Oregon City courier=herald. (Oregon City, Or.) 1898-1902, March 31, 1899, Page 3, Image 3

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The Ooubier-Hebald leads.
William Mellien is building a new
cottage near Molalla avenue.
Born, at Clackamas, to W. W. Jones
and wife, March 22nd, a daughter.
Eobert Jonsnud, of Sandy, has been
granted a patent for a cable car grip.
Tom F. Cowing, jr., has fitted out his
office with a bran new Smith-Premier
The infant child of John Stedraan
died at Carus during the past week. It
was buried at Beaver creek.
Hood's Sarsaparilla never disappoints.
It may be taken for impure and-impoverished
blood with per.ect confidence that
it will cure., .
The Oregon City Courikb-Hebald
has been made the official newspaper
of Clackamas county. A. very proper
selection. Roseburg Review.
The star mail service from Sandy to
Salmon, has been extended to embrace
Cherryyille, thereby increasing the
route by a distance of one mile.
J. A. Jones, who owns a sawmill up
Vie Abernethy, has practically built a
new structure, and has moved the old
machinery into the new building.
The fruit growers of Milwaukie are
fairly on to successful methods of taking
care of their orchards, Henry Henne-
mann is busy spraying several orchards
in that vicinity.
Pay the Oregon Volunteers a visit on
next Saturday evening, by attending
the lecture and seeing the stereopticon
views showing their landing, entertain
ment and embarkation at Honolulu.
Barthomew Sullivan, administrator of
the estate of Michael, Lavell, deceased,
' was given, an order to pell the personal
property of the estate Tuesday, by
County Judge Ryan. The appraisers
report the value of the estate at $1104 30.
A , Portland paper savs that David
Haab, who is serving a sentence in the
county jail for attempted rape, served
a five vears term in the Oregon peni
tentiary for a similar offense committed
in Portland. He was working in Baum,
Brandes &. Company's rebtaurant at the
The members of the Baptist church
have about completed arrangements
to DaV off thfl inrlahtArinpan nt thn nrcran.
ization amounting to $700. The mem
bers have subscribed money to pay off
the greater part of the indebtedness,
and it is expected that the remainder
will be raied soon.
Great preparations are being made
for the ninth annual session of the
Clackamas County Sunday School As
sociation to be held at Harmony Tues
day, April 14th. Carriages will be in
waiting at Milwaukie to convey dele
gates to the church. The program is
given in anothrr column.
At tlie regular meeting of McLongh
lin Cabin No., held Monday night, one
new member was initiated, and an ap
plication for membership was received
Gilbert L. Hedges was elected record
ing secretary to succeed I). H. Glavs,
who gave up the poi-ition on account of
being away from home the greater part
of the time.
Amonu the new suits filed in the cir
cuit court during the past week, are
Samuel Haetincs vs Nellie Hastings;
action for a divorce. The plaintiff al
leges that the defendant made life bur
densome for him, by continually un
justly accusing him of smiling on other
women. Lillian Weyand, of Portland,
wants a divorce from Isiac Weyand.
A few days ago A. Knapp received a
medal for honorable service in the
Franco-Prussian war of 1870 71. It was
made by direction of the Emperor of
Gf-rmany, is signed by the minister of
the interior, and counterFignud by the
German consul at Portland. Mr. Knapp
said the proudest moment of his life
was when he marched a French pris
oner to the rear of his company.
Mrs. Lvdia A. Mojneit, a pioneer of
1851, died at Eaale creek,' Sunday,
Marcli 26th, aged 87, and was buried
Monday. The deceased was born at In
dianap li, Indiana, in 1812. the was
married to J. B. Howlett, who died
while crossing the plains in 1851.
The deceased was a continuous resident
of Clackamas county since her first at
rival hero. She left three children,
Mrs. Mary Huelat Bradley, of Oregon
City; W. J. Howlett. of Eagle creek,
and J. N. Holett, of Clackamas.
The Rosebur; Review has the follow
ing referring to a former well known
resident here: Captain J. P. Shaw of
Coffee creek, one of the prominent mi
ner of that district, is in the city today.
He tell til tint the p recent season has
t been an excellent one for placer min
ing, except that there ha at time been
too much water doing injury to ditches'
., na nume. ..mere are now lour giants
at work on the creek, and a good clean
up i looked forward to. Snow is still"
deep lii the surrounding mountain and
, Captain Shaw had some difficulty on
that account in getting out. 1
Born, in Oregon City, March 28th, to
Rev. P. K. Hammond and wife, a
The debate between the Y. M. 0. A.
and Bolton Literary Society hits been
postponed until one week from next
E. G. Caufleld, administrator of the
estate of Luke Comer, deceased, has
been granted an order to sell the per
sonal property.
Taxes are coming in Blowly at the
sheriffs office, and that official wishes
to announce that the taxes for 1898 are
now due and payable.
Do nor fail to hold a ticket that wiil
entitle you to join the excursion party
that will make a trip to the Hawaiian
Islands on Saturday, April 1.
Airs. G. M. Strange, deputy superin
tendent, has more than caught up with
the work in the office, amkis waiting on
a delinquent school district in order to
make out her annual report.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Freytag enter
tained the members of the Congrega
tional Endeavor Society at their home
Wednesday evening Literary games
and refreshments were features of the
At Supple's boatyard in East Port
land, the Oregonian says that ground is
being cleared for laying the timbers for
a large barge for the Willamette pulp
mills at O-iegnn City. It will be 100
feet long, 28 feet beam and 5 feet deep.
The Oregon City and Bolton debat
ing teams will repeat their debate at
Pope's hall Saturday night. The Bol
tons were victorious in the con'est held
there a few days ago. The judges for
the coming debate are Penator Brown
ell, Rev. A. J. Montgomery and Profes
sor L. W. McAdam.
A patent for vaiious fractional and
whole tracts in odd sections of govern
ment land in Oregon to the Otegon A
California Railroad Company, was rec
orded in the county recorder' office
Monday. The patent was dated at
Washington, D. O , February 25th, and
covers 1,467.85 acre.
There will be special Easter seryices
at the Congregational church Sunday.
The morning topic will be "Resurrec
tion Comforts." The Sunday school
will have special servicw during its see.
sion hour. The evening hour will be
devoted to an Easter praise service.
The choir will be augmented by some
of the best local talent. The public is
welcome to all these services .
W. Albee, James Baxter and M. Ham
ilton, three boys were arraigned before
Justice Schuebel Saturday moruing,
charged with disturbing Salvation
army services. Officer Shaw cau
tioned the boys to go home on the pre
vious evening and avoid trouble, but
they did not heed the warning. The
boys were let off with a $5 fine and a
severe reprimand by Justice Schuebel.
The graduating class of the Parkplace
school, who wiil comp'ete their course
in June met at the home of Judge Gal
lnwap the other evening, and elected
the following class officers: PreJdent,
Llewellyn Bill; vice-president, Daisy
McAnulty ; secretary, Mamie McAnulty';
treasurer, Mabel Kennedy; prophet,
Edna Jewell; historian, Mollie Biown;
Valedictorian, Lizzie Evans.
School rows are proving to be expen
sive luxuries for the taxpayers of Clackamas-
county. A case from Macksburg
cost about $30, and there was no con
viction because the jury failed to agree.
The next day after the school meeting
at Highland, George Kirk came in and
pleaded guilty to assaulting A. Nicho
las. Justice Schuebel fined him $", and
this as expected to settle the matter.
Later, however, Nicholas filed a bond
and had the case brought up again.
The jury did not agree, and the costs
amounting to about $75 must come out
of the county. Now it is learned that
Kiik is to have another heating. The
fnu't lies not with the justices, but the
jury system is responsible for all these
troub'es. When a jury disagrees in a
state case, the county is stuck for the
A number of Clackamas county bl
clycistsmet at Olaik & L-.der's office
last Saturday evening, and to. k pre
lirainnry steps toward organizing a
county association. Rev. A. J. Mont
gomery was elected chairman, fcnd W.
A. Huntley secretary. The following
were present from Milwaukie, and par
ticipated in the deliberations: Oscar
Wissinger, Robert Bonnett, B. W. Fii-h,
J. W, James and Samuel Hoesley. The
following were appointed a committee
on permanent organization: Fred
Meyer, M. E. Bain and A.J.
ery. The following committee was ap
pointed to investigate the nro
route, confer with the board of county
uuuimiBgioner regarding the location of
a route, and ascertain where th Mn.
nom.h conn'y connecting path ia to lie
um: u. wissinger, J. F. Clark, E.E.
Lharman, Dr. J. II. Miller and E. H.
Cowing. The committee on perma
nent organization is exprcted to report
by Saturday night J. F. Clark wa
elected permanent president, and W.
