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. Macksburu .
A Socialist Club was organized at
Macksburg with 18 members. The fol
lowing otlicers were elected : J. M. Cox,
chairman; A. V. Reynold, vice-chairman;
Charles Knoxberger, secretary;
George Scheer, treasurer; F, M.
Mathews, organizer.
Comrade ?J. D. Stevens, of Canbv,
made a very interesting speech on So
cialism, which was much appreciated by
all present.
A committee was appointed by the
chairman to have a constitution and
by-laws formed for the club at the next
meoting, which will be held on Tues
day, May 7th, at 7:30 p. m. Another
committee was also be appointed to se
cure, if possible, a hall for our meeting.
Comrade Stevens, of Canby, will de
liver another lecture on Socialism at the
evening meeting. Everybody ib cordi
ally iiivited to attend.
More rain, more rest, that's what I
like. Fall wheat looks well.
C. II, Looney is farming on a big
Grandma Ramshy has been sick, but
la now considerably improved.
A. D. Larkins is improving the ap
pearance of his place by building a new
nickaf, fpnnn.
I. V. Trullioger lias a smile on his
face. It's a girl.
T. ft. Orem is buildina a new fence
Messrs. Cooper and JBonacher are
farming on a large scale.
0. T. Kay has gone to Washington to
i i -
wora in a logging camp.
Frog Pond.
This spring has been all that anyone
Could ask for.
Most all of the spring f grain iB Bown ;
also some potatoes planted.
Mr. Aden, our road boss, is making
preparations to do some more work this
J. L. Kruse Kent to Oorvallis to a
tock eale last week. We can not Bay
whether he made any purchases or not.
Peters & Co have been doing some
baling here for the past week.
Miss Anna Aden left for Portland to
day, where she has secured a position.
Seven of the boys of this place went
for a ride to Wilsonville Saturday eve
ning. Professor Liesman will cloBe a term of
ichool in Skunk Hollow next Friday
with a social in tire evening.
Our school picnio will be held la the
May grove near the Bchoolhouae. A
program is being prepared, and a gen
eral good time is anticipated.
Tualatin Grange will hold its next
meeting in the evening on the fourth
Saturday in May.
James Turner will commence hauling
wood next week at the mountain camp.
A prosperous farming community
should not raise grain bo foul that a man
needs to fan three days to get the dirt
rut of a bushel of oats.
In reply to a few lines that Lengthy,of
Stafford, has caused to be written we
feel it our duty to make a few notes.
We suppose that if he could have found
words adequate to have thanked our
most worthy editor of the Courier-Herald
for granting us, the learned ones of
Frog l'ond, space in bis paper, which he
says we ask for, but di I not. He would
not have dared to utter them on account
of their unfitness. We, the "learned
ones of Frog Pond," may have some
book learnur but have not reached the
state that our foreheads reach almost to
the back of our head, and we don't
evade our contradictors by nearly saying
a thing is so. You still hold that there
was no exaggeration in regard to the
building referred to you, said it was to
be two stories high. Is it? Further,
that. our friend gave a very nice list of
those named on the printed program,
but as few of those were present, it was
stated thit the meeting would be wholly
informal and all present requested to
take part. Why did the superintendent
Bay that the program would be infor
mal? Because the Washington county
teachers who were on the program were
some other place instead of where they
should have been. The printed pro
grams also asked friends and patrons of
the school to be present and take part,
so he was merely making a restatement
Well, if Lengthy has never cut down a
cherry tree, he formed on important fac
tor in planting one on Arbor Day. He
also holds the truth about as sacred as
the people he has heard of.
In regard to the former notes you re
ferred to it should have read nine days
Instead of one day.
You seem very anxious to accuse us of
cutting down cherry trees.
L. D. Mumpower is to have a log roll
ing and a ragtacking Wednesday.
G. G. Hess is courting this week and
will also cext week.
