Oregon courier. (Oregon City, Clackamas County, Or.) 188?-1896, August 25, 1893, Image 2

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Oregon City, August 25, 1603.
Tub people ol tlie Wnt do not appre
ciate the crippled condition of Industrie!
in the Atlantio itatei. In Lawrence,
Mam., three woolen mills together em
ploying 8000 hands have thut down for
an indefinite time, and half of the New
England ntillt are closed.
Tim 1,073,000 people composing the
population of the seven silver slates,
Arlxona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana,
Nevada, New Mexico and Utah, demand
that the country shoulder the free ami
unlimited coinage of silver at the ratio
of 10 to 1 for their special benefit. Shall
thftH'ag the don; 1,075,000 people
Rotate to 6,O0O,0007
1 tan Til a upuinv m uvuimvpl all ATIIKIDI,
How sweotly she is sleeping
In her bed betiflHth the sod;
(th. HRi-nnlil nut u lull t'uakt) tier
From her slumber there with Gud
filie In i gone to live with Jeus
In that land so pure and bright;
She is with the happy anH.
Hubed forever more in white.
She has paused from care and pain
And the ills of rarllily life;
Nevermore to know of sorrow,
Nevermore to know of strife.
How sadly wo shall miss her,
In the Java so swiftly panning by i
Jiut we hope to meet thee, Henrietta,
In our home beyond tlie sxy.
Iiamascus. E. L. M
Extra Session ft Legislature.
Haucm.Auk. 15,18i3 (
Hon, Charlti Nickrtl, Juckmmvillr, Or:
Dkaii Sin: Having received numer
ous cotnuiuiiieations uriting me. in view
of the present financial stringency.
call an extra sesaion of tlie l.-glalatlve
Tnif press of the state is pretty gen
erally opposed to the desire expressed MM)mhv for the purpose of passing
h r.m, Pnnnnvitr of callins an extra law for the stay of execution, on all
session of the legislature for the purposo Judgement for one year, I request thut
-i i Inn. If llmm nr " Kinimuru,
Ul eilBlllllK a oj -
Bood outlook that the legUluture
would undo some of its de ilment of the
regular session, tlie 23,000 it would
cost would no doubt be most wisely ex
nondud. A stay law would not make
times good nor, it sooins, be of any ben-
fit to t!io st ile; to the contrary, injury,
Til Illllsboro Democrat says that
while in Portland last week Wednesday,
"we were In one of the side rooniB of a
'shaving machine,' usually known as a
loan broker's office, and a party, want'
ing to borrow $130, camo in and Hnkcil
the terms for money. 'Five per cent,
brokerage and 10 per cent, per month,'
was the answer. The security offered
for the loan wus valued at f'1000. We
also learned of a man who borrowed
1000 and paid 12 per cent, per month
on same for one year."
Henry Allen Gives a Materializing Se-
anoe Mysterious Muslo In the Air.
At the house of II. A. Lee, in Canhy,
a seance was trivet) on ftunilay evening
bv Henry Allen, the noted "hoy me-
diuin" of Summer Land', Oil., the
manifestations at which wore marvelous,
Thore was no trickery as there was no
opportunity for anv. The medium and
13 other men and women, citizens of
this county, sat in a dark room In a cir
cle around a table with joined hands.
A largo, heavy dulcimer was lying on the
tloor behind the medium and n In rite
guitar, Ave smull bells and two pencils
would express your opinion as to tl
advisability of so doing.
Very respectfully,
bvi.vKNTKii Pennoyhh. Governor,
Ukant'r Pass, Or., Aug. 17, 18(13,
Hon, Sulvetter Pennouer, Governor of
Pkau Sih: Your communication
regard to calling an extra sesxiou of the
h'gudature is nt hand, being sent mo
(rum Jacksonville.
In reply, would sav Hint I am beaitilv
in iHvor ot passing any law that will re
liove the financial erlwu that seems upon
ua and assist the musses to extricate
themselves from the toils ul tneiviless
creditors. At tlio same time, I do not
wii-li to revolutionize commercial reiru
lutions which lire recognized everywhere
and by everybody as necessary to our
our existence as mini nous people.
Hii-pension of execution on indumenta
(without Impairing their ellect as liens)
that have attached or will attach to real
estate, is practicable. However, it
would not bo uuHinessIiko or ust to
suspend the execution of Judgments
against personal property, especially if
il la ol a perishable nature, eucli
stay would work hardship on the most
merciful of creditors and put a premium
on fraud oftentimes.
Would not the suspension of execution
on all iuduments cause both the whole-
Rule and retuil merchants to select their
customers with the utmost caro, to the
detriment of a great many of the verv
people whose sufferings we would be
called together for the purpose ot
1 am, Willi much respect,
Yours truly,
C'llAS. Nll'KKI.I..
Jacksonville Timet.
with a pad of white print paper were on
tho table. 1 he circle had not sat long
in impatientexpectancy, when the dulei
mer began to play softly. Presently
there were loud thumps n the table,
a pencil could be heard writing on the
pad, the page was noisily ripped off and
stuffed by a large, rough, cold hand in
the side-pocket of the person sitting
next to the medium, anil who held his
hand on one side, the other hand being
firmly held bv the person sitting on the
other side. The medium and the person
receiving the messnge were thumped on
the breast and head, anil fingered by a
large bony, mysterious hand, which
whacked on tlie table as if it was a
sledge hammer. Fourteen in succession
sat at the left hand of the medium and
received the messages in pencil and the
rough caresses of the hand or hands.
Wild, weltd, impassioned music enme
from the dulcimer, while the Ave bolls
rang fiercely in the air in accord ; the
music would change to loud drumming
of the fingnrs on the side of the dulci
mer, and next to scratching on it as if
- with a nail. The scratching were sue
fowled by the sawing of a slick of wood
with a dull saw; the saw struck a sliver
and squeaked; the laborer evidently
was lazy; the saw produced the dismal
noise thut a dull s.uv will when the cut
la through, and tho stick fell to the
ground with the familiar, "dull thud."
Then, seemingly, a hole was being bored
in the dulcimer; to the enr an auger
gradually penetrated the wood and nt
the end its point slipped through the
hole. Theso peculiar noises were al
most painfully exact to reality, though
all knew they were only make-believe,
as there was no bucksaw or nugar in the
The guitar, while accompanying the
tune whistled by the medium, repeatedly
flew around tho room over the sillers
like a great singing bird, so swiftly that
it produced a current of air. occasionally
striking the ceiling or thumping one or
another on the head or on the shoulders;
then it would come down on the table
witli a thwack . When tlie clock struck
nine, tlie strokes were imitated on (lie
dulcimer, which was just then at work,
In a quaint manner that produced a
burst of laughter all around the circle.
Faint whisperings from uncanny lips
were also heard, anil often u myolerious
hand snapped its thumbs and fingers
witli a loud report. Tluso manifesta
tions continued nearly two hours, from
8 till 10 o'clock . At the end, the lamp
being lighted, the dulcimer wus found
lying on tlie tnblo on tho top of the
bells at its four corners and a chair on
the dulcimer.
The Spiritualists toll us the spirits,
rcting through Henry Alleir, who can't
play a tune, did tliche wonderful things
He savs the spirit of his fun -lovinu col
ored friend Tommy does the playing and
cutB up ino capers, and uiiother spirit
friend with ,big lists, named (,'olwcll,
does the heavy thumping. Hut this is
only explaining one riddle by substi
tuting another. Haven't tlie spirits any
better employment than amusing or
entertaining those who "in tlie mind
suffer tho slings and arrow ol outruga
ous fortune" and seek to turn the
light of day on the mysteries of death ?
Congress Since 1859.
It is commonly said that the demo
emtio party is now responsible forlettis
lation for the first time since 1801, this
lust being the date of the inauguration
of the first republican president. But,
to be exact, it is necessary to go back
two years further.
