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17th YEAR, NO. 87
Fruitgrowers will meet at Corv.ilIis
next week,
Wind and eleet etorrn in Marion coun
ty benefits fruit
A Portland syndicate has bonded a
big paint mino in Columbia county. " .
Samuel V. Nealy, aged 78 years, while
temporarily insane, banged himself at
The Dalles.
Henry Herrington, an old man. at
tempted suicide Sunday by laudanum
at Tillamook. He is not expected to re
cover. , ' " '
A jury at Toledo, Or., awarded plain
tiff $1500 to even up a farm in Nebraska
which he traded for one in Lincoln
county, Plait! tiff alleged misrepresen
tation of value.
McMinnville tax levy is 7 mills.
Salera is soon to have a box factory.
Much petty thieving at Forest Groye.
The office of the secretary of state is
being remodeled.
Smallpox is prevalent in Eastern Ore
gon, but is of such a mild form that no
deaths have occurred.
Councilman J. E. Durham, of Mc
Minuville, has resigned.
The tax levy of Dallas isonly4 mills,
much less than last year.
Ore running as high us $150 per ton
his been discovered in Lake county.
Masked men attempted to rob the
post office at Eola. : '
Large petition for greater road tax in
Clatsop county.
Willis Jordan was committed to jail at
Dallas for beating a Jap.
Three more residences broken into at
Medford. Losses not large.
Governor Gage has called a special
meeting of the California legislature.
Mrs.Saxon,a womanof mature years,
of Colfax, Wash., was choked to death
by an unknown assailant.
Nelson and Rossland havo established
a smallpox quarantine against Northern
Washington and Idaho.
' The case against the Browns in Oakes
dale, WaBh , for misappropriation of
bank funds, was compromised and dis
missed, the Browns turning over their
stock to plaintiff.
Government has ordered fumigation
of the mails at Spokane.
Business men of North Yakima will
guarantee the stale fair premiums this
Six American prospectors are said to
have been shot hi Mexico by order of
General Torres.
San Francisco urges the eovernment,
to spend $1,000,000 in improvement of
Yaquina bay harbor.
Mrs. Rich, tried in Mexico for the
murder of her husband, was sentenced
to 14 montha' imprisonment.
Mexicans are taking 300 Yaqui prison
ers to G nay mas.
A Spokane logger has sued tlo conuty
plysician for $10,000 for malpractice.
Alaska mail service will be extended
to Cape York H ihe spring. '
The Alaskan lighthouse bill has been
favorably reported on by a committee.
A suit involving the title to the Seattle
Times is before the Washington supreme
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Corner Fourth and Main Strtets, OREGON CITY, OREGON
The Texas legislature is in special ses
sion. The recent Dawson fire destroyed
property worth $100,003. '
Prof. Hazen, of the weather bureau, at
Washington, is dead.
The national prohibition convention id
called to meet at Chicago on June 27.
Three new cases and one death from
plague in Honolulu since the last official
The national board of trade resolved
in favor of the ship subsidy bill. . ,
The populist national committee will
meet at Lincoln, Neb., In February.
Bryan was surprised at the warmth of
greeting he received :n the East.
The Colorado Editoiial Association
has started a fight against the paper I
trust '-!
Commander Richard Wainwright, of
the Gloucester, was presented with a
sword at Washington.
. Bourke Cochran, of New York, An
nounces that he will support Bryan if
the latter drops silver.
The question of whether Roberts, of
Utah, should be allowed his mileage
c faim of $1000 has come up in congress.
The nomination of Collector Ivey'e
successor hangs fire.
Thomas Reynolds, an escaped convict,
t and lynched in Colorado.
wan cuu
Big t-trike at the Paris exposition.
Saiitoans are again said to be uneasy,
Many Philippine hemp ports are now
Germany has complained of our cus
toms regulations.
General Bernardo Reyes iB Mexico's
new minister of war.
About 1100 Spaniards, released pris
oners, have been sent home from Ma
nila. The abdication of the Chinese etripe
ror created a sensation in Japan, where
it is believed Russia iB the cause of the
Progiessive Chinese are begging the
powers to intervene and lestore the old
emperor to his throne. The empire is
greatly excited.
The insurgents have been driven from
more Philippine ports.
Another German vessel has been re
leased by the British.
