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Ears and Eyes Were Affected
Little Ctrl the victim.
"Mv little pivl had verv bad scrofula
trouble, which affected her "ears and eyes
and caused her great suffering. I got a
Dottle ot llooa b sursupariiia ana sue oe
gan taking it. The sores soon healed, and
after the use of two bottles she was cured.
Mbs. IIowabd Pope, Alpha, Or.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is America's Greatest Medicine. $1; six for o.
ANEW name, tlint of Gomez, may be ttdded to tie list of brave Spanish-Americans who have liberated their country
from the Spanish yoke. His name will be well worthy ot a place beside those of Bolivar, O'Higglns, Sucre, Iiklal
go and Toussuint, who preceded him by nearly a century in the resistance of Spanish oppression and the freeing of
Americans from the burdensome yoke. It is nearly ninety years Binee the beginning of the series of revolution's that, when
Cuba and Torto Rico are freed, will have resulted in the abolition of Spanish rule In the western hemisphere. The brave
Argentinians under Sun Murtin began the conflict in 1S09, and the Mexicans followed a few months later. Both were
unsuccessful at the beginning, .but suddenly all South America broke out In one bhiae of revolution thut was not to be
finally extinguished until Spain hud been driven from the continent.
The natives welcomed the chance to secure thoir freedom. When once the torch of liberty had been lighted so great
a fire was kindled that it could not be exttngiiislied. These revolutions were popular uprisings. The rich had no sympathy
with them. The lund-ownlug and governing class, the army and navy, the few wlio profited by the sufferings of the many,
had no sympathy with the uprisings. The insurgents were an undisciplined rabble, whose volunteer leaders were forced
to create an army from poor material and with no arms or equipments. At first they were organized in scattered bands
that attacked the fortifications of the Spanish army. Little by little they were welded Into a compact army by the genius
of their leaders.
These leaders revealed great ability, and to the people of South America their names ore as dear ns is that of Wash
ington to us of North America,. Some of them distinguished themselves so greatly as to make their fame world-wide.
Such was O'Higgins in Ohili, Bolivar in Venezuela and Central America, Sucre in Bolivia and Peru, Hidalgo in Mexico and
Sun Martin In Argentina. They sacrificed nruch for the cause. Several were men of large private fortunes who gave all
that they possessed as a sacrifice ou the altar of liberty. Born rich, O'Higgina, Bolivar and Sucre died poor. They risked
their lives a's well as their money, and thonsamla of other men, now forgotten, died that their courfrry inrftht be free. Their
republics were just as ungrateful as all republics are traditionally. Hidalgo woa killed by the Spanish. iThe other great
men had a worse fate, being traduced ami vilified by their compatriots who, at first profusely grateful, afterward yielded
to the jealousy of rival lenders. It was not until after their death that their compatriots appreciated their greatness. Prob
ably the same fate Is in store for Gomez,
Hood's PillBCnre indigestion, biliousness.
Cows With Ear Rings. '
A cow is the last creature one would
expect to see with ear-rings, yet every
cow in Beligum must wear; them now.
The director-general ol agriculture has
issued a regulation that all animals of
the bovine epecies are to wear ear
rings aa soon as they have attained the
age of three months. Breeders are
obliged to keep an exact account of the
animals raised by them and the ring
on which is engraved a number is fast
ened in the animal's ear-to prevent the
substitution of one animal for another,
Bells In Jerusalem.
Turks and Jews, as well as , Chris
tians.according to The Kolnecliie Volks
zeituug, have been nmoh excited by
the sound of the three bells of the new
Protestant Church in Jerusalem. For
several centuries the nse of bells by the
Christians in Palestine, or elsewhere
within the Ottoman Empire, had been
prohibited by the Oreat Turk; who has
conceded it now, however, to his friend
mid ally,, the Evangelical German Kai
ser. In the' Theatre tie la, Turquie,
published in 1688. - it is said, "The
Turks hate bells, as a symbol of Chris
tianity, and do not permit even the
Christians to use them. Only in a few
remote mountain convents, oi in lonely
islands, where there are no resident
Mohammedians, is the use of a bell
Durlingamc, Cal., accredited and limited
to SO bovs. The location and surround
ings, together with the almost perfect cli
mate aud careful attention to mental,
moral and physical training, easily places
Iloitt's among the foremopt schools for
bovs on the Coast. 8. F. Chronicle.
