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This is fine haying weather.
Charlie Stewart cut hay for G. H. Kir
byfon Monday.
A. HayhurBt enlarged his potato cellar
last week, in anticipatioe of a large crop
of potatoes next fall.
Mies Emma Inskeep has returned
home after a pleasant visit with friends
In IPortland.
Mrs. Kruse, of Oregon City, has been
visiting A. Hayhurst and wife.
A party was given at the home
of H. O. Inskeep Monday evening.
Dancing and ptmes were the features of
the evening. Icecream and cake were
served by the hostess. All enjoyed a
good time. The following were present :
Misses Haward, Nellie Stephens, Bertha
Spangler, Emma Jones, Lillie Thomas,
Lizzie Lewis, Emma Inskeep; Mesera.
Fred Spangler, Lee Buckner, L. and E.
Lewis, Dewey Thomas, Fred Linsley. H.
Hornshuh, George H. Kirbyson and
June 18.
Great reduction
at Miss Goldsmith.
on all trimmed hats
A great many are cutting hay and
clover. Look out, boys, it will get wet.
The Fourth of July at this place will
be a grand success from all reports,
and a good time is anticipated. The
band, games and races are "a go."
Fall wheat and spring grain look well
at present .
The Kansas eauash bug Is here and is
destroying squashes, cucumbers and
pumpkins. Paris green doesn't faze
LiMieOoates,whohae been sick in the
hospital, is improving rapidly.
Our school closed this week after a
successful term of three months. We
hope the teacher and pupils will enjoy a
well earned vacation.
The Wesleyan Methodists, under the
leadership of Rev. T. Wiles, are hold
ing a campmeeting in the grove at Lib
eral . A few families are camping in the
grove, and a good attendance is ex
pected. John Ridings !and Bert Hibbard, of
Marquam, were visiting friends in Lib
eral Sunday.
Bruce Darnall is feeling better, and is
now visiting friends at Highland.
Newt Farr, of Oregon City, is in this
vicinity buying beef cattle for Albr ghtdt
Next week a play will be presented
here, which will be "The Old Gossip."
Keep away, we have plenty of that al
ready. '
J. Akins, our blacksmith, is busy re
pairing wagons.
Dry weather is here at last.
E. Eaton, of Carus, was here Tuesday
on business.
How do you like to keep house Erne?
I Bee you are putting down the carpet,
but don't try to paper the ceilings unless
you have help.
June 19. 8ylvu.
imn Vehicle Book
Send your name and address
More Draw-Cuts sold in Portland las
year than of all other makes combined
It's the Mower you want.
Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co.
First and Taylor
Eagle Creek.
Some of the farmers are busy cutting
fern out of their grain.
Potatoes will soon be large enough to
Sandy Kidge school closed Friday. A
short program was rendered Saturday
evening, and a large crowd attended.
Mr. Balbn and wife visited James
Bell and family at Kelso Sunday.
Several bands of horses oave come
across the mountains during the last
J, S. Smith has not yet returned to
Gregon City.
Everybody has the toothache. We
think this must be the place where it
originated from the number who are
Mrs. Duncan is improving.
Lillie Myers, of Spnngwater, is visit
ting her mother, Mrs. Huggius, of this
Aggie Cunln and baby were sean in
Eagle Creek Saturday.
Mrs. Belle Duncan went to Portland
Joe Suter was up to his broth er's
place on Deep Creek Friday..
Lena Van Curen was the guest, of
Pearl Foster Sunday.
Miss Maggie Smith js in Portland,
Lester Hale, of Curiinsville, had his
knee hurt last week, and was over for
the doctor to dress it Sunday.
Homer Glover has returned from
Oorvallis, where he has been attending
Little Maggie Wilson was hurt quite
seriously last Thursday by falling on an
ax. She received a rather severe cot
on the head, but she is recovering stead
ily. Herman Brackett, of Sherman county,
is visiting his parents, of this place.
Mrs. Dowty was in Eagle Creek Sun
day. George Epperson, of Kelso, was over
frank O. Danielson. of Kelso, was
buried in Sandy Kidge cemetery Satur
day, May 15th, p. m. He was killed on
the coast in Washington, last Monday
while working on a scow. He was 21 years
of age, and ho was held in the highest
respect and esteem of all. He leaves a
brother and parents beside a host of
friends to mourn his loss.
June 17.'
