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    North. W C July 1-fl
Assessor's Offire, i . II.
1 1fcllll
To tutMcrltw (or THIS Piper.
An lh MW( whIU II U newi It
oar motto. Call In and enroll
Of aJrtrtbtog It THIS I
tat yVn arm rfrt K.
I la at net u4 km rkM s4 H
Devoted to (he Interests of the Peninsula, the Msnufacturlnf Center of the Northwest
VOL. 5
NO. 39
Council Kept Busy Push
ing Mailers Along
Council met In regular session
Tuesday ovenlng with all membors
present nnd Mayor HondrlckB In tlio
chair. Minutes of tho previous moot.
In;? wore road and npproved,
A petition for llconso far tho salo
of liquor presented by F. C. Kirch
nor & Co., W08 rend nnd ordered
plnccd on file. Tho place of business
designated was 10S Philadelphia
A communication from V. 8.
Lttuthers stated that his team becamt
untied 0110 nftornoon Inst week, nnd
wlillo ho was trying to locate It
some other party plnccd It lu tho
city pound, nnd ho was required to
dig up $4 before It could bo released.
Ho asked, undor tho circumstances,
that council refund tho money. Mat
ter was referred to tho health and
police commltteo with power to net,
A communication from Contractor
W. H. lllller stated that ho had mndo
tho changes nnd alterations aug
nested by tho city engineer on Oa
wogo street, and tho matter was re
ferred H the engineer for verifica
tion. A bid from J. Cunningham for tho
lonso of tho city rock crusher was
opened, nnd tho offer was made to
suply rock for tho contracts now on
hand at tho rate of SS cents per
yard, and to allow the city C cents
per yard for all rock sold to outside
parties. As tho proposition left fu
ture contracts on tho part of the
city lu the dark so far as price Is
concerned, It was unanimously do
elded to reject tho bid nnd ro-ndvor-tlso
tho call another week.
A 1 court of tho onglncor Instruct
ing tho street commltteo concerning
tho condition of Iluchanan street was
road. It stated that tho sidewalk
was In fair condition with tho excep
tion of about 30 foot, which will have
to bo relald, nnd tho grade still re
quires n number of ynrds of crushed
rock, Many cracks nro visible on
tho surface or tho sidewalk, nnd tho
property ownors aio not overly
ploased with tho work. Matter was
left with tho street commltteo.
A communication from tho city at
torney statod tho vlewors on tho
Iluchanan street condemnation failed
to specUy tho different tracts In tholi
roport, uud thoreforo, tho proceed
ings nro not proper. Tho roport wns
ordered returned to tho vlowers to
correct tho .defect.
W. 8. Lauthors brought up tho
icailur of tho two bids on Willis
touleard and stated that tho bid
presented by J. II. Moore wns really
ruado out by him, that ho would guar
antee tho woik In every reBpect nnd
that ho would glvo nocessary bonds
for tho faithful porformanco of tho
.ontrnct. After some dlscuEslon
Councilman A. W. Davis mado tho
HiOtlon, seconded by Aid. J. V. Davis
that tho bid of J. H. Mooro be ac
cepted. Upon vote nil favored tho
motion with tho exception of Council
men Drown and Johnson. Mr. John
son stated that since there was so
lltllu dlfferenco between tho two bids
that he believed in giving it to the
contractor who has done tho best
work for tho city Instead of the ono
who has done tho worst, nnd there
fore he voted in tho negative.
An option of tho city attorney
concerning the vacation of North Al
bany and west Chicago streets was
read and ordered placed on file, Saim
may be found elsewbero in this Is
sue. BU'.o to tho amount of f 249.64 wero
A report of the city treasurer for
the month of July was read, accopted
and ordered placed on file.
The appointment of viewers on
the West Fessenden street luiidfin
nation proceedings was held over un
til next week In order to select suit
able viewers.
A resolution for the Improvement
of South Jersey street from Rich
mond to Mohawk was adopted, and
way be found elsewhere In this Is
sue. On motion of Councilman Doble It
was decided to re-advertlso for bids
on the Improvement of East Burling
ton and Tacoma streets.