Dnr'ng the llrstlialf of Mr. Buchanan's
administration, iliat la to say from
March 4, 1857, to .March 4, 18MI, the
democrats had control of every depart
ment of the government. John C.
Hreckmridge, of Kentucky, presided
over a democratic senate, and James L.
Orr, South Carolina, whs the speaker of
a democratic house. The democratic
pnrly was then able to perfect legislation,
and was responsible lor the laws that
were enacted.
After March 4, 183!, this condition
of things no longer existed. When
congress met in December, a long strug.
ulu ensued over tlie organization of the
houae. which ended on February 1,
18(H), with the election ot William Pen
nington, ot New Jersey, a republican.
From March 4, 1840, until August 7th,
a poilod of more than thirty four years,
there has been no strictly democratic
legislation, except such as received the
assent of a republican president.
In 18(11 the republicans inaugurated
their first president and controlled both
houses ot congress. This control lasted
until 1873, when ti.e democrats controlled
the honso for tho first time after the war.
In 1877 they again had the house, but
the republicans had the senate and the
president. In Ji!) the democrats find
both houses, but tlie republicans hail
the president. From 1881 to 1883 the
republicans had both houses and the
presidency, though they held the .Senate
only by a dicker with (Jen. nlaloiie.
From 1883 to 188!), the democrats had
the house, and from 18S3 to 18811 the
president, hut the republicans hud the
senute. From 1880 to 1801 the republi
cans were again in full control, and did
much to create the conditions from
w hich the country is now suffering. In
18111 the democrats regained control of
the house, and in tlie present year have
attain obtained contrul of the presidency
and the senate.
Tims In thirty-four years tlie demo
crats had the presidency six years, the
senato lour years and tlie house fourteen
years, hut never had all three at one
time, the republicans hud the piesi
dency twenty-eiitht years, the senato
thirty and the house twenty years. Dur
ing eigteen years they hud control of
Old General Putnm'i Cane.
) The following anecdoto I told of Dim
Israel Putnam, the heroic ancestor of
our fellow-cltlzen, Israel Putnam, the
owner of liock Island :
Hoon after the Kngllsh and Spanish
troops got through thrashing each other
in Cuba in 1702 "Old Put" fuwm up
in the island, and while strolling about
ofllavunaonu day he saw a Kpanl-h
planter "I miming ' a slave with a stout
bast Indian bumbo cane. If tin
one thing that Hie Mull Yankee haled
very much It was any big, high and
mighty bully trminiMiii a ili.i..,l..,,i
and Putnam s blood boiled at the Cuslil-
lan r orutallly. lie was all a one in the
streets of a hot. blooded cllv. but the
man who Rome years later rode nwuy
from the Uritish down the precipitous
stone steps at Horsiuieck, Conn., while
uuiicih wniKiicd about hi head and one
bored a hole tlirouirli hisi-oiiiinmii,,! l,i
did not stop to count chances when his
gorge w as up. He strode up to the
hidalgo ami took away his cane.
Then a hornets' nual ganed wide "pen
Instantly in the street of fluana. Kve
ryono in siuht of tlie street hvolnv. in.
eluding the haughty Spaniard' himself,
got utter ino presumptuous Yankee, and
Putnam, who knew when it was time to
run as well as any one legged it back to
bia American ship with a mob of Cubans
at his heels. Hut instant y a cloud of
sailor men swarmed over the vessel s
side and received thedoiiuhtv American.
Then it was time for the Spaniards to
sneer oil, and they did so with prompt
and polite discretion.
Putnam kept that cane. Worse still,
he kept the hauulitv Spaniard's darkv.
for the darky ran with Putnam,
fell in lovj with him, and ut the
wharf of the American ship throw
himself ut Put's feet, as ''Friday"
did before Itohinson Cru-oe. Having
taken a track Israel wasn't the man to
go half way. He said to the trembling
slave : "Come along, boy ; get aboard
t'mt rlilo and all t mi Spuniurd in Cuba
can't get you away from it," Toe slave
declared ho wanted to he Putnam's ser
vant for life, would go anywhere he
wished, or do tuivtliuiir lie asked of him.
So Pu'naiii and his Friday sailed lo New
Kngliilid. Put set a great "tore by the
Spanish cane, and even more bv his
faithful slave. Putnam dwelt in Muhmi-
chussetts at the time, and he took the
negro home with him to Old Salem town
The black served him affectionately as
his body servant until tint patriotic died
at Ins home at f'omlret, Conn. I'utnain
kept a diary, and therein rcc irded many
complimentary and grateful things
about tho poor Cuban slave. When the
Illustrious general died in MM), at the
age of 72 years, the cane, in uccurd with
his will, became the properly of the
slave, and the white-headed old darky
stumped about the little Connecticut
country village, leaning proudly on the
stall lor many years. If any one asked
turn about his walking stick he straight
ened his bent form ami witli pride and
dignity replied : ".Massa milium s cane
b'long to de gineral. Great man, Massa
Put; good man."
TluU" Ar. Vcr. 8c.ro..
Juines Puyn recently told this anec
dote to Illustrate the difficulty of secur
ing pooii plots:
"Jrollope was at one time almost
alone in not seeing the necessity of hav
ing any -story in his books. Wilkia
Collins once said to him, 'Your fertility.
jny dear fellow, amaze uiej whore do
joii got they ure not much, but still
yon have to find thorn your plots from!"
'Well, my good sir, to tell you the truth,
from you. A very littlo bit of ono of
lour plots and, you see, you never miss
It does for me,'
"Tho fact is, a good plot is a difficult
tiling to get. A very clever acquaint
ance of in I no, a divino who had distin
guished himself in literature, onco con
troverted this. Ho said ho had himself
quite n talent for plots, only, being in
tlie theological line, they were of no use
to lilm. 'Well,' 1 suid, a littlo irritated,
'yon are always wunting money for your
chancel (I hud never heard so, but 1
knew tho cloth, and the shaft went
home), mid for every good plot you give
lite, if it is only in ten lines, I'll give you
ten pounds.' After awhilo not the next
day, as ho had led mo to expect lie sent
mo a dozen. 'I didn't find it quite so
easy as 1 thought,' bo admitted in his
1 letter, 'but here they are.'
".Six were as old as tho hills and the
other Ax not worth a furtliing. I have
had hundreds of plots or tho hint of
them, which is all that is required
givun me in tho course of my 'literary
career,' but only two good ones, mid one
1 bought. They ore very rare and valu
able articles."
Wblt null nf what ilHty ran uniiut from ths
From mil af I In- il.ist nnil tint din,
Win-re iha sun's imIIUI taper is illin IhnniKli
tint VKiiiir
That alii-oiiila all Hit- siirrnw ami tint
Al evi-nlMK I ll-lun -the murky lumps kIUKiii,
TIiu ur m- liy twn and by tln-tiuj
Tun liursli HuImiI nnlsm replace your nwoot
lli-ar seal
Vet piisl lb f curtain, I know It fur ccrlaln,
Tim burn r)f have i-suclil lint last ruy;
Tbe mimlm nf tlm Ibrunlilna Is wiflly rniiiunli
(im Brown Knlilca witli iIi-IIi-aih gray:
Tlie rnl li-nvtw nro fall Inn. I lie pluvrni ar
Tim ,- wind is suit o'ur the wold,
The bryonies blorkon, I he turn of greea
Turn gold.
( semis t lull ri-dniiblo whnro nlow tlmnmli tils
m ubiilp
The plow t'li'iivna a pathway of bopul
O wihhU rudlng yellow, and orc-hurdi grown
And HiH-kson Hie faraway sloped
U sen. sunns Ihul iiilnale on bowlder anil
O Hehla Ihul of old 1 1 mo I knewl
My heart swell to bursting with Infinite
Knr you.
