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Published Everr Friday
At 117 West Burlington Stroet.
Tna Rkvikw is entered at pos
In Saint Johni, Orofton, as mail matter
of the second class nuder tho Act of Con-
greM of March 3, 1870.
OBeUl Hsvspspsr ef tbt Oltjr of at, Johns.
Free Ferry
As we go to press
we learn the free
ferry bill has pass
ed the senate and
will become a law
when signed by the
" r2.-i77"vrv-v TTvi-r tq
Tt, o !., nf M.n fnllinru urn vis t- v ' v "
1 upon the children la nliout the gar(Jing the Same
same ratio ns the sins of the children 0 .,, , 0 , ,. ,
arc visited upon paterfamilias. In Will be PUDilSneCl
next week.
Adrrtlih rats, 91.00 pr loch par month.
fob JMntbi siMnUd In nrtt-elasa siI.
Bill lor Job Printing cth on dsUrerr.
Atl e onmnnlettlons should bs Jdreid to
Ti TltTlew. BL Johns, Ortron.
All dertlln bllli prtl Ant of eh
Subscription prloo $1.00 por yoor.
other words It's horse and horse.
First National Bank
St. Johns, Oregon
Sylvester Peterson, President
A. R. Jobes, Vice President
P. P. Drinker, Cashier
C. B. Russell, Ass't. Cashier 1
Dr. Cook, the North Pole faker,
threatens to deliver free lectures,
exnlalnimr his rmrt in the alleged
pole discovery. We predict small
audiences. The public would rath
er pay to hear a lie than to hear the
truth free of charuc. If this were
not so. more men would attend
church. Kxchaticc. Some people
doubt very much If Dr. Cook could
tell the truth if he tried.
In reply to n number of inquiries
as to what will likely be done in re
gard to testing the legality ot tnc
recent annexation vote, believe we
nre safe in saying the present
council will take no steps toward
having the matter settled one way
or another. The councllmcn really
have nothing before them to work
upon and naturally they feel that it
is not their place to take the nulla-
live under the circumstances. If
anything is done about the innttcr
it will have to be done by individ
uals and not by the city council.
The arrest and conviction of
Fred I). Warren, editor of the
"Appeal to Reason," for mlssuse
of the mails in stretching justice
pretty far. I lis olieuse was no
greater than is committed every
day. and it looks like n case of ikt-
sedition In this instance. While
we are not in accord with Mr.
Warren's views, he lins shown him
sell to he a man of strong convic
tions with the power to express
them in a way that pleases a large
number of people. This case is
somewhat similar to that of Ilciiarr
Mcl'addcii, the great apostle of
physical culture and editor of a
publication of that title, who was
convicted also for abuse of the pos
tal laws. It is our opinion that
neither should have been convicted.
for tho Hovlow and be
Milton Uiiircr left this week for
Phoenix, Arizona, to join his sisters
who arc now located at that place.
For Sate Furniture of all kinds
in first class condition. Will be
sold very reasonable. Call at this
For Kent A large six room
house, newly kulsotnincd, close in,
on South Jersey street; $12 a month.
Call Columbia 397. otf
we have just received a
full Hue of white lined en
amel ware, Good quality at a medium price.
we have cut the prices on our stock of wall paper to make room
ior our stock of 191 1 patterns. Buy now and save money.
Hendricks Hardware Co.
Phone Columbia 129
An Attractive Room
is one that is furnished with substantial
graceful furniture. We can make every
room in your home attractive, if you
will make your
Furniture Selections
from our displays.
Furniture of quality of ours, is not to
he found everywhere, even at much
higher prices than we charge.
St. Johns Furniture
"Cash or Credit"
Is that labor spent in handling Coal,
Kindlings, Dust and Dirt, when by
Gas for Cooking and Heating
those disagreeable features are dis
pensed with.
Cooker sells for $12,00.
A Gas
Range sells for $20.00
and upwards,
Information on this matter or
for the better lighting of the
home, store or factory cheer
fully given at our office.
St. Johns Gas Co.
