Oregon City courier=herald. (Oregon City, Or.) 1898-1902, June 21, 1901, Page 7, Image 7

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and Union Pacific
Cepabt Portland, Ore. ABBrvi
CliicsRO- Salt Lake, Denver, Ft
Portland Worth, Omaha, Kan
Spfoial bb8 City, St. LouU,Chi. 430 p. m.
9 a. m. eago and East.
Atlantis Salt Lake, Denver, Ft.
Express Worth, Omaha, Kanaaa
City, St. Louis, Chicago 8:10 a, m.
9 p. m. and East.
St. Paul Walla Walla, Lewlston,
Fast Mail Spokane, Wallace, Pull
man, Minneapolis, St. 7:00 a. m.
6 p. Bl. Paul, Duluth, Milwau
kee, Chicago and East,
Ocean Steamships
p. m. All Sailing Dates subject 4 p.m.
to change.
For San Francisco Sail
every 6 days.
Daily Columbia River
ix.sunday steamers. p-
8 p.m. Ex. Sunday
. Saturday To Astoria and Way-
10 p.m. Landlnus.
Wlllamttte River.
6.45 a.m. 4.30 p.m.
Ex. Sunday Oregon City, Newbe;g, Ex. Sunday
Salem, Independence
and way-landings.
Willamette and Yam-
7 a. m. hil Rivers. J;8P-m-Tues.
Thur. Mo., Wed.
and Sat. Oregon City, Dayton n Ffl
and way-landings.
(.45 a. m. Willamette River 4:so p. m.
Tues. Thur. Mon., Wed
and Sat. Portland to Corvallls andFri.
and way-landings.
Leave Snake River Leave
Rlparla Lewlston
1:40 a.m. Rlparla to Lewlston. 8:80 a.m.
Dally. Daily
72 Hours
In the Clreuit Court of the State of Oregon, tor
the County of Clackamas.
W. W. Smith, plaintiff,
vs. :.-.'
Ancle E. Smith, defendant.
. To Annie E. Smith, said defendant.
In the name of the State of Oregon, yon are
hereby required to appear and answer the Com
plaint filed agalmt JMU in the above entitled euit
on or before the 28th day oi June, 1001, that being
the last day prescribed in theordyr of publication
of this lutnmoni, and if you fail to appear and
answer said complaint, the plaintiff will apply to
the Court for the relief prayed for therein, to-wit;
A dissolution of the bonds of matrimony between
you and the plaintiff.
Tlilfc summons Is published by order of the
Hon. Thomas A. McBride, Judge of the 5th Ju
dicial district of the state of Oregon, for the
county of Clackamas, made and entered on the
8th day of May, 1901, and the first publication be
ing the 10th day of May, Ml.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Friday, June 14.
Near Clarke, Neb., a Union Pacific lo
comotive blew up, killing the lireuian
and engineer.
From. Mnv 12. 3600 cmoloyes of the
Lehigh Valley, Pa , railroad hitve had
heir wages raised fr m 15 1 30 percent.
Near Ma liaon, Cal , Andrew and Fred
In San Francisco 1100 union butchera garner, agea.i aim 4 years, weie roast-
nrr,n atrik. The Rtrike was brought aive in a ouruing nam .
No change ol ears .
For rates, berth r-r-atlons, ete., call at ticket
office. Third and aahinaton streets.
A. L. CRAIG. O. P. A.,
Portland, Oregon
on by the hostilitv of the branch house
of Swift & (Jo. of Uhicago to the union.
The U.S. Steel corporation has 160,000
employes, who 'receive daily in wages
$500,000; the profit of the company is
daily $350,000, or annually $108,000,000;
its preferred stock, representing the ac
tual cost of the aggregate plants.is $-'8&,-
000,000, in addition to which about
$1,200,000,000 common stock has been
To offset its losses in the Northern Pa
cific squeeze, the Union Pacific basis
sued an additional $60,000,000 of stock
-an easy way to make a lot of money.
The mayor of Philadelphia has refused
$2,500,000 from John Wanamaker for
powers, rights and franchises which he
and the city council are about lo give
C. Arthur Pearson, owner of 30 news
papers in England, has arrived in New
xork. ;
A company of English capitalists has
inspected the Bteel companies in the
United States outside the trust, with the
view of consolidating them in an opposi
tion trust.
Dr. San Yet Sen left San Francisco on
the 5th for China to overthrow the ear
pire and establish a republic on its ruins.
On account of the loss of foreign mar-
Ask Chicago, Milwaukie &
Sr. Paul Raiway about reduced
' C. J. EDDY, .
General Agent,
In the County Court of the State of Oregon for
the County ol ClacKamas.
In the matter of the estate of 1
Fredrick Bullard, deceased. J
B. F. Bullard. the dulv appointed, aenreir and
ualifled administrator of the estate of Fredrick
ullard. deceased, havlne filed his petition In the
above entitled court praying for an order of sale
of the following described real property belong
ing to said estate, to-wit:
Lota numbered 3 and 4, ol section 28, in town
ship 3 south of mime 4 east, Willamette Meridian,
in Oregon, and containing 68.16 acres. Uso be
ginning at tne most northerly eorner oi a acre
tract of land deeded by Vesty E. Ralney and 8.
H. Ralney on the 6th day of May, 1872, by James
Crawford in sections 17, 20 and 21, township three
south, range four east, Willamette Meridian, said
deed being recorded on pages 41 and 42 of book
"K" of the records of deeds of Clackamas
county, Oregon; thence south 6 degrees east 10
chains; thence south 69 degrees 80-inlnntes west
10 chains: tbence north 5 degrees west 1U onains;
thence north 69 degrees 30 minutes east 10 chains
to the ill nee of beginning containing. 10 acres
more or less. Also an undivided one half Inter
est in the following described property situated
in the oonnty of Clackamas, Oiegon. And bring
apart of the Win . M Wade D. L. C, known as
..! M- On ...J knlnn - naw, nf oattlmio 1R 17 90
and 21, In township three south, range four east kets, the woolen goods industry of Ger
oi the Willamette Meridian, bounded ana ae- many is greatly depressed.
cuucuaniuiiun.. ... m. .... -w y-. -
Beslnnlm at a do nt 16.1S cha ns south of the l ae muraer OI J . ur. r osier, a planter,
northeast corner of said claim No. 39; running hy o neero. has caused great excitement
lh.nn. .niilh ffl J.n fln m nn a, niaol llfh, n, t . " '
thnnnn uniith fi dm rp Paul 20.09 chains: thence t bhreveport, La
north 69 degrees SO minutes enet 42.22 ohains to At Walla Walla, Wm. Davis, a boot-
tn. east Boundary line o tne aoove men lonea . . . . kjU . Charieg McCon'
u, u. J. i Mieui'o hiuuk mm line u uuniiia w tug .. ', . . - c t T?i-
lace ol beglnnlDK, containing e0 acres, more or nmi, uis nvui iu iuo mitjuuuua ui jenue
ei TkA aoM iul Inn aknira monl nnafl Goto I Il . A41- n-Anni MTnamrlnrl ho
jvoo, a io iu lyi'V'vii Lift WUI lill, UUU UHllKCrUUBIV BUUUUW UOI
'"'V."1" """-"J """"' ""'" hv Bhnt.a in tha breast and back.
fwanain cininiH n mi ftffainat mn annTB euiitiBU es- -f
te. . . .. .. . CM Sain, of Lovelock. Nev.. filed in
It is therefore ordered bv this court this 29tn T.i una j..l..i!a....
dayofMay,1901.that John Bullard, Fannie Aklns, wumj uu immug u...o, u
....... .. . . I . . . n i. . . . . . , mnnM mi.i4a m mit ...... nf Knvov tantl
wunnm isuaara, b. it. vunara. a. c. oeuiuau, tt. i tiutv tunny ijun'iui Dm,,iuiia vi wib uu
m. wade, amy Kiy, Bose Moennae, ana au around Aberl and summer laKes.
Linn county has borrowed $44, 000 at
4 1-2 per cent.
Across the va'ley of the Sioule, in the
Allier, France, a railway viaduct will be
built 376 meters long and 132 meters
or 434 feet high; the highest in the
J. P. Morgan, the trust promoter and
stock gambler, will attend the conven
tion of the Episcopal church at San
Francisco. He thinks he is a Christian.
