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' Plans and specification swere
authorized by the Public dock
commission for large amount of
construction at munic na term
inal No. 4, which will, bo neces-
ary at an early date to accom
mouate tno rapidly increasing
8iii)i)ini? ot the port. This nro
posed new construction includes
a shed over the outer one-half of
pier No. 2, which is nearine
completion. As this pier is 1500
loot long the shed will bo approx
imately 760 feet long and 180
feet wide. In addition it is
proposed to build the substruc
ture of pier No. 3. which will bo
1500 feet, in length and also the
substructure of that portion of
pier No. 5, which faces on slip
No. 3. The- estimates for this
work havo not as yet been com
piled but it will be in excess of
$500,000. Chief Engineer He
gardt advised tho commission
that no time should bo lost in
providing theso additional port
facilities. Tho official adver
tisements for this work will np
pear in the Record-Abstract
shortly. Abstract.
Figures compiled nt city hall
headquarters of tho Portland
paving plant show that Uliiol it.
S. Dul in established a record
for the new plant on Thursday.
Botwoon the hours of 9 u. m.
and 3 p. m. a total of 1270 square
yards of asphaltic concruto were
turned out, transported to St.
Johns and laid down as a part of
the Jcfsoy Htroot improvement.
"This shows beyond a doubt that
in tho ordinary working day of
eight hours, tho plant can turn
out at leaBt 2000 square yards,"
said Commissioner A. L. Barbur
of tho public works department.
Every square yard turned out
returns a cash profit to tho gon
oral fund of the city, besides
giving property owners high
grado pavement nt clicnper
prices. Tho Portland paving
plant procures all its work by
Mrlilintr in onon competition
with private contractors, and
never in tho history of tho old
ns well as tho now paving plant
has it been underbid by private
interests." Journal.
Another largo high Bchoil
building is needed in Portland
and probably will bo erected if
tho 3-mill tax levy for school
purposes is voted, according to
a report mado by Superintendent
Grout at tho meeting of tho board
of education. Mr. Grout said
that a now high school is an ur
gont need in tho St. Johns dis
trict to roplaco tho present James
John high, which is old and in
adequate. Tho now building,
which not only would roplaco
James John but would also re
Hoyo tho present overcrowding
of Jofforson high, was cited by
Mr. Grout as tho most urgent
school need at prosont.
In. a crowded omnibus a stout
woman vainly endeavored to get
her faro out of tho pocket of her
cloak, which was tightly button
ed ns a precaution against pick
pockets. After she had been
working vainly for somo minutes
a gentlemen seated on her right
said, "Pleaso allow mo to pay
your faro." The lady declined
with some acerbity and recom
menced her attacks on tho pocket.
After these had continued for
somo little timo har fellow pass
enger said: "You really must let
mo pay your fare. You have
already undone my suspenders
three times and I cannot stand it
any longer." New York Tele
graph. PANAMA HATS $2.00. ROGERS.
Dunning School of Improved
Music Study
Announces that she has received from Carrie Louise Dunning a
diploma as an exponent of the Dunning System of Im
proved Music Study, which includes the Faelten prin
ciples concentration and the Leschetzky Technic.
Formed into classes pupils are taught by musical characters and
rhythm sticks. An ingeniously constructed keyboard with grand
staff attached, simplifies notation by uniting these two important
Each difficulty is presented in such a thorough manner that
a child of ten or twelve years can master transposition, scale
building, melody writing by dictation, the Dominant Seventh
and Modulation. The written work teaches the student that music,
as a language, they must learn to write, as well as iuterpret.
The muscles of fingers, wrists and arms are strengthened by
table technic; ear training and sight reading forms a part of every
Mrs. Rice will be glad to show you BY APPOINTMENT
the especially made apparatus for teaching this system which in
cludes one class lesson and one private lesson each week, making
a far more economical way of acquiring a musical education.
