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or v-irmandy tsros. POst
St. John's Sweet Pea Show Commcncmcnt Exercises
And "School Csrdtn" Cmlul
To Ik HcM Irliljy, July lllh
Do You Know that Every
Dollar Spent in St. Johns
Helps You?
Do You Know that Every Cent
You Spend with a St. Johns
Merchant Helps St. Johns?
Do You Know that what Helps St
Johns Helps You and what Helps
You Helps St. Johns?
June is Cupid's month. June is the month
of brides, veils, flowers and weddings. We
can't all get married but most of us have an oppor
tunity to bless the union of two happy hearts. Some
young couple. Let us start such travelers on their
way with appropriate and useful wedding gifts.
Ormandy Bros, displayed this week some choice
selections as suggestions for wedding presents.
Here is an assortment of--Delicate
fancy sugars and creamers
Fancy china chocolate sets
Cut glass, always appreciated
Charming salad sets
Hand painted gold decorated cake sets, salad sets,
Elates and berry sets as well as more modest
ut very attractive fancy china
Table and household silverware, standard makes
American and imported dinner sets, white and gold
or fancy patterns
Furniture and home furnishings are never amiss
New Reed
Recti rockers and recti chairs so
much admiral, particularly for .summer
Use nrc nirnin offered nt prices within the
rench of all. The patterns displayed arc moderate, therefore
useful all year.
Armless sewing rocker $3.05
White shelac finish reed rocker. . . . , 3.G0
Round arm rocker, so comfy 4.50
Large armless reed sewing rocker : 5.40
Reed rocker, white Selac finish G.95
Grass arm rocker, cane seat, very1 cozy 13.00
Tapestry covered, upholstered fume finish
Reed rocker 15.00
Spanish leather, brown, fumed reed rocker. .. .15.00
Arm chair, fumed and upholstered 19.35
Local News.
"Savo your green stamps; thoy
aro money to you. Currins for
Owing to going to press at an
early hour this week, tho library
notes were held over until next
Mrs. G. J. Thome, Susan and
baby Jano aro coming from St.
Louis, Mo., this week to visit
Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Rogers.
Most of tho local business
houses closed yesterday nfter
noqn in order to permit tho em
ployes to take in tho parade at
the Portland Rose Carnival.
Congregational Church Sun
day School 10 a. m. ; preaching
11 a. m. and 8 p. m. ; C. E. at 7
p. m. Prayermeeting Wednes
day at 8 p. m.
Ton acres fino land, 18 miles
from Portland, for salo on easy
terms, or might exchange for
good city property. Seo S. W.
Rogers, owner, 809 N. Jersey
M. E, Church, corner Leavitt
and Hayes Children's Day pro
gram 11 a. m. Sunday, Juno 8;
preaching at 8 p. m. ; Epworth
League 7pm.; Sunday school 10
a. m. All aro invited.
W. G. Turkington and family,
after a residence of seven and
ono'half years in this city, left
yesterday for Irving, Oregon,
where he owns 80 acres of fine
soil. He has sold his residence
in St. Johns to G, H. Fletcher of
David E. Mitchell is a guest of
his brother, Constable J. F. Mit
chell of this city. He has been
engaged in the automobile busi
ness in Seattle for the past three
years, but has closed out his bus
iness there and expects to look
up a new location in this vicini
ty. Mra. A. Learned entertained
the members of the Debonair
Club at an elaborate luncheon
last Thursday afternoon. Fa
vors in the shane of beautiful
necklaces were presented by the
hostess to each of the mempers.
The occasion was a most delight
ful one and immensely enjoyed.
The following business men
have agreed to close their places
of business Thursday afternoons
of each week during the months
of June. Julv and August: Couch
and Company. J. Rassi, Short
Grocerv. Metropolitan Market,
fit Johns Cash Market. Central
Market (which, however will
keep open from 6 to 6;30 p. m.),
Muck Grocery. Alex S. Scales,
J. C. Brooks. W. Jower. Mrs. E.
J, Martin, Mrs. B. E. bhultz.
Get an electric head treatment or
massage at Gilmorc's Barber Shop.