- Jl. C. Ililllngton lu Chambers' Journal.
For Sale ut liie Coi iiikii i lllce:
l;llm ( oi'-,
Hon, I l.irlii-' d. ,
I'naiii ,ry Nolo,
Itcc hit tin- k.
. hit oily Pei'-I.
' I . I:, i i, i-,l,
ui-l 'Mni'ii il --n'
- . , I
Tea, ln rs' II, i oil i r .
I'tirtl.il I ) i t I. ,i- ,.mi, , , him. i,
Micritt I--, ii .
Jill) .Minm, ovw,
i'- ,y i - ii -in
.V I Oi'i-ll II ,
.Miiv, r Hi i ,,i iili h.'C,
Miltuf Altsclumnr,
.In t cc 'i b oi-ii n, civil,
1 1 t Ii - Mii',i'i,ii, i iin.li nl
Special nr p iv it" blanks pr.nieii mi
.ippliciiti- ii rxi-i 'M i iis'y anil cm rn tly
NO i 1: V I' 1 1 IS .
What Is tho condition of your? Is your hair dry, j
harsh, brittle? Docs it split at the ends? has it a t
lifeless appearance ? Docs it fall out when combed or
brushed ? Is it full of dandruff ? Does your scalp itch ? ,
Is it dry or in a heated condition ? If these are some of i
yoursy mptomsbe warned in time oryou will become bald, jjj
SkookumRoot Hair Grower ?
liwlmt you nerd. Iti production linola'awldant.biltthnrMiiHofarti-ntino
reiearclL Kiinwlisluo of Hie dlu-aiua ot the tialr anil aualD led to the dlieov- ST
ery or now to treat tiii-m. "NaonKum-eouiaiin nuiuier mineral! nor on. it
anoiaoye, uiitsilellgiitruliy cooling nu reirrmnng Tonic liy ttimuiatina ,
llio ollitin, il Uupt ulling Auir, cunt iundrujf and orvut AuirvnlulJ .
.. I BTnen Iha icatp claim, healthy, and free from Irritating eruptions, by
the ua ut AtoojNm Mia Snap ituulU-uya JxiraiiKe Imceli, ihuh Jtti
auii ileitroy the hnlr.
If your druiiKlat raannt lunrdr Toe isnd dlreot to at, Snl ws will forward
prepaid, on ri'ivlnt ot Jirlcc. Uruw,l.lMsjrbulUot tut bonp.tuu.
IHir Jar i Itor SJ.SO,
THE SkOOfcTIin DfiftT HAID ffDftUPD m
TlttnR MARK .rV.-.VT-"
Jm m "jtaniirmi. u Douiai vuin AYSDnv, nsw vorlt n,
.I.,,, mi 2 CjJX.
Plowing Under Crops.
Tlie continuous growth of crmu In-
tlie use only of artificial fertilizers will
certainly result in a serious lo-s of fer
tility, unless an ample supply of the
needful carlxmaceoiis mutter is triven
either in the form of manure or of some
lliiitK I hut H ill all'onl tlie same elements
plant food . As it is beyond dispute
at the whole of nny truiiir must be
(treat er than a part of it. and equally
I lint when any crop is fed to animals
some part of it is appropriated by them,
ami thus the manure resulting from this
feeding cannot be equal in value to the
crop itself, then it must be true that any
crop, as of clover, or uny other that may
uo plowed under as a siiliNtitute for ma
nure, must ue more valuable than the
manure that mtttht be made of it bv
leeuniL' it. J His is the precise principle
upon which tlie use ol y-reen manure is
based, unit it is quite clear that this
practice is one that deserves tlm atten
on of farmers.
i.'1'hen it follows that with this supply
of oiganio matter to tlie soil, and an ad
dition ol fertilizers which contain alt the
helements of plant food bWond those
ur.imhed by the atmosphere, the land
mav be kept fertile and productive
without tho use of any animals what'
evt r Keiil at a iari(U loss for the sole
purpose of (nuking liianu'e. Thus
model n exigencies have forced the
farmers to abandon this too cost I v
tnotlio I of procuring plant food, and it
is no longer true as it once was that the
feeding ol animals is the moat important
pint of aKriciilliiro. We have, in fact
L'ot beyond this, which was said bv
uicero to De the sine qua nun ot fariiiinu
in ins day. .v. 1 . Timet.
both houses and the presidency. Louis
ville L'ourier-Journtil .
Harvesting is in full blast. Grain is
cut with the newly improved self binder,
the old reaper and even tho old-fas!i.
toned cradle Is rocked and is bringing
down grain at every stroke. Grain is
well headed, but some of it is very thin.
Threshing men are repairing their sop
aratorsand Highland will soon be flailed
Potatoes and garden stufTare suffering
from the lack of rain.
Our esteemed friend, Iave Miller, has
located in Highland with his better bull
and is playing sad havoc in the Oregon
forest on his ranch near by.
Miss Tennie Muyfiald, our worthy
teacher, has been engaged t teach our
school again and will com.nence the
10h of September.
Horse traders and horse sellers, or
rather pe3ple attempting to sell horses,
firA l.ltlla n., . '
- u,cluwa , iiik-nianu at pres
e.it, but very few tales are affected.
The peddlers through the country are
toii,picuouR ,by their absence this sum-nit-r
for which the ladies are very thank-
Misa Minnie Harrington and her
fT.?.rKeiJre In?kinP PrePrtions
to attend the Normal school at Mon
mouth. af(,f!r.ffrie.n,d-,,-1D VMj,ers ia rusticating
al I the foothills n the Newbill mansion,
and is enjoying himself nicely at fishing,
banting picking berries, milking his
cowi and making butter. He baa lost
some of his calves.
A pert known aa the potato bog baa
made ,U appearance in Highland and
?iltly fine tlme, tm
It is black in color,
shaped like a large black ant but fuller
Kemeinlier.wlien the rortlund printing
ollice driiiniuer comes around, that the
Cot'ltiKU ollice does job priming as
cheaply and ns well us any rortlund
concern, l'alronizo the home printing
If the hair is falling out ami turning
gray, the glands of the skin need stiiuii.
luting ami color-food, and the best rem
o.ly and stimulant is Hall's Hair lie-newer.
Wood sawing by the Bibcock wood
saw quickly and cheaply done. Leave
orders at (imut A Confer's real estate
ollice or address me at Kly.
Kl.MKH Dl.VO.s.
For a sluggiab and torpid liver, n 'th
ing can surpass Ayer's l'ills. Tliev con
tain no calomel, nor any mineial drug,
out are composen ol (lie active princi
ples uf the best vegetable cathartics,
and tl eii use always results in marked
benefit to the patient.
Mr. Thomas Ilatte, editor of the
Graphic, Texarkana, Arkansas, has
found what he believes to be the best
remedy in existence for the tlux. His
experience is well worth remembering.
He says: "Last summer I had a very
severe attack of Mux. I tried almost
every known remedy, none giving re
lief. Chamberlain s Colic, Cholera and
Diaiihiea Kemedy was recommended to
me. I purchased a bottle and received
almost immediate relief. I continued
to use (lie medicine ami was entirely
cured 1 take pleasure in recommend
ing this remedy to any person snll'ering
with such a disease, as in my opinion ii
is the best medicine in existence." 25
and .r0 cent bottles for sale by Geo. A
An Oriental's Weather Report.
This is how the Pandit Imlravarma
Snra.swatl describes "The Oriental
Weather in Lnglnnd in the Year of
centuries, l!i.f" (tlm title ol his con
tribution to the Asiatic Quarterly AV
i iV'ic) :
"Tlie colestrial Court of Indril and
Saraswali, the Goddess of Learning,
wreathed in smiles and decked wild
flowers, have transported their abode
this year to Kngluud. Dropping her
dark rube of rain and stoim, the garb of
coiqilOHf, she has been crowned, in
peaceful prossession, by Surya, the sun
Thus Iiiih the West become a depend
ency of the Kast, mid his rays have re
vealed, bathed in light, the home of the
Kmpire of the World.
