Oregon City courier=herald. (Oregon City, Or.) 1898-1902, April 25, 1902, Page 2, Image 2

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Da mascus.
Fitrmcre are renping; quite a harvest off their
puds. The comniinBion merchants ere ecouring
the neihborh ooii (or gocd potatoes.
Ri-nl estate is elmiiKintf hands very rapidly in
thin place. T 0 KimVrly sold one-hall oi hie
ihiko laiuiou Saturday to ineodore smun, ana
on the follow! g Monday Bold the other half,con-
atueraiiou uciuif tujuv.
The infant child of Guy E White was burled in
UllBJUttl'O Jtl-il WMl'll.
Frill Wi-llmati has been taken to the Good Sa
maritan hospltHl to he treat) d.
Charlie Paschal! hs returned to his mine on
Shenna Creek, elf ht miles abore Salmon river
post office, wnere he will wort lor awhile.
Rev KoiiDclmann preached at Damasous Sun
A dance will be iriven in Casner Junker's hall
8alurday night, April 26. Everyone inrlted.
South Cams.
Alva Krick'Ou Is working for E W Paine In the
nop yiru.
G Klrhyaon and wife, J Evans and wife, A L
Joimh and wife, K Bi hu.'b'-l, J Moshberger. Clyde
emun mi i ji,rm mine vvnt t-i town last weeK,
Mrs 1) Ti-iiIIIiirit. of ITnion Mills. TisiUd R
Bcinioli'd Hitd family !u.-t .Siiuiluy.
A lnryi' nlunlirr frum this vi. inlty went to MulluO
iam Nttiiruitjr iiikiii to near Hon Ucorge Browntii
B J II, Ivor has runud the Ranch farm near
t anh. Ink Sun. CitrliB. ami Sirs Helvey are stop
ping on UK' farm at pn-yt-nl.
Al iiikI !-tob," t .-tchoenliorn caught a fine lot of
iruui on" tniy mm weea.
Krv Moore win been ciniliicting revival meet
ing m tin-i;nuii;e bull the past week. Last Sun
day all took b.mkcts of lunch and ate together
ai mo uau.
B Hnyhurat, of Oregon City, visited his parents
umi wqaiiesuay mgui.
J i'alne took a trip to Trullinger's Mills
Mrs HpaiiKler, who has been slok, la Improving
uuuui me uare ui Lr uoucuer.
The Misses Jessie and Edith Jackson are stay'
nig at me nume oi cneir aunt, jars Dpangier.
Mr and Mrs Pearson visited friends in Mullno
last Sunday.
Charles Daniels, of Mullno, has been helping
ub uuuie, vi uoucner, me past week. ibis.
There was a large crowd at the debate Saturday
evening. 1 he musical and literary program was
wan reiulrred. Much crerit Is due tne memners
for their entertaining efforts in making it a sac
cess. The debate is also becoming very interesting.
Many fair women and brave men of Highland
nd ailjoinine precincts attended the grand ball
U the 12th at the residence of John Wallace.
Dancing did not lag until the sun rose, and all
went Home ruerry as a marriage Den
Work on the Moehnke road is progressing slow
ly, as many people Dere object to paying taxes
to build rouils In other districts, '.and then build
ing their own by subscription
Our local real estale anent is having a lot of
hard luck in locating immigrants in tins district.
ime calamity seems to ofertaite them oeiore ne
'els them out here, but it may be just as well,
Or if tliuv do not drop dead before, they certainly
will when they strike the Highland boulevard.
Seeding Is progressing slowly, although gener
ally uiusi oi us iiave uuisneu aeemng.
James Fullam went to Stone Siturdnv and
stayed over the day witb W H Kerchem in order to
see lite separators at wonje. Mr irullain 1b inter
ested in the creamery at Stone.
, Several of the Redlandltes attended meetlnr at
Viola Sunday. Hro Kxon Is holding meetings
there this week and is assisted by Bro Sweeny, of
sruuas, or,, wuopreaonea a toxical sermon to an
appreciative congregation. Next Sunday will
prouaDiy oe me close oz tno meetings.
Rev Wallers, of Salem, will hold service at the
KeuiitriK M h. church Mav Hth, at 2 p m, and he
will baptize a class of children. All those having
ciumreu in ue napiizeu are luvtiea to De present.
