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Published Every Friday by
SHIRLEY BUCK, Local Editor and Manager.
H. L. McCANN, Editor.
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I J this notice 1 markedyour subseiiption is due,
' Democratic Nominees.
, Supreme; Judge Thomas O'Day.
Congressman 2nd District Robert M.
. Veatcb.
Dairy and Food Commissionei S. M,
Presidential Electors John A. Jef.
Iry, T. H. Crawford, W. B. Diller, J. H.
Smith. y
For Joint Representative for Clacka
seal and Multnomah J. E. Hedges.
For Representatives O . W. Brans,
8. Hutchinson, W. W. Jesse.
For Sheriff Cbas Ely.
Fir Clerk Millard Oriaall.
For Treasurer N. F. Nelson.
For Assessor T. R. A. Sellwood.
Recorder H. W. Lang.
. . For Supt. of Sthools-H. G. Stark
For Commissioner J. H. Kitching.
For Surveyor A. M. Kirchem.
A. M. Kirchem, candidate for county
surveyor, is a native Oregonian . He
has had a great amount of experience in
surveying, and is an expert in that
TriK Republican family quarrel i
Wisconsin fomented by Spooner causes
-consternation in administration circles
Unless compromised imm diately it wil
be likely to give the Democrats the
governor and some congressmen.
The Austrisns must have got a sug
gestion from the way we so kindly dis
posed of General Eagan. The mur
derers of the late Austrian king and
queen have been banished from the pal-
ace and given high positions in the
President Roosevelt, wants General
Horace Porter, our ambassador to
France, to run for Governor of New
York. Governor Odell seems to second
the motion and "lias gone to Paris to see
him. Horace may not think this is a
good year.
Since General Funston confessed that
he did not swim the Rio Grande River,
April 26, 1899, but that two other men
swam it while he went across an a raft,
Kansas has revised her school books
and given up her attempt to classify him
as an amphibian.
H. W. Lanm, candidate for County
Recordor, is a wide-awake and popular
young man who will till the oll'ue ac
ceptably. He possesses the necessary
education, Is of a genial disposition, and
will prove polite and obliging to all who
have occasion to transact official busi
ness with him.
Millard Orlsell is thoroughly capable
of performing the duties of County
Clerk, aud will make an efficient officer.
Do not forget the lax and extravagaut
methods now employed In that office
and vote tor a man who will perform
his duties faithfully and administer the
ollice economically. Mr. Ciisell is such
a man.
T. R. A. Sellwood is a hustler. The
energy he displays in the campaign is
native to him and will characterize his
official work. He is well-informed on
property values, believes in an equitable
distribution of the burdens of tuxntion,
is affable and obliging, and will be one
of the most popular officers in the court
house during the next two years.
TiiKREare 50,000 anti-imperialists in
Massachusetts who demand that the
Democaatio platform shall oiler inda
pendence to the Filipinos at some near
and specified time. General Miles al
leges that Philippines under our protoc
t ion lau equip themselves with a stable
Republican government "within two
hundred days. This ought to satisfy
oven Governor Boutwell.
Alono with Btrikes,' new kinds of
breakfast foods, etc., come a new trouble
which fortunately will not worry many
of us, and that is the threatened dia
mond famine. The mines of Southera
Africa are nearing exhaustion and there
is no other source of tupply to which
the world con turn. The DeBeers Co.,
which handles 98 per cent of the entire
output cannot fill its contract for a dis
play at St. Louis.
ruHHArs no candidate has proven
more popular than Charles Ely, the
Democratic tomiaee for Sheriff. Mr.
Ely is a hard-working young man, a car
penter by trade, and who makes no pre
tense of having a "sack long enough to
win the election." Bat he has other
qualities that are more essential in an
office than the possession of a "sack."
A vote for Mr. Ely means a saving of
money to the taxpayers.
A Government expert after .conduct
ing an investigation as to the cause of
illness among some trout in the hatchery
at Cold Springs, L. I., rep arts that they
haV't malaria. Here the report ends,
but the inquiring mind naturally won
ders how they contracted it. Was ii
rom a diet made up too largely of New
Jersey misquitoes recuperating at Long
Island, or was it contracted from visit
ing anglers who failed to provide them
selves with the universal micn.be killer?
The Republicans are openly charging
that A. R. Greene, special agent for the
government, who has unearthed the
gigantic frauds in our land offices, is' in
the state as an agent of Secretary Hitch
cock, and is endeavoring to defeat Her
mann for Congress. We ao not believe
the charge ; but if it be true, alt loyal
supporters of President Roosevelt will
vote against Hermann; (or it is well
known that the President suppoited
Hitchcock in his fight against Hermann.
Tub greatest hypocrite in religious
matters is the one who prays the load
eat.' The soldier who never "smelt
powder" is frequently found to be the
greatest braggart. The political orator
who talks most loudly of patriotism and
"old glory" is often the one who is
most closely allied with those who are
raiding the public treasury and abusing
the confidence of the people in enriching
themselves and their political friends
from the public revenues. Beware of
the wolf in sheep's clothing.
