Oregon City courier=herald. (Oregon City, Or.) 1898-1902, May 17, 1901, Page 7, Image 7

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ano union Pacific
depart Portland, Ore. Annivi
Chicago- Salt Lake, Denver, Ft.
Portland Wortb, Omaha, Kan
Speoial sas City, St. Louis, Chi- 4:30 p. m.
8 a. m. cago and East.
Atlantlo Salt Lake, Denver, Ft.
Express Worth, Omaha, Kansas
v - City, St. Louie, Chicago 8:40 a. m.
" 9 p. m. ' and East. '
St. Paul Walla Walla, Lewiston,
Fast Mail Spokane, Wallace, Pull
man, Minneapolis, St 7:00 p. m.
8 p. m. Paul, Duluth, Milwau
kee, Chicago and East.
' ' ' Ocean Steamships
8 p. m. All Sailing Dates subjeot 4 p.m.
to change. ,
For San Franuisco Sail
every 5 days.
Daiiy Columbia River
Bx.sunday steamers. p-
8 p. m. Ex. Sunday
Saturday To Astoria and Way
10 p. m. Landings.
Willamttte River.
8 a.m. 4 .30 p.m.
Ex. Sunday Oregon City, Newbejg, Ex. Sunday
Salem, Independence
and way-landings.
Willamette and Yam-
7 a. m. . hill Rivers. 3:80 p. m.
Tues. Thur. ... Mo., Wed.
and Sat. Oregon City, Dayton an Frl
and way-landings.
' a. mv. Willamette River -nmtp. m.
Tues. Thur. ' Mon., Wed
and Sat. Portland to Corvallls and Frl.
and way-landings.
Leave Snake River Leave
Riparia Lewiston
1:40 a.m. Riparia to Lewiston. 8:30 a.m.
Daily. Daily
' ' " A. L. CKAlO, G, P. A.,
"Best of Everything"
In a word this tells of the pas-
enger service via,
8 Trains Daily between St, Paul
and Chicago comprising:
The Latest Pullman Sleepers
Peerless Dining Cars
Library and Observation Cars
Free Reclining Chair Cars
. The 20th Century Train "the
every day of the year.
The Finest Train in the World
Electric Lighted Steam Heated
To Chicago by Daylight.
The Badger State Express, the finest day
train running between unieago via.
the Short Line.
Connections from the west made via
The Northern Pacific,
Great Northern,
and Canadian Pacific Rye.
This is also one of the best lines between
Omaha, St. Paul and Minneapolis
All agents sell tipkets via "The North-
wantain T Ina "
G. A. . . T. A.
48 Alder St., Portland, Oregon.
a ' big property
Portland,. Oregon
In the Circuit Court ol the State ol Oregon, for
the County of Clackamas.
W. W. Smith, plaintiff,
Ancle K. Smith, defendant.
To Annie E. Smith, said defendant
In the name of the State of Oregon, you are
hereby required to appear and answer the com
plaint Bled against you In the above entitled suit
on or before the 28th day of June, 1901, that being
the last day prescribed In the order of publication
of this summons, and If you fail to appearand
answer said complaint, the plaintiff will apply to
the Court for the relief prayed for therein , to-wlt:
A dissolution of the bonds of matrimony between
vou and the plaintiff.
This summons ia published by order of the
Hon. Thomas A. McBride, Judge of the 8th Ju
dicial district of the state of Oregon, for the
county of Clackamas, made and entered on the
8lh day of May, 1901, and the first publication be
ing the 10th day of May, 1901.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
going to be
nwnt-r." Raid the
ner Pail. "I am Betting very tired of
beitig pointed out as a man who pays no
taxes by the individual who owns $20,000
worth of property and pays interest on
$25,000 indebtedness. I propose to be a
bloated taxpayer myself and eligible to
run for councilman, water commissioner
and school director. Then I'll be some
body, get on all the reception commit
tees and cut a wider swath than a lawn
mower. I'm going to stand off my rent,
butcher and grocer lor a couple of
months, buy a Tot and build a house on
the installment plan- Then I'll get a
get a horse and buggy. Just as well
live in a fine house and ride in a car
riage and be in the s wiuv' It's dead easy
when you get on to tbe right combina
tion," said tbe Man-With-The-Dinner-
An Independence commission mer
chant has pulled np stakes and moved
to Eugene, claiming mat tne aeaiere m
merchandise persisted in buying farm
produce to the detriment ol nis ousinesB.
