 'h I II. nritui. l'lll 1.1. IWI
Mollii'ln A iMiux l nii't k Urudnuli!!. all.irt!
lor Ailllllllllrlnl 4 17 o ii
Trains lor ll,s K,tJ -A
M. and u IM 1', ii'lfJl
'" Mi '
lltgaiit New Dim, 5i
1' HIM.MII laMtllC I
FltKK I'dLUNlHT jj
Hill Tl.tOII(ll
To- '
Cli 5'
WITIIot t ri.,r &
I'lutS rillMIMIIllllt Jl
tillOtl SttJ Smm . CI
rt liirlli.r Mrilriiiu, J
utc, and of very protlurtivu noil. A large, growing
which we will tell part in small tracts to suit purchaser!
Call and see us and get prices at
Oregon City office or on
Robert L. Taft at Portland office
No. 50, Stark street, Portland.
I'ditui' HtT. l.tMi (irru a;
Omui'N ( iiy. or . apr K l. I
Niillec l licrst'V llrll thai Ilia tl. i.l aiMI
llunai iiri f). i l l.i nlil i null,
al. ami lim nh i a, will, ramn- rl. w ill l'
titlU'lali; H ill III llila ullli'c i u U, i. I "II alhl
oil that la) ninl llivtMltcr a'ilii-lli'tia will Im
ti',-lr.l (nl Iiuhlir lMti.1 a In u M li' n.li fa
J I .ll'I't llK'N. llraUlrf,
Ii. K III Ki ll. Ilnalirt
to let tlie winter lire down by May, and
there are many cold day in May when
afire is needed. The spring, when the
stores are taken down, and not the fall,
when they are put np again, is the
proper time to see that stove fines and
Tltla it uuian Mad rv.
Among the many callers at the late
rcsuli'iice of (.leiieral Julinstou was a
well dreamsl woman, who drove up in a
handsome equipage ami akid to ee a
reprtwuibilive of the family. She would
chimneys and all parts of the parapher-; ,lot vo lmT ,mu,0 but olJ Ur- lu'D
ualia of the heating apparatus of the
house are cleaned. It is an easy matter
for the man to attend to this cleaning in
the spring, before the general house
cleaning is done. If everything is done
now, at one time, instead of putting
dirty stoves away to stand for six
months to be cleaned when they are
needed, a great deal of trouble will be
saved. New York Tribune,
nfedl'nl to drop sarcasm, cease sneering j one Bwium,iug her home across
and train all their big guns of argument
and influence against the once despised
arid unpopular measure. Younger states
have passed and surpassed Massachusetts
in the granting of rights to women, and
some of the old ones are yet in the rear.
Municipal suffrage is the next step bore, i
It is tne meanura for which the strongest :
arguments can be made, appealing for j
tiie voice of women in the legislation
that nearest uffocts their own homes.
Of course there are many women who
don't want f-uffratje. It is not proposed
that they shall be compelled to vote. Of
course, too, there are some unable to ap
preciate that they have gained anything
in that their sex is no longer doomed to '
inferiority and branded with ignorance, i
Springfield Homestead. i
Drawing ttoom Funilfthinca.
No thoroughly smart drawing room i
is considered quite complete iu these '
div without a glass topped table in
which are kept on show all the especially i
odd bits of curio and antique trifles pos-
SRised by its owner. A fragment of :
rare old lace, a miniature, an jrory fan, !
di;a and quaint jewelry, and especially ;
sui.11 dainty pieces of china, are all
stiittered in apparent disorder over the
l,k linaig of the table, and the plate
gia.-.s aiwve it, glistening with diamond ,
la jntnesrt, enhances the charm of the (
coliection most eifttctively.
The linings of these tables should be i
of old rose, pule blue, or green, or a sil- j
tr ffrav. The fashion is one that ex-
feted 100 years a,o in Europe, and a few
of the drawing rooms have tables of
that time, "handed down," of course,
by family ancestors. They may bo
bought, however, at very high prices,
and the furniture dealer will sell a -record
with each to show from what palace
it came and which duchess it was that
fcq.t her miniatures and fans in it.
The furiiisiiin,,' of fa-hinnnble draw
rootiw, by t:. way, i.-i U!'kr;'v;: an
ia.;n.rtw, cljar.K jut now. For the
Ivilteii y.i.i'.i it lias U'cn the custom to
crowd the rooms with chairs of every
dovice. tables, cabineta, divans and
a channel of backwater
When she and her guide arrived death
had already claimed his own, and this
noble and devoted young woman was
given up to the most poignant grief.