Encouraged by the efforts the Gov
ernment is making to irrigate the arid
regions of the West, the River Improve
ment and Drainage Association, of Cal
ifornia is preparing to ask for Govern
ment aid in reclaiming the vast area of
tule land in the Sacramento valley.
This land is just as much too wet as
other land is too dry, and it will be far
more fertile by reason of the reat ac
cumulation ol decayed vegetables mat
ter iu it. The project of reclaiming it
is more than ordinarily worthy, anil if
it is practicable should be carried out.
A German official demands a i ex
plicit definition of the Monroe Doctrine.
The Washington Poet glibly reponds,
"That's easy! Thou ebalt not steal!"
The Post is a vivacious paper, but it in
dulges in some snide definitions. The
inside meaning of the Monroe Doctrine
is of course, "Thou shaltnot steal any
thing that I may want to steal." The
man had a very accurate idea of the
Monroe Doctrine, who, when the minis
ter asked if there was any objection to a
couple being married rose and said "I
object." "On what ground do you ob
ject?" Aakea.the minister." "I want
Hannah myself," said the candid
swain. '
Joseph E. Hedges, Democratic nomi
nee for joint representative for Multno
mah and Clackamas counties, stands for
the upbuilding of political integrity, for
honesty in public and private life, for
"a mioimum of a careful and conserva
tive legislation." Mr. Hedges is well
known throughout the county as an hon
est and efficient business man. His
training, in school and in his profession
has peculiarly fitted him (or the position
of legislat r. He is not a politician.but
he has had opportunities to observe the
devious paths trod by the political fakir,
and will be able to do much toward pro
tecting the people (rom polit'cal graft.
A vote for Hedges means a vote for "re
forms." IL G. Starkweather, candidate (or
County School Superintendent, is prob
ably better fitted by education, training
and native ability to satisfactorily per
form the duties of that office than any
other wan in the county. He has been
prominently identified with the educa
tional work of the state for many years.
He is not only well qualified to do the
work that will devolve upon him, but
his broad training will enable him to
see what is needed for the betterment of
educational conditions in the county.
At the same time his affable and court
eous manner will enable him to enlist
the hearty co-operation of teachers,
school officers aud patrons. Much good
will result from his election.
Col Bryan says "Trusts are to be the
paramount issue." A good idea ; (arm
ers have discovered that the steel trust
hasadtied $1 to the price of every plow,
that the wire trust has put the price so
high that he can hrdly afford to fen ce
his fields, that the lumber trust has In
creased by fifty per cent the cost of the
barn he builds, that the twine trust is
taking robber toll from his wheat crop,
aud that the labor trust has made help
a rare aud ruinous delicacy and so on
through all the articles he has to buy.
But then didn't Mr. Roosevelt in a
speech at the New York Wool Exchange
in October, 1S90, say "Mr. Bryan and
his adherents have appealed to the
basest set in the land, the farmers."
John D. Hockfei.ler, Jr., in a recent
talk to bis bible class said: "Faith
gives substance to the religious aspira
tions of the soul, assuring us that they
rest on truth and fact and are not mere
castles in the air. The trouble with us
men is that tb?y do not have sufficient
faith. We should have more laith in
God and mote faith in our fellow-men.
The fact that we alt have been deceived
at times by people we have placed faith
in should not make us lose heart."
These are good wards, and if they had
been uttered by some country minister
struggling along on the promise of $250
per year, they might have found lodg
ment in some earnest heart. Coming
as they do from a man whose family is
under preju lice more or lees justified,
thev lor the most part become as sound
ing brass or tinkling cymbal.
A better qualified man for county
commissioner could scarcely be found
than is the Democratic nominee, J. H.
Kitching. Republicans and Democrats
from the various precincts of the county
speak in the highest terms of the impres
sion he makes by ils fearless honesty,
and his sensible views on the conduct of
county affairs. Many Republicans ad
mit that a county court, divided as to
the political complexion of its members,
will be more circumspect in the con
ductof public business that is a "solid"
court, and they will back up what they
say, by voting for J. H. Kitching for
commissioner. The laws of the state do
not allow any one party to have all the
members of the election board. No one
questions the wisdom of this provision.
Should not the voters of the county see
to it that the board of county commis
sioners, in whose hands, to so great an
extent, lies the financial welfare of the
county, also consists of men of different
It is pleasing to note that such sue
cessful efforts are being made in this
county to instalmore farmers ' telephone
L)ines. The cost of men lines is com
paratively small and there is no reason,
whatever, why the patrons should not
own their own lines and not be subject-
' ed to the high rentals and rates exacted
by the Pacific States Telephone Co. The
isolation of farmers and especially farm
ers' wives in the rural dUtricts during
the winter months is something that
many of us know nothing about, but
there are times when, the friendly voice
of a neighbor, even though it be over
the phone, will save a woman from a
spell of the blues or a fit of melancholy.
It is an established fact that many
f aimers' wives have given away in
health and mind solely on account of
the lonely lives many of them are com
polled to live.
For this reason alone, let the tele
phone be extended until every home
has it. Place it on the list of necessi
ties and then keep it.
