Oregon City courier=herald. (Oregon City, Or.) 1898-1902, June 06, 1902, Page 2, Image 2

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Mountain View.
There is some sickness in this burg.
Mr trout is again able to be out.
Miss Ethel Cummins, of Shubel, who
nas been newing for Mrs Harrington, is
sick with pneumonia at the home of tieo
Stephens. Dr Stuart is n in attendance.
About $5.35 net gain was made at the
ice cream stand at Ely's .old store on
Decoration Day, and the same was given
o Rev 8 A Arnold on Sunday at the
-:loee of the meeting.
Hugh Nisblitt, of Portland, was call
ing ou Mr and Mrs Beattie last Friday.
They had not 'seen him for 20 years.
T Roberts, of Ashland, was the guest
sf his uncle, 0 B Jefferson, over Sunday.
Mies Richter, of Portland, was the
guest of her cousin, Mrs Ginther, the
past week.
Mrs Seely and son, Glenn, of Wash
ington, are visiting relatives here.
Mrs B Smith and son were visiting the
former's aunt, Mrs Freidrich, the pst
week. They returned home Tuesday.
Ferd Curran Btarted to California laBt
week to work in a woolen mill. He has
accepted a posiiion as foreman in the
mill at Nap pa.
W W May and family, of Cams, have
moved into the Adams house at the
head of Seventh street.
Grandma Bacon's daughter from Ida
bo ia visiting with her this week.
Grandma Dodson Is home again. She
has been ataying with Grandma Jones
(Yalkerfor two weeka.
Another Ipioneer gone Grandpa Tay
lor died June 4th at 3 o'clock a. m. He
was very sick a few months ago, but
lately he was quite well.
R T Beattie has sold his property to
W W May, who will take possession
soon. Sauna.
The weather haa been mixed up thia
like the politic not Rood.
How does It feel, Brother Citizens? When we
pops were trying to fight for reform who downed
i? Turn about Is fair play. I mean some of the
leaders. I, for one, congratulate the socialite
for their showing tills election.
This is hard weather on the fa-mer, The weeds
are growing faster than the garden truck.
Mrs Martha Peterson, of Mlnneapalis, Minn., is
visiting her sister, Mrs H L Barnes. They have not
seen each other for 10 years, tine will probably re
tide here.
H Vorpahl and Mrs 8elz and family, of Canby,
were Tisltiiig Grandma Wright Sunday last.
81m Helple, of Ourrlusvllle, and 0 Williams, of
Oregon City, deputy assessor, were pleasant call
itt ou ye acrlbe bundny. Come again.
Win Husband went to Portland with his wife
Mon..ay and left her at the Portland Banitailum
for medlual treatment.
H Abbott brought his wife home from the hos
oltal atl'ortlttiid last Sunday, much Improved in
health We are glad to say.
Mrs Graham, of Sollwood, Is visiting her
mother, Mrs Abbott, this week.
Prunes seem to be dropping badly. This
weather ia rotting tho stems oil'.
Beans, notatoes and norn Is a general com
plaint of rotting in the ground.
Brother farmers.now Is the time to fatten your
hogs. Look at the price for dressed pork.
Wilson vllle.
Elootlon Is over, and everything 9 settling
down to normal conditions,
Mr and lira Balder are visiting at Ira 8ely'a
Most of the people of Wllsonvlllo spent Decora
tion day at Hood View cometory.
Work will begin this ;week on the A 0 0 U hall
t this place.
MrPallett of this pUoe. and Dave Wagner had
Home dlllleulty TuesUy. Result was that Mr Pal
let was hned 8.
Wilsonvllle people are happy over the election
rf Mr Broost ( jr oouuty Oinmilisilimor.
Maple L'ttie
It ruins and It halls,
And it's cold stormy we ilher, '
But now that eleotion ta over
We hope for better weather.
Measles are all the rage lu this neighborhood.
The carpenters who are working ou Josl
Sclierruhle's liurn have beon laid otf for a few
lays on aeeouut of not being able to get the nec
essary lumber,
ffoplila llauinaun ia working for Mrs Ohrla
Hurt man In town.
Tom Davis, Jr, leaves today f.ir Matvj on a sur
veying trip with Mr KanJs.
Mrs IMlike'a father and mother, of Highland,
are visiting her this week,
Maple Lane wun well represented at Ihe danoe
it Heaver Creek Inst Friday.
Mr and Mrs 0 B Noe. of Nendv , were guests of
J V Glblis and family Sunday and Monday.
John OafTnev left .on Tutsday for The Dalles,
whore he will remain for the summer.
Miss Laura Williams has some celebrated geese
Who are Inclined to cat! on Mrs Jackson's geese,
hereby causing nor much anxiety and trouble by
laving todrlve ;them home so often.
Mr Schilling vent to Portland' Sunday to make
irranuements for his brother, who is coming from
the Kast.
Chaa P Tallman, of Clarkes, dined with 0 F
II bus and family Wednesday
Pansy Blossom.
Mrs Robeson Intends to start for Washing
ton Thursday, where she will visit with her son,
Charlie, for awhile.
Frank ltobeaon eame home Suudro to put In
his vote.
Mrs Kdgfonib and IUchel were vinlting at Mr
baterty's Sunday,
Lew Wallace attended (lie dative at Colton Sat
Miss Lulu Garrett was out bloyolo riding Sunday,
The hop yard boss and one of the glrN were
seen last Saturday under a l 'i l luc to keep
off the rain. We bad ourey u I'lOtii, She was
Miss Mario Edueeomb and ivri Wills called at
Mrs James' Sunday.
John Laforty, of Colton, was seen In s burg
R E Yoder Is at h' me for a few weeks' vaeatirn
1 Miss Klora Yoder is on the Bick liBt, but is eluw ly
I We are glad to see Moggie and Mabel Schwartz
at home again. They Cuueup from Portland to
Oregon (,ity on luo'-day and sneni several days at
their father's new farm near Viola.
J Schwartz and his two son is were working on
their new farm several days lat week.
JeffLantz and family, frm nr Woorlburn,
were visiting friends in this viomiiy over Sun
day. They will be our neighbois when Jlr
Schwartz moves away.
Mose Yoder and son, Walter, of Oregon Cl'.y,
took dinner at J S Yoder's Saturday.
Strawberries are beginu'iig to lipen, and If we
have a few dHjs' suusliuie they will souu;be pleuU-ful.
The rain continues.
Maccabees Attention A grand picnic will be
given at M.tcksriiir June 11. U I) Dimiek, of Ore
gon City, and Mrs Nellie H Lumbsoo will address
the peoplj. A grand parade from the Muccabee
hull to the grounds. The I. O T M will conduct
a lunch counter and ice cream Stand. A good
program ha bf en prepared and a ball game ar
ranged. Come everybod . .and enjoy a good
time. M M.
Midln o.
Mr Carlson haa been sick the past
Mrs Thon.as, sister of Mrs Murphy,
and her husband, both from the East,
are visiting at the Murphy home at
A Dougan made a business trip to
Salem last week.
H Perry and family and Jot Mullatt
and Elva and Pearl Eriokmn were visit
ing at the home of I Davis Suuday.
Mr Paine was visiting hia daughter
seem tb the e.eciioiitering done by
the republicans as utual.
A J Krigbautn took Mr 0tttield'a team
and took Uucle Beu Porter to the pol s.
MrOatlield took him back home.
A farewell reception in honor of Mrs M A
Wright was given at. the home of Mrs DA McKee
Thursday, May 2'.tth. Those present were Mr
and Mrs C G Boynton. airs M A Wright, Mrs R A
Brown, Mrs Carter, Mrs Mary Armes, Mrs BJ
Bouncy, Mrs DO Thompson, Mrs Sylvester, Mrs
C M Young. Mrs H Overton, Mr and Mis DA
MoKee, Misses Ivy and Minnie McKee
Beaver Lake.
Web foot weather is with us again, and I guess
it haa come to atay,
G Wyland hsa purchased a new wagon.
A M Grrshong hss sold his team. He intends
to go to Eastern Oregon to purchase anotlur
A Pluard had the misfortune to have his thumb
badly mashed a few days ago while working the
big flood dam now under construction on Coal
Say, Bert, what about your pack horse?
George Groshong, a well known logger of Butte
Creek, was seen passing through this burg a few
days ago,
day, Luther, what seemB to be the attraction
just over the way. .
Slim Jim.
W W May, who has sold his farm here,
has moved to Oiegon City, where
he will reside. Mr White, of Portland,
will take possession of the place this week.
Mrs C Green, of Mllwaukie, visited her sister'
Mrs Stedham, a few days last week.
Miss Hilda Erlckaon, of Portland, visited her
parents here Friday aud Saturday.
Routid Trip Excursion Bate
to Clatsop and North Beach Points via
Astoria & Columbia River Railroad be
ginning June 1st round trip excursion
on tickets will be placed on sa'e at A. &
C. K. R. ticket ofiice comer Tbird &
& Morrison Bts. and Union depot, Port
land, to alb points on Clatsop Beach via
ra'l direct and lo all beach points ou I.
B. & N. Co 's line (except llwaco) vt
A. & 0. K. B. to Astoria and s
and rail from. Astoria at popular, found
trip excursion rate of $4 00, ftn(j rom
Portland to Flavel and r,tOTn $3,
for return passage un'.d October 15th.
Similar excursion tickets issued by tne
O. B. & N Co., Vancouver Transporta
tioni'o., and Columbia River & Puget
tnnul Navigation Co. to points on
Clatsop Beach (exrept Flavel) and
points on North Beach (except llwaco)
will be hono-ed on trains of the A. & U.
II. R. in either direction.
Close connections made at Astoria
with steamer Nahcotta to and from
North Beach points. The above rate
includes tiansferof baggage betwecen
depot and deck.
rV ri 1
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Mra Dell Trullinger lant Snnd v .
MrBldaDoditewaaviailii.): her mo her,
Mra WoodHide, last wnek.
Fred Wallace ia on the rick Let.
Bertha Herron ha b. ui a vieitoi here
the. pant week.
