St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, June 11, 1920, Image 3

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    Bestfcr Cor. s and Bunions too, K0RN REMOVER
Dining Room
A safe, painless ami reliable remedy for hard and soft corns, bunions nnd callouses, lnj-y to ap
ply, causes no pain and requires no plasters or bandaRing. Put up in clean packages, ready for use
aud highly recommended where other remedies have failed. He sure it is KORN R12MOVKR.
ohns Pharmacy
The Prescription Store
St. J
And Furnishings
On Easy Terms
Dining Room Suite No. 1
Heavy quartered oak Dining Tabic, has
54 inch plank top on 10 inch square taper
ed pedestal, feet and legs extend up nearly
to top of pedestal. Top extends to 8 feet.
Price $81.00
Large quartered oak Buffet to match table,
has large linen drawer at bottom, space for
utensils, one shallow long drawer and two
small drawers at top.
Price $80.00
Kivc solid oak Dining Chairs with genuine
leather, slip scats and i carver to match.
Price of j not $76.00
TOTAL $236.00
$25 ensh, $i.50 n week
Dining Room Suite No. 2
Plank top quartered oak Dining Table,
has large pedestal, carved feet. Top is 45
inch diameter, extends to 6 fect.
Price $55.00
Six solid oak Dining Chairs with genuine
leather seats.
Price $-16.50
TOTAL $101.50
$10 cash, $2 n week
6o piece Dinner Sets, (American Semi
Porcelain) $33-50
Community Silver
26 Pieces and Chest, 25 year guarantee
26 Pieces and Chest, 50 year guarantee
Your Credit is Good
OAmandu Bags
The Cash and Carry Grabateria
The Changing Times
The era of Chain Stores came about because a
group of men with large capital could, by starting
stores in differeut localities increase the outlet of
.merchandise emulating from one source.
The Chain Store system is nothing more than
any other store except the buying part is concentrat
ed at one place. The buyers for these stores have
their headquarters at the source of production aud
they, buy direct from the packer or the producer.
It goes without saying that a buyer who can buy
the same sort of merchandise for several hundred
stores can command a better price than a buyer for
just one store.
The secret of advantageous grocery prices in St,
Johns is this ability to buy in connection with many
other stores. That is why you have had established
by this store better prices than prevail almost any
where in Portland
Coupled with this buying capacity, the activity
of the owners, the acquaintance with the locality be
cause of our long residence here ought to couviuce
any one that we can do business at less cost thau the
average grocery.
We always believed that "a word to the wise
was suficient."
The Grabateria Cash and Carry Grocery
W.J. McKonzio was on tlio( Bring in your news items,
sick list the first of the weckj De(ijcat0M services of the
A night man should be uut on, Christian church will be held
at the East St. Johns station. 'Sunday, June 20tli.
The little baby of Mr. and Mrs.
Clifford Bay has been quite ill
with pneumonia.
Mrs. George Worthington of
101 N. Swenson street has been
ill for.several days.
Some big timo in Chicago his
week. What the result will be
is still an open question.
Mrs. Anna Goodhue will leave
in a few days for nn extended
visit to relntives and friends in
Battlo Creek. Mich.
Tho Evangelical services at
the Christian church are stil
proving nigny - sticcossnii nnd
the attendance is large.
Mr. andMra. C. F. Homvoori
of Victoria, B. C are visiting
the latter s mother. Mrs. II. A
Longstnff, 1)21 N. Hudson street
Members of the Christian
church made n house to house
canvass of St. Johns last Sun
day, leaving literature at the
various homes.
Tho Greater St. Johns Realty
Company is negotiating with n
manufacturing concern that is
considering the mirchasu of a
site in St. Johns.
Mr. nnd Mrs. B. L. Odgcn
and daughter, Ernestine, arrived
from Council Bluff. la.. lr
day, and will make their home
here. Mrs. B. A. Omen and Mrs
Merrill. 01 Joiinn. are
(laughters of Mr. and Mr. Og
Mrs. S. M. Tufts is here for a
fow weeks from lnglowood. Cnl..
whero recently she has mmlo her
homo Willi her son. flioso lulls.
Mrs. Tufts was a resident of St.
Johns for many years.
J. B. Thorn has returned from
a three weckir sojourn in South
crn Texas, whero he was called
by tho death of his mother. Be
sides Mr. Thorp tho deceased left
her husband, five sons and threw
daughters, forty grandchildren
nnd soven grcnt grandchildren.
Mr. Thorj) reports tho crops the
best in years with help scarce.
Tho Royal Neighbors gavo Mrs.
I'angborn a farowoll surpriso
party at her home on Lombard
street Inst Thursday ovenimr.
Mrs.Pnnghorn In leaving to spend
tho summer nunr Mt. Hood.