A. Huntley (ecretary.
W. F, Kirk wa in from Beaver creek
Tuesday. .
A.M. Kirchem, the Logan surveyor,
was here Monday.
C. 8. Chase, a well known citizen of
Sandy, was here Monday.
Miss Blanche Byland is visiting Mrs.
J. M. Lewis in Portland.
D. E. Brewer, of the Chemawa In
dian school, was in town Monday.
W. L. Starkweather, of Concord, went
to Canby Saturday to visit relatives. "
John Moore and H. Longcoy, of
Clackamas, were visitors in town Mon
day. .
Miss Vinnie Knapp, of Portland, was
visiting Mrs. K.H.Gabbert over Sun
day. N. R. Graham, a prominent hop
grower of Elliott Prairie, was in town
Tuesday. ' .
E. F. Bennett, publisher of the Stay
ton Times, now presides as mayor of
that city. - - . -. . . .
F. M. Mathews, the wide-a.wake
constable of Macksburg, was in town
Thursday. , J.
Major S. Bungate, a well known citi
zen of Molalla, was here last Thursday
and Friday.
H. E. Harris is putting in an ice
plant for the Holmes Coal & Ice Com
pany in Portland .
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Knapp, of Port
and, were visiting the family of J. A.
Thayer over Sunday.
N O. McLaughlin, of the state insane
asylum, was visiting his family here
Friday and Saturday.
E, A. Ooe, the Svenson merchant,
accompanied by his bride, was in the
city during the past week.
S. L. Moorhead, editor of the Junc
tion City Times, parsed through Mon
day on his way to Portland.
Miss May Mark, who is now a sales
lady at Olds A King's in Portland, vis
ited her parent over Sunday.
J. 8. Purdom, formerly chief of po
lice here, has been appointed a night,
watchman at the penitentiary.
Misses Carrie and Bertha Moores, of
Portland; were visiting their brother,
C. B. Moore and family Sunday.
Christian Zimmerman, of Aurora,
was in town Friday, . settling up hi
taxes on Clackamas county realty,
W. C. Cheney, who has been conduct
ing mining operation in the interior of
old Mexico, returned home Monday.
Hon. George Knight and wife were
visiting friends and relative in Cottage
Grove last week. Canby Independent.
Hon. W. S. U'Ren, of Oregon City,
was visiting friend in our city Sunday,
returning Monday morning Albany
E. W. Dixon, special agent of the
United States land department at Se
attle, was visiting old friends here dur
ing the week.
Frank Williams, of Ashland, chair
man of the populist state central com
mittee, passed through Monday on his
way to Portland.
William Logus, under date of Febru
ary 20th, wrote some interesting letters
concerning the first battles at Manila
with the Filininos.
Attorney George Noland, well known
here, is building three new cottage for
rent during the summer season, says
the ABtoria Herald.
Mrs. Carter, mother of Mrs. A. L.
Cornwall, leaves this afternoon for a
visit with re'atives in Oregon City.
Wood burn Independent.
F. H. King was down from Logan
Friday. He reports that but veiy little
wheat u8 frozen out, and the fruit
prospects are fairly good.
Captiin J. T. Apperson and wife, of
Oregon City, spent Sunday here with
A. J. Apperson and family. McMinn
ville Telephone Register.
Miss Josephine L. Peabody, neice of
Mrs. Elmer Dixon, will establish a kin
dergarten school in the Shively build
ing to begin next Monday.
Albert Morris and wife and Mrs. P.
Howell, of Mehama, who attended the
funeral of the late Mrs! Minerva Hamil
ton, returned home Monday.
L. H. Cowing and wife, and MIbs
Ethel Blinn, of Astoria, attended a birth
day dinner given last Sunday by Mis
Ruth Cowing at her home here.
Misses Hilda Erickgon, Rachel Lewis
and Annie. Jones, who hold positions in
Portland, have been spending a vaca
tion at their respective homes near
Archie Livermore, of Euwne, who i
attending the Portland business college,
was here during the past week, visiting
his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. W.
B. Zumwalt.
Guido Clark, George Swafford and
Howard Brownell, all student of Pa
cific university at Forest Grove, were
visiting at their respective home dar
ing the week. ' '
"Rei. W. H. Latourette, who ha been
filling the pulpit of the 'Baptist' church
here f r the past month,' left 'Monday
for hi home at Oakland. Calif. Mr.
Latonrette wa bora a raised on the
old bbmeetead near here, and it popu
jar with many friend.