The complaint . has been in Oregon
City that the dealers would purchase
only a very limited quantities ot larni
products. : .::
The authorities in Portland, who ap
pointed the cummitte '8 to receive Pres
ident McKinley, realized that others
than partisan republicans honored and
respetted the executive duel 01 tne na
tion. It was not so in Oregon City, the
partisans on the other side being figura
tively sat down on. However, the Presl
dent is not coming; to Oregon on accouut
of the serious illness of Mrs. McKinley,
a fact deeply legretted, aa people of alt
creeds and politics were anxious to do
bim honor.
The Dalles, Portland and Astoria
Navigation Co.'s t
Strs. Regulator & Dalles City
Dally (except Sunday) between -,
The Dalles, ' '
Hood River,
Cascade Locks, '
'. '...Vancouver -
. , , and Portland
In the circuit court of the state of Oregon for
the county of Clackamas
Eliza Beebs,
The Enterprise has changed local ed
itors three times since January 1st.
Because the Evening Telegram sends
a man they can't use at home 10 report
for the Oregon City edition, is no rea
son why people in business should stuff
with fake news. Notably, the direct
appointment of Dr. Bach man aa a sur
geon in tbe navy department, or Olds
having a contract to build a bridge
the Molalla at Barlow, etc. True, no
body reads it outside of Oregon City,
but the principle is the earns.
It is possible that some of the fac
ulty at the agricultural college may
know how to analyze water, Due 11 is a
fact that none baa ever been printed
The speeches that have been prepared
for welcoming tha President during bis
heretofore expected trip through Oregon
can be used lor fourth ot July ceieDra
tion orations and summer picnic ad
dresses, by changing a few words. -
Trimmed bats for fifty cents and up at
Mrs. tU.T. Bladen's.
Hugo Beebs,
Touching at wav points on both sides of the
Columbia river.
Tlnth of tbe above steamers have been rebull
and are In oioellent Shane for the season of 1900
The Regulator Line will endeavor to give its
patrons the best service possmie.
For Comfort, Economy nd Pleasure
travel by the steamers of The Regulator
Tho ftVinva itfamer leave Portland 7a. m.and
Dalles at 8 a. m.,and arrive at destinations ample
time for outgoing trains. . "
Portland Office, - ' The Dalles Office
Oak St. Dock. . Courtstreet.
A. C. Al.liAWAT
General Agent
To Hugo Beebs, said defendant.
In the name of the State of Oregon, you aie
hereby required to appear and answer the com.
plaint filed against you In the above entitled suit
or before the Slstday of May, 1901, and If you
fall to so answer, for want thereof the plaintiff
will apply to the above entitled court for a deoree
forever dissolving the bonds of matrimony now
existing between tbe plaintiff and defendant, and
for such other relief as shall seem meet ana
proper. "
This summons Is ordered published in tne Ore
gon City Courier-Herald for the period of six
weeks from date of flistpublioaUon tnereor.sucn
order being made by the Hon. T. A. McBride,
Judee of the Olrouit Court of the State of Oregon,
for the County of Clackamas, on the 23rd day Ol
April, 1901.
A. K. UlltllSItttiLU,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
First publication prll 26th, 1001.
Timber Land, Act June S, 1878.
; ; .-. VIA
Southern Pacific Co.
Shasta Route
Trains leave Oregon City for Portland at 7 00 and
9:22 a. and 6;S0P. M.
Oregon City
San Francisco
Kansas City
Los Angeles
El Paso
Fort Worth
Olty of Mexico
Mew Orleans
Kew lork
8:30 i.H.
9:22 A. M.
12:65 A.M.
8:10 r.H
7:46 P.M.
4:46 A. X.
:80 A. M.
