Oregon City courier=herald. (Oregon City, Or.) 1898-1902, June 13, 1902, Page 6, Image 6

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Ihcy Call , Us Cutters.
Our competitors do. We don't mmdwe are cutters. We were the first
to smash the prices. We are still cutting them--expect to cut and keep cutting
as long as we are in the business. We are not satisfied to meet others' prices,
we set out to make the prices. We are doing it. . If you are not a customer of
this store, you are not sure that you are getting your goods as cheap as you ought.
Our cut-rate prices are not confined to well known patent medicines, but extend
to our Prescription Department. , $
IVANTEH T .increase mv list, oi hirun
ami lni'd- 1'"' ie, in all parte n( t lie
county Land- owneit liy nm-reitienii-represenieil
au.i fdid. li. E. Chis, At
torney at Lnw . '
quire of 0.
-500 tntcts of land. In
A. Cheney, Oregon City.
VOll SALH-'l"i.ruught.reii Holstein
FreiFian ru 1 10 moiilon old. me ami
dam Kegi'teifd. r will exidianire fur No.
1 milch cow, AddreBB Chas N. vVa.t,
Oanhy, Oiegon. (
WOK SALE A N) 1 Dm 1mm flesh
dairy cow, live yearn ulri ; live nations
or more t.aih . Inquire at, this oliice.
Photographic Su)blies
Quality counts here. You
don't want cheap photo goods
at any price ; you want the
best at lowest market prices.
We are under the market
from 10 per cent, to 30 per
cent, this week on these:
Our stock of Razors,
Knives and Scissors is of the
very best quality. We han
dle no trash. O'tr regular
prices are lower than the
same quality is usually sold
for. These special prices
" ...20 are cuts of from 20ptrcent.
15 to 70 per cent.
16 ounce Graduates
8 '
4 "
2 " ' 10
1 " ' 07
Fixinsr Bath 50
Card Mounts, 32x3 per doz. .07
" ' 4x5 " ..09
" Cahinet, " ..10 3
" " 5x7 " ...15 2
Trinodn 75 1
Printing Fra.nes .12
Ray Screens 19 2 00
Duplicates .. . .... 19 1 60.
Metol 75 1 25
Pyro 35 75
Ein.iKg"n 35 60
75 Phears 50
65 " 45
60 " 40
35 " 20
00 Razors 2 10
50 " 1 95
25 " 95
75 Co n Razor 50
Knives 1 50
1 20
' 95
" 50
" 45
Patent Medicines ,
Some new prices this week.
If the kind you want is not
here, ask for it. We have it,
and the price is cut if it is
possible to cut it.
Swamp Root 75
Mennen's Talcium Powers... 15
Rubifoam 20
Hmd's Almond Cream 35
Herpicide .'. .. 70
Beef, Iron & Wine 50
Pierce's Pellets..... 15
Quaker Herbs 75
Oregon Blood Purifier ..... 75
Peruna 75
Pierce's Discovery 75
Pierce's Pre cription 75
Pinkham'a Compound 75
We are heavy buyers of
soap get it direct of the
makers. We handle so
much of it that we are satis
fied with smaller profits.
That explains the cuts in
these brands :
4711 Glycerine 15
Packer's Tar 20
Sh iving Soap 5
Armour's Fine Art ..... 7
Fear's Soap 15
Wool Soap 7
Ivory 4
C Igates Tar 10
Lyon's Skin. . .' 10
Glycerine 10
Kirk's Castile, 2 lo. bars 20
yOK SALE Kiiiisidiitt Lumber by J.
A. Jones at his mill on Ire Abernethy,
2 miles eai of On g.iii Ci'y. The mill
and machinery i mko for sale, ineludine
40-horfes inline and boiler. Address J.
A. Jones, Oi gnu City.
C. Q. HUNTLEY, Popular Price Druggist
Oregon Cihj, Oregon
"POR S.VLEOn the installment plan,
it eo desued koou 0 room house, cor
ner 3rd at d Jt Arson stieets ; eewer con
necriot(8 and healthv locatio 1. Apply to
R. Koern-r corner 4 li and JeftVreon sts.
3 miles east of Soda Springs. Flooring
and rustii- a tpeciali. All kinds of
umber alwavs on hand.
Will Consist of 18 Democrats
and Ti liepi bltcana.