Eighth year begins August 9. Iba O.
Hoitt, Ph! D., 1'rincipal.
It 18 announced that Italian experi
ments on vegetable life with Roentgen
rays have shown that the effect ia
identical with that of sunlight.
The grievances of Bailors examined by the
authorities in ports oi entry, where
the seamen belong, often turn out to be
Imaginary or itrixiUr exaggerated. But there
are plenty of cruel and conscienoeless skip,
perswho abuse their crews. Violence Is al
ways objectionable, and pointedly so when It
is exerted upon an unfortunate-liver, stomanh
or bowels by dosing with rtraMio purgatives
wh'lch weaken the intestines. Use ilostetter's
Stomach Hitters.
A powder to be shaken into the shoes,
At this season vour feet feel swollen, ner
vous, and hot, and get tired easily. If you
have smarting ieet or tignt snoes, irv
Allen's Foot-Ease. It cools the feet and
makes walking easy. Cures swollen and
sweating feet, blisters and callous spots.
Kelieves corns and bunions of all pain and
gives rest and comfort Ten thousand tes
timonials of cures. Try it todav. Bold by
all druggists and shoe stores for 25c. Sent
bv mail for 25c iu stamps. Trial package
FREE. Address Alleu 8. Olmsted, Le
Koy, New York.
"You May Fire When Heady, Grldley
"You may Are when ready,Gridley."
That phrase of Commodore Dewey's,
as the Olympia steaming slowly, was
getting the range of her guns on the
Spanish fleet, is likely to be long quo
ted and widely remembered. Surely,
says The Criterion, it breathes cool
ness, care, confidence in the face of
an enormous and pressing responsibil
ity. Compare it with the thunder it
instantly wakened, the tremendous for
ces it let loose, the terrible destruction
that followed, and you will find it the
most typical Americanism of the quarter-century.
Mark, too, its politeness,
as well aa its touch of comradeship.
Torpedo-Carrying Ualloou.
A Virginian has designed a torpedo
carrying balloon whioh has the explos
ive suspended by a numbor of cords,
with a guide rope to assist in holding
it until it leaches the right current of
air to carry it toward the enemy, when
a second cord is pulled which ignites
a slow fuse to drop the torpedo at the
proper place. '
Beware of Ointment! for Catarrh That
Contain Mercury,
As mercury will surely destroy the sense of
smell ami completely aerauge tne wnoie sys
tem when entering it through the mucous sur
faces. Such articles should never be used ex
cept on prescriptions from reputable physi
cians, as the dumago they will do is ten fold to
the good you can possibly derive from them.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, mamuacmred by P. J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains no mercury,
and is taken internally, acting directly upon
tue blood ana mucous surfaces oi tne system.
In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get
the genuine. It Is taken Internally, and made
in Toledo, Onlo, by i 3. Cheney & Co. Testl-
inontais tree
Sold by Druggists, price 75e. per bottle.
Hall's Family PillB are the best.
Are Knmerous and Many
Them Are Dangerous;
Soldiers In Cuba will have many
pests to contend against The mos
quito is more frequent In Cula than In
New Jersey at the holght of the sea
son. It Is also a more venomous In
sect The nearer you go to the equator
the more potent the mosquito becomes.
The Cuban mosquito is to the New Jer
sey lusect as a flrst-clnss fighting bull
to a yearling calf. Those who have
camped out In Texas -will have a modi
fled Idea of what to expect In the Cu
ban mosquito.
The worst post of ail Is the Cuban fly.
This is a black insect, smaller than
the common house fly and resembling
the black fly of northern woods. It
comes In myriads, buzzes about your
also plies his numerous nimble feet on
Cuban soiL When he walks across
your flesh you feel as If many red-hot
needles had been thrust Into you and
lie leaves a trail of venom behind.
There is a sufficiency of snakes fn Cuba
rattlers, moccasins and others. The
commonest snake Is called the moja. Is
Tilxmt ten feet long and venomous, but
not ferocious.
Convict Ride to Freedom on the Belt of
a Fly Wheel.