I can loan from $500 to $1500 at 7 in
terest on No. 1 mortgage security, one
to three years time. H. E. Cbpbs.
Mason & Hamlin and Kimball parlor
organs for sale at Oregon City Auction
House, opposite postoffice.
Ready made dress skirts from $1.50
to $3.00 at the Racket Store.
A few cheap reliahle watches at
youngpr's .
Highest cash price paid for second
hand household goods at Bellomy &
Money to loan at 8 percent interest on
mortgages. Apply to O. D. & D. O.
Latourette. L
And the prices are quoted so ridicu
lously low that it will pay you to call.
Cslia Goldsmith. . V
The Club tonsorial parlors, P. G.
Shark, proprietor, Bhaves for 10 cents.
A full line of cigars and tobacco is kept.
Dan WTillians has added to his stock of
groceries and provisions a full line of
feed and hay. Goods delivered to all
parts of the city free. Corner Seventh
and Center streets
Ribbons, embroideries, laces and all
kinds of notions at the Racket Store.
Money to loan at 8 per cent interest on
mortgages. Apply to C. D. & D. O
Latourette .
I have abundance of money to loan at
8 and choice loans will be made at 7'
C. H. Dye.
When in Portland be sure, and call at
the Royal restaurant where you can get
the best 15c meal in the city. 253 First
street, corner of Madison. Wm.
Bohlander, proprietor.
Younger, who has had a life-long ex
perience, will clean your watch for a
Wanted 100 watches to repair at $1
each, at O. A. Nash's, Postoffice build
ing, tl.
Shoe repairing of all kinds at F, H,
Cross harness shop, opposite A O U
W building on the hill,,
During my absence I have placed in
charge of my dental office Dr. W. T.
Lyon whom I can recommend to my
friends and the public in general as a
skillful and reliable dentist.
L. L. Pickkns.
Steam thresher and separator for
sale on reasonable terms. Inquire at
my residence one mile east of Sunnyside
Postoffice, Clackamas county,
Mrs. Agnes Cruikbhank.
For good work horse and fresh milch
cows call on W W. Irvin, Barlow( Ore.
45 cent round trip from Oregon City
to Portland and return via Southern
Paciflo trains. One way rate 25 cents.
Tickets now on sale at railroad depot.
Trains leave Oregon City at 8:40 a.m.,
and 3:35 p. m., and arrives from Port
land at 9:23a. m. and 6:52 p. m. Save
time by using the quicker route
Weekly Oreginian and Courikr
Herai.d for $2 per year.
For sale, a Perchnron stallion, weight
1650 pound. Is in good condition;
color strawbsrry roan. The property of
Franklin Ford. Price $125. The horse
can be seen at A, K. Ford's, West Ore
gon City.
Notice: Have you a farm for sale or
for rent or do you know of any person
hnlding farming lands that they wish to
dispose of? If go, please wiite to any
agent of the O. R. & N. Co. and he will
sond you a circular which will interest
United Modern Vigilantes have one
payment per month, no more no less.
No per cupita tax. When you seethe
rate opposite your age on folder you
know that' what you pay and you are
not guessing what your next payment
will be. Join the Oeegon City Branch.
It's time to quit walking when you
can buy a first-cUss, fully guaranteed
'09 bicycle with all ti e latest improve
ments for $30. Look at them at Hunt
ley' Book Store.
For flrst-clns8 handmade or machine
made harness go to F, H, Cross on
Seventh street, opposite A O U W hall,
Prices reasonable and wok guaranteed,
Free Pills.
Send vnur ililrenu in IT. F. Rn.klan
& Co., Chicago, and get a free sample
box of King's New Life Pills. A trial
will convince you of their merit. These
pills are eay inaction and are particu
iery effective intlie cure of Constipation
snd Sick Headache. For Malaria and
Liver troubles they liav been proved
invaluable. They are guaranteed to be
perfectly free from every deleterious
RIltlfttanpA anil in ha nnrnlv vonrotuhla
They dn not weaken by their action, but
uy giving tone to stoinacH ana Dowel
8ize2"c per box. hold by (i. A. Hard
ing. Druggist
Notice to Farmers
I have erected on south tide of Main
St., near Woolen Mill. Oregon City, a
feed yard for the benefit ot the public
with firnt-rlaH til-t and waiting room
for the lailie. , ,
My price ai a follow:, Stall room
for team 10c, single rig 10c. saddle horse
Sc.' Also hnrve kept by the day,- week
or month. Barn room to rent' by the
mown, aim corral or loose dock.
ree always on hind, ,
Bicycle Repair Shop
Bicycles, Sewing Machines, Guns, Etc.,
Repaired and Cleaned in , a first-class
manner at very reasonable prices. .......