7:26 A ,
7:42 A.M.
2:00 P.M.
S.-00 p. if.
(-.80 A.M.
11:80 A. K.
7:00 B.M.
e:80 P.M.
6:42 a.m.
12:10 P.M.
8:30 P. M.
9:14 P. u.
12:86 P.M.
6:00 A.M.
8:46 P.M.
7:00 A. M.
9:16 A.M.
7:26 A.M.
8:80 A.M.
8:05 A.M.
6:00 P.M.
:80 a.m.
11:30 A.M.
7:00 A.M.
6:30 P. M,
6:42 A.M.
12:10 P. M.
both trains.
United States Land Ofiici.
Oregon City, Oregon, April 26, 1901,
Notice is hereby given that in compliance with
tho provisions of the act of Congress of June 6,
1878, entitled "An act for the sale of timber lanas
In the StateB of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," as extended to all the
public land states by act of August 4, ueorge
L. Curry, of Portland, county 01 Muitnoman
stale of Oregon, has this day Bled In this office his
sworn statement No. 5395, for the purchase of the
N.W.ofS. B. Uand 8. W. ol B. E. ol
section No. 12 In township 4; south, '.range 4 east,
and will offer proof to show that ths land sought
Is more valuable for Its timber or atone than for
agricultural purposes, and to establish his claim
to said land before tha Register and Receiver 01
this office at Oregon City, Oregon, on Saturday,
the20.h day of July, 1901.
Ha names as witnesses: J. C. Welob, K,
Haleht. C.P.Halght H. Wiberg, an 01 romana
Any and all persona claiming adversely me
above-described lands are requesteo. to me weir
elalms In this office on or before said 20th day of
CHARLES B. MOUUts, neginer.
nii Tmipfitt Cars on
Chair ears, Baoramento to Ogden and El Pasoi
tnHt ra to Chicago. St. Louis, New
Orleans and Washington.
Connecting at Ban Franc sco with several appointed by the Hon. Thos. F. Ryan,
H'Ml.'?' 5SK X' county Judge of Clackamas County, Oregon, a.
K Hill I y HOB vajuh wuw
Notice to hereby given that the unaersigneo
See E. L. Hoopkkoabkib, agent uregon
Citv station, or address
C. H. MARKHAM, O. P. A.,
Portland, Or
Guaranteed $fl)B
1 . .. IT
salary Yearly.
Men and women of good address to represent
11s some to travel appointing agents, others for
ral work looking ifter our Interests 900
San guaranteed yearly: extra con.mis.lons and
Mpeises, rapid advancement, old established
boul" Grand chance for earnest man or woman
rff Sew brilliant line.-. Write
tbe estate of Martha J. Shaw,
county Judge
administrator ol
All persons having claims against the said
state are hereby notified to present their claims
to the mndenlgned at the law office or c. D
D. C. Latourette, my attorneys, in Oregon city.
Oregon, within six mouths from this date,
E. Li. BBAW,
Administrator aforesaid. I
Dated, April 17, 1901.
An open session of tbe Dertliic Musi
cat and Literary Club will be held at
the home ol Mrs. Dr. hi. A. bommer in
une, which will close the work of the
season. At the last business meeting 01
the club held at the home of Mrs. . E.
Williams, new officers were elected.
The club has done excellent and appre
ciative work, and new features will be
added to the work next year.
The mock trial of a graveyard robber
at the Congregational church last Fri-
pay night was a notable event, ap
I lauded by a large audience. The prin
cipals were pupils of the public scnool,
and the affair was given for the benefit
of the Saturday Club. tion. V. is.
Moores presided as judge of the cout
and William Califf was clerk. Jack
Ctufleld was tbe prosecutiutt attorney,
while Jack Latourette conducted the de
fense. If any Clackamas county man
has an ambition to be elected prosecut
ing attornev. it would be well to first
guarantee Mr. Oaufield a deputyship, if
the candidate inall expect to win. Mr.