O A ilollluswoith lias bought a horse and
bngqy, and he Is now looking for a matesohe
will have a leain.
Aug Funk lias posters out for the sale of his
farm and all its contents, such as stock, machinery
ami mi riopn, price - per acre.
W C Ward has begun grading.
Charles and John Oaskell have gone to work
Wltn their teams al at ortland.
Rev Hatch preached at Bethel Sunday.
In future there will be preaohlngat the Bethel
rresuytenan church in this place every Sunda'
aiaooioca ne juuen mini, pastor, sabball
school us usual at i o clock. ,
dams Bros. Go
den Rule Bazaar
everything Priced on the Small Profit, Quick Selling Plan
Sole Agents for
Monarch "Shirts.
Coon & Arrow Brand
Collars and Cuffs.
Brown's Star-Five
Star Shoes.
Stetson Hats.
Dry Goods.
Silks, Linings, '
Laces, Embroideries,
Notions, Hosiery,
Parasols, Umbrellas,
Blankets, Shoes, ,
Has- Hall Goods,
Muslin Underwear, ,
Japanese Goods,
Toys, Queensware,
Tin and Granite
Ware, Curtains,
Yarns, Clocks,
Fancy Lamps,
Fishing Tackle,
Men's Furnishing
Goods, Neckwear,
Underwear, Gloves,
Complete line of Do
mestics, Skirts,
Ladies' Wrappers,
Fancy China, Vases,
Baskets, Ribbons,
Ladies' Shirt Waists,
And everything else
usually found in a
Progressive Dry
Goods Store.
Missouri Town.
Ah mi one tukee notice of our little town. I will
write a lew lines to let you know that we are still
The smallpox scare is In our burg at last, and
uile a number arc badly frightened over it. The
irectors should try und prevent it from spreading
in the school
Jake Qroahone is making quite a bir improve
ment on h is rented farm. He has also the larger
part ef his grain sowed.
Ben Thomas has been building some new fenoe
and greatly lmproed thelooks of his farm.
John Ferguson and wife were visiting the school
last week, lie reports having a fine school taught
at Beaver take.
We are sorrv o learn that Miss Sarah Church-
hill, a well known young lady of this suction, took
her books home from school last Friday on ao
count of her health.
We are sorry to learn that Ray Nlcholsou, of
this section, is st present lying very low and also
Mrs Jane Milstead, who Is very sick wltn tne
smallpox, and her little boy is still attending
Ralnh. sav Havseed.T notice In vour last week's
Items you made mention about coming home
from Charlie Heinz'. If you hadn't been smiling
on that girl and been a little more careful what
you write it would have been much better.
Bock Creek.
O M Wyland and son are cutting telephone
C G Vorhles Is making improvements by mak
ing a new gate.
Bert Wndo was seen in this section one day last
last week.
Mr and Mrs Wyland made Mr and Mrs Crouse
a pleasant call Hunduy.
I L Crouse and H Wilson ate busy cutting tele
phone poles.
G T Slaughter was seen passing through this
burg a lew days ao.
Funny Jack.
Frog l'tnd.
Farmers are all busy between showers putting
In their spring grain.
Our road supervisor Ib having a new bridge
erected near Hike Gross' residence. J Q Gage,
the bridge imllder.is engineering the Job.
Charles Turner was visiting at Haaalta Sunsay
Something attraoltre, Chariest
Rosle Wilson, of Sherwood, was visiting at the
borne of Mrs F Comer Sunday.
Charles Holns has disposed of all his cord wood
and is making preparations to move to hia farm
pposlte New lira
Paul Kruger, the Wilsoarlile window dresser,
was seen at Frug Pond Sunday.
T K Barnes attended churoh at Hood View Sun
slay evening.
BrownelPs campaign fund must have been
bombanlcd. It is rumored thai a small portion
Tandud about two miles of this place.
A grand ball will be given at the grange hall.Sat.
unlay evening by Henry Haker. Come one, oorae
all. IIosiLLi,.
G W Wlnetield Is going to attend the meeting
at millnn this evening
W H Daughcny had the mMortunt to back his
horeos on the Teasel Creek hill, anj by the help
of 0 Austin he got up all nut t.