Two ordinances accepting deeds of
M. L. Holbrook and wife were passed
and appear In this Issue.
On motion of A. W. Davis It was
decided to have the mayor appoint
committee for the establishment of
To Cost $400,000 and
Employ Many Men
That tho trend of tho largo manu
facturing plants Is toward tho Pen
lundn Ib becoming mora nnd more np
rurcnt. Tho ndvenl of tho Swift
Packing plant wns only a forerunner
of many moro Industries to follow.
Tho Incomparable location, facilities
mill natural ndvatitngcB become moro
:ipoallng as they become bolter
ki own and realized. The latest
largo Industry to como this wuy Is
tl.u National Wood Plpu Co., nnd
while It doesn't come ns close to 8t,
Johns ns could bo desired, yet it will
bo an Important factor In .attracting
.''.!,( 1 manufacturing plants lu this
Unction. Concerning tho new on
Cti prise, wo quota thu following from
Saturday uvuiilug's Telegram:
Deciding that for an Industrial en
terprise of thu magnitude contem
plated, Portland occupies thu most
K.ratorilo petition, tl.o National Wood
Pipo Company has purchased 1R acres
of mud on tho Kenton lownsltu ly
ing between Columbia boulevard and
Columblu sluut,h, end w III erect a
factory nr.u auxiliary buildings ropro
sonllii an i.ivontn.oiit of lime lors
than $100,01)0, and giving employment
to 175 111011.
Thu dual was completed, nnd trans
fer papers signed thu middle of Inst
week, tho company being represented
by llalph II. Lloyd, vlco-presldent nnd
general manager, and tho Kenwood
l.niiu Company owners of the real
property, by aoorgo lleusner, Its
genera' manager, mo consideration
Is withheld, but thu price Is said to
linvo been comiuensurnto with tho
vnluo cf tho luuds lu question. Thu
Kenwood Land Company, ns U well
known, Is thu luud-lioldlug concern
rf tho Hwlft Packing Company.
It Is said that thu company an
nually usos millions of feet of timber,
and supplies all tho woodon pipes
nnd tar lis used In water cystoma on(
osst, from Alaska to Moxlco.
It has two other lame factories, ono
at Han Francisco and nnothor nt Los
Angules, According to protont plans,
Portland will hereafter bo thu head
quurtoi and chief distributing point
for the compnny's wares, though
minor stations will bo maintained lu
(trading tho land will Login within
two weeks, under thu direction of tho
company's engineer, nnd tho con
struction of tho factory and nuxlllary
structuroB wilt begin as soon ns pos
sible and bo rushed to completion,
Factories would really bo rtui proper
term, aa two Immoneu concrete build
ings will houso thu machinery. In ad
dition thoro will bo n Fargo ware
house and a drying kiln. Tho size of
of tho buildings uml other details will
depond In a measure on tho report
cf tho engineer after grading has
boon accomplished.
Extending Car Lines
A large force of men has been put
to work on tho extension of tho Port-1
and Railway, Light & .Power Com-1
pun tracks on Alblna avonuo from
North Alblna to tho Swift Packing'
plant on tho Peninsula. Work was j
suspenued on this extension after a
quarjer of a mllo of grading had beei
done, when tho extension was held up
by the referendum. This Is now out
of the way and tho work will go
rapidly forward. Grading Is In pro
gress and during tho coming week a
larger force will be put to work. At
Kenton tho line will connect with
tho Kenton Traction Company's
track, which is of similar grade and
width. Between Kenton nnd tho
packing plant tho track Is completed!
and It Is Intended to have cars in f
operation to tho Swift plant within
ten days.