Ovcrstrcct's coil is n big suc
cess. His jobbing work In ev
ery detail is satisfaction. Col
umbia 590.
It is requested that all firemen
turn out at the practice races in
tho evenings. The timo is grow
ing short.
No. 87, Mrs. Charles Purkn
pile, G19 Mohawk street, won tho
contorpieco raffled Juno 9th by
Mrs. Brokaw.
J.E.Bredeenhas returned from
a threo month's sojourn in Brit
ish Columbia. Ho reports times
very slow in the Canuck country.
Judge Williams had pictures
taken of the lady jury Monday,
and presented each juror with a
copy or same. They win no
doubt bo prized highly by the
E. C. Hurlbert. a former pop
ular townsman, is a guest of his
brother, J. J. Hurlbert, this
week. Ed. is a delegato of the
San Diego Fair at tho Portland
Rose Carnival.
Various store rooms in the IIol-
brook block on Philadelphia
street were treated to new coats
of paint during the past week,
improving their exterior appear
ance considerably.
Tho city council mot early
Tuesday evening and then ad
journed until Thursday evening
to take in tho electrical parade
m Portland, as has been the reg
ular custom.
The gas boat Argosy will leave
the St. Johns dock at 7 o'clock
Friday evening for the Oaks.
Every ono will view the Fire
works from tho boat, staying
thereon until the return trip is
made. Round trip 25 cents.
Wanted, at the Congregational
church, Sunday evening at 8
o'clock, 800 jnen, women and
children to attend the services.
Gospel preaching.gospel singing.
a home-like church where all are
The K. of P. District Conven
tion held in Castle Hall, Ivanhoo
Lodge No. 1, Portland, Tuesday
evening, Juno 3rd, was attended
by a large number of local
Knights, and all report a splen
did time.
A farewell party was given
Miss Gladys Salmondather home
on South Ivanhoe street Satur
day evening by a number of
her young friends. A most en
joyable time was had. Miss
Gladys in company with her
mother and Jittle brother will
leave Sunday evening on a three
months' visit with relatives and
friends in Minnesota, their for
mer home state,
203 S. Jersey Street
Plumbing, Tinning
Furnace Installing
Call up Columbia 92
Typewriter ribbons for sole at
this office; 50 cents each.
VV vv niN 1
in some department of
the Church
Sunday Service
lllblc School: 10 a. in.
Morning Service:! i.n. 111.
Junior O. !.: 3 p. m.
V. 1'. S. C. .:-7 p. in.
IJvaiiKclUtlc Services: S p. ill.'
Wedneiilay- Training Clan, 8 p. m.
Thursday I'rayenncctlnj;:8 p,ui.
J. R.JOHNSON, Paitor
Ceriw Hew Twk SI. tad Willis Beuttwd
A lino of typowrltor ribbons.
both narrow and wide, has just
been received at tho Keview
oilice; 50c each. Also carbon
paper at two sheets for five
Special Price on Digest
A Malt and Hop Tonic
An excellent preparation for the run down condi
tion, a geueral tissue builder and strengthing tonic.
Often recommended by physicians, sold every
where at 25c per bottle; special for a few days at 20c
per bottle, 6 bottles for $1.00
We are agents for the Columbia Phonographs and
can give some special prices on Standard Machines, a
good assortment of records always on hand.
We are closing out a stock of cylinder records at a
very low price 15c each any quantity, can be played on
either Edison or Columbia Disc Machines.
Save, your tickets and win the Pri?e Phonograph
given away each month at our store.
The St. Johns Pharmacy
Reliable Druggists
Prists fr SmH lm Slww
rang? from $Hfi.(H) down and will
Ik llstwl in a few days, first ami
pocond prim? awanlwl in oach In
rtanciv The following will bo
tho chwlflcntion for mnntour
gnrnvors only :
Gram! special prise Host ex
hibit irrvsKctlvo of class, silver
cup, $2f. Must be won throe
auccossive yoars to obtain per
manent iKwsossion. Hold this
year by Mrs. H. P. Douglass.
CInss A -Six or more vnsus,
named varieties. Ton or more
stems In each vase.
Class It- Host vnsu, any num
ber, mixed.
Class C- Vase of 20 stems.
pure white.
