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A. V. MARKLE , ,
Published Kvury l'rldu
117 Went liiirllnstoii Ktroct.
Tub Uxvikw Is entered nl jot office
In Saint lohim, Omron, ns Jimll timtter
of the second clnss under tin; Act of Cou
gress oi March 3, 1879
Offlcltl Vwippr of thi Oltr of Et. Joan.
Subscription price $1.00 par yoar.
Some neonlo seem to have an
idea that mertfiiiK with Portland
would have a tendency to bring
more industries to bt. Johns.
Now how could this bo true?
Portland has no industries that
she wants to drive to St. Johns.
In fact, proportionate to popula
tion St. Johns has secured many
more industrial plants than
Portland during the past ten
years. This is a fact that cannot
bo denied. As a matter of fact
mighty few industries have
been locating in this region of
the country, but of those that
have St. Johns has received its
full share. It is said that Port
land discriminates against St.
Johns and that Portland Com
mercial Club also tries to pre
vent industries locating here.
How unjust this statement is.
is demonstrated by the fact that
the Portland Commercial Club
has boon furnishing voluntarily
to the St.Johns Commercial Club
periodically lists of firms and in
dividuals seeking now locations,
with the suggestion that if St.
Johns had anything to oiler it
would be advisable to at onne
get in communication with the
parties seeking locations, the
names and addresses of which
wero furnished. The President
of the Portland Commercial
Club has repeatedly stated that
his club would be only too glad
to co-operate with the St. Johns
Club at any and all tunes, and
would do anything in its power
to aid uh, Tho chief trouble
hare is that suitable land for
factory sites is too high in price.
The "Woman Voter" in an ar-
tfflo olHuwlinrn in tliiw imio him
HV.I0 4B0W
mim-mi ii mow i iirnci inn HiitrirnH.
lion to relieve the situation when
she suggests that tho city of St.
Johns bond itself for $100,000.
and that this sum be used in
purcuasing one hundred acres
of land, and that same be cut
into five aero tracts or less to be
given tho use of to manufaclur
ing concerns at a cost of tho in
terest only, tho said concerns to
have full use of the land as long
ns the plant is active, but as
soon as closed down or abandon
od tho land to again revert back
to the city. As the city could
borrow tho money for thirty
years at probably live per cent
interest and as properly ownt'i
by the city is not assessed for
laxaiiio purposes, nutnuiacturing
plants could have live acres of
land as long as they were doing
hiisinojw at a yearly rental of
$250, or loss than $21 per month.
If that would not bring Indus
trios, and at the same time
prove little or no oxpoiwo to the
city, they would wifely be hard
to secure. Probably tho city
dock could be sold and proceeds
invested lor the above purpoxo,
Certainly the "Woman Voter"
has hit tho nail on the head, and
nor idea should lie taken up by
tne uommomni (Jinn and given
deepest consideration.
"Portland Water Kates" is the
chief argument of the promoters
oi tno merger movomont. To
the unthinking such argument
might hear much weigiit. but
when one studies the proposition
in all its details he soon becomes
convinced that Portland water
rates in St.Johns would not hap
pen for years to coino in case of
merger this summer. It has
boon repeatedly said that as soon
as merger will have been oliect
en mat roriumu win oegm ex
tending its mains
and supply our poo
Hun water at Portland prices.
Thofalacyand futility of such
reasoning is clearly manifest
when one roads tho franchise of
tho local water company given
liy tho local authorities uaclc in
li)0U. Section 11 states:
"Tho rights herein granted of
laying mains on tiio streets of
tho town of St. Johns shall bo
and remain TUB EXCMJ.
SIVB H1U1IT of the grantee
herein lor the period oi lit toon
years from and after tho taking
oliect oi tins lrancluse, saving,
however, tno right ot any porson
or corporation within same city
to provido iiis or its own private
supply in any manner Kur ro
quiring tho laying or use of
mains in tho city."
ino iraneniso was givon m
July, 1903, and thus it will bo
seen that tho local company has
an exclusivo franchise for sever
al years yet to run.during which
time neither a private corpora
tion, tho city of St. Johns or the
city ot Portland could under any
law in the land put in a compe
titive water system. Tho claim
has been made that exclusive
franchises aro notbindingontho
grantor. This may true whore
exclusive franchises aro given
for an indefinite period, but it
may bo relied upon that when
this franchise was given there
was no law in oxistonco whore
by tho City of St. Johns could
not legally give an exclusive
franchiso for a poriod of fifteen
years. If there has boon such a
There's a question for you to answer for yourself.