At present the, company will push
the construction of tho Peninsula ex
tension owing to the demand for
transportation to tho Swift plant and
the big lumber company's plant.
concrete sidewalk district. Council
men A. W. Davis, S. C. Cook and F,
P. Drown were selected to act.
Mayor Hendricks Is having his
residence raised. on South Ivanhoe
street preparatory to constructing a
modern and commodious basement
W. E. Swengel and Fam
ily Enjoy Themselves
W. E. 8wongelwho with his fam
ily, has boon enjoying a pleasant so
journ nt Columbia Ucach, contributes
tho following from that resort under
dnto of July 20:
This being our first trip to tho
ocenu, our souls wero full of chcor
nnd enthusiasm. Tho morning was
very cool and cloudy when wo left
Portland, but there was enough In
termittent sunshlnu to mnka tho
Journey pleasant. Wn alighted upon
tho turf several times along tho way
as tha train stopped, nnd It seemed
good to jet upon our feet nnd feel
tho soft sunshine. Approaching Abtorlr
our eyes were turned In nn onger
cnuonvor to sou If perchanco wo
might got a view of that groat objoct
wo sought, when to our dollght wo
beheld u great, distant smooth hor
izon toward tho mouth of tho Colum
Ma. Yut wo did not sco tho ocean
piopur. Hero Is that city of so
world-wide fnmo for Its production,
export of lumber nnd Columbia river
salmon, Astorln has over been a
grert fishery station, founded In tho
earliest days of tho Oregon country
ns n trading post of that noted fi
nancier nnd rent estate boomer of
nnrlenl New York, John Jacob Asor,
vhoso IntorpBtH lu thu Hudson liny
Co at this placu wero Important,
Though tho oldest city lu tho North-
wtft, It Is yut Inferior to tho lively
nnd up-to-dato cities farther In tho
country. It lacks thu scenic beauty
of St. Johns or Portland, but horo
wo wero greeted with n BOft wost
wind nnd partly cloudy sky. Noon
had already arrived but wo had not
yut reached our destination.
Moving rapidly through tho sylvan
solitude of wild forests and finally
thiough oponlngs whore nro stock
nnd dairy ranches, wo arrived at
ou.' Jumping off place Morrison stn
lion. Thu first pleasant, old tlmo,
gonial fnco to greet us was Mrs, llul
lis, well known nnd esteemed by so
many or our St, Johns pooplu. Nood
Iobs to say that from then 011 our
cares wero nil ended not only
that our wants woro woll Buppllod,
but wo woro assured that thoro was
nothing on tho ground stronger than
wi.tor. Personal effects woro per
fectly safo lying around nnywhoro.
Wo staged It about a mllo to tho
camp grounds nnd woro nsslguod a
commodious tent well furnished, A
camp stovo was eroctod In tho outor
court and tha joy of camp Ufo bognn.
Tho wrltor secured a Binall rako and
went Into tho woods for a few spruce
limbs to cook tha meals. Sammlo
was sent to "Jacob's woll" for water,
and tho wlfo needed no Introduction
to her dutlos. Tho camp resembles
nn army oncampmont In vnatness,
and U beautifully locatod within a
circle of lovely spruco, west of which
If a strip of sand hills to tho beach
something llko a mllo. Upon the last
and huncst Is a lurgo hotel In splendid
view of all that Is grand and beauti
ful Horo tho visitor first beholds
the mighty ocean with Its deop bluo
waters and white surf. 8tretchlng
from North Head to Tillamook Head
la ono .grand and Inspiring sweep.
To tho right Is tho view of a wide,
smooth beach nnd open sandy plain.
Four miles above us is tho wreck of
a threo-masted ship cast upon the
nun threo years ago, Far up and
qulto visible to the naked eyo Is the
goverumont Jetty whoso longth Is
snlil t bo fifteen miles out Into tho
sou, "o our left tho beach taksa .
gr.i.elul curve Inland, and af'er some
30 miles are spent sheylelds a solemn to old Tillamook Head.
Trl', prominence holds a stubborn
position, defying oven a hill construc
tion company. Within this lovely
swtfop Ilea tho town of Seaside, quite
visible from hero.
