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our motto, Call In anil enroll
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Devoted (o the Interests of the Peninsula, the Manufacturing Center of the Northwest
VOI,. 8
NO. 38
The Lumber
There is tan upon his visage, there arc freckles on his nose,
There's real estate ground in his cars, there is sawdust in his clothes,
And his lily-white complexion, now, is sort of mucklc-dun,
And his neck is peeled and blistered from the kisses of the sun.
There's the dark-hucd stain of berries on his teeth once pearly white,
And he has a crop of wood-ticks and a sawmill appetite;
And his milk-white hair is sunburned and he's stiff in every joint
For a mouth he has been taking his vacatiou nt Green Point.
He's been wrestling with the "gipsy" and the "choker" and the axe,
And his hands, once like a lady's, now arc rough and full of cracks;
In the tall and uncut timber he's been working like an ox,
And if he had stayed much longer, there'd be nothing left of Fox;
But he's looking independent as if caring not a durn,
So we'll pull a cork in honor of the Lumber Jack's return! R. S. M.
A New System
The Bonvillc System is n new
financial system that is beginning
to receive widespread attention and
favorable consideration. The in
tent and purpose of the new system
is to abolish all possibilities for
Kraft in business matters. It guar
mi tecs a square deal to nil and a full
earning power ot all money invest
cd. Under its workings fake pro
wotcrs and water stock arc entirely
eliminated. It is neither socialism
nor single tax, but n system apart
from cither. It has untight to do
with politics nor religious creeds,
but is for the benefit of all. It
absolutely stops all stock gambling
and wild cat schemes nud the poor
man s dollar earns as much as the
rich man's. It prevents strikes,
reduces the cost of living, eliminates
waste of time and money and brings
harmony out of chaos. It is rapid
ly gaining converts and bids fair to
revolutionize the business world.
The Uonville Square Deal, n book
of 138 paces, tells all about it, and
it is. worth investigating. Send 35c
to Frank Uonville, Portland, and
secure a copy.
A few extracts from "The Uon
ville Square Deal:"
There is an old saying that "all
men ore born equal." The Uon
ville System acknowledges this in n
Jimitcd way only.
All men should be equal in the
1 eyes of the law.
All men should have equal ad
fvantagcs iu the financial and com--mcrcial
world. That is to say, that
a man investing a dollar in a com
pany or organization of any char
acter, should realize the same earn
ing power on his one dollar, pro
rata, as the man who invested his
teu thousand dollars. In these iwo
instances men should be equal, who
are not now, but may be through
the adoption of this system. Oth
erwise men are not equal, for some
have more ability than others, yet
each may be an adept along his
special line.
Men are not and should not be
held as equal along the Hues of
character and intelligence. Men
should be equal in the eyes of the
law and have equal advantages in
obtaining the earnings of their
money once they have invested it.
The Bonville system will produce
these results, thereby striking an
equilibrium between capital and
labor, which in other words may be
called a compromise.
Stock gambling has increased
alarmingly in the past twenty years.
Fake promoters and fake labor
leaders have fleeced their victims.
Through loose construction aud
selfish individualism, millions upon
millions of dollars have been al
lowed to be spent in producing
waste energy. When stock is first
placed upon the market the price is
alluring and many purchase. Some
sell and repurchase, etc, When
the deal falls through, of which a
goodly proportion under the old
system do, the hard earned money
of the small luvestor falls iuto the
hands of the ever grabbing capital
ist; for through the looseness of the
old system he is thereby placed in a
position wherein he has this ad
vantage. How many resisted this
temptation can be readily seen by
the financial condition of the coun
try today.
Fake promoters will start stock
companies upon any possible
grounds wherein they can afford
some excuse for doing so, and
which will serve as a blind under
which they carry on their game of
robbery. They receive (under the
old system) from 40 to 60 per cent,
of a company's stock for promoting
the proposition, which same they
sell to "defray their personal ex
penses." When the promoter's
share is sold, and the promoter
generally sells out first, he has ac
complished his object got rich off
the small investor's hard earned
ruouey. The law protects him in
this outlandish higbwaymanry, for
has he not sold that which was
legally his, the promoter's stock?
Is there such a thing as overpro
duction? This is the question that
(Concluded on last page)
Jack's Return
The Library
Open 1 lours: I :oo to 5:30 ntitl 7 to 9:30 p. m,
Sunday.: 2:30 to 5 JO
The library will close for repairs
on Saturday at 2:30 p. m. It will
be closed the rest of the afternoon
aud evening and on Sunday after
noon, but will open at the usual
time on Monday. No fines will be
charged for books due Saturday if
they arc returned Monday. Come
in Friday and get your Sunday
New books received.
Western Home IIuildcr--Voor
hecs. A book of plans for low
priced cottages and bungalows that
are especially suitable for the West.
How to Make Sunday bcliool tio
Brewer. This book takes up
the various phases of Sunday school
work and discusses them in an in
teresting aud practical way. Some
of the chapter headings arc, en
thusiasm, order in school, grading,
teachers' meetings, the training of
parents, boys, girls.
Lewis Carroll by Belle Moses. A
sympathetic account of the author
of Alice in Wonderland. A num
ber of his letters to little girl friends
and relatives are given, aud some of
delightful nonsense verses.
Lcouorc Stubbs Wnlford.
On the Heights Aucrbaeh. This
is usually included in the list of the
hundred best novels.
Tnrtarln of Tnrnscon Daudct.
Dlmbie aud I Grundy.
Mystery aud Detective Stories,
Vol. I.
Barchester Towers Trollope,
Mother Norrls. This is oue of
the best of the recent novels.
The Magic Ring and Other Sto
ries Lang.
More Delay
Congressman Lafferty has re
ceived a letter front the Clerk of
Federal Court at Portland statiug
that by order of the Court dated
June 24th, 1912, the time had been
again extended for the government
to complete its testimony in tue
Oregon Loud Grant suit until July
31, the railroad company to have
until September 15 to puts its testi
mony into the record, and the gov
ernment to have until October 1 to
close the record by putting in its re
buttal testimony, Lafferty says:
"It is a ten to one bet that this
case will not be closed on October
1 , according to the latest order of
the Court, but that the time will be
again extended for completing the
completing the testimony. There
s absolutely no excuse tor the time
that Is being consumed in bringing
this Land Grant case to a final de
cision before Judge Wolverton. If
this case is not brought to a final
tearing by the time Congress con
venes December 2, 1 snail maxe
formal complaint against the De
partment of justice and ask tor an
nvestigatiou of all Federal officials
connected with the case."
He don't amount to shucks, he don't
He has a job, but work he won't.
His one idea is wearing clothes,
But that s as far as ambish goes,
And yet this brainless' loafing
Makes many girlies' hearties thump
Now why f Ux.
How is Your Title?
Have vour abstracts made, con
tinued or examined at the Peninsu
la Title, Abstract and Realty Co
Accurate work. Reasonable fees.
H. Henderson, manager, 208 North
Jersey, McDonald building.
Baptist Church Services will be
held both morning and evening.
All are invited. Rev.J. F, Cheney,
Lawson on Oregon
After careful study of the prob
lem set forth In your telegram, were
I graduating today from college,
Kast, West or South, I would head
straight for the great, undeveloped
I would buy my ticket for Port
land, Ore. I would spend my first
week in that splendid prototype of
our old, conservative and intellectual
but withal courageous aud hustling
New Kugland capital of half a
century ago. While in Portland I
would haunt the rcportorial de
partments of the daily newspapers,
the ever-welcoming rooms of the
numerous business clubs and the
booming departments of the great
railroads and navigation lines ecu
tring in that superb Pacific mctrop
Then I would light out into the
modern paradise of happiness aud
dollars, the virgin interior of that
wonderful state, a world within
itself, containing to spare and then
lots more everything that makes for
health, hustle, prosperity mid con
teuttueut for man, woman and child.
If I were possessed of $20,000 or
750,000 capital, in a twelvemonth
I would telegraph back to Brad
street and Dunn to mark my rating
$125,000, aud then three twelve
mouths later I would wire them to
make It from half to three-quarters
of a million.
If I had only my car fare, Bible,
dictionary and fountain pen, I
would write to the old folks to
watch for the Christmas coming of
the mortgage lifter, and I would
bet my pal dog, of course I would
have him along, against a pouch ol
tobacco that when Christmas came
I wouldn't be making excuses for
not coming Last. Details? Bosh I
When you wake up in Golcouda
you should not waste time looking
for a business guide. All you need
is a rake aud a bag. Thomas W.
Lawson in New York World.
Baptist Church
The annual roll-call of the mem
bership of the First Baptist Church
was held last Tuesday evening, it
being the seventh anniversary of
the organization ot the church.
A large number of members and
visitors were present. An excel
lent program of music, readings aud
speeches was rendered, followed by
A notable aud attractive feature
of the service was the burning of
the loan mortgage on the building
(symbolically) the amount needed
to pay the same having been raised
at this time. The building dedi
cated a few years ago is now free
from debt. The church is very
grateful to outside friends who
have aided by their contributions.
Rev. C. L. Owen, cue of the for
mer pastors, was preseut with his
family aud made interesting re
marks, Key. Wiesle, pastor of the
German Baptist church, was also
present and gave a good talk. At
a late hour the company departed,
rejoicing that the church was now
paid for.
Scientific Baby Show
The State Fair board has voted
$500 to bp used as prizes for the
Uugeiilcs Exposition planned for
Wednesday, September 4. This Is
a feature of the State Fair this year
for the first time, and it is expected
it will attract a great deal of atten
tion. It is to be really a scientific
baby show, children up to three
years old being eligible for prizes.
A $50 silver cup will be offered for
the best boy and the best girl in the
show, and six cups for the best boy
and girl in three divisions, the ages
running from six months to three
years. Medical experts will judge
the children entered from the stand
point of pysical perfection, much as
livestock is judged. O. M. Plum-
mer has been made superintendent
of the Eugenics show and Is hope
ful of having 200 children entered
at Salem. He hopes various
granges, commercial bodies and dis
tricts will bold local shows in each
county, sending the best boy aud
girl from tue county to the state
If you are a housewife you can
not reasonably hope to be healthy
or beautiful by washing dishes,
sweeping and doing housework all
day, and crawling into bed dead
tired at night. You must get out
in the open air and sunlight. If you
do this every day and keep your
stomach and bowels in good order
by taking Chamberlain's Tablets
when needed, you should become
both healthy and beautiful. For
sale by all dealers.
Council Proceedings
All members were present at the
regular meeting of the city council
Tuesday evening, with Mayor Muck
The first matter taken up was the
appointment by mayor and confirm
ation by council of Lee Cormauy as
chief of the fire department vice B.
F. Noouan, resigned.
Kibbey, Wclton & Co. asked for
a 3o-day extension of time on the
improvement of Fcsscudeu street
from Buchanan to Oswego street.
Upon vote Aldermen Davis, Valen
tine, Hill aud Martin voted yes;
inner, Wilcox and iiorsmau, no.
The negative councihncu believed
the contractors were not entitled to
an extension from the fact that they
were dilatory in starting tue im
provement, and should lie fined $5
per day for each day running over
the original time limit.
A number of property owners on
Central avenue between St. Johns
avenue aud Bruce street were prcs
cut in a body aud complained bit
tcriy ot tue at. joiins water L'o. in
not supplying them with water dur
ing the past two weeks or more.
This portion of the street is under
course of improvement, and the
water pipes have been disrupted to
such an extent that these patrons
have been without water. Attor
ucy Stroud flayed the company in
an energetic manner, contending
that it was trying to use the small
property owners as a whip to drive
the council iuto paying for lower
ing the water mains. He wanted
authority of the council to bring
suit against the company and com
pel it to furnish water to the in
habitants In spite of the improve
ment proceedings. Alderman Hit
ler believed that any councilman
who refused to give the attorney
this power should be recalled, nud
made n motion that the attorney
be empowered to take legal steps
to force the company to provide
water for Central avenue. Alder
men Valentine and Davis were of
the opinion that quicker relief might
be obtained by compromise, but
Alderman Ilillcr stoutly objected to
such proposition; that It was in
cumbent upon the water company
to pay for lowering the mains nud
should not be paid by the public.
Alderman Hill thought the water
company most arbitrary; that it
was going too far in this instance,
at least, aud believed it time to call
a halt. Mrs. Douis, n Cent ul ave
nue resident, told of conditions on
the street and of discouraging nud
meagre information looking to re
lief from the water famine she was
able to receive at the company's of
fice. Mr. Bushor aud two or three
others made uncomplimentary re
marks about the water company
aud the treatment they had received
at its hands. A vote on Mr. Hit
ler's motion was then taken aud
carried unanimously.
An obnoxious barn that lias been
permeating the atmosphere with its
odoriferous periume in the neigh
borhood of Fesseudett aud Jersey
streets was again brought to the
attention of the city fathers. This
barn is owned by local contractors,
and upon the indulgence of Coun
cilman Hill had been permitted
to be erected upon his grounds for
a short time without niouey and
without price. But long alter its
welcome had been worn to a frazzle
t continued to remain. Aud the
onger it remains the more powerful
becomes its nauseating odor, Mr.
Hill gave the council assurance that
the owners would be given notice to
remove the structure bright and
early Wednesday morning, which
was satisfactory to the dads aud
citizens living near the stable.
The following bills were allowed:
Pacific Banker, official printing,
$7.50; T. Johnson, Kng. Rodman,
$30; Kilhain stationery & l'tg. Co.,
supplies, $8.80: Herb Muck, error
in former bill, 91; a. uuguee, work
with team, $15.75; D. Tollman,
work on street, $1.65; Kdmotidson
Co., plutnbiug,$7.6o; Portland Ry
Light & Power Co., lights library,
95c; St. Johns Lumber Co., lumber
ferry slip, $80.31: total, 153.56.
The secretary of the Portland
Library Association having been
out of the city the officials of that
organization were unable to come
to St. Johns to look over the prof
fered Holbrook site for a library
building, but that he would be back
to Portlaud this week, after which
the officials would come down and
look over the ground.
The following bids were received
for the improvement of South Ivan
hoe street: J. Hahn, $4,050.25; V.
W. Mason, $3,964-15; Cochran
Nutting Co., $3,839-14; Pacific
Coast Paving Co., $4,066.96. Bids
for the improvement of So. Hayes
street: J Hahn, $2,840.63; V. W.
Mason, $2,704.93; Cochrau-Nutting
Co., $2,557.21; Pacific Coast Pav.
Co., $2,761.29. Cochran-Nutting
Co. being the lowest bidders in each
All property own
ers in the City of
St. Johns are here
by notified that all
manner of obnox-
ious weeds unon
their premises must
be cut down or re
moved at once. The
ordinance in regard
to the weed evil
will be enforced to
the letter, and those
neglecting toattend
to this matter will
be dealt with as the
law directs.
R. McKinney
Chief of Police
instance, they were nwarded both
contracts on motion of Alderman
Mayor Muck excusing himself
for n short time, President of the
Council Hlllcr graced the mayor's
chair with his presence thereon,
which was the first time the oppor
tunity had occurred.
I he viewers' report on the Daw-
sou street condemnation was adopt
ed by ordinance on motion of Al
derman Iiorsmau.
An ordinance giving the Port
land Railway, Light & Power Co.
a franchise to erect poles aud wires
along Dawson street was passed to
third reading nud appears in this
On motions of Aldermen Valen
tine nud Hill, respectively, resolu
tions were ordered drawn by the
city attorney providing for the im
provement ot Fillmore street from
Philadelphia street to St. Johns ave
nue with standard concrete pave
ment, nud u sewer along the street
from Philadelphia to Fcsscudeu
The weed nuisance was brought
to the nltentlou of council by Alder
mini Martin, and It was decided
that the police should notify all
property owners to cut down weeds
on their premises without delay, or
they would be dealt with as the or
dinance directs.
A portion of the work on Fessen-
den improvement between Oswego
aud Buchanan not proving satis
factory the engineer was directed to
notify the contractors to remedy
same before work progresses further
on motion of Alderman Iiorsmau.
The New York Telephone com
pany has given twenty of its office
men outside work as solicitors, aud
has supplied the vacancies created
in their former positions by engag
ing women, who will be known as
cashiers. Their business is to han
dle large sums of uickles,dimes and
quarters which reach the offices of
the company from the pay stations
in the different parts of the city. It
is stated by the officials of the com
pany that they have found women
more reliable aud less liable to yield
to temptation than men In handling
cash. Aud yet there are men who
assert that women have no sense of
business honor.
Dr. Paul Rittcr, minister from
Switzerland to the United States,
believes large numbers of his coun
trymen will come to the Pacific
Coast aud settle when the Panama
Canal shall have been opened. He
was entertained at luncheon by the
Portlaud Commercial club the past
week. He looks for a heavy move
ment of thrifty Kurojieon farmers
to this state as soon as the way is
It is promised that liberal sums
will be provided for the building of
boulevards and general improve
ments in Crater Lake National park
by the government. It is the in
tention to secure appropriations for
$100,000 annually for the next sev
en years. An Item of $100,000 has
been inserted in the Sundry Civil
Service bill, and it is expected that
it will go through this session.
Miss Ethel Rebekah Gates,
daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Chester
Paul Gates, was lorn July 19th,
1912. It is difficult to tell who is
the proudest Papa Gates or
Grandma Thayer.
A Review of Reviews
(Issue of December 16, 1904. J,
H. Cromc, editor.)
J. P. Wrinkle aud family will
soon occupy their new house.
Mrs. II. F. Satterlcc has moved
into iter new house on Baltimore
Walter Coon has just returned
from Oswego, where he has a fiock
of sheep wintering.
I5d. Magoon of the Hazclwood
confectionery has received nnd in
stalled a new peanut and popcorn
roaster, much to the delight of the
juvenile population.
Mrs. Blckucss of Hood River
spent n few days In St. Johns, the
.... . f x r.. i3.
Kin-si ui iur. oienrus.
Joseph Bickncr of Oswcco. where
he Is engaged in general merchan
dise business, spent Sunday In the
city visiting 111s sons, the Bickncr
P. J. Peterson starts tomorrow
for n visit to his old homcnt Volga,
North Dakota.
The Review has urged the im
portance of securing a park for the
city while it is yet possible to get It
at n price within reasonable bounds.
The Ladies' Civic Improvement
League made an effort some months
ngo to purchase the block on which
the car barns now stand, but re
ceived so little encouragement that
they had to abandon the effort.
Since then the block has been pur
chased by Mr. Holbrook, aud, al
though he does not wish to sell, he
has made nu offer to the town of
St. Johns of the block for $6,000.
The committees of the Commercial
association nud the Ladles' Civic
League have taken the matter up.
(The block in question is where the
Holbrook block now stands. lid.)
To Build Car Line
Lending added Interest to the in
teresting railroad situation caused
by the rapid developments of the
past lew weeks in the transporta
tion world with Portlaud us the cen
ter of prosiwctlve expenditure of
millions of dollars in Improvements
uy street car and coimucrclM rail
road companies, was the strong ru
mor circulated Tuesday that the
powerful Swift packing interests
arc back of nu application made
iy ueorge l'. lleustier for nu inter
urban franchise.
The proixxsed franchise ordinance
was filed with the city auditor this
morning and it will be Introduced
in the city council tomorrow. The
ordinance asks for a 25-year fran
chise to lay and construct tracks
over aud along the following streets:
From the northern boundary of the
city along Derby street to Kilpat-
rick street; thence 011 Kilpatricl: to
ration avenue; thence on l'attou
avenue to Prcscott street, thence on
Prescott street to Maryland avenue;
thence 011 Maryland avenue to Full
ing street; thence 011 Failing street
to Vancouver avenue; thence across
the Broadway bridge to Seventh
street and on Seventh street to
Grant street.
The total length of the contem
plated line to the city limits would
approximate seven miles, it is said,
aud its terminus 011 Derby street
would make it easily uccessihlc to
an iuterurbati road that might be
brought into the city over the pro
posed interstate uridge across the
Columbia river.
Such a line would tap a rich
farming country on the Washington
side of the river aud would be ex
tremely valuable as a feeder line for
the packing plant of the Swifts on
the Peninsula. The territory that
would be penetrated by such a line
is admirably adapted to the business
of hog raising,
It is said that the interests be
hind the proposed line are willing
to subscribe $100,000 toward a fund
for the construction of an interstate
bridge across the Columbia,
Whatever the truth of the rumor
as to the iuterurbati road may be,
the important fact yet remains that
the proposed franchise calls for a
line within the city limits that is
in itself of considerable moment.
It will be interesting to note what
effect the aplicatlon of Huesiier will
have 011 the apparent apathy of
the Portland Railway, Light &
Power Co,, in securing a franchise
across the Broadway bridge. Pres
ident Josselyn of the street car com
pany stated several mouths ago
that his company was not at all
anxious to secure any franchise ou
the Broadway bridge. At that
time, however, there was no pros
pect of a rival company crossing
the span. Oregon Journal.
For Insurance see F.W.Valentine
Phone Columbia fl
First National Bnnk building.
Open Evenings and Sundays by Ap
pointment. Office Photic Columbia 140
Resident Phone Columbia 38
Physician nnd Surgeon.
Dor & Nlcht Onico In McChcnney blk.
St. Johns, Oregon.
Daniel 0. Webster, A. B. M. D
Residence, C97 Dawson Street
Ofllco, I'lltor Block.
University Park, Portland, Oregon.
Firtt National Hank IluildiiiR
McDonald Building
We buy or sell St. Johns Property
Real Estate
List your property with us if you
desire to sell quickly
202 N, Jersey St. St. Johns
for Pilnllng, Kaliomlnln, Staining and Varnish-
inf. raptr Hanging a specialty
6IS W. Richmond Slrccl
Transfor and Storage
W dolivor your (roods to nnd from
II purls of Portland, Vancouver. Linn
ton. Portland nnd Suburban lixnross
Co,, city dock nnd all point accessible
oj wagon, riano ami, lurniiura moving
Oflicc Phone Columbia 24
Residence Phone Columbia 198
St. Johns Express, Transfer
nnd Storage Co.
Piano Moving n Specialty. Until
ing done to aud from Portland
Residence 400 Kast Richmond
Office 103 North Jersey Street
II I 12. Ilurllnctou Street
Automobile RejMlrlug nud Vulcanising
We cm 1 get you Auto Tires of all kliuU
lllcyclo and (lcncral Repairing
In cotnii-ct ton. New and second hand
bicycle for sale, lllcyclo tires in Hook.
J. M. and V. I. WRAY, Props.
Phone Columbia 5S7,
CAMP 773 VV. 0. W.
Mcota ev.
ery Wed
11 c a d a y
in Hick
nar's Hall
A. r. uml A. M.
Regular communications
Oil first WcdlllJStbiys (if
each mouth in Odd Hol
lows' Hall. VUltors wl-
H. Urns. IMvls. W. M.
C, O, Holers, Secretary
Minerva Chupter
Meets Kvcryl'lrtt ami Third
Tuesday livening of ltacli
Mouth in Oilil irllu' Hull.
Mrs. Susie Rogers, Secretary.
Meets every l'rlilay night at
7:30 o'clock in I, O.O. I',
Hull, Visitors always wel
V. W. MASON, C, C.
I), I', 1IOHHMAN, K. R. S
No. 186 I. O. 0. P,
Meets each Monday evening in Odd Fol
lows ball at 7:30, A cordial welcome to
all visiting brothers.
f f M....I. ...!
L 1 .J I
,111-VlD faint
and Itli
t dues
days of
each mouth in M. W. A. Hall.
1'. II. GKANOKK, Sec.
Central Market!
See us for the Choicest Cuts of
the Best Meats Obtainable.
Order rifled end Tamlly Trade Solicited.
T. P. WARD, Proprietor.