Class 0 Vase of 20 stems.
Class E Vase of 20 stems. lav
Class F Vase of 20 stems.
Class u Host six vases or 10
stems each, Grandillora type,
distinct varieties.
Class II-Most artistic vase
or bowl of sweet peas.
Ulass I Largest collection.
Class J- "Juvenile." M years
and under best 3 vases of 10
stems each, any threo colors.
utiles and Regulations.
Rules and reiru ations as n-
dopted by the National Sweet
Pea Society of America will irov-
ern the judging. Points in scor
ing will be apportioned as fol
Length of stem, 25 points.
Color, 25 points.
Size, 25 points.
Substance, 15 points.
Number of flowers on a stem,
10 points.
Sweet pea or other folinirc can
bo used with tho flowers unat
Commercial growers cannot
compete in these clnsses. Entry
can bo made by grower only.
School Garden Contest
Entries must be grown in
school irnrdens not larircr than
8x10 feet. They must be the
product of tho child's individual
effort. Three prizes will bo giv
en in each class.
Class A Host vegetable dis
tJlass U Largest potato.
Class C Best potato display.
Class D Largest head of let
tuce. Class E Best loose leaf lettuce.
Class V Onions, 4 bunches, 5
onions in n hunch.
Class G lladishcs, smnll,
round, not less than ten.
Class II- Radishes, long vari
ety: not less than ten.
Class I- Turnips, best displny;
not less than ten.
Satisfaction. Is the word Gil-
more, the Unrbcr.
Girl Wnntod -To learn dress
making. Call 535 S. Jersey.
Vnv Rent R Room IIouso with
Sleeping Porch 531 S. Jersey St.
Picture frntninir done at Portland
prices at II. 1 Clark's, the furni
ture man. tf
For Sale. Piano In first class
condition. Rensonnblo price.
Cull at this oihec.
Fnr Ruin Chean 5 room house.
onsv tonus: owner leavinir town.
Address Anderson, 502 West
Charleston street, St. Johns.
For Rent - A lariro 7 room
house on Jersey street, close in;
rent $10. Phono Col. 297, or cnll
1035. S. Ivanhoe.
Tf Ir rinnii'od hv tho Fire De
partment that all contributions
tn Mm Fnnrth of Julv celebration
bo placed in tho hands of P. G.
Ullmoro on or uoioro Juno loin.
Tflrst Christian Science Societv
Sundries n a. tn.. Wednesdays at 8
p. m, Reading room open on Tites.
Thurs. and Sat. from 2 to 4 p. m.
All cordially Inviteu to tne services
and reading room. Subject Sundav;
God, the Preserver of Man.
I have purchased tho resldenco
and household goods of Mr.
Thomas Whitney and offer all
for sale. Tho furniture ts in
first, nlnss condition and includes
all articles needed in a home.
Will sell in lots to suit purchaser.
Anna J. Canright, 415 Is.
Leonard street.
Tim KniiMmrn Pnmfip. cnmimnv
will spend millions on its Oregon
lines during tho next two years,
nppnriWmr tn n fnrmnl stntoment
of planned improvements that
. 1 1 !n..l a it.
nas oeen suumiueu 10 mo ouu
fornia railroad commission. Tho
company asks for permission
to ihsuio bonds to tho amount of
$30,000,0000 and gives as a rea
son for the request the number
of heavy contemplated invest
ments in Luis siuie. iunonw
these are: Electrification of
lines in the Willamette Valley;
rpr-nnst ruction of tho Sheridan-
Wlllnmina railroad at a cost of
$2,501,880; Corvallisand Eustern
It. K $270,580; Pacific Kailroad
and Navigation Co.. $131,540;
Salem, Falls City and Western,
Not the label on your paper.
Tko fntowtag program for
(VmwwteeineMt OA-ordWs will he
ghf Uy the jmpfk f St, Cle
ment's sckool Iw Uit M. W. A
hall June ISth:
Opening Song Children's
Piano Duet Mlasc Hasel
Johnson and Audrey I,ognn.
"Dick, iswl ami Guy" Kd.
Parent, Win. ami Jan. Walsh.
Scarf Fantastic Nine Girls.