The creamery build:ng will be built
this season, and the plant will be
started as son as possible ;
Crops are looking fine so far
Nat Rowen was buried in Pleasant
View cemetery last Sunday.
J. L. Stewai t went up the valley last
Saturday, where he has contracted
to build a barn.
Mrs. J. A. Mumpower is expected
home this week from-Crescent City, Cal.,
where she has been visiting her daugh
ter, Mrs. Underwood.
Stone is to have a new schoolhouse, a
new church and and a new creamery.
Katie Currin, who haa been very ill
with pneumonia, is improving under the
care ol Dr. u. 13. Smith.
Mrs Frost, of Harrison, Idaho, is vis
iting her sister, Mrs. Pogue, of this
A few of the young people of this place
met at the home of Mr. Bowen one eve
ning last week and spent the time in
Miss Martha Kitching has returned
home after a two weeks' stay in Port
Sim Heiple was a visitor at Mr. Kitch
ing'a home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Haydon, of Pueblo,
Colorado, have come out to D. F. War
ner's place, and intend living there this
Bummer. Mr. Warner is thinking of go
ing to California.
April 29. M.
As your correspondent haa been absent
he will try and give some items from
these parts again,
W. K. Mumpower made a flying trip
home from the logging camps last Sat
urday and returned Monday evening.
J. Jt Hattan has a barn to raise thii
A good many farmers will finish seed
ing this week.
This rain is a good thing for most of
the farmers here, as the ground in
some places was too dry to plow.
Clover and timothy are meking a fine
growth this spring. Early fruit was
killed by the frost.
William Morey, formerly of this
place, now a real estate agent of Port
land, was in this vicinity with several land
buyers the last of the week.
Mrs. Timmer was taken to Oregon
City yesterday by Sheriff Cooke, and she
will be taken to the asylum again.
Grandma Pruce is very low again. She
has dropsy of the heart, and her many
friends are afraid she will not recover.
Carl Kinsey, of Canemah, hi i his
many friends here farewell. He has
gone to Wardner, Idaho.
Ira Phillips, who is very feeble,is stop
ping with K. Austen.
William H. White has sown 25 acres
of China peas. They are the peaa for
the farmers, as they have no bugs or
worms in them.
Squib, you must be nearly right, for
the Molalla boys are coming this way
at a lively pace now to get good looking
partners for dancing school.
Edith Wiles is visiting in Portland,
where she will rewain a week.
E. Austen, onr sawmill man, iB plac
ing an edger in his mill.
William Husband is going to plant
eight acres of potatoes this spring.
Eagle Creek.
We have resolved to be more prompt
and write every week, whether there is
any news or not. We think that we are
capable of fabricating a little, if the oc
casion absolutely demands it. .
We had, other people might have had
too, some very cold days last week. On
Thursday it snowed and hailed, to say
nothing of the rain.
Some of the farmers are in grave dis
tress, thinking the cold weather injured
the fruit trees.
The Eagle Creek Sunday school is im
proving steadily. Misses Pearl Smith
and Maggie Smith were appointed
teachers of the intermediate classes, and
Miss Holmstrom, of the Biblclase, and
Mrs. Gloyer was appointed superinten
dent. Spelling school is the same as ever,
but the attendance last Saturday nigLt
was not as large as usual.
Mrs. L. Glover and Mrs. J. P,
Forrester were the guests of Mrs. Simp'
son Wednesday.
A lodge organizer for the Modern
Brotherhood of America, spoke at the
the hall Saturday night, but only a few
seem to be impressed or take much in
terest. The Artisan and Maccabee
lodges of this place are prospering and
ccem to be all the people desire in that
A subscription paper gotten up for the
benefit of Kev. Pogue, of CurrinBville,
who preached at Eagle Creek regularly,
is being circulated. A goodly number
have already subscribed, and it is hoped
others will folbw. J. E. Suter was the
Gus Wineeett, who . has been in Ore
gon City for some tfmo, returned home
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Duly
riied Saturday morning, April 27, and
as buried at Sandy Ridge Sunday at 2
Myrtle Winesett and Ben Forrester
were the guests of Miss Lucko Sunday.