The composition of the next Oregon
legislature will he overwhelmingly re
publican. In all the democrats will have
but six members of the senate, as fol
io s: W. II. Wehrunii, Washington,
holdover; Alex Sweek, Columbia, Mult
nomah and Washington, hold over,
and Justus Wade, of Uoion, hold over.
The new senators elected bv the demo
crats are M. A. Miller, Linn ; Walter
Tierce, Morrow, Umatilla and Union,
andO J. Smith, of Umatilla.
The repuplican members of the sen
ate are: Marion E. M. Croisan, Sq.
Farrar. Linn, Marion W. II. Hobson.
Lane W illiam Kuykendall. DoughiB
A. O. Marstera. Douglas, Josephine,
Lane R A. Booth Coos, Curry T.
M. Dimlck. Jackson E. V. Carter.
Crook, Klamath, Lake, Wasco-J . N.
Williamson Benton J D. Daly Lin
coln, Tillamook, Yamhill Tyler W.
Smith. Polk B. F. M.ulkey. Yamhill
W. A. Howe. Clackamas G. O.
Browuell Multnomah Herbert II il
man, J. E. Hunt, F. P. Maya, Henry
E. McGinn, G.T. MyerB, Andrew C.
Smith. Clatsop C. W. Fulton. Sher
man, Wasco. T. H. Johnson. Gilliam,
Grant, Sherman, Watco, Wheeler VV.
W. Steiwer. Baker, Harney .Malheur
John L. Rand,
Only 12 demociats will sit in the lower
house. They are: W . B. Bilyen, Linn ;
S. R Ciaypool, Linn; Willis Kramer,
Douglas; Miles Oantrall, Jackson; John
B. Olwell.Jaekaon; Charles V.Galloway,
Yamhill; John llahn, Clatsop; W. M.
Blakeley, Umatilla; J. A. Burleigh,
Union and Wallowa; T. N. Murphy,
Union; J. II. Bobbins, Baker; E. II.
Test, Harney and Malheur.
Republican members of the lower
house follow: Marion Frank Duvey, E.
J. Judd, T. 15. Kay, Alex LaFollutt, J
D. Simmons. Lauo I N. Edwards,
L. T. Harris, J.M.Shelley. Douglas
Ira B. Riddle. Cons 8. B. Hermann.
Coos, Curry R. I). Hume. Josephine
W. V. Hale. Douglas, Jackson ,1. M.
llaiisbrouxh. Benton M. Ilayden. Polk
George L. Hawkins. Lincoln, Polk
B. F. Jones. Yamhill B. 0. Miles.
Tillamook, Yamhill B. L. Eddy.
Washington D. M. C. Gaiilt, Oharius
IlinoB, li. F. Purdy. Clackamas C. G.
Huntley, Hans Paulsen, H. A. Webster.
Clackamas, Multnomah O. W. Nottine
ham. Multnomah A. A B-iiley, W. W
Banks, S. B. Cobb, H. J. Fisher, John
Gill, V. W. Hod.Him, W. R. Hud on, J
S. Hutchinson, W.N. Jones, Dan J.
Mularkev, Geo ga M. Orton, Sanderson
Reed. Clatsop 0. W. Carnaban. Co
lumbiaMartin Both. Crook, Klamath,
Lake, Wasco-J. N. Burgess, R. A. Em
mitt, J. N. Wlieutdou. Morrow, Uma
tilla H O Adams. Gilliam, Grant
Sherman, Wasco, Wheeler C. A. D.'ii
neinan, R. J. Ginii, C. B. Johuaou.
Read It h his Newspaper.
George Sohaub, a well know Gm man
of New Lebanon, Ohio, is a constant
reader of the Dayton Volkszeituug. Ha
knows that this paper aims o advertise
only the best in its c ilunins, aud when
he saw Chamberlain's Pain B ihu adver
tised therein for lame back, he did not
l esitate in buying a bottle of it for his
vkife, who for 'eiui.t weeks had suffered
with the most terrible pains in her back
and could get no relief. He eft s : "After
using the l'ein Balm for a few days my
wiio said to inn, 'l f t! as though 1 was
born anew,' and before using the en
lire contents of the bvittle the unbearable
pains had entirely vanished and she
,.,ii,l m.in take np her household du
ties." He is veiv thankful and hopes
that all suffering ' likewise will hear of
her wonderful recovery. This valuable
liniment is for eale by G. A. Harding.