Mrs F Davidson and Mrs TrulHnger made Mrs
Wingfleld a pleasant call Tuesday las'.
Omil Boyles made Mrs Wlngneld a pleasant
call Wednesday last,
Mrs Nctta Carter's father and mother made her
a pleasant oall yesterday.
Yesterday the rainfall was heavy.
We are having vacation Id our school this week,
Seeding season Is being lengthened out.
Seed grain Is getting scaroe, wheat at b ast,
Mrs Bryant is very Bid at present , but it is
hoped she may recover.
Mr Marquam Is visiting friends at Marquam at
Born to the wife of Mr Russell, a ion. KM mill
will now run with agreater rapidity. It will-be
Russell Bros and son.
Mr Stone has been verr unfortunate with his
cattle by going away from his farm.
Some of the people Ihere are moving to Eastern
Oregon outo ilheir noiuesteaus. i
The weather is fine today and we hope I It will
continue lunger.
El wood.
As T am a reader of your paper, and In glancing
over Ihe Klvvond Items, I am obliged to call down
he correspondent in the issue of : Friday, April
Imli. The next lime she writes about parties
conilnir from Oregon City she should conline her
self l the truth, and as I am one of the parties I
will endeavor to give you au account of our do
llglillul trip.
It Is true we started from Oregon City about
7:110 a. m., and we knew where we were going,
as we went to visit friends. We hid a delightful
ride to Clarkes on a plank road.aud every Orego
ulan knows it is very muddy in the wintertime
on roada not Improved. Wo had no use for elec
tric lights or lamp chimneys, because we arrived
at KIwihmI hy 1 p. m., and we returned bame by
ft p. in. We had a manageable team, so we were
not easily frightened by muddy roads, and did not
reqnire tne uneariniy sqiiass oi coniancne s yell,
rue u river we nan was wen acquainted wltn tne
road, as he had been there several times before.
and we were not compelled to be informed of tile
road. We were not corraled In a barn yard, but
we uan to drive to the barnyard of the parties we
were visiting, ai mere waano otner wayot taking
the team in Ihe baru.
Union Hull.
Mrs Hilton, of Canny, was the guest of her sis
ter, Mrs frank May, a few (lays last week.
M re B J Helvey was the guest of Mrs J H Burns
ia t Bunuay,
Miss Eliza Burns went to New Era last Satur
day to visit over Suud.iy with her oouslu, Miss
UI1VO rnruncil.
(leorge Heliey went down (he Co umbia river
last Wednesday to work.
J H Burns visited Frank Hilton and hia mother
last viimtay.
Barney Helvey has rented the Oeotve Rauch
place from Mr Dlmlek, the present owner of the
Mr Mackintosh and family and Mr Oughten and
wife havo inured onto their place they purchased
injiu James Auariis.
will Johnson Is working in the Adklns sawmill,
Miss Frauds Johnson, who Is teaching our
cnooi, vrsiieu ner parents w no reside at (Jregou
uiy, rasi raiuruay una fu.i ,.;y.
Rav Marauam. who is teaching school at Rus-
sellville, was a visitor here last week.
FM Manning cut his hand quite badly last
week while sharpening a pairof sheep shears.
Mlsa Mae Davis, lunes and Eva Wallace. Katie
Force and Nottie Bounds were the guests of Belle
and Goldie Murphy last Suuday, also Mr and Mrs
Bounds and Br tlanesa wereme guests oi ar auu
Mrs Murphy.
Miss Miller was visiting her sister, Mrs Mallatt,
last week.
Adklns Bros have finished loircing here and
have moved their camp below Mullno, near Jack
Knotts' place.
Professor Oale seems to be having good sucoess
with his pupils, who are taking lessons on the
organ. 8ome of the little girts can enteriain a
house full with their music already.
Revivals were held here last week and eon
tlnued over Sunday. A very sociable time was
hail, the people having taken their lunch and
entinir riiiitmr toflrether. after whioh services were
held at. 2 o'clock. The services were conducted
by Rev Moore, a minister or the Church oi unrist.
Uncle Juke Harless gave us a short sermon in
the eveniu:
at 11 n'cloA
vltj,d to come and hrinff lunch or tret on the good
side oi somebody else that has something good to
Lengthy. I think yon did well as to .comlngto
church.afso to hear the will -be senator ,but I guess
I didn't arrive In time to see the young lady.
