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Devoted to the Interests ot the Peninsula, the Manufacturing Center ot the Northwest
High School Notes
Elizabeth Stalter, Editor.
St. Johns, April 13, 1911.
The Northwestern Indoor Track
Meet under direction of Columbia
University wns held Saturday hi
the Colliscum of that place. While
Jntnes John did not have a full
team entered, she succeeded in se
curing first place among the High
Schools of the state in the open
events and 5th in the scholastic
events. Cyril Magone succeeded
in taking first prize in the running
high jump, competing against the
best men in the state, who repre
sented the University of Oregon,
O. A. C, Pacific University, Port
land 1 1 icli Schools and various
schools throughout the state.
The event was interesting ami
keenly contested, about ten men
clearing 5 feet 2 in. At 5 fect4 in
the contestants began to drop out
rapidly and when the bar was
plnced at a feet 8 in. only three
men succeeded in clearing it. Scrv
ice, of the U. of 0. and Magone
cleared a feet 0 in., but Sheets of
Portland droptcd out at this stage.
Both Service and Magone failed to
clear j? feet 10 and the bar was
lowered to jump off the tic. Ma
gone, having better staying quail
tics, won the medal. The High
School can justly feel proud 0
the recognition that will be given
James John due to the ranking we
received in the Columbia meet,
Prominent among the recent
events in the High school social
circles was the reception given in
honor of the Freshmen Saturday
nicht. The High school colors
were appropriately curried out in a
variety of decorations una in tne
programs for the evening. The
entertainment was in the form of a
"good time college" und each pti
pil after being put through an or
deal of cross-questioning was as
signed to his class and as it Imp
pencil the Seniors and Faculty were
made lower classmen while the
Freshmen were honored by the ti
tle of dlcnified Seniors. After the
different classes were organized the
schoonicpceciled Into the zoological
which was the guessing ot animals,
for which a prizevus offered. This
was followed by the -.croud march
lifter which they adjourned to the
dining room for the president!! re
ception. It wns prettily decorated
in the Ilich School colors and the
centerpiece for the table was a
beautiful potted lily. When the
president's speech was over and
the toasts had been given the inter-
class contests took place. these
consisted of a "tug of war" be
tween the Juniors and Seniors.
Then came the commencement
which was none otlter than "to go
home" and the"good time college"
closed its doors.
The Freshmen of Miss Kahley's
class held an interesting debate
last week on the question:
Resolved: "That Rome was justi
fied in destroying Carthage." Al
though it was the first debate held
iu the Freshmen class this year it
was carried off in fine style. The
judges, Cecil Magone, Grace Stack
er and Margaret Muck awarded the
decision to the negative.
The Freshmen class is highly
elated over the success of the de
bate and all are eagetly awaiting
another chance to sway the judges
with their eloquence.
Miss Kahley has promised the
Freshmen another debate in the uear
Bill Magone, the hero of James
Johns High I When Bill entered
the High for the Freshmen recep
tion Saturday night he was greeted
with enthusiastic cheers and imme
diately shouldered by the fellows,
was carried about the hall. But
Bill with his characteristic modesty,
quietly received the many congrat
ulations on his success and calmly
displayed to tlie admiring studeuts
the beautiful medal which he had
received that afternoon. Later iu
the evening a toast was proposed
by Mr. Boyd in houorof Bill, which,
all of the pttpils heartily drank,
proud of the honor that had come
to the High School.
Superintendent Boyd visited the
High School Tuesday morning for
the purpose of presenting letters
to the boys who had 'earned them
by their work in athletics. When
all the students assembled in one
room Mr. Boyd, in an interesting
address, pointed out the physical,
moral aud mental , benefits derived
from athletics when conducted in
the proper manner.
The most pleasing part of the
program was the presentation of
the letters. The boys received
these in a very graceful manner and
expressed their appreciation in a
few well-chosen words and the stu
dent body enthusiastically applaud
ed each. So proud did the boys
feel over gaining their letters that
those who possessed sweaters imm-
VOI,. 7
"Get The Habit"
When you meet a man who works,
Get the habit!