Vote on
DUlrict OJJi-
Folbwing is the official vote for jus
tices of the peace, constables and road
supervisors at the election held June
2nd, in Clackamas county :
Juntices and Constables.
District No. 1 Jmtices, J. A. Turner
199, G. F. Aden 14J, CDarles Hansen
District No. 2 J. C. Haines 115.
District No. 3 Justices, John Wise
210, James A. Wells 136; constables,
George Mooney 174, Leonard Jones 1G0.
District No. 4 Justices, Livy Stipp
792, J. W. Loder 521; constables,
Moody 732, Cooke 503.
' District No. 6 Justices, Williim
Kniaht 213, J. A. Graham 226.
District No. 7 Jnstices, K. R. Brat
ton 73, J, II. Joy ner 56, P. Malloy52;
constables, L. L. Gribble 91, F. M.
Mathews 62, John MoCreary 50.
Road District No. 8 Justices, J.
Lubour 162, H. Skirvin 136; constable,
John Haugh 176, J. B. Taylor 121.
District No- 9-Justlces, W. F.
Mueller 154, li M. Coooer 151; consta
bles, Aop D. Jones 121), F. Molden
hauor 70.
District No, 10 Justices, M. E. Kan
dle 77, L. P. Williams 0i; constables,
Everett Pollock 75, B. C. Palmer 57.
District No. 11 Justices, L. Tcnny
108, J. J. Barafeld, 100; constables,
T.R. Dubois 116, F. U. King 75.
District No. 12 Justices, S. C.
Young 146; constables, J. L. Bates 9!),
It. 0. Heiser 83.
District No. 13 Justice, T. G. Jms
rud 115; constable, Bert Jonsrud 116.
District No. 14 Justices, O. W.
Casseday 96, J. P. Woodle 97 ; consta
bles, B. F. Forrester 103, Homer Glo
ver 88
District No. 15 Justices, G. W. Ow
ings 74, B. F. Smith 110; constables,
It. G. Garrett 111, S. J. Kauffmann 78.
Road Supervisors.
Dieirict No. 1 VV. H. Counsel!, 101.
No. 2 Walter Wilson, 102, P T. Da
vis 101.
No. 3 A. H. Ritzau 101, O. W
Gritlin 100.
No. 5 G B Linn 102, Joseph Ca
hill 101.
No 5 Andrew Vetsch 101, John Bird
sail lull.
No 6 John Revenue 99.
No 7 Charles Le.ik 100, Jamns Fea
gles 99.
No 8-Ed Kopper, 99.
No 9 Henry Johnson 69.
No 10-W li Oatlield 102, Charles
Duncan 101.
No II John E. Smith 192, Jesse
Mansfield 101.
No 12 J C Sprague 101.
No 13 W H Mattoon 102.
No 14 F E Ternan 103, G F Gibbs
102, W O Dickerson 101.
Nol5-Ward B Lawton 103, E E
Kelloga 101.
No 16 August Staehley 99.
No 17 A H Knight 100, Joho Baney
No 18 John Shannon 102. Fred
Moehnke 101.
No 19 P Pendleton 102, J J Mal
latt 101.
No 20 J Stromgren 103, Charles
Welch 104, John Put 102, Joseph Pol
lock 101.
No 21 J H Wright 102, O R James
(Continued nex. week.)
tate, which consists principally of
money and mortgages at $5317. The
appraisers were Dan Lyons, H. L.
Ktdly and C. O. T. Williams. The will
was executed on the 4th day of Febru
ary, 1901.
In the matter of the estate of J. E
Faulkner, deceased, the Willamette
Pulp & Paper Company paid $250 to the
administrator, in release of all claims
against them. The administrator was
ordered to pay Shank & Bissell, under
takers, $373 on account of funeral.
Escaped Convicts In .Clacka
amas County.
Tracy and Merrill, the escaped mua
erer convicts, are now in Clackamas
county and Sheriff Cooke has charga of
the plans to eff-ct their capture
A ter the convicts escaped from t he
posse, which virtually had them sur
rounded, they were supposed to be in
the vicinity of Monitor, and the Marion
county posse in militia went in that
direction. Yesterday afternoon Sheriff
Cooke received a telephone messaKe
that he convicts got dinner at P. M.
