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,rti W t Our I'M iwirl t . , ! v ' U i.tK . II
The Home of Good Furniture
These are Eastern Goods and
Oak or Birds Eye Maple at prices
for Fir Furniture. Each piece has
drawers additional.
Local News.
He sure and hear Opie Reed Mon
day evening.
Try the home-made sausage at
the St. Johns Meat Market.
' Jack Lnhnm is having a neat res
idence erected on North Hayes
Come! Valentine and Basket so
cial. I. O. O. F. building, Feb. i.j,
by the M. E. church choir, itc
The many friends of Dr. J. Vin
ton Scott will be glad to know that
he is expected home iu a few days.
The Debonair club met at the
home of Mrs. Beuham January 25th
and enjoyed a most pleasant after
noon, 0
The Mothers' Meeting will con
veue at the home of Mrs. J. C.
Scott Monday afternoon, Feb. 5th.
A full attendance desired.
Mrs. M. Bitgood, now residing
at lone, Oregon, was in the city
for a few days the past week, visit
ing her friends and former neigh
bors here.
O "
Mrs. Alice Learned is moving
from Portland back to St. Johns.
Mr. and Mrs. Benham, who have
been occupying her residence on
Jobu street, are removing to Ports
mouth. 0
Charles Nichols died at his home
on Tioga street last night, from pa
ralysis, having suffered three
strokes. He was born in Illinois
52 years ago, aud is survived by
Mrs. Nichols. Undertaker Black
burn has charge of the funeral.
Little Miss Grace Rose, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Whitney Rose.was
hostess at a birthday party Satur
day, Jauuary, 27. The guests
were Ruby Walker, Susan Thorne,
Katherine Royer, Thelma Stokes,
Gladys Elliott, Dean Elliott and
Glen Churchill.
Tti nrnnf.reader on a Small Illid
die western daily was a woman of
dnn nnrl extreme nroori-
ety. One day a reporter succeeded
in getting into type an item about
"Willie Brown, the boy who was
burned in the West End by a live
wire." On the following day there
porter found on his desk a frigid
note asking," Which is the west end
of a boy?" It took only an instant
to reply "The end the son sets on,
of course." Ladies' Home Journal.
Get your hams at the St. Johns
Meat Murket. Only 16c per lb.
Remember Opie Read Monday
night at the high school auditorium,
Picture framing done at Portland
prices nt II. F. Clark's, the furni
ture man. tf
Good Rooms and Hoard, reason
able. 109 West Burr St. Phone
Columbia 1S4. 1 1 tf.
Help the Organ fund. Come to
Valentine and Hasket social. Good
time for all. I.O.O.F.bldg. Feb. 14.
Wolcott (the rent man) 130 nth
street, Portland, is the man to see
for real estate or mercantile deals.
The Peninsula Hardware Co.,
carries a Hue of glass in sizes 8x10
up to 39x60; special attention given
to cutting odd size glass.
Cheese? Any old kind! Also
strictly fresh eggs and butter, milk
and cream. St. Johns Dairy and
Co., 206 North Jersey 5tf
For Sale Cheap. Equity in St.
Johns property located at 812 Gil-
bert street. Buy ot owner, see
John Keliher. 816 Gilbert, iatfc
W. A. Straw, architect, of New
York, while here some time and.
was so struck with the beauty and
artistic effect of the St. Johns high
school building that he has written
C. S, McGill of the St. Johns Hard
ware Co. requesting two photo-
grapus ot same.
The Bachelor Club has moved
to its new quarters in the Holbrook
building,corner of Jersey and Leav
itt. A suite of large rooms finished
in brown and cream, and the furni
ture of light oak. makes a pleasant
and homelike nnnearance. All of
the Bachelors are proud of their
new borne as a small boy witu a
new pair ot rea-top boots.
First Baptist Church Sunday
school 10 a. in.; worstup 11 a. m.,
and 7:30 p. in.; B.Y.P.U.,6:30 p.m.
Morning topic: "Worthtul wor
ship." Evening: "What Did Jesus
Mean when He Said Be Ye Per
feet?' " "Is it Possible to have a
Spotless Life in this World?'
"What is the Second Blessing?"