They were to have been married in a
very short time. At the funeral in the
presence of a crowded house, in accord
ance with his dying requfat, his Masonic
pin was presented to the young lady by
the acting uil'r of the lodge in ap
propriate language with the benedictions
of the Masonic fraternity. There were
no dry eyes in the vast assembly. Cooks-v01e(Tenn.)Prts.
Perfectly Half Kilting llolaarj.
An iuvention recently patented con
sists in making any article of hosiery,
for either under or outside wear, in surb
a manner as to render it perfectly sell
fitting, without being narrowed or
stitches reduced or widened, or the
stitchee increased in any way by trans
forming the fabrio at intervals and so as
togivetho required Bhajies. This con
sists of two kinds of fabrics, termed one-and-oue
rib and two-and-two rib. Thom
two kinds of fabrics are made and joined
iu the knitting at one operation without
changing, transferring or in any way
narrowing any stitch or stitchee dnring
the process of manufacture. This causes,
by the increased elasticity of the two-and-two
rib over the ooe-and-one rib,
the decrease in size to tlut necetwary
shape, and when changed again to one-and-bne
rib the fabric is again of its
original width. Three changes are ef
fected without any seaming, linking,
sewing or any other device hitherto used
for this purpose. Textile Mercnry.
Johnston, who perceived her, that she
wished a 1 k of General Johnston's hair
for her collection.
"I have," she said with entire self pos
widim, "a lock of Uvneral IWi hair, a
lock of General Grunt's nj a lock of
General Sbcndau's, and I would like a
lock of Ueneral Johnston'."
As soon as lr. Johustun recovered his
k'lf possessiou h told his caller that Iter
remarkable request could notbe gran UhI.
She left regretfully, not on aoronnt of
her requiwt, but of his nifusal. Wash
ington Cor. Ikiston Herald.
Good Tor .1!sm Curtilliia IIsntlliKat
At a recent meeting of the school board
Miss Caroline Hastings offered an order
that in all documents, records, etc., of the
scliool board giving the names of teach
ers, their baptismal names shall be given
without abbreviation or diminutive. la
support of hc;r order Miss Hastings said
it was a shame to n.se such names as
Nellie, Sn.iie, Came, Uattie fend Mamie
in the oflicial records of tlie board.
Teacln rs should asbume the dignity
which tbe piaas that they are called
upon to fill demand. They should atj
least give a name that is in accordancs j
with the calling tliey have chosen. If
thoy were ho unfortunate as to have been
baptized Susie, Nellie, etc., Miss Hast
ings hoped the next generation would be
more fortunate.
Whfcu Miss IListiugs was a girl herself
Iter family aud intimate friends called
her Carrie. At one tiuio she was ubout
to have some cards printed with the
name "Carrie," bnt h wise brother saved
hr. The orler was passed. Boston
Heat I NeeriMl In the Hpriuf.
Tlio warning not to turn off heat too
early and not to make haste to put away
stores in the bpri ti :j needs to be spoken
ouoii. ,.- .1 1...-J of iuiicui have
been ti;iced to ib') fooli.di pr:w;t-ii of let
ting 6wu tho winter fire as soon as the
Bret mild breeaea of Spring blow. It is
tin mttmrh in this duuureble climate
A (Irnat Mugcr'i Way,
Mine. Pauline Lucca is now forty-eight
years old and has decided to retire jier
mani'iitly from the stage. She is said tc
be the most approachable of all the great
artists. Scores' young singers liesiege
her home every week, who beg to be al
lowed to sing to her for an opinion. The
lovely Lucea listens on these conditions,
"that scales or an exercise be selected in
preference to a solo," "and that sileiict
be interpreted as an expnwiion of my
dislike." If the singer has a voice she is
praised and encouraged, but to the many
whose vocal powers do not justify the
expense of study she has absolutely noth
ing to say. If she talks, it is about the
weather or the scenery or the world In
general. London Letter.
Tli oel. l,er ( arrl.,1 uffker t oll.
