Oregon City courier=herald. (Oregon City, Or.) 1898-1902, June 06, 1902, Page 3, Image 3

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Oregon City's Big Cash Store
Extraordinary Bargains
Extensive Offerings in all Departments
ffimbroiderieS-1500 yards of fine nainsook
embroideries, with extra fine work, fully worth 2c,
tomorrow price
ILadics' Black ILace Mose, just the a v
thing for warm weather, extra fine quality, per pair,
Outing SliirtS-Made of' good quality covert
cloth, in tans, browns, blues and grays, each,
LaCC-J000 yards wide torchon lace, some are worth
JOc yard, your choice for
Ladies' Vests and Pants Light sum-
mer weight, in white and ecru, each
Shirt Waists. -In white, blue and pink,
elegantly trimmed, regular $2,5 value,
1 35
Alarm Clock-Western Clock
Go's first quality, regular $1 value
Mirrors-French Plate Glass, just 22c
the thing for a shaving mirror,
Large Stock of Hats, Sweaters, Base Ball
Goods and Fishing Tackle Just Received
Shoes-Ladies' "Queen Bee" Shoe $215
Regular $2.50 value, (
Copper Tea Kettles -8 oz. Cop- $ 1
per, heavily nickel plated, large size
Physician, Surgeon and Oculist
Office in Barclay Building, Cor. Main and 7th 8t$.'
Calls Answered Prompjly Day or Night
See Charman & Co.'s new advertise
ment. It will save you money.
100,000 Rolls of Wall Pa
per at 5c per double roll at
W. L. Block, The Home-
furnisher, opposite P. O.
Close Buying
75c, 40c
Red Seal
I recently saw an eastern druggist's
ad. which explains the pint regarding
large buying and cash payment s much
Visiter than T pwr haw. keen aW?. r An
7c that I give the ad here exactly as it ap-
"A certain patent medicine which is
quoted at $8.75 per d zen can be b ught
in 3 dz en 1 ts at wholesale for $7.50 per
eier y
20 oz. bottle
Hires Root
Beer, 1 5c
J 00 2 gr."
PUls, J5c
Safe ure,
dozen. One gr ss (12 d zen) costs at
wholesale $6.75 per dozen. Then if spot
cash" is paid an additional 5 per cent,
discount is allowed which brings the cost
down in gross lots to $6.41 per dozen.
Small stores which buy in one-fourth
and one-half dozen lots pay at wholesale
$8.75. We pay in gross lots $6.41.
Hence you see that we can sell at a pro
fit for the price that the ordinary druggist
Beef. Iron & has to pay his wholesaler for the goods."
Wine, 50c
. , This covers the situation so thor-
oughly that comment is unnecessary.
However, I promise you if you come to
me for all you drug store goods that at
the end of the year you will find you have
saved many dollars by trading at the
store- where things are bought by the
gross instead of by the dozen.
Tooth Pow
der, 1 9c
All 50c.
Face Pow
ders, 35c
All $1 Hair
Popular Price Druggist.
Tbe Best
Our facilities for handling
checking accounts are a
mong the very best; and
we invite you to place
yourself in position to en
joy them.
Bank of Oregon City
Oregon City
C. B. Clements, formerly a well
known resident of Oregon City, was
here froru Eugene yesterday. He has
prospered since leaving here, and is ex
tensively interested in mines.
E. P. Dedman, of Clackamas, was in
town Saturday, and reported that the
Italian prunes were almost a failure in
his neighborhood,"and the petites aould
be a short yield The peach crop, how
ever, gives promise of a good yield.
H"n. B. F. Mulkey, who is promi
nently mentioned as the probable new
president of the state normal school at
Monmouth, will give the cUss address
at the commencement exercises of the
Parkplace school, to be held in the
Gladstone park auditorium tonight.
Mr. and Mrs. J. 8. Purdora arrived
from St. John's, Wash., Wednesday,
where he has been railroad statio"
agent for some time past. Mr. and Mrs.
Purdom have again become residents of
the city, and are occupying rooms in
the Morey house. They expect to oc
cupy their own houBe again, as soon as
Register 0. B. Moores and family can
find a suitable house.
J. W. Berriam, superintendent of the
Rogue rivei hatchery, arrived Tuesday
for a short visit to ins old home. He
was accompanied bv Sol Wheeler, who
has been employed at the hatchery for
some time past. Mr. Berriam will visit
flew York city, before returning to the
hatchery, and aleo will go to Nashua,
N. H., to visit W. F. Hubbard,
former superintendent pf the Clacka
mas hatchery. Mr. Berriam has com
pleted the Bsason'B work at tbe Rogue
river hatchet y, and has batched out
6,800,000 of chinook and steel bead sal
mon eggs. ,
The Misses Broughton, of Portland,
were visiting relatives in the city during
the week.