If he's one who never shirks,
Get the habit I
If you think yorc down and out,
Try Hard Luck another bout;
Poor men never Have the gout.
Get the habit I
If your friends look up, not down,
Get the habitl
iV smile is better than a frown,
Get the habitl
If your engine has got one lung,
Swim, your "rags" can all
Get the habitl
If others' make believe there' re
Get the habitl
Rag-time isn't nil that's sung,
Get the habitl
When a cartridge wou't'cxplodc,
Fill 'cr with another load;
"Try again" isthe only mode.
Get the habit.
When your caudle's burning low
Get the habitl
If the time is passing slow,
Get the habitl
Don't be ashamed of what you sell
Be it a mine or souv'tiirslicll:
Sand your track and ring your bell
Get the habitl
When your fire goes out a spell,
Get the habitl
Light 'cr up and fun like well
Get the habitl
When fate hits "below the belt,"
Bruce your feet for another welt;
Grin I Don't let on as how you felt.
Get the habitl
When you find your friends huv
Get the habitl
It ain't 110 use to feel bereft,
Get the habitl
When Old Gabriel rings his bell,
And yo've heard your funeral knell
Prepare yourself you might as well
Get the Habitl
When you lose, put up a bluff 1
Get the habit!
T"iii Itji 1mttt nwl vtsill I 'utintKilt
tWUIJft IIW UUOII Hill jrllf ilWUJjll
Get the habitl
When St. Peter opes his gate,
Just be sure your crown is straight;
Many a man repents too late.
Get the Habitl
H. M. M.
Rather Expensive
It seems to us that some other
method should be devolved to audit
the city books than employing three
experts at tne rate 01 f 20 or more
per day, consuming two or three
weeks time. We believe there are
!eople in St. Johns who are capo
lie of handling this matter, and
their services can be secured for
much less thuu $10 per duy. Any
how, two experts could gain almost
as much time as three. In some of
the F.asteru states it is customary
to select three residents as auditors,
and their salary is never over I2.50
per day, und five days is generally
sufficient to perform the work sat
isfactorily for all concerned. If
this city gets off with paying less
than $500 for auditing the books
this spring it can consider itself
lucky. The school board docs not
go to this expense iu having their
books audited.
Mr. Harry H, Dunn aud Miss
Agnes F, Nimmo were united in
marriage Saturday, April 15, 191 1,
at 8 o'clock p. 111. at the home of
the officiating clergyman, Rev. G.
W. Nelson, 607 Hudson street, St.
ohns, Oregon. Mr.David M. uni
son acted as groomsman and Miss
ean B. Nimmo, a sister of the
bride served as bridesmaid.
The groom, a son of Mr. and
Mrs. James Dunn of Indiana, is in
every respect a worthy young man.
He is employed at the Wood Dis
tillery company's plant at Whit
woot Court. The bride, a daugh
ter of Mr. Peter Nimmo of this
city, has during her short resideuce
in St. Johns made many friends.
The happy youug couple will be-
v y TiT'll?.
gin Housekeeping at 020 wnns
boulevard, bt. Jolins.
diately placed them on aud others
are making haste to secure a sweat
er so that they may exhibit their
letters upon their puffed up chests.
Athletics at lames jonns are
conducted in such a manner as not
to interfere with the school work,
for no pupil is allowed to enter a
game unless he is doing passing
work in his studies. This ruling
has caused defeat to come to St.
ohns at different times, but still it
las served to encourage the student
to work with much more zeal and
vigor and the result has been pleas
ing to both teacher and student.
Big Bond Issue
With the taxpayers of Portland
squirming under the heaviest taxa
tion in its history, we believe, it is
proposed to add to the yoke by an
other bond issue of over three and
one-half millions of dollars. St.