Classes Now Being Formed
Studio 412 S. Edison, cor. Richmond Phone Col. 389
Capital punishment docs not
deter murder. In 'the last five
years of hangings in Oregon
there were 59 homicides. In
the first five years without hang
ings in Oregon, thero were only
30 homicides. This should settle
definitely the question. Fifty
nine murders when hangings
were in voguo and only 3G when
tnnro were no hnngings is proof.
full and final, that hangings do
not lessen tho numterof mur
ders. And thero are other
equally definite proofs. Now
York, nndorcapital punishment,
had in 10 years, 4.8 and Montana
12.2 per murders nor 100.000
population. Michigan and Maine,
without canital minishmont. had
during tho same period, but 2.2
and 1.8 murders per 100.000 of
population. In the presence of
such facts, men may argue un
til they nro black in the face in
favor of capital punishment.
But they only flounder in fallacy.
Their efforts nro futile. Tho
proposal to restore tho death
penalty in Oregon is not founded
on roason or on fact. Nothing
has ocurrcd to warrant it. Fifty-
nine murders in fivo years just
before and but 3G in fivo years
just aftor hangings wero abol
ished, show how utterly foolish
restoration of killings by the
state would be. Wo ought to
bo too rational to yield to hyste
ria. Journal.
Tho "Oregon Grape Club"
was pleasantly entertained nt the
homo of Mrs. Adu Russell, 1321
E. Madison street, April 21st.
A delicious luncheon was sorved
to which all did full justice.
Those present woro Neighbors
Armstrong, Borgmnn, Bean,
Cormany, Enicrick, Johnson,
Golden, MncGrcgor, Marchand,
Muhn, Smock, Russell and the
littlo Misses Audry Johnson and
Vivian Muhn. At 1 o'clock nil
left for homo feeling the day had
been well spent. The club meets
noxt with Mm. A. McGregor,
1401 Mears street. A good at
tendance. is desired ut this time.
Jim McLoud, 45, had n "hap
py jng." Ho was arrested Wed
nesday of last week nt Thirteenth
and Madison atreot, where for
moro than an hour ho hnd re
clined in tho center of the stroet
amid n pouring rain. Soaked
Insido and out, McLoud'a antics
proved interesting to many spect
ators before thepollco were noti
fied. Tho intoxicated man re
clined in the strc itjuntil an auto
mobile approached. Than ho
would sit up and happily motion
tho driver to pass nround him.
McLoud is said to livo nt St.
Tho Inst meeting of tho Polly
anna club was hold at the homo
of Mrs. H. O. Brown, 1G3G
Dwiglit street. Luncheon was
sorved nt noon with Mrs. Viola
Johnson, who with her husband
left that night for Michigan to
mnko hor home, as guest of
honor. A handkerchief nhowcr
was also given for Mrs. Johnson.
Members present were Mrs. O . F.
Baldwin, Mrs. F. Griswold, Mrs.
Norrls, Mri. F. Houghton, Mrs.
German and Mrs. H. O. Brown.
Guests wero Misa German, Mrs.
Kronlin, Roberta and Frederickn
Griswold and Alico Brown.
Enrl Crow, formerly physical
director of the park department,
has taken charge of tho filling
station recently erected nt the
corner of Richmond and Jersey
streets by the Standard Oil com
pany. Cool CAPS 51.00. ROGERS.
North Dakota has tested its
"children equity" law. This
act, the first of its kind in the
country, provides that a child
born out of wedlock is tho child
of its natural parents, and as
such, is entitled to support.
Bhelter and educntion equally
with other children born in
legal marriage, mid is entitled
to share in any estnto jointly
with all other legal hcirn. Tho
law was held constitutional in a
case tried at Farco. In that in
stance tho child was awarded its
father's name and declared his
heir. There nro just 47 states
in tho Union in need of such leg
islation nnd Oregon is one of
them. News.
At tho Forty-third Annual
Convention of tho Nntional Elec
tric Light Association in Pasa
dena, California May 18, 1921,
tentative program for which has
just been issued, Oregon will be
represented by franklin r. urif
fitli of Portland, ono of tho pro
minent men in the electric power
and light industry reporting on
tho past year's development.