Latourette was full of resources, not'
withstanding his witnesses could not
avoid showing a lack of sincerity in their
efforts to prove an alibi. However,
they- did remarkably well. Master
Miln would very likely nave Deen iouna
izuiltv of stealing the skull, had not a
contrary iurvman buns that body. Both
thH attorneys made excellent pleas, ana
their cross-examinations would have
doi.e credit to veterans. Ice cream and
cake were served at the close ot the
trial, and asocial time followed.
The Ladies of the G. A. R. nave a very
entertaining social at the home of J. A.
etuart, Wednesday evening.
The ''Irish Duke."
The seats for the "Irish Duke" play,
to be given by home talent at Shively's
opera house on Tuesday evening, May
28, are now on sale at Huntley's store,
Those who are wise will get their seats
in time, as it is expected that one of the
largest au Uences ever assembled in tne
opera house will be in attendance on
that evening Tickets are 25, 35 and 60
cents. Get your seats in time.
Friday, May 10. . -
The railroads of Can da have cone
into the handB of one company.
The peremptory writ of mandamus is
sued by the state supreme court of Illi
nois in the suit brought by the state
against the state board of equalization,
compels said board to place f235,000,000
worth of Chicago corporation property
on the assessment - roll which was not
there before. Solomon Simon, a Jew,was
the only honest member ofithe board of
Chicago's charitable organizations ex
pend $3,500,000 annually on the city's
poor. One citizen ot Chicago in every M
gets charitable support. 1
The German loan of 170,000,000 marks
was subscribed in ranee alone lour
times oyer. The bankers are peace
makers, ' ;. .
In New York yesterday, Northern Pa
cific stock rose to $1000 a share and
slumped to $300. At the low-water mark
of prices, 41 principal stocks fell $698,-
3S8.4U7, but there was largely a recovery
from this shrinkage, .. The thousands
ruined by the financial war, says Rueael
Sage, is only an incident of it. breorge
Gould made $35,000,000 on the bull side
of the market. From Ohicago,$20,000,000
in currency were sent to New York to
balance accounts. The New York city
bankers formed a pool of $20,000,000
with which to stem the torrent of ruin,
as interest on loans had risen to 40, 50
and ou per cent. Also in London the
great fluctuations in -American railway
stocks produced bankruptcies.
Congregational Preacher J. A. Harris,
of Milburn, 111., was given six months
suspension to hunt up the $100,000 en
trusted to mm by his gullible nock.
Poverty prevails throughout Spain
Swarms of bungrv rusticB crowd into the
overpopulated cities. At Barcelona alone
500 arreets have been made. The Catho
lic church party has hosts of enemies
A revolution seems imminent.
Yesterday, the Duke of Cornwall and
York opened at Melbourne the first par'
I iament of the Australian federation
Four hundred inmates of the Eastern
Washington Hospital for the Insane at
Medical Lake have the smallpox.
Unless the city council of Baker Olty
can annul the act of the legislature Dlac
ins the great sawmill plant of the O. L.
Co. in South Baker City within the city
limits, that corporation will move.
The settlers of the Yakima valley,
Wash., are taking active steps to peti
tion the government against the grazing
for three months of nearly a quarter of
a million of sheep and 5000 cattle iq the
Mt. Kamer reservation, which, they de
clare, by denuding the soil, tends to de
stroy the water shed and dry up the
water courses ike? need for irrigation.
home, and also to labor unions because
they put the highly efflcie it workman
on a level with the poorest.
For the past year, sayB the London
Statist, England's excecs of imports over
exports was 191,000,000.
Through their eagerness for firewood,
number of Chicago poor children chop
ped away the supports of a crazy struc
ture on Larrabee street, which crashed
down on them, killing one and wound
ing 15.
According to a'St. Petersburg dispatch
in the Cologne Gazette, Russia is has
tening the completion of the Manchuria
railroad by buying American locomotives
and in other ways, in order to be able
to throw a couple of army corps into
Manchuria by rail.
The Argentine has 16,000 miles of rail
way, and tho charge for a sleeper berth
is but 90 cents in 24 hours.
Tbe native police force in the Philip
pine islands nov numbers 6349 men.
As a result of a four-months' shut
down of Pittsburg glass factories, 10,000
sgilled workmen are idle.