If you are putting money in the bank you know they
will be PROVIDED FOR. If you are spending and
wasting every dollar you get, you don't know what
will become of them. Who gets the money you earn?
If you put into our bank what you spend or lend fool
ishly it will protect those children dependent on you.
Make OUR bank YOUR bank
We pay 4 per cent interest on Savings Accounts
law passed since, we are ignor
ant oi it. and even so it could
not possibly be rolroactive, or in
other words, all'ect any contract
made previous to its passage.
Therefore, in the event of mer
ger, rortiand simply could not
run Hull Kun pipe lines to bt.
Johns in competition before the
fifteen years have expired.
There are several Supremo court
Una nllWt .mil wn
i .-... - -
r - ,,MU"K.
rvineu, roriiauu Luy miornoy
LaUocho or any of the Commis
sioners to bring proof to the con
trary. The only possiblo way
that Portland could give us Bull
Hun water before April, 1919,
(franchise starling April. 1901)
would bo to purchase tho local
plant and at a price commcnsu
rate with its worth. Section 12
of the franchise states:
"Tho people of tho town of St.
Johns (fo further agree to and
with tho said grantee heroin
that during tho PEHIOI) OK
THIS FRANCHISE it will con
tinue to tiBo water supplied by
tho grantee at tho rates herein
provided for all purposes for
which tho town shall require tho
use of water."
This frnnehiso was granted
by tho duly authorized agents of
tho noonlo of bt. Johns and s
just as binding by reason there
of na ii every resident ol bt.
Johns had signed it personally.
bo whan people tell you that
f merger takes place Hull Hun
water will bo served the pcoplo
of St. Johns immcdiatcv after
ward, loll them they do not know I
what they are talking about.
It simply could not bo done. A
tranchiso is just as binding up.
on the grantor as upon the
grantee. If it wero not so a
tranchiso would not be Worth
the paper it is written on. bo-
cause (t would afford no protec
tion to tho party investing his
monoy in public utilities. Hut
tho law makers have wisely pro.
vided such protection and the
vested rights of corporation-
owned utiities arc just as sacred
as the vested rights of individ
uals. It is said that a letter was read
to St lohna wt tho l0,'K' meeting in the Li
nli u lih nVill ,)nu'y Monday ovoning signed
n, ii . J by Commissioner Daly of Port-
land, in which tho statement is
made that in ovent ot merger
Portland will either buy tho oca
water plant or install a now one.
Tho proposition of installing a
competing plant is exploded in
another place in this issue. As
to buying tho plant, can Mr
Daly assuro us that tho peoplo of
Portland will vote bonds to buy?
Horn! issues aro most unpopular
in rortiand, and aro invaria
bly turned down in recent years.
In fact Mr. Daly knows no more
about it than you or I, and any
statement ho mnkes regarding
water matters in event of merg
ing is merely theoretical and not
assured. Ho tried hard to get
tho peoplo of Portland to pay
three months water rates in nd-
vanco not so long ago. but his
little entorpriso was knocked in
to "a cocked hat." Mr. Daly
has probably mado his state.
monts in good faith, and it was
tho boat encouragement he could
olfor upon insistent urging that
ho give some statement for bon-
out ot tno morgerites. no is a
man that is evidently willintr to
oblige, oven though he knows
his statements aro theoretical.
I hereby announce myself as
Independent candidate for
tho oflico of city
treasurer to bo
election to bo
1915. Mrs. J.
voted for at tho
hold April 5th,
M. Shaw.
Regarding Albina
uuiior ucvicw: jt is neces
sary for me to come back at you
on account of your erroneous
comments on what I said about
Albina. I said Albina got
debt $50,000 for parks and I di
not know whether they got any
nnrlfH r not. Wiw liwlnlir SSKO .
-"- : ...
000 for boulevards and streets
and was $10,000 in debt for
current expenses and that Port
land had to pay the entire $110.
