Oregon City courier=herald. (Oregon City, Or.) 1898-1902, August 25, 1899, Page 8, Image 8

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Oregon City Auction House
Opposite Postoflice
Oregon City Auction House
Opposite Postoffice
That we are the cheapest CASH or CREDIT house in the city is most POSITIVELY PROVED by
the fact that we are the busiest store in our line in Oregon City, and the vast number of intelligent buyers
who have patronized us are so many recommendations for us. If you are wise and have your cwn inter
est at stake, you will at least see cur goods and prices before purchasing, so that, even if you do not buy.
5 T!-? -w
Baby Buggies Chairs Sewing Machines Ingrain Carpets New Model 3 Piece The Only Reliable a Nice Tea Set
from from frm from Sewing Machine BedKBccm Set - ; Stove of 44 Pieces
ajj aa Improved from on Earth
$2.00 25C Vyy A 30C '0 Year, Guarantee UNIVERSAL
and Upward tb24 p.UU fcQ Of
and Upward and Upward secondhand Per Yd and Upward Ea8y WGivea and Upward STEEL RANGES PUU
This paltry earth and the law hung sky,
Like a little tent uround It.
Too cramped I find to feel at home,
Too cramped I always found It,
Since I was evor a vagabond,
A vagrant-foot and rover,
Oh, give me the width of the skies to roam
When my earthly days are over!
Let me out where worlds the milestones
Where the unresting stars walk my way
Out, out, where a man has elbow room
To travol his old time hlghwayl
And when the Journey Is done God grant
That one lone Inn I And me
Where I may enter and greet but her
And close the door behind me!
-Arthur J. Stringer In Alnslee'S Maga
How the Don's Mlitreaa Retained Her
Pet Spaniel,
When Mrs. Marie Nevins Blaine wag
married to Dr. W. T. Ball, her pet 1
ipaulel, Lion, was banished. After tbe I
con pie had been married a year Mrs.
Boll porsuaded her husband to let Lion
retnru fur a week, promising to keep
him in the stable.
Three days of Lion's visit had passed
when as Dr. Bull was taking off his
Overoout in his office there came a rap at
liie inner door. It was so faint that at
first he did not notice it. Then when it
was repeated he said, "Come in." No
ouo ouuio, but the nipping went on. He
n pen ad the door, and there stood Lion,
lie had been knocking the door with a
little wooden box hu bold in his mouth,
iddressed to Dr. Hull. The doctor took
lue box, auil Lion, ton politoto intrude,
turned and walked iu it dignified man
ner buck np stairs. Tbe dootor opened
tbe box and read tho tiny note contain
ed therein, smiled and threw it iu tbe
The next dny Liou knocked aud left
another uoto. Tbe third time be uume
there wus a reply for him. The doctor
said, "Lion, wait." Ho took the box,
abstracted tbu note, put one of bis own
fu its place, mid blinding the box back
'.a tbo dog gave him a put and scut him
np stairs. Hero is aoopy of Lion's notes
and tbe reply they finally elicited:
Dear Duotoii I nm enjoying my visit to my
miulnshH very much. It wus very kind uf yuu
to lnvitu mo hero, und I have tried to behave
tbu Ut Mt I know how. It will be hunt to leave
my liUHtn s.s aguin. I with you would like mo
little bit. Lion.
Tbo letter which Lioti carried baok
lo his niiiitrem read :
Lion You mo such a respect ublr, wollbrod
Fellow tlmt your visit in extended iiulellntivly.
W. T. B.
Boston Journal.
& Description of a Spell of Humidity
on the Wnlinnh.
"Talking abuut rainy weather," said
tho westerner, "I remember once out
iu Indianapolis meeting a farmer who
took tho must cheerful view of damp
ness of anybody I oversaw. I asked him
if they bad had much rain down ou the
Wabash that spring.