, Ladies' hats at the Red Front in
styles and at prices to suit one and all.
The salary of the Oregon City post
master has been advanced by tbe de
partment from $1800 to $1900 per an
no in.
The Saturday Club ia making arrang
ments to give an international straw
berry fete in Willamette hill, Wednes
day evening, June 18th.
Remember the date of the "Ah-mo-teh
FieBta" June 13th, at Rose Farm
(Mount Pleasant).
Viola Morris Godfrey, wife of W. H.
Godfrey, and one of the newly elected
teachers in the city Fchool, will grad
uate June 18th, from the State Normal
School at Monmouth. She is one of a
class 24, and is on the program for an
Willamette Falls Camp, Woodmen of
the World, will hold memorial serviecs
and unveil monuments in honor of
Morris Broderick and D. E. Shepard at
Mountain View cemetery, Sunday af
ternoon. ' Judge T. F. Ryan will be
master of ceremonies, but the orator
has not yet been selected.
About 30 members of Meade Post,
G. A. R.. and the Relief Corps went to
Astoria Tuesday to attend the annual
encampment. Considerable interest
centers in the encampment from Ore
gon City this year, as it has been de
partment headquarters for the Corps
dnring the past year. Mrs. William
Galloway ia president, Mrs. George A.
Harding is secretary, and Mrs. T. W.
Fouts, treasurer.
G. Vorhies, of Portland, started to
Medford last Sunday with a chartered
car, containing a lot of household goods,
a horse, Shetland pony and two dogs.
The freight train made a temporary
stop on a sidetrack here, and while all
hands were at supper, the car was dis
covered to be on fire. The horses and
dogs were bustled out without serions
Injury, and tbe man returned to Port
land on the following day with his
damaged goods. The fire department
extinguished tbe flames.
The mbmbere and friends of the Con
gregational church are looking forward
to the coming Sunday with keen inter
est. Two speakers of national reputa
tion will speak t the various services.
Missionary Superintendent Dr. Broad,
of Kansas, Is one of the noted workers
in Congregationalism, and bis wife,
Mrs. Caswell Broad, has no equal in
describing the power of the gospel
among the Indiana, miners and fron
tiersman. Mrs. Broad will speak at a
children's rally at 4 p. m. The oppor
tunity of hearing such speakers comes
but seluom, and all are invited to these
services. -
The "Ah-mo-teh Fiesta" to be given
at Rose Farm June 13th promises to be
a very novel entertainment. Everyone
should avail themselves the opportunity
of a pleasant drive and a visit to the his
toric old home.
Reliable Druggists New Drug More
We beg to announce to the people of Oregon City and
Clackamas County that we have opened a first-class Drug
Store in this city, opposite I. Selling's, where we are mak:ng a
specialty of preparing Physicians Prescript ;ons.
"Necessity is the mother of invention" "Dissatisfac
tion the father ci progress" the enormous prices which the
people of this vicinity have had to pay for Drugs, especially
for filling prescriptions, has ne;essitated the opening of a New
Drug Store where this work can be promptly and accurately
prepared at a reasonable price.
It is a well know fact that we have always advocated
a lower scale of prices for all Drugs and Medicines than has
existed between the druggists ot this town, consequently our
advent into the Drug business has caused a great shaking and
tumbling of high prices in patent medicines although there
has been a reduction of io to 50 per cent in some cases they
are. not yet low enough to meet our idea of modern Drug prices
and down they go about 10 per cent lower.
Our fresh stock of Drugs is not to be compared with
the old pioneer stock now offered in this town at clearance sale.
However we will meet any cut made in the Drug Line, and in
some cases can go a little lower than all other prices. Better
trade where you know thef stock is all fresh and pure .
Remember this is the only drug store which delivers
all goods sold to any part of the city.
the ground of desertion, and the plain
tiff was awarded the cu Jtody of the mi
nor children. ' .
The suit of T. H. Smith vs A. M. Yo
cum, et al, was dismissed.
Several attorneys, on filing the proper
affidavits, were granted rebates on the
$10 district attorney fees, paid in di
vorce suits,' the supreme Court having
recently decided that such fees were
not legal.
"Bob" Gardner is having a jury trial
in the circuit cou't on a charge of hold
ing up "Captain Jack" Miller.
Neely, was in the
Springwater, was
Mrs. H. Grim, of
city Wednesday.
C. H. Guttridge, ot
in the city Tuesday..
A. M. Kirchem.of Viola, was a visi
tor in the city Tuesday.
S. T. Roman has returned from a
"visit to the Sound country.