Graves' house, and hurriedly left for
timber cover. Sheriff Cooke at once
left for scene of action. Later in the af
ternoon Governor Geer ordered Com
pany A out, and they left for Molalla
Tracy and Merrill are the most des
perate characters that ever escaped from
the Oregon penitentiary. For two
days they were practicallv surrounded
by a oosse of 400 men, tracked with
bloodhounds, shots were exchanged,
yet they escaped under cover of darkness.
Will of
Jacob Ranch
to 1' rebate.
Herbert D. Newell, a graduate of the
Massachusetts Instiu eot Technology,
at present located at it. Stevens and
employed 011 the g iverinnent jetty, was
in the citv on Saturday. He asked for
a board of trade publication describing
luis city and county.
The will of Jacob Rauch, deceased,
baa been admitted to probate, and the
appointment of William J. Ranch, as
executor, confirmed. The estate is be
queathed to the widow, Elituheth O
litvieh, during her life time. The will
provides ihat the assets of the estate
shall be invested in first mortgage interest-bearing
securities, the interest to
be paid semi-annually, and the pro.
ceedstogo to the widow. After the
latter's death, the will devises that
the property shall be equally divided be
tween John lleury Kaueli, ttannau
Remington, Margaret M. Telcher and
VV. J . Ranch, The appraisers of the e
tiite haye placed the valuation of the es-
Miss Florence E. Patty, one of the
best teachers in the West Oregon City
school, was married to Stonewall J.
Vauglian, a prominent young business
man of O.euon City Wednes lay evening.
The ceremony took place at the homa
of Colonel Robert A. Aliller at Glad
stone at 8:30, Riv P. K. llunmoad, of
St. Paul s Epicopal chcrch, being the
olliciatimr clergyman, Miss Iva Har
rington was bridesmaid, and Chauncey
Ramiby was best man. Only a few im
mediate friends and relatives After a
short trip to Southern Oaegon, Mr, aud
Mrs. Vaugban will occupy their new
home on the corner of Saventh and
Madisoii streets.
Miss Mvrtle Currin, daughter of
Mrs. M. J. Currin, was married to
Theodoro VVeed at the Presbyterian
church Ht 5 p. m , Wednesday after
noon. Rev. W. 8. Gilbert, of Portland,
was the officiating cleigyman. Miss
Eletha Cnmins was maid of honor
and Fran't , was best man.
Miss Echo Samson played the wedding
march, and Owen Thomas and Seth
Levens were the ushers. Th church
was prettily decorated, white tijal
arches being erected over the aisle.
Mr. and Mrs. Weed will reside at Ely
011 their .eturn from E istem Oregon.
Several Interesting Functions Dur
ing the Heek.
The members of the Eva'igalical
church gave Rev. and Mrs. A A. En
gelbart a delightful surprise pany a few
evenings ago, as an appreciation of their
ret urn to this charge lor another .year.
there was a house-fill of the quests.
at d a very enjoyable time was passed.
Miss Imogen Harding was the recin
lent a delightful birthday surprise party
last Baturoay evening.
Mrs. George C. Brownell entertained
the Mothers Club yesterday afternoon
How's This!
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re'
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by HaL's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Props.,
T ledo, O.
We the undersigned, have known F
J. Cheney or the last 16 years, and be
lieve him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
Dy tneir tirm.
West & Iruax, Wholesale Drugiist.B,
Toledo. O.
Waldino, Iunnan & Marvin, Wholesale
.DrrigfistS, .Toledo. O.
HaL's Catarrh Cure is taken internally
acting diroctly upon the blood and in 11
cnus surfaces of the system. Price, 75
per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Tea.
timonials free.
Hall's Famiiy Pills are the best.
Bargain In the Latest Hats at- Red
Front Special Millinery Sale,
Restaurant Privilege.
Sealed bids will be received by
undersig led ap to and including Satur
day June 7th, for the exc usive restaur
ant privilege at the coming session
the Chautauqua Assembly at Gladstone
lark, July 8 to 19 inclusie. Building
with range lustailediurnishel .
H. E. Cross, Sec,
and Union Pacific
The 0. R. & N. Co.
Gives the Choice of
JjU.MBER Leave oideif at tins' office
lor first-class lumber of all kinds, or
address W F. Harris. rWver Creek.
Uregou .
9 00 a. m.
9:00 p. m.