Johns saved over Si 0.000 in taxes
by not being a part of Portland last
year, aud if wc become a part of
Portland this year wc will no doubt
have to dig up $15,000 more iu the
wny of taxes than if we stayed just
plain St. Johns. We clip the fol
lowing from the Telegram regard
ing the proposed bond issues:
Charter amendments providing
for the issuance of $3,525,000 in
Portland municipal bonds will be
submitted to the voters at the com
ing municipal election to be held
Juuc 5th. All of these bonds draw
4 per cent interest annually and
the propositions shall be approved
by the voters and the bonds issued
the city's taxes for bonded indebt
cducss interest will be increased
$t.t 1, 000 annually.
Iu addition to the various pro
posed bond issues there arc four
proposed amendments to be voted
on providing for an increase of the
tux levy of the city for 1.15 mills
Among the proposed bond issues
the most important is for the issu
ancc of it,. 100.000 for the construe'
lion of the proposed Woodward
nvcnuc-Mcadc street bridge across
the Willamette iu South Portland.
1 lie second iu amount is tor
000,000 to establish u municipal
street p.tviug plant. There is also
proposed bond issues tor $200,000
for cuaiug a municipal building
to house the municipal court and
police department, city jail and
emergency hospital; $600,000 for
erecting a public auditorium; $250,
000 for purchasing approximately
30 acres of laud on Council Crest
for a citv nark and $7. 000 for pro
vidiug for a municipal garbage col'
lecting system. hach of these
propositions excepting the one for
the municipal paving plant, which
will be submittal on initiative peti
tion, has been ordered presented to
the voters by the city council.
These bills providing for an in
crease iu the general tax levy are:
Granting the council authority to
evv not to exceed one mill tax for
maiutaitiaticc of street cleaning and
sprinkling department of the city,
and bills providing for the levy'
tig a tax of one mill each for creat
ug pension funds for members of
the fire, Police and street cleaning
departments of the city. Iu addi
tion to this small tax levy lor llic
pension funds each of the members
of these departments will contribute
$1 a mouth from their salaries to
ward the maintenance of the pen
sion fund, These four proposed
amendments for levying taxes were
ordered presented to the voters by
the council.
April Realty Sales
The sales appearing below were
made by McKinney & Davis, the
well known realty firm, from April
st to April 15th, aud proves that
realty in St. Johns is ott the move;
GraybricI confectionery store to
L. Harding.
Lot on Lively street to Mrs. Do-
nis, who will build soon upon same.
Another lot on the same street to
Mr. Stamps of Kverett, Washwho
is now erecting a handsome home
26x50 in size.
House and three lots on West
Mohawk to Mr. Leonard of Michi-
Lot on the comer of 1 loga and
Fessenden streets to Miss Wald-
Lot on Willis boulevard to Mr.
Cheney, who will build soon,
Lot on South Jersey to John
Noce, who will build at once.
House and lot on Willamette
boulevard to Randolph Graden.
Three lots on West Mohawk to
D. Tallman, who will build.
Two lots comer of Cruikshauk
aud Fox streets to J. J. Karr, who
is now building.
The sewer on Jersey street is
out of the way of the hard surface
pavement with the exception ot tne
connections with some of the busi
ness houses. It would be a good
thing if the city fathers should
make a little law requiring every
property owner to put in the sewer
to the property Hue whether there
is a building or not, so that the
disturbance of the street be reduced
to the minimum. The sewerpipe
connection being in would be an
asset to the property and could be
put in much more economically
now than after the hard surface is
for the repairing of the pave
ment torn up to make the contiec-
on would have to be taxed to the
bill for connecting,
Pythian Silters Convene
The annual district convention of
the Pythian Sisters was held here
Saturday iti Bickner's hall. The hall
wns ucnmiiuiiy uccoraieu lor lite
occasion with evergreens, Oregon
Grnpc and bunting in the lodge
colors. About 150 delegates were
in attendance Including members
from five temples: Orphia Temple
No. 18, Portland; Cataract Temple
No. 42, Oregon City; Fern Temple
No. 46, Yutiihill; Phoenicia Temple
No. 10, Hillsdale; Rose Temple
No. 43 of St. Johns
Mrs. A. W. Vincent presided
over tne convention with her char
actcristic grace and ability. The
entire morning session was given
over to tne reading of iustructiv
papers relating to louee worlc am:
discussing the same.
Asplcndid dinner was served for
the delegates by the Congregational
ladies' tiid at which Mayor Couch
made n very interesting address of
welcome to the guests, interspvrsei
witli pleasant witticisms, sustain
itig His Honor's reputation .is a fine
after dinner speaker. 0. P. Wolcott
gave an interesting talk in the iu
tcrcsts of the street carnival to be
held April 26 to 30 inclusive
der thcuspiccs of the K, of 1
bruit punch was served at the hall
to "liquidate" the thirst of the visit
At the afternoon session the Rose
Temple put on the opening work;
tne i'lioetiicia Temple put 011 the
Sisters' floor work; the Cataract
Temple put 011 the Knights work:
Orphia Temple degree stuff put 011
tiieitoor worlc,
As a whole the session was con
sidcrcd one of the most interesting
and helpful conventions the district
huu held for many yearn and the
delegates return home enthused for
another year of prosperous work.
Needs' It Badly
A strong effort is on foot to tin
prove Burlington street from Hayes
street to Bradford in such a manner
that a good grade will be afforded
ine city englnror has the profile
tliat should meet nil requirements
It will afford a grade not to exceed
per cent and the deepest cut
will not be more than ten feet. The
proiK'rty owners are getting togeth
er 011 the proposition, and it is be-
leved tne proposed improvement
will be iu shape for presentation to
the council within a couple of
weeks. Burlington street has for
ong been an eyesore nud n disgrace
to the city. Ninety per cent of the
visitors to bt. Johns travel up and
down this street, and its dilapidat
ed condition is often remarked up
on. It is the logical route to the
water front and permits of a better
grade than any other. Therefore
t is a matter of satisfaction to the
residents of this city to know that
efforts are now being made to im
prove it in a proper aud befitting
At the Stock Yard
Receipts for this market ending
today have been 2800 cattle, 5
calves, 1203 hogs. 4210 sheep and
53 horses and mules. A surprising
amount of strength and higher
range of prices were characteristics
of the cattle market. Good steers
went to 7.00, and as compared with
the week betore, the market was
about 25c higher. Hogs ranged
from 6,00 to 7.35 with tops at 7.60:
The sheep market was not liberally
supplied and the demand was act
ive, prices ranging steady to strong
the previous week s prices.
There was some inquiry for horses
and a few sales were made. The
lorse market is taking oti more act
vity and with a broader supply to
make choice from, buyers can fill
their wants. D. O. Lively, V. P.
The members of the St. Johns
band are making arrangements for
giving open air coticerts every Sat
urday evening after the first of next
month provided the business men
and citizens of the city are liberal
iu their contributions, I he baud
is under the leadership of C. V.
Faulkner and lias developed into a
first class organization. Any as
sistance rendered toward the open
air concerts will' be duly appreciated
by the band boys.
A new washer weighing a ton
nd a half aud a new extractor
weighing 1300 have been installed
at the St. Johns Laundry during
the past week. The local laundry
is now one of the best equipped 011
the Pacific coast. Another new de
livery wagon has been placed 011
the road to take care of the con
stantly increasing business.
Enlarging their Quarters
The hustlitis: membership of the
First Christian church of St. Johns
j is growing so rapidly and the Sun'
day school also that the little tnber-
nncle would not accommodate them
any longer. Tliey wished to put
up a new building, but did not leel
strong enough to undertake the
task of erecting the building after
plans and specifications showed it
would require admit $8000 to erect
such a structure as they desired,
and they thought St. Jolins de
served something better than n
cheaper one. Something had to be
none, However, to get more room
as the little building was being
crowded to the limit. Thursday
evening of Inst week the matter
was discussed thoroughly and it
was decided to enlarge the building
and raise the roof and celling. A
big force of men have been at work
oil week aud the house though not
finished, will be iu shape to hold
services in Sunday. This they in
tend to make serve them nuother
year or two, when nt the present
rate of growth, they will be able to
build a church home that will meet
their every need and at the same
time be a plcasimr ornament to our
city, nud do this without boring
our citizens to deatli beiiiilnir for
help. It is very grntlfvlnir to them
to know Hint they have never re-
ceived nor asked assistance from
any source nndnrc out of debt ex
cept the present bills which nre
provided for.