Rubsia has placed a 4-per-cent loan of
424,000,000 francs with Paris bankers.
From May 5 to 10, Kitchener coralled
341 Boers, 9000 rounds ot ammunition,
236 wagons, 1500 horses and supplies.
Mary Mark, of near Wichita, Kansas,
choked her illegitimate iniant to death,
ner mother being privy to the crime.
Turkey has shot 103 revolutionary
Macedonians, some of them women. .
Near Huntingburg, Ind., Geo.Reoves,
arrested far a murder committed 16
years ago, was Bhot and kiiU-d last night
by a deputy sheriff. He was trying to
At Evanston.Wyo., eight sheep shear
era trying to beat their way home in a
box car, were cleaned out by two armed
robbers who crawled into the car and
took from each man $50 to $100.
The interstate commee commission
reports , that the railroads made "824
changes in freight rates on January 1.
1900, of which 818 produced advances in
ratea and six resulted in reductions." ,
The population of Canada is 6,000,000.
Ten years ago it was 4,800,000. t -
fiatnwlav ffln 11
five women, members of the Altaian
family, of Larium, were drowned in
Lake Superior near Houghton, Mich.
while trying to get from the burning
steamer Bon Voyage to the shore. -
Rev. Father Amado, a Catholic padre
of uuadalajara, Mexico, lias disappeared
with J1UU.0U0 of other people's money
and a handsome young lady.
The seizure of Wm. O'Brien's weekly
paper, the Irish People, by Mr. Wynd-
ham, the secretary for Ireland, for the
bitter attack on King Edward which it
contained, has given that obscure publl
cation world-wide publicity.
. The English government loses 700,000
aiinually on the telegraph lines, the loss
amounting to 8,300,000 since the gov
ernment undertook the service. ,
Tbe body of Samuel Bolton, Jr., a mil
lionaire b.-ewer of Troy, N Y.,was found
cooked in a vat of boiling beer in his
own brewery.
A rebellion has broken out in the is
land of Santo Domingo.
Greeley, Oolo., will get 'a $700,000 en-
gar beet factory.
There is great depression in the indus
tries of Russia. Four hundred factories
have closed. Tbe present condition may
has;en the change of tha Russian gov
ernment from its present absolute form
to a parliamentary one, a change which,
it is believed in Europe, will come in
any event. The revolutionary movement
among the laboting clashes of the em
pire is spreading, and editors, women
and profeseors are among the arrested. ,
The Cologne Gazette says that an un
derstanding between Russia and Ger
many offers ways and means to compel
tbe United States to adapt itself to Eu
rope's tariff system, by which German
agriculture-will by no means suffer dis
advantage. A Berlin correspondent of
the N.Y. Times comments on this that
America and Russia may turn the ta
bles on Germany by an alliance to re
sist all attempts to raise German grain
Wednesday, May 15. '
The Santa Fe eauipment is run down.
and 165 new locomotives have been or
dered. The Bum of $2,600,000 will be
expended on betterments. Over 100,000
tons of steel rails have been bought for
George J. Gould's southwestern system.
His different orders placed with the
pool Involve expenditure of $2,860,000.
The Santa Fe will Boon run a line of -
steamers between San Francisco and
Honolulu and the Far East.
Attorney-General Harlan has informed
the Porto Ricans that cockfighting is un
lawful, but Chief of Police Fechter, of
San J uan, Bays, "Three things, drinking,
gambling and cockfighting, must always
exist here."
On Granite Creek, two miles west of
Rei ublic, Wash., a mining excitement
has broken out and the creek has been
staked for 12 miles. Rich ore hae been
found in a shaft on the Oolville Reser
vation, picked samples assaying $140,000.
A meeting of the wool growers of Eas
tern Oregon at Heppner has been called
for the first Monday in July, to inaugu
rate the Wyoming plan of wool Belling,
i. e. wool buvers to send sealed bids
which are to be opened by a commltiee.
Peter Larsen, of Helena, Mont., has
bought in Whatcom and Skagitt coun
ties, Wash., 10,000 acres of timber land
for $155,000.