A full stock of extras and repairs for
Bicycles kept. Sole agent for Clackamas
county fcr Chase Tough-Tread Tires
Bicycles for Rent
More machinery and a new motor have
recently been added to my stock of tools,
and I am now prepared to execute work
promptly. Satisfaction guaranteed and
Prices within the Reach of All.
Opposite Huntley's Drug Store - - Oregon City
-ao TO- 0. H.
Shop Opposite OongreKHtlonal tJhnroli, Main Htreet, Oregon City, Ore.
...The Most Desirable Suburb... :
IT Is all within one mile of the center of the city and is cori
, nected by an improved plank road. Healthy location, fine
view, good air, soil, water and drainage and a first-class
public school adjoining. With all the advantages of the city
and but a 1 5 minutes walk to to the business houses, makes this
a very desirable place of residence and bound to grow in
, Choice Lots ready for the garden from $ioo to $150 on
easy monthly installments with liberal discount to home build
ers. Call on or address. '
T. I. CIIAKMAN, Trustee,
Doalor In.
Also Full line of Mill Feed,
Every Woman
Loves It.
Bull and Plant hava gont to thouifinrtiof latUAfd cut
fomtra for balf a cantury . and to celferat Oi 80th jrcar
In bualncM wo hart liiurd a Golden Wedding adlUou of
Vick'sfnra. Guide
which U work of art. 4 pn(i llttinnrtphnl In colon,
4 t.r'in Hoiivpiifr. ti'ftrly IU0 iiftKHi flllfd ttli hannMHiio
ImlMun llhtlrullolil of KHiwrrn, Vrprtliblt, 1'lknU,
KnilM. k. ,clently bound in whlU aihI gold. A liiftr.
rtl In (-HlalnxN making ; an authority on all atitcta
fjerlMlnllitf to parden, with caia Mr lUvaauie, alul ft
4m-mlla i-alalfifiiM of all that li dralrabla. II la loo
iluiiv to girt away InritatrtinlnaUelr . I.ul wa waut
rvrrron lutftmtwl III a Rood irurdcn to havt a ropy,
Ihtn-rnr wa will atafl law lulrta and I lar
UIK IIII.L far .1o. w.rtli ! IB OttJt
It U1U kw trial! I fivoa It rail Aaaaal at
areaaaa U (ay ataat laoai.
Vlck's Little Gem Catalogue. .
A pwrrWt Unit f rwi of a prlca Hat. U la Omply tha
' ftulda rondpntrd. flntlr UluRlraiH. and In handy
' abapa. uiaklui II conttiinmi for nlntmr. Fit It
Vlcke Illustrated Monthly Maaailn
' r.nlarffpd, Inprovrd and up In .Jut on all anbjarta
i ' relating to (laraanlna. tfartn itltur. ate. to rpnta
, yr. Daedal lfc alUr-lba Maiailaa
1 wa yaaf, aad il Unlaw 9i ewala.
9mr aaw ataa at aalllaf Tiaalaati aaaaa iItm yaa ajar
ar away awaay Ikaa way aaaa katua la Aaarlaa.
Jamoo Vicko Qono,
RochaataVV M. Y.
Undertaker and Embalmei
Carrie a complete line of caskets, coffins,
robes etc. Superior good, Buperioi
services at most moderate prices. Next
door to Commercial bank.
Oregon City , - Obiqo
Charman Bros.' Block
Lime, Cement and land Plaster.
And likes to have it in her home.
" Patent Flour " is popular with
housewives who strive to please
tneir husbands by Riving them
the BEST bread and pastry, and
is only made by "Patent
- ..f-i 1 I .1. - r
iuui, iuaiiuiaiiuii;u uy uic rc
City Mills.
IS THE TIME to clean
house and repaper youi
rooms and paint your
house and ...,,,
IS THE MAN to do
.the painting and papering
in a first-class shape at
very low prices. Leavt
orders at Ely Bros, store
1 on upper 7th streeth.
0MAI. CATTA, trwpritr
" v 1 .-; t Oaa HW,Oft
fur Milk and Futt Heasore
' five.it tMrvtrt to tty
i UVAe elty.
Tir MaMaa vmiyw mm