B.Y. P. U. topic: "Christian En
deavor Ideals." The beautiful
hyniu, "Under His Wings" will
be suue as a duet. A warm wel
come to all. II. F. Cheney,
we give you the best Quartered
no higher than others ask for
three small flush lined jewel
The St. Johns Ment Market car
ries nothing but government in
spected meats.
J. 11. Albright of Pennsylvania
was n guest of his cousin, W. K.
Sweugel, this week.
1 o
The Regal Range on sale nt the
Peninsula Hardware is n bargain at
30.00. bee it at once.
We will buy your Vacant lots or
your equity for cash if your price is
right. McKiuney & Davis.
Lost Woven wire watch fob;
initials E. W. to A. S. Finder
please leave nt postofiice; reward.
Help the Organ Fund. Come to
Valentine nnd Basket social. Good
time for all. I.O.O.F, bldg2-i4-'i2.
It is rumored that n large, two
story businessstructure will be erect
ed on the corner of Polk aud Jersey
In the near future.
The St. Johns Dairy Produce Co,
at 206 North Jersey, is now better
nble than ever to supply the wants
of their patrons. Come and see.
telephone Col. 194,
When her child is in danger a
woman will risk her life to protect
it. No great act of heroism or risk
of life is necessary to protect a child
from croup. Give Chamberlain s
Cough Remedy and all danger is
avoided. For sale by all dealers.
We Guarantee
the manufacturer to give
Laxative Cold Tablets
Tolu Lung Balsam
Hive Syrup of Spruce
and Tolu
Whooping Cough Syr.
Derma-Zema Alterative
Eczema Alterative
Derma-Zema Skin Soap
Improved Itch Oint.
Barber Itch Ointment
Rheumatic Compound
Rheumatone Pearls
Liver Invigorator .
Constipation Remedy
Cascarills-Tonic Laxa
tive Piils
Laxative Cascara Tabs.
Tasteless Vermifuge
Candidates for city office should
announce the fact iu the Review.
Wanted Small cash register;
address P. O. Box 737, St. Johns.
Lost Package of letters; proper
ty of E. F. Debley. Finder kindly
leave same nt F. W. Valentine's
office. Rewnrd. itc
Policeman G. W. Dunbar has
constructed a hnudsome table for
the police department that is a mod
el of neatness and convenience.
George is a fine mechanic.
First Christian Science Society:
Sunday 11 a. in,, Wednesday, nt
8 p. tn. Reading room open Tues
day and Saturday from 2 to 4 P. nt.
All cordially invited to the services
and reading room. Subject for
January 28, "Love."
A piece of flannel dampened with
Chamberlain's Liniment and bound
on to the affected parts is superior
to any plaster. When troubled with
lame back or pains iu the side or
chest give it a trial and you nre cer
tain to be more than pleased with
the prompt relief wlilcli it affords
Sold by all dealers.
Mrs. Morann died at the home of
R. C. Clark Sunday of kidney trou
ble followed by dropsy. She was
born iu Ireland 70 years ago, aud
is survived by one daughter, Mrs.
Win. Hurley of this city, aud by
two sons. Interment took place iu
Mt. Cavalry cemetery Jan. 2tli
Undertaker Blackburn had charge
of the funeral.
entire satisfaction or we will
Piuk Worm Lozenges
Nerve and Bone Lini.
Pain Dispeller
Headache Tablets
Headache Wafers
Dandruff Remedy
Ezy Liver Pellets
Origiual Eye Salve
Dyspepsin Tablets
Baby Cough Syrup
Quinine Hair Tonic
Ruby-Lax Baby Laxa.
Syrup Figs
Toothache Drops
Charcoal Tablets
i Time to Think
Get your chicken for Sunday
the St. Johns Ment Market.
For Sale Four room house, mul
50x100 lot, electric lights, wood;
$8005230 cash, balance $15 per
month. 417 I?. Mohawk street, St.
Johns. MP
Mr. mnl Mrs. M. II. Hutchison
'of Rainier were guests lf Irs-
Hutchison's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs.
R. Ii Mclntire, Saturday, Sunday
and Monday.
"I move that the rules he sus
pended and the present city officials
be te-elected to finish the good work
they have started, tlie recorder to
cast the ballot, making the elec
tion unanimous." H. S. Hewitt.