The Examiner claims that at San
Francisco since the beginning of the
Spanish war the government has been
swindled by contractors out ot minions
of dollars
The British islands have 1,000,000
more women than men.
, Saturday, June 15. .
On account of the high duty on a ship
load of Russian sugar, imposed in obe
dience to the demand of the sugar trust,
Russia put a tariff of 50 per cent on all
United States products and now our
trade with Russia has entirely stopped.
Dr. Barth o' Paris assetts that of all
the deaths in that city between 20 and
30 years of age, 60 in every 100 are
caused by consumption.
The wooden sidewheeler Northfield,
having several hundred passengers on
Vntio i hembv iiven that the undersigned hoard, collided in JNew York harbor with
has been duly appointed by the county court of jjje 6teel-hulled propellor Mauck Chunk
the state of Oregon for oounty of Clackamas, ad- . . R ,.- , ..
ministratrix of the estate oi James nca-enzie, ue-
othorii unknown. If anv such there be. and all per
sons Interested tn said estate are hereby cited
to appear before the above entitled court on tn
21th day of June, 1901. at the hour of 10 o'clock
a. m of said day, at the court bouse in Oregon
Ollv. Olackamaa Countv. Orpcon. to show cause
wny an order snouia notne grantea tome earn
administrator to sell the above described real es
tate at private sale and that a copy ot this order
be published at leastloursucce.-Btve weens in me
uourier-ueratu, a newspaper priuteu auu puu-
Uehed In said county ana state.
X 11 u ni A o r . niAii,
County Judge.
Attest, B.H.IIOOFEB, Clerk,
Dated, Hay 29th, 1901,
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned
has been appointed by the Hon. Thos. F. Ryan,
county Judge of Clackamas County, Oregon, as
administrator of the estate of Charles E. Athey,
All persons having claims against the said
state are hereby notified to present the same to
me, properly, verified, as by law required at my
rnsidenoe in Oreiron City. Oregon, within six
months from the date hereof.
KATE R. ATB.SY, Adml lstratrlx
of the Estate of Charles K. Athey, Deceased.
Dated this 5th day of Jane A. D 1901,
Daily Round Trips, except Sunday
Leave Portland .v?
Leave Astoria 1 P
ceased. All Demons having claims against said
estate are hereby required to present the same to
me properly verinea, as ny law reqoireii.
Currlnsville, Clackamas oounty, Oregon, within
six months from the date nereor.
Administratrix of the Estate of
James MoKenzie, Deceased.
Dated this 1st day of June, 1901.
Leave Portland . . . . 7 A. M
Arrive The Dalles.. 8 P. M'
Leave " 4 "
Arrive Portland U "
-Snnilnv Trins a Lead lug Feature
"ibis Home nas tne uranaesi sceuie ur-
tions en Harm
Landing and office, Foot Alder Street
E. W. CRIT0N, Atjt., Portland
JOHN M. FILL00N, Agt., The Dalles
A. J. TAYLOR, Agt., Astoria
Will give you a
Bargain in Wall Paper
Wall Tinting and in
General House Painting
Paint Shop near Depot Hotel
Notice la harebv riven Ihat the under
alined administrator of the estate of
of Henry Bottemiller, deceased, has filed
his final report of his administration oi said e
tut,., and the Honorable Count.v Judire of Clacka'
ams county, uregon, na nxea august urn, rjui at
1U 0 ciocc, a. m., as tne time lor oeariug auu set
tlement thereof.
Administrator Aforesaid.
Dated,June 6th., 1901.
Notice ti hereby elven that bv virtue of law ap
proved February 3rd., 1901, providing for; the 8a lo
of lands to which Clackamas county has bid in
for delinquent taxes ana acquired title, win oe
sold to the nignest omuer ior casn on uie oui uaj
of July, 1901, at the front door of the court housa
In said Clackamas county, state of Oregon.
J. J. uuoae.
Sheriff of Clackamas County.
Dated, June 6th, 1001.
I now have money to pay county warrants en
dnreod nrlor to February 12tb, U98. And also
road warrants endorsed prior to August 2, 1900
Interest will oease on the above Included war
rants on the date hereof.