Remember that all petitions of I
candidates for the primary election
must be filed with the recorder by
otic week from tomorrow night.
Dr. W. H. Hartcl has opened up
n dental parlor at 1.12 "4 killings-
worth u venue, which he will conduct
11 conjunction with his St. Johns
Undertaker and Funeral Director
i lie name ot tj. I,. Johnson was
inadvertently omitted from the list
of probable candidates on first
page as Councilman at I,argc.
Mr. Jonhsoii is one of the best of
city dads.
The St. Johns Cleaning, Press
ing M uye works have moved their
establishment from South Jersey
street and will occupy the building
vacated by the Fashion Pressing
Parlor on West Philadelphia street.
This city has been deluged with
alleged cripples ol one nature or
another the past few weeks. While
some may be worthy of the charity
they solicit, so tunny fakirs nre in
the business that it is best to turn a
"cold shoulder" to all unless their
case is known to be worthy. A
county home has been provided for
nil whom arc tumble to earn n liv
lug, and titer is one nr two chnrita
ble Institutions in Portland that
makes 11 siHX'inlty of looking after
the maimed, It is surely more
honorable to go to n county home
or similar institution than it is to
beg for 11 living. There is gener
ally enough needy in almost every
town to absorb nil the charitably
inclined can spare without extend
lug aid to strangers, who might be
mid often arc fakes, pure ami slm
pie. Charity begins at home and
should stay there in most enses,
Sidewalks In which washed ma
terial is used arc the kind that
never have to be taken up. They
mvc the lasting qualities. Put
down by the St. Johns Sand
Gravel Co. Phone Richmond
The Realty Hoard is becoming
quite active and nre making plans
for a strenuous advertising cam
I have customers to buy houses
and lots on installments. What
have you to list? S. L. Doblc, 110
N. Jersey street.
It seems ns if almost anybody
could bake nu apple so that it would
be nice eating; but here is a way
that Is extra good: With n narrow
hladcd knife take out the core, fill
the hole with sugar, set the apple
into the oven in n dish that will
hold water and keep plenty of wa
ter around it until it is soft, nud it
will be fit for anybody to eat, fann
er or king.
S,S What Have You
How nbout your clothes? Are
they In good condition? We clean,
press mm repair your clothes on
short notice. Work culled for in
any part or the city. bt. Johns
Cleaning, Pressing iVt Dye Works,
303 West Philadelphia street.
Bubscrlbo for tho St. Johns Ilovlow
mill koon licstod on tho doings ot
th city.
Delinquent Assessments
W. I I. ,... f 41.-. 111
,uiivc i. iiriciiy Kivill mill t will nil 1
Weduewlay, the jnldaynl March, 1011. guaranteed.
ni ute nour 01 10 o'ciock a. 111. , ten nt Cnln..1
frnlil iliinr nf llin .-ll u I nf III.. ilu I MMIlllCU,
'( till IIMII IIIK
of St. Johns, Oregon, at public miction
to the highest bidder, cash in hand, the
properly described below, except such as
tuny be redeemed by owners prior to the
time 01 Mie, or fco iiiucn tuereoi a will
be necessary to tuy usH'ssiiieuts. interest
ami cost levied against said property,
Portland Boulevard,
Additiou Block I,ot Anion lit
l'olnt View 14 5 nud 6 f
30 i mid U
Oak Park 6 33 uml 34
llnrr .Street.
South St. Johns 7 3 and 4
19 4
South Jerssy Street,
Severance 3 1
3 3
Polk Street.
i. h, Miner's 30 13 nud 14 117.09
Kellogg Street.
Court Plsce a 7 nud 3
Mohawk Street,
Caples s 38
3 10 and 11
Severance 3 1
3 a
Burlington Street,
P. T. Smith's 5 SH 1-3 of 3
Thompson Street.
Oak Park 4 4
" 5 S i.j of 3
Philadelphia Sew er,
P. T, Smith's 5 Sit 10 of 3
Leonard Street.
Court Place I 5 and 6
Tyler Street.
Washing lump chliuule.4 by im
mersing them in water often makes
them brittle, A safer way to clean
them is to Hold them lor a tew 1110
itieuts over n .steaming tea kettle.