Rev Wingfleld and family were visiting at the
home of H Perry last Sunday.
I believe Bunohy prefers a trip to Klondike I
Instead of kidnapping. Wonus. j
busy putting In
their spring
The farmers are
Say. D It, C B wasn't home Sunday, was she!
Mr Gibson will begin building his new barn In
a few days .
One of Mr Koch's children died last week after
a short illness.
The Maccabees have decided to give a plcnlo
here on the 11th of June.
Did you havo good time Sunday, Millie?
The second huso ball nine will give an entertain'
moot and basket social on May drd. Everyone In
vlt.nl. and ladies bring baskets. "In the Merry
Month of May," a boarding sohool oomcdy, will
be one of the Leading leatures oi tne nay. uome
early to avoid the rush. Bunchx,
JClliott 1'ialrie.
Genuine spring weathor greets us again.
The roads have been Improved between here
and Hubbard, but John, the spud hauler, still
travels it. I
Miss Edltb Blair has been visiting her sister,
Wilms, who Is attending school In saiem
Grandma Thompson, who had been ailing for
several works, passed away last Wednesday ana
was buried at Hubbard, She leaves relatives
and many friends to mourn his loss.
Will Kainage visited the Owing brothers last
We are glad to hear that the church la to be
Mr and Mrs N R Graham spent Sunday with
Mr Todd and laiuuy.
Joe Becker has returned to this community and
Is working at Captain rope s.
Preaching as usual on Sunday at 3 o'clock.
Mrs Nan Perdew has moved to Hubbard whh
her sister-in-law, Mrs Sac try, who has opened
millinery store mere.
Nearly all th e hopyards on the prairie are being
cultivated. 0 L Barber has rented the N K Gra
ham yard, i
Several of our yonng folks attended the social
Evergreen More 'would like to have gone btt
the coudillon or me roads would not permit.
Heaver ,uke.
Hello! tlv Editor, after an abseuce of one week,
1 again come bclore you with but little to suy.
We are sorrry to Ham that little Hay Nicholson
Is seriously 111 uith la grippo at the present writ
ing, l'r A A Leonard, of Silvt'rton, is attending
(' (i Vorhles and Ralph Slaughter allemlad the
basket social Rt Sootts Mills Krlday last. They
rcpoiicda pleusmit tmio. i
A party of young folks gathered at the Wyland
home last Sunday and spent the afternoon in
playing ''black man" and ither outdoor games.
The time was joyously spcat till d::)0 p. ni.,wlien
the gtioHs bade ihelr hostess adieu and departed
fof their respective homea. Those present were
a f. llows: l' II Verities, Josephine Slaughter, llert
Wade, llattle Vorlnes, Ralph fliiugluer, Hosio
Vorhles, Kdward Wvlarul, C B Wade, lva Wy
laml and George llardestv.
We understand that K 1' Carter, a Well known
ftlce seeker of this nacliou, hns quit polities and
gone to fanning till the next republican county
olivcntiou comes off.
lthvs Utilnn has had the1 misfortune to lose two
valu.iUo mares, one roan and the oilier a dark
fcrown. A liberal reward will be paid to anyone
toiling said horses oriiifonnaiionleadlng to'lhelr
IIapi'y Jack,
Ladies' "Queen Bee" $2.15 Shoes
Ladies' ''Golden Rule" $3 Shoes
Thompson "Glove Fitfing" Cor
sets, $1.00 pair
Summer Corsets, 25c.
"Percy" Kid Glove, Warranied,
$1.00 pair
Ladies' Shirt Waists, 45c
Mt. Hood Shirt and Overalls, 50c.
Ladies' Leather Belts, 10c.
Ladies' Trimmed Hats, from 98c,
Ladies' Sailor Hats, Newest
Styles, 25c
It Pays to Trade With the Big Store
Golden Rule Baz
We Bun and Sell lor Cash Onlu
, Oregon City
ug. There will be gemots next ounaay
jek and 2 o'clock. All are cordially in
The farmers here are taking advantage
of the flue weather and are planting po-
Hichard Davis, who tiaa been very
sick with pneumonia, is improving-
Fred Evans, of Portland, is visiting
his uncle, J Jones.