Treasniar Clackamas County, Or.
Dated, Oregon City. June llth, 1901.
To all whom It may concern, notice ii hereby
riven that I have riled my final report as admin
istrator with the will annexed, of the estate of
I nHin A Seolv rlnceaand. with the countv court
of Clackamas oounty and state of Oregon, and tne
oM n .urt haa set Mondav. the 8th day of July,
1901, at the hour of 10 o'clock, a. m., of said day,
as the time for hearing said report and objection a
thereto if any there be at whii n time ana court
all persons interested are hereby notified to b
Administrator with the will annexed of
Estate of Lucius A. Beely, Deceased.
WANTED. Capable, reliable person In every
county to repretent large company of solid fi
nancial reputation; 1936 salary per year, payable
weeklyj$3oerdey absolutely sure and all ex
penses: straight, bona fide, definite salary, no
commission; salary paid each Saturday and ex
pense money advanced each week. STANDARD
BOUSE, 834 DiAiBOBX 6t., Cnc.CO.
Notice is hereby given that'the undersigned ad
ministratrix ot the estate of Margaret Wilson, de
ceased, has filed In the County Court of Clacka
mas County, State of Oregon, her Anal account
aa each administratrix, of said estate and that the
Sthday oi August 1901, at the hour of 10 o'clock a.
m., has been fixed by said court, as the time
for bearing objections to said report and the
settlement thereof.
Administratrix of the estate of
Margaret Wilson, Deceased.
TJ'Res 4 8cHDEBEL,Attorneys.
atom. 2S Doaca 25c
At aS arug
and sank. Seven lives were lost.
The fire at the Galley's Island ship
yard, St. Petersburg, caused a loss of
10,000,000 rubles. ' s
Five neero murderers were bane in
Sylvania, Ua., yesterday.
At Oak Park, near Flint, Mich., a rail
way train struck a carriage containing
Maior i. W. Buckingham and three la
dies, killing them all.
The destruction by fire ol the Mineral
Springs Hotel at West Baden, Indiana,
caused a loss OI f 250,000,
The National packing house in the city
of Mexico burned down ; loss f dOD.ooo.
Having for 30 years in vain sought to
solve the problem of perpetual motion.
.-.T Tt J - MT!1; , T T
wm. nenoru, oi wiuiamaourg, n . l
drove a bullet through his brain.
Pendleton's warehouses hold 5,200,000
pounds of wool
According to the London Statist.crops
promise to be poor in a large part of bu
rope and the demand for American
breads tuff s will be greater than ever.
In Chicago. John Czech and Kazmir
Kochanski Quarreled and foueht over 50
' nnnta an4 I 'vnlh tr tirkt IT Ck(l IflQ ritriAt fin
wCllia BIJVA VVV 1 I J w vilV vtvi V t
the head with an old rifle barrel, killing
him on the spot,
The Berlin Tageblatt says : "Abandon
ment bv Great Britain of her Yanuste
sphere of interest idea is, pet haps, the
most severe diow ureac amain nas sus
tained since the South African war be
In Rio Janeiro a German syndicate
has been formed with acapial of 25,000,
000 mark 8 to promote colonization in
Mandarin Taotai Loo Chin has ar
rived in New York with the object
studying the United States, tie says
the Boxer trouble hat been a blessing in
diBguise to China and that many radical
changes will be made in the empire, in
eluding a schoolhouse in every town.
The United States is the one country in
the world for China.
At Middlesboro, Kv., Andy Cox,
mountain moonshiner, shot and killed
Officer Silas Wilder, who tried to arrest
him. Then Cox aimed at Deputy Sheriff
Will Branham and mortally wounded
hiin, but before the latter expired he
shot Cox, who fell dead.
Before the circuit court in Lane coun
ty this month will be brought the suit of
B. F. Harvey, a brakeman, against the
Oregonian Pub. Co. for $25,000 damages,
on account of an article published Dec.
2, 1900, accusing him of being implicat
ed with Huh Patterson in the raping of
Minnie Thorn.
The Chinese throughout the United
States will unite in an effort to pursuade
congress to repeal the Chinese ex
clueian law.
Sun lay, June 16.