"In the wake of the Peities whom I
invoke have come Indian rnj'ahs and
warriors to celebrate the opening of
their domicile, the Imperial Institute,
which, watered by the liberality of our
l'riiicosa, has been endowed with life
under tho radiance of the Croat Queen
and her illustrious son, on whom our
eyes had already rested in India in
loyal love.
"Oh Indril, Lord of the Hast, of Air,
and Climate, visit often Thy new do
main, for Kiighitid requires the glow of
our hearts aim India tlie clouds that
conceal Thee, so as the more to w elcome
Thy return, but leave not behind Thy
companion (the Goddess of Learning),
who, although m t tickle like Liiksmi
(tlie Goddess of Fortune), seems to pre
fer her present home!" London Pailu
How an Old I'lirue Originated.
Tlie phrase "Thut beats bobtuil," Is
not uncommon even now in many parts
of tlie country, especially in the south.
Its origin is traceable to a raco which
occurred about 1840 or shortly before
that year on the famous Fairfield track
on the Mechanicsville turnpike, near
Richmond. In those days Bob Poin
dexter lived in Richmond. He was a
siKirting man, wore lino clothes and
owned a number of horses. Among bis
animals was one be named Pizarro, a
plain bay gelding, with black mane and
tail, the latter bobbed short.
There was nothing extraordinary about
tlie liorso, and nobody looked upon him
as a nicer. But Poindexter took a no
tion thut ho could run. He used to
drive Pizarro about Richmond hitched
to a buggy. On the day that he was ad
vertised to appear on the track a great
crowd was present and excitement ran
high, for a good deul of money had been
put on the other horses. To the aston
ishment of everybody Pizurro beat every
horse on the track, and tlie people went
fairly wild.
Bobtuiled Pizarro hover made much
of a record. Ue won two or three races,
and then went to pieces. For years
afterwurd, when uny thing extraordinary
happened in that section it was said of
it. "That beuts bobtuil." Baltimore
She Took Them All Iluck.
They hud quarreled, and the high
spirited girl said as she handed mm a
packugo: "Thero, Mr. Ferguson, are the
presents you have given me. Now that
nil is over between us, sir, there should
be no reminders of the foolish past."
Yon nre right, Miss Keezer." he said
humbly, "and I suppose 1 must return
the gifts you have presented to me."
"I never gave you anything, sir, that
1 remember."
"Indeed you did."
"Sir, I" I
"Miss Keezer Kutie!" he exclaimed,
with something that sounded like a sob
"I value then boyond everything else ia
the world! It would break my heart to
return them; but thero ia nothing else
left ror me to do." t
I "Will you kiudly fell me, wbat
you are kpaking ofr"
"I am Biieakiiifr, Katie, of thd kisses
yon havo Kiven rnel Thy are not mine
now. It's my duty to restore them.
Forgive me, darling, but 1 cannot go
away without"
"Oh, George!"
When the clock Btruck eleven, about
three hours lutor, George was still re
turning them. London Tit-Bits.
A New fleogriiphlrul fault. '
At the annual meeting of the British
Association for the Advancement of Sci
ence, Dr. G. C. Knott guve a report
on earthquake phenomena in Japan.
Among effects uf the recent severe earth
quake were mentioned the depression of
a valley by alxuit uineteeu feet for a
distance of thirty miles thus forming a
great geographical fault together with
the destruction of mills, bridges and
towns, and the curving of a railway line
miming along an embankment and
bridge in the path of tlie earthquake. It
is stated incidentally that in many earth
quakes though not in this one oil ia
overturned, and by catching Ure causes
more damage than the earthquake itself.
Furgnt Ilia Military Duty.
Lieuteuunt Colouel Villiers, deputy
adjutant general at Winnipeg, has been
auspendeU by Major General Herbert for
alieeuce from his post without leave.
There ia something approaching a grim
joke in connection with this suspension.
The colonel, who is of rather mature
years, recently married a charming
vmm., 1... Iv t,n,.h hia iunliir Hn.l tha '
JU"UB '""J ...UH J
event appears to have excited him so
much thut he went off on his honeymoon
without going through the necessary
form of obtaining leave of absence. Ot
tawa Cur. Montreal Oarette.
Church Chlmea Are Common.
Within the last sixteen years only two
new chimes have been put up in this
city those of St. Michael's church and
tlioso of St. Andrew's. In 1876 there
wore three chimes those of Trinity,
Graco church mid St. Thomas. At that
time n writer in one of the prominent
magazines expressed surprise that there
should be "u chime away off in Eureka,
Oil., three sets in Troy, N. Y., one in
Hartford, om It Birmingham, Conn.,
mid one in Savannah."
There ure many chimes now "away
off in California," and all the large cities
have them. That there nro only five
full chimes in New York is good evi
dence that only five churches care for
them, for a good set can be bought for
less tliiiu $10,000, and dollars are not
scarce in the New York churches. New
ork Sun.
The lloy'a Idea of It.
It seemed ns if the visitor never would
go away. She had been there a month
or more mid gave no signs of departure,
One day the small boy of the house was
looking at her very intently nt the table.
V lint is it, Johnny?" Bhe inquired
graciously, as dt those who ure receiv
ing undeserved benefactions.
Am t no part of your head cone, is
there,' lie naked.
"Of course not. Why do you usk such
B queer question?"
" 'Cause 1 heard miiiiumi say you were
eatin your head off, and 1 wanted to see
if there was any murks of it." Detroit
Free Press.
Dno uf tho Iot Remarkable Nutural
Wonlera of Montana.
Refcrenco to tlie natural wonders of
Montana, particularly the chickon broth
and bichloride springs, brings to light
others of equal magnitudo. Colonol
John Doyle's wonderful vinegar mine
in Beaverhead county passes the domain
of doubt into tho sunlight of truth. It
in bucked by crisp affidavits, and affi
davits cost one dollar each in Montana.
The colonel and his partners did not
confine themselves to vinegar. They
discover- d a mountain of pure alum in
tlie Beaverhead rango.
The discovery was considered a ton
strike and better than a gold miue.
"Vy kept the find a secret for several
w t-lts. during which a shaft was sunk
to the depth of 500 feet. The cut wus
ninde all the way through a solid vein
of alum, and it wus estimated that the
whole mountain wus composed of it. A
largo pile of stuff was heaped near the
mine ready for shipment, mid the miners
had ii scheme to flood the market with
their product und r.-ilie in $ 1. 000,000 at
one fell swoop. Monday tlie Cvloucl's
partner went to town to lay in a stiiiply
of grub and the former remained behind
to guard tho trensuro.