J. H. Revenue, of Sandy, who was re
elected toad supervisor, was in the city
Jefferson Haines, of Rising Sun, Md.,
is visiting his cousin, J. A. Roman at
Mount Pleasant.
Jacob Miley, a well known hop
grower, of Union precinct, was in Ore
gon City Wednesday.
T. G. Jonsrud, of Kelso, who was re
elected justice of tbe peace, after serv
ing successive terms, was in town Wed
nesday. C. F. Buchman, of Damascus, has
enlisted in the service of the United
States navy, and left for San Francisco
last night.
Willard W. Austin, now a promi
nent school teacher at Hamilton, Grant
county, arrived yesterday, and will visit
friends in the county.
Charles V. Galloway, son of Hon.
William Galloway, receiver of the local
land office, was elected representative
on the democratic ticket in Yamhill
E. P. Carter, of Portland, formerly
of this city, was awarded a prize in a
state grange literary contest. His pic
ture occurred in the last issue. of the
Nothwest Pacific Farmer.
Several Interesting Functions Dar
ing the Week.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. E. E.
Charman last Monday evening, was
made merry by the event of their
daughter June's 15th birthday. Some
of the amusementB of the evening were
crokinole, table croquet, ping pong, etc.
In tbe guessing contost, Miss Sadie
Evans won the king's prize, and Mas
ter Ralph Miller, tbe consolation prize.
Miss Charman was assisted in receiving
the guests by her cousins, the Misses
May Wiahart and Antoinette Walden .
Thoie present were:
Dillie Prat, Pearl Wood, Amy
inomas, lena uainu, liasie Block,
Mamie and Winnie Roake, Mary Belle
weiunim, mien muinger, JVUbel fa
sey, Sadie Evans. Geraldine MuCo.vn,
Louise Walker, Clara Nehren, Flor
ence Hamilton, Carl Moore, Ralph
Miller, ltay Williams, Harold Brough
ton, Charles Bollinger, Norwood Char
man, Willard Ilawley. Earle Latour
ette, Norman White, Emrys Thomas.
Circuit Court.
JudgiT. A. McBride is holding an
adjourned term of circuit court.
Un Wednesday Bert Jewell pleaded
guilty to assault and bittery, and was
nnedfoO. He had cut a nun with a
knife, during a quarrel a year and 1
hall ago or longer, and the matter had
been dragging along in the courts sines
that time.
A decree of divorce wai mnted in
tbe suit of Emm vu. T. W. Oilharn on
On any thing in the drug line is quite apt to be a little higher
than our price. ' Our first aim is to see that you get good goods
and get what you ask for. Our next aln and effort is to Save
you something on the COST. ' f
No one ever will or can sell you for less than our Prices.
We save for you not only on a few loudly heralded items but on
almost everything druggists sell.
J5c lb.
2 for 25c
Hot Water
$J regular
Now 64c
$1 regular
Now 65c
Aprobar JOc
Now 5c
Every Day Prices
Cut Prices on Patent Medicines
flPeruna.... 74C
$1 Hawley 's Catarrh Cure 70C
$1 Swamp Root 80C
35c. Castoria (genuine) 24 C
25c. Carter's Little Liver Fills ... . 1 5C
11 (1 Asthma Cures 85C
$1 Pierce's Golden Discovery ' (
(1 Pieice's Favorite Prescription. 75C
25o. Porous Plasters 1 OC
1 Pinkham's Vegetable Comp'nd 74C
25c. Pierce's Pellets .... 15C
f 1 Shoop's Medicines 85C
25c. Fears' Soap 15C
$1 Paine's Celery Compound 80C
30c. Fry's Squirrel Poison '.. 20C
50c. Waklee's Squirrel Poison .... 30C
(1 Wood's Sarnaparllla.'. only 55C
$1 Red Line Sarsaparilla . . . .only 60C
25c. Condition Powders 20C
$1 Tansy Pills 85C
25c. Cuticura Soap 18c
50c. Electric Bitters 40C
$1 Electric Bitters 80C
Snaps in Cameras
and Supplies
$8 Cyclone Magazine, almost new 5.00
(1 Brownie Camera 80
20 Premo"A" 15.00
Stamp Card Mounts per doz. 5C
Brownie " " extra fine, " IOC
An endless variety of 4x5 and 5x7 mounts
all colors, at special prices.
Druggists' Sundries
Sponges, usual price 5c, cut price 4C
Sponges, 10c regular now 5C
Tooth Brushes. 10c. 15c. 20c, 25c
85c. regular; now 5c , 10c, 15c, 25c.
Knives and Razors, reduced from
10 to 20 per cent.
See our Guaranteed Razor 1.50
5c lb.
15c lb.
10c lb.
4c roll
7 for 25c
10c box
2 pkg. 5c
Phone 13. Mail Orders Solicited.