Three hundred speculators have a
share in the $1.000,0o0 profits ol George
H. Phillips' 15,000,000 bushel corn pool
at Chicago.
Clams are very abundant on Clatsop
Next week the wheat ' harvest begins
in Umatilla county.
Wm. Bait was drowned while fishing
in t'ie Brunette river at Sapperton, B.C.
Near Oll.lt, Wash.. "Charlie the
Woodchopper" killed George Swanson
and eeverely wounded Jonas Hallatrom.
The U. S. transport steamer Ingalls
turned turtle in New York harbor and
one man was drowned.
Monday, June 17.
A tornado that swept through Sou'h
Dakofa 30 miles from Huron produced
widespread destruction and wounded 1)
persons, some fatally.
J. P. Morgan andE.H.Harriman have
formed a community of interests and the
railroad mileage under their control ag
gregates 55,592. Among the lines are the
Santa Fe, the Southern, Union, Norther l
and Missouri Pacific and GreatNortheru.
The fourth annual convention of the
Federation of American Zionists, a Jew
ish organisation, was opened in Phila
delphia today.
Cecil Rhodes predicted at Bulawayo
saturaav tnat a letieration of South At
rican stateB would be formed in three or
four years, but he contended that to
grant self-government to the republics
before federation would render federa
tion impossible.
Near Welmansrust, 20 miles north of
Middleburg, in the Transvaal, 350 Aus
tralian soldiers were surprised by a Boer
force, and dOO nt them captured, includ
ing 18 dead. The Boers also took two
pompom guns. -
During the march from Vrede(Orange
River Colony), states a telegran from
Lord Kitchener, Eliot's column engaged
Dewet's commando and captured 76
loaded wagons, 45 prisoners, 58 riles.
10,000 rounds ammunition and 4000 cat
tle; Boers killed or wounded 20; British,
40. .
Mr. Broderick, war secretary, stated
in the house of commons that there were
40,229 persons in the South African con
centration camps, the deaths in which
during May. were 98 adults and 318 chil
dreu. Thus Boer families rot in camp,
It is believed in London that the Boers
are getting many recruits from ths Cape
Colony Dutch, and in spite of Joe Cham
berlain's assertion that the embers of
war are smoldering, it looks very much
as if they had burst into flame. 1
Commandant W. D.Snyman,of South
Africa, on a lecture -tour to procure aid
for the 3oer prisoners, said in Denver ;
"The struggle in South Africa is a polit
ical war, brought about by political gam
blers and speculators, and so long as
they have life the Boers will fight for
their liberty."
In Chicago, the Woman's Internation
al Label League has started a movement
for organizing the 60,000 servant girls of
the city Into a union.
The wheat fields of England promise
poor crop.
To-morrow, "$4,003,000 in cold leave
Mew VorR lor Europe.
On the Canadian Pacific, over 3000
trackmen are on a strue.
At Dothan, Ala., Prof. Rankin, school
teacher, Bhot and killed G.R. McNeil, the
principal, who had discharged him, and
then blew out his own brains.
England objects to aiding China in
raising money by putting a higher duty
on her imports into Ohiua,rice and opi
um, the latter being torced on the Chi
nese with British cannon.
In accordance with a navy department
plan, Bteamer lanes 30 miles wide have
been platted across the Pacific. " 1
At St. Paul., Ore., James Kelly, an old
resident, shot and dangerously wounded
FranK Lambert, the town marshal.
In San Francisco, the butchers' strike
is broken .
I lAt Ross well. N. M., Arthur Kline shot
and killed bii wile, dangerously wound
ed two others, and killed hiouself.
At Ithaca. N.Y., James Churchill kill
ed his wife, fatally wounded her father,
80 years old, and failed to kill himself
by drinking carbolic acid.
The burning of Runkle Bros.' choco
late factory in New Yoik ci'y caused a
loss of $250,000.