During the morning u heavy rain be
gun to fall und continued all day, and in
tlie afternoon the colonel had occasion
to go down into the mine, miikijy the
descent by sliding down the rope, and
when once down at the bottom was so
taken up with a contemplation of his
novel mid wonderful mine that he did
not heed the fleeting hours until he hap
pened to cast his eyes upward and saw
that daylight had faded from the month
of the shaft. He started to climb up
ward, but had not proceeded nioru than
half way when, to his horror, ho discov
ered thiit the heavy fall of ruin had so
thoroughly saturated the alum sides of
the shaft that, us a natural result, they
had drawn together until the hole was
scarcely large enough foruman tocruwl
The imprisoned nimi recognized his
awful position, ami without losing much
time struggled toward the top of the
shaft. Every foot he advanced the
shaft became smaller, and for the last
ten feet he was compelled to dig his
way with a pocUctknife, and when he
finully reached the surface he was com
pletely exhausted, his clothes were torn
and bis body badly bruised. Tho r.iin,
which was still falling, soon revived the
colouel, and ho started toward tho camp
to meet his partner, to whom lie related
his marvelous experience.
or at least tried to, for although they
searched for two days they were unable
to find any sight of their lute posses
sions. The rain had undoubtedly thor
oughly and tightly closed np the dis
covery shaft ond melted away every
sign of the alum piled on the outside, so
that to this time it has been impossible
to find uny trace of the mine. Omaha
ll Hllli-oMt jr. ,ii iiutliha hikI villi luii'i'Iv ilo y,.ii
K'MKl.if yu liiivc a CiiikIi, C-il'l, ,r any Imnhlo Willi
TlihMil. ('hrl ur I.iiiium. iir. kiim'ri , w IiImmivitv
for ('IIHIII,lll,.l, I'ol.ltlll. Hll.l CillllH U allHIlllltl'Hl 1,1
give relief, or in- iii-.v will lie I'lii'l hiu k. Kuifercra
Inilll ,rt 111 l,l,- .-tl"i II JtlHt ,k 1, hihI oniler lu
line li.nl a hvi una J,.,I, . rettileiy. 'i'iv a mllllile
at our exe-nM- mill ii-jin rr yuiirelf jtint hiiw kinhI h
thing It U, TrUI until, I'reu lit lieu. A. llimllntf'a
lirutf Hlurc. Ijoe l.c .'inc. anil al.Hl.
The Best Salve in the world for Pnla.
.bruises, Si .res, Ulcers, Knit Rheum,
I'ever Sores TYtler, Chapped Hands,
CalllilaliiH, rnii .mil nil Skin Kriipllinia, and
positively i nn,, I'iIm, nr no imj- reicilivil. It is
a-iiiirantieil lo kIvi- piTlwt Mitlidm-tlim, n
mnncy rcfineliMl l'rh- i,ceiil pur box Kor
aalu by ll. A. 1 1 .i r ll n k.
Since III, Ami ln!r,ahictl.,ii, Kli-clrlc llllteni Ima
(niui-it ntiii.lly In M,piiUr tsvur, until now It In
m-ai'ly III Hit- leinl iiiu.iiiif tiiiri, iiieiliriiiiil luuii-a hikI
lllenitlvin Cnlltiillllna linlliilii; which s,riulla lla
1M, us a lieveniKc or inliili.-Hlit, ll in tTCoaiiixi-a IM tlie
eil hikI pure-l iiii-ilk-iiie lr nil ullliienli, i.r Htiiluiirli.
ulver ur lillii.-". It vHI cure tilck IIiiiiIhcIic. in.
liKenlioll, Colltlli:ltii!!, Hllil ill'lve Mlllillin (twill the
-yHlelll. Siill-rin-llull Klilllltlilel-tl Willi eai'll Unllle III
llum-y Hill l,i ri-liin,!, it. I'rlce only j'.U cclita ier U.
le. NiUI liy (.in. .. Ilurillliic.
Over l-'lfly Yi'tira.
As Ol.ll ANil WKIX.Tltmi ItKUKHT. Mm, Will-
low ii SnolliiiiK S.yfiii lin. Iiceii iietl fr over lilt)
-eiu-i hy mllli.MiM ,,f iikiiIk-ih (or ilu-lr i-hilln-ii wlilh
fi-thlng-, with ii-rti i-l oiii-cei.il. It MnitlieM Uii, rlillil,
'it'tell lllf Iflllllrt, ill iiy nil ptlln, ctlri'H Himl Colic,
uil in the h,-t reiiteily f,,r iinri-liu,ii. la pleiiMint Ii,
Im Iimtu. S.,1,1 hy llrnifllinttf ill every purl uf tin
VnrM. Tvienly live ci-lca ii IhiIIIc. Iih mine in In
-iilciiliihle. llu siti'o mill auk fur Mm. Wiiiilnw
Hilhinit Syi-np, und tnku llu utller kind.
Malaria and other atnuvplieric inrlii
ences are best counteracted by keeping
the blood pure ami vigorous w ith Ayer's
Sarsflnaril la. A little t-aulion in this
respect may prevent serious illness at ' The pyrometer measnres heat in Ue
thia season. Ayer's Samaparilla ia the grees and fractions, and will give ccu
best all-the-year-round medicine in ex- rate figure even though the heat runs
istence. np to the unthinkable intensity of 7.0U0
Mandolins, guitars and banjos of the.
celebrated Vtaabbarn make at llur-1
meister A Andreaen. i
Mine. Titlleyriiiul's Keptj to Nupoleon.
Wheu Mine, de Talleyrand wns pre
sented nt court Napoleon had nothing
more gnu-ions to say than, "1 hope that
the conduct of Mine. Talleyrand will
cause the levities of Mine. Grand to be
forgotten," nu insult which drew forth
the rejoinder, "1 could not follow a bet
ter example than that of Citoyenne
Bonaparte. "--San Francisco Argonaut
The Sworn! Cane In Fruiice.
Loud cries for help were heard pro
ceeding from the end of the Rue de In
Chapelle on Saturday night, and on
hastening to the spot the iolico found
three men lying wounded on the pave
ment. One of them, named Francois de
Geyter, had been run through the body
with a sword cane and died shortly
afterward. The others were not so
severely injured. Louis Dcsiller had
received a wound i.i the neck, and the
third, a soldier of the Third engineers
named Henry Bonfliers. bad bis left
hand pierced by a sword thrust.
They were taken to a chemist to have
their wounds dressed, and were shied
make a statement as to the can?e i.f tli
affray. Tliey said that they were p::eiu?
: along tne Hue de la l hapelle; they mo:
! two men and two women wlm were
, singing most discordantly. IVtii yiet
, and his ciiiiipauions U-gan to u-;;ialt-I
them, and a quarrel, which terminates
i n a fight, wax the result. Tlie two mm
j seeing they were netting tiie Wo.-sl of il
, drew sword canes and indicted
j 'UIO I'l'IIIIUMCIIttloll III H MlllllF.
How I hat John Philip Sonsu luis lo
cated ii: Chicago we think it proper to
correct a growing misapprehension as
to tlie correct pronunciation of bis name.
A certain wealthy and cultured nnd in
fluential society faction on the South
Side cull him Souse-er. and ut tho Chi
cago club it is seriously argued that the
eminent tunaicinn was called to this
city nut only in recognition of his
genius and talents, but also nud especial
ly because it was fancied that his name.
Identified with music development here,
Would stand as an enduring tribute to
one of the greatest industries in the
packing house quarter of our civiliza
tion. About the only joke that Phil
Armour ever cracked was when lie put
this coiinndi'iiiii to a group of friends
the other evening, - Why am I like the
leader of our famous band?"
Marshall Field (who is a sly wag)
Because you blow your own horn ha,
ha. ha!
Mr. Armour No.
George M. Pullman (somewhat of a
humorist himself) Because he lives by
a baton and yon live by a battoir.
Mr. Armour (wearily) No. nol
N. K. Fairbank (always snbtle) Be
cause be tries hard to please and you
try lard to please.
Mr. Armour - Yon are all wrong.
Oinncs- We give it np,
Mr. Armour-Then I will tell yon why
I nm like tho leader of our famous b:'.nd.
It's because I am a sonser too!
Marshall Field - But you ain't: you'ro
an Armour.
George M. Pullman That's so; Marsh
all's right: you're an Armour yon ain't
a Sonsu!
Mr. Armour-Hut don't yon see? He
ia a Soiimh and I am a souser too! I
make nonse I'm a sonser -see? So wo
are both Kmisus!
Marshall Field -Oh, oh. y-a-as; by
George, that s a good one! Has Higin-
hot hum heard it?
In spite of .Mr. Armour's pretty wit
and in spite of South Siile usages, Mr.
Sonsa'x inline is not correctly pronounced
Souse-er: the correct pronunciation of
tlie until is as if tlie name were spelled
Sons ah. with the accent upo:i tae pe
nult. Chicago News-Record.
