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    Motives Questioned
Sunshine on Mt. Hood ordinance no. 371
Editor Review:
What will our people do, take
the word of four of our citizens who
have been on Westrmnitc streets,
found them as good or even better
than claimed; or will they accept
the statements of every Jim Crow
penny-a-liner who has been in
duced to rehash a lot of insinua
tions, misrepresentations and false
hobtbVadvauccd by malicious oppo
sitiontothis paving, presumably
cnianatingfram, upheld nnd abet
ted by a corporation or trust with
every thing to fear ll-as good or a
better paving process is introduced ?
Not one of these mallgners of Wcs
truitiile hns ever seen a foot of it.
Hut one of them who so glibly calls
the leaders in the movement for the
best pavement there is for St. Johns
"lean and fleshy swivelchair poll
ticians" terms their work "hoarse
bcllowiiigs of disgruntled politi
cians" their views "narrow, bi
ascd" declares he has no thought
but the best interest of bt.Johns.and
he not a citizen of St. Johns, perhaps
not even of our country. He de
clares, this modern Sherlock
Holmes, that his "personal invest!
Rations" (?) were made because he
was "anxious to uncover what 1
consider a gigantic steal from the
citizens of St. Johns." Now it
is a puzzle too deep for the writer
to determine, the source of this
frenzied philanthropy, bucolic beu
evolcucc that would make two of
our representative citizens who
were sent cast to investigate this
paving (itiestlon one of 2 things, Idi
otic blundering dupes, or parties to
a "gigantic steal." The writer
docs not believe cither hypothesis
it seems more reasonable to believe
that this modern Sherlock was paid
so much tier for his literary stunt
and for the dirty dollars of tlitiM
who are endeavoring to stifle comix:
tltiou he has aided in perpetrating
11 slander upon our two rejected
citizens. 1 lie writer tloesu t like
to believe this, because this modern
Sherlock is a genial fellow withal.
nnd although he would call it nur
row minded to think he would thus
put a slander upon his fellows for
hire it would seem to be a greater
folly to do so for nothing. 1 he
self appointed detective would bet
ter turn his eagle eye to the inves
ligation of the motives which
prompts this malicious, vindictive,
relentless fight against Westrmnitc.
He would better serve St. Johns.
To the careful observer it would
seem that the opX)sitiou is in death
ly fear of Wcstrumitc, nnd leave
nothing undone, resorting to every
artifice known to the obstructionist
to keep it out. If it is so worthless
why this fear, this deadly, dogged,
determined resistance? There can
be but one logical conclusion, viz:
That Wcstrumitc is nil that is
claimed for it by those of our citi
zens who have seen It, the best hard
surface pavement in the world. If
it were n worthies protxisitiou the
opK)sition would be only too glad
to have that fact dcmouKttatcd by
having Jersey street paved with
that material. It would seem wiser
to follow the judgment of those
who have mm the streets iu use
mid listened to the words of the
highest praise our language can ex
pi ess spoken by the men who paid
their good money to have it laid,
than to swallow like a catfish the
rotten tissues of villidcation furn
ished probably by a couictittg com
pany and disseminated through its
tools, paid or otherwise. Veritas,
No-Dust Sweeping Compound
No. 1 for rugs and carpets, 5 and
io-pouiid cans Hoiiham & Cur
rier. No, a for floors and linoleums St,
Johns Hardware Co,
No-Dust Waxiue sold by I.eightou
Hardware Co. Avoid Substitutes.
Crescent Chemical Co,
526 Washington St.
Phone Main 1364
Shine out, beautiful sunshine
With thy brilliancy on nature be
low, Casting thy shadows from the tnon
archs of pine
And o'er the earth covered snow.
See the pride of the state in the
Mt. Hood with her lofty peaks
so high,
As she is being covered with crystal
As it falls from the heavenly sky.
Look lit seems only a short dis
tance To the mountain it looks so high,
Hut to the travelers who started
Has to give up with weariness
and sigh,
An Ordinance Adopting Spec
ifications for Hard Surface
Pavement, Known as Wcstrumitc.
Hc pitches his tcnt-iujhc wildwood
And laid his weary litad to rest.
After eating his meal by the
Thanking God for Nature s re
As we travel o'er Hood River
And Nature seems to favor the
The frosts are so light in its season,
Giving abundance of fruitage and
Last ImiII as we gathered the hur
vest The trees were bending low
With the beautiful Hood River
I'or God has ordained it so.
H. H. Phuket
The city of St. Johns docs onlnln as
Section 1. Hard surface pavement,
known as Wcstrumitc slinll be laid in
the following manner, unless otherwise
expressly provided:
Section 3. The street shall he l' railed
down or filled up to the subradc as
given by the city engineer, nnd all soft
nun stxHigy places noi anoniing a nrin
foundation shall be dug out nnd the
space refilled with projnir material enrc
fully rammed or rolled so ns to make
such filling compnet nnd solid,
Only gravel or rock or suitable mate
rial ftce from all perishable and objec
tionable substances shall be used In
bringing the roadway to the proiier sub
grade, which shall then be rolled with a
road roller weighing not less than tea
tons until thoroughly compacted and
solid and approximately parallel to the
proposed surface of the contemplated
"All embankments shall, whenever so
rcqulreUJjy the city engineer, be built
In horizontal layers or courses of not
more than oueWoot In thickness for the
full width of the clnbankmcnt and thor
oughly rolled.
Such rolling shall becynplcted In
sections of nt least one bloclc ud shall
be tested and ncccptctl uy tne cuy-.tyi-nccr
before any materials for the pnVS,
uiciit is placed thereon,
broken Rock foundation.
Section 3. Upon the subgrnde, ns
prepired, shall be spread u layer 6 Inches
thick of broken rock that will puss
through n rinir of inches Internal di
ameter, and be retained by a t l-J Inch
screen, tree from all dirt nnd 01 quality
iititimvi-d lit I lie i-llv eiH'Ineer.
TliU liner nlmlt be thoroughly rolled
and connected with n steam roller,
wl'Ii'IiIml' not less than ten tons
UK)ii wild layer of crushed rock shall be
spread 11 sufficient quantity of screenings
o 1111 iniersiicvs nciwreu me in rue
.tones, nnd miiiimhI them firmly In place.
This laver shall be rolled and coiminicI-
ed to u depth of 4 1-2 Inches, leaving nil
oven, hut coarse grained surface,
Concrete 1'ouudnlion.
Section .1 Uimmi the ulKritdc, ns
prewired, nlmll lv laid 11 hod of concrete
11111 1 mm ma 11 11 cues lines, mm muni
be taiiiKil to the NtiUfuctlnii of the city
engineer. The concrete courhO shall
consist 01 one jmrt 01 ccmciii in uirce
tuiru of Mind and six of eravel. The
quality of eacli must lie approved by the
city engineer.
This concrete fouudat oil laid to the
proper grndf and thickness shall have 11
slightly rougii suriace,
Wearing Surface Two Inches.
Section s. Upon the broken stone or
concrete lollliilnlioil suan i sprvau 11
wearing surface which shall De couimscii
( 11 tiiiwr lufn Inrlii' thick of carefully
Machine for $S.OO selected, sound, hard crushed rock that
,-. , will pass 1 1-3 inch hcreeu.'iun lie reiaiii-
50C IJOWll, 50c per week Cd by I in. screen mixed with n sumcient
I iiiiiinili v nt U'..ltiiiiilte Astihnlt to well
A .1. ..- 1 ..! ri -""v
n new siui'K 01 Hitmen iwc coat 1111 suiiaccs. . .
. . . . , , , upon uie HiMive layer, liiMu inn,
iui.-i imw milium juai 1 mi 1 1 uowlsu completed, snail lie spread 11
layer I lucli IIIICK 01 imuuunou mor
tar. coiiKlttliiL' of clean limestone screen-
lints, all of which shall lms the ! I inch
screen, and not less than H per cent nor
more than it per cent ol wlilcii snail
niih the 1.200 screen. Said screenings
tube thoroughly mixed with not less
than 16 ikt cent nor more than Jo tier
cent hv weight of Weatrumlte Aspiiuii.
This second layer shall lc leveled
As soon iu Wentrumite has licgun to
set the nlxive two layers shall In: rolled
Special ! ! !
?8 Go-Cttrts for. . . .$5.75 cnsli
56 Go-Carts for . . .&J.25 cash
$10.50 Majestic Washing
Approved Standardized Styles
for Men of Taste
SOCIETY welcomes the
man who dresses in good
taste. Clothes of strict
ly correct style make a
man look and feel his real
worth. They inspire in
him confidence and give
him ease of manner. You
will always find some
economy and style above
economy in this clothing
made by W. S. Peck &
Company. We have a
carefully selected stock
of the new sensible styles
for men of all ages.
Prices from
$15.00 to $25.00
Hats, Neckwear, Half
Hose and other Correct
Wearables for Men.
Bonham &, Currier
Proposals for Street Work
Scaled proposals will he received nt
the ollicc of the City Recorder of the
Second Hand Goods taken in
payment for new furniture
St. Johns Furniture
I tail tin filutt iLL'fk lilt'ltrat M11II IM nil I ft I I Him jillin. if Mim '!