A fire at Monrmuth, Ore., caused a
loss of $4500 ; insurance $23C0
Dr. William Geiger, a pioneer of 1839,
died at bis borne in Forest Grove last
W. T. Stead, the great London jour
nalist, writes: "It seems probable that
the war will go on, England will con
tinue t ) lose 2,000,000 pounds sterling a
week and 3000 men a month. The Boers
will lose in killed and wounded and
prisoners about 70 men a day. Until
October the war will drag on. After Oc
tober, when the grass grows, there will
be a renewal of active fighting. The
Boers maintain that they will have an
ample store of mealies to keep them for
an inuennite nine, aa iu ammunition,
as long as the British have to keep an
army of 250,000 in the field, the vigilant
and omnipresent enemy will always pick
up sufficient to replenish his cartridge
bandoliers from British sources."
Tuesday, June 18.
At Wilkesharre, Pa., 1000 coal miners
struck because the Temple Coal & Iron
Co. refused to discharge 3 nonunion men
The Mormon church is making efforts
to obtain sesKioi Irom the Mexican gov
eminent of the lands in Sonora from
which the Yaquis have been driven. If
successful, the .Mormons will make a
treaty with the Yaqui Indians.
At Buffalo, a fire among the elevators
at the docks caused a loss of $210,000
At Berkeley ,Cal., the daughter of Rev.
(J. G. Adams asked J. G. Jessup, a den
tist, by telephone to come to her home
to prevent her (allier from whipping
her. Jesrup came and Adams shot him,
wounding him mortally. Adams was
Eastern capitalists are backing the
project of building an 800-mile railroad
to Nome City and Bering Strait.
The steamship Hawaiian arrived in
ban r rancisco with ttoOOtons of sugar
valued at 1750,000.
W. C. Whitney has rewarded the!
two jockeys who won for him the Der
by, giving Hugains jeaiUO and Lester
Reiff 1I00.
At Hackenburg, Prussia, Frent h and
Austrian embassy attaches with 55 Ger
man vekran associations, jointly dedi-
C tted two monuments, one in memory
of Austrians and the other in memory
of the French General Marceaij,.
In Southwest Texas 500 men are en
gaged in hunting a baud of Mexican cut-
laws who murdered two sheritfs and a
wealthy ranchman. In a fight near Bel
mont two Mex cans were killed.
A fire on Sqnaw Island at Buffalo
caused a loss of $500,000.
The Russian czar feels discouraged
because his wife has given birth to an
other girl, which makes four; no boys.
The steel truBt has absorbed the Colo.
Fuel & Iron Co. A meeting at the Wa!-
dorf-Astor in NewYork fixed the matter.
At Pendleton, Black Horn, an Indian,
was mortally wounded while resisting
arrest by Chief of Indian Police Brisbow.
As a protest against the duty placed
on Russian sugar and petroleum, Russia
has raised the duty on American bicycles
and resin. A countervailing duty has
been placed on Italian Bugar, and Italy
has raised the duty on foreign plows.
Wednesday, June 19.
A fire at Nome caused a 1 iss of
Herbert W. Pearson, a geologist, has
begun a suit for $1,500,000 against the
Great Northern railroad, which he claims
is due him for finding coal fields for the
railro id company worth millions.
Ex-Governor Pingreeof Michigan died
In London last night of intestinal cancer.
The Standard Oil crowd is negotiating
for the purchase of two Kansas City
banks having $50,000,000 deposits, be'
side banks in other Western cities.
At Minneapolis, Minn., the American
Mining and Investment Go. admitted
itself to be insolvent; liabilities $2,500,-
000; assets $1000.
W. T. Stead, the London editor, tele
graphs that he interviewed the late e
Gov.Pingree after his return from South
Africa. He said, in substance, that when
be got among the Boers he found how
grossly they had been misrepresented to
htm in .Lonaon and that they washed
and dressed and behaved like civilized
beings. The commandoes he visited
were well clothed and armed and each
man had two horses. They do their
fighting with Lee-Met ford rifles which
they supply themselves with from the
British stores.
The Denver Stockman says that the
number of cattle coming to its market is
only one-fourth of what it used to be on
account of the destruction of the public
tange. . -
Mr. Mills, livestock agent of the O. R.
& N., sara that 2,000,000 sheep in Or
egon will perish unless pasture is found
tor them elBewnere.
The National Metal Trades' Associa
tion is confronted by 650,000 metalwork
ers, an army on whose support the ma
chinists depend for the success of their
The franchises, worth millions, which
the corrupt city government ot fhlladel
nhia hag delivered to the Ouav nana.
have now become the subject of hostile
contention in the republican party
Thursday, June 20.
For complicity in the murder of John
Gray Foster. Prophet Smith and F. D
McLand, both negroes, were K ached at
Shreveport. La.
For Brown Unlversary, in Rhode Is
land, an endowment fund of $2,000,000
has been raised.
For an alleged attempt to assault a
Mrs. Davis, Rev. D. B. Jones, a negro
was lynched at LaUraige, N. U.
Senator tsuoup is making ellorts to
purBuade the Interior department to
open for settlement the Foit Hall reser
vation in Southern Idaho not later than
September 1.
At Shaniko 1,300,009 pounds of wool
were sold yesterday at 11 1-2 to 12 1
The smelting trust is attempting to
freeze out the Coeur d'Alene mine-owners,
who may build smelters themselves.
Yesterday evening, at Butte, Mont.,
Senator Clark expressed his approval of
the marriage of his ton, W.A. Clark, Jr.,
by presenting him with a check for
Before the 26th, all the volunteers
in the Philippines, numbering 7500, will
arrive in San Francisco.
Gov. Jennings of Oklahoma estimates
that 100,000 people will try to locate on
the reservation lands to be opened, al
though tbere can be only 13,500 entries.
The 10 trench vessels en route and
listed to Portland will cost the French
government in bounties $125,000.
One of the most helpful books on nerv
weakness ever issued is that entitled
"Nerve Waste," by Dr. Sawyer, of San1
Francisco, now In its fifth thousand.l
llns work of an experienced and repu
table physician is in agreeable contrast
to tne vast sum of lalse . teaching wind;
prevails on this interesting subject. It
abounds in carefullv considered ami
practically advice, and has the two great
merits of wisdom and sincerity .
It is indorsed by both the reliclons
and secular press. The Chicago Atl
neb says: "A petusal of the book audi
the application of its principles will put!
health, hope and heart into thousands;
of lives that are now suffering through!
nervous impairment." .
llie book is $1.00. by mail, postpaid.?
Une ol the most interesting chapters
etiapters xx, on Nervines and Nerve!
Tonics has been printed separately as
a sample chapter, and will be sent to
any addresj for stamp by the publishers,1
i ne it acme r iiu, cio., cox zoos, tsari
Francisco in plain sealed envelope.
During the day hundreds of people
stop at the filtering plant at the comer
of Main and Seventh streets, to drink at
the faucets that run water night and
day. This fact briga forcibly to mind
the importance of drinking fountains,
conveniently located ou the main streets. 4
It. tt'nnltl ha a Inrthorunp nf lha nlun ai."
readv heinir fliitatRrl hv t.hn (lluckum au
Oouuty Humane Society, who desire to
establish watering troughs for animals.
A combined watering trough with sep
arate filtering attachment to supply wa
ter for drinking purposes,' would be I he
The photograph taken by Turney
graphically showing a Balmon in his at
tempt to climb the falls, mighj be used
as a potent argument to the effect that
a fish ladder is not necessary. The pic
ture was reproduced in the Telegram a
few days ago. ., '
The present spell of warm, sunelvny
weather is a god-jend to Western Oregon.
The continued cold, wet weather was be-J
ginning to have a tendency to work in
jury to the crops. Lice were forming on
the hop vines, and the weather condi
tions were most favorable for the prop-!
ogation of wheat pests. The warm sun-
shine, however, is causing the bop louse;
and the giain aphis to disappear, and
the fall wheat stalks have resumed their
wonted freshness. It is universally con
ceded by the farmers that this will be a
great crop year, or at least, Letter than
recent former seasons.
The dog circus with its atteuded fa
kirs and antiquated, second hand para
phernalia came on the peaceful Sabbath
day. and departed like a highwayman
lien the nigiit policeman was on watch.
As the heavy teams came down the
Singer bill they smashed the landside
wooden supports oi ine euro ot tne side.
walk, and it will take dollars to repair,
the damage. It is said that the show
aggregation divided up on leaving Port
land, a part ot the lame animals and
noisy curs going to eaiem, and tne re
malnder forming that part ot the oucus
that showed in Oregon City. It was the
same old gag anything is good enough
for the country towns. The clown gave
the same old threadbare 1 ikes, and the
Arab in costume, that led t'ie zebu was
only the commonest kind o; a nigger.
