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    City Library
roe City Court
17th YEAR, NO. 46
The town of Spray, laid out on the
John Day river, aspires to be tue capi
tal of Wheeler county.
E. L. Smith, of Hood River, has been
appointed as H. B. Miller's successor on
the state board of horticulture.
The contractor of the Springfield and
Wendling branch of the Southern Pa
cific is financially e:i barrtssed. Work
men have quit.
' Baker City expects to entertain 3000
visitors with the mining congress in
San Francisco Chinatown is placarded
with offers of reward for the death of
Leung Chi Tso, Chinese reformer, who
is expected to arrive from Honolulu
The supreme, court of Washington
holds that a convict's sentence begins
at the time it in pronounced.
Ex-Auditor Tannehill, tried at Lewis
ton, Idaho, for torgery, was found not
The steamer Al Ki collided with an
iceberg in Dunbar bay and had a narrow
The steamer Cleveland, with a broken
shaft and a cargo of sugar, is adrift be
tween Honolulu and San Francisco.
The Bteamer China has arrived at San
Dick Coombs, arrested in Kentucky
for complicity in the murder of Uoebel,
has been released on a writ of habeas
Representative Oushman, of Wash
ington, is urging the establishment of an
oyster transplanting station in Oregon
or Washington.
The machinists trouble in Chicago is
Joe Woloott defeated Andy Walsh in
a 12-round bout. i
Webster Davis will resign as i sistant
secretary of the interior in order to be
free to state the liner cause to Ameri
cans. - ,
Seven republicans will vote against
the Porto Kican tariff bill in the tenate.
Hanna is an issue in the Ohio eleo:
Frosts did damage in Mississippi.
The Kentucky court that will try the
alleged Goebel conspirators convened on
On Tuesday the senate ptssed the
Porto Rico bill by a majority of nine. .
Kitchener is bank in the Free State
and Clements is at Koffyfontein. ,
Russian troops may soon invade Tur
key. . ' ,
Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Salvador
may become involved in war.
General Oliver has 800 wagons in his
supply train.
Joubert desired that Botha be his suc
cessor. Dublin was filled with enthusiastic
people to see Queen Victoria.
Kang Yu Wei, the Chinese reform
leader, i-t said to have ordered 8030 mili
tary unilorms. The empress is alarmed.
The Chinese who killed missionaries
have been beheaded.
Japan sympathizes with England in
the Boer war.
Porto Rica n r say the tariff proposed
will ruin the island's manufactories.
Corea is said to have granted Russia's
demands at Mesampi,
On Saturday lant. at a stream not far
from Bloemfontein, the-BritUh head
quarters, the Boers captured seven guns
and 3oO British soldiers., lney nan
marched into a Boer ambush.
General Butha. the present Boer gen-
eral-in-chief, is the hero of Spionkopand
Colenso. He runs a sheep ranch.
Roberts' advance forces have begun
fighting and have driven the Boers from
several kopjes.
Kruzer declares he w!ll bombard and
destroy Bloomfointein,
We have found the best plow in the world, the
Syracuse chilled. We have a big stock of five
tooth cultivators that we bought at the old price)
and we intend to sell them cheap.
We are headquarters for Steel Lever Har-
rows, Acorn Steel Ranges, Hardware, etc.
i POPR&- m.. "
i i
i Corner Fourth and Main Strtets, OREGON CITY, OREGON
The Bankers' Scheme to Get Their
Pet Measure Through Cow
gress Postponed From the
Reign of Grover tlie
Gross to That of
Willie the Weak.
New Era Primary.
Pursuant tj call of the chairman of
the county central committee, the peo
ple's party met in New Era on Satur
day, March 81, and 'was called to order
by the chairman of the precinct, Joseph
Briggs, and Elmer Yeteto was chosen
' The following persona were elected
delegates to the county convention : J.
Briggs, J. S. Casto, Elmer Veteto and
John Burgoyne. ,
James Briggs was nominated for road
supervisor, Joseph Rief for justice of the
peace and William Bremer for constable.
J. S. Casto was chosen by the referen
dum vote as chairman of the precinct
for the ensuing two tears. ,
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They make pure blood and build up
your health. Only 25 cents, Money back
if not cured. Sold by Geo. A. Harding,
Krebe9 Harder & Co.
182-184-186 Madison Street PORTLAND. OREGOU
Put anew face
'I on your ;Wall.
I Wall Paper is
I Cheat. We
1.-4' Wl11 sel1 you a
double roll
Baby Carriages
And Go-Carts
''r-'U. ilk" r'
We invite your inspection
They area sight; no advance in
prices. We sell a very nice, strong
carriage, neatly upholstered, steel
wheels, good parasol, for $6 oo
Go-Carts $2 75
You'll be
Buying a Carpet
Soon and paying the NEW PRICE.