Some of the reason why the Republi
can candidates for the various county
offices should not be re-elected have
been given in these columns from time
to time. A recapitulation of these rea
sons may not be out of place at this
The county court has withheld all ap
propriations (or road work, but at the
same time has increased expenditures
on the court house and In the conduct of
the various offices ; it has incurred an
outlay of $3400 for the sake of providing
an unnecessary private room in- which
the County Judge may , entertain bis
friends ; it has failed to give to the people
of the county, ia the publication of the
court proceeding, a statement of the ar
ticles or services for which county
mouey is expended. Such statement is
requiredjjy the laws of the state, and
need entail no additional cost for print
iDg ; yet, in its zeal to keep the people in
the dark, such statements have been
carefully avoided.
The offices of County Clerk and Coun
ty Treasurer have, combined, cost the
peopl)$1200 more during the past year,
than did the same offices under Demo
cratic rule.
The Couuty Clerk hat neglected and
refused to make a certified statement of
the amount of warrants outstanding
and unpaid, but on the contrary has de
liberately crossed out, on the blanks
furnished by the state, the printed di
rections calling for such Btatemsnt.
he Republican campaign has been
based on a statement that ttie indebted
ness of the county is but $31,000. Yet
this report has, as a starting point, the
statemeut, which the County Clerk re
fuses to certify, that the outstanding
warrants amount to $128,000. There
port makes no allawance for any delin
quent taxes on the 1904 roll, and it doe.
include $10,000 of taxes as yet unpaid,
but which must be devoted to purposes
other than the payment of general war
rants. As we said Borne weeks ago, such
a statement may comply with the law,
but it is grossly misleading, neverthe
less. The true cost ol the Clerk's and Sher
iffs offices have been grossly underes
timated by the incumbonts of those of
fices, as they refuss to count the collec
tion of taxes as a part of such ex
penses. These are but a few of the many good
For Sale at
40 Acres in Julia Ann Lewis Claim, 2 miles
from Oregon City, all good, level land, at"
$50 per acre. -
128 Acres, level, living water, on Molalla, 60
acres in cultivation, rich soil, on main road,
$40 per acre.
344 Acres on O. W. P. & Ry. line, 160 acres
in 1 cultivation, small house, large barn,
orchard, living springs, two million feet tim
ber, 1 30 per acre.;
100 Acres, level, 60 in cultivation, good build
ings, ii miles from terminus of O. W. P. &
Ry. line, at Springwater, $40 per acre.
82 1-2 Acres in famous Logan country, 60
acres in A 1 cultivation, new frame dwelling
cost $1500, large barn, living water, $50 per
160-Acre Stock Ranch in Sec. 17, T. 4 S.,
R. 5 E., two acres cultivated, small house'
and barn, two million feet fir and cedar, land
mostly good, range immense, $5 per acre.
225 Acres at Logan, 100 acres in cultivation,
50 more nearly ready to break, house, barn,
fruit, good neighborhood, $30 per acre.
Main St., Oregon City, Or.
reasons (or defeating the Republican
ticket. But they show the true nature
of the campaign being put up by the
ring a campaign of misrepresentation
and abuse. The Democrats have re
sorted to figures that are certified to by
the various officers, and that are easily
accessible; the Republicans have carved
out portions of the year that are not
covered exclusively by the reports, and
the expenditures of which would re
quire days of bard work to verify. Which
party has shown a spirit of fairness?
Sheriff Shaver is offering a reward to any
reputable, representative Democrat who
will show from the records of the Sher
iff's office that his first year cost within
$350 ot what Sheriff Cooke's last year
Let it be admitted for the sake of ar
gument, that Cooke's last year did cost
$350 more than Shaver's first. It will
be remembeied that it was during the
last year of Cooke's administration that
the great "junk eale"occurred, in which
was sold the property charged with de.
linquent taxes lor 1892-3-4 and 7. In
addition to the very large amount of
work entailed thereby in keeping tbe
records of the office, 'it required the
making out of 613 tax deeds.
H Mr. Shaver wished to convince the
people of his honesty, why did he not
tell the whole truth, and not seek to
mislead the public by telling a half
The Courier seeks to make no state
ment in regard to county expenditures
that it has not verified from tbe records.
As it would' require several days to find
tbe lexact figures for the particular
months that Mr, Shaver selects, and as
that part is not covered exclusively by
official reports, we are not in a position
to say whether his statement is correct.
But we do know, and can prove by the
certified statements of the county of
ficers, that tbe two offices of .Sheriff and
Clerk have cost more, by $1200 for the
year ending April SO, 1902. We can
also prove from the Journal of Coun
ty Court, that the estimated expenses
for those two offices for the next year,
is greater by $300 than they have been
this year.
Since writing the above, we find thut
Mr. Eby has fully investigated the rec
ords for the period men
tioned, and states that even with the
large amount of extra cost on account of
the "junk sale," the cost of the "office
under Cooke was materially less than it
has been under Shaver. Mr. Eby's let
ter will be found in another column, and
the statements therein are to be fully
relied on.
(Editorial Continued on page 6.;
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