000 which statement is absolute
ly correct. The records at the
city hall Portland show as fo
lows: Pond issues, Juno 1, 1891
municipal expenses $40,000
Juno 1,1891 construction boulo
vnrdB and roadways, $50,000
Juno 1, 1891- Purchase and im
provement parks, $50,000. Do
you dispute it?
Tho $50,000 for boulevards
and streets was for tho purchase
oi Willamette boulevard ntu
others and was not for street
improvements as you stato am
for that reason was not a debt
upon property owners, and Port
land did borrow tho money ant
pay every dollar of that $50,000,
1 said 1 did not know whether
they got any parks or not bo
cause one ot the old residents
had told mo that Columbia par
had been donated to tho city
I have been since informed that
it was Columbia park that was
purchased. That it contains 150
acres. That tho prico paid was
$50,000 or $1(!GG.GG
per aero
That it was assessed
that year
1890 at $50 per acre, from wliic
assessment i presume the lam
was worth 5iui) per aero or
$3000 for tho 30 acres. Paying
sou.uuu for $3,000 worth of
land, oh well, why kick about a
littlo thing like $47,000. It was
only 1G 2-3 times what tho stilt
was roasonablv worth. After al
what happened, or did not hap
pen in Albina 25 years ago, has
so littlo to do with tho legiti
mato discussion oi tho merger
question today that I thinK we
would better lot it rest. S. C
As to Albina. if Portland hat;
not deemed it worth whilo it
would not have taken it in
And didn't a cortain party last
year try to sell to tho city o
bt. Johns a three aero tract ot
land for $5,000 that was assessed
at less than $100 per aero?
Another articlo from Mr, Cook
on insurance rates will appear
next weeu; too lengthy fortius
issue. Ed.
Registration books aro
now open at the City
Hall for the General
City election.
Last day to register
for the City election,
March 80th.
Office wilt be open for regis
tration Saturday evenings
March 20th and 27th and
Wednesday evenitig- March 34.
Register Now
For Sale. IIouso Uoat, cheap,
or will trade for a good cow.
Inquire at this olllco.
HPIiE present mili
tary styles of dress
require a special style
of corset and brassiere.
The military style
means, an erect form,
and a trim looking
You can get all of
this, combined with
comfort in our new
styles of military cor
sets and brassieres.
0 Kabo
Pioneer Merchants
An Ordinance Ordering tho
Holding of a General City
Election for tho Election of
Ofllccra of Iho City of St. Johns,
Oregon, und for tho Purpose
of Submitting Certain Propo
sition! to tho Qualified Elect
ors of tho City of St. Johns,
and Fixing tho Time and Place
Thereof and for Naming tho
Judges and-Clerka toOfllciate
Tho .City of t.. Johns docs or
dain as XollovJs:
Section 1. That tho City oi
St. Johns shall hold a general
City Election on tho fifth day of
April, for tho purpose of elect
ing ofiicers for the City of St.
Johns as follows, to wit:
A Mayor, City Recorder, City
Treasurer, City Attornoy, Two
Cotmcilmen for tho First Ward,
Two Councilman for tho Second
Ward, and Tliveo Councilman at
Also to submit certain ques
tions to tho qualified electors of
tho City of St. Johns, as follows,
to wit:
Shall Sections XXIX and XXX
of the Charter of the City of St.
Johns bo amended, fixing tho
dnto of the Next General Elec
tion to be held on tho first Mon
day in April, 1917, and biennial
ly thoroaftor. and permitting all
ofiicers elected or holding oflico
at tho time of tho taking effect
of this amendment, to hold oflico
for a period of two years or until
their successors aro elected and
Shall the neonlo of tho C ty
of St. Johns incur a municipal
bonded indebtedness in tho sum
of $130,000, for tho purchase
and extension of tho Water Plant
of the St. Johns Water Works
and Lighting Company?"
mat urdinanco no. 017. an
Ordinance creating a board of
Censorship, regulating shows,
theatres, motion pictures, dis
tribution of literature, bill
boards and advertising matter,
and fixing a penalty for tho vio
lation of this Ordinance, passed
by tho Council tho 8th day of
beptomuer. 10U, bo submitted
to tho local voters for their ap
proval or disapproval.
Section 2. And it is hereby
ordered that said election be held
on tho fifth day of April A. D.