At La Conner, Wash., John Fay cor
rected his 15-year-old Bon for some triv
ial misdemeanor. This ottended the boy
and going aside he shot himself in the
head. When ray saw his son dying he
grabbed the gun anil blew out bis own
The cut worm is reappearing in vari-
Flavin Ornnntft. of Rome, who mar
ried at 28 and is now 69, recently gave ous parts of Lewis county, Wash
birth to her 62d child. It is a pity that
this fecund woman lost 10 years of her
precious life by not marrying at is.
. s 1 ... Monday, May 13. . .
Mav 20. a general strike for 10-hours'
pay for nine hours of work, is expected
in take nlace. involving oireci v lOl1.-
000 machinists and indirectly 500,000
men in the metal working trades.
The United Textile Workers of Amer
ica now have a : membership of 75,000.
Bv amalgamation with kindred oraani'
cations the membership will soon be
brought to 300,000.
A fire in a suburb to the south of De
troit, Mich., inflicted $800,000 damage.
There were $50,000 tires both at Waver
ly, la., and Parker City, Ind.
The North RivertN.Y.) Bridge Co.and
the Pennsylvania R. R. Co. contemplate
the building of a bridge from Hoboken
to Manhattan, to be completed within
four years and to cost $80,000,000. The
bridge will be a double-decker, have 16
tracks for railway trains at fu)l speed,
and be the biggest In the world.
According to a dispatch from Pretoria,
Commander Dewet has crossed into the
Transvaal with 2000 men, prepared to
fully improve the advantage which the
beginning of the winter gives him over
the Britit-h.
The Vienna Algemeine Zeilang asserts
Germany and Austria are negotiating
with a view to formation of a European
league to resist American competition.
One hundred men left Chicago for the
gold mines along the River Nechi. South
America. They took four carloads ol
The attempt of the chief of police of-L Near Bloomington.Ill., yesterday ,Mer
County Treasurer's Notice.
I now have money to pay road war
rants endorsed pi ior to August 11, 1901.
Interest will cease on the warrants in
cluded in this call on the date hereof
Oregon City, May 17, 1901.
A. Lukllinq,
Treasurer of Clackamas County .Ore.
at once.
23 Church Sts.,
New Haven, Conn
men to travel and advertise for old
house of solid flnanc al standirg. Salary S. t a
ie1ndMrinSea,all pajabl. in cash, ho ran
i.fi ,.,,lrnl. tiiTe reference and enclose
:r.,U;..mrled envelope. Addrwa Man
ager, Iti tsxton Blda., Chicago.
KoUfla Is hereby given that tha undersigned
has been duly appointed by the Ctunty Court of
Clackamas County, Oregon, administrator of the
estate of Wm. 8taudinger, deceased. All persons
having claims against said estate are notified to
present such claims to me duly verified at Clack
amas, Oregon, within six months from date of
this notice.
Administrator as Aforesaid.
Dated, April 25, lL
For Sale 240 acres of land 12 miles
Oregon City; 40 cleared nouse, Darn
orchard; price, $2350; $500 down, bal
anna on easy terms. Have youron
TaH PHntiTtfl at thB time to pay balance. Apply to J. W.
J0D mining HI uic AMinW. office on Main street, oppo-
COnrier-HCrald I site Albright', meat market.
In the County Court of ths State of Oregon, for
th County of Clackamas.
In the matter of the guardianship of Stephen
A. Lane, an Inssne person.
To tbe next of kin and all persons Interested In
the estate of Stephen A. Lane, an insane pereon.
In the name of tha state of Oregon, you are
hereby required and cited to appear In the Oouoty
Court ol the Bute of Oregon, for the County of
Clackamas, al tbe court room thereof, at the
court house In the said county of Clackamas, on
Monday, the 10th day of June A. D.1901, at 10
o'clock, a. m., of that day, then and there to show
cause, If any there be and you have, why a license
for the saleof the real property of said Stephen A.