'"Well, it has been a little damp,' he
answered. 'The day before I loft home
I had to hang up 24 of my ducks. They
had got so water soaked that they
couldn't swim any longer. I planted
my ooru iu two feet of water, aud I
dou't oxpeotover iiO bushels to the acre.
My wheat is looking pretty well, but
the sturgeon and cattish have damaged
It considerably. There was about IS
minutes' sunshine one day, aud I
thought I would plant my potatoes, so
I loadod them on a scow aud anchored
the seow iu three feet of water, wbeu it
begau to raiu again.
" 'I wanted to ro down ou the bottom
lands next the Wabash to see if the
grusa was growing for my hay crop, but
my wife said that as we didn't baveauy
diving bell she'd rather I wouldn't I
should feel kind of discouraged with all
tho raiu, but I've epeut my odd hours
nf leisure time aud the even ones, too,
ou account of staying iu out of the wet
building us au ark. If it will only
raiu another week or two until I get
her ready to sail, I'm going to take my
familout to Missouri by water for a
trip to visit our folks that moved off
nut there because they didn't know
uougu to stay iu a plaee where they
were oomfortablo.' " Uostou Tran
L. Blocks Furniture and Carpet House
Bow Many Do Yon Suppose It Takes
to Shave a Mnnf
"Now that you've finished shaving
roe, how many strokes of the razor did
it require?" asked the man in the chair,
as he straightened Dp to have his hair
"That's pretty hard to tell, "said the
"Of conrse it is. Bat you've been in
the business how long?"
"Fifteen years."
"Yon ought to know by this time
about how many strokes of the razor it
requires to shave a man, supposing that
you go over his faoe a second time."
- "I might make a guess at it."
"All right. What's your guess? Re
member that I have a bard beard."
"Well, I should say about 125."
"You're a good guesser, I don't
think, Home tjme ago I got into the
habit of counting the strokes of a razor
every time I was being shaved. It'B a
good way to employ your mind. In
shaving me you just made 733 strokes
with tbe razor."
"I wouldn't have believed it."
"No man believes it until he takes
the trouble to count. In iny case I never
knew the number to fall below 600,
and it has gone more than 800 at times.
I call it a stroke every time tbe razor
is brought forward and then drawn
back. I should judge that there ate no
fewer than 500 strokes in a first class
shave. You remember that, and proba
bly you can win a few bets." New
York World.
Dank Impertinence.
The Philadelphia Record tells of an
old Pennsylvania farmer who recently
oame into possession of a check for
200. It caused him a great deal of anx
iety, and for a long time he could not
muster up the courage to have it cashed.
Finally, while ou a trip to town, he
summoned up nerve enough and, stroll
ing into the bank, presented tbe check.
The teller glanced at it hastily, and
then, after the fashion of his kind,
brusquely asked, "What denomina
tion r"
"Luthoran, roI durn itt But what's
tbet got tew do with it?" as brusquely
replied the old farmer, to the great as
tonishment of tbe bank official.
It required several minutes' explana
tion before the teller could get the old
man to understand his question, and
then the latter took bis money and de
parted, with sundry growls durogatory
to banks iu general.
Equal to the Occnuloii.
Iu 1840 a great convention was held
in Baltimore by the young men of what
was then known as the Whig party for
the purpose of ratifying the nomination
of General William Henry Harrisou
for the presidency. There was no hall
iu the oity large enough to hold the
orowd of delegates who attended. Tbe
oouveutiou accordingly met ou the Can
ton race truck, and wheu the great
Whig orator of this statu, who was
(ihairmau of the Youug Men's national
committee, arose to oall the meeting to
order he was so impressed by tbe vast
uess of the assemblage before him that
instead of the usual formula he ex
claimed, "The natiou will please come
to order I" Baltimore Sun.
An Insult.
A Caribou (Me.) man lately wan
dered into a remote hotel that doesn't
keep a dictionary, and on coming down
iu the morning was asked by the laud
lord how he rested.