A valuuble mare and colt cncied from
the barnyard of A blub Hayes, the noted
stock raiser, of Cincinnati, rooeully, just
as a freight train came thundering down
toward au adjacent crossing. The colt
got in the way of the traiu and was
caught on the cowcatcher, iu despite of
the mare's anxious neighing. The loug
train could not be stopped until it had
run the better uurt of a mile. Then the
colt rolled off unhurt. The mare had
wildly leapitl culverts and crossing
fences, and was almost up with the en
gine when her unharmed colt full safely
down the side of the track. Cor. Phila
delphia Itecord.
Milli K.
I.asii Un . oa.ius I'm.um ,
April i;, wit
Ci'ltil'tahil tiavln l.ei.11 rlilrrr! at llila ,irtl,-
I.V Kraili lal, I nil . aaalUBl I ll'imaa tl. I illlinill
Inr ali-ii'loitlnir M llotiititrail fnltr Nn. :at
ilslt-l Julip.l l"li-i. il'"il llii'.li'l ao'awd,
ll'.l r .i l III I Ui-aaiuaa f"Ulil, lifi-K'-ll.
ill, a i tow I" Uiv ,'aiii-,'IUl"tl ol aal. nil r f
On' naltl ( nil,-, arr lirr, l.j utiiln-'iiail l.i a-x-.,r
al tin. i.tlh-tf n tlir Mil tl J unr. It,l.
al I ii rim t. a in . l.i r-ixitnl ami lunilali luatl
ini'U) ri'lii i-nolig al J all,-Ki-il alaliliiuuiptil
IHKi J T .i-rHa. Hi.mr
flol'li K
I' S t.JINII OrrH I. DUlunS City, uti ,
Ar II. laul
l'uai,Ultil liavltif li.u rnleri.,1 al Ihi.ufTlc
by Vim II. Ilmnl-r.ii atfalliil It it ,1 1 'li-r-t-lllx-tKiT
fur a!.atlil,'Ulli 111. Ilmntiatrail Kutry
N't n.-J ilalr.l Man U li. Imtl. U..,u Itir Ima t
anil 4, tn-tlult IJ. taiaii.lilli i a. r .1 In I'laraa-itia-
r,,u lit t . I 'ti-"ti. llli a lira to tlie raural
latlnn nl aattlptitry. Ilia aalil (.artlca ara liarrti
iiltitDi'lii'.l tu afl'i'ar at till, uftli-a lt Ilia fllft
ilay nf Jim Ivil, Ml Hlo'rl.a-l. a III . In raap,it
ali't flirilltlt tfatlmutiy nilttariilliK .al.l aiiwtfr.l
aliati'lmiiiiaut J, 1', Arraatt,, Hvsutar.
t .'i ; .-j
NoTK K ruU IM Ill.ll'AlloS,
I.asii Orrn a ar oaiunH CiTf.Oa.
Uar VI. 11.
N'lli- i. ItiTi-liy Ktvt'ti Itiat tlia Inllimltig
llatlltM al'ttll-r Ita. tlll"l ll'itll'li ill III. I II IVI.ttaitl
to malv rtlial j'ro'.l lu aat.,,rl u( ttla rlallu atnl
thai al'l t-rii.il w 111 l,. niailn tirlnrr tlta Iti-ala
trr Hii-I Hi" rlvi-r .'I I hi I H l.aii'l univfi al llr-i-Riiti
I'lty. (in'tin uu Ma rj, avi, u
I'lorrac: Mlllxr,
llniittialtail ititry Nn ,v; iii li,r tint ia'. n I .w'i
nl ',-. ii, i ,i a, r I e. Hp liami'a tlia tlltiata
Htttii'tnra tn pr'MH lila r. 'till ti null a rratavlw-a
iipuli ami i-iiltlvaltoti (4 .alii lamt. mi I liarlr
I io i la: l.--t '. II W banli'll. J"llll Slraart, aU'l
I'riik Snnlrll. alt ,1 M,ila!la. rlai-kama. !',..
llri-Kiin. J. I. Ar-tHuM, Hri(Uli.r
How Una Coat Wan Ntartcd.
Some time ago Lady Dnnlo, who has
never got over her taste for theatrical
apparel, took to wearing a big masculine
box coat of white Melton cloth. It was
intended to be worn as a coaching coat,
but Lady Dnnlo wore it everywhere with
the collar turned np about her ears and
her hands thrust Into her pockets. It
wasn't long before these whito Melton
box coats aipeared conspicuously every
where in London, and now the Anieri-
I can girls are bringing them over here for
their coaching trips. Tley have many
recommendations to the American fash
ionable mind. They are neither pretty,
nor suitable, nor becoming, nor cheap.