Then iKJitsit them unsKiy wttii a
soft cloth.
Troubled with dandruff? It
may be light and fluffy nud not np
lcur dangerous at the present time
but if neglected will become matted
that will mean loss of hair Ny
nl's Ilirsutouc will prevent it.
North Dank Pharmacy.
' ' O"- '
Yes, the ground-hog saw his
shadow and has hiked back into
Ills deu for six waeks more winter:
but where was Paschal Hill? If
the old spoil had been here with
his trusty blunderbuss, he might
have killed the pig nud saved us
the weather.
Raw potatoes are better for fry
ing than cooked ones. Slice them
into cold water; have a frying pan
well covered with boiling-hot fat
throw the potatoes in with all the
water that will adhere to them it
lightens and puffs them. Season
nud turn over them another frying
pan. Lift it often and turn the
bottom ones 011 top, When nearly
done takeoff the covering uud let
them brown.
got in St. Johns that is worth look
ing after for cash, acreage, invest
ment or interest paying city proper
ty. In answering address,
Mrs. J. Bailey
.03 Tiogo Street, St. Johns
St. Johns Laundry
Thoroughly equipped for all
kinds of laundry work nnd
uptodnte in every respect.
Prompt and efficient service
Your patronage
i'or dressmaking nud plain cw
lug call at 733 Willamette Ilotile-
vard. i4p.
Ior sale Modern 8-room house,
lot io.X336r, Co assorted fruit
trees 5 years old, good stable and
chicken yard. Por particulars, call
nt 338 Tyler street, St Johns. i3-3tp
An Ordinance Appointing" the
Judges and Clerks of Elec
tion for the Purposes of I
Nominating Candidates for
the Respective Offices for
the City of St. Johns, and
Declaring An Emergency
to Exist.
The hospitable doors of the M.K.
parsonage were uirowti open on
last 1 hursday to welcome the mem
bers of the Dtt-bon-air club nt their
regular banquet. A large number
of members and many guests were
present. Theitable as well as the
)eople fairly .groaned under the
load of good things to cat. The
library of the club has grown to be
of good size, and in it are to be
found some of the latest ami best of
books. The next meeting will be
held at the" home of Mrs. J. N.
kceler, 814 Portland boulevard.
In the matter of the estate of Jacob I).
iicpp, deceased.
Notice is hrrcbv given that the under-
signed, waiter W. llcpp, has been ap
pointed uj inc county court 01 tnc state
01 uregon, ior aiuitnotuau county, as
administrator of the estate of Jacob II,
Ilepp, deceased, and has qualified as
such. All pertous bavins claims against
said estate ure hereby notified to present
the sains duly verified according to law
to said administrator at the office of his
attorneys, Johnson & Van .ante, 314
AiMuiauig building, in the cltyol Tort-
bind, Okoh, 011 or before six months
from the date of the first publication of
mis nonce, wnicu is rcu. 3, 191 1.
Administrator of the Itstateof
Jocob II. llenp, deceased.
Johnson & Van Zaatc, Attorneys,
The citv of St. Johns does ordain as
Thnt the lollowhiir named iuriccs nnd
clerks of the primary nominating elec
tion of the citv of St. Johns, to be held
In said city on the 37th day of l'cbruary.
101 1, be nud they nre hereby apiioluted
as loilowti!
Iiniues ior the I'lrst wnrd to serve
from twelve o'clock M, to seven o'clock
p. 111. ni follows:
Henry silicic,
V. T. llnnsau.
1'. II. Ilrodahl.
Clerks for the I'lrst ward to serve
from twelve o'clock M to seven o'clock
p. m. ns follows:
utis i.cnrneti.
Marlon Johnston.
Judees Tor the Second Hoard of the
I'lrst ward io serve from seven o'clock
p. 111, ns follows:
A, w. aiarkie.
I. II. Martin.
Randolph Grnden.
Clerks for the Second Hoard of the
I'lrst Ward to serve from seven o'clock
p. 111. an follows:
j. rs, Kdicikcu.