Attempt at Suicide.
Might Han Been Prevented.
From the Boston Post.
Whilo the walks in the Public Garden
irere crowded yesterday afternoon about
4.30 o'clock, people near the entrance gates
at the corner of Beacon ond Charles streets
were horrified to see a man suddenly tihiiiue
a knife repeatedly into his thioat and fall to
the ground.
While waiting for a conveyance an officer
questioned the would-be suicide, who was
about 50 years of age, as to his name, address,
and reason lor wishing to end Ins Jilc, but
the man steadfastly refused to give any infur
niation regarding himself. He was taken to
the Massachusetts General Hospital and
surgical attendance given hini. Although
weak from loss of blood it is probable he
will recover. About V o clock last night a
hospital attendant got a little information
from him. He said his name wasSamiul
D , and that ho came some weeks ago
from New Brunswick, i lie last few dayi
hit head hat felt queer, and he has been wan
dering about the city, not knowing which way
to turn. What impelled him to commit his
rnsli act he was unable to say.
The above is the familiar but terrible
story of the results of menial derangeiuei.
caused by overstrain of the nervous system
People, who have dizziness, l.nuUtche or tad-
ache, or who are troubled with nelanchohj er
despondent feelings, nro already well on the
road which leads to insanity and suicide.
"Dr. Miles Medical Co.: I cannot find
language in which tp express my npp-ecia
lion of the creat benefit 1 liave Vinvcu
from the use of your Bestorativo Nervine.
lien lite, became a burden 1 would use the
Nervine to soothe my weakened nerves, and
to calm my exhausted and irritable br.iin."
Mits. II. Urown, lioclicstcr, JN. I.
Dr. Miles' Hestoratire Nervine lias no equal
in curing Nervous Diseases. It contains
no opiates or dangerous drugs. Sold on n
positive guarantee hy all druggists and
Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, lml.
Ill the l.'lri'itlt Ourt of the Stnie ol ori'iion fur
tttu loamy in i ;Mi-iuiiiiia,
Nellie P. Union, I'laliillir,
II. W. VV, o iiii.l I. M. Paris,
Hlatc of OrcKiill, (
County olclitikiiiiias.l
Votlce l h-rcliy given Unit hy virion of nil
"cxci'iiliiiii nu, I iinli-r of mle isxiieil out ul lh.
circuit i iiltrt ol the Mute of Olefin tor Ihei iilllilv
of rliii'k.iiiniN, hi-iirltii: ilute (he -.jjii'l ihty ol July,
IHiitl. In n suit iilicri-in Nellie I', lui'vvii Is ,l nu
ll II, uii. I II. IV WiMi-ii iill'l I,. M. DiivIn tin- lie
fi'llilniils. I'lililliliilnlltiK nu-, In the in, t- ( llu-
nine in iiri-xiiu. mm inn in inu rinl et,ite hem.
Itiiilli-r ih m-illieil, lo rcnlizi) a sum aiiilli li'iil lo
Niitixfy the ih itt.lM u( said ilei-ri't1, In tvll: IIIHNl,
I, Wilier Hllli Interest nil the hiiiiiu rim e .Miin h
no, is-A, hi a iit rei lil per iilliiiini, ami iiIhi the
eimls ol mill nlli tt.litiK llils mile mill nil alnu lu-y
fee of lii, unit cusl n.iu- iiei-riii-,1 mi .1I in.
Mlw. thelelllri.. ill lllH'llh,l.- In m.l ,l..r,.i, I
urn. oil liie inn nay of Alluusl. ueiJI. i in v en
Muni, ami lull, on Siiliinliiv llu, uih ilm- ,,i
September, Hit, iii ( I io hour ol mic o'elo: k p. in
ji( suiil iluy, nl the (.nut ilnur o( the eullrl Innlae
in a.ilil i-oiiiily. infer (or sale nl pnhlle aili luiii,
mill sell In the highest ninl I.cnI hi.lder. fr eu-li
In Iniiiil all n( the right. HI II- hii, lntr,-iit the
siltll lii-li-llililtlls hull on the Till ilnv ,i( S,',teill
her, Isnl, lu ami In I he (nllim-lct; iliwrihui real
property. In ivil: The 1", nl m-eliMii III In l,vn
ship t Kiiiilh nt ruiigu li cuxi i l ihe illutiie'.le
Hiin-,1 tills I Uii day o( AiikiisI, A P. I Mil
. I'. IV. iMMiNO,
Slicrill'm (y'hti knintts I'm,, siale of Or,
w treusiirer n( l liickniuiis ciiiuly, nt liin nfllre in
tho oolll'tlinlMO ill (l-i-!,,ll (,'lty, up In ' o'clock
noon. August 'Ji'-th, isntl, for the rule of bonils to
liie ulnniitit uf S-J.-.IKI of Mhnnl ilisllict No. 3 of
citiekntiiiis ciniuty, oi-i-giin. Sum i,oiiiIh n'-t to bo
aolil lielow ,nr. uotltli lo Oenr seven per cent in.
terest. Interest ami principal imyiihle at the nflli-e
of the cunty treasurer at Oregon city. Oreiriiii
Knilnrse envelope. ''I'ropniiiils f,,r tin, Purchase of
Siiuiii! ll.,ml. Iliglil reserveil to rejert uny tirall
01, m. P. 1. CALIrr,
Oregon City, Aug. 17, 1S. County Treaanrer.
nu hki.ii.aii sAwmxT.w. 11. kumonhs. cok
1 iieiiim I'Mni'iliiN, A. Surgi-nt, .1. Snrtront anil Kntia
Sargent, ll,ilr--ill-lnw or.llleoli l. Jliiler, ilereuii d:
In the Illillle nf tlie Btilte nf Oregdll, ynu um m-i
of . vntl are colnllliinileil iiliil cit il tn npiwir before
Ihe'liiiiiiiriihiii couiity judge of I'liickiiiims ciiuntv,
ntilteiif dreg-in, ut Ilia "lllce 111 tho coiirlli,,uae at Or
egon City, Oregon, no Mnli'lny, October iM, 1H!I.'I, ut
11) o clock a. lu., then mill lliel-e to liuw cutue, If
any exist, why un oroVr atnl llceuj.ii nmy nt be
grunted the mliultllstnitrix to aell lots 11 nnil4,.(
b'(K-k 28 ef Mllwmikle, Oregnn, na prayed for in her
petllloii now on nie.
Witnesa the H-ui. .1. W. Mclihllin, imlge of aaiil
court ttllil my ullicinl leul Ihi Allglui -.'hi, IMCI,
OKU. K. UOitlON,
County Clerk uinl Clerk uf County Court.
XOTICK Is lii-ri-liy given In nllnlinin It mav
einieeni Ill-it the iiiidi-rsigneil lias iieen hy
tiie I'oiinly e urt of ('iiirknintis cotintv, Ori-gnti,
iiiiiiidiili-,1 pxeeiiirix of ihe esinte nl A. K.
Shipley, liv't-eiiaeil, nail Ihnt all peraolis linviiig
cininis Hgulnat H.iiil e.diil,. are hereliy uotilieil lo
preseift tlie sntne, witli t tie proper vomdiera, lo
Ihe llliili'raigiieil nl the ollii-e nf .Miller
.Miller, iitiniiioys. KiT'j First street. Portland, Or.,
within ai month from Ih! il,il,..
Unteil Hits lllli ilnv nr AniMil. A. M lsn:l.
CKI.INliA K. SHII', -:Y, '
Administratrix of llu- I'S HIe nl 1 It. shinier
The l-'Mtlirr ol t'hiiritis l:iuglitr.