The most daring and remarkable
prison escape on record was that of
Frank Steadmau from San Queutln,
Cal. Stoadman was a burglar by pro
fession and a machinist by Inclination.
While In San Quentln prison he was
put to work, with other convicts. In the
fRPICn '
s '
spalr, but Steudman's was of a differ
ent caliber. Ills plans were tlie out
growth of steadfast optimism. lie
never ceased to scheme, as he never
ceased to hope for liberty.
One day there came to him, as If by
Inspiration, the thought that the big
belt might be the means of carrying
The new improved Btoughton wagons
stand the racket. Two car loads have just
arrived.' It-pavS to have the -best. Write
for tree catalogue. JOHN POOLE, sole
agent, foot of Morrison street, Portland, Or.
A Chicago paper complains that
$180,000,000 worth of real estate in that
city is held by absentee landlords.
Piso'g cure for consumution is onr only
medicine for coughs anil colds. Mrs. C.
tieltz, 43U 8tn ave., Denver, vjoi., ssov. b,ud.
The Peruvian Central railroad covers
a distance of ten miles at an elevation
only about 2,000 feet . lower than the
summit of the highest mountain in
eyes and bites savagely. In the uelgh
.borhood of woods it Is present in Buch
terrible swarms that It Is Impossible to
sleep without some preparation smear
ed on hands and face. There Is also the
Jejene, or Cuban flea, which is extreme
ly unpleasant and even dangerouB,be
cause it seeks to enter the eyes during
sleep. Horses and cattle suffer terri
bly from the attacks of the Jejene oh
their eyelids.
Cuba also harbors the chigoe, or Jig
gar flea. The female of this Insect hits
t habit of burrowing Into human flesh
and there laying an enormous mass of
eggs. The wounds made by this Insect,
If neglected, will produce a dangerous
ulceration. As they attack by prefer
ence the big toe, they are apt to cause
lameness. The scorpion Is another
Cuban product This reptile has twelve
feet and Is from five to six Inches long.
It terminates in a long tall, which con
tains the sting. This causes a severe
wound, possibly a fatal one to a man
In Ill-health. He who entertains a scor
pion unawares will know what it Is to
hart a thankless child. The centipede
engine-room. It was here that an Idea
came Into his brain that for absolute
daring and fearlessness was typical of
the man.
He had noticed that every evening at
the time the men working In the engine
room were lined up to be marched
away the machinery was stopped at
exactly the same moment He had
observed as well that a window lead
lng to an adjacent roof was not far
from the top of the big driving belt
of the engine. From that roof It was
possible to reach the outer wall of the
prison.. Beyond the wall was freedom,
Apparently the window was beyond
all possibility of being reached. No
ladder was to be obtained. Had such
a thing been even standing In place
against the wall, to break from the
line and scale It with catlike dexterity,
although the work of but a few sec
onds, he well knew would be futile.
possibly fatal. Bullets travel faster
than legs, and the guards were not bad
shots. But desperate deeds demand
desperate means. Some minds may
work with an Ingenuity " born of de
li lm to his goal. He found that It was
Impossible to count the revolutions of
the driving wheel, but there were lac
lugs Iu the broad belt which he was
able to distinguish as a sort of blur as
It passed a given point. For days and
days he counted, and In his cell at
night he spent his time In calculations.
He discovered the exact number of
revolutions the wheel mnde per ralU'
ute. He learned nlso, by constant ob
servation, Just how ninny times the
belt went round after the engine was
shut down.
One evening when the line had been
formed as usual at the close of the
day's work, and as the big wheel be
gan to lose Its momentum, suddenly a
convict sprang from the line, leaped
to the belt with outstretched arms
grappling both edges of the broad
leather. He had calculated well the
strength that would be required, for
the terrific wrench did not loosen his
grasp. Outward and upward he swung
until he reached the topmost point of
the circumference. The nicety of his
calculation had reaped Its rewnrd. The
belt stopped. He leaped to his feet,
sprang through the window, and was
gone before convicts or guards had re
covered from their astonishment He
caught up a guard's coat and hat,
dropped from the wall, and got away
In the dusk of the evening. His des
perate escape did not profit him. He
was recaptured and sunt back to San
The Head C'aqn"r.
Jacob Schontag, for forty years head
of the claque at the Vluena Opera
House, Is dead. He knew all the operas
of the repertory by heart knew the
strong and weak points of all the art
ists, and held a rehearsal of his subor
dinates In the afternoon before the
production of an opera, when he drilled
them on the parts of a production
where their work was to be put In
He watched them during the perform
ance from a seat that commanded a
view of the whole house, but never ap
plauded himself, save In desperate
; .I,., if '
The Ice cream season was invented
for spoony lovers.
lire. Hoffman Describes How She
Wrote to MrB. Pinkham for
Advioe, and 13 Now Well.
rr ze
I wry A
A ourios fact has been noted by Aro
tic travelers snow when at a very low
temperature absorbs moisture and dries
tITC Permanently Cured. No fltsor norvousnes
I II alter first dav'a use of Dr. Kline'i ureut.
Nerve Kestorer. Send for FKKK Ws.oti trial
bottle and treatise. DR. B. If, ILLIN.E, Ltd., two
aiuu street, ruuuueipma, ru.
ffV' I'll '
Dear Mrs. Pineii am: Before using
your Vegetablo Compound I was
great sufferer. I have been sick for
months, was troubled with severe pain
ia both sides of abdomen, sore feeling
in lower part of bow-
els, also suffered
with dizziness,
headache, and
could not sleep.
I wrote you a
letter describ-
. ing my case and
asking your
advice. You
replied tell
ing me just
what to do. I
followed your direc
tions, and cannot praise your medicine
enough for what It has done for me.
Many thanks to you for your advice.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound has cured me, and I will recom
mend It to my friends. Mrs. Flokencb
E. Hoffman, S13 Roland St, Canton, O.
The condition described by Mrs Hoff
man will appeal to many women, yet
lots of sick women struggle on with
their daily tasks disregarding the
urgent warnings until overtaken by
actual collapse.
The present Mrs. Pinkham's experi
ence In treating female ills Is unparal
leled, for years she worked side by Bide
with Mrs. Lydia 41 Pinkham. and for
sometimes past has bad sole charge
of the correspondence department of
her great business, treating by letter
as many as a hundred thousand ailing
women during a single year.
I the working capital
nf luimnnltv. ttnwlifi
loses that is wreolcea
indeed. Is yonr health
fuillntc yon, your am
bition, vljror, vitality
wasting away r
When others lari con
sult. . .
For the greedy, safe and rrmanent cm re of all
Nervoru, Chronic and Special diseases, even
In their most aggravated forms, There Is no man
In the world who httB effected bo many permanent
euros in both Men and Women of troubles which
other phyBtcans of acknowledged ability had given
upas nopeiess as mis eminent specialist.
NKHYOVS DKBHJTV and all Its attpndlm
aliments, of VOUNO, MIDDLE-AUED Olid OLD
MEN. The awful effects of neglected or Improp
erly treated cases, causing drains, weakness of
body and brainy dlzr.lness, falling memory, lack of
energy and confidence, pains In back, loins and
kidneys, and many other distressing symptoms,
untitling one for study, buslines or enlovment ol
life. UrBatcllffecau cure you, no matter who or
wnat una ruiien.
UR4K M Ktt. He restore lost vigor and vi
tality to weak nien. . Orgmis of the body which
have been weakened inrougn disease, overworn,
excesses or Indiscretions arc restored to full power.
strength and vigor through his own successful sys
tem oi treatment.
V4i;i('(K'KI.It. hydrocele. swelling and ten
denies of the glands treated with untalllng suocess,
SPECIAL HIHKASKS, Intluraruatlon, dis
charges, etc., which, if nfglecled or Improperly
treated, break down the sriu-m, cauBe kidney aud
hlmlilpr rtlHefutfA. ettv
peclal attention given to all their many ailments.
1VHITK 1 1' you are aware of any trouble. 10
NOT DUl.AY. CallonPr.Hatcltlietoday. Ifyoit
cannot call, write him. Ills vaniatiii nook tree ti
ail sulTerera. CONHULTATION J-'HEK and confi
dential at office or by letter.
nun i tm m n spring eye grain
hill unui iaiio BAG NEEDLES
Plain or with Cutter. The best needle In the mar
ket. Used by ull sack Bewers. For sole by all gen
eral merchandise stores, or by
K Market Street, San Francisco, Cal.
is due not only to the originality and
simplicity of the combination, but also
to the care and skill with which it is
manufactured by scientific processes
known to the California Fio Svrup
Co. only, and we wish to impress upon
all the importance of purchasing the
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
by the California Fiq Svrup Co.
only, a knowledge of that fact will
assist one in avoiding the worthless
imitations manufactured by other par
ties. The high standing of the Cali
fornia Fio Svkup Co. with the medi
cal profession, and the satisfaction
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of families, makes 1
the name of the Company a guaranty ,
of the excellence ot Its remedy. It is
far in advance of all other laxatives,
as it acts on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without irritating or weaken
ing them, and it does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial'
effects, please remember the name of
the Company
101181 IBS
coPS ti Mm
Is it Wrotig?
Get it Right.
Keep it Right.
Moore's Revealed Remedy will do It. Three
doses will make you (eel better. Get It from
yonr druwrtst or any wholesale drug house , or
from Stewart & Holmes Drug Co., Seattle.
Portland to Chicago Without Change
M. P. N. C.
No. SO, '68.
Make money by mcceslut
speculation in (JliicaKo. VSe
buy and sell wheat on mar
Kins. Fortune bare been
tr.ade on a small beginning by trading In fu
tures. Write for lull particulars, best ol r
erence given. Several rears' experience on tb
Chicago Board of Trade, and a thorough know
ledge of the business. Send lor onr free refer
ence book. DOWNING, HOPKINS & Co.,
Chicago Board of Trade Brokers. Offices in
Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Wash.
Gray balr restored to its natural color and
youthful beauty in 4 to 9 weeks.
Stops hair falling out and prevents baldness.
Causes luxuriant growth of glossy balr In
youth or age.
Equally successful with both aexea.
It Dever (alls. Try it.
Sold in bottles at 60c and II.
Sesit In covered packages to any address
Dbon receipt of price. Address
IM'i Washington street,
Portland, Or.
Stopped atone
i r .... .u . r , is- ui.i.. Ill
1n. uurrMAii, wi jsautua mug, viiii.nflu,il
WnUfc AU (LSI fallS.
lough syrup, tmus uooa. vm
r j
7UEN writing' to advertisers please
II 1
mention this paper.
Quick Time.
I nloii Depots.
Personally ('iindncted Expnrslnni,
ItuKiriiKe Cheeked to Destination.
l.iiw Itntes, , ...
Dtreer line tn TrAna-MinsUsipiil ana
Iiileriiatiitnnl Exposition held iu Omaha,
Nebraska, ,1une to November.
Write undersigned lor rate, time tables and
other inlorniailoti pertaining to Union Paottlfj
K. a,
R. W. BAXTER, Gen. Agent,
133 Third SU, Portland, Oregon,
nori'itm nnostl mo oajmsj in a II P "iniiw.nojt rqj 1
iP1id m eiij.tt jo "net .Jjsuns m P1 pu "1 noa juitomu eqi im
dn 09
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dn uo'lfr
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mojj is(ri ,iiijii
raojj nmn .leu'H'i
dn J4 moji tioo ,sIPT
dti " tnojj JMUiri ,iMI'"'I
dn ok" I'" " uiuij sesiuiiito ,sup'i
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pus sjBino .ltmirrrlW 'svnx.8 ''I'l'.WWllS '".wapa.-j .wtpirT jo niuoa x.oois mi
r it.MianiM yjonjo iihw
imrni x9mhjij aqi injnp jsaoio rt jo mmqajnd unua till nssi aq u Wsv infasu 1
V 'IISIA mo.( iofua (n no. -joti jo Xnq not jaqieq 'II . sn M iiiIlJ0j ili4
uatlM "stwud pui ui;tidi.),p A8 m pJq sni ua-ijo os unii sujanvd pus j.(ih
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MOqt a yi 'niusJd laaud ujaima nra.u s.iuvjui pu s.uaapim;) '.soipnq lunpuiH
ojois ;uouiiJudoa oj
We lead aod originate
fashions in....
Cor. Second and Stark Sts.