Uco. M. Hall.
Judges for the I'lrst Hoard of the Sec
ond ward to serve from twelve o'clock
M. to seven o'clock p. 111. as follows:
. Lang 8c Co.
Ladies' and Gents' Furnishing Goods
Latest Styles and most fashionable Goods at very
reasonable prices. Call and inspect goods
and prices.
101 Burlington Street, near Jersey
8 Aluminum Ware
J.J. llurlbcit.
1.. II. CI
314 Spaulding building.
i kit rL i: a I
I'. I.. Itmmeisoii.
Clerks for the I'irst Hoard of the Sec
oud Ward to serve from twelve o'clock
M to seven o'clock p. 111. as follows:
w. u. w nuer.
V.W. Mason.
Judircs for the Second Hoard of the
Second Ward to serve from seven o'clock
p, in, as follows:
to, w, Kogcrs.
A. T. Holdoii.
C. K. Bailey.
Clerks for the Second Hoard of the
Second Wnrd to serve from seven o'clock
p, ui, as follows:
u. I'ratiK iiorsmaii,
A. D. McDonald.
That said Judges and Clerks be forth
with notified by the Recorder of said
city, and that notices be posted anil pub.
lislicd as by law required,
Section 2: That the polling place of
the same is here-
ooooooooooocoo 000000000000
o o
The only sanitary cooking utensil, We have n complete line Q
35c Sauce Pan for 10 cents
I The supply Is limited. Sec window display
! St. Johns Hardware Company
H. HENDERSON 122 Jersey St.
Real Estate, Loans, Insurance
Abstracts of Title Prepared. Accurute Work Guaranteed.
the I'irst Ward be and
167 35
M. li. Church Sunday school
10:00 a, in., preaching, 1 1:00 a. in.
ana 7:30 p. m.; junior League, 3
p. iu., Upwortli League 6:30 p. in.
This will be the first of a scries of
sermons 011 the general topic: "A
Young Christian's Battle Grotitid."
The topic for Sunday evening is:
Self Mastery or Slavery." Good
music will be one feature, A cor
dial welcome is extended to all who
can attend these services. Rev, lf,
NrSaudifer, pastor,
St. Johns Heights 19
8 and 9
City Treasurer.
Published in the St. Johns Review on
1'cb. 3, 10, 17 and 34, 1911.
Ollice Phono Woodlawn 708
lies. Phono Woodlawn 1655
Offlc Uaurs: From I to UnL.ltotp.ia.
t ta I p. sa.
682 Dawsou street, University Park 1
The checking account at a good
bank is a necessity with every one
who wants to put system, safety
and stability into his money mat
ters. It records accurately every
money transaction.
It prevents the necessity of
carrying a large amount of cash
on hand.
It provides, in the returned can
celed check, a receipt for every
You can open a checking ac-
o count here at any time, with any
sum trom a dollar up.
The Peninsula Bank
St. Johns, Oregon
Capital $50,000.00 Surplus $7,000.00
by affixed at No. 303 South Jersey street.
mat the pollute place 01 me tecomi
Ward be aud is hereby affixed at Council
Room iu the City Hall.
hectlon 3: That Inasmuch a it is
necessary that a primary nominating
election be held on the 37th day of
l'cbruary, 1911, as by law provided; and
as the time is such as It will
of a delay in appoint!
clerks to act at said elect
Kcncy is declared to exist
nance Is to become operative and be of
full force and effect uiou beiut; signed
Iu the County Court of the State of Ore-
t'on Ior the county ot .Multnomah
In the matter of the estate of I'.lliabeth
J, Ward, deceased.