Who was the father of pharaohs
daughter? What was his name? The
word phnruoh was simply a title, und
the phrase "pharaoh's daughter" gives
no more information man "tlie kings;
daughter" or "the lord's daughter." ;
Three phuruohs of the uame of Thut-
Dies, three of the name of Amenhotep
and two of the name of itaineses li.ive
had their names advocated to he the
father of t!:e princess wr.i resi-ned the
infant '. .sts. There is a controversy
going vn .ibout it a controversy revived ;
by the R v. Trofessor Heckler ut the
congress of orieutalists in Loudou.
August Jlst. lMIII. Notice Is liei-.-l,y pivell thut
the fiillowing'liiittiej s-ttlerhia filed notice of his
intention in make finiil proof In mipport of hi, claim,
under seen, ,ti i:ni K. S,. unll thai siid pn,f will be
lll nle before Ihe li -gisler HU,I liel-eiver V. S l.nml
OtlU-e. nt On eon l ilv, llr. g.,,,. on October lf.th, lMiil,
vi.: CIIAIII.Is V Mt.UTll. III. K. No C 1)1,
for lots n s'i'1 ll of II. Twp. i S. II. K. He
names the follow iug wittie.srs to lii nveliis e nli,i.
ells re-ill- lie,- upon and cultivation of aaiil Ian I.
vir: -Mien iitti. i.tu-ien liavitisoe, Henry Oani
and K.'gar iiiuiils,-!,. nil of O.w-tro. tlrenon.
UOill ll A. MII.I.K1I, llejister.
Ari'i.nvnov koij i.i.-jicxk.
apply In the eltv eniinell of ilrogoti r ltv. Ore
gon, lorn s-il,,i,n ih-etis,. toeoiititiii" mv salomi
liM'ated In i.regoii I'ily, said iii-.-nse tmlale from
scpteml.i r ifli. IM l. I. A. MIUKI..
viitick is iii-i:i:i.v t.ivKX that I sham.
appiv to itie city council ,,r Oregon City. Oregon,
f r a wil'-iii Iieen.,-1 fontitme my saloon 1,-catiai in
Oregon I ilv, said licena to date fn-m s, pietnhar -'4
l-t". Al.BKIIT si'HKLLINO.
Mute of Oregon
Uotiiily of ( l.ii'kauuo.)
The Niirlhu-cit K.re niul Marine
liiBuram-e Coiiipaiiy, Phtliilill',
C. II. Iliiwiirlh, Mitrllia S. Iluvvotih
ami linrlil I'. Striiltun, llefeliilanls,
ol an rxi eiiiltiti niul order of sale issued
out of tin- -Irellll court ol the slate of Oregon for
the enmity oii'1,1.. kuiiins. hearing dale Ihe I Jlli
ol July. ISiit, In it suit wherein I In- NnrlhucM
Kirettmt Murine Insurance Company Is plain
till', ami C. II. Iliiuonh, Murtl.a s llumirih anil
liavhl P. stiiittini were ileii-mluiits, eiiiiiiiiainllug
me, 111 Ih" name of lie slate of ori-unu, to levy
upon hikI si ll the r.nil estat-hereinafter ileii-
eriln-it llll'l the llllerist nf the ilefellilnnls
lliereiti liereiiiuiler set Inrlii. In realize a sum
itillli-ieiil lo satisfy the neiiunida of said
leeree. o ;l eii..' Hi. Ingot her u ll i interest on
tile smite s:tu-e a. nil ilecree -.vus i-ntereil nl a uei
cent. per tiiiiiuui, nii l nso thcd's'stn ami utii-ml-
lligllils sal". 1 1 ii . oil Hi, -J.il 1 1 ho of J , 1 1 v. sin
duly levy upon, un I will, on Siiini,'hiy.ihe-.'o I iluv
of Seplemher. IMUI, nl Ihe lliniriir2o'elili-k p.m. of
attiil day. at the Irolll iloor of l,ie i-ourthnuse ill
said i-oiiiiiv. oil..r for snlii ui puliHe an timi. unit
s, II to tne login- t ami in-si hidil r, lor cisli in
utiliil ll,e Inl -im nig ilesi-rllied rial pinpcrty, to
wll: Tne s- ., nt the sinulieiisi iiiarter,' Ihe
west li.: II ol lh,- siiiiilienst iiiari"r, ami the
norlliiii'l uuoiir nl the sniiiiiMisi iimrier of
section '.t!. nil .a loaiislilp iwii(-J) miiiiIi range
live (oi e HI n: V,':ll iiiu-ite .Meriiliull, end all Hie
estilli-. r.glll. lilt,, llll'l lulerest me ll.'feliilntlls
hud or in-l I lh r. In nu the llih iluv ol August,
1NI7, Hie date ol the llinrlgage upon ilci ree of
foreclosure i.f ulileli said order of sile wus
tssueil and upon nil tlie eslut , right, till,-and
inleiesi of s.ii-t il.-f' ml inta since a.-uitireil ur
now held il.eo-iii.
Ihileil Hits 'J i.h ihiy of August, A. IV im.
.'. W. (lANOXd,
Sin rillot Clio kannisi omit v. Oregon.
Salt Lako, Danver.
Omaha, Kansas City,
Chicago, St. Louis
Eastern Cities.
U n 1 1 r o ,Iie Quickest to Cht
IIUUI o cago and the East.
UnnroQulcker to 0maha
lIUUlo and Kansas City.
I'or rales anil ui-iiciuI infoi minion cull
on or tiililrirs,
w. ii.iiuiii.iu;itr. Auul IIh,, l..u ,
-ol Wnaliintiloii St.,eor. lltiiil,
I'oHTI.AMt, UHE(.i(N .
. he Shasta route
Ol- 11 If.
aOtliiiU.A 1'ACifit 10.
lixiui-aa Trams U-uvv I'ulllaliil l.n'l.
J"ult- . iTJnLT"
J.v Inriiiiiiil rtr 7.80'i".,"
I.v Oregon l.llj i.v
Ar kuii i-raiii isei, t,v 7;w, j,
Ahiivetiullii,sliip nn.y ,,l inllnii ii, aluliinii
iiiiilhnf lioelnirg: i-.iim rorilaiiil,t,i,g,,i, citv
oodlilllli, Nilein, All.un-, langetll. Mieild a,
lialsey, iliiiulnirg. Jiiiii iniii Cliy.irviiig.i'.tignie
U s"Klti' Ii'iT m 1 1. iiaiiTv
7:ou r.M.
7:ol r. M.
lu In a. si
jli "
.i::iiia.i. I.v I-.tIIhu.I Art 4:.ir.K
'J -I A. M. I I.i- uregon Cllv I.v :t:L1iey
:iOKM. ,u lloselnirg i.v i.tUa.ii
.j'in' iaj illy exeept Siiiiilny.
:ihi p. m. i I.v i-orVnri IT. : .',,..' .
BlINI I' M. I I.v (Iregnii Clly I.v n-;j . u
'.'on r.. Ar All,,,,,!- a it-
lilXIMI (alts O.N (loliKN IKHTK.
A Nil
Altiielieil to all Hirot gli Trains.
Weal Niilu Division,
l( turn-1, I'OKI i.ani, H1 tOIIVALI.1.1.
. "AH- ri! AI.N llall.V ( K Xl-Kfl SUN 1, A V . )
I'2:IS l'..M. Ar Cnrvallis I.v I :Ui I'. M .
At Alhaii v iiii.l ' l,iei,,il .1 nt-
7.'.'iiP. M. I Ar Mi-Mliinvllle I.v I K:!(i A. M
Holden's Ethereal Cough Syrup
A Never falling KeuiO'ly, lor alt
Suitable (or Old or Youm.
THE HOLDER DRUQ Co., Stockton, Oal.
soi.i, tiv ai.i. ORunoisTs.
Fur Sale byGiio. A. Harding
Cbvbral bottles of Swift's Specific (S.S.S.)
entirely cleansed my system of contagioua
blood poison of the very worst tyjie.