1915. between tho hours of nine
o'clock A. M, and seven o'clock
M. of said day in tho manner
provided by tho City Charter of
the City of St Johns.
Section 3. It is hereby order
ed that the following judges and
clerks of said election be. and
they are hereby, appointed, to
Judges for the I'irst Ward:
Day Judges F. W. Valentine,
Mrs. A. C. Gaines. Mrs. T. H.
Night Judges-T. F, Bush, J.
Herrold, C. E. Royer.
Judges for the Second Ward:
Day Judges Mrs. Nora K. Cor-
bm, Mrs. Anna J, uanngnt,
lenry L. Whisler.
Night Judges John M. bhaw,
II. Lemon. Geonre Brokaw.
Clerks for tho First Ward:
Day Clerks Mrs. Fannie E.
Smock, Mrs. J. II. Gammel.
Night Clerks A. R. Davis,
Corset Company
Couch & Co.
St. Johns, Oregon
A. W. Schnfcr.
Clerks for tho Second Ward:
Day Clerks Mcrta Gatton, Mrs.
Gcorgo Brokaw.
Night Clorks-C. O. Rogers,
J. II. Geo.
Section '1. That tho polling
or voting places of such election
bo and they aro hereby fixed as
follows, to wit:
Polling place of tho First
Ward Lccturo Room, in tho
Public Librnry.
Polling place of tho Second
Wnrd-City Hall.
Section 6. That tho City Re
corder bo and ho is hereby or
dered and directed togivo notice
of said olection by publication in
(ho Official City Newspaper,
published in tho City of St.
Johns, for at least ten days prior
to the said election.
Section C. That tho Chief of
Police bo and he is hereby or
dered and directed to post no
less than ten days bofore sue
election notices thereof, whic
a .
said notices snail no preparer
and signed by tno Uity Record
or, and shall specify the officers
to bo elected, tho questions to
bo submitted to tho electors ant
tho timo and place of holding
such election.
Passed by tho Council this
lGtli day of March. 1915.
Approved by tho Mayor this
loth day of March. 1915.
Attest: A. E. DUNSMORE.
Published in tho St Johns He
view March 19. 1915.
Au Ordinance Providing for the
Submission to the Legal Voters of
the City of St. Johns a Prop
ositlou to Purchase a Public Util
ity, as Provided by
V. of Sectiou 70 of
Act En
titled "Au Act to
the City of St. Johns, Multnomah
County, Oregon, and Providing
n Charter Therefor, and to Re
peal All Acts or Parts of Acts in
Conflict Therewith. Adopted
By the People of St. Johns in
the Year 1907; and Directing the
Recorder to Place Upon the Of
ficial Ballot the Propositiou"Shal
the People of the City of St.
Johns Incur a Bonded Indebted
ness iu the Sum of $130,000.00
for the Purchase and Exteusion
of the St. Johns Water Works
aud Lightiug Company's Plant?
And for the Mailing a Copy of
said Notice to Rach Legal Voter
of said City.
The City of St. Johns does Ordain
as Follow:
Section 1.
anau tne uity ot st. joUiw incur
a municipal bonded indebtedness
iu the sum of $130,000.00 for the
purchase and extension of the St.
Johtis Water Works and Lighting
Company's plant? Said bonds to
be coupon bonds issued iu denom
inations of $500.00 each, and shall
uot bear a greater rate of interest
than six per cent per auuutu, in
terest payable semi-Qutuiallv. and
may be retired any time after one
year after date of issuance, but ia
S. & H. Green Trading Stamps given
on all Cash Purchases, and on Charge Ac
counts when Paid in Full at least every
30 days. Premiums now on Display.
I IIS!! .
Jn j
An Ordinance Providing for Hav
ing Referred to the Legal Voters
of the Citv of St. Johns at the
Klcctiou to be Held on April 5th
1015 Ordinance No. 617 lfor
their Approval or Disapproval
and Providian for the same to be
Placed Upon the Official Dallot
Whereas, on the day of Feb
ruarv. IQI.S. there was filed with
the City Recorder a petition, sign
cd by more thau twenty per cent of
the legal voters of tne city, direct
ing said council to refer Ordinance
No. 617 to the legal voters of die
city at the next general election to
be held on the 5th day of April
Therefore, it is ordained by the
City of St. Johns:
Section 1.
