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Tlie Fourth at St. Johns
July fourth was celebrated in a
good old fashioued way iu St.
Johns. In spite of the fact that many
pecple took advantage of the two
and 'one-half day holiday period to
seek the country for an outing, the
crowd iu St. Johns was fairly good.
And they were kept interested
from the time the parade started in
the morning until the iports had
been concluded late iu the after
noon. The parade was headed by
the Dand and it discoursed several
pleasing selections in excellent
style along the way. The leading
features of the parade was the Ash
by emigrant wagon that was gotten
up in the good old way, with none
of the features lacking to make
typical of the historical old etni
grant wagon of bygone days. An
other feature of the parade was the
float containing the Goddess of
Liberty, Miss Virginia Sicfcrt, who
was' selected by vote, and her
A fine float was that of
and Mrs. Southmayd which
composed of rare rugs, screens
ens, silks, tables and other highly
interesting articles, worth many
dollars, and were secured by
Mis. Southmayd during her eight
years .stay in India. Mrs. botitli
mayd has been a great traveler and
iius been twice uroutid the world
The exhibit aroused a great deal
of interest.
The program at the baud stand
near the city lull after the parade
was'qulte interesting and listened
to attentively by a goodly sized
audience. Dr. II. I'. Jones; presi
dent of the day, gave neat open
ing address. "The Star Spangled
Banner." was sung by the gather
criug. followed by invocation by
Rev. W. 14. Klostcr. A pleasing
solo was sung by Mr. Ilultcrflcld.
Hon. T, J. Clcctou, orator of the
day, gave au interesting and inspir
ing discourse. The rending of the
Declaration of Independence by
Mrs. J. N. Bartlett was rendered in
a splendid manner. "America" was
sung by the assembly. A. G. John
son gave the closing address iu a
few well chosen and appropriate
words, The baud rendered several
pleasing selections that were greatly
enjoyed. Miss Thompson and Miss
Tooley presided at the piano.
In the afternoon the various
sports took place on Ivauhoe and
Syracuse streets. A list of the
prizewinners will appear in next
week's lifeuc. . .
List of Contributors
It is the desire of this, organiza
tion at this opportune time-to ac
quaint everyone of the fact that the
Fourth of July celebration has been
a decided success. Owing to the
handicap under which we have la
bored, it was impossible to do ex
actly as was planned, but ever
ctiort lias been exerted to accom
plish that looked for by all a
grand, old-time celebration in honor
of our country and all concerned
Following is a list of those mak
ing cash donations for the eclcbra
St. Johns Ice Co, . Couch and Currier,
A. C. Gelss, John Koce, W. C. Rowe,
Joy the Tailor. R. L. llartlett. It. Hen
derson, S. C. Conk, Carl Juhiike, W.
Jower, J, II. Chauucey, Ocyerle and Arm
strong,?, C. McKcnna. M. T, Groh
Peninsula Market, I'. II. Woolley, J. II.
Page, I. Papus, R. L, Hall, 1'. Slvcrt,
St. Johns Record Hxchange, A, Juhiike,
uurrins lor urugs, j, n. i.yticn, iiouimm
ami turner, at. loiins riinrmacy, rt-o
pics' Bargain Store, J. L. Caldwell, C.J.
Muck, 15. Connutit, Peninsula Hlcctric
Co,, II. C. Kasmcyer, St. Johns fruit
Co,, St. Johns Purnlture Co,, St, Johns
Trantortallon Co,, St. lolitis Meat Co,,
A. W, Davis, Peninsula Security Go,,
Sunset Grocery. Cloverland Creamery,
, . . . -. i i ... ... i .. n . . i . .
juji itiRmci, wiiil b ii-3iiiuiniu,,
Portland Mfir. U) a. a. .muck, Trail
Ilros., Peninsula Natlunal Hank, Hank of
Commerce. Home Mercantile Co., G.cs
cr's Hxchange, S. L. Knowlcs, Dr. It, P.
Jones, R. I,. I.uvrlck, Ormamly Ilros.,
Glover anil Allen, C. C Klngle. Win.
Surher, Hodges Confectioner) , St. Julius
Undertaking Co.. Tower the Jeweler. St.
Johns Hardware Co,, Good lints ltentau-
rant, J. f . Uillmoro, m. j. i.miic, Pulley
and Zurchcr, V. II. Hearing, St. Julius
Auto Iilccttlc Co., St. Jolius Ileal ICstalc
Kxcliaucc. II. P. Clark. Multnomah
Theatre, w. W. Rogers, L. Simmons ami
Co., Columbia Garage,
ReoCtothlmr Co.. Meier & Prank.
Ilrowusvllle Mills, Motorcycle .& Supply
Co., Simons -Store, Powers Pur Co.,
Aider Street Market, P. R. I,. & P. Co..