The Pythian Sisters will give
their 500 card party on Thursday
evening, February 15th, followed
by n Vnlentine party. Fostolhce
open from 10 to ti. Come nnd
bring your valentines.
Rcmcmberl Opie Rend is surely
a marvel of popularity. He is do
ing the best work of his career.
Everybody enjoys nu "Opie. Rend
livening. At the high school audi
torium Monday evening.
o -
Congregntionnl Comer of Rich
mond nnd Ivnuhoe streets. Bible
school nt 10 n. in., preaching servi
ces nt 1 1 n. in. nnd 7:30 p. 111. Re
ception of new members nt morning
service. Public invited. G. W.
Nelson, pastor.
How to cure n cold is n finest ion
iu which tunny nre interested just
now. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
has won its great reputation im
mense sale by its remarkable cure of
colds. It can nlwnys pu depended
upon. For sale by all dealers.
Vlnln lirmsi celebrated her fifth
hlrthdnv last Wednesday, to which
a few of her young friends were in-
vitoM. Alter en mvinir 1 nines nun
. ------ i J -11 o
music, piiiK lcmouniic nun
were served. After wisuiug vioin
many more such happy birthdays,
the guests departed for their homes.
Those present were Gracie Rose,
Ruhv Walker. Dorothy Walker.
Marine Clark. Nina Rose. Alfield
Morteson, Ethel Mortcsou, Ruthie
Clark nml joey uiacK.
Extension of the Chicago & No.
Western Railway to Portland and
the Oregon coast is being prophe
sied, the report having for its basis
plans said to tie now working out
under the direction of William A.
Gardiner, president of the road, who
is visiting the Northwest, tue
line is expected to come to Portland
from near Lcwistou over tue North
ern Pacific and North Bank tracks
and it is believed it is involved
the struggle for entrance into Coos
Bay territory, where contending
forces are fighting for rights of
the following medicines when
used for the purpose intended by
refund price paid for same
Hay woods Kidney Root Comp.
Haywoods Poison Oak Salve
Hay woods Antiseptic Pile Rem.
Haywoods Antiseptic Eye Rem.
Haywoods Kidney Pills
Haywoods Corn Remedy
Haywoods Foot Tablets
German Teething Powder
Japanese Mcthodiiic Ointment
Troy Earache Remedy
Pitchers Castoria
Presto Headache Remedy
Early-Bird Worm Wafers
C. Q.D.Kidney & Bladder Rem.
Velvet Candy Laxatives
Vigorous Liver-Toners
Hess Stock & Poultry Preparation
ltt rrr V w i tlf I i ' ''fiw vim pUnninv
I nil uiir .r imt( "I llic ljruiii'fu1 i ' I' I'l'in lltn (mi H
will he lipKl in Oip kAlin rmk a- v ' 1 .Ia l...
The Evangelical Church
The services the nasi month hnve
shown nn increase in interest find
number.., the Sundny evening serv
ices have both been prohtaule mm
well ntteuded.
The business meel uir nnd social
of the K. L. C. 1?. will be held nt
the home of Mr. unci Mrs. Will. hd-
moudson, 700 Mohawk street, Fri
day evening nt 7:30.
The undies Aid society will serve
n ten or 15-ccnt lunch iu the church
basement from 4 to 7 p. 111. Wed
nesday Feb. 7U1.
Next Sundny's services will be
as follows: preaching nt 1 1 n. m.
nnd 7 p.m. Sundny school, 10 a. nt.
K. L. C. H.i 6:30, to which we in
vite those who do not nttend else
where. Snccial music nt the Sun
day evening services which will be
evangelistic working townrd the
union meetings. Reporter.
Those Who Know
Bargains, when thev see them.
will do well to investigate. They
will find such projierties and prices
as the following:
2 lots close in f 175.00 each.
5-room modem cottage Stafford
4-room cottnge Willnmette boule
vard 51000.
Aud iniiiiv others emtnllv ns good
mid nil on very easy terms.
Iluy iu Hi. joiins mid lie someiiouy.
321 No. Jersey sheet.
Pree Hook on Piles
Tulls how cures nre
made witli
nn liilerum medicine,
Do you know the cause of
Is it inward or external f
Is it 11 skin disease?
Will salves or cutting cure
good ?
Do you know How ur, j.H.i.eou
hnrdt, found the long-sought inter
nal cure?