For several days the weather has been
decidedly tropical. The nights have
been warm .enough to keep corn grow
Cherries are withering on the trees,
and strawberries are drying on the
Nearly every farmer has mown a patch
of grass and is scanning the horizon for
signs of rain, and it is only a week since
there was a downpour, and the same
parties were prophesying a yery wet sea
son. The rocking of the Hayes hill is com
pleted, and a new bridge has been put
in at the Shauber place.
ement Catalogue
The people of this place are beginning
to complain about the inconvenience
they are put to by the Oswego bridge be
ing rut They think that a month is a
long time to be deprived of a crossing
there, and they would like to know what
our bridges are for. the accommodation
of the traveling public, or a pet job for
Early spuds are now large enough to
use, and the advance in price of old po
tatoes sacks up the last of them that are
fit for market.
Early wheat and oats are headed.
Some oi the grain looks as though the
berry had been eaten out of the lower por
tion of the head .
Hazelnuts will be a scarce article this
MeBdames Moser, Reutter and Shau
ber were baptised at Fred Moser's home
on the 18th f June.
Rev. Graves horse ran away last
week, and broke his buggy.
John Moser burned his straw stack to
rid the place of rats.
JNight hawks nave made their appear
Anson Henry has beeen calling on old
acquaintances bere this week. Mr.
Henry was a resident nere zu years ago.
There is a case of mnmps at Dick 01
denstadt's home. '
Mr. Aden's family, of Frog Pond, are
down with the measles.
Report is received here that a family,
which recently arrived from the East,
and at present at Pleasant Hill, is Bick
with smallpox.
Grandpa Kchatz is considerable bet
ter in health than he has been tor some
June 19. Lengthy.
Everything in
the Millinery line
Miss Goldsmith.
at a
great reduction.
Some Eastern Oregou wheat was con
veyed to Howard's mill last week.
Mrs. Albright, ot fcly, was visiting at
the home of Mr. Shaw last week.
Mrs. E. Dodge, who has been visiting
her parents, expects to join her husband
in a short time. Mr. Dodge has a
shingle mill on the Abernethy.
Mrs. Lyons and daughter are visiting
at tne home of F. M. Manning.
School closed last Friday after an in
teresting program was rendered. All
enjoyed a lot of delicious candy, which
was furnished by the teacher, Alex
Mrs. Murpby and daughters, Belle
and Goldy, were the guests of Mrs. Fel
ger last Friday evening.
Beatrice Carlisle was visiting in our
burg last week.
It is too bad that our Union Hall cor
respondent can't go to Mulino on Sun
days and have a Jolly time.
Johnnie Evans is able to be out again.
Mrs. Lyons will cook at Adkins' log
ging camp this summer.
Those attending the campmeeting at
Liberal last Sunday report having had a
good time. Good music Is furnished.
Bruce Darnall is improving slowly.
He is staying with his father at present.
It was announced that the Liberal
campmeeting would be held over nest
June 18. ' Bunchy.
Flowers, ribbons, tancy chiffrons at a
great sacrifice. Miss Goldsmith. '
At last we are having warm weather
and plenty of it, and if it continues cry
the farmers can get meir nay iu.
LeBter Hale had the misfortune 10 cm
a severe gash in his knee. He was do-
ina some slashing ana in crossing a iug
he struck his knee agrinst the ax.
G. J. Currin made a nying trip tojur-
rinsville last week.
Hugh Currin and daughter, Elsie, are
visiting George Currin's family at lone,
Or. They are expected to return home
this W6tk.
We have not heard of a Fourth of July
celebration anywhere nearer than than
the celebration at Damascus, remaps
people would like to take a rest this year
and stav home or go fishing.
Mrs. 'J. ,W. Stone has been having
sciatica rheumatism again, which leaves
her pearly helpless, with Mr. Stone
away from home.
Robert Currin, who has been on the
sick list getting better.
June 18. . . Uncle Zbek.
Grand Millinery Sale begins today
Miss Goldsmith's.
Mural Dell.
The farmers are hoping for good
weather this week, as their clover is
ready for cutting.
We find upon close examination that
the fruit crop will prove to be very
much better than first expected. In
this locality spring wheat and oats and
winter oats never gave a better promise
to the farmers for a booming crop man
now. The early potatoes and gardens
also look fine.
Mr. Beede made a trip to Woodburn
H. Ogle is improving in health quite
Grandma Samson is able to sit up
Mr. and Mrs. i. uonney cauea on rar,
and Mrs. I. J. Bigelow Sunday.
F. Sawtell and family called on Mr.
and Mrs. T. Ogle Suiiday.