Those present wore Musdnmos
Corbott, Bold, Wright. Borry.
Wood, Fairchild, Henderson,
Boyd nnd lloynolds. Light ro
freshments were served and a
pleasant evening was enjoyed by
For the second consecutive
month tho telephono service
given by tho local office has been
rated firat by telephono comnanv
nccordingto tho regular monthly
teat. Uf 1 ho o k it off cos in
the city. St. Johns is tho smallest
and Jive llnes.nro tried out dally
for sneed in completing the call.
Tho St. Johns girls are proud of
their record for April and May
and are trying to keep tho re
cord for June.
Ernest Adamson of Chicago
was the goest of his uncle. S. C.
Cook, and his family, 1002 Os-
wflzo street. Saturday and Sun
day. Adnmson is in the West in
the interest or tho Moinrnth
brokerage company of Chicago.
Branch houses of this firm arc
situated in San Francisco and
Seattle and, according to Adam
son, an office will in all pro
bability be established hero in
tho near future.
Koso Temple No. 43. Pythian
Sisters, held their regular meet
ing last Thursday evening, when
several new members were taken
in. Past Supremo Chief Cora
M. DariB being present, put on
the initiatory work in her usual
winning manner. Aftar the
business closed refreshments
were served. This lemple is
growing every meeting and meets
tho first and third Thursday of
each month, to which each and
every member is earnestly in
vited to be present. -Reported.
The firo department and the
nolice department will be soon
comfortably quartered in the old
city'hall. Tho work is being
done by the firemen under Cap
tain btark, with Chief Holden
architect, B. S. Henry chief
nlumber. The entire second
story will be devoted to the fire
men's dormitory, baths, lockers
and officer's quarters. The first
story will be given over to the
police officers quarters, the
prisoners' cells and accommoda
tions. The basement will con
tain a kitchenette, garage, fire
engine room and storage. There
will also be two cells for prison-era.
Mrs. S. L. Lloyd of Orchards,
Wash., called on a number of
her old friends here Wednesday.
Mrs. II. V. Whitlow and son
of Topekn, Kansas, are visiting
Mrs. Whitney nose at present.
Tho Homo Mercantile Comnany
will handle strawberry crates for
tho Portland Manufacturing
Ur. McChcsnoy liaa relumed
from his trip to thu East nnd
has opened up offices in room 5,
Peninsula Bank building.
liny B. Walls has purchased
the lot at the northwest corner
of Jersey and Charleston street
from O. P. Wolcott.
1 ho Community Club meets
next Tuesday evening, Do not
forget. The former Baptist
church on Chicago street is the
place. Attend.
C. A. Fry, formerly principal
of tho James John High school,
has been promoted from Clencoe
to tho prlncipalship of the Sunny
side school.
Qunrterly Conference will bo
held at thu Evangelical church
Sunday. Uov. Lovell of Salem
will speak in tho evening, and
children's services will be held
in the morning.
Tho Dopcndablo club, under
auspices of tho Y. W. C. A..
Tuo day afternoon gavo a lun
cheon in tho library in honor of
Geraldino Barllett, a member,
whose birthdny was celobrated.
Overalls $2.50. ROQEKS.
Wanted About one dozen
Whito Leghorn hens, price not
over $1 each. (;. ). McKcc,
912 N. Ivanhoo street.
Cool Underwear for Men $1.25
up.. ROGERS.
Found Bicycle at tho North
School. Owner may have Bamo
by anulying to janitor of North
School nnd paying for adv.
HATS and CAPS $1.00 up
Wanted A woman or girl for
house work, two or threo bourn
each day. Call Columbia 264.
Lost Bunch of keys on Jersey
strcot Tuesday. Finder kindly
leave at Sunset Grocery; reward.
Mcii'h WORK SHOES $3.85.
For Sale Garage. J. M. Mur
phy, 410 Philadelphia street.
Neckties. ROGERS.
Wanted Lady to work a few
hours dully or all day. Call
Central Cafe, St. Johns.
Jazz caps. ROGERS.
Lost Brown kind glove near
Mohawk and Columbia boulevard.
Finder lenvo at 012 Columbia
For Sale Baby carriage, good
as new. call u.kjo mi it street,
J. B. Fletcher is bullJing three
neat three-room cottnuos with m
modern conveniences on Leonard; e ... 4, ... vnr
street close to tho business imrt I h 'm 8 Suits $25'00 u' U0Cl-
of town. They have been rented "Ho.
in advance of their completion, j Wanted To sell house and
Jeff Pitchford. who formerly I !. . ! .
luiiik-uiiuiiui oiuiu uii i milium
phln street, has, togothor with
ins urotnor, Perry Pitchford,
purchased an establishment nt
Kenton of liko nature.