"Pinkety. Wlnkety. Wee"
Olive Glenson,
Hrownie Revel Fiftoon Hoys.
Piano Trio ISiltran Harry.
Gladys Faber, Ethol Perkins.
Children's Symphony.
Piano Eleanor Noonan. Dor
othy Schnfor.
Violins- P. Parent, C. Asse-
tin, May Harron, Edna Hollnvm.
Drum- Allien HonnutL
Quail- -Thou. Wood.
Whistle Ed. Parent,
Trumpet- Eileen Harry.
Nightingale Gladys Faber.
Zither- Grace Rover.
TriangleMary Hies.
Hell- Ida Tooling.
Castanet Lenoro Peters.
Rattle- Vernn Peters.
Cuckoo Grace Kemp.
"You Know You Do" Eileen
and Ed. Harry.
"Honesty is the Host Policy."
a comedy in four acts. Cast of
Mrs. Strong, a retired Indy-
Reco Anderson.
Lillian, her neice Eleanor
Mary, Lillian's friend Doro
thy Schnfoi.
Miss Adams, Miss Buckley,
Lillian's omployors, Ida Tooling,
Grace Royer.
First Customer Myrtle Mc
Donald. Second Customer Gladys Fa
A Nurso- -Mary Rles.
A Policeman Bessie Ban'on.
Act I Mrs. Strong's Room.
Piano Duet Misses Hazel
Johnson and Mildred Poll.
Act II Adams & Buckley's
Sunbeam Drill and Pantomime
Act III -Garden.
Act IV Mrs. Strong's Home.
"If You Won't Be Good to Me"
- -Grace Komp.
Piano Solo Miss Bern Ice
Distribution of Diplomas
Rev. F. J. Kettonhofen.
Graduates- Leo R. Brown, Ro
co W. Anderson, Dorothy S.
Schnfor. Besslo A. Barron.
Palmor Method Certificates
awarded to Leo R. Brown and
Mary Ries.
Wo do all kinds of conveyanc
ing, with notary public services.
- McKinnoy & Davis.
D. N. Bycrlee, who is conduct
ing a newspaper at Willamina,
spent Sunday with his family on
Richmond street.
Owing to tho Rose Carnival
the regular monthly meeting of
the Commercial cluhwiu ho post
poned until next Wednesday ev
ening. Remember tho election for
school director Monday after
noon. S. W. Rogers is a candi
date, and is a good man for tho
position. Only ono director is to
be elected.
Do not forget tho W. C. T. U.
meeting nt tho city hall next Mon
day at 2:30 p. m. "Tho Mission
of Flowers" is to bo the subject.
Come and bring (lowers those
that have them and all como pro-
pared to speak- for a bouquet for
any sick or lonely ones who do
not have (lowers of their own.
40 ncres.oak timber and brush,
easily cleared; can all be culti
vated; four miles from Oakland,
Douulass county. Oregon: to
trado for house and lot 01: vacant
lota in St. Johns. Will give
good trade. This is a chanco for
somo young lollow to make a
larm home, wo win assume
street improvements or smnll
mortgage.- McKinnoy & Davis.
For Sale--Five boxes.contents
unknown, one cooking rnnge.ono
commode, one mattress, ono sit
ting room stand, four beds and
springs, ono ironing board, ono
round dining room table, ono
barrel, contents unknown, ono
tool chest, contents unknown; all
tagged Ray Smith, Goldendale,
Wash. Will bo sold ten davs af
ter tho last publication of this
notice. Property of James Gard
ner of St. Johns. Taken on at
tachment of Justice Court of St.
Johns. First publication Juno
13, last publication July 18, 1913.
J. Schmauder.
Seldom does a Bpeaker hold
and sway an audience as did Ben
R. Vardaman this morning at
the state convention. When his
time as up tho audience would
not let him quit, but demanded
that ho continue. Burlington,
Iowa Gazette. The lecture of Ben
R. Vardaman at tho business
men'B banquet Monday night
was an eloquent and instructive
address. For two hours ho held
tho close attention of tho audi
enco with his wit and wisdom,
satire and advice. Silver Creek.
N. Y News. Mr. Vardaman
will anneal in St. Johns and de
liver an address on tho evening
of July llth.