These questions fully answered
in n booklet mailed free by Dr.
I.eouhurdt, Co., Station B., Buffa
lo, N. Y or by St. Johns Pharma
cy who sells IIHM-KOII), the suc
cessful remedy at 5i tier large bot
tle, under guarantee. At nil drug
For Sale
Three Fosscudan street corners
100x115 comer ''ast Tyler nnd
Fesseudeu si 2 so. 00
95x100 coruu! of Hiut Mohawk
and FesKuuden, 51500.00
100x100 comer East Charleston
f 2000.00.
These prices include street iui
provements. Terms: $500 cash on
either tract, balance to suit. We
expect St. Johns to become n part of
greater Portland nelore April ist,
then wntch land values ndvnnce.
See S. C. Cook, 308 I?. Fewiendeii.
The Rose Leaf Five Hundred
Club of Portland held a meeting at
the pretty home of Mr. and Mrs.
Thos. Condon, 305 Wet Richmond
street, this city, Jauuary 31st.
Mrs. Condon was hostess and every
one present had a "Dee-lightful"
time, because they just couldn't
help it. Its just that way always
when friends gather there, for Mrs.
Condon is a royal entertainer.
Prizes were awarded,of which Mrs.
T. II. Cochran captured first,
while the second was carried off by
by Mrs. Howard Windle, both of
St, Johns. This makes a clean vic
tory for our city again.
Sedentary habits, lack of outdoor
exercise, insufficient mastication of
food, constipation, a torpid liver,
worry and anxiety, arc the most
common cause of stomach troubles.
Correct your habits nnd take Cham
berlain's Stomach aud Liver Tablets
nnd you will soon be well again.
For sale by all dealers.
Calef Bros, enrry n good line of
Trunks and Suit Cases. tl.. -Iv .
V t' v i "
, . , . r i
.iiti M
. r ,! i..
W II 'i
.1 1(
.. I I., I
. IV,
I lit ' r 1
I. I
I'iium m, . w
The following lit of legal blank
nre kept for mle nt this office nu..
others will lw added an the ttahnnu
Wnrrnntv deed. Quit Claim
Deeds, Realty and Chattel Mutt
gages, Satisfaction of Mortgage
Contracts for Snlc of Realty. Bill
of Sale, Leanes.
All the? blanks Mt the unttotitt
price of 30c per iloxen.
Christian Church Sunday achon!
ion. in., Preaching 11 a. m. an!
7:30 p. in., C. H. 6:30 p. m. Jim
ior Endeavor 3 p. 111. Rveryltodv
invited to all these aervicc. Tain t
uncle corner New York awl Leon
nid street. A cordial invitation 1
extended to all. J. R. Jotattaoti.
Trench the opl of L Jchaa.
(Offirinlo uf . 3Jnlii. (Drcmi
My.rtK.C. Cuch
Htvunkr-irraafc A. Ukm
TrlrW. Nrutt Krllou
Altumry-A M Ham
KmI"''' K. AoJrrw
Itivak-ten A. W. Vtamat
Vkkl ill lulkK. McKteovy
. CMMttann at Lara:
V. W. VnUmttmr Ctan. artdraun
II. rnuk HarmM
CuMttftlMTK Vlrat Want
A. A. Mm J.W. Havl.
CunMcilmra tocond Want
0. 1.. IVrriaa f Hill
MrvHaaml Uock -J. W. Il,
ValvMlN. A. AMttt k
IJnraar P. Hill. A. A. Mark.
Walr ami l.lMhl Ch. amlnoM. J
nSavl. f. Hill
PlHakxv A. A. Muck. J. W Havl.. n. I
NnUdbig aad IimmuI4V I. IVittm-
Oka HrnlMoa. It. Prank HmM
Liquor lTr P. W ValralliH-. i I
tvirlkw. It Hraak llunaiaa
llrallband folk-r U. Flunk Hut-man
V W. ValmllMc I Hill
Quartered Oak
Dressers and Chif
foniers with larv
French plate mir
rors, $22 to $26
values for
Nearly Now Second Hand
in first class condi
tion for sale very
St. Johns Furniture
For Children' I'liotu. Group awl Ln
laruementi give ui n call.
Holbrook Blook St. Johns, Dr.-