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19th YEAR, NO. 3
'f : -
Friday, January 10.
Delegation A dispatch from Wasb
Cannot ington to the Oregoniun
Agree. states that the terms oi a
number oi Federal offi
cers in Oregon are about to expire, and
a few such have already run beyond
their four-year limit, but there is little
promise of new appointments in the
near future. Tomorrow the terms of
United States Marshal Zoeth Houser,
John Hall, U. 8. Attorney j and 0. Sum
mers, appraiser of merchandise, at Port
land will expire, as will the terms of
Register Charles 8. Moores, at Oregon
Oity, and Register E. W. liartlett at
Latirande. The delegation, however,
is not ready to fill any of these places.
Shortly the terms of Collector of Cus
toms I. L, Pattersou at Portland, and
John Fox, Astoria; Postmaster A. B.
Croasman and Revenue Collector
Dunne at Portland, and almost all land
officers will also expire. Most of the
present officers were appointed on rec
ommendation of McBride, when he was
the sole senator, and are, therefore un
satisfactory to Senator Simon. He,
however, will not take up these cases
. until the President "gets the two Ore
gon senators together," as he has re
peatedly assured Mr. Simon he would
do. The nomination of Ueorge W. Bi
bee as receiver of the Oregon City land
office, is likely to come to the senate
any day, hut early confirmation is no.
looked for, as Senator Simon is not t.t
isfied with the appointment. The term
of Postmaster Potter at Baker City is
about to expire, and both senators have
expressed a willingness to defer to Ren-
resentative Moody in this appointment
and early action is expected. The ap
pointment of the register at the Burns
land office, to succeed Hayes, removed,
threatens to be hung up for some time,
as Senator Simon is waiting on the pres
ident in this case. Among other things,
Senator Mitchell is reported to have
said : "So far as I am concerned, I fa
vor the postponement until after the
June election of the consideration of the
important offices in Oregon, as to
whether any or U of the present in
cumbents shall ''H retained or wnether
any or all shall t out and new men be
put in."
Brigadier-General Funston has ar
rived at San Francisco from the Philip
pines on sick leave. He will undergo
another operation for appendicitis, and
may not return to Manila.
The Hepburn Nicaragua canal bill
' passed the House at Washington by a
vote of 308 to 2.
The Dowager Empress of China ar
serts her supremacy.
Secretary Root says that the Spooner
bill is responsible lor conditions in the
Saturdjy, January 11.
Want Representative Tongue lias ad
Too dressed a letter to the Port
Much, land chamber of commerce in
reply to its memorial relating
to the improvement of the Columbia
river at The Dalles and Celilo, the up
per river and its mouth, says the aggre
gate appropriation which it demands at
once would be $7,000,000. "It is not
likely that the rivers and harbors com
mittee will aspropriate more than $20,
000,000 or $25,000,000 to be available at
once," said be, while it may authorize
contracts to the amount of $40,000,000 or
more. The chamber, in asking for an
immediate appropriation of this large
sum, has set the delegation a rather
hard task. It asks for a very large pro
oortion of the entire amount to be ap
propriated by the bill, much more- than
could possibly be Becure. Mr. Tongue
corsiders it dangerous to ask for such a
large amount.
It was a current expression at the far
mer's congress at Salem that the Oregon
farmer is no longer a mossback . Gov
ernor Geer made a bit on the expression.
Southern Oregon apples sold in Lon
don return $2 25 per box tiet to the
Sunday, January 12.
Railroad The plan of railroad cam
Betterments, paigning to be carried
out by the Union Pacific
road during 1903 was given out officially
today, and will result in the expendi
ture of from $25 000,000 to $30,000,000 in
improvements and extensions. It is a
continuance of the general plan of put
ting the road in the best possible con
dition between Omaha and San Fran
cisco, but efforts will be directed almost
wholly to that part of the road west of
rait Lake and Ogden and to the Oregon
Short Line. Twenty millions alone will
, be vsed in improvements on these lines
' and the remainder in pushing the ex
tension of the Salt Lake-Los Angeles
j branch of the Oregon Short Line, which
' will be nearly or quite completed bef. re
1 January 1st, next. Partioular atten
tion, however, will be given to the ex
. tensions and improvements on that part
' of the Short Line, which competes with
! the Hill system.
An attempt will be made to secure
modifications of the Philippine tariff bill
. that will be of benefit to the Pacific
, coast.
There are 500 cases of smallpox in
The Portland General Electric Com
pany protests against underground
The Port of Portland Commission is
unable to hold a business meeting on ac
count of continued wrangling among its
Hon. J. N". Williamson, of Prineville,
has begun an active campaign for the
congressional nomination in the second
A human sacrificial offering was pre
vented at Baker City yesterday by the
timely arrival of some Sisters of Charity
on the scene. Hy Wong, a paralytic
Chinaman, who has been a county
charge at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, was
to have been the victim. When Hy
Wong was sent to the hospital some
time ago he was dfrty and paralyzed,
and the sisters cut off his queue. It was
yesterday decided t sen a him to the
county poor farm, but ihe county physi
cian arranged with some of Wong's
countrymen in Chinatown. When it
was noticed that the invalid had lost his
queue they were horified, and prepared
to sacrifice him on the altar to Joss. The
sisters at the hoipital were notified, and
rescued Wong, just as the preparations
were completed to waft bis soul accom
panied by the odor of pungent incense to
the flowery kingdom. The Sisters will
care for Wong during the remainder of
his life.
Monday, .January 13.
Ashland will be a dry town, as the
new council has voted to continue pro
hibition. ASieuxCity Company will build a
beet sugar plant in Portland.
Henry N. Andresen, who was injured
in an elevator accident in Portland, is
The Columbia Southern Railroad is to
be extended 100 miles southward from
Shaniko. There is baid to be nearly
1,000,000 acres of land tributary to the
proposed extension that will produce
without irrigation.
The Portland carpenters' union has
given notice that $3 per day will be the
minimum rata for carpentes's wages, af
ter April 1st, and 50 cents per hour for
over time. '
The county assessment summaries
filed in the secretary of state's office at
Salem, shows an increase of $24,000,000
more than that of the previous year.
Daniel Meade French, a pioneer mer
chant and banker, died at The Dalles
yesterday .
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To Loan.
$5C0 $600 $700 -$800 $900 and
$1000 at 6 per cent ,oie to three years
on farm property.
Dimick & Eastham, Lawyers.
Oregon City .
For Sale One blooded Guernsey
Bull. Inquire at this office.
The Housefurnisher
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