Mr. Griffith is n mombor of tho
Portlund Railway, Light and
Power Company, and Chair
man of N E L A Committee on
Water Power Development.
Mrs. M. C. Borrymnn nnd
her son, C. S. Beach, arrived
last week from Wnverly, Ohio.
They sold their farm in Vinton,
Ohio, and will in thefuturo mnko
thoir homo'with nnother boh, A.
II. Bench, of Whitwond Court.
Mrs. Borrymnn is 71 yenrs young
and can rond.writo and sew with
out glasses, is halo and hearty
and can do moro work Hum most
women who are many yours hur
A few intimate friends of Mrs.
Sarah Komp surprised her nt
her homo Inst Thutsday after
noon on Smith uvenuo in honor
of her floventy-second birthday.
Lunch was sorved nt '1 o'clock.
Mrs. J. P. Fonos, Mrs. Alico
Loarncd, lira. W. E. K lo tor,
Mrs. Knto Bosaa, Mrs. S. E.
Cook, Mrs. Frank Elicott, Mrs.
A. A. Brooks. Mrs. Mary Kemp
nnd Mrs. E. Sloan wero guests.
My cool UNDERWEAR Won't
rip nor tear. $1.25 up. ROGERS.
Cool Caps, - - $1.00, 1.25, 1.75
Cool Hats - 1.25, 1.50, 2.50
I Cool Night Shirts,
I Cool Dress Shirts
Cool Tennis Shoes
Cool Barefoot Sandals, 1.35 to 2.75
Cool Looking' Neckties, 25c to 1.50
Cool Panama Hats - - 2.00
Bank of Commerce Balding ST.
St. Johns Undertaking Co.
THOS. GRICE, Manager
" 208 North Jersey Street
Office, Columbia 527 PHONES - Residence, Columbia 299
This is not a branch Of any city undertaker's
Fire and Automobile Insurance
With Ten Large Companies, Lowest Rates, Direct Ad
justment iu case of Toss ami years of underwriting experience, we
are able to offer you unequalled facilities iu placing your insurance
through this office. Then too, you have the satisfaction of plac
ing your business with an agency heavily interested in the com
munity, whose interests are mutual with your own. We employ
no "wandering solicitors" all business is handled direct, aud iu
case of loss, you deal only with this agency.
Wo Wrlto All L,ino of ItiHtinmoo
108 South Jersey St.
Supporters of the legislative
bill to be before the voters at tho
state election, Mny 21st, pro
viding for the Jevying of one
sixth of ono mill for tho purpose
ot erecting and equiping nn in
dustrial and employment insti
tution in Oregon for tho blind.
nro finding that the bill is meet
ing with ccneral favor through
out the state, because of its
practicability. If this bill is
approved it will provide the
means whereby tho blind of Ore
gon may drop their dependence
on charity. Provision is mado
in tho bill for tho levying ot ono
twenty-fifth of n mill in 1921
and each year thereafter for
maintaining tho institution,
which will nt all times bo op
crated under the direction of the
state Board of Control.
Many American soldiers, sail
ors and marines are now in the
ranks of tho sightless as n result
of tho great war and becauso of
this fact, states throughout the
Union nro fast awakening to
tho necessity of providing a
practical solution of the blind
problem. To mnko the unfor
unutes dependent on their own
work, is considered tho best
solution, nnd tho small sum
sought from tho taxpayers of
Oregon, will result in n per
manent solution of his serious
problem. Contributed.
Mr. nnd Mrs. C. J. Muck en
tertained tho Jolly 'Stecn club in
a very pleasing manner at their
homo on Oswego street Wednes
day ovoning. In the game of
C00 L. II. Chambers captured
first prize, Dr. A. W. Vincent
second prize nnd Mrs. R. Jnck
son tho guest prize. Refresh
ments of n delicious nature were
"Uncle Phil, why do you go
to see that movie ovcry night?"
"Hush, boy. You know thai
scene where tho diving nymphs
appear, nnd then n train goes by
and hides them from view? Well
Home day that durucd train will
he Into." American Loglon
"Another now hat! You should
really save your money with tho
prlcoof overything going up."
"But why? Tho longer I snvo It
tho less I can buy with It."
- - 1.50
1.50, 2.00, 2.25
1.00, l.zb, up
JOHNS Open Evenings
Phone Columbia 161 '
Miss Groves, head of D. S. in
this city, visited James John
Tho seniors entortnlnod them
selves and Mr. Bay, tho chnp.
rone, In a royal way on Friday
evening In tho IiIrIi school build
Tho Portland-Los Angeles
game on lliursday afternoon
lured many of tho students" from
tho delightful pastime of study
The seniors are making pil
grimages to Van Dyke's Btudio
this week for tho purpose of
having their pictures taken for
the Tumulum.
"Tho mysterious hiko" which
tho III Klatawa girls took Fri
day after school culminated
In a happy flower picking party
on the Linnton hills.
Mr. Giphart, head of the So
cial Workers Club of this city,
lectured to tho Sociology and
English 3 classes on the problem
of poverty during tho sixth per
iod on Monday.
Miss Brester took hor Science
3 class to tho hills ucross the
river on Tuesday afternoon for
tho purpose of gathoring speci
mens of ferns and various olhct
plants and animals.
The senior class play, "Kn
gatred Before Wednesday," will
be presented May 7th and 8th.
The enst Is working hard to make
the play a great success. Thero
wero seven rehearsals this week.
The cafcterta has been discon
tinued for an indefinite time.
It probably will not bo reopened
again this semester, as Mrs.
Cosby, who has been assisting
iu the work ii ill.
The fourth termers, In a class
mooting on Monday, decided to
have a picnic on Linnton slopes
on Wednesday afternoon after
school. Miss Kiuculd and Mr.
GeorRO, tho rcgiatrntlon teacher,
chaperoned tho caro freo crowd.
Mrs. Durham, Mr. Drinker,
Mr. Kdlefson nnd Mr. Caskey
were guests at luncheon Friday.
Mr. Caskey gucitof honor, is
engaged in business In Fairbanks
Alnska, tho he is contemplating
June class of 1 920
"Engaged by
James John High School
May 7th and 8th
At 8:00 P. M.
Tickets for Sale from High School Students or at Currin's for Drugs
Currin's for Drugs
Have been ten years in St. Johns yet they are as new as the ncwcKt.
They are always n'ulit up to the minute. Note n few of the standard
hues they represent. They never let n ood thing go by. In their store you
will only find the very highest class goads that are sold on absolute
guarantee. You cannot lose at Currin's because you always hnve a
come hack. Ju$t look over this lineup for goods and sec if you could
possibly suggest another item that would improve it:
Household Remedies Squibb'a Chemicals, the standard of quality;
A. I). S Nyal, Orion, Penslar, Hobson, Purola and Currin's. These
have no superiors.
Toilet Articles and Perfumes Splehler, Melba, Dejerkls, Garden
Court, Sanitol, Nyal, A. D. S. aud Currin's. For beauty ami preserv
ing elegance and charm these are foremost.
Music Victrolas and Ilriinswicks, the only two phonographs that
we know of that are made complete Iu their own factories, which are
the largest and best equipped of any in the world. These instruments
make the home more habitable. They keep Pu and the boys there.
Kodaks Keep a picture record of your affairs to refer to in the
Clocks Famous Westlock always on tick.
Watches Famous Ingersols. You know them.
Pens Waterman's Ideal.
Pencils Kversharp.
Stationery Colors and everything.
You have to watch Currin's for Drugs to appreciate what they are
doing for your health aud comfort. They are with you and for you
and will put on anything for the good of this section of the city,
changing his residence to Oregon
in the near future.
Florcnco Blomgron and Mar
jory Dotson Thursday sorved
tho third luncheon to tho groups
of businoss men and women of
this community.
A four act "grand opera'
that is now undergoing all tho
tortures of construction, will bo,
when finished, a formidable riv
al of "Cleopatra, Tho Siren of
Tho Nilo". Tho "Opera" will
bo presented soon by tho Latin
Tho track work is progress
ing very well. The officials aro
Mr. Kalmbach and Mr. Cnmp
bull referees; Mr.Goorgo.startor;
Miss Brewer, Miss Von and Mr.
Fletcher, judges of track o vents;
Mr. Dunkleborgcr. Mr. Carruth.
judges of field o vents; Miss
Kundall, Mr. Gets and Mr. Bay,
titna keepers: Miss Clinton
and Mr. Taylor, clerka; Verno
linn, mugaphona man; Miss
Kincnid director of girls' events.
-C. A. W.
Prior to beginning construction
of a streetcar extension from St.
Johns to municipal terminal No-1.
the commission of public docks
Thursduy authorized Stcrotary
G. B. Hegardt to sign an agree
ment with tho Portland Railway,
Light & Power comnmnv. nro-
vlding for operation of the lino.
All cost of construction will
bo borno by the dock commission.
This will amount to about $30,
000, Hegardt said. Tho stato
public servlco commission re
cently ruled that the P. H. L. &
P. company's financial condition
was such that it could not bo
compelled to undertake tho cost
of building tho extension. It is
hoped to havo tho line in oper
ation before the end of Juno.
A young man entered tho
village shop nnd complained to
the owner that u ham ho had
purchased there a few days bo
foro hud proved not to be good.
"Tha hnm Is all right, sir!" in
sisted the shopkooper. "No; it
Isn't." Insisted tho .other. "It's
bad!" "How can that bo," con
tinued tho shopkeopor, "when it
was cured only last weak? Tho
young man reflected a moment,
nnd then suggested: "May bo it's
hnd o rolapse." London Blighty.
Open Sunday 2:15 to 11:00.
Mondnya nnd Saturdays open nt 6:30.
Other day nt 7:00.
Regular Aduilwlou Go, 11c, lCc.
Saturday, Mny 1st
HOUSIi IN ORDHR" Arttimft,
Sunday, Mny 2
Six reel of thrill, and n two reel
I.loyd comedy.
Monday nnd Tuesday, May II nnd .1
Wednesday, Mny Gilt
RY'S ANKMt"Artcmtt.
Thursday nnd l'ridny, Mny 0 and 7
Saturday, May 8th
SIX MtSTOHI.I.ARS" l'urmnmint
Sunday, May 9lh
story ol the Texas Unlike.
Inspect These
Tires Yourself
Please consider this niiiioiinco
meut a cordial invitation to visit our
salesroom and Inspect thene sturdy
A new shipment hu alroady
arrived aud wc join Barney OlilfUld
iu recommending them to you m
'The inou triulwitlitlr Iwill"
We ulso do first cIam tire rpir
aud retreading aud curry the ml
best line of used tircK in the city.
National Vulcanizing Go,
205 S, Jersey Si,
The Hoes Studio
01' jjlUUTV
QpjKWItu Cet ' al Seluwil
14 Cabinet Piclures 14
And One Enlargement
Open Sundays 1 to .J P. M.
McCartney & Herwick
Sand, Gravel and Wood Hauled
Phone Columbia J 15
101 Swcnson Street
The plucc where g'X.l service hiii!
conrtcotu trcHtmiiit ire all . CliiMreu'
lmir cutting receive hecll Attention,
A. M. Warner
Phone Columbia M l.
Office 208 South Jersey.
Dr. Lewis J. Keliher
Peninsula Bank BIdg.
Consolidated with
Office Phone Columbia 793
Private Operating Room
Frank A. Rice
Office in Peninsula Security Building
Phon Col. 887 Rfeidenc Col. 389