MiBS Emma Jut tea has returned to
Portland, where she intends to retmme
her studies at the ll jlines liustness Uol-
John E Jones visited II T Evans at
Oswego last week .
Misses Kachel, Maggie and Lizzie
Lewis, Tillie and Sarati Thomas and
Cora Jairgar Bpent (Saturday evening
witb Misses Kate and Sara Jones.
Will Guyer is very ick. Dr Leavitt,
of Molalla, is attending him.
Miss Lilly Hayward spent Saturday
and Sunday with Mrs 0 E Spence.
John Jonei has gone to fishers, wnere
he will work in the quarry.
Mrs Lewis has improved her bouse by
paporing and painting it.
at Washington on tne 21st, after a two
weeks visit here with her paretit-i.
TJ S Dix went to the county seat toJay
as a juryman.
B C Palmer and Emery bottberg have
taken a contract of supplying the super
visor with raih tocordurov the Arquett
Misses Lula and Bulah Garrett were
the guests of the Misses Gorbett and
Buckner last Sunday.
The Colton correspondent for the En
terprise made a slight mistake lust week
in regard to the coming dance at the
Oolton hall. It will be on the 3rd in
stead of the 1st.
Mrs Countryman, who has been quite
sick during the last week, is somewhat
The merchant has improved the looks
of his place with a new board fence.
Supervisor Bonney is out on the road
with a crew improving our thoroughfare.
M Clark, of Scotts Mills, has pur
chased the bee ranch of Mr Kauffman,
and he will refill the houses with bees.
We hope he will prosper, as there is
certain! v monev in the bee business.
H E Carr and family have moved onto
their homestead near Baker Heights.
Ed Gottberg has been making im
provements in the way of a new root
house. FmsKY Body.
Mr and Mrs Moran went to Portland
last Saturday afternoon and spent Sun
duv with their son and his wife.
M s Ferd Curran and son have gone
to Eastern Oregon to spend a few weeks
with ber father.
Miss Alice Kirk came up from Port
land Monday to visit with ber sit ter,
Mrs E Frost.
Mr Gale is n o ving into his new house
this week.
Frank Everhart is out at Molalla this
week as his brother, Will, is sick from
Sam Oglesby, of Springwater, is in
town this week.
Miss Hattie Bingo returned home
from Molalla Wednesday morning.
Mis Duvall has the mumps. Luther
Duvall has recovered from his attack
and has gone to work again They ex
pect to move to Sellwood soon.
Mr Moran and family hava friends
from Nebraska and Iowa visiting with
them this week. They expect to locate
near Portland.
Madam Rumor saya there will be a
few more weddings here in the near fu
ture. Sauna.
Life of T. Dewitt Til mage, by hia son ,
Rev. Frank Dewitt Talmage and associ
ate editors of Christian Herald. Only
book endorsed by Talmage family. En
ormous profit for agents who act quickly .
Outfit ten cents. Write immediately.
Clark & Co., 222 S. 4th St., Phila., Pa.
Mention this paper . 1
Ilood View.
Rev Cephus Clapp, of Forest Grove,
preached at the Oongregational church
both Sunday morning and evening.
John Butson is hauling lumber from
the sawmill to Eyman & Bell. He in
tends to build some fence.
Guy Gross, of Stafford, was a visitor
in our vicinity Sunday.
Mr Tipton haB opened a barber shop
at Wilsonville and is doing a rushing
Henry Baker is doing considerable im
provement work on his dace, which
adds eroatlv to its appearance.
Rev Wormelsdorf and wife are livin g
in the parsonage durmg the absence of
Rev Barber and wife.
Miss Martha Boberg, W Boberg and
Louie Hasselbrink were the guests at
Frank Tooze s place Sunday.
The social given by the D ot n oi 11
Highland has had a few show rs this
last week, and those who made garden
between showers were lucky.
Miss Pearl Harrington is much better.
Mrs Ding Jones is slowly improving.
Mrs Charles Welch was visiting Mrs
Kankel one day last week.
Ora Welch was visiting at the home of
of Ed. Harrington last week.