Tho St. Johna Lumber Co.
hull tnnm will nlnv tint Pmilnrwl
Lumbar Co. team nt 12th and i
Davis streots nextSundav morn
ing, nnd in tho afternoon will
lny Hondnunrtors at tho oca
grounds on tho Hill tract.
Mr. Harry II. Samuelson and
Miss Laura Ross wore united in
marrago in rortlnnd Mondny.
Both are well known nnd havo
tunny friends in St. Johns, whoro
tho groom resides and where tho
irido resided for a number of
Tho graduating class of tho
Janus John high school will be
addressod this, Friday, ovening
by 15. I1. Irvine, ed tor of tho
Journal. There will be present
ation of certificates, a musical
program and othor features.
Tho Girls' Gloo club will sing and
Miss Ruth Hoffman will givo
ono of her celebrated readings.
Myrma Lane aud Irono Faulkner
will present a piano duet.
Barefoot Sandals $1.7G, $1.85,
$2.25. ROGERS.
Wanted Modorn houso of
to 8 rooms with ono or morolots.
Write particulars to xxx, St.
Johns Review.
Wunted- Practical nurse to
tnko confinement case. Call
714 S. Princeton struct, nanr
For Salo Shetland pony
buggy, cart and ImriiUBH. Phono
Columbia 024.
Thov'ro wearing ROGERS
$2.00 PANAMA HATS at th'i
Chicago convention.
For Rent Furnished house
keeping rooms and sleeping room.
llu Decatur street, phono Colum
bin 1071.
For Rent - Two honseko"ping
rooms: Apply G02 North Ivan
hoo street.
For Ront Two furnished
housekeeping npartmouts, good
location. 501 North Syracuse.
Tlioyare SAFL
St. Johns Hardware Co.
The Winchester Stor e
Phone Columbia 35
Cloverland Creamery
Pasteurized Milk and Cream
Fresh Buttermilk Daily
Phone Columbia 659
We carry a full line of Edison Blue
Records and Disk Records to play on all
machines, also full line of Phonograph
r Mm Em
Our list of weekly sales prices has become too long to be
printed iu this space. We are now headed toward our final
big closcout sale, but iu most lines there is still a large stock
roin which to make selections. Prudent buyer will not de-
ay making purcnases, as tnere will ue more broken Hues
each week. Remember this sale is genuine. We intend to
retire from business and the only way to quit is to quit.
Why go into the city and pav higher prices than we are ask
ing for the same class of goods. We have a line of Men's
Straw Hats priced at $1.50 to $2.50 which are the same kind
you will find priced at $5.00 or more 'in some of the city
stores. We mention this as one item out of many 011 which
you can save money by buying at our store,
Ely's Cash Store
113 W. Burlington Street
The STtradivara Shop
202 N. Jersey St.
St. Johns Auto Transit
For Hire Cars. Any Place any Time.
Sf. ioii.m 'i'vrinliml ittttl ,firifo.i 7Vh
Stnnd Una A'orfii , St root, St .s
('oonCAits c wuu'i'i, immms mtu ks ri;iit
Phone Columbia 308, between 7 A. Al. mul 10 P. Al.
Flour That Is
Sure to Suit
There arc so many kinds
of flour and so many good
claims made for each that
it's hard for housewives
to decide which to buy.
We can supply almost
n rt m .4 r rt ! trt 1
want, but will be glad to jJ
tall .Ml tKijl nit i AM
believe you will like the
Poor flour is expensive at
any price. The best is
cheapest at the price we
G01 1'esseiiilen
& CO., Grocers
l'liuuc Columbia 210
Let Me Care for Your Eyes and
Your Eyes Will Care for You
rif tli und Washington Street
Main 7SC7 Portland, Oregon
ring la your jcb printing while
jou think ol It, Don't wait I H
In the future Bige
lo w's Confectionery
(successor to Beam)
will handle a full
line of Royal Bak
ery goods, along
with our line of
Home Made Pies.
High grade of Vor
gan's and Hofller
Chocolates at right
prices. We have
the only Red Cross
Kitchenette a n cl
Fountain i n St.
Johns. "Sanitation
and Service" our
Rclilonti of St.
ami city lion to
Jouiu bavftig tL
ny iu ItortUnu
make Uittir iMiyiiients without lucottvmit.
dice liy Hvailiun themselves uf our &fr
vices, we win ky wuut aaa siu yor
receipt without fitcoitvuiitCt to yii
1'ec, 36o. Kafurvucw: Auy St. jotlM
Hank. Peninsula Title, AtMtmpt aSu
Realty Co., by II. Iltitiilunmu, Muiwacr;
402 North Jersey Street.