June 17. A Bockeyb.
P. Norts and C. Yost have sold their
Mr. and Mrs. Martin, of Gaston, are
visitinz James Marsh.
O. Sturges, ot Canby, visited at nis
Dlace here last week.
Our road supervisor has repaired tne
bridge across Bear Creek, which was
much needed.
Miss Eyman and Mr. Close were mar
ried a few days ago at fhe home of the
bride's parents, Kev. JJicK omciating.
Charles Biglow, of Portland, was vis
ting in our midst last week.
Fred Saux, of Portland was the guest
of Mr. Moshberger a few days ago.
Josetm Marsh, who has been attend
ing school at Forest Grove, returned
home last week.
, The thermometer registered 90 de
grees on the 18th.
June 18.
Beaver Creek.
Everything is prosperous in Beaver
Creek. The health of the people, as
rule, is good .
The evenings and days are unusually
Everything points toward a bounteous
crop tor the laithlul larraer on whom all
life depends.
We attended memorial day in the city
and meeting quite a number oi our
Beaver Creek friends, also many old and
very dear friends of our youth, which
brings to mind many joys and pleasures
as we grasp the hand that we have not
touched for perhaps many years. This
occasion also brings very sad memories
when we remember what we are gath
ered together on this day for to lay
aside our daily toil, and bitter feelings,
if any exist, and meet as one body to re
member our own dead, and the sons and
fathers and brothers, who bravely gave
up their homes and friends to defend
the grand old flag that waved so proudly
yet sadly that day at half maBt, and we
hope it may still wave on unblemished
until Gabriel blows his horn, and we all
meet where all are on an equal, high and
low, the outcast and the beggar, tor we
are taught from the Good Book that the
Great rather remembers us all.
The farm work is over for a few weeks
and cord wood and lumber hauling are
the order of the day.
Mibs Ada Moehnke closed a very sue-
cesstui term oi scnooi last rnuay. me
closing exercises took place in a shady
grove on Mr. Holmau's place. Our
teacher deserves credit for her kindly
Bin, wnicn sne ireeiy gives her pupils
Education is something we all should
take an active interest in. Sometimes
we can aid the children and sometimes
we need their assistance.
A new schoolhouse in our burg will
be the question here soon, as the old
building is unfit for ourchildren to spend
.1 . i r . i . . I.
uiro-iuui urn ui uieir time in. n was
built about 30 years ago at least; has
served for two or perhaps three genera
tions. We sincerely hope the Beaver
Creek people will study the matter over,
we surely are entitled to a. neat school
Strawberries are very plentiful this
I. Thonasand W. A. Kirk are taking
an airing in the breezy Eastern Uregou
climate. They went horseback.
A few Beaver Creekites attended
Children's day exercises at Carus, and
some went to Highland, wheie exercists
were held in the grange 'hall. All
Bpent a very enjoyable day and ended
W'th about two hours of dancing by the
young people.!
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Allen Edwards,
a uaugiuer.
Joseph Fisher is working at Wardner,
Mrs. Kirk and daughter paid a visit to
l. J Kirk and family ,of Highland, Sun
day. Later Our school meeting is over and
the way the intelligent people of Beaver
Creek want to hold onto old relics (let
tis drop the curtain). We are surely able
in this prosperous, moneyed community
to have a neat schoolhouse, and also a
hall, if we lay aside our little grudges
and grasp with friendly hand our fellow
beings. We have two prosperous stores,
postoilice and about six churches within
six miles of each other ; nice fai m houses
and barns, sawmills, woodcamps, hop
yards, etc., galore. I wonder sometimes
if our little burg has in her haste for
wealth nearly forgotten the educational
affairs of her sons and daughters.
Haying has begun here.
We notice several mowers and farm
machinery being brought from the nie-j
tropolis. j
No Hair?
"My hair was falling out very
fast and I was greatly alarmed. I
then tried Ayer's Hair Vigor and
my hair stopped falling at once."
Mrs. G. A. McVay, Alexandria, 0.
The trouble is your hair
does not have life enough.
Act promptly. Save your
hair. Feed it with Ayer's
Hair Vigor. If the gray
hairs are beginning to
show, Ayer's Hair Vigor
will restore color every
time. $1.00 t bolt!. All dranliU.
If your druggist cannot supply you,
end us one dollar and we will express
you a bottle. He sure and give the nam
oi your nearest express office. Address,
J, C.AVKK CO., Lowell, Mass.