II Selizor wasviaiting Htiouuher Sun
day last.
Delia Glover, who lias beeu visiting
her aiater, Mrs Triilhngi-r, for some
montha, haa returned to her I ome at
Eajtle CreeK, bk her mother tnti nda to
go to Iowa in a rhort time.
Aildte Chrivteneen, who haa been
There was spraklne held at Mr Qreitorjr'a hut
lt TUuraoay ulglit ty tlia republicau candidatea.
a mrgecrowa was present.
Mrs B Juirgar, of Oregon City, is visiting Frank
Jaggar aud family.
Fred E?ana, of Portland, who haa been Btaying
with his jtraiulpareitts for the past six weeks, re
turned 10 hia honieSundiiy.
Mr Gardner and Fred Llndsloy have returned
from the seaside, where they hare heen tending
tu thulr timber claims.
Mrs D Tlioiraa and daiiuhtor, Blodn yn.of Reaver
Creek.were calllag on friends of this burg Friday
Misa Katie Jone, of
ents here last week.
Portland, visited her par-
Mr and Mrs C Spenoe attended the 8:ate Granxe
at Saletu last week.
I'hoer up, ollli'p so.'kera that are snowed under
this time. Tlieie's another electiou ooiulng In a
louplu of years. Turn your coat, ehanire (tarty
and try owe mure, l'orlmps you had ou tlic
wrong kind of snow shoes this lime,
Mr and Mra (Jorliett visited lu Highland last
Joe Carls 111 had tho nil. fortune to loao a fine
olt hut week.
Joe and Johnnie Arqilett and Frank linker went
ou . Ilshlnir trip uptiteru knnirs lust week, lut
ihey did not have very good luck.
Fred Buyer lost one of Ills work hnraei on the
tire'. It wis staked out, Hint having tucouie
tangled, oliokod lo deitti.
The.e was a go.nl atlon.latu'O at the Smyini
chinch ou Sunday lo listen to the Children's day
xendsea. Tl; piogram was good, ami the lit
tle outdid ri'iinrkably will on their parts. After
the rierelses tlie Hiinday seliool superintendent
treated the infant aud primary elae to orAiiges,
which pleased the little ours very uiuoli.
Revival lueetlngs will begin at the Smyrna
.chureh next Sunday evening, June 8th. All are
Cordially invited to attend,
lAwrenee Hein with hia wife a.id bibe had a
light runaway while eroaslng tli. Kook Creek
tiridg. ,ueax Hariou Samaou'a. No one was hurt,
only some part of the harness waa toru to they had
to walk part of the way,.
O P Yoder waa up from Portland on his wheel
a week ago last Sunday to visit his parent..
1.1 1.. 0..-.1 1 r,. - 1
nrs.... i,.r,o...u.oi..u,ei,iie uaa (,,,,. la8l WMk one of Mr vn(,erHt,e.,
returned to her home a' Union Mill. horses was so hadly hurt by running lu the pns
Aiitief Wallace waa vititinir frienda at tore thai a horse doctor laadto be summoued
Beaver Cieek last week.
ChatluN and Ida buytitun 'ml Mrs
Wallace made liutdm a' trip to 0r gou
City thia week. '
Ainel llornarhnh and Hett Cummins
were visiting at the Wallace hon e here
Clyde Smith was viaitinu Kmet Da
vis laat Sunday.
from Portland Sunday,
It anowed until the (tr mud w ia win
on the hilla above Slieriiutii Ciips alio n
aix miles east ol heie l:a.-st week.
Kosa 1'inkley. sou 01 Mr and Mrn Jo
seph l'inkley, died last Friday at hia
father's residence near U.irtield. The
funeral wan hold at M.vmc Zhih church
Sunday. 'Kev Kxoh oiliri ited The at
tendance was the largest ever seen in
Uartield. Hoas waa a wood boy and waa
liktd by everybo ly. The lel.itiiea have
the smpathy of the entire community in
the sad hour of their allliction.
A surveying party is enrvevtnc town
ship 3 south, ratiife 6eut. This town
ship hud never luen sectionixHil,
The election went off quietly. All
seemed in a good way, and there did no
How to Avoid Trouble.
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For years I had been a sufferer with
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tracted what the doctors pronounced
a low type of malaria. I c mid uot
take solid food at all, and only a very
little of the lighlest of diet would
create fever and vomiting. The drug
gist sent uie a box of Ripans Tabules,
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hare been permanently cured.
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leuoorrhoea and falling of the
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is doing this for thousands of
American women to-day. It cured
Mrs. Jones and that is why she
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Olendeane, Ky., Feb. 10, 1901.
I am so glad that yonr Wine of Cardul
1. helping me. I am feeling better.than
I have felt for years. I am doing my
own work without any help, and I
washed last week and was not one bit
tired. That shows that the Wine Is
doing me good. I am getting fleshier
than 1 ever was before, and sleep good
and eat hearty. Before I began taking
Wine of Cardui, I nsed to have to lay
down five or six time, every day, but
now I do not think of lying down throngh
the day. Mas. Kichakd Jonu.
' for adrlce uid llteratun, tddmi, giving symp
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