Quite a number of women gathered at
the home of Mrs Olive OuraminB last
week to see Archie, who has been sick
wi'h a bad cold. As Archie's case was
not serious the ladies quilted awhile for
Mrs Cummins.
Mr Kiggens and family were the
guests of Mr and Mrs Kandel Sunday
MusUra McGuire has returned to her
home in Portland.
Mrs Nicholas was the guest of Mrs
Rath Sunday.
The debating society is progressing
nicely. The question far debate is, "Re
solved, that a bachelor has more pleas
ure than a married man." The literary
program was well presented by the
young folks. The music was splendid.
Mr and Mrs Johnson, come and give us
anothei entertainment next Saturday
ninht, All come out and lets try to
make the debate a success.
Fletcher lloeue was born In Ohio, Septembe
11, 1KJ7, and died nt Mullno, Oregon, April 1(1,
11KU On March lain, lie enlisted In uom
imnv E. lltth leitimentWiteonsin Volunteers. and
served as a corporal fur nftiiy two years when
be became dLsnliled In healtliutid wdb discharged
wus alwavs after a me.it nutri.rur. On September SOllVllle was a decided HUm!8S. A good
Ai.issi, lie married Misr susau strunk. Two i urogram was rendered, after which re-
children were bom to Idem tlila union, uoln tlv- 1(a .HrB aurveil Th rest, nf
luir. March 1, lS7ti,henpainmnrrifd. Thia union I lrBstlmen,ta ere serve"' ln.e reel OI
was also blessed by two children. In February, the evening Wi!S spent 111 Untieing, and a
ism), with inn amity iw moved to urcfou. iwo nioBt enjoyable tune was had by all pres
dauthtem.oiio soil and four grando blU" je-1 pnt FoUr ,ipw melulwr8 were taken jn
nsonlva little more 'than two weeks' time had i The Degroe of Honor iu) numbers about
,1, ..If., .,,,.1 .,w,tl,,.r ,...,o .,ll.,.( I J,
Jitiaci Htittnn, of Stone, was seen In our village
kul eiineadny with one of the finest horses that
uu beou seen In Sandy for a long time,
Johnnie Malar, of Portland, passed through
atidy Saturday oa his way to Firwood, where Ue
will vUit with hi panjnta for a few days.
Illii Clara Melntghada aevore attack of heart
, wublo last Salui-day morning bulla now ltuprov-i-
the wife and mother was call
tivMiv, fltiss Nellie, tne only memoer r- luaiiiniK
at the old homestead, has the sympathy of the
entire community.
The finiernl services were conducted by Ilev, T.
Mites, and the Uitemieiit was in Graham's o'tne
terv. M" bogus was a member ef Meade Test il.
A. It., ami sev-'iul eomiadva came to attend Hie
fuut-i'ai, Al. S. II,
31 ill i ii o.
quite an excitable
Place the
KevivuU and primaries is I lie order
Mullno has been
(last week,
uf the tl-iv
llNUKe l! Hrowrell lectured on "Initiative and
Ucfereiiduin"last Sitimlay oTeniui;.whi''h seemed
to nive Hiuiernt satist'aethm. Mitytie they won't all
say it w as lieortto O's fault because the real Is
full of mud hoU-s.
Kverybody's colds sewn lo be getting bettor.
Tielllo BoRiie departed fur an extended vlit
With fr ends and relatives last week.
Pete Sugar and abe Pratt left here lat Sunday
to work lu J Joues' sawmill this summer,
Mr. and Mrs Davis were visiting at the home of
George Force last Suuday evening.
Key Wiles and family, ol Liberal, were the
guests of C ' Howard and family Snuilay.
4(1 menihor:
M rs Josepl fa Jones is to be the post
mistress ' wine as noon as the pres
ent post mam ei , ivl Hiker moves away
Miss Mi'Ahee, ot southern Oregon, is
vUitiim her cousins, Misses Jessie and
liertlui Her.
Chase Kinvnun, of Hutteville, was vis
iting William Murray's family Sunday.
The inuiils of Ho.id N lew school are
rraeticing right a'ong for the entertain
ment to be given May 2d. It will no
doubt be goo 1, and everybody is cordi
ally invited to attend.