Must Sign Up
The Mount Hood Light & Power
Co. has had representatives circu
lating iu our midst and .securimr
contracts for the new company dur
ing tne past several months. They
have met witli fine success iu the
way of light, but contracts for pow
er, in spite of the reduction in the
rule's over the old system, have been
icw aim inr between. The maiiti
facturiug concerns nre slow nbout
giving them n share of their bus
iucss in this line. Several promises
have been made, but when it comes
to signing up they hciitutc Wc
have been ussurcd by represents
tives of the company that
the coining of the Mount Hood
railway line hinges entirely on the
amount of power they ore able to
contract for iu St. Johns. They
claim that a comiictiiig trolley Hue
would not prove a jwying proposi
tion nt this time, and that some
contracts for power will have to be
signed up nciore steps toward u
trolley line in bt. Johns will be at
tempted. Therefore, if our busi
ness interests nre desirous of having
another electric line to Portland it
ichooves them to act accordingly.
At The Electric
Motion picture theatre goers have
a treat iu store for them in the pro
duction of Athuliah, Queen of Jit
ilea at the Klectric today, (Friday).
The story of this him is taken
originally from 2nd Kings and 2nd
Chronicles by Jean Racine. The
rathe Co. has pictured this story
with nil its beauty and tragedy iu
1000 ievt Ql the most beautiful hand
colored films of the age and is now
showing it for public approval.
(Jiving to the vubt popularity
this film has attained in all locali
ties the management advises nil
those who can do so to attend the
io matinee. The rest of the bill
is well up to the Klectric standard.
We have frequently heard doc
tors say that the vermiform ap
pendix is of no use to any person.
t he deuce it isn't! It has made
millions of dollars for the doctors,
and much of it was made for them
where there wasn't a blamed thing
wrong with that organ, But the
peratious removing the same,
whether the organ is diseased or
not, always brings a fat fee. Kx.
Mrs. W. 11. Whitby of Corvnllis
and a good friend of the Bycrlces
came up a day ahead of time to at
tend the meetings of the Presby
terian church In Portland, so that
she could run out to St. Johns
Tuesday for a little visit with her
friends. Mrs. Whitby is one oi
the regents of O. A. C, and one of
the best friends of education in that
ollege town.
"April showers bring May
in a
ers" means lots of bouquets
couple of weeks.
Drcssmakinir ami sewintr of all
kinds. Prices reasonable and work
guaranteed. 624 No. Ivanhoe. 24P
NO. 24
Council Proceedings
(Dfftctitlo nf . 3litItto, (Orrium
Mnyor K. C. Ctxicli
Kml l'rnnk A. Kke
Treasurer V. Scoll Kellogg
Attorney A. M. Kimm
lttiRlneer C. 11. Andrew
l'hyilckii A. W. Vincent
Chief of Police K. McKinney
Pay l-olleeKobert Johnwi
Cottticllmcn nt Lnrge:
!'. W. Valentine Chat, llrnlmon
1). l'rank Hortinuti
Conncilmen l'lrnt Want
A. A. Muck J. w. Davh
Cuuncllnien Secom! Ward
I,, l'etrlne V. 1 1 tit
Street ami l)ock-J. W. IfcirU, 1'. v.
Valentine, A. A. Mnek
MceiiM!--!'. Illll, A. A. MiKk, Cha.
Water and MgM-Chm. nredron, I. W.
Davis 1'. Illll
finance A. A. Muck. J. W. Davli, (1. I,.
DiiIMIhb and Orvtindt 0. 1,. l'tttlne.