( ,nch HV ( .l'arhf 11 with mi nsplmlt roller weighing not lo City of St. Johns until April 18, 8
WClOll JL VJ1.UU1U Mian IH'l. nor more ttiail eiellt tons, until iVfiM-V. ti. 111. for tli liimrnvpinriil of
they are thoroughly compacted mid Chicago street from the northerly line of
left smooth. I Jersey strrct to the southerly 1 ne of
Alter which n 111111 coin, coimimug m l'ortlaml rxiu evnnl In tlie manner tiro-
n thin layer of fine limestone screenings, vlded by OidltmuccNo. 369, according to
mixed with 11 sutlicicut quantity of Wes- t,c ,ina nnd scclfications of the city
trumite, iIIIiiUhI with its own bulk of engineer on file at the office of the city
water to produce seml-lltild mixture, recorder nnd subject to the provisions of
shall be applied, This shall be covered the charter nnd ordinances of the city of
wait 11 nun inier 01 eoare saun ami me st. joiins. ami tlie est mate 01 tuo city
surface again lie thoroughly rolled. engineer. 011 file.
This wearing surface shall have u full The engineer's estimated cost of same
imckiieu 01 two tuciies, which, wncii s), 329,78,
J. S. Downey
To have a fine, hcnlthy com
plexion the liver must bo netive,
the bowels regular utul tlie blood
pure. All this is brought about by
JtJvKlUMi,. it thoroughly scours
tlie stomach, liver inul bowels, put
tne uody 111 tine condition una re
stores that clear, pink ami white
complexion so much ilesiied by
ladies, Price .soc. Sold bv St.
Johns lMiartnncy, caj
St. Clements Catholic church,
Portland boulevard between llurr
uud Newton streets. Masses on
Sundays at 8 ami 10:30 a, m and
Sunday evenings sermon and bene
diction at 8 o'clock.
lf. J. Ketteuhofen, Pastor.
Christian Church -Sunday school
10 a. in., Preaching 11 u, m. and
7:30 p. m., C. 15. 6:30 p. in. Jun
ior Kndeavor 3 p. m. liverybody
invited to all these service. Taber
nacle corner New York and Leon
ard streets. A scries of sermons
on the Holy Spirit is being preached
at the evening services. J. U.
Johnson, Pastor.
Dad breath, bitter taste, dizziness
and a general "no account" feeling
is a sure sign of a torpid liver.
tlKRMNK is the medicine heeded.
It makes the liver active, vitalizes
the blood, regulates the bowels and
restores a fine feeling oi energy
aud cheerfuluess. Price 50c. Sold
by St. Johns Pharmacy. 025 ,
vets and
true to the
grades uud
finished, must be
miulred Hues, level
icriMW sections.
ComKition of Wcstrumitc Asphalt.
Section 6. The Asphallum In West
rnmite Asnhalt shal consist of half
Trinidad Lake Asphalt nnd half the best
I California Asphalt mid the proper
amount of mix, All these materials
iniut conform with the requirements of
the siK-cifictitioiis for nsnhait imvcuicuIs
I of the city engineer, mid the iiercoiitagc
I of bitumen soluble iu carbon bUulnlilde
Hids must be strictly in accordance
with printed blanks which will be furn
ished on npjilicutiou at the ollicc of the
Recorder ot the city of St. Johns. And
said improvement must be completed 011
or before 6u days from the date of the
signing of the contract by the parties
This improvement Is the laying of ma
cadam iSfect wide in the center of said
street between the lines above Indicated.
No proposals or bid will be considered
hall not vary beyond the limits of from ""T" iulv"' 'l'"f ut veri.uc.i wuevK
snenloninepercent of the total mix- iy .'fiTl. S
ture 01 tne tuiuvrai aggicgaie 111111 west- -
rumite Asphalt. h ble twnk for an amount equal to ten
All ordinances in conllict
Real Estate
SvMioii 7,
hriewith ure hereby repealed
Hcr cent, of the aggregate proposal, to
e forfeited as fixed and liquidated dam-
lised by the Council this nth day of t0 , u ,,,.0 co.nlct';,ml provide
llliU Co., tl'
I,. 1). JACKSON, Prop.
General Contractor
We are prepared to do nuv and
all kinds of excavating for street
work and other purposes. We
also handle sidewalk aud build
ing material.
Newton aud Fessenden Streets
St. Johns, Oregon
Phone Columbia. . . .
Two Offices
Holbrook Block St. Johns
I'hoae Columlls 1
142 Killiugworth Avcutte
WooJIswn tiyi
April, 1911.
a suitable bond for the faithful perform
Approve.1 by tlie Mayor, this 1 ith day nucc wI(, work , Ulc cvel ,hc co
of April, 1911.