In thf m xt tH-tv t month
n iin1rtMf Mint of
DiuIhv Will tmm through
Xoitr IihikU If you could
mc it nil your pro.
K'iM wnnM br mpil If
.U ttjH-nd il all, -t
It kiii now Hill Had you m
n -UmlMill, fitMMcialh
lint n little thought n.l
c-nnfnl planning. ailcl
by a saving acoawnt at the
Peninsula National Bank
will cnabl yon to look
hnik nt your tar rffort
with satisfaction. '' fr
ward to the future with
greater hojic
Oldest Dank on the Peninsula
l'UTitu Ai'TzitN, l'rcs.
V, C. Knait, Vice Pres.
John N. Km.hi'Sun, Cash.
S. h. Doni it, Ass't Cnsh.
No. 10103.
KcH)rt of tin comhtiuii of
in the State of Otctfon, nt tlic rtoM (if
tiiuliicMt June -I, K)y.
Loan ami tllncoiitit M77.SM.tfl
Qverilriift, occuml uiiMtcM SMI .TO
U.S.Itomlii ton-cure elroululimi 60,000.00
U. S. ItoncU to nccure l'ofttnl
Siivlnus S.00O.OU
l'rciiiluinn 011 U. S. lloml. . . . 800.00
II0111U, ScctttltliM, etc UMW.7I
llnukliiK Iiuiim! 1'iiriiitiire ami
lixture 3,UOU.UU
Other teal eMitte owiuil ft.OJtO.OO
Due from Stale nml l'riwite
llanki mill ll.uikurt, Trtml
Couitmiilcii, Suviue Hank li.lW.fll
Due from approved
reserve nuciit RQTOiMt
Check mill other
ciuh Items 1.S0MQ
Note of oilier Na
tional ltanki. 111.69.
I'racllonal Paper Cur
rency, Nickel mill
Cent U04M
lawful money reserve
In Itauk, vlt:
Specie 11,717.78
I. real Tender Noted unit
Keilumptioii fiiuil with U. S.
Trenmirer (5 er eut of
circulation) MN.M
Capital stock jwlil In ...j
Suriihu hunt
I'tniivliUM profit, Im e.Npwt1
mm ami Utxwi imlil
National Hank Nolo ihiIMiI'k
Due toTrutt CuuiMultiiml
Saving Hank
Individual iloxwlw
Mihjcct to check
Demand certillinftM
Time eurtlliaitoa of tWlt . .
Certified Check
Ciuhlcr' chwek cHitnlamilHg.
rottnl Ntvliipiiip0Ua,
60,000 00
State of Oregon, I
County of Multnomah. I
I, J. N. ItillufMin, Cntlilar of U
alovo iiuiikmI Uiuk, do wiUmnly awoar
timt Hie nnove Mniciiittiii u irtta 10 UM
hunt of my knowledge mid MM.
J. N. ItdlefMUi, Caattlar.
Sulfecrihed ami sworn to Iwfora mm,
this 10th day of tune, 1018.
h. J. Wriiiht. Notary Public.
Multuoiimh county, Ore.
Correct Attent: P. Antcu,
P. C. Knupp.
M. I,. Holbrook,
St. Johns Furniture
Gus Salmond, Mgr.
New and Second
Hand Furniture
Bought, Sold and Exchanged
Tho Children Day servico at
the Congregational church last
Sunday evening were largely at
tended. A sjHonuiu program
was rendered, which rolloctod
great credit upon tho superin
tendent ot tho bunday school.
Mrs. C. E. Woodloy, as woll as
tho children. Tho Sunday school
is making great progross, con
stantly adding to tho membership.
Constable J. F. Mitcholl wf
tho victim of an auto accidont
yesterday. He was comlnic
around a turn near Kosiondon
street when the auto oncount8J
cd a largo rock. Tho auto stop
ped abruptly, but the Constable
went on, traveling for a distanoo
on his face, which shows much
the worse for wear. The owner
of tho auto who was with him
and whoso namo wo failed tu
learn, was also thrown over th'
"dash board" and bruised to
somo extent. It was a vory nar
row escape from fatal accidont.