Clias, lltcilnon. I), l'rnnk lloromaii
I.Iiior I.lriiel'. W. Valentine. (I. I..
I'crrlnt, 1). l'rnnk llommaii
Health and I'otlce 1). frank llotaman.
I'. W. Valentine, I'. Illll
I lie second regular meeting of
the new city council wns nulled off
in good style Tuesday night. Con
siderable business was transacted
in a business-like manner. All
members wcr present with Mayor
Couch presiding.
The first matter taken up was n
petition from school district No. 2,
nsking permission to grnde hnlf of
Seneca street in front of their prop
erty. Referred to street commute
by the mnyor.
Ben Hoover, believing that he
was entitled to more money for his
services as rodmaii in the engineer
ing department, nsked for n raise
of .f 15 per month, milking his .sal
ary $75. Referred to finance com
mittee. Complaint hnd been made by 11
couple of property owners concern
ing stumps and debris placed 011
their lots by contractors doing
street improvement. Upon investiga
tion by the street committee only n
very few roots and little or no dirt
was found to be upon thu complain-
nuts' properties, which had been tic
txisited thereon by the contractors.
The latter were notified to remove
same, however, which they ugred
to do and be more Qireumpal iu
this respect iu tlrotfutnre.
fit! A.
1 lie i2-iooi cement sidewalk 011
Jersey street from Burlington to
Richmond wivs accepted by the
engineer, endorsed by thu street
committee mid accepted by council.
The liquor HceiiNe committee
made a majority and minority re
port iu regard to the liquor liceiiw
application of K. O, Mngoon, The
majority report signed by F. W.
Valentine ami G. L. Purriue, re
ported unfavorably owing to the
absence of proof that thu population
of St. JohnH is now iu exceiiti of
5.100, while thu minority ruiiort
submitted by the remaining mem
ber ol the committee, I). l'rnnk
Horsuiati, was favorable to grunt
ing the licctiKc, he believing that
the population hud iucrtmed the
requisite number, Iming hi bclkf
011 the new residence tlmt have
been built since thu federal ctuaiis
was taken lata year and thu in
creased number of school children.
On motion of Mr. Muck the mutter
was laid over for one wesk, thre
members objecting to delaying the
matter, however.
Mr. Bredeiioii broachwl the ub-
ject of constructing a belfry ami
placing the fire bell oil the dome of
the city hall, aud imtd motion
that the matter be placed iu the
hands of the buildings and ground
committee with power to act. Unan
imously carried.
A rcaolutloii providing for the
hardsurfaciiig of Jersey from Catllu
to Richmond strtt with Wentru
mite was tiuauiinouslydoptwl on
motion of Mr. Muck nnutuay be
found elsewhere iu tlii iwmer.
An ordinance apportioning
cost of sewer construction iu dia-
trict No. 3 was passed 011 motion
of Mr, Valentine, all voting "ve"
with the exception of Mr. Perriue.
An ordinance providing thu time
aud manner of improving Buchan
an street from St. John Heights
addition to FuMietideii street was
passed 011 motion of Mr. Davit; all
An ordinance providing the time
and manner of improving Kellogg
street from St. John avenue to
Fessenden street was paused on mo
tion of Mr. Valentine, all voting
yes" except Mr. Purriue.
Two bids were presented for the
improvement of Chicago street from
Jersey to Portland boulevard with
macadam one by l'utursou Uro.
and the other by T. II, Cochran.
The former being about too lower,
was awarded the contract, the to
tal price being f 1037.70, 011 motion
of Mr. Muck.
The water and light committee
was authorized by thu mayor to
make arrangement for furnijhjng
water for the public fountain
South Jersey nonr Richmond.
ilie nmyor than made bin ap
pointments of officials for the oimt
ing term. They were acted upon
individually by the council. The
first was the appointment of Thos.
Whitney to take the place of Rob.
crt Johnson as day police until the
muer is able to resume bin dittleg,
Mr. JohtiMon beinir otiite ill. On
motion of Mr. Muck the appoint
ment was confirmed tinanimoiiilv.
The appointment of Dr. A. W.
Vincent ns city physician wns am
confirmed unotiiinously on motion
of Mr. Valentine.
Tiie appointment of C. U. An.
drew ns city engineer was liktwUw
made unanimous on motion of Mr.
The appointment of G. W. Dun
bar as night imlice met with resint-
mice, nnd 011 motion of Mr. Vlit
tine that the appointment Ins con
tinued, Aldermen Btedesou, Muck,
'errine, nnd Hill voted 110,
The appointment of Gearys Hth
Bridge as second night wlicc was
also turned down, Aldermen Hrede
5011, Muck, Hill.Perrine aud Horn-
man voting 110.
The apjwintinent of R. McKhi
uuy ns chief of police was eon
firmed on n 5 to 2 vote, Aklfriiitti
Bradesou ami Horsmau voting 110.
I!d. L. Stockton advanced the
information that the Ivell alarm sys
tem 011 the O. & W. railroad had
been discontinued sine the ummii-
ger train service had been taken off
slid that it was imrticularly dtiusei
tins for men ami teams 011 Bradford
street with no alarm, as some of
the freight trains pass aloiw the
street nt a higirrate of pe1. The
recorder was instructed to notify
the railroad company to renlaca the
Iwll signal, 011 motion of Mr.Vslsii-
Mr. Perriue stated that he be
lieved Mr. titers had just as
much rlifht to have a sidetrack to
connect with his warehouse as the
St. Johns Lumber cnni)muy to oe
cupy n generous jiortioii of Bradford
street. After some little disciiasfoii
regarding the merits of Mr. Lauth-
ers- request, the mayor ruled that
council ns a committee of the whok
proceed to view the situation and
be able to net intelligently when the
mutter is brought up later.
uomnialiit was inathr that tn
Uuid lQylm.llaM'BjaitlUIC a ituli
One or twoif trw fBarNnHVfrl1 IK
vor of refusing them the iim of tit
council chuuibcr unlaw they used
more care in future. It was deckl
ed to ttotify them of the couintaint
uml be adiiiouwhed to exercise more
care and leave the room Iu better
condition in the future.
Councilman Horsmau called at
tention to the fact that Mr. lower
nud other merchants of the eltv
weie occupying more space oti the
sidewalks than the ordinances allow,
I in I Haling travel to soiue extent.
I he mayor stated that he would
call the chief of police's attcMtlon
to the matter aud nave it remedied.
The biggest mouth iu eoiouiu-
tion movvuteuls Ortgou has tver
had lias just closed, bringing rbous-
amis of new citixens to the state.
Favorable rates attracted ueorrio
from all parts of the country who
are valuable additions to the popu
lation. Uvery part of the state ha
profited by the heavy gaiu in new
peoile. it is up to the older resi-
deiils to make the newcomers feel
at home for if they like this state
tliey will induce their friettds buck
home to come out also.
All properly owners- ot it. John
are reo nested to clean UP
around their premises before AnrQ
join. Many visitors will cots
here during carnival week and they
should be impressed with the ckau-
liuess aud attractiveness of our lit
tle city. It will require but Uttie
effort on the jart of each one and
the result will be pleasing to the
Ilusiuess firms are also re?
decorate during the
week, iittfetuhe KuigbU of Pythian
louge colors -itL ycuow ana bine.
A reception was giverr
Mrs. Wiliit at the home of
Mrs. John Thornton, Hester
day, at which there were present
some 25 guests, 17 of whom
were children aud graudcbildreu of
Mr. aud Mrs. Tborutou. It is 34
yeurs since the principals ol tne
function had met aud it is needless
to say it wss a most happy occa
sion. A bountiful repast was served
which was thoroughly enjoyed by
It is a nice bouncing boy aud He
tips the scales at 1 1 pounds. The
lad catuu via the stork aeropuute
route and stopped at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. U. L. Strickland on
the 1 8th. This is another good
candidate for the chain gaug. May
w uii live to dim aim on his way
aud may no ill befall Him.