I'muk A. Uice,
Piiblisbiil In the St. Johns Review on
April l-l, 1911.
tract is awarded him.
The right to relect any aud all bids
is hereby reserved.
lly order of the City Council,
A. M. USSON. Recorder.
Published in the St. Johns Review
Mar, 31, April 7 aud 14, 1911.
St.Johns Laundry Don't Be sick
Pour business lots, close iu; two
corner mid two inside lots, $6000.
One corner lot, 50x100, I3700,
terms. This adjoins property that
recently sold for $1 1,000.
I.ot 50x106, five room house,
fruit trees, well, hen house, toilet
and wood house, 5 1 050 -5450 cush,
balance 1 10 per mouth at seven per
cent interest.
Pour lots 50x100 each, 7 room Thoroughly equipped for all
house, new barn, woodshed, fruit of laundry work nnd
trees, all fenced aud cross fenced.
srjr'srtiaffliM n e,et? respect, dr, h. o. brown
terms to suit on balance at 7 ter
cure without medicine
Call on
Prompt and efficient service guar
anteed. Your patronage solicited.
Sewer and Plumbing
lkfore placing contracts for con
necting with the sewer, see J. 15.
Pletcher, 519 Allegheny street.
Prices low and work guaranteed,
12 foot alley; $5000 $2000 down, Also plumbing of all kinds. Phone
terms to suit on balance.
cent interest.
Twelve lots 50x100, five room,
modern house, full basement, or
chard of 35 trees of mixed fruits iu
full bearing. Will sell all or part
at a very reasonable price. If you
mean business call on me at once.
I.ot 50x94 feet, business comer,
Office und Residence 415 N.
Kellogg Sreet,
One Block Hast of Postoffice
Columbia 67.
J. S. Downey
lor bale rlue ?4oo piano, ?2oo
cash, balance $5 per month. Own
er has moved to Kansas and will
deduct from the price of the tiiauo
NORTH JERSEY STREET S5 because it would cost her that
much to ship it east, leaving the
Subscribe for the St. Johui Review total cost $375. 1 his is a rare bar-
aud koop posted on the doings or gain. D. N. Ilyerlee, 315 West
the city. I Richmond.
Central Market!
See us for the Choicest Cuts of
the Best Meats Obtainable.
Order f!Hd and TamSf Trode SoNdterf,
T. P. WARD, Proprietor.
NoU tM UUI en your paper.
CtirlSl 19 r Omctull A4t
Dear friend:
S w
rue Japanese uvea on
rice when they nail n war
with Russians. It must have
made them strong. Rice is
crood for breakfast. I eat it
three times a day. I don't
have the heart bums. Do
you? If you do, try making
a dinner off of rice. Other
good things to eat, I also get
at the same store, which only
sells good things.
Your friend,
P. S. Our grocer is
Muck Mercantile
Phone, Columbia 11S
Transfer and Storage
We deliver your Roods to and from
all parta ot Portland, Vancouver. Linn
ton. Portland and Suburban Exprcu
Co., city dock and all points occeaaiMa
by wagon. Piano and, furntture moving
CAMP 773 W. O. W.
Meeta ev
ery Wed
n 0 a d a y
ner'a Sal
How about the plumbing work you
need done? Iletter have It teen about
now. Call in ami get prices on sewer
pipe. We carr both glazed cement and
terra cotta,
joj S. Jersey St. Puoue Columbia 91
knights or PYTHIAS
UaeU ry t'riir nlxht t
1 30 o'clock at 1. O. O. Pi
Hall, Vialton altraja Wat.
A. W. riCKir. K. R. S
No. 186 I. O. O. F.
Meets each Monday evening In Odd Fel
lows' ball, at 8:00. Visitors welcomed.
r. and A. M.
Regular communications
on first and third Wed
nesdays of each month
in Odd Fellows' hall
Visitors welcome.
You get full weight and first
Quality at the Central market. Just
try awhile.
for the Review aad be
Open Evenings and Sundays by Ap
pointment. OfUce rhotie Columbia 140
Resident l'lione Columbia 38
First National Bank building.
Physician and Surgeon.
Dy & Night Oflke In McChesney bile
St. Johns, Oregon.
Physician and Surgeon
Office over the First National Bank
St. Johns, Oragon
la. PUm kruj 1571. Ofic rUai Jcmj Ktl
Rl4nca 902 Faaaandan Straat
OStca Houro; du, 1 ta I p. ox.
Daniel O. Webster, A. B. M. D
Residence, 697 Dawson Street
Ofllce, Pllter Block.
University Pari. Portland, Oregon.
First National Bank Building
McDonald Building
Spaulding Bldg. Portland, Ora.
Phone Columbia 258
Haggblom & OHn
House Moving aud Raising
628 East Polk Street