Lane, towlt. The north half of southeast quarter
(nofse4) and southeast quarter of southeast
quarter (sei of tifi) of section 82, townahlp t
south of range 3 east of the Willamette Meridian,
Clackamas County, Oregon, sbonld not be
granted aa as prayed for in tbe petition on file
Wttnass, the Bon. Thomas F. Ryan, Judge of
the County Court of the Stale of Oreg in, for the
County of Clackamas, this SKU day of May A. D
Attest, E. H. COOPER, Clerk. .
Uetroit to prevent Tom bawden, a re
former, from- addressing street crowds
from his wagon, resulted In a riot last
night in which twelve citizens and five
policemen were injured.
The Retail Grocers' Association of
Vancouver, B. C, will reduce the num
ber of grocery stores in the city from 30
to 11 and buy in large quantities.
M.J.Kinney's 3O0O acres of timber
land on Big Creek, near Knappa, Clat
sop county, were sold for $70,000.
Germany lis exporting plows to! Porto
A warehouse fire on the London wbarf
at Wilmington, N. 0., caused a loss of
about $15 0,000.
The Hood 'River (trawberry!growers
will need 3000 pickers. .
In San Francisco 2000 bakers, cooks
and waiters are on a strike.
Tbe California prune growers intend
to spend $100,000 In advertising dried
prunes all over the country, . .
The Oregon Hop Growers' Ass'n bai
received an offer of 12 cents per pound
for between 25,000 and 50,000 bales of
the new crop of hops.
At Constantinople, the sultan bas sent
an insulting note to the foreign ambas'
sadori. . "
The net number of civilian offices, or
soft snaps, created by the last congress
was 3003, at yearly cost of $2,239,075.
For more than $1,250,000. Baltimore
and Pittsburg capitalists' have purchased
62,000 acres of land in the Beaumont,
Texas, oil fields.
There is a smallpox! epidemic in por
tions of Alaska, and aa a sanitary meas
ure Hkagway bas driven out all Indians
There are over 2,000,000'IItalians and
Portugese in Brazil and 300,000 Germans.
uver zuu mining companies are ope
rating in the Black lulls, who employ
4500 miners earning yearly $5,500,000.
The value .of the mineral output last
year was neany t iu,ow,uuu.
6unday, May 12.
C. M. Schwab, president of (the U. S.
Steel Corporation, told the industrial
commission at Washington that It con
trolled 80 per cent of the iron ore in tbe
Northwest, a half billion tons of which
were in sight, on which he placed the
proni at sz a ion, ana w,w acres of Con'
neisvuie cosing coai land. He was op
posed to tariff changes because Ameri
can steel sells cheaper abroad than at
ritt Chism, in the fury of anger, stabbed
and kicked and beat his wife to death,
and then nnfortunately did not succeed
in killing himself.
At Heppner 64,000 pounds of wool
clip of 1900, were sold at an average of
10 cents.
At Jamaica. L. I., two men were kill
ed and nine persons injured through the
collision of a trolley car with the wagon
in which they were.
Wm.Phelps and James Staplebury,
negroes, were inside a leaky upright
boiler, at Indianapolis, Ind., when some
one turned on tbe scalding steam that
Tbe Rockefeller Coal Co. will supply
the railways and manufacturers of Swit
zerland with coal, which was done here
tofore by the Germans.
Londoners dropped 1,000,000 in the
Northern Pacific corner.
a ei;n nnn nnn nttnn limb tvnuf Viua
been formed in New Jersey.
A combination, of steel concerns not in
the trust is being formed with a capital
of $200,000,000.
At Brest, Poland, a fire caused dam
age to the amount of 11,000,000 rubles.
The machinists in a number of cities
are on a strike for a nine-hour day at
(ho present wages.
A meteorite fell at Alegre. Brazil, that
measures 56 feet from the base and is 85
fet thigh. '
Thursday, May 16.
Mrs. McKinley is critically ill at San
Francisco and the president's tour to
Oregon has been abandoned.
Our trade with Scotland in f jod stuffs
and manufactures is steadily increasing,
The strike of the stteet-car men in AN
bany, N. Y.,in ctrtainly a howling suc
cess. Twenty two hundred soldiers are
trying to protect the non-union men -from
the mob of thousands sympathiz
ing with the strikers.