New York Post
Among the unusual inventions patent
ed by women are improved bottle stop
pers, improved method of fastening door
knobs to their tpindles, an appliance for
plucking hair to bo used in the dressing
of furs, improved method of preparing
lualher for thu soles of boots and shoes,
for improvements in electric arc lamps,
and for more reliable indicators spe
cially applicable for use on toe roiling
stock of rattwayjrs.
Ilnat Tlraa to Tuiia a I'lanu.
Must ieople let their pianos go until
tlie ear cannot tolerate them, but a piano
requires constant attention, and where
the changi-s of the season urn nuu ked
onglit to bo tuned at least four times a
year. Where tho tuning is occasional
aud not regular, either the spring after
the fires are extiiiguniii
winter, alter tliey are well umler way, is
tho best time for tuning, for then the
piano is leant subject to climatic changes.
Interview iu Seattle Telegraph.
... ,1 -"1'
Ol Ulll 1-UllJT j ,,,,.,!
The recent death of the "poet" Close,
in England, recalls tho curious circum
stances under which ho received a pen
sion. He was recommended for a pen
sion by Lord Paltnerston in a fit of good
nature, at the instance of a friend of
Mr. Close. Tlie alleged poA was a mere
writer of doggerel, and utter much dis
cussion the (tension order was revoked
Lord Palnierston considered his blunder
an excellent joke.
miiick nut rriiui'Aiiii.v
l.i Mi orrn t ar iitue,..., lit,, i'
Man-h Jl. lul.
Ntiflri'la h,'ri-li)f (Ivi'tl tliat ',hn ellnaliii
ItaitH'il aittltT haa lUt-tl i aint-1 attier hat ftlr!
mitli-c ul h,'r liitriilttiii In ttiakti lltial rHil in
uiinrt nl hl t'l.ilin. ami Hint aahl nr.... I will
! mo'li'l'el.ir,' the UviiUliT ahtl IU . t l.rr of
S laml rilTlras at lltrtfolt City, Ori.iill. ntt May a
ll. III.
Hi'th K. J.inra.
lli'lnc.li h.I Ktitry N. Mi'. I.ir tlif ao1,, ai.(i J,
a, r 'i , He until,'. Utr I. .!.. In a tin,.. ,.. t
.ri.vi' hla I'ti.illne.ma ruil.lriict. umiii aiel t-iiltl
Mill. .ii ..( al.l laml, vt J.ihu Ii.m-UI, ,.f
San. ly. an. I t,il,,-rt H Al.inn.l. r. V Mnni.
nml Ji.ln. Kajh.r. nl Muriimt, all ul Clai-aainaa
ruituiy. iim-kuii
5 .' .1 1 A l-l-r n.t!. Hrk-I,l. r
Nunc ic Knit r''hi.tc a i ion.
I iNi. uitti r. it tii!ii.it City, iir
Slnri'ti !.
In lnri'l.y tlviii !li! th ,.ll,,in
.11. -r lex 111, . ii. ,n ,1 i.r 1, ,1.., ,,,,,,,
In inakr II ii I .r... I in iii.i..,rt .,( h..r i l.oin .oi l
Hint .ill. I .r, nl nlll I..- iu i.,.l.,.,,i,. tin, lira later
.net luven 'T nl Itn f s I ,.,i on,, ,. , .ii
City, I iri'ti'in, mi ilny I I. vi. v
Mury A I'li kom,
lli.ini.ilPB.I Km i y N.i V . -i f , ,i ,
liN.l '.. ..I ' , ( ,i t : , r hl I,,,,,,,.,
Hie li.ll.iii ink nun,..., i,,,n,v,. h,.r .r 1 1 n
nun ri'-el. -in i .q."ii mnl i uliunll.,11 l , u, i,
vl. Ui.l.. rl Ali'i-imliT, K re.leriek sh-,.t. i.i
M ul Hint, nn lliiiry i . i . k n .ui.l iirerio- ll..ltiilnii
"I S.lll.ly, 111! .. ni 1,, III. i niiiily, (ri.h.,.