George W ilson made a trip to Oregon
Cily Sunday.
Mrs. Huggiiis is reported to t e on the
sick list.
Henry Epperson waB seen in these
parts Sunday.
We are pleased to hear of jVir, smitn 8
improved health.
Mrs. Maud Fleraming, of Portland, is
the guest of her mother, Mrs. Wilbern, of
this place.
Mr. Foster and wife are recovering
from their late illness.
Dr.. S. Smith, of Portland, was the
guest of his son, Dr, C. B. Smith, last
Mrs. Robert Divinp, of Currinsville,
was visiting herdaughter, Mrs. Burnett,
Will Bell, of Kelso, was viBitinghere
Mis Ii.usia.
64 pages. Over 100 Styles
Nearly 3000 Vehicles in Stock
PRICES Carts $15 and up
. Road Wagons 40 and up
Top Buggies 60 and up
Surries, Spring Wagons and the World Renowned
itchell, Lewis k Staver Co
First and Taylor Streets,
Nw novelties in trimmings and flow
erp. Miss C. Goldsmith.
C. U. Barlow is in California on busl
ness, where he will remain for a few
D. 0. Freeman is busy enlarging his
We are sorry to hear of so much sick
ness among our Canby friends. Health
is good here ana has been for the last
We would advise our Molalla neigh
bors to hold that bear and dispatch for
Teddy immediately. What s the use of
having a vice-president whose chief
qualification is bear hunting and not
use him.
Say, it would pulverize you to see the
editor of the Aurora Borealis making
goo goo eyes" at one ot our brunettes.
Mrs. Martha Shepard and daughter.
Bessie, are in Portland, presumably se
lecting goods for their new store.
A bridge is needed across the Pudding
river directly west of this Place.
Hops and everything are fairly hopping
now, but there is lota of grain yet to be
Mrs. John Andrews and two little
girls are visiting with her father and
mother this week. John and Woody
are batching.
New trimmed hata at popular prices.
Miss C Goldsmith.
Mural Dell.
Hardware, Stoves. Syracuse Chilled and Steel Plows,
Harrows and Cultivators, Planet Jr., Drills and
Hoes, Spray Pumps, Imperial Bicycles.
Cor. Fourth and Main Sts. OREGON CITY X
V " t
All kinds of
Fine Bread
H. Schrader
I of all kinds
Bakery and Confectionery
7th Street, Oregon City, Oregon
l8 years foreman
of the
ct di.
Will give satisfaction
to every customer
in quality and prices.
I baked the
Wedding Cake
for your parent
and I'll bake
yours too
Miss Eletha Cummins went to Orejoa
City Tuesday on her wheel to visit her
BO-called s;ster, Miss Myrtle Ourran.
Miss Lena Hornshuh, of Oregon City,
came home Tuesday to remain a leiv
At our debating society last Saturday
night it was voted to have our next
meeting turned into a spelling school.
May 1. Gbnbvba.
A car load of milk
crocks just received and
will sell at 8 c per gal
lon. W, L. Block,
the Homefurnisher
Frank Hitton is building a new home
and last week he had five carpenters
working on it.
Misses E. Eyman and L. Moore were
visiting in Portland a few days thio
I noticed in Liberal items some time
ago a sure for cattle lice, and some of
the hop men would like to know if it is
all right for hop lice?
MoBhberger brothers lo t a fine horse
several days ago.
Mrs. J. B. Jackson, of Ely, is visiting
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samson.
S. Wright was seen in our midst a few
days ago.
We are hav'ng April showers.
Seeding has begun around here.
Mrs. J Zweifel was visiting at Canby
last week.