CTRAYED About. May 1st, a email
bay horse, weight about 000 or 800,
rather thin, little white in forehead.
For information or return to Persell, the
cow-hearder, on Abernethy, a liberal re
ward will be piud
Hot soda at the Kozy Kandy Kitchen
A few watches for sale cheap at
Younger's. Watches cleaned, $1.
Drs. R. B and A. L. Beatie, dentist,
Weinhard building.
The Weekly Oregonian gives all th
national news and the Courier-Herald
gives all local and county news. Both
one year for Two Dollars.
When you visit Portland don't fail ti
get your meals at the R'yal Restaurant.
First and Madison. They serve an ex
cellent meal at a moderate price; a good
square meal, 15c. '
Edgar L. Rjsea id Nettie May Clark,
of Portland, were married ai t tie Con
gregational parsonage, June Sih, Rev.
Bollinger ollioiatiug.
Marriage licenses have been issued to
Louisa Brasell and .1. Thompson I'ownlv.
Martha Stfbert'i and Irving Tamblyn,
Missouri VauBuskirlt and Ferdiiund L'l
rich, during the week.
If'iedem 11 w' Best Troup.
Wiedeman's big show is being greeted
with crowded nouses at Shively'u Opera
House this week, and th au tiences aie
delighted. Friday night, ' Steam
Laundry." S iturday matinee, ' That
Naughty Kid " fatii'day uight, "Sea
Filthy Temples in India.
Sacred cows often defile Indian tem
ples, out worse yet is a body that's pol
luted by constipation. Don't permit it.
Cleanse your system with Dr. King's
New Life Pills and avoid untold misery.
They give lively livers, active bowels,
good digestion, fine appetite. Only 25c
at Geo. A. Hmding's drug store.
Does your head ache ? Pain
back of your eyes? Bad
taste in your mouth? It's
your liver ! Ayer's Pills are
liver pills. They cure consti
pation, headache, dyspepsia.
25c. All druggists.
Want inur limut:i.'hn nr twarrt a Iwni.i.-
brown or rich black? 1 hen use
B-CT. 0PIKJ3.8TS, 01 R l. Mali A Co. . Nhu M.
pRESri COW f .r sale by H. II. Perry,
Mulino. Young and gnntle. Will
have two mote fresh this month.
WANTED A ladv or gentleman to
spend vacation mont s working for
a saiary of $4'i per mouth Please ad.
dress Box 42", Oregon City, Oregon.
VOli KENT A furnished 7-room hoie
lur the bummer, li. quire of C. H
$10 REWARD for return ol Irish ter-
rier, wearii g (ollar marked
"Mickey-Gordon Voorhiee" ; lost at Ore.
gou City, June 1. Gordon Voorhie8,227
vyest fark, Fortland.
lOUND A United Anisan pin with
initials VV. S, A. engraved on bar.
0 ner can have same by paj ing for this
rigui party we win give exclusive saie
of our product in Clackamas couniy. Re
quire limited advance paj nieut for goods.
Address, International l ower Vehicle
Co. Drawer G, Stamford, Conn.
THE T 8. Townsend Creamery Co,
of 44 Second St, Portland, will Bell
you a cream seperator and take cream in
IIOB, the 3-4 Percheion, will stand at
Oak Grove stock larm this season
Six dollars to insure with fold. Will
show his colts with any horse in state.
J. W. Dowty, Ourrinsville, Or.
Individuals Money to Loan at 0 pei
cent and 7 per cent. Call on or write,
John W Lodrr, Attorney at Law,
htevens lilM'g. Oregon City, Ureg
Notioe is h.ireby zlvn that I hve flle'1 with the
County Cuurt ol Clackamas County and Slate 0
Oregon my llual rep 111 an atlraiuistmtor of the
estate of j'u.aes A. Burhur, deoeaaod and that said
court has sft Monday, the 7th day of July. 1UU2,
at the hour of lu o'clock a m of said day as the
time for bearinn "iilil report ana objections there
to II auy wore ue.
Administrator of of the Estate of
Jainus A. Barbur, Deceased.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon foi
Clackamas (Jouuiy.