I'l" J T Ai'i-nimiv, It
el Ilia I uttitany or
' . I I I
it. M. 'll'I.M.l,
Northern Pai
Groat Overly
Shortest Line h
An4 all aolu,t
it. raiXAxa m
The Xorthrrifi
It lh. miI Uu.
l'iu'liKtir Traill.
Sreolld-t Sltwua
l.uitiriolis i.y lV
I'lilinall Palnv,
I'slsee lllilrjU
I'reM TertUri l
Sen (hat your li.kfl.
.Norlhern 1'a.iOc 1
avoid clisnpr
Threutfh I'ulllliaH I'alMi
lai i.mi
a u
alil ilai aftarhra, Aural a
taran r'irtiaaq.
lialli i
4. !,(
tl.(arH'lla. Af
Nl.. rlUatl.Or,
gW I at h4. tan u.i firm
Oregon Pacific
r. k. iKHMi.k
OREOON detelopkt: -
Train Nn. S will n '.
tlava and Halunlm ., h.
lUra ulirti iimaaaarv:
Irani Nn 4 nlll nn i
ilaya ami Kn.lav, an. I
alirn nnauary :
Mfiimrr Sll:i
I I11K Vlyl lt -
Ib. Itult, Mb.
I.laiaa SaarstNi iKa-l
Man-U l, Uta Jl,t. auk. 1
Thf p,.mMiHy raaarva a
alllui daiaa allliaul aotla
Tralui cuuna.1 a II Int.
Ilt.alaalt'.irtalll.aatl A:n
The Oregon 1'acific
NVillainelle river in
Portland, aoul-Usiiil V
ilV, aj.,1 KinUy ill 1
Cnrvailis Tnewluv, Tlii"
dsv at 3;:l P.' M, Ij
norlli-liotind, Momlii 1
Ktiilay al a A M. i'
Turiulay, Thuisday tni
P. Al. on Monday, W
ilny, both north and
lie over night at r-nlit:
tl A, M. 5
c. v iioiit k. o. r
Soiillicrn Pile, A
Kxpress IVaiiiB leavt v -
When stoves are taken down in the
spring each should have all of its pieces
put together, aud those that are small
onongh placed inside of the stove: lai'0
pieces may bo at Inched by a wire. If
this is done there is no searching or con
fusion iu autumn.
..I i
.I ..I
Tho wife of Councilman John Hallo
ran, of Cincinnati, lias just n vol veil,
through thti mail, a smitll box contain
ing the wedding ring which was stolen
from her twelve years ngo. fiho has no
ausjricien of the identity of the con
science stricken person.
A trouscr button manufacturer at
Darmeu advertisos.his willingness to pay : linn
VM) to tlie Heirs or any nuui wlio may i
oe auieu in a railway acumuut, provided trsc
he is shown to have been wearing at
least sin of flio manufacturer's buttons.
SHKIlll'l s SAI.K.
MtHlr nf liri'irnn, I
t'nilli!) ul 1'li.i'kniMif I
('. It liri'W. I'hilnlln',
v i
Till" Pnllliiml i-III I-lit C,.i,iiny
Nnllii' la Ii .1 , l.j bIwh, Umi I,, vi,,,
I'XI'.'lllii.ll litaili'.l out el nn,! iniilVr II,
........I ,,,iiii ,,i ..nun, un, ii, t ,.,inn
Hi oii ,,( l r.-. .11. nn. I I., mi. ,lr.-i-le. ,n, ,
I ii.t-n-.i i ., ni. .-.ni'iiit ,ii ri -I,,, in
: " 1 '1 in- Miiri-li .-Hi n
Ill'l ret llllf till', I II i he tl .1 ti,.. . ,f tlir 1 1 1. , ,f ,
t in, n ...ii i.i Mini inn, in i ,, M ,r, ,..,,,,
""' MI "I l.o.l't in I s K, i-., in
I WHIl IlltlTi.-l llleri',,!! .. II,,. ,,.s
I Mnti h. A. II. l-.il.nl 111.- ll. ,,l III ,.,
iininlli ,cr niiinitn. nu. (.,, ,ut, ,ls(
in. nt iii i.-m. k
ll minim. I h ive I,., , . 1 1 (. . t!. ,,,, ,.
.H. ll' ll'Mliilila, l,.,ei,,,., il,.M.,,, i,
I Hl'K llllillK nl till a. . 1 1 1 Ii I ,ir
I eiiriifr "I hl.ii'k Nn '.' I, lu ll,,. ,,,, el n,
I 'Iiy. I'muily el t'l M loo..,,i,sii,. i,r,.u,.