Mrs. H. McNulty was visiting her sis
ter, who lives near Turner, for several
days. Her Biater will soou leave for
Albert Eyman is slashing for Mosh
berger Bros.
Pete Bcamlin is hauling saw logs to
Sturges Bros.' sawm ill.
April 29. D. D.
May weather, May day.
Bicycling is out of style for the pres
ent. Mr. and Mrs. Graner have purchased
anew baby buggy.
Grandma Schatz is visiting near Sheri
dan with her daughter, Mrs. Good bread.
Gages have shorn and dipped their
With ppting seeding Fred Baker is
bringing up the roar.
Marcus Baker demand a rebate from
John Wanker of $2, that amount being
given him on a Bt. leu bngt,y dealliht
' month.
I Memorial cxei rises and unveiling the
Don Gage inoi uincnt by Company C,
, Third Regiment, O. N. G., will take
' place in the eemeteiy here on the 19th,
( The "boys in Uue"will come from Port
! land byway of Oregon City and the
West Side electric car line, marching
from the end of that line to the ceme
tery, where they will partake of noon
, d.iv rations before services at the grave.
Fred Schauber had the i.l luck Satur
day to cut his thigh with a sharp ax.
j Three stitches were required to cloe the
j May 1. Lkntiiy.
Miss Coila HoriK-huli went to Oregon
' City to visit a few days,
i Albert Hornshuh came home from
, Sweet Homo last- Saturday, where he
has been visiting with hia brother, Kev.
T. Hornshuh, for the past two mo-iths.
I Mr. and Mrs. C. Muralt, of Maple
Lane, weie visiting at E. W. Horn-
thuli's for a few d.ive last week.
i Mi's Bertha Moehuke, who has beoiK
, In Portland for nearly a year, la home
for a short visit.
i There was party at M. Moehuke's last
i riday evening. e are informed that
I there were more ladies than gentlemen
present something unusual for this
; place. A good time was bad by those
Rev. T. L. Hornshuh, of Sweet Home,
is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.
Hornshuh, for a few days.
Needy .
C. Hoff ran is fencing his land, that
he recently purchased of H. Kummer.
Mrs. Laverty and daughter were
Oanby callers riday.
Julius and Katie Spagle were home
Miss Leona Mohrand Miss Emma
Eyman went to Portland Saturday.
Shirley Busk went to Oregon City
Friday evening.
C. C. Molson went to the metropolis
William Thompson and wife visited
their daughter, Mrs. Fred Will, Jr., Jr.,
at Aurora.
Reil Garrett was home from Hubbard
Vern Ransdell arrived from Antelope
Monday to visit with his many friends
Needy is to have a baseball club, and
it will be organ! zed Sunday.
Nor Fi sh went to Canby Tuesday,
where she has accepted a position with
Mrs. Rosencrans.
A dance is to be given Saturday eve
ning. A good time assured. Everyone
Harding Block, Oregon City
45 Cents
8-Ib. Box Fresh Soda Crackers
IS Cents
Package Washing Powder
22 Cents
10 Pound Sack Farina
15 Cents
2 Cans Tomatoes or Corn
20 Cents
10 Pound Sack Corn Meal
25 Cents.
2 Pkgs. Lion or Arbuckle Coffee
7 Cents
Package Mush
17 Pounds Best Granulated Sugar
Barrel Best Valley Flour
$3.10 .
Barrel Hard Wheat Flour
Farmers are nearly through with their
spring work.
Uuite a number of people of this vicin
ity are going to attend the unveiling of
the monument at Champoeg May 2nd.
There is some talk of starting a cream
ery here in the near future. The only
trouble seems to be is to get the requisite
number of cows subscribed.
School will close here on May 2nd to
enable pupils and the teacher to attend
the unveiling of the monumeat at
Chain poeg on that day.