That Ordinance No. 617, being
an Ordinance entitled "An Ordi
uauce creating a Board of Censor
shin regulating Shows, Theatres,
Motion Pictures. Distribution of
Literature, Bill-Boards and Advcr
Using matter," and fixing a pen'
ally for the violation of this ordi
nance, which was passed by the
council on the 8th day of Septem
her, 1914, be aud the same is here
by referred to the legal voters of
the City of St. Johns for their ap
proval or disapproval at the gen
eral election to be held on the 5th
day of April, 1915.
bectlou a.
The City Recorder is hereby
directed to place the proposition,
shall Ordinance No 617, designated
as the Censorship Ordinance be re
pealed ?
X Yes
X No.
Sectiou 3.
The Citv Recorder shall nrenare
aud mail to each legal voter of the
City of St. Johns the title of said
ordinance; said mailing shall
take place not later thau twelve
days prior to the date of election.
Passed by the council this 16th
day of March, 1915.
Approved by the Mayor this the
16th day of March, 1915,
Attest: A. E. DUNSMORE,
Published in the St. Johns Re
view on March 19, 1915.
110 event shall the retirement of the
bouds extend beyond a greater
period than thirty years from the
date of issuance.
Section 2.
The City Recorder shall place, or
cause to be placed upon the official
ballot the aforesaid proposition to
be voted on at the election to be
held on the 5th day of April, 1915,
Section 3.
The City Recorder shall mall, or
cause to be mailed, a copy of the
foresaid proposition to each of the
egal voters of the City of St. Johns.
Said copy to be mailed on or before
the t2th day from the date of the
election herein mentioned.
Passed by the council this the
6th day of March, 1915.
Approved by the Mayor this the
6th day of March, 1915.
Mayor. 1
Attest: A. E. DUNSMORE. 1
Recorder of the City of St.Johns.
Published in the St. Johns Re-
iew March 19, 1915. I
HTri angle
uon are 'tfrLo 9
VtmZnndt .Incobs&CoTroyNY.
S5n sen?
Notice is hereby given that in ac-
cordauce with Ordinance No. 65:,
au election will be held on Monday:
the 5th day of April, A. D. 1915,
in the City of St. Johns, Orcgon.j
for the following purposes to,wltr
For the election of the following .
named officers for the ensuing ycar
viz: One Mayor, one City Recor
der, one City Attorney, oneCItjr
Treasurer, .three Cotmcilmen "at
Large, two Councllmcu .JroiuVtbi?
First Ward, two Councilmen from
the Second Ward, iu the manner
providcu by hw and the Charter of
the City of St. Johns. "S
Aud at said election there will be
submitted to the qualified electors
of said City for the approval or re
jection the following propositions
"Shall Section XXIX and XXX
of the Charter of the City of St.
Johns be amended, fixing the date
of the next General Ulectlon to be
held on the first Monday in April,
1917, and biennially thereafter aud
permitting all officers elected or
holding office at the lime of 'the
taking effect of this amendment, to
hold office for u period of two years
or until their successors arc elected
and qualified?"
Shall the people of the City of
St. Johns, Incur a Municipal bon
ded indebtedness in the sum of One
Hundred aud Thirty Thousand
Dollars (1 130,000,00) for the pur
chase and extension of the Water
Plout of the St. Johns Water
Works and Lighting Company?"
"That Ordinance No. 617, an
Ordinance creating a board of Cen,
sorship," regulatiug shows, the
atres, motion pictures, distribution
of literature, bilt boards aud adver
tising matter, and fixing a penalty
for the violating ot this Ordinance,
passed by the Council on the 8th
day of September, 1914, be sub
mitted to the legal voters for their
approval or disapproval.
The follow ing places have been
designated as polling places for said
election: First Ward In the Lec
ture Room, at the Public Library.
Second Ward In the Council
Chamber at the City Hall.
1 he polls will be open at nine
(9) o'clock A, M,, and will remain
open until seven (7) o'clock P. M,:
of said day.
By order of the Council.
Recorder of the City of St. Johns,
Published in the St. Johns Re
view, March 19-26 and April 2.
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