It is stated that last year the Astoria
& Columbia River Railroad was leased
to the Southern Pacific ior 99 years.
At Tampa, Fla., 6000 cigarmakers are
on a strike because the bridge over the
river which they must cross in going
home, is not repaired without delay,
At the conclave of Catholic Knights
of America, in .St. LouU, the supreme
president stated that the order bas a
sinking fund of $452,682.
At .he annual national meeting of the
Woodmen of the World, in Columbus,
the total membership was reported as
225,797. The death claims for 1900
amounted to $1,000,338.
An immense r c fell into the village
of Aceienza, Italy, and crushed it.
According to the Shanghai Mercury,
peace reigns in China only within range
of the rifles of the allied armies .
D. M. Conway was drowned in the
Lewis river at La Center, Wash.
Monroe King was drowned in the Wil-
meant death. Phelps reached tbe ladder lamette at a point 26 miles from Eugene
first, but he jumped aside and shouted :
"Yon go first, Jim; you are married.
Staplebury got out safely, but Phelps
came out thoroughly cooked and died.
At Gnencastle, Ind., T.W.Taylor took
a dose of chloroform and then shot him
self through the bead. He died
The gold fund in the treasury amounts
to $50i,4UU,4UH.
Through drilling into snnnexploded
. ! - : . Til . Ar n Vf
two men were instantly killed
The steamer City of Paducah struck a
snag near unnknorst Landing on tne
Mississippi, and sank, fifteen persons
were drowned.
Tuesday, May 14.
Board of Trade Meeting.
A special meeting of the Oregon City
boaru of trade will be held Friday eve
ning, May 17, at the courthouse at 8 p.
m. prompt. Representatives from Sell
wood will also be present seeking the in?
dor semen t of the board for the location
of the Lewis and Clark exposition at
City View park. It is likely, also, that
steps will te taken toward the publica
tion of a pamphlet descriptive of the city
aud coun y. At the present time we have
not a single leaflet or a pamphlet do
scrlptiveof the city or surrounding coun
try. With the immigration coming into
the state from all quarters, it certainly
i looks as if the business men ought to
i make ac me effort to I ml
The south-bound Illinois Central pas- tie in Clackamas county. Extra efforts
sengbr train jumped tbe track near Ha-1 ought to be made to establish other man
zlehurst and the fireman and mail clerk I ufacturing plants in Oregon Citv. If the
were killed.
Senator W.A.Clark, who is abroad, is
buying Union Pacific stock for tbe Hill
Morgan crowd, which may precipitate a
fight with the Harriman crowd. II ill and
Morgan will make a profit of $20,000,000
out of tbe Burlington road purchase.
In anticipation of serious trouble.Rus
eia is reinforcing her fleet in Chinese
waters with six more war vessels.
Near Lancaster, Clark county, Wash.,
James Langan, aged 68, banged himself
in his cabin.
England's war secretary. Mr. Erode
rick, moved his army scheme in the
house of commons, which provides for
six army corps, a reserve of 60,000 mili
tia, and increase of the yeomanry from
12,100 to 85,000.
Lord Kitchener is about to try to
smoke out the Boers by firing the prai
rie. He reports 234 more Boen taken,
with 150 wagons and 870 horses.
Sellwood people with a small population
can establish a woolen mill in their city,
wiin a prospective cannery in view, cer
tainly Oregon City might do as much
and a great deal more, if the business
men would wake up to the realization of
the situation. There is intense rivalry
between cities and wide-wake methods
only will win in the end. No city can af
ford to sleep on what it has already done.
A large attendance is requested at this
Registered and graded Jerseys, includ
ing 4 milch cows, 3 horses, 2 wagons,
buggy, plows, harrows, cultivator, etc.;
bay, Poland-China hogs aud household
Ar Alpha DeLaval Cream Separator
at reasonable price. Apply at the old
Cutting Mill ranch, 3 miles east of the
Beaver Creek postofllce.
J. W, Dhapsb, Agent.