Proudly before her bold position
lies two mighty rocks at sea, tho
oner ono having upon Its crest a
poemraent light houso. To the
east and south is the view of moun
tain und forest, and to tho west up
on d smooth horizon Is tho path of
ocean steamers, gilding to and fro,
as it were, In passing pride,
Tho boach Is a lovely drive. It Is
a natural highway Its entire length,
and thero are many curfous things
to be seen washed ashore. One
thing notable Just at this time Is a
sea Hon lying In tho sand, and his
great bulk can be seen for two miles.
North Albany and Chicago
Yet Owned by City
As much Interest hns been ovlnced
over tho alleged vacation of Chicago
and North Albany streets, wo here
with publish City Attorney Colllor's
finding In tho matter, which wns
brought beforo council Tuesday oven
lug: To tho Honornblo Mayor and Council:
aontlomon: Somo tlmo ago you re
quested that I glvo an opinion In
writing ns to tho regularity nnd le
gality of certain street vacations,
among which wero Albany street from
tho northerly lino of Chicago street
to tho northerly lino of Ilaltlmoro
street, and of Chicago street from thu
westerly lino of Ilrndford street to
tho Wlllnmotto river.
Tho nbova described portions of
streets wero attempted to bo vacated
by Ordinance No. 27, which passed
tho council on tho 10th dny of Feb
ruary, 1904.
I find from tho Journals that thu
mooting of Februnry 10th wns a
special mooting called by tho Mayor.
Tho records do not show any call
except a recital In tho minutes that
It had been cnlled. Tho called moot
ing did not statu tho purpose for
which It wns called. Tho records do
nut show that notice of thu called
meeting was given or served on any
of tho councilman. Thoro wero only
four of tho six membors present, Tho
ordinance, after Its passage, was not
posted or otherwise published,
Tho chartor of St. Johns nt that
tlmo provided, among other things,
"And ovory ordlnanco to bo valid
must recelvo tho affirmative of tho
majority of tha mombers of tho coun
cil, whoso names must bo entered In
tli Journal; nnd within five days from
tin- enactment of any ordinance n
copy thereof must bo posted In three
public places Iti said town."
Tho nbovo roqutromonts woro nec
essary to glvo validity to tho ordin
ance, I urn not In a position to stnto
whether or not nny of thoso formal
Itlcr woro compiled with, but It they
woro tlioy do not appear In tho min
utes or other rocords of tho council
that I have beon able to find. All
U which should appear of rocord.
I also find that tho ordlnanco was
not signed by tho Mayor. Whether
or not tho signing by the Mayor, un
dor tho charter referred to, la ab
solutely necessary to 'glvo validity
to tho ordlnanco Is a mooted ques
tion, nnd. In tho light of tho nbovo
named Irregularities, this Is not nec
essary to consider.
Ilospoctfully submitted,
Honry B. Collier,
City Attorney.
Building Permits
No. Gl To J. J, Karr to erect a
residence on Portland boulevard bo
twoen Newton and Iluchanan streets;
estlmntod cost $1000.
No. 62 -To George Drokaw to erect
residence on Hartman street botweon
Crulkshank and Moyera; estimated
cost $400.
No. 53 To II. M. Waldref to erect
temporary dwelling on Dayton streot
botwoen Seneca and Fessenden; es
timated cost $50,
Feel a Lot Better
A trio composed of J. 8. Dpwnoy,
P. Hill andW. W. Windlo enjoyed tho
medicinal qualities of St. Martin's
hot springs last week, and all assert
that they feel tho better for It. Many
marvelous euros havo resulted by
bathing In and drinking tho mineral
water there, and while tho accommo
dations are very crude, few havo
como away without benefit.
Dathlng and surf riding la great sport
and qulto safe, no disasters having
yet been chronicled.
Clam digging Is another sport' much
indulged In, as clams aro very
plentiful. They thomsolvea aro
smart diggers and ono must be quick
to fcet bold of them. The wind blows
a cheery breezo from over the sea
all day and the sun warms the beach
nuking It Idoal for bathing so that
ono, II ho onco enjoys this privilