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A. W. Mnrlclc, Hilllor
Published Evorr Friday
Subscription price $1.00 pcryonr.
TiiK RKVIKW Is cntcml nt jxist office
In Portland, Oregon, as mull matter
o( the second class under the Act of Con
gress of March 3, 1879.
Do not fail to purchase! a Lib
erty Bond, if at all possible
St. Johns will probably be
renresentcd by two members in
the next Lotfislnturc- D.
Lewis and Frank A. Hicc.
The atrocities committed by
the Allies' enemies, as they are
beinK more and more revealed,
are fairly Hickcninu; in their do
tails. It would bo impossible
to conceive that an American
soldier would bo guilty of such
inhuman acts. In fact, were
they even to witness such out
rages as said to have been per
petrated upon the women and
children of Belgium and Franco,
the American soldier would in
stantly risk his life if necesHury
in preventing' it and punishing
tho olfenders as they would de
servo to bo puniHhed. liven
were the commanding olllcor to
command thorn to commit such'
outrages they would to a man
indignantly and scorn fully refuse.
Subscriptions are now being
taken for tho construction of the
grand stand and high board
fence at the local ball grounds.
Tho estimated cost, together
with tho necessary plumbing
and compliance with all regula
tions is 2600. Of Hum Hum
$1TU() liavo already hirn kuIi
scribed. It in dcMired that the
remaining $1000 be Hi-eurod nt
soon as pOHHible. Of the hiohh
receipt! nt tho gale for eiien
gnmu played the HtockholderH
will receive twenty per edit,
and it is believed that the full
amount of tho HubHcriplion
will bo returned the Hint year
Portions willing to linancially
aid in thin worthy project
should make known the fact ai
the Peninsula National Bank
or tho PuniniMiln Security Co.
as soon as poxMiblo.
A quiet and i'nproHMivo cert:
rnonv was performed at Itev
loncx' olliee Thiii'mlny afternoon
last at 21 o'clock when Mitt
Hthol Klliott and Orian Monro,
were united in marriage Tlx
only attendants were Mr. am
Mrs. Irvin L. (Sromachey. After
tho ceremony a bountiful dinner
was served at (he home of t lit
bride's parent. the gucnt
nroHont were Minn Pear Mon
roe, Mr. Loon Sorher, Mr. ami
Mrs. (Jromaclu'v. The bride,
who i n popular ' and necom
plishod young lady, in tin
daughter of Mr. and Mr
Klliott, of thiN city. Their
many friemU join IihiiiIk ir
wishing them h iniHriiK nn
happy voyagj over the turn of
tCnr Onlnl
rui coign
Three Modern
Now Building
Easy Terms
On Payments
Mortgage Loans,
and Insurance
t Peninsula Security, Co,
First National Bank Building
Tho prlzu wlnnltiK phraso wn won
by Kloruncu II. Iloyt of Portland it
In uod In nil advertising of tho Third
Liberty Loan In Oregon. Many of th
other hIokiiiih from alt over the Htutf
uro uhciI Iti conncetlon with tho cu
toonn being run by tho Oregon ironn
Oregon wrllorM and llluntruturn bnv
alt donated tholr beHt Horvlee In aid
of the Third Liberty Loan.
Conference in Session
The people of St. John ahouh
now got buy in promoting a
wagon road to tho Monarch mill
and Swift Packing plant from
Hast St. .IoIiiih. The II rut Htcp
necuawiry w to get out an tp
plication blank, have directly in
tonwted property owner nigii
it. and then present the docu
ment to the County Conuniwion.
era. There can be im iltmhl but
that the Cominisuiont'rH will net
quickly by appointing viewers
and pushing the romlwuv along
as rapidly aw possible. Now i
the time to take the matter up.
A meeting of tho citixeiw might
bo called and a committee up
pointed to secure signature.
Then after tho roadway, an ex
tension of the Kenton tttrect ear
line to Kat St. .IoIiiim might
well bo in order. Why not mint
tho ball rolling now?
Miss Mandy Mcl.ain has come
to the foro in a communication
to the (J. M. Standifer Count ruc
tion Corporation, and has re
quested to be enrolled as one of
tho workers planned to bo em
ployed to operate the new I Jay
pneumatic caulking machines, a
device invented and patented by
Nelson Gay, one of tho shipyard
mechanics, and which, it is as
serted, can perforin tho work
of 2f mon. Tho pneumatic
caulkers are being manufactur
ed by tho Ingersoll-Kand Com
puny, tool makers, and the first
machines are to be received this
month. Miss Mcl.ain has writ
ten that she is not afraid of
work, is physically capable of
undertaking the job of operat
ing a caulking machine and
earnestly wishes to be given a
trial. Lach machine will weigh
between 10 und 12 pounds.
annual Conference of tho
Evangelical church con-
in the church Thursday,
lib, at !) a. m. Bishop
Swongol, of llarriBhurg, Pa.,
providing. After devotional ox
crciHOHtho Lord's 'Jtippor or com
munion was partaken of by
iIiomo prcricnt. The roll call of
ministers and laymen was taken
after which the conference went
into executive session which
lasted until the hour of adjourn
inent. One very pleasing fea
turo of this conference session
is every minister of the annual
Conference answered roll call.
Thi former paHtora who have
served this charge were present
in the order named'- Kov. AI.
Ballantyne, Dallas: Hov. 1'. K
Fisher, now of Iiugene. Ore.
Rev. C. P. dittos, of Corvallis.
Ore. ; Kov. Ciuy I,. Stover, now
of Kickreal; Kov. W. S. Plow
man. now of Dallas. Ore.: Kov
I. A. Coode, now of 1st church
Portland: and present pastor.
Kov. A. P. Lay ton, who has
served this charge for tho last
throe years very acceptabl
Nioro will Do services every
veiling this week also ovory
afternoon. Possibly tho Bishop
will preach at all these services.
The public is cordially invited.
On Sunday the following pro
gram will lie carried nut:
Sunday 10 a.m. Sunday school;
niliironHos by visitors; 11 a. in.
p. in. Missionary addresses and
love feast, 7:15 p. in. Sermon
by Bishop Swengel.
The Spirit of the First Line Trenche
Needed In Loan Drive.
"A little more Iron In our ttoiiln
wan the anneal made by l.iifo Young
In l)o Molntm recently, "a little inert
of the Kiilrlt of our Holdlerit, a ntlmulUK
that will give iih n relenlloM and un
dying determination lo wipe the Mo
lii-nxollern moulder from the fare ol
thn Mirth."
Ainerleuii iwiile urn noted for their
coinplmenoy, their wemlng wIIIIiik
iicm to enjoy the mill of their pro
nerlLv. lenvliig to olherti the lank ol
fighting their war for Ihem. They
not Mton lo retillie the enormity ol
Oermany'H crime and the lim-ime erl
oiimietw or the prenenl world war ot
neiriirettert.itlon. the Hiipreme teat or
our nihiiIhhhI and our ulvlllMitlon.
Our wild Utk are doing their mrl
but. any Mr. Young, "how pitiful are
lied Croft eonlrlbutloiiH, Liberty
llondM and Y. M. A. glfU eompared
with the iturririeeM and HiirrerlngM or
our itnldler. Wo have comfort. hn
plueMH, the tlmt mid itftVullniiH or home
llut Ihey. like Immorlal Alan Hoegr
have their 'retulezvntiH with dealb
"We are nroiid." he eonlliiueH. "that
America Itun met her duty, true to lie
lieNt Inidltloim And may (lod grant
that (hone or iih nt home fall not I
one uglo obligation to our nouucm
to our Allien, to our country'"
Adverliik-UK-uto under till head
nig one reiti it word. .Minimum
-lunge itf fi-itl.
Are Doing Splendidly
The little Kod Cross Hehmrs
that work at the Library Wed
nesday afternoons under the
Hiipervision of Airs. Harnoy and
Mrs. Hoiilium. have competed
two sets of ii,fnnt.s' layettes tor
Belgian linlues and have a third
et nearly linisheil. Ihey have
. ... ...T
aixo mane two (nuns, iiioy are
an inspiring example of patriot
ic duty, inorowasan increas.
etl attendance at the Bed Cross
meeting Wednesday, but there
in room for more workers. The
Ked Cross Auxiliary presented
the inemiiers of the local draft
board and tho fifteen St. Johns
toys who were drafted with sat-
n badges to wear at the faro
.veil ImiKiuot tendered them at
the Multnomah Hotel last Mon
lay. Next Wednesday there
win lie some one from Portland
to speak at the Ked Cross meet
ng on War having Societies.-
l'n minimi Hu.tm4l3l6 W.kIiiihmhI
I.iM-K. uM. iiii, kH'tMtV. I.eav
at tin i.Hkc.
I'or AW IS rMm IhmmIIhk Ihh, low
ihIit, two)' lernw, vkiiuh! hH'ailoui Wi
lliHVMtd utrtH-l, owner I'Uke; phone Co
lllllllilil 701. .Ill
l'or Sale A full Idihwlinl ILir rcxt Itw
eockeiel. lit mouth old. Iiniuirc (1
IfaM lUiiiiiHMid ktrevl. XI
I'or tWile UimmI K'ven room iiuxltiru
Ihuim', lot ?6I(K). all UiinUof fruit. Uirn
Iiiiii.o li.w full lMM-mvnl. A delntol
Ihhiii- in desirable I.HiUlto..fh or troi
I'Imhio tolumltw lV. or call imi ounvr .it
M IUh'Iuimii klrwt. tt
Wllllll'd lllHtkV i'IwhhIiii; work. Cull
lltib. Jrrwy ktirvt.
I'or Sl? Iy Owiwr Wh' it (ioiui; ltitt
lltHuc ami lot. 7 looum. eeiiiout tMbv
nii'iit, furiMce, all iihmIiiii iihhoiiU'iici'
AImi iu vurant loU, Call at WO South
Jeity kliiH-t. tf
I'or t?.le I'lve riHiuusl modern bun
gulou, Ituiwue liiMtml, lu TltitUH). with
hull Uvv, kUitdilwry ami gwid gurauv
One hltM'k frtttu ear liitv. Ik-nt reM.lem.-c
lutrfvt in M.Joltuii. Dvvimr, lr. Khiii
ho, MouU-MUti, Wm.Ii. tt
I'or SMie WTille I.eeluirii h-Uiul- i-i-l-
I.IMkWllttg. lUTtl Vllllll-ttf Plvil
In your search for bar
gains and savings you can of
ten do best right here at home.
We frequently undersell the
large stores of Portland and
give you the same values. If
you haven't traded here be
fore come and be convinced.
Grocery Grabateria
201 N, Jersey SI,
Let Everybody Attend
A community meeting will be
held in tho auditorium of the
James John high school Sunday
evening at t o'ciock.whon Chap
lain B. A. Kexroad of Camp
i.ewis win atiuresstiio audience.
i lie speaker is a lieutenant in
the service, with an intimate
knowledge of war conditions.
and his talk will be of exceed
ing interest. Tho various
clmrolies of the city, wo under
stand, will omit their regular
service ai that Dour in order
that their congregations may at
tend. Tho auditorium should
uo taxed to its capacity upon
this patriotic occasion. Let
everybody arrange to attend.
l'or AW I'w t rooiH Ihwmi. i4dUrNl
and in lhhuI condition, well built, lot
KKMUu, on .Smith .ivoiuie. 1'riiv ftHDO.
icrtiw. (..ill 41 lUM oiuoe.
l'or Nile -fi loom house, well eoulo-
I V.I. OtHI HHMIHUI Oil ."Norm W lIMUIl'llt'
Umlevaiil. UiHmiit, ukv yard, lot ik
lH. Price f UVo. Aijly at this office
OihkI hivoiul Iwivil SvwiuK iiwi'liiiie for
H IU. . I', lkuk. tf
l'or Sale -Three roomed Ueach iwt
tuue ut ILir View. Ou'l-oii. U now rent
ed 1 1 f 10 per moulli, jFUH) down, the ret
iMsy. Or. UmiiUi, Moutiiwuo, Vuli. H
HUvitii- Vtiiuum Cleaner for rent. II
1'. Clark. K
l'or Uade 1'our line lots and modem
bungalow, well located, for farm. In.
ipilicat lliuowce. if.
Residents of St. Johns having
taxes and city lions to pay in
Portland can make their pav-
ments without inconvenience by ! Statements, envelopes.
avuuing inemsoivos oi our ser- lieatla and all other kinds of
vices, iru win puy miino and commercial printing turned out
Becure your receipt without in-1 on short notice and in neat
convenience to you. Koo, 2fi anil tasty stylo at this otlice,
cents. References: Any St. , Do not attemnt to iret nlmio
Johns Bank.- Peninsula Title,
Abstract and Realty Co.. by II.
Henderson. Manager; -102 North
Jersey street.
with unnrinted stat onerv.
when you may have it furnish
ed and nicely printed at the
Review oilice for small cost.
In accordance with the provi
sion ot Ordinance No. &UH52
passed by tho Council March
27th, 1D1S. notice is heuby
given that St. Johns linnrovo-
ment Bonds, numbered consecu
tively 1M2 to 'MG inclusive.
dated December 1st, 1911, are
hereby called for redemnlion
June 1st. 1918. The face value
with accrued interest will be
paid upon presentation of f-aid
bonds at tho oilice of the under-
letter signed on tho above date, tho
said date being a semi-annual
coupon period. I-rom and after
said date the interest on said
bonds shall cease.
City Treasurer.
Portland. Oregon.
Date of first publication Anril
6th, 1918. I
First Trust S Savings
1302 Hast Kosscndcn Street
Phono Columbia 10G
Officers and Directors
I'. A. RICE, Pietident and Cntliler
II. IIENDtltSON. Vice President
GEO. I. IJROOKS. Scciciary
Four per cent interest
paid on time and sav
ings deposits.
Rentals and Real
I:staie Loans
The Support Which Backs this Man
llclievcs that he has a thorough
Understanding of this State's
I'osslbiltics and Needs.
He Is a successful Inisiiicus iiiuii
He bus, for twenty years, prnctlcec
succcMifullv tho ideas which lie ad
vances as reasons for giving bun the
Republican Nomination for
Primaries May 17th, 1918
I'.ild mlv. iuipson forOoveruor I,in;uc,
in M-iiiug nitiK , rorinimi.
Team Work
)ES 1
Kabo Corsets and Braissieres
For perfection of shaping and fit; for effectiveness in improving your
figure, for satisfaction in quality and price, the KABO stands su
preme. Made over a Live Model, a style for every figure; front and
back lace, guaranteed rust proof. Once try it, you'll always buy it.
We ore showing some very
pretty patterns in Ladies' and
Children's Ready to Wear
Dresses and Aprons.
"Miss Sammic" nt $3.50
"American Maid" at 2.50
"Portland Mnid" at 1.65
Small Hoys' Wash Suits.
Our New Line of White
Shoes, Pomps and Oxfords
for Ladles', Misses and Chil
dren. Tennis Shoes
Oxfords in
White and L'lack
Renfrew Devonshire Cloth,
32 in. wide; a strong, well
woven fabric made of selected
yarns to Rive unusual wear.
Hest for the Kiddie Klolhes.
We have a goodly assortment
of these. Ginghams, Prolic
Cloth, Percales, Silks.
Here is a brand now bread trv it on the family. Saves one pound of wheat flour.
19x water 1 cup beans xt cakes compressed yeast 'i cup lukewarm water
5 teaspoons salt 2 tablespoons molasses 8 cups flour
Soak beans over night, drain off the water in which they were soaked and cook until soft in
the lDx water. Put through a sieve or a potato ricer, cool and when lukewarm add (1) the yeast
softened in the 'j cup of water, (2) the salt, (3) the molasses, and (.1) the flour to make a stiff
dough. Knead, let rise and bake.
Merchandise of Merit
Columbia 137
Golden Gate Pure Food Products
III 1 II lH'0?r f'V
Ladles' Home Journal Patterns
Allit tin Ji$ tiUa, a utt J cAri oi
Hfl Gun). Thh li 10UJ tobao cemirf;
iuJ (9 tklnk-Sli ica it, (m
Ills Scs! Friend Sent Ilim
a pouch of
Real GRAVELY Chewing Plug
You will bo sending your friend moro to
bacco comfort nnd satisfaction in n pouch of
Rcnl Gravely Pluft than in n hnlf n dozen
plugs of ordinary tobacco. Real Gravely i
worth ocndinrj a long1 way. It is condensed
C.lvo nny mnn n chew of Rent Gravely Plug, nnd ha
will toll you that't Ilia kind to tend. Send Ilia bettl
Ordinary plus U fllo economy, ItcotU leu per week
to chow Heal Gravely, bccauio a imall chew of It tail
n Ions while.
U you moko n ilp, illco Gravely with your kntfo
nnl mid n llttlo to your imolilng tobacco. It wUI uivo
flavor linprovo your imolio.
.SCNU YOUU t'iillMI) IN Till. V. H. SUtVICU
A I'oucti or r.uAVi:i.v
I'.r ll itrounil litre crrr It In IOi. pouch!. A 3c, ittmp
111 iml IllnlaliUloniUIn unr Training Cinp or 3por( of lb UJ.
. l!it Mor Itivro' m. 3e. iltmii will flak il la Mm. Vau, J..l.r
will luppir nlop an J eIto yeu cditUI Ulrictleai liow la id Jm ll.
Th I'altnl Poach kttpi ll Freih and Oim oni Coti
II 1$ not littl btattly irftAoof (All Violation 5l
lUtatilUhml mat .
Of All Kinds Wanted
.'lowing, Harrowing, Moving
hauling cf any nature.
515 IS. Polk Street.
Phono ColuniMii 80l.
The following list of legal blanks
arc kept tor wile nt tins oilice ami
others will be added as the demand
Warrants deeds, Quit Claim
Deeds, Rwilty and Chattel Mort-
sages, atislaetion of Mortgages,
Contrnels for Sale of Realty, Hills
of Sale, l.t asos,
If you want job nrintinirdono
don't overlook us. Wo want to
do nil the nrintintf for St. Johns
people. For commercial print-
ng this olhco is well enumned
nnd wo know how to do it.
'rices are lower than the same
ass of work is done in Port-
and, because our expenses are
ess. Any sunnort a omr the
printing line that any citizen or
business man can give us will he
uglily appreciated. I'lease don't
LAUttl loix.e
No. 1 86 I. 0. 0. I
UoeU each Monday evening in Od 1 Pal
lots linll Ht K;uo. A cordial welcome tu
nil vUitliiK liiullirr.
II I.. Whllr Nubl nrH4
C u Cbuiihlll VkrOniMl
I. Cuihihv Kvr
K llumWk I'M m.
II. 1' CUlk.Tir.
Mrct every l'rlilay niulit nl
:to o'clock in IllCK.NIUt
V. It. HVItNS, C. C.
I One of Life's Delightful Pleasures
VUitor nhvnya wcl-
A. P. und A. M.
MwW the firt uud thlnl ,
Wed neaiUiy attach tnoiitli
in llickiivr" Hull. Vi.i-i
torn welcome. I
Idlef.eii W. M. ,
A. W. DuvU, Svrc-tarv. '
Is lo .sit down to a finely
cooked meal. If you buy
your ments here you'll not
only be satUfied with your
purchase but you'll come
away with the conviction
that n live and let live pol
icy is characteristic with
N. A. Gee. nrofessor of odd
jobs, is now ready to takeyour
order for aiu thing in house
moving or repairing, roof re.
pairing a specialty; cement
work of all kinds nnd general
ontnu'tini:. SOI N. Ivnnhoe:
phone (Jul. &03.
St. Johns Gamp No, 7546 f
iModern Woodmen of America.
We heartily solicit the attend-
mice of our members nt our roir.
tilar meetings, every Thursday
Evening, li. W. Mtihm, Oonsuj.
Knights and Ladies of Security
St. Johns Council 2775
Meets every Monthly evtnii at
Hiekner Hall, over St Johns Hard
ware Store. Visitors and members
cordially invited to attend.
H. I.. Campbell, Pres.
1 13, Moreing, Secretary.
Ctianibers-Kenwoitliy Co,
Funeral Directors and Ombalmers
1111 Kerlv Strert, at Kiuertou
1. The oliloit t'ublihvtl umlertakiti);
bu.ine north of Knott street,
2. Mr. Chamber i the ouly O. A. R,
mulerUker in the city of l'or da ml.
8. Mr. Kenworthy i an ckuowlwlgel
expert in emUilmiuK. Demi surgerv ami
(uuertl ilirectiou.
4. Why lwve our belovel ileceasetl
taken thiuugli the coiick-.l Uisiue&s
iliitriets when (terfeel eruce ami right
price may be obtaiucil in our own
Extra Fine Legs of Lamb
Extra Fine Shoulder of Lamb.
Fancy Legs of Veal
Fine Steer Pot Roasts.
Phone Columbia at WE DELIVER 1 09 N Jersey Street
If you have anything to sell,
ry our I'enny-A-Word Column.
0 ascertain tho exact cost count
each word, initial or abbreviation.
I'or Sale or Trade I.QU U ami 12 in
block 18. College AiUlltiou to St. lohus.
$Ipo down. Uil. f lo month, or will truile
(or farm (uonerty. Call this oilice. tf
l'or Sale lloue ami four lot on North
Syracuse treet. Call at this otlice, tt
$100 Reward, $100
The rouiWro ut i I'jiwr n ill b
)leat to iMtru Hint tu. re u at least one
flrwiiled aiss that Irtio lia bn
able to eutw In all It siagr. ami that Is
Caiarrh. Hull's I'utarrh Cur is Om only
poklttv cur now known to the intvlloal
tratrnlt'. t'aiarrh bclns a oomtliutlonul
disuse. rqulrr a constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Oatarrh Cur I taken In
ternally. aciliiB tllrvcily the blood
aikl mucous surra.- of Ih yslm, there
by destroying the rounj.nlon of the dis
ease. anJ ulvlnit the twiiient strength by
bulkliiur up lh. coiuttltutlon an.l asUtin
iialur lit Joint; It work Th proprietor
lwve so Much (alth in its curative pow
er that they offer On Hundred Dollars
far any cms that tt (all to cure. Send
for list of testimonial).
AdJr: K J CIIBNRr A CO.. Tld. a
SeM by all lul. He.
Tat Itali a KaKlly mils fer coastlpatloa.
NoU th libal en your papw.
Beautiful gray or
black adult casket,
hearse, box, 2 autos
embalming and refin
ed service for
Funerals i( ilesireil for $20, ?30, f 40. $60, Higher priceil (uuerals in pro.
portiou. We manufacture caskets. Lady assistant.
Beautiful funeral chapel.
Main 2691 Independent Funeral Director! A 7e85
Washlnslon at Ella Street, Between 20th and 21st Street, West Side
W. A. ANDREWS, Representative
G14 Central Ave. X.
Phone Columbia SSS