We will save you dollars, if you'll
buy it from us this spring or
summer. Our stock is in first
rate condition, bought with hard
down cash before prices ad
vanced. We can sell you a heavy
all-wool Ingrain Carpet for 65c
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this Right A.vay.
IN the spring of 1895 congress was en
gaged in an active effort to formu
latj a currency to replace the de
monetized silver and meet the demands
of the business of the country. This
currency was to be bank notes based cn
United States bonds. Our first king,
Grover I, had laid a sufficient foundation
for this increase iu bat k paper by an
issue of $200,000,000 additional bonds.
The bills offeied were called the "Balti
more plan" and the "Carlvte bill," but
in the midst of the woik of tho commit
tee on the bill a halt was called and her
alded to the public by a modest little
Associated Press dispatch of three lines
s.ating that nothing more woul ! be done
wiih the bill by the present congress.
It will be remembered tint in the
campaign ensuing the people were thor
oughly aroused on the money question
an 1 a hard fight was put up for free sil
ver, which just about gave the gold peo
pie, wiih their war cry of bound and hon
est money against fiat and debased
.money, their hands full. If they had
handicapped themselves with an agita'
tion for an increase of a few hundred
millions of bank paper, silver would cer
tainly have won the day and we would
now have good international and basic
money, going into circulation without
the intervention of bank paper drawing
ynterest, instead of a domestic currency
suoject to call ana; the artiticial disturb
ance of its volume by the banks of
When the times were ripe, however
not many days since, under the reign of
ood King William I, our second mon
arch, the Bame . bill, substantially, came
be. ore our present congress and was qui
etly paesed, not so quietly as the now
famous bill of 1873 for "regulating coin
age," and which omitted the silver dol
lar, the standard coin of the republic,
but, considering the momentoueness of
the interests involved, quietly enough.
At the time the Oarlyle bill was before
congress, the writer of this letter was
editor of the Herald, of Oregon City,
and culled attention to the Associated
Press dispatch announcing its abandon
ment, and predicted that, in case of the
failure of free silver, its place would be
supplied by bank notes, as it was the
banks that opposed free lilver to make
room for the use and sale of their own
credit. The prediction is fully justified
by the new law, to the provisions of
which I wish to call the attention of the
readers ol the Courier-Herald. Before
citing these, I will quote this pastage
from at editorial of the Oregonian of the
5th inst:
"Our bank currency falls lamentably
short of keeping pace with the wealth
and business of the country."
Now strike out the word "bank," and
doesn't that sound just like a quotation
from a populist campaign speech? It
has the true gospel sound. At that time
it was confident that it was not more
money we needed. The same editorial
goes on to congratulate the country that
the expansion from this source may
reach the sum of $630,000,000. If these
were government notes, they would be
fiat and bad money, but, being bank
notes, they are good as gold and highly
The prjvisions of the law of principal
interest are as follows:
FirBt The gold dollar Is the standard
unit of the system.
Second A reserve fund of $150,000,000
of gold for the redemption of United
States and treasury notes, which, when
redeemed, shall only be reissued for gold
to maintain laid fund.
Third Coinage of silver bullion In the
treasury into subsidiary silver to the ex
tent of $100,000,000 at the discretion of
the secretary of the treasury.
Fourth Refunding the 5 per cent 30
year bonds and those bearing 3 and 4
per cent and falling due from 1904 to
1908 into 2 per cent 30-year gold bonds.
This extends their time nearly 30 years
and provides for their payment in gald
instead of in coin.
Fifth An issue of national bank notes
equal to the amount of United States
bonds deposited in the Uuited States
treasury as security, on which the bankn
shall pay a tax of yi per cent, if the se
curity be the new issue of 2 per cent
bonds. This leaves a net Interest of
per cent to the banks on United States
bonds, above whatever interest they can
derive from loans of their notes issued
on these bonds.
Eighth All national banks to be cap
italized at not less than (100,000, except
that in towns of 6000 population and less,
$50,000 is the limit, and in those of 3000
or lets, $25,000.
New Firm, New Goods, New Prices
Milburn Farm, Delivery, Spring Wagons and Buggies
Milwaukee Binder, Mowers, Rakes, Syracuse, Chilled and
Steel Plows, Disc, Spike and Spring Too h Harrows.
Chase Foice and Lift Pumps.
Wolf American Bicycles.
Ninth This act may be repealed by
the concurrent action of the leading
commercial nations of the world, pro
vide!, that if silver is let in by legislat
ive recognition by such concurrent action
at any future time, it shall be at a ratio
that shall insure permanence of parity
between gold and silver, (Ambrose
Bierce is probably the author of this
clause of the law.) ...