"Oh," replied tbe gentleman, "I
suffered uearly all night with insom
nia!" The landlord took offense at this and
roared, "I'll bet you (3 there ain't one
iu my house I" Exchange.
AVI. lorn In a XnUhell.
Humau life is like a game at dice
where we ought not to throw for what
is most commodious to us, but to be
oouteut with our casts, let thou be
never 10 unfortunate. Plata
SO Cl'ltK-NO rAv.
That is the wav all druggists fell
tor Malaria, Chills and Fever. It is
simply iron aud quinine in a tasteless
form. Children love it. Adults prefet
to bitter, nauseating tonics, Price, 50c
MOTICE Is hereby givtn that the undersigned
has been duly appointed by tho Hon. Thos
F. Ryan, judge of the county court of the state of
Oregon for the county of Clackamas, administra
tor of the estate of Fred 8. Smith, deceased. All
percons having claims against the said estate are
hereby required to present the same to the Under
signed, properly verified as by law required, at
my residence, near O'egon Clly, Oregon, within
ix months from the date hereof.
Administrate of the eBtate of
Fred 8. Smith, deceased
Dated this 21st day of August, 1809.
I now hold funds applicable to the
payment of county warrants endorsed
prior to September 10th, 1890.
Interest will cease on the date of this
Oregoa City, Clackamas County, Ore.
gou, August 10th, 189'J.
Jacob Suade,
County Treasurer.
Willing to Share the Honor.
Patient No, dootor, there isu't any
particular pain, but somehow I feel as
if I were going to die.
Dootor (who has been called out of
bed at 2 o'olock in the morning) Let
me feel your pulse. (After a moment)
Have you made your will?
Patient (alarmed) No, but
Doctor Who is your lawyer?
Patient Mr. Studds. Why, doctor,
do you think
Dootor Then you had better send for
him. Who is your minister?
Patient (still more alarmed) Rev.
Mr. Saintly. Am I
Doctor I tUInk he had better be sent
Patient (badly frightened) Oh, doo
tor, do you really think I'm going to
Dootor No, I don't. Thore's noth
ing at all tho matter with you, but I
hate to be the only man who has been
made a fool of tonight. Liverpool Mer
A Pretty Effect.
An illuminated sign ou a store up
towu spells tho name of the proprietor
in lettors outlined by electric lights and
is lit up aud tbeu made dark agaiu
automatically. When tbe sigu begins
to shine out, the electrio bulbs at the
left are the first to appear, aud then the
illumination follows the oourse of an
immense pen writing the name out. So
olosely is the course of the pen followed
that the "i" iu the name is not dotted
with its especial electrio light dot until
the lust flourish at the extreme right of
the name is lit up. Then, with a per
ceptible interval, as if tbe gigantic pen
was boing carried back, the dot ou the
"i" is made and shines out and the
whole name appears. New York Sun.
Constant Suneeilnir.
"Now, Algernon," said Miss Fussan
feather, as she was tightly held iu tbe
embrace of her fiance, "they tell me
that men get tired of squeezing after
they are married. Will you promise me
not to give it up after we are man and
"Oh, I assure you it is not necessary
to make auy such promises, " replied
the young man. "I guarantee you'll
have all the squeezing you want to do
to get along on f 7 a week. "Exchange.
True Friendship.
Author Wheu you come to my new
book, I hope yon will not be too severe
on me.
Critic I read it last week, and my
criticism was certainly not detrimental.
Author Why, I didn't see any no
tice of it in your column I
Critic Of course uot We have al
ways been friends, aud for that reason
I refrained from printing my candid
opinion of it. Chicago Kews.
As Mexicans Do It.
"I am very sorry to heur," remarked
the curate pensively to one of his pa
rishioners, "that one of the great lights
of our church, Brother MacLellan, has
become insolvent and as the result will
have to close his house of business. "
"Another case of 'The Light That
Failed, "' added the parishioner as he
left the parsouage. Mexican Herald.
VOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
has been duly appointed by the Hon. Thos.
F. Ryan, judge of the county court of the state of
Oregon for Clackamas county, administrator of
the estate of Jouah Williams, deceased. All per
sons having claims against the said estate are
hereby requested to present the same to me,
properly verilied, at my home In New Era, Ore
gon, within six months of the date hereof.
Dated this 14th day of August, 1899.
Administrator of the estate of
Jonah Williams, deceased.
Following is a list of warrants remain
ing uncalled for in the clerk's office o(
Clackamas county for seven years end
ing July 1, 1899, and if not called for in
60 days they will be cancelled:
II ililS
Name Amount
Mrs M L Brown 2 10
J W Cushlng 1 70
George Deiker 1 20
L Dulory 1 70
M Durst 1 20
Hans Erlekson 1 5(1
F Fredrick 1 70
Mrs Viola Klinn 8 50
Sam Gaines 2 50
1. Heller ... 1 20
O M Howard 4 20
WHJoiies 2 60
J M Jones 2 00
K W Jones 1 50
J Koenig 1 70
F Koehler 1 20
Fred Lehman 2 00
O A Legrand 1 20
M Mincke ... 1 70
3 J Mickley 2 00
Minnie McCoy 2 20
John Nisson 1 20
H S Newton 1 20
diim Noble 1 60
Grant Nixon 1 50
J L Pickihom 1 20
Wm Pogle 3 40
J Qulnn 1 70
J M Thompson 1 70
Silas Slewart 1 50
W L Smith 1 70
F F Wilcox 1 OH
IlKViri O Willinmii . 'A 411
K G Williams 1 50 ,
9114 David Wilson 1 00
9488 J W Wolfer 1 05
10373 Unas Wilson 170
et7 35
Stale of Oregon, )
County of Clackamas. J
I. Elmer Dixon, county clerk of the I
above named County and State, and
clerk of tbe county court of the county .
of Clackamas and state of Oregon, do j
nereDy certily that the loregoing copy ot l
warrants over seven years prior to July
1st, 1899, and uncalled for has been by
me comiared with the original, and
that it is a correct transciipt therefrom ,
and of the whole of I uch original as the
same appears of record in my office and
in my care and custody.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto
set my band and affixed the seal of said
court this 9th dav of June. A. D. 1899.
Elmkr Dixox, Clerk.
seal. By E. H. Oooi-eh, Deputy.
Who is to Blame-
Kidney trouble has become so preva
lent that it is not uncommon for a child
to be born affected wilh weak kidneys.
If the child urinates too ofien, if the
urine scalds the flesh, or if, when the
child reaches an age when it should be
able to control I he passage, and it is yet
affected with bed-wetting, depend upon
it. the cause of the difficulty is kidney
trouble, aud the first step Bboultl be to
wards the treatment of these important
organs. This unpleasant trouble is due
to a diseased condition of the kidneys
and bladder and not to a hab'.t as most
people suppose.
If the adult has rheumatism : pain or
dull ache in the back; if the water
passes in irregular quantities ; or at ir
regular intervals ; or has a bad odor ; if
it stains the liner, or vessel the color of
rust ; if the feet swell ; if there are puffy
or dark circles under the eyes ; your
kidneys are the cause and need doctor
ing. Treatment of some diseases may
be delayed without danger, not so with
kidney disease.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root the great
kidney, liver and bladder remedy
promptly cures the most distressing
cases. Its mild and extraordinary effect
is soon realised. Sold by druggists in
tifty-cent and dollar sizes. You may
have a sample bottle and a pamphlet
telling all about it sent free Yy mail.
Address Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bingbam
ton, N. Y. When writing mention
that you read this generous offer in tbe
Oregon City Ooi rier-Hekald.
For Salb Five room honse and one
lot at head of Fifth street near old
creamery. Price $600, easy terms. Also
120 acres of school land near George P
O., cheap. Inquire of Courieb-IIerald
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon, fo
the County ol Clackamas.