Robinson & Detlan, Owl Diug Co.,
Multnomah Photo & Supply Co., Reed
Prench Piano Co,, Joe Mauck, l M.
Koontz. Cummlnus Carson Co., Ilalluu
Hi Wright, Ilrcuueu & Whaleli, St. Johns
Grocery. Rosenblatt. Hon Sclllm!
i.lpmau and Wolfe, Harry Gibson, Port
land lent ami Awning v.o uuis, wort
man and King, Maxam Shirt and
Garment Co,, Atkins Saw Co., Capital
Coffee Co., Woodard Clark Drug Co.,
Houeyinan Hardware Co., A. Is. John
son, Porlsmouui 1 iicatrc, reuiusuia
Theatre, Northwest Tire Co., Win.
HiiKhson Motor U univrrsiiy Drug
Co,, Rychmau Ilros., I'lctclicrs Gro
cery, C. Owen, Gucrra Grocery, Cooper
atlvc Clothing Co., liggert. ami Young,
General Clgur Store, Kelly's Olvmpla
Co., llruun and Co,, Dan Marx and Oi
A. O. SiMiddlng Ilros,, Auto Salvage
Co., Miller Men' Outfitters, Willis
Hardware Co., S. A. joiinsou.
w- v Fraternal Boosters.
The Geneva Confectionery serves
Ice Cream, Cold Drinks and Light
Lunches. 215 North Jersey.
Mm. Vinson (loos hemstitch
ing nt 528 South lvnnhou; phono
Columbia 10M. 25,
Tamburicaa Unique Instrument
Jugo-SIav Orchestra at Chautauqua Fcaturo Thoir
Own Native Sweet-Toned Instrument
ssW-' Tst ' ssssssssssssssHssssHlssssssssw
Probably no native Instrument brought to America In recent years has at
tracted wider attention than the tamburlca. It embodies some ot the best
features of the mandolin, banjo and guitar, but Is distinctive from each of these
Iu mauy respects. The ranee of music U almost limitless. In volume the
music produced by the sir players comprising the Jugo-SIav Tamburlca Orches
tra la equal to that of an orchestra of eight or nine players using other string
Throughout Eastern, Southern and Middle Western statea the concerts of
the Jugoslav Orchestra have been Xcclalmed as musical events of unusual Inter
est and value. Their Chautauqua tour of the Coast under Elllson-Wfclte di
rection will unquestionably add to the vplendld reputation alreudy galued.
They will give a ful( afternoon concert on tho fourth day and a, preludo In the
Bing Cherries
' 4c Per Pound Delivered Any
place in St. Johns. Leave Orders
Now. Portland Delivery 5c.
Phn Office Col. 824
Rildnc--Col. 377
Gasser's Express
rtfflr 9fl? N. Jercev Street
Residence 921 S. Jersey Street
The St. Johns Community Club
held its regular mcetiui; at the
Y. W. C. A. buildiuR Tuesday ev
eniug, and then adjourned for the
summer vacation, the next regular
meeting to be held the first Tuesday
'veiling in September. A commuui
oat Ion was read from Commissioner
Pier in reply to a request that baud
concerts he held in bt. Johns, stnt
ihg that no funds were available for
band concerts in Portland this sum
mcr. J. N. Edlefscu reported that
the site selection committee of the
1925 l?air would visit the proposed
site here nnd give it full cousidera
Hon. The project of a band for the
Community Club was taken up anil
discussed. Mr. Monahan stated that
n baud was a fine thing for au or
ionization to have and that if one
be organized for the Community
Club, it should consist of members
of the Club only, and not of mem
bers of nnv other organization. Sev
eral musicians were present, includ
ing Mr. Guar and Mr. Davis, who
made remarks concerning such or
ganization, It was finally decided
that n band be organized, with Mr.
Ganr as director and A. li. Jones,
manager. Mrs. Shaw stated that the
basement of the building would be
nt the disposal ot the organization
for band practice purposes. Mr.
Kdlcfscn suggested that n commu
nication be directed to the school
board, urging that work proceed ns
rimidlv as nossllilo toward the con
struction of the new high school
building here. Mr. Kdlcfscn also
said lie believed it n good plan to
repeat the production of "The
Uceetrict Sktilc'' this Fan. aud he
paid Mr. Gctz, the author aud
conch, a high compliment for his
efficient service and the fine play he
produced. Mr. Gctz was also given-
other fine compliments for his clever
iroductiou and valuable assistance.
communication was directed to be
scut to the Commissioner of Public
Works, asking that West Hurling
ton street be placed iu better condi
tion. Dr. Borden spoke on
cooperation of the entire community
iu getting the things needed iu St
Johns. On motion of A. 15. Jones it
was unanimously decided that au in
vitation be extended the fraternal
Boosters to meet with Community
Club at its meeting in September.
Last Sunday evening at a spe
cially called meeting of the numbers
and supporters of the Congrega
itoual church n call was extended
to Rev. D. Elmer Nottrse of La
Jara, Col., to become its pastor.
The new man comes with good rec
ommeudatlous as an organizer and
worker with young people, having
successfully organized two Com
munity churches in Colorado, and
served as pastor-counselor of the
San Luis Valley District of Christ-
inu Ktnlcnvor. lfor the last two
years Mr. Notirse has been presl-
lent of the Colorado Association of
Community Churches. In addition
to his regular work he was also
chaplain Of the Colorado Soldiers'
and Sailors' Home. The Congrega
tional church It looking forward to
a progressive community program.
Mr. Notirse brings with him an ex-
ericuce of six years in various
forms of community work. With
the hearty cooperation which is
promised by pastor and people the
church proposes to put on a pro
gressive community program,
which will touch nud serve the life
of the community at every oint.
1 here will be regular services iu the
church Sunday. Sunday school at
10:00. Morning worship at 11:00.
Lvcuing service at 7:15. You will
find a real welcome nt all of the
services. -Reported.
The Crater lake season opened
the first of this mouth. On account
of snow it will be impossible to
reach the rim of the hike for sev
eral days.
Members of Latirclwood Rcbekah
Lodge, No. 160, will meet Wednes
day evening, July 13th, at 7:30
o'clock for tlie transaction of busi
ness, after which there will be joint
installation ot officers of Laurel
Lodge, No. 186, I. O. O. and
Rcbekah Lodge. All Odd Fellows
invited. A picnic will be held at
the Odd Fellows' Home, Suuday,
June to, by the same lodges. Meet
J at the hall at 9:30 o'clock with well
tilled baskets aud a determination
to make the day a pleasant one for
all the inmates of the home, Auto
mobiles arc needed for the trip.
Anna Cauright, Recording bec'y.
Saturday evening, July Oth,
Grand High Priest W. R. Bilycu of
Albany and other grand officers will
constitute Peninsula chapter and in
stall the officers. A delegation from
Portland, Washington aud Sunny
side chapters will be present. All
Royal Arch Masons wherever dis
persed are earnestly requested to
attend. Refreshments will be served
and the Sacred words: "Behold how
good nud how pleasant it is for
brethren to dwell iu unity," will be
beautifully exemplified. High Priest
Carroll has been presiding officer iu
alt the York Rite bodies nud a few
remarks of interest to the craft will
be appreciated.
It was mother's birthday aud it
is customury for us children to give
her n little present. Although
mother was In bed, just recovering
from pneumonia, went to pur
chase the gift. The surprise was 011
me, for when I entered the littlr
bedroom I saw mother sitting up in
bed. Dear friends had gathered with
lovely gifts aud a delicious birthday
cake, including other goodies. A
new way of celebrating a birthday.
Mother's nurse, Beaty Chadwick.
Exports from the Columbia river
have made a leap upward of fifty
per cent. Trade from river ports for
tlie year will total ubout $8,000,000.
Puget Sound business has dropped.
But You Can't Make Him Drink
I tuny lead you to my store by advertising but I can't make you buy
Wjll make you want to buy nud I'm wise enough to know it and that's just what my many satis
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Picture Show aud Undertaking' Parlor, Why don't some of you delinquent folks get acquainted?
I'm hot on your trail. Wc will both save money if you call on me the next time you need
Socks, Shoes, Pants
Gloves, Garters, Shirts, Collars, Noktios, Cuff Links, Arm Bands, Overalls,
Tennis Shoes, Hiking Pants, Belts, Leggings, Susponders
Bank of tanwee BuMng ST. JOHNS . Opio Ewinp
St. Johns Undertaking Co.
Thomas Grice, Alnnager
Office, Col. 527 PHONES -NUjht, Col. 299 208 N. Jersey St.
Night or Day Calls Promptly Answered
Not a Ilranch office of any
Portland Undertaking Co,
LOW RUNT enables us to give
our customers the benefit of
Very Low Prices.
We guarantee lower prices than you can get in the city
Insure with us and
Insure your safety ::
"Everything In Insurance"
f 108 South Jersey St. Phone Columbia 101 T
'Say 4t with &owers"
Hxtra Pine Geraniums iu full
bloom, Hach 25c
Large Pansy Plants in liloom
Special per dozen 25c
Nice Ferns for your House, ,50c Up
SBectett 's Greenhouses
814 and 816 North Kellogg Street
Phone Col. 401
The place where Kd eervlce ud
courteous treatment prevail. Children's
hair cutting receive special 1116111100.
For Fine Chocolates
Ice Cream, Tobacco and Cigars
311 South Jersey Street
Frank A. Rice
Office 107 N. Jersey Street
Phone Col. S87 Rwldcncc Col. 39S
Mrs. M. E. Champaign of St.
Louis, Mo., arrived in St. Johns,
Monday, June 27th. to visit Mrs.
L. Patriquiu, her schoolmate of GO
years ao. They were raised iu Mo
men county, III. This is the
first meeting in over CO years; they
are enjoying the visit of ii lifetime,
living over in memory their old
school days, at 126 South Fox street,
St. Johns, the home of V, H.
Woolley. Mrs. Woolley is a niece
of Mrs. Patriquiu.
W, L. McOuire,- foreman of the
Peninsula Lumber Company, is
proud to be favorably mentioned in
the Review. He also wishes to call'
attention to tlie fact that the super
intendent, Mr. McMillan, has seven
qliildrcn. It may be that Good Old
Noah was looking on the present
generation with a prophetic eye
when he gave the command oh
Mount Ararat: "He fruitful; mul
tiply and replenish the earth."
Up to the first of this mouth the
Portland police made 77 arrests for
which the penalties amounted to
$1120 iu fines and 332 days iu jail.
The moral squad made a total of 60
investigations, The officers have
been very active the past few days,
aud the above report Is a result of
a determined effort. "Wc have just
commenced," says Sargcaut Kcc-gan.
Kudolph Samiielsou of Portland
was killed iu automobile accident
near Salem, July 3rd. Au infant
child of the driver, Mr. Ramp, of
Brooks was seriously Injured. Mrs.
Roy R. Wcstlcy of St. Johns suf
fered severe injuries, Her four-year-old
daughter was slightly injured.
II. C. Pliilipps, formerly con
nected with the Multnomah the
atre, now manager of the Ga
theatre on Mississippi avenue; h
sou, a Portland attorney, nud 1. C.
Stimsou have returned from the
headwaters of the Nelialcm, where
they were flirting with the finny
Mrs. S. A. Johnson has left some
exceptionally fine White Rose po
tatoes at this office. One hill will
make a meal for a large family.
Plant ,'155 hills, then laugh at the
world and its shams for twelve
solid months.
The fruit harvest is on all over
the Willamette valley. Canneries
arc getting a large tonnage of cher
ries and berries. Many Hastem
shipments are being made.
Give the gardens half n chance
aud residents of this city will have
plenty of vegetables. The hoe nud
the sprinkler arc bread winners.
Keep them busy.
I;xert builder ami designer; free
estimates. Columbia 1.118.
Thursday nnd I'ridsy, July 7 ntul 8
SAGli IIHN" Pathe. Oueof the
jjood pictures of the year.
Saturday, July 9
SNOtt" Renlart.
Sunday, July 10
A Paramount Special.
"Held By The Enemy"
With Jack Holt, Wanda Ilawley nnd
AKiies Ayrcs, This Is a good one.
iMomlny aud Tuesday, July 11 aud 12
A Pathe all star cast hi "THE
TIGER'S COAT" and "Phantom
l'oe" No. 0.
Wednesday, July 13
CHORUS" Kcalart.
Thursdny and l'riday, July 14 and 15
Cosmopolitan Productions presents
from the book by Samuel Aferwiu.
S.tturdny, July ICth
Sunday, July 17th
"Tiih nousit op wmspims."
110 S. Jersey St.
All (hat (lie name implies,
Edw. Comiant, Prop.
Watch My Shop Window, the:
Winning Numbers urc
Posted There
Stay iu St. Johns, it's cold at Seaside
If .(, nt tit liilinn liMvlmr tuvf
nud city liens to py hi Portland can
make their tMiy meats without Inconveni
ence by availing themselves of our ser
vices. We will iwy Mine ami srcure your
receipt without inconvenience to you.
l'cc. 2Te, References: Any St. Johns
uatiK. rciiiusuiu line, Aiuunci nun
Realty Co., by II. IIenderw)ii, Muuager;
402 North jerkcy Street.
CIiuh. L. Gratlon wIhIioh to an
nounce that ho has uuvorod hit)
connections with private corpor
ations and will engage in the
ircnoral practice of Inw with
olliccs nt 710 Uuhco building,
Portland, Oregon. tl
llYlah to announce that mA tulti vaunt
orme.i tasses
ln) open a Jfeiu July 12th at .7 Si
ZJhl ttMMun la fr to i motAtr wlthlny to visit class.
Your Losses
Are more often to be measur
ed in amounts much less than
a dollar. It is the small and
constant expenditures that con
sume the whole.
Go over your expense account for the month.
It means dollars in your pockets. You will'
find many items unnecessary, expensive and
Others have done it. It pays to save.
The Bank For Savings