It is reported that Archie Seely, of
this place, and W. C. Ohristensen, of
Newlierg, will put up a flouring mill at
Neivberg this summer. The plant will
cost about $14,000 and will have capacity
of 100 barrels per dav . We wish the
young men success 111 their new ven
lotatoes lire wortli T1)., cents
sack RtTauciuiiiin's Landing.
Chicken haw ks seem to be quite plen-
titul this ei ring. J. L. Seely killed one
recently tint uad killed a great many
chickens in tins vicinity.
Miss Anna Aden ia visiting friends in
roitianu tins week.
e send our beat respects to tho'Mong
man iroin Mairora, ami will use the ar
nica as directed. Will aho return rim
compliment some time by sending him a
bottle of Ayei's Hair Yijjor.
May 1. ' SuoiiTY.
Mountain J'iw.
We aie having warm rains no-, which
make everything grow fast.
Mi8 May i'lioinp-on haa a new bi
cycle. Mrs. Story and family spent Sunday
With relatives at Highland.
Austen Nickels, w ho haa been staying
with Arthur Warner, and attending tins
Mount Pleasant school during the win
ter, has returned home.
Mra.J. M. Cumin haa rented her
bunt to the woodhuulers.
The little juris of the first grade at
school are quite pleased this week, aa
their teacher, Miss Myers, has recovered
from her recent illness, and returned to
Mrs. Wallace, of Mulino, was the
guest of her sister, Mrs. Walton, Wed-
Mrs. Nelson, who was staying at Mrs.
Albright's last week, was tailed to the
home of Mrs. Beauleauon Tuesday to
take care of twin girl bab'es.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewellen are at Glad-
J, A. McGLASHAN, Manager
Stores Oregon City and Portland
stone most of the time this week takiutr
care of their daughter, Mrs. Cromer, of
Springwater, who was taken sick while
on her way to Portland.
lhere will be services at the church
next Sunday at 4 o'clock.Rev. Bollinger
(Delayed in arrival.)
M. Moehnke is building a new house
on, what is known as, the Jones place,
he having bought .that place several
years ago. He intends to go into sheep
raising. '
Rev. H. Wittrock has purchased a
Otto Moehnke has a new bicycle, and
he thinKs that is the quickeBt way to go
and see his you know.
Rev. Copley, .of Oregon City, preached
his farewell sermon last Sunday to a
large congregation. We wish him well
in his new held of labor.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Schoenborn and
daughters, Clara and Elsie, of Cams,
were visiliug relatives here last Sunday.
F. Grossmiieller has sold hia team.
He will probably strike out for borne
other place to seek his fortune.
E F. Ginther is hauling lumber for
his new barn. William Moehnke will
be the boss carpenter.
Maple Lane.
Happy welcome, month of-May, with
the many pretty ilowers and birds, driv
ing ail caiea away with their Bweet
Mrs. Jackson went, tn TSTr,1v a. Fri.
day, where she expects to remain some
time, visiting her invalid parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Henrv Sampson.
Misses Laura Williams and Sari
Davies are taking lessons on the organ,
of Mrs. Berkhart.
, Mr. and Mrs. Wourrns' little girl is
improving from an attack of the meas
les. Thos. Davits', tr., brother arrived
from Texas on April SOtb : they had not
met for 15 years.
Misses Laura Williams and Anna
ahortlidge were the guests of the Jack
son sisters Sunday.
Mr. Gerber is shwly improving from
a severe attack of sore throat, attended
by Dr. Strickland.
Miss Eiima Walteuiathe, second
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Walte
mathe, of this place, was married at her
home on Tuesday, April 30th, in the
presence of about 30 invited guests.
Some of our girls are becoming quite
superior dancera, owing to the excellent
dancing lessons given on Tueaday,
Thursday and Saturday evenings, For
further particulars inquire at or address
No. 3, Molalla Avenue.
Squire Gaffney, of Harmonv, spent
Tuesday night with his boo at this place.
My2. . Pansy Blossom.