Married at the residence of the bride's
parents, Miss Nettie Stuedeman and Al
vin Kleinsmith, Rev. H. Wittrock, of
ficiating. Rob Gtnther has traded bis hone tor
a bicycle.
,. W. Hornshuh ts in Portland unuer
the doctor's care.
Rev. T. R. Hornshuh and wife, and
Mrs. Tom Peeble and daughter, of
Sweet Home, were the guests of C.
Hornshuh for several days.
Mr. Bluhrn planted about four acres
of corn, but something has eaten it off
close to the ground. He is now sowing
it to turnips and buckwheat.
June 19. Genkvba.
Great clearance sale. Miss Goldsmith.
Mountain Vieiv.
Mrs. McGeehan and son have gone to
Pennsylvania, to spend the summer
with her parents and friends.
Mrs. Gillett hived two swarms of bees
last Saturday and Monday.
Maple Lane Grange met in Nash's
hall last Saturday, and the officers were
installed by Brother Casto, of Warner
Grange. The next meeting of the grange
win Deon the urst Saturday in July,
Mrs. Albright is spending this week
with friends at Union Mills.
Uncle Joe Myers has traded his oroo
erty here for property in Coquille City,
uregon .
Weddings are numerous in this burg
uranuma bchueoei attended a wed'
ding yesterday.
Mr. Kleinsmith was married last
Friday, and the boys gave him a chart
Mr. Walsh is having a bridge built
across the gulch near his house. Mr
Frost is making a sidewalk and other
improvements for him.
Mrs. Trikler's house is being papered,
and a new chimney will be built next
Mr. Locke's uncle arrived from Calif
ornia Wednesday evening.
0. Stockman and family have moved
to Washington.
George Evernart was in our burg Sun
Preston Cooper was bidding friends
here goodbye onManday. He was on
his way to Eastern Oregon.
Mr. Schoth's aunt, who has been vis'
ning nere, returned, to her home in
Wyoming Tuesday.
fir. fcmauey is using Muir s wagon
this week, as Ely's wagon was broken
by a runaway team in town Wednesday
Mrs. Snodgrass, of Albany, is visiting
airs, wauon lu'.s weeK.
Alvin Mack and Mr. Thompson, who
are working in Portland, spent Sunday
at nome.
June 20. Salina.
A car load of milk
crocks just received and
will sell at 8 c per gal
Ion. W. L. Block,
the Homefurnisher.
Jack Krigbuum is working for Mr.
Stone, who has a contract for slashing
80 acres of land near Orient.
The haying season has begun. Gar
field, as usual will hive a fine hay crop.
The people put here are giving cheese
making a triai. They would like to have
a cheese factory.
It Is so warm that it isn't so pleasant
to live, but it is a good time for weed
Brother Rich will preach at Garfield
next Sunday.
Brother Exon has changed his ap
pointment at Mount Zion. Services are
held from 8 to 3 :30 o'clock on the first
and third Sundays in the month.
A beautiful line of baby bonnets and
hats, ail reduced, at Miss Goldsmith.
Glad Tidings.
From the general appearance of things
we wiM have some good weather now.
Hay is almost ready to cut in this
It is reported that J. Jordan has sold
his ranch to some parties of Troutdale,
Or. The consideration not being known
at present.
Miss Katie Ada l-f Sunday for
Westport, V ash. HerHmllin ; hce will
be sadly misscu ttiuj,1Jt i..o young peo
ple. Uuite a number of rwnr1 atlun.lo.l
the social at Marquam last Friday eve
ning. Everythine moved off verv
smoothly to suit the occasion.
Miss Addie Hammond came home LirI
week for a short visit.
Harl Enale. the Molalla mail Bllhnr.
vlsor.was in our midst rustling hands to
work on the Everhart hill.
Willham Jackson Bold nnn nf !,;.
horses last week.
June 17. Sqi-ib.
Charles Hanson and L. H, Vincent,
the Wilsonville school dads, made a fly
ing trip to the metropolis last Fridav.
An ice cream social was given Wiliiam
Brobst's home last Friday evening. All
report an excellent time. t
Next Sunday will be Children's day at
the Hood View church.
I Between 30 and 40 boys charivaned
! Mr. Harms last Thursday evening. The
boys claimed that they had conclusive
, evidence that he was married. Mr.
Harms says he does not object to the
boys having a good time, but that he
does object to them Bmashing his farm
machinery and breaking the house down
and still he is thankful the boys left the
houpe standing. The boys say if Mr.