For Sale 240 acres of land 12 mileB
Oregon City; 40 e'eared house, barn
orchard; price, .'3oo; foo down, bat
ance on easy terms. Have yourom
time to pay balance. Applv to J. W.
MoAnultv, office on Main street, oppo
site Albright's meat market.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.!
All druggists refund the money If it fails!
to curer E. W. Grove i signature is oni
each box. zoo.
Tlie Y. 31. V. A. Canvas.
The soliciting committee at the pres.
entdate has succeeded in raising $550 to
ward the conditional $2500 required in
placing the Y. M. C. A. of the city on a
working basis. With the $1400 expected
from the corporations of the city there
yet remains $650 to be secured. A sys
tematic canvas has been inaugurated ii
some of the mills among the employes,
whicb it is hoped with the further as
sistance of the business men of the city
will result in raising the required
It is the plan of the management to
apply $2000 of the $2500 toward liquida
tion of Indebtedness and the remaining
$600 and all over the $500 toward im
proving the building and premises.
Secretary Oscar Cox, of Portland, now
in at'endance at the Boston Y. M. C.
A. International Convention, is in
structed to fecure a suitable man for
general secretary and physical director,
both positions to be filled, if possible,
with the one man. At this particular
time the management detires the hearty
co-operation ot every cit zen of Oregon
City toward the permanent establish
ment of this worthy institution.
Does your head ache ? Pain
back of your eyes? Bad
taste in your mouth? It's
your liver ! Ayer's Pills are
liver pills. They cure consti
pation, headache, dyspepsia.
23c. All drugglitj.
A Great Hosiery Offer Direct From the
The old maxim. "The Proof of the
Pudding Is In the Eating," applies as,
well to the wearing qualities ot our ho
siery. Once worn and you will wear
them always. An exceptional trial oi
ler that every reader of this paper!
1 1.1 U I . . .1. ..1
nuuuiu ititc puymi imku ui uiiu lenb uitr
remarkable wearing qualities and supe
rior finish of our high grade hosiery.
We will, on receipt of 25c in silver and
the name of your local dealer, send di
rect to you from the mills, postage paid,
4 pair of our finest high grade latest
style Empire brand ladies' or children's
hose, or men's half hose, in black, tan,1
white or the fashionable fancy solid cul-J
. u:t ..ill. I
ura, ui iiio iHienb uuiuuuittiiuu ma. em
broidered polka dots, electric stripes, or
silk clocking on side, in fancy open work
plain, or drop stitch - style, in French
lisle thread, balbriggan, silk finish
maco, or cashmere, with full finish elas
tic ton and our natent rninforced silk
and linen knit seamless, double sole,
toe and high spliced double heel, lhey
save darning and are granted to give
fli ran fimua th uroav rt onv ntliai Iwtai.
ery . The same in children's with elas-
tic top, double knee. Bole, heel and toe.
Want your mouatwlift or beard a beautiful
brown or rtcb blark? Tbn t)
plain or ribbed, fine, medium or heavy !
quality, guaranteed fast color, and war-'
ranted not to crock. The retail value of
these hose is 25c. per pair. We will not
send more than 4 pair of each ladies' or
children's to one person. A trial wear
of these will convince you of their mer- '
its. For 50c, we will send, postpaid,'
one trial pair of our ladies' flue silk
hot-e, in shades of pink, gold, white,
lila';k, blue, cardinal oi lavender. This
is a special trial oiler. If you are not
satistied with them after trial wear we
will refuud your money. If you are
pleased with them and wish more, in
siston your local dealer procuring them'
for you, and insist on him getting our
Empire brand hosiery. Write us today,
mentioning this paper, as this oiler is
limited, A beautiful Utile booklet, tell-;
ing how our hosiery is made, mailed free
to you on rt quest. Address this way, 1
Empire Knittinu Mii,i,. 1
100 and 108 Fulton St., New York City.
TL. U .J V.... II.. . 11 . ft a
Bears lh m ma iuu na Always eaugw t
Bean the He Kind You Have Always BciiaM i