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16th YEAR.
NO 32
"V- .
A Sof and Warm Bed 9
is a rare treat, to our care-worn
body. A good bed may help U8
over a bad cold quick and 80
extend our life. You owe it to
yourself and family to pay a
little attention to this important
fact. Our heavy blankets for $2
a piece would make a suitable
Christmas present. A large rug,
2x5 feet, in front of the bed, is
a good match. You will do well
to inspect our mammoth stock
complete in all lines we cany.
The smile on the photograph
is the natural smile of the
individual. The smile on
seeing the photograph is the
smile of one who is pleased
at the work of the artist.
Your friends will enjoy look
ing at and possessing one of
our photographs if your face
is represented thereon.
(henJ Leading Photographer
Main St., near Court House, Oregon City
Not How
But how low can we make the price, is the
question we ask ourselves when marking our
goods for sale. That's what makes ours an
ever-panding business, it's a potent advertiser;
it tells the story through the purse in thousands
of homes, only to be retold in countless others
by appreciative money savers.
at, the Picneer Store of Charman & Son
before buying elsewhere. ,
New Store New Prices
We Are After Tour
DOMESTICS. Merino Vesis imii Panto. Bin Bargain at ,...S0o each
Union Suit, fllinh Ha vnll nnv 81 fil 'jr. fur
aj yas uoon moached Alnslin fur v $1 Oil! elsewhere. Our price 7js suit
Mia wide mi'acnea Muslin, LoiwrialA 7Jjc yd. Fine All-Wool Union Suita.realvalnanow H.flO suit
lAiiiBiiuie i.amunc uc ya. Bl K vests, lurnier nriee nn -nnMrli
Good, Fust Color Calico ...S&cyrf! In Misses' and Children's Underwear we, have
Better Grwle Cnlico 4) c yd everylhitiK and at prices that will make you our
Best Grade Calico nc yd customers.
uestumue Apron uneca Mititrtiani oc yd
The above Lines are not a lot of cheao stuff, but me I PJfV
Tegular Trade Winners.
Outing Flannels, Good Selected Goods 5c yd Ladies' 10c Cotton Hose now 5c pair1
11,.,,.... lil .. Q ..A flM.- ,K ....J ..... ... f .
o;y, ju i nu iu. anu sol. KI1LO now 1UC pair ft... p,!,,.
Hilton Vliuinnl Klpnp.hpri nr Knlileiietioif fw. vA T ..liu1 W....1 II...... .ua: 1..- 1;. IWUr rnU. .
Heavy (Jraile8 6c,7ko. 8Hc, 10c yd Ladies' Fine Cotton Hose, naiiallv sold at 3So
Crush Towltnir, Twilled 4o ydi and k',now 2iV pair
Q" "" luwiii'g w j wo mso nave un the nue grades at equally low
i.ni ici vjiTLum i v;, OLi, jv,o, i;yO JJUCPH.
ieucnea innie ijinen, ine oesiyou nave ever
Great values ......65c, 75c, 8oc and SI .00
In them 111' re Money savers.
IN black dress GOODS
We have the newest and most desirable line
In the city, end the smallm" of the prion will
surprise yon, Just see thcni.
45-inph Sacking, all wool .. 40c yanli
Men's Good Heavy Ur rlershlrts and Prnvr.
ers . . 25(! each
Heavy Perhy Rihhed Shtrrs, only 4octach
lleavv Ribhed Fleeced Shirts and Drawers,
big bargain 60o each
75 percent Wool Sliirt and Drawers, ste them
I7k each orl.o.) suit
Kxtralleavy Wool Mints and Drawers. See
mom. . isn choii or f i,a suit
Winch Sackinir, all shiuies. flue troods 5nc yard i Fine All wool Twits, Onde Sliirls and
60-lni'h Sacking, usually 8.ld at 81 ..
seen for the money 25c vd
Heavy and Better grwles at 85e, 5tto and tioc yd
Tl Inch Fine Linen lMmask, such as you see
elsewhere for 81 and 81.25. Here 75c yd
Bed Tatile Damask 15c. 20c. 25e, 85c yd
Big Line of Towls at prices that are sure to Bell
uiem. HKITHF.H.
Cheviot Shirting, heavy winter goods 8Hc, lOeyd
BLAXKETS. At C9c, 75c, 81 and up to S12.50 per pair.
10-4 Gray or White BUnkets. the Dollar value C0cpr rtlttpeu iuinc
Very L'vrge and Heavy Grsy Blankets, some Ji7l..3 IrUUIJa
Stores get -W.no for them, our price tK.Bi pair Nice Line of Small Checks, splendid goods for
Children's Winter Hose from 5c to 35c a pair.
uur Hosiery are au naraains.
gee our line of Babies' I rochetted Silk and Wool
laps and Jackets. They are Beauties ano Cheap
Also see us on Tarn li'shanters and CrocheU'd
Shawls. These ure Drummer's Samples and at
uau fbice.
Extra Heavy and Kxtra Large Blankets 82..) pflir
All-Wool Fine tlriide Gray Blankets S3.00 pair
Oregon Mntt led Kxtra Large Blankets. Regular
6.81). Value $4M pair
Also Fine (irude Blankets l 5, $(1.50 to $10 pr
Nflvy Bine, Gray and Hrown, All Wool 9-ownfre !
rianueU. Oi tiers ask 4oo for them. Our
price :tfc yd
Good Heavy W hite Shiiker Flannel 60 yi
ButterUratle 7'oatid H,c yd
Jersey Ittbbed Vests 20c each
Jersey Kibbed Vea and Pants, Fleeced '2."c ouch
Jersey Kibbed Vests and Plants. Special value
at 3A(?t 4Uct 50c each,
J. W. BING & CO.
Importers and Dealers In
Ladies' and Gents' Furnishing Goods, Etc.
, Great Sale this week I Come and Bee our prices and bargains.
28S Washington Street, PORTLAND, OREGON.
The Gerhama Market.
Is the cheapest place in the city
to buy t t 't t t
Seventh Street, Nonr Depot, Oregon City.
Paul J. Scholz, Prop. t t t t
At the Bee-Hive is still in
full blast
TYKRYTHIXGr fiOKS--Prices cut in halves
No such opportunity to purchase. NEW, FRESH and
DESIRABLE GOODS at prices so far below their value
was ever known in Oregon City Come before it is too
late The stock is now complete in all departments, and
when the 15EE-IIIVE i.v no more you will have to pay
very much higher prices Look at our new prices on
$1 25:
Toe yard
school wear. Keb Thkm 15c yardi
A iK AMoruitttni 01 all wool woveitiesin
cortwt shades and mixtmes. Other uteres
nk 85 and 40 cents pn yard for them.
Oub Price 25c jard
42 inch Pumpudour Suitings, In Black and
(Jnlurs. ilanuiinme deminis. Hellinfl all
over town at 60r yard. Our Price 35e yard
Juflt received un eUnant lino of fattern suits.
Mo two alike. Line tusiiionable K(Hdy, ranp-
ing In price from to K a suit
Don t lull to see us on ureas uoous; can save
you at ltta.st 50 uer cent on ihem.
Beauties, at 23o, 85o, 40o, 60c, 6,rw nd 75o per yard,
A beautiful line of fancy weavei in
W hnrA nlrtnidv mftiirt fi intiif Rfmnentsnf
both (Cotton Hint V(iol Uoni. Vb will closo
them out at half our aireaily low prlucB.
Perhaps you have been waiting for the late
SALh.S on these Rood-. II ho, nuw la your
chance. We were noted f"r the low price we
asked tor these (roods, but now you will be
astonished at the liuures we quote yuu.
Our Jfi.50 and 87 50 lines ol Cloth Capes,
handsomely trimmed and ot excellent
material, were cheap at old prioe, now
!4 5(1 and ".
Our ft) and till lines go at i.50 and J7.50.
We were proud ot the values at the old
price, Just see them at the new.
Our Plush Capes (to at the following figures:
Our $i.nu ('ape now
OurSS so Cape now .i iS-i.sO
Our 10 Cape now 17.80
UurjllWCape now rJ-o
Our line of Jackets were appreciated at the old
mice, what will the new prices duo for them.
Remember they are NEW (100119 and correct
styles. Beautifully trimmed and fine finished
Our f Jacket now S.r0
Our 7.M) Jacket now M.0(l
Our W.50 Jacket now , .Vi0!
Our 110 Jacket now W.00'
Our (12 60 Jaoket now 7.S0
IOurlo Jacket now 10o0
Urawera, seams all buuud. French
Fliiioh . . 7So each
Fine Stmiinrv All Wool Shirts and Drawers,
i'uli tlmsh. i'Oc each r $1.75 suit
Royiil llihhed all wool yhlrts and Drawers.
Saric as some stores ask the roval price
of ll.Mfor. Our Price tl.tX) each
Kxtm Heavy All Wool Fleeced Shirts and
Drawers, Keuulur Klondikurs til 511 each.
We also ha ve a Hue of
SlUc and Wool Underwear
That we sell nr less than manufacturers cost. '
!20o. 25c. Sic, 40c, Mte and noo. You can't buy them
eisevnere tor w per cent more.
Our Dollar Grade of Oeernhirttt
Ale money Savers. See them.
Heavy Rlvlteil, 40c pnir.
Good atl 00 and 11.25.
AUo Big Line Drummer's Samples
of Capes and Jackets at
one-lmlf price.
Come in and see for yourselves.
Courteous treatment whether you buy or not.
No trouble to show goods.
Remember the Number
Remember the number
167 First Street., Between Morrison & Yamhill, PORTLAND
The Finest Thing on
Earth in Candij
For Sale By
y ijuuiiu,
Packed in pretty boxes weighing
y2 pound and full
An Ideal ChristmasCift
We have a large assortment
of Candy, Nuts and Fruits as
well as the big slock of Groc-.
eries, and invite yon to call
and see m.
ChriKtm itt i- cnmtnz, hd is "Saw Years
May w" all Imvc a ninny C lristinm ami
a happy N'aw e r.
Rev Hiiili, from near DainaHcus. nnd
Rev. WiimfieM ot Wilhoit have been
hol'liliX meetings lieie (luring the mst
TlieC C. (ielmtintf gociety whs called
t'i tirdur hy tlm (ireHidciu flt 7 p. in.
Wed iifsduy. 'I h queaii ni (or dcliule
whs, 'lieaolved, Tliat Wiitnan Iihh More
I'lfliience Over Man limn Money"; J.
(iorlieU for HinrniHlive and Hrenton
Vedder neKtiv. It wan derided in
favor of the negative. The Hiieiety will
trive an entertainnieut ami haxket social
New Year's v for the pdrposn of
raisina money tr: ptneliase lanips f r the
cehool hoii -e. The program eoinmitteH
is, I. K. Dix, Mrs. Kannie Bnnney and
MitisGraeu tioihett. All are cordially
invited to a1 tend.
Miss Kinina Tinnerstet of Tillamook
came over to keep house lor her lalher
this winter.
S. II. Dix lias moved in his new house.
Misa Jennie Carlfion is home from
Portland oti a visit,
December 18. Au'iiositK.
Catarrh, like ecrofu'a, is a disease of
the blood and may hettnred by purifying
the blood with Hood' S.treaparilJu.
The Kelso school held its closing exer
I'ises on Friday afternoon, December
17th. The following program waB listen
ed to by a goodly number of visitors:
Song School
Recitation. ."The Cuckoo". .Annie Jarl
Quotation. ."Hro'iks". . . Alfons Hotter
Uecitat,ion."New Woman" . ISertha Albul
Recitation. "A Wing Shoe". Dora Jeeger
Recitation. . , . "A Little Roy's Wonder
Song" Johnnie Jarl
Composition.. "My Life". .Joe Donahue
Recitation '-The Day is Done"
Minnie Kntzer.
Dialogue "Rlack on One Side"
Joe, Donahue and (red Canning.
Song. . .. "Poor Little Joe" Nellie
Donahue and liertha Rich.
Recitation... "Tho flight of Ridiculous"
Milton Nelson.
Recitation, "Castle in theTie,"Ellen.Tarl
Recitation "Olumbling Jim"
Willie Dickenson,
Composition "liirds"... David Jarl
Recitation . ."Faithless Nelly Gray"
Fred Canning
Recitation. ."Crocodile". .Frank Rotter
Recitation "Were I a Kitten,"
Jolmie Dickenson.
Dialogue.. ."In Love". ..Milton Nelson
and Willie Dickenson
Recitation Kd ward Rich
Recitation "Our Mother" Nellie
Recitation. "Little Crave".. Bertha Rich
Song "Hod Be With you Till We
Meet Again" School
D. C. Ai.lahd, Teacher.
Probate Court.
In the matter of the estate of Aggie
Kellogg, -a minor, J. T. Apperson,
guardian, asked for an order ti pay a
balance of f 134 to Mary A. Kellogg,
guardian of said minor. Said order whb
granted and Monday, Feburary 3rd, set
as the time for hearing said final report
of J. T. AppeiBOii.
In the matter of tho estate of Charles
T. fillister, decea ed, Henry A. Troge,
administrator, was granted an order to
sell a certain team and wagon belong
ing to said estate.
In he matter of the guardianship of
the person and the estate of Kzra W.
Cressy, an imbecile, Richard Scott, the
guardian, was granted an order to pni
chase certain real estate holding from
Tiioman M. Rogers, in payment of a
promisory note ol $1(100 due the estate.
Church Notes.
Sunday school exercise with recitations
Friday, at 7:30 p. m., in St. Paul's
church. Everybody welcome.
Christmas day, 10 45 a. m., there will
be Christmas service with special music
and sermon, in St. Paul's Episcopal
Next Sunday morning, in St. Paul's
church, Rev. Dr. 'Williams will preach;
and, in the evening, the subject will be
A Chrtstmas sermon will bo preached
nt the Congregational church next Sun
day morning. At the evening service
t he subject will be "St. John the Evai ge
list," in comeration of St. John's day.
The masonic lodge will attend the service
in a body. All masons and their families
are cordially invited to attend.
The sermons in the Baptist church on
Sunday w ill be a Christmas character.
In the morning the pastor will preach
on "Tho Bethlehem Message and tho
Divine Purpose " In the evening "The
Birth of Christ and its effects on Society"
will ixi the subject. Kvangelist. (ialla
ham, assisted by the Singer Ledfard,
will aid the pastor in special meetings
the first of the year.
Ifan 1 crochet skirts, beautiful colors,
for $1.05, at the Racket store.
Grand sMsctacular masque ball by th
Red Men Christmas night, the 25th.
Postal Banks In Ireland.
Tho following- letter on tho benefits of
postal savings banks is from Thomas
Burke, a trade unionist in Belfast,
Ireland !
"Of all the reforms now needed in
America, the postal savings bank should
come first. Such an institution gives
absolute security to the musses in de
positing their savings; it encourages
thrift; it .also gives a permanent lesson
in jHilitical economy; fiirthermoie, it
creates that true spirit of independence
and self-respect which it is impossible to
find among a people under t'ie present
system of savings banks and loan asso
ciations. In Bpeaking with some of the
labor men here on the subject they have
expressed surprise that you have no
jHistal banks in America. They wonder
that such an energetic people should be
without safe places to deposit their sav
ings. They further said: 'Cive the
Aiiiericun working people government
security for their deposits and they will
outstrip the world as regards the amount
of their savings. In this country nearly
every child has au account in the postal
banks. This is taught them in schools.
They buy stamps with their pennies and
place these stamps on a card. When
they have twelve stamps that is, 1
shilling they open an account in the
'hank' and keep their money there until
nicy are aoie 10 worn, una n is surpris
ing to note the amount of their accounts.
For instance, I know of one man about
24 years old who has been saving since
childhood. His account amounts to
PKK) or $T.00. lie is a compositor.
I could fill a volume on the benelits of
tsstal savings banks." Chicago Record.
KvprybiMljr Hjr Nn.
Csscarets Candv Cathartic, thu most
wonderful medical discovery of the age,
pleasant and refreshing to the taste, act
ifently and positively on kidneys, liver
and bowels, ch ansitig the entire system,
dispel colds, cure headache, fever,
habitual constipation and biliousness,
Please buy and try box of 0. C. C. to
day ; 10, 'l', f0 tents. Sold und guaran
teed to cure by all druggis's.
Royal make the food pura,
wbolcsume and delicious.
Absolutely Puro
Wwai bakino pownrn rn,, NrwvonK.
nonthly Reports of School Districts
in the County.
The following is the report of Union
Hill school, district No. CO, for the
month ending December 3:
Average daily attendance 10. cases of
tardiness 2. Those neither absent nor
tardy during the ni'Uitn were : Johnnie
and Edmund Snider, Ir.t White, Iva
Soulcs and Amanda Smidt.
Visitors, Mr. David Wagner, Mfs, AY
L. While, Mrs. i. Vt Into, MtssMeta anil
Anna Filers, OHo Knorn and Christ
Complit. Fiictid and others are invited
to visit our school and inspect our work.
A ,F.JC nhiiit, Teacher.
Retiort of school district, No. DO, for
month ending Decembers:
Number days taught 1!, days attend
ance '.'(11 'j, days absence 8.'e, number
enrolled 15, average attendance 14.
Those neither absent nor tardy during
month: llennio Iliiyhuist, Harry aiul
Ray Kirbyson, Mamie, Sa lie, Tom, Dave
and Clarence Evans,
UniiTiti'iJH Rick, Teacher.,
Redland school report, 3rd month:
Days taught 1!, total attendani'eli.'jli1,
days absence 5:1 '.4, average number be
longing 311, average daily ultendauce 33,
times tardy 23.
Roll of honor Maude Stone, (iunrge,
Louis, Dora and viary M unlock, Cassie
ami Ora W ilcox, Mary Kainuscher and
Minnie Evans. Fre I Wilcox and Willie
Stone deserve credit also,
Yi-itors Messrs. F. E. Murdock, Levi
Johnson, A. Allen and Rev. William
Morehouse and Mrs. I), Evans and Miss
Annie Drescber, Parents and others
interested in our school lire cordially
invited to visit it. at any tines
('has. Rt'TiiiiKi'oiii), Teacher.
Catarrh In the Head, that tro'ihhHome
and disgusting disease, may be entirely
cured by a through course of Hood's
Sarsaparilla. the great blood purifier.
Hood's Pills cure nausea, tick head
ache, indigestion, biliousness. All drug
guists. 2n
1 t