"e-.r.li.iti I,. il.,,:i. ,,,, .,ur ;'
; lliimei- n.ulh, rty ,,!. . i, k- . ,.,,.ru I,.,,,,, I ,, v el
Mniti Mri'i'l, tiilriy-ittu c.j, I,,,, i,;, ,,,, r,,,.
lll'HI'O I'.'lerlv en n lllir Hit, ,..! i
which it. ml. I lni, re,. in iriki. Hi.- n,...,i nniii,.
erly ennirr ul l.leek Sn. 711 In miI.I (lr,.,.i, t'tv
- (I'M Inn l.i.irit lltl.'lll (,i ,., vvtinlet ly r,,li'
llu- I'l'iiler ,.r II,,. mil in irvk nl Uu. iin-irnu ,,,
CHlllnriilii llll,, ,r,'k; tUn, ,, '
t.iirn t- with tl.,. k..l,l i.. . ,. '.
nlllt la the aitlilht'l'ly I, Inrvnl mil. I l.l..?
', Hi ll'l-t Irnni the f-enter ,.l I ,..
IIiimii'1. wi'nli'i'ly iil.nm l !,i,,i,, ..,
I li.'itlllllllii!: niiva
7 ne - (Tfj
;i;.r,. I.v
Iii I.-.. a. Ar
tlri-ii.m I '
S Kratir.,
i netl,,.
.' t li.-r
I'lV el
ul. I'l'l
-n.ti .
.' i-iii.I
tv "t
i n il
Mr. A. A. Low, Hip l.iil.er of IYe;,i
dent Low, of Columbia coll. Im.-t j n ,t
piiHHed lii.-i eiglilinl.il birllnlay. Mr. J.ow
has given f.'U.OliO to his liirt,hpl,-u'.o Sa
lem, Mass. to be devoted to the etluca
tien of deaorring boys.
i in ii,,,,i.
-k N. "ii .
-.I Ii I
il On- tun
11 I II v , . .
II ..ll'.-..
( He. ,1m
'I. nl lln
mini liloeh .i. In the i.l
mi. I exee,t llie ,i,c it i ,
1'.l. 4tl. I'll nrel I ..', In Ii,
Ami w ill ..ti Huliir.l iv M i
luilif nf ill it iu, .. s ,i,l ,.
Ilia C I II e ii, i, i,
eeli III lu,l, i, ,ji I ,
lulcr, '.I I ri n in j I . i I,., ,, , , ,
en j, k. ailiaty aiuiu'.ili ,
lll'.lirtllllll Uinta,
!,. I . . ,W' W- " HMSi,N,
SlifrltT l ClsnksmsH Dtniuty, Orugun.
Dstcd tlili lt day ef April, lam.
Almvti tmllia atnp ulllj l.
Hull. IU. tin nl KuM'l.illl '
truli City. Wiie.lhiiru. S1pf .
shi'.l.la. Ilnlaey. II nrrliliK :
yltiil nml Kujo'iin
ltDSKItrllli M'
nu.i, m. I I.v I'urllW' :
U IN. A, M. I I.v llri'fiml'-
.1 iu I' n. I Ar K.iai'lw.
A 1. ll A NY I.IH'Al. Il'il!
.'. ii ' iv M I" l.i- I'.irtlut
ii 'in r. M. I l.v Ori'ifn1".
Ii mi f, ii, Ar All.l,'
FJLillman Buffc
Klll lU'eel'ltlinitiltlntl lifHte6
iiltitt'hf J lu til',-.
Weal rtttlalt'
iu:twii:n 1'oiiti.vsh 1
Mull Trulii, liiillyl"''!
, . -,- 9
V.MU.H. I ),V i-'H"'-,
1 v H i. M.I Ar Cnnt T
' I '-'-.il u-.i.
"II. 1 nml rimta nml
At Alluiiiy ami CurvnllH :
nl (iri'iiiui f'lieldf Unllli'1"
KxnrM Trnln I'llf.
4 :40 '. h. " l,v l'nrlli'f,
7 i', m. I ArliMlii'
r.ii'ii.io.is 'mil ni i t -.-
i-.'i iinii..:, eli'., rU ! -tireijiiii
(lily. J
MnKr, Ail ,