Harms does not want a charivari, not to
brinanew woman to the home and
oruer a lot of beer brought out trom
Portland, as those things are consid
ered sure signs of matrimony.
There will be a social dance at Wilson
ville next Saturday evening. j
June 12. SHORT Y. j
Henry Turner is home from Portland.
where he will remain for a week.
Haying will soon commence if the
weather will permit.
Henrv Cadonau is spending bis lei
sure days working on the farm for Mr.
Mrs Lvdia Park returned from Ore
gon City last Sunday. Miss Zella has
returned to her work at SWillamette
Falls. aA
Preparations are being made .for the
close of school, . vjj
June 14. . J.L.JR.
Union Hall.
Cutting hay is the order of the day.
Halsey Phelps is working in Portland.
M isses Annie and Tena Pinka were
the guests of Eliza Burns one day last
S. Wilkerson, recently, of , Missouri.
is visiting in Washington at present.
School closed at this place with a verv
interesting program last Friday. A large
number of patrons and friends gathered
at the school house to listen to the pro
gram, which was well rendered in an at
tractive manner by the pupils of the
school. Our teacher, Miss Johnson,
deserves spfecial credit for her untiring
efforts in making the program a suc
cess. Mrs. Jane Blanchard, of Central
Point, was visiting her sister, Mrs H.
G 8. Phelps, Friday last.
Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Helvev went to
Canby last Friday. nip
Mrs. Jack Webb, of Portland, is vis
iting her parents, Mr, and Mrs. Phelps,
at the present time. S
James Adkins, the well known, saw
mill man has been to the Russel mines
for the past few days.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Grimes went to
Canby one day last week to buy house
hold furniture.
J. H. Burns went to the county seat
last Saturday. ""ml
Frank Hilton went to Canby last Fri
day. John Molzan is hauling rail road wood
to Canby. 4
Deputy Assessor Blair was in these
parts last week.
Miss Sarah Beals went to Oregon City
to work, but she returned home a few
days ago.
Robert Vorpahl is hauling wood for
John Burns.
Sam Wilkerson met with a painful ac
cident a few days ago. While slashing
he cut down a small tree and it fell the
opposite direction from which he
thought it would, and he stepped back
against the slasher while getting out of
reach of the tree and cut a severe gash in
his leg
Eugene Faulkner is working in Ad
kins' sawmill.
Charles Rauch h working in Adkins'
logging canon.
Miss Maggie Webb Is visiting at H.
0. Phelps'home.
June 14. Backwoods.
Come early and
get a bargain. Miss
School Report,
School closed in district No.
i. June
8th. Following 11 the report
for the
ending 01 the term : H
Whole number days' attendance,
Whole number days' absence, 561-2
No. holidays, 1.
No. times tardy, 2.
No. pupils belonging, 16.
Average daily attendance, 15.'
No. visitors, 22.
The following Interesting program was
rendered at the closing exercises :
"America," school. .
Recitation, "The Standard Sheet,"
Earnest Marshall.
Recitation, "Beside the Sea Shore,"
Gilbert Palmateer. ?
Recitation, "Playing Hookey," Earl
Recitation. "When Girls are Young,
'Tis Proper,'' Alta Sarver.
Recitation, "The Old Ragged Loafer,"
Harvey Marshall.
Song, Bchool.
Recitation, "The'Gingerbread Man,"
Earnest Duns.
Recitatlon,"The Sculptor Boy," Ethel
Tracy. '
Recitation, "Little Drops of Water,"
Quill Boyer.
Recitatton,"UpsandDjwnof Brown,"
Floyd Holder.
Recitation, "Be Careful What You
Say," Louvena Crawford.
Song, "Dear Native Land," school.
Recitation, "Why Rlph anl Bob
Fell Out," Joh nny Duns.
Myrtle Boes, Teacher.
Quick Relief for Asthma.
Miss Maude Dickjns. Parsons, Kans .
writes : " I suffered eight years with
asthma in its worst form. I had several
attacks during the last year and was not
expected to live through them. I begau
using FOLEY'S HONEY and Tar and
it has never failed to give immediate
relief." Charman & Co.
Edward Huss, a well known buisnes
man of Sailsbtry, Mo., writes: " I wish
to say for the benefit of others, that I
was a stfferer frcm lumbago and kidney
trouble, and all the remenies I took gave
me no relief. I was induced te try Fo
leys' Kidney Cure, and after the use of
three bottles, I am cured." Charman &
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