This desirable expansion of $030,000,
000 in our bank currency will doubtless
for a time relieve the stringency in our
currency almost as eff jctually as that
much United States notes or silver coin,
but the drain in interest will be heavy,
just as the money borrowed by the gov
ernment and disbursed during the pres
ent war period has relieved the strin
gency. But why issue no'tes and pay in
terest for temporary relief when the
security backing the whole system is the
people's credit expressed In the United
States bond? The samo credit would
bring permanent relief, if p. operly float
ed, without the intervention of such cor
poration subterfuges as the gold stand
ard. As this letter is evidently going to be
too long, I will defer the rest and en
deavor next time to show what a hand
some price the people pay the banking
corporations for the requisite ability and
character to refund the people's credit
into bank credit and make t good
enough for currency, and how, with a
total amount of this currency In the
country of $1,063,716,148, they are able,
according to the comptroller's report, to
maintain loans of $5,761,467,010.
Note I must apologtoo, in deference
to my friend and fellow townsman, Mr.
Brownell. I write not as an expert, hut
as one of the laity, and the populist
laity at that. But just as the clergy has
always depended on the laity for re
forms in creed, and as the republicans
and democrats have depended on popu
lists for principles (witness, paper
money, tariff reform and direct legisla
tion in the republican party, and the
Chicago platform in the democratic
party), perhaps a little attention on the
part of the laity to the banking system
is not una lvisable.
If the republicans and democrats will
only fulfil present promises, the popu
list party can then die happy. A com
promise seeing to be in the air : "You
fellows may furniali the principles, if
you will only help us to gut the offices."
J. B. Z.
Weather Report.
The summary of the metoorological
record of G. Muecke, of Miramonte
Farm.for March, is as follows j
Mean temperature, 50.8.
Maximum temperature, 78.
Minimum temperature, 81.
Total precipitation, 5 66.
Clear days, 9.
Partly cloudy days, 16.
Cloudy days, 6.
Dates of light frost, 20th and 23.
Prevailing wind, southwest.
Cheney makes stamp photos that will
please you.
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with bath room, and two lota for $1000.
Bents for $10. Investors should not
overlook the chance.
Furnished Every Week by Clacka
mas Abstract & Trust Co.
0 T Tooze to M Tanchman, 1.54 a
in see 23, 3 s, 1 w $78
S M Ohlson to W Etters, 2.50 a in
Frnithuid 25J
A E Lewellen to J Lawellen 30.36
a Lewellen claim, 4 s, 4 e 1
W L Oornett to Lewellou, same as
above , , ., - I
W J Lewellen to same, same as
above ....
N Eush to P D Cliristuer.14 a sec 7,
5 s. 1 e 10
O & V railroad to Stofansou, se of.
ne 01 sec to, z s, 4 e lStJ
V (ierhauser to W Beard, 13 a of
claim 53, 102 u Vance claim, 3 s,
T 2e.. 3,800
L Oerhauser to same, same a,
above 1
0 S Chase to C & V Johnson, no
01 uw ana sw ot ne 01 sec 29, 1 s,
4 e R7S
TN HagenburgertoR Walsh, 8.45
Gerrett claim, 1 s, 2 e 50Z'
J W Hillery to H Rettig, 40 a eeo
0,2 8,3 6.. 1,350-
II Rettig to G Nothnagal, 20 a see
34. Is. 3 e Kin
C F Buchman to G Buchman, eot
e anu e 01 w ana 10 it ot sec 10,
2 s, 3 e i.Kivi
0 N Burlingame to W Burlingauie,
same 109
F Matthias to II Hoffmeister, ne
of ne of sec 83, 2 s, 4 e 600
H Hoffmeister to V Hoffmeister,
40 a sec 33, 2 8, 4 e 200
M Giesy to H II Deet,40 a see 29,
4 s, 1 0 800
B F Taylor to B L Gifford, 6.25 a
c 28, 1 b, 2 e 1
A C Fairchild to S Sharp,6V a sec
28, Is, 2 e 300
J N Brown to J P Miller, a and
lot 0, blk 3, Parkplace, and s'i
blk 40, Clackamas Heights 1,030
0 E Cross to G T Beel, se sec 12,
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1.47 a II Baker claim, 2 s, 3 e. .. 20
E Cochran to Pope Anderson Co,
wj of claim 4b, 5 s, 1 w 125.
0 Scott to M E Rice, lots 23, 24,
blk 69. Minthorn... 15
E M Surface to E Burlingame, 23 a
Palmateer claim.... , 40t
G Brotighton, trustee, to E M
Howell, lot 4, blk 8, Willamette
.Falls 350
J G Porter to JCreegan, 7 29 a
Lewis claim, 2 1, 1 e 600
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place catdi etore.
Kozy Kandy Kitchen, up to date on
home-made candies.
Dr. C. S. Seamann has remored bis
offices to the Willamette building, over
Harding's drug store.
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ply at this office.
Look out for Miss Goldsmith's gratxi
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