Notice is nereuy Ktven mat tue under.
signed, administrator of the above named
Mctali. tin lil.l lll iinnl r.fwt, , an. I r. I
count with the cleric of the above named .. 1 proposals will be received by
k . .. ... I lilt lltlllHHllllll 4 IT" . t -
court, ami mat tnc juuoe 01 tue above ( ,T,,o ,"" "l a" u,"cc ininecuy
named court has fixed upon the 31st ' btJ0"ns, Oregon, until Monday,
day of l'cbruary, 1911, at 10 o'clock a, I February 37, 1911, at 4 o'clock p. m. for
in. of said day as the time, and the , M,c "ol ,eM t!'n par value audoc
county court room of the county court f1rue,i.'",e,r"t of Improvement Bonds of
me same
' nart nf
!" 1 ,!.! iwt.,,1. T.J
1 uc
tint rmilt I
, 1 : W,,M,.., M,.WU,U. J , w . . o " 1 v
K luuecs Himi,, ..i.. ...1. uemir issued Uv aullmriiu r
Ion, an tmer-1 ,i ', ,m (v. i,r,, (No. 349) for the whole or m
..... ..... w, , ...1. .n ...(...u a.UK.n..a I. ..(. IIIUIIMlllll IHIII IIMII llll IBM
1 mm nucu niiit nni.iv ui i ljki-uu. tiatiui; . r . . . -1 j
by the mayor.
any dbiections or exceptions to anything
iu said report contained, way file the
The fiist publication of
the council Jauusry 31
by the mayor January 31,
Appro veil
Attest: A. M. I'.SSON,
City Recorder.
Published in the St. Johns Review.
I'eo. 3, 1911
same and be heard, and wheu and where ' i9l! pajou'e ten years from date, and
said estate be finally cloied and settled. nuc rate 01
this notice is
on Ute 20th day of January; 1911, aud
tlie last publication will be on tue 17111
day of February, 191 1.
ui musk 1 WAKU,
Proposed Assessment
bain bonds will be Issunl in .lnnn.l.
nations of Uoo each, datctl Novemter 1.
6 ner cent
.. a. ... .. .. I.I , .
1 ., """" pv"""" ssnii-annuaiiy. and
.subject to all the conditions Imposed,
! directed and stipulated bv ulvTf I.
known as "The Bancroft Bonding Act;'
under which act, as amended, said bonds
are issued.
..T.h,e,rlKUt U served to reject any and
all bids, '
Published In the St. Tohna U
January 37 and Pebruary 3, 1911,
R. T. Piatt, President
C. A. Wood, Cashier
If. C Kuapp, Vice President
J. N. Iullefsen, Asst. Cashier
Have you any pltitnbincr prob-
lemsr it your pipes are out ot or
der or your hot water boiler needs
attention send for us, phone if in a
303 S, Jersey St. Phone Columbia 92
See F. W. Valentine for real es
tate aud iusurauce. 304 N. Jersey.
Por completed portion of Sewer dis
trict No, 3: Couiuiencint! at Haves
I street, on either ride of Burlington to
Moliavtk, Crawford street Burlington to
Richmond street and all property east of
Richmond street and south of Willam
ette boulevard to the east line of G. P.
Cranraer tract, thence on the south line
of Decatur street to the east line of lot 5
block 33. A. I.. Miner's addition, thence
I south on said line extended to the south
east corner of lot s. block do. A. L.
Miner's additiou, thence westerly along
IU. .l.. r.i . .U ...1 ...
to Richmond: also all property in James lB1,u"K. u upon Mrs. unu, 108
Johns addition bounded by Pittsburg 1 North l'essendeti, corner Charles-
What have you to sell right? River
frontage, iucotne property or acre
age, If you want money and show
value. Iu answering address "V"
care of Scammon, St. Charles Hotel
Portland, Oregon
For fashionable dressmaking and
anu Uurltngton streets and a line 100
feet southerly from Urailloril street.
That the cost ot said sewer has beeu
apportioned to all of said property and
proposed assessment is on file in the
office of the undersigned and remon
strance may be filed to said apportion
ment until 5 o'clock p. m. Pebruary 13.
Citv Recorder.
Published iu the St. Johns Review
Jan. 37 aud Feb, 3, 1911.
tou. Also day work and general
housework wanted by party at same
If you want to buy, rent, sell or
exchange property see Wolcott,
(The Rent Man.) St. Johns Office,
401 South Jersey. Portland Office,
442 Washington Street, Phone
Marshall 1556.