W. W. Jesse,
Rev. L, Malhows et al,
State of Oregon, County of Clackamas, ss.
S-S oree and an exeoution. dulv issued out of and
under the seal of the above entitled court, in the
above entitled came, to me duly directed and
dated the 121 h day of July, 1899, upon a
judgment rendered and entered In said court on
the 27th day of April, 1899, in favor of W. W.
Jesse, plaintiff, and against Martha A. Barlow, T.
C. Andrews and others under the name and style
of the ministry And membership of the Method
ist Episcopal Church of the United States of
America, and to E. B. Ramsby, William Evans
and Martha A. Barlow, as trustees of and for said
society, and W, Vf. Weed, defendants, for the
urn of $130.25, with interest thereon at the rate
of 6 per cent per annum from the 27th day of
April, 1899, and ihe further sum of $14.00 costs
and disbursements, and the costs of and upon
this writ, commanding me out of the personal
property of said defendants, and If sufficient
could not he found, then out of the real property
belonging to said defendants on and after the
date of said Judgment to satisfy said sum of
$144.2!, with Interest, and aUo the costs of and
upon this said writ.
Now, therefore,' by virtue of said execution,
judgment order and decree, and In compliance
with the commands of said writ, being unable to
find any personal property of said defendants, I
did on the 13th day o July, 1899, duly levy upon
the following dcsorlbed real properly ot said de
fendants situate and being in the county of Clack
amas and state of Oregon, to-wlt: Lots 7 and 8 In
block No. S. townsite of Bailow, together with
the church building and contents, including 24
seats, situated on said lots, owned and controlled
D the ministry and membership nf the Method
ist Enisoopal Church of the United Slates of
America; also the northwest quarter and the
west half of the southwest quarter of the north
east quarter and the west half of the west half of
the norlnweat quarter of the northeast quarter
oemg pans ot seouon s, townamp 4 south, range r
east of the Willamette meridian, containing 190
acres, more or less, as recorded as the property of
Martha A. Barlow, one of above defendants.
And I will, on
at the hour of 1:30 o'olock p. m., at the front
door of the County Court House IntheCitvof
Oregon City, in said County and SUite, sell at
public auction, subject to redemption, to the
highest bidder, for U. S. gold coin, cash in hand,
all the right, title and interest which the within
named defendants or either of thein had on the
date of said judgment or since had Iu or to
the above described real property or any part
to satisfy said above judgment
order, decree, interest, costs and all accruing
Sheriff of CKckamas County, Oregon.
Dated Oregon City, Ore.. July 13, 1899.
TATE. In the county court of the state of Oregon for
Clackamas county.
In the matter of the estate of)
VOUCE Is hereby given that In pursuance of an
order of the above entitled oourt, made on
the 7:h day of August, 1899, in the matter of the
estate of Rhoda A, Blair, deceased, the under
signed, the executor of the said estate, from and
titer the 9th day of September, 1899, will proceed
to sell at private sale all the right, title, Interest
and estate of the said Rhoda A. Blair al the time
of her death, and all the right, title and interest
that the estate has, by operation of law or other
wise other than or in addition to that of the said
Rhoda A. Blair at the time of her death, In and to
all those certain parcels of land situate, lying and
being in the county of Clackamas and state of Or
egon, and more particularly desoribed as follows,
The northwest quarter of southwest quarter;
north half of north half of southeast quarter and
lot one (1) of section 1, township 6 south, range 1
east of Willamette meridian.
Terms and conditions of sale : Cash, gold coin
of the United States; 50 per cent ot purchase
money to be paid on day of sale; balance on con
firmation of sale by said county court.
For further particulars apply to said executo",
at Marqnam, Oregon, or to Hedges & Griffith, at
torneys tor said estate, Barclay building, Ortgon
City, Oregon.
Executor of the estate of
Rhoda A, Blatr, deceased.
That Throbbing Headache
Would quickly leave vou ifyou Ufed Dr.
King's New Life Pills. Thousands of
sufferers have proved their matchless
nie-it for sick aud nervous headaches.
They make pure blood and strong nerves
and build up your health. Easy to take.
Try them. Only 25 cents. Money back
if not cured. Sold by George A. Hard
ing, druggist.
In the clrouit court of the state of Oregon for
the county of Clackamas.
W. H. Franklin ,
C. E. Moody,
To O. E. Moody, Defendant:
JN the name of the Btate of Oregon, you are
hereby required to appear and answer tht
complaint filed against you in ths
above entitled action on or before the
2nd day of October, 1899, and if you
fail to answer, for want thereof the plaintiff wilt
take judgment against you for the sum of one
hundred and twenty-four dollars in United Slate
gold coin, with Interest thereon from February
18ih, 1882, at 8 per ocnt per annum, and for eosts,
and disbursements herein.
This summons Is published by order of Hon
Thos. F. Ryan, judge of the county court of
Clackamas county, Oregon, made on the 25th day
of May, 1899.
First publication August 4, 1899.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
In the circuit court of the state of Oregon for
Clackamas county.
Emma Ferry,
L. M. Ferry.
To L. M. Eerry, the defendant above named!
JN tha name of the State of Oregon you are here
by required to appear and auswer to the com
plaint filed against you in the above entitled snlt
on or before the last day of the time prescribed
in theorder for the publication of this summons,
lo-wit: six weeks the dale of the first publloalion
of this summons being on the 4th day of August,
1899, and if you fall to so appear and answer the
plaintiff herein will apply to said court for the?
relief prayed for In her complaint, via: a judg
ment against you and a decree dissolving the
marriage contract now existing between you,
and the plaintiff herein and for the eare and cus
tody of the two said minor ohildren named Iu
said plaintiff's complaint and for such other re
lief as to the court may seem proper.
This summons is published by an order of tha
Hon. Thomas F. Ryan, judge of the oounty oourt,.
made and entered on the 31st day of July, 1899.
Napolxoh DAvrs,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon, for
the County of Clackamas.
Glace E. Hughes, 1
Plaintiff I -
William P. Hughes,
To William P. Hughes, Defendant:
In the name of the State of Oregon, you are"
hereby commanded to be and appear In the cir
cuit court of the state of Oregon for Clackamas
county on or before the time prescribed in the or
der for the publication of this summons, to-wit;
on or before six weeks after the first publication
hereof, to answer the complaint In the above
entitled cause, and In default thereof Judgment
will be entered therein against yon for want
thereof. The relief demanded by plaintiff In said!
complaint Is for a decree of this court dlssolving
the bonds of matrimony now existing between,
plaintiff and defendant; that plaintiff be allowed'
to resume her maiden name, Grace E. Porter, and'
for such other and further relief as may seem
just in equity and good conseienoe.
I Tha date of the first publication of this sum-
mon" ls Ju'T M- 189,i and "" Bummons Is pub-
llshed pursuant to an ordtr made by the Hon.
Thomas F. Ryan, judge of the county court of
tbe county of Clackamas, state of Oregon, on the-.
27th day of July, 1899, and filed herein.
Attorney for Plaintiff..
In the county court of the state of Oregon, for.
Clackamas county.
In the matttM of the estate of)
VOTICI is hereby given that the undersigned
has filed her final report In the above court
in thi above entiUed matter as administratrix of
said estate, with the will annexed, and the court
has fixed th 2nd day of October, 1899, at the hour
of 10 o'clock a.m. of said day.as the Ume for bear
lngany or all objections to said report, If any
there should be.
Dated August 15, 1S99.
Administratrix of said eetate
with will annexed.
G. E. Hitxs, Attorney for Estate.
I Orepaian and CnnrierHeraia $2-