Mrs Grace and Miss Gottberg were
the guests of Mrs P E Bonney last Mon
P Shevie, of Timber Grove, was in
Colton last Monday transacting busi
Mrs Sa,lio Bonney returned to her homo
Beaver Creek.
Miss Marie iierman waa agreeably
surprised last Tuesday evening by a
number of her young friends, who
gathered at her home for a good old
time. Dancing was the amusement of
the evening.
August Bluhm will soon move into his
new house, where he has been making
many improvements.
Mr Mathis and family moved into the
Staub house last week.
Will and Henry Shannon were the
guests of J S Davis last Sunday.
George Priester was visiting in this
vicinity last Sunday.
Lizzie Weidner called on Mrs Mathis
at her new home last Wednesday.
aw3MIL- f V. .a ill
"M" MiI1
lias belt bearings In tnrn table. Tnrns freel y la
the wind. Hall bearing thrust in wheel, insuring
llghest running qualities, and reserving greatest
amount of power for pumping. Galvanized after
making. Put together with galvanised bolU.
double nutted, no part can rust or get loose ana
rattle. Weight regulator; perfeot regulation. He
spring to change tension with every change of
temperature, and grow weaker with age. Bepalrs
alwavs on hand. These things are worth money
to you. Then why not bay a Star.
Kitchen, Lewis & Staver Co
Portland, Obeqon.
Oar field.
OureBtewmed neighbor, D. A. Jones.
moved to Portland yesterday.
Mrs. W likens left yesterday lor San
Francisco, where Bhe is going to make
her home.
Mrs. Irvin, our postmaster's wife, has
gone to Barlow to visit her dauuhter,
Mrs. Fred Covey, who has been sick
for some time;
W W Porter has the grip,
A petition was- presented to the county
commissioners' court for a road by John
Honebon. It was politely kicked out by
that honorable body. Election time will
come around some time when several
voters and taxpayers will reward them
for their kindness. As a great many of
them have been getting out and iu over
a road on about 20 per cent grade.
Dr Casto, deputy state grange organi
zer, was in Garfield last week and got
33 names on a petition, and he will or
ganize a grange here Monday night,
April 23th. There has never been any
organization of any kind in Garfield be
fore. We wish them much success, as
au organization of this kind will accom
plish much in a neighborhood like this.
Marion Davis, of Gat Held, and Jessie
Currin, of Curriusville, were married last
week. J
Ed Duncan and Florence Davi9, of
Garfield, were united in matrimeoy last
Who said Garfield was not a progres
sive locality? A grangs ready to organ
ize and two weddings in one week and
several others who would like to marry.
Mountain Tiew.
The ground is drying up again after
the hard rain, and gardeaiug is the or
der of the day.
Mr Harms thinks he will have his
blacksmith shop finished in about six
John McOormick and family and Miss
Bertha Harms were out from Portland
last Sunday on a visit.
The Misses Schlickeiser visited at
Prof Vincent's last Sunday.
Mr Campbell, of Sherwood, visited at
Mr Tipton's last Sunday.
Miss Maud Seely is going to Wood
burn next Sunday to stay all summer,
Kev Clapp preached at Hood View
church last Sunday.
J S Seely was back at his old home
last week and stayed a few days.
Henry Schwartz has sold 100 sacks of
potatoes last week and received i'l .20 per
C delivered on ths bank ot the river.
W M Tipton has started a barber shop
at Wilsonville. lie shaves on Saturday
Wilsonville needs a meat market and
bowling alley. Who will start them?
Prof incent visited the metropolis
last Saturday and Sunday.
The M B A's boast of having two
candidates among their members for jus
tire of the peace. We predict that the
next justice of the peace of Pleasant
Hill district will be a M B A.
There as church at Wilsonville last
Sunday evening.
Thev say that there are Brownell ci
gars to be had at the Wilsonville Cash
Bert Seely was at Frog Tond last Sun
dav night.
Mr Scitj, the old mall-carrier, was
seen in Wilsonville one day last week.
Mr Shaver, the republican candidate
for sheriff, was around through this part
of the county last week. He is looking
tin the prospects of the June election
If he keeps this up long perhaps he will
capture the whole caboodle.
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Several communications go r
next week on account of latei"
others on account of notbeingii
All correspondents should sin
names, not for publication, butt
evidence of good faith.
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