The Boers will blow up mines as they
: General Warren dislodged the Boers
at Spionkop. He lost heavily.
Put Sing, a nine-year-old boy, is said
to have been appointed emperor of China
by Quang Su.
Pirates threaten to blow up the offices
of foreign meic'iants at Canton. Their
purpose is blackmail.
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Regular January Term of the Connty
inn's precinct was changed from Tracy's
to Grange hall.
In the matter of having Koval & Son
do extra work on the Rook i ref k bridge,
the clerk was ordered to write to said
firm, ami ascertain what said proposed
work will be done fur.
In the m itier of dividing Oreanu City
in'o vot.in precinuts, it was ordeied !y
board that the bound irieH of the Orecoii
City voting precincts slmll be as follows:
Oregon City precinct Nil, shall com
prise all that portion of the ciiy lyiim
and being south and west of the fallow
ing described line ti-il: Coinmencing
dt the center of Seventh stieet at the
Willamette river; thence easterly to the
intersection of Seventh with John Qulncy
Adams streets; thence southerly along
the center of John Qulncy ' Adams
streets to the interesction of Prom
ontory avenue Jii'i Falls View addi
tion to Oregon City, themw westerly
along the center of said promontory
uVfime to city limits. Oregon Ciiy pre
cinct No. 2, shall comprise hII that part
oftheci'y ly'ng and being north and
west of the following described line to
wit: Commencing at the Willamette
ri'er at the center ot Seventh street;
thence eat-terly to the intersection of
Seventh with John Quinoy Adams street,
thence northerly along the center ol s dd
John Q. Adams s'reet to the city limits
Oregon City piecinct. No 3 shall com
prise all that part of Oregon Ciiv lying
and being south of precincts No. 1
and 2.
In the matter of a tax rebate on peti
tion of J H Pomeroy, the same was re
ferred to the district attorney.
In the matter of per diem and mileage
of the county commissioners, the follow
ing claims were presented and allowed:
S F Marks, 5 days, 26 miles.. .... $17 (50
R D Morton, 6 dajs and 20 miles. 17 00
U Scott. 28 miles and 5 days ... 17 80
Baking Powdei
Made from pure:
. cream of tartan,
Safeguards the food
against alum
A-um baklne powders are. tfie: greatest
menacers to health of the. present day.
F. Hsrkg, chairman; J, K. Morton
15. Scott, commissioners.
Iii the matter of the report of the
deputy comity surveyor on the resurvey
of the Kiggs ana Damm road. Tins
matter being heard on the report of the
deputy couniy surveyor, and the board
being fully satlstieil with said resurvey it
is ordered that the same be accepted and
placed on ule, and the supervisor ot said
district in which said road is located be
instructed to notify all property owners
along faid roud to move their fences;
and it;is tnrtt.er ordered tliat tne ex
wavkA said siKvtiy be paid by Clacka-
man countv :
LMleinz $2 00
J W Meldrum 14 00
Total $16 00
Tn the matter of the resurvey of t!ie
O P Hedge ioid, and deputy county
surveyor's report coming on now to be
heard, and the board being fully advised
in the premises, it is ordered that said
report be laid over until the February
terra of said board, and the expense of
said survey and view be paid by
Clackamas county:
O P Hedge $ 4 00
A W Cooke 2 00
J W Meldrum 18 00
In the matter af indexing the tax rolls
tor 1809, the contract was let to Dimick
&Easthamfor$24 50 the said index to
consist of an original and two copies.
In the matter of the report of the
county physician, the same was ap
In ihe matter of the petition of George
Hiccinbotham to correct an erroneous
assessment, it was ordered that the
petition be granted as prayed for for $4.
George IJiccinbothem $4 00
In the matter of the relief of Mrs Stone
an indigent person.it was ordered that
she be allowed the sum of $10.
Mrs Stone 10 03
, In the matter o! the petition and sub
scription list of E W Hornschuch, et al,
from road district No 18, the board
being fully advised, it was ordered that
the same be la d over until the Febru
ary term.
In the matter of planking a road in
district No 33, the petition having been
referred to Supervisor Lewellen for ap
proval, and he having recommended
that the county grant said petition and
pay for the plank the petitioners having
agreed to furnish all Ihe labor for haul
ing and putting down said lumber, said
work to be done under the supervision
of Supervisor Lewellen, the board
granted the petition.