W'M. S. Loomis, Shreveport, Ll
TlfliOl'fiM Tlf'KRTf)
Can he olitiiliii-d at Hie Imvest tntva from
I-. U. MOOIIK, A!Mit,Oi(in C My
'l 1 ,'t,l. I.I A I lip
Portland, Or
Oregon Pacific P'road Company
E. W. IIADI.KV, IlKeiavsn.
Tills Colllainy's sli'.'lllilsillts:
Cupl. Heo llanba
"'. sr. iioao"
Cap'. II. J. Young
This Colnpniiy iiw-rves the rlitlil to Varv from till,
mini, as i-lieiilii.hinci-s may require, willioiit unties.
I.i-nve Porthinil, Suiuliiy
II n. in.
Leave Ciii-vtillls, Moiiiiuy,
8 a. ni.
heave Snh-m, Inn III, Tui-sil
d.iy, i) a. in.
Wi-ilnisiliiy ami Friday,
Wi-iliii-mlny and Friday,
Thursday and Satnr-
T RAD scrofula In Iffll, and cleansed my
4 system entirely from it by taking seven
bottles of S. S. S. I have not had anv avmr
torus since. C. W. Wilcox,
Spartanburg, S. C.
"en Franrlsee, July 1 1 ll,, 21st and :llst
I Vaillillii, July nth, Mill ami 'JHIIl.
For frelirht anil msaeniier rules nnnlv lo an
affent or purfer uf tills Coiiiiny, or II. C. Day
,-rn . .., i. .-.oi.,. ,, n,.,. ,!, -,i.,nd,
". 1 . .Ml l.i Ull.n-u'l. Rupt.,
T. W A lit, I V T. K. I'. A
Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed
free. Swift Specific Co., Atlanta, tia.
We have the Exclusive Control ot
Kijiann Ta'iult cure hoailai-hc.
; woumla slrvailr ilew-rilieil. The -oaml
! el men gave ikcription of tln-ir n.-
tuiUutt and active nie.-umrrs are lin
j taken to discover tbeia.Ualih'nani Jleo
. aenger.
A Chicago uewnboy has been fineU for
the ! crying sensational "news" that diil not
appear in the paper he was selling.
p 8 1
Your Stomach
of tereatlng a hearty meal, and ths
result Is a chronic case of Indiges
tion, Sour Stomach, Heartburn,
Dyspepsia, or a bilious attack.
Promote PitrfMlon, Rrtrtilnte the
Htoimicb, Liter mud m-fl8, Fnrily
the Itlood. nud are a I'ntfitive Cure for
Conntiputinn. Mck lleadachet IliU
ItiUNiienn uuil all other DleaM-a arlsliitf
frum a (ilawnU'red condition of the Liver n1
atomui'h. Tin y act weutly yet protuutly.aaii
porfei't il1(rftiin follnwn their ue.
Hin.inTalnileri take the plnceof nn Entire
Medici uo (.'next, ami Hhulr kept lor
UOC 111 VVKrj I Hill 11.
Sold by dniffffisti or $cnt by
Price, Tiro Dollar.
IO Bprarc SU, New Vork.
j (s'llilcti '';5inrf iiii'tj
I is;',' Hiit.ii.iii!
nn vnii ciilCcdo wnt ..
uu i un out i lii : piaiiiiii
AGENTS WANTED on Salary and Com-
miss-cn fcr THE ONLY AUTriOniZEO
Il- ill. ll.l l.rov. I.f -s Ilinrary exfi-ut r.
w itll tin- civ.i' rntiiin of his family, an, I f. r -Mr.
Rlniiit-V l iinii.M.-W.Mli-. -1 WKS V I K I K
UK iim.ui.. -a,,. .. it,.r i,k.-l'n.
I.iri( l, tiM t Miii" ntii- j r -ri'ii'in
! fT tl n ltK r NKi.l.lo !i k in tin- nnr
! k-t. ,. K. I'. Jiiril.iu ..( l,...t k Hi iir-ii-rs tn.in
. Iirt Un nll: aertil'i i.mtit .10. Slra. 11,1
, iaril ,, H. I-- k I", or-lH-. i;i -m. , ijn-nia. in 1 ,lv
; I'iimii t." . "in , ,i .-l n-n. 1,-,-a iirirnri,
lini,l,ii: l-n-lit f l7 Sr.. J. l-arln-lL- i'f 31,'.
j in, k 411 ,,1-,1,-ra lr in A; i-al'-: pr ,til $7.1 5.1. K.
' A. I'alnir-.f -. I'-ik t-H.i, .V! ,.r,l. r tn a ,!n:
prolil '.il S". KM !.l lVi: 1 KH!.nn!:l
khi-ii. li v,'U w:-li I.. niur I.Aiii.K M,im:V,
' ar.tf iniliii i!iali-l f,ir li-rmn t.i thn
lie runr ii.iubU.
ami Wii will 01-lnl y,m l-'r,. ot Cliarue a FULL
I'oruHK uf apivlaliy iin-pannl ri-mi-ill'-n ln-t aulted
to y,,nr iiimi. WK WANT Vol lt HKl'OH
MRMlATIU.N. W C P fl ,( 1 1 Q C ""' "UHt "'.HirilrnU d tlitrmrii
111. U H 11 UUilL " li'Hli trtin. Our tn-atiiianta
fur all ,li,iii,ia an-i ili-lonniti'-a art, MiNli'in anil
s,-,-iitilic, a,-,iiiriil bv tiiany yeaiK expi-rietice,
wiiiclt t-uiil,li-a ui to l.iianiiitre a Cure, llu not
N. 11. MV iiiivi, tli-. only p,itiv enro fur
Krn.Ei'aT i KITS) ami (lAT.innH, Ki-rprcncea
giv,-n. I'liriiiain-iiliy lncatt-,1. (Olii pulnblilietl.)
7M lliu-kt-t St , Sun Fmnclaco, Cl.
TI.p iiultT-incd liHviiiff licen renlored lo
hiiiith !iy simple nu'iins, aftrr Mifl't-rfp(r for
Mcveriil yi'nr with a neve re In iir otl'tcMnu, anrt
Hint 'Ireail lii'iti; ('MiiMiiiiiitiMi, Ih aiiX'OUM lo
iiMke Known t' liii Ml w fiiilertr tlie means
of cur. To thufe whodcfire it, he will cheer
fully nt'iid (free of eharjic) copy uf the re-rlp-tiiui
iincil, which ihcy will rind a nure cure or
CoiMiiiiifttlon, A tt limn, f'HtHrrli Hronchi
tU and all thr uil und Iiiiik Malmlii. tie
Impen tell surF'TiTs will try hU remedy, nn il it
invrtliiaide. TIMe detir'inir the pret"'riptiort,
which will cott them iinihlng. and may prove a
hies hit:, will please add re.
Rev. Edward A Wilson. Btookiyn.Xew York
; HSY BILL PJ3. C:i ,
. 0 W!
il ui.t Talmii-; Uvort -Lie.
M44ot tr to ofer frfn to
6om$, for iU Of4 BIST HAD. vr9 Cmm k44
i r-
Job Priaticg at tlie
Courisr Of'lce.
Scientific America!
Agency for
For Infnrmatf rm and fre Handbook writp to
MI NN CO- al BKiiauwAT. mw Tori.
OI,lel bnrfran f-T et-urinir rafenti in Ameneav
K.rery patent taaen out br n. if browbl betor
Uu pubnc by a notice given tree ot diaire ia Ui
Scientific mcriran
Larrst eirm'ttimj of mt veientlflr paper ra tho
wond. SniendidiT lUastrsMd. So iDtellirei
mu ihouid b wtthoiu it. Week'r, S3.00
ear: fl..itMtii tnontbi AcMrew MLN CO.,
K BiaUu&iu, Jtol iifOtwwj. w York 4U.