George E. Smith, 1
Plain utf, I
vs. V
Catherine A. Smith,
Defe.idaut. j
To Catherine A. Smith, the above named de-
In the na ne of the state or oiegon yni a'e
he-nby requlri-d to appear aud answer the com
plaint fll.'il auainst you ill the above enllned
court and cause on or before the last day of the
Diiblication of llus summons, and it vou fail to an.
pear or answer the plaintiff will apply to the
court for the reli.'f prayed for in the cemplaint
to-wu: thut the mamase contract existing be.
tween you and the plaintiff be dissolved.
This summons is published bv order of the Hon
Thomas V. Kyan, county judge of C.'ftckamas
county, state of Uregou. madeaud entered the 24th
day of May.llHu. aud the date or tne nrst publica'
lion hereoi is .May .w, rju, ana 01 tue msi puuu.
caiiun July ii, iaui.
Attorney for Plaliititl.
Daie 1. May 311th, 1902.
T.ailia.' h4ta at. Mia (lull Frnnt
styles and at prices toeuit one and all.
How to Save
Your Hair
Those who are losing their hair or
have parted with their locks can
have it restored by a remedy that
is within reach of everyrne. All
sorts of theories have been ad
vanced to hcci tint for falling hair,
but alter all, it is the remeoy we
ate after ai d 1101 the theory. Peo
ple who need more hair, or anxious
to fave what they have, i.r frum
sickness, dandruff orotiier causts
have lost their hair should nut de
lay but use PRIER'S HAIR FO . D
t once.
male by all druggists
DYE arc fast to sun light,
washing and rubbing. Sold by
C G. Huntlev
6:C0 p. m.
ST. PAUL and
Ocean Steamers leave Portland every
5 Days for
Boats leaves Portland daily for Willam
ette and Columbia River Points.
Monthly Steamers to China and Japan.
For full Information call on or address nearest
0. R. & N. Ticket Agent, or address
A.L. CRAIG, G, P. A.,
Portland, Oregon
8.00 A. M.
7 00 P. M.
For Maygers, Rainier,
'latskauie, Westport,
Clifton, Astoria, War
ronton, Flavel, Ham
mond, fort Stevens,
Gearliart Park, Seadde,
Astoria and- Seashore
Express, Daily.
Astoria Express,
11:10 A.M.
9:40 P. M,
Ticket Office. 256 Morrison st. and Union Depot.
j . j. juaxu, uen. rass. Age, Astoria, ure.
Dally Round Trips, except Sunday
Leave Portland 1 A. M
Leave Astoria 7 P. M
Dally Trips Except Sunday
Liave Portlanri, Hon., Wt d. and fri 7 A. M.
L ;ave The Dalles , Tubs., Thurs. and Sat. .7 A. M.
Leave Portland, Tues , lhurs. and Sat. . . . ,T A. II
Leave Dalles, Mon., Wed. and Frl .T A. M
Landing, Foot Alder Street
John M. Filloon The Dalles, Ore.
A. J. Taylor Astoria, Ore.
J. J. Luckey... .Hood River, Ore.
Wolford & Wyers. White Salmon, Wash.
J. O. Wyatt Vancouver, Wash.
R. B. Gilbreth Lyle, Wash.
John M. Totton... Stevenson, Wash.
Henry Olmstead Carson, Wash.
Wm. Butler Butler, Wash.
Hie Dalles, Portland and Astoria
Navigation Co.'s
Strs. Regulator & Dalles
Daily (except Sunday) between
The Dalles,
Hood River,
Cascade Locks,
and Portland
Pouching at way points on both sides of th
. Columbia river.
Both of tie above steam i rs have been re nl
and are in excellent aha) e for the season ofl 00
The Kegulutor Llue will endeavor loglveita
patrons the best service possible.
For Comfort, Kconomy and Pleasur
travel by the steamers of llin Begulator
The above steamers leave Portland 7 a. m.an
Oallesat 8 a, m.,and arriveat destination in amp
time for otittroing trains.
Portland Office, The Dalles Office
Oak St. Dock. Court Street.
General v
Only transcontinental line
passing directly through
Salt Lake City,
Lead v ill e,
Colorado Springs
and Denver.
Thr. splendidly epuipped trains
daily to all points East.
Through Sleeping and Dining Cart
and Free Reclining Chair Cars.
The most inaenificent scenery in
America by daylight.
Stop overs allowed on all classes of
addres cheapest rate8 nd descripUve lit, r4tnre
General Agent,
I2i Third Street, Portj-nd, Oregon