On petition the boundaries of Oregon
City voting precinct were changed to
include the premises of J Duvall, who
heretofore voted in Maple Lane precinct
In the matter of the petition to change
Ihe boundaries of Needy precinct by ad
ding several sections to Mackshurg pre
cinct, the same was granted as prayed
for. The petition was signed by II L
Wolfer ana 21 others and Ihe territory
to be added to Mackbnrg' precinct, is de
scribed a" follows: Commencing at the
centpr of section 27, tp4 s, r 1 e, on
boundary line of precinct; thence routh
three-fourths of a mile ; thence east one
one-fourth mile; thence sooth one-fourth
mile; thence west one-fourth mile;
thence north one mile to present corner
of said precinct.
In the matter of the petition of James
Felger, et al for annexation to road dis
trict No 34, to Sievers voting precinct,
thus making it part of road district No.
7, said mitter having' been laid over
from the December terra, and coming on
now to be beard ; the board beinsr fully
advised, the petition is granted and' what
is known as road district No 34 it is
ordered, is taken from Cascades voting
precinct and added to Sievers, and that
it be a part of road district (No. 7, and
voting place be changed frorr AschofT's
to Hoffman's.
On petition the voting place in Hard-
Total .....$52 40
Board adjourned until Monday, Jan
uary 22J,
, la the matter of the petition to annex
a part of Marqnam precinct to Needy,
the same was laid over.
In the matter of the resignation of W.
II Smith, as road supervisor of district
No 11, the same was accepted, and John
K Smith appointed to till the vacancy.
Io the matter of the petition of E P
Carter to fix or plank roud in the timber,
nearBagby'8 sawmill, the petition was
accepted. " The work of laying the plank
for a distance of one-fourth mile Is to 'u6
done by volunteer work, Bajjby Bros,
to furnish lumber for 50 cents per
In the matter of the petition to change
the voting place in Beaver Creek pre
cinct from the school houi'e to the
Grange hall the same was accepted.
In the matter of the petition of C C
Lewis for county aid, it was ordered that
he go to Mrs Hart for proper care, and
that a warrant for $8 per month be
drawn tor uib reliei.
In the matter of district attorney fees
collected after the salary law went into
etlect the county cleik.was ordered to
refund all such" foes collected, except"
where court reporter's fee had not been
paid. In the latter instance the money
is to be held until the court reporter's
f.'e shall be paid.
In the matter of the tax levy for the
year 1809, it was ordered by the board
that the levy on the taxable property of
Clackamas county shall be as follows :
County 11.7-10 mills
State 0.3-10 "
School 5 "
Road 5 "
Total 28 mills
A bicycle tax was also levied of $1.25
for each wheel.
In the matter of the remonstrance and
peHtion asainst the nofiftin'mcM oE
.loin) Par'h, a roud surr"sip- in ro.Hife
district No. 24, the nM f)-iivtineiifc
was reconsidered, and A U livynnlda
appointed bb his succesHftr in: afewj
ance with the petition pretrntxtflL
In the matter of the dpRnwnl; taxes
on the Southern Pari tin rfoftd' overBsp
lands, the slier ft was directed! tr make
nn assessment of said lai afli ki mivor
dancH witti an order of the county court;
made and entered of roc rsB air the Jime
term, 1895 and in arcordMwm with
petition Hl.jd therein at sairftinie.
In the matter of the cot tfl ex i wort
on the Rock Cnk bridge, ifco proposi
tion of Royal & Son was weeptto-f, and
the clerk was directee to inSomn them to
appear and sign the contract at the
FebriMrv term of the meeting of th
board of county commissioners.. '
In the matter of scalp borrnfis for the
m jtith of December, the following weio
allowed :
John Countrymen, one wild eaD
E T White .
JCHolcomb .-. ' " "
PEKitzmiller two. "
A J Kitzmiller, three " ""
Louis Himler,one Linden wolf.,
J D Wallace, two wild cats. ..,
A J Marr, two wild cats 4 A0
John Githens, 1 cayote 2 0d
Christian Klinker, 2 cayote-and.5
wild cats U 00
G B Linn, 2 bear and 4 wilcfca.. 12 0O
$2 001
2 0O
2 0O
4 0(1
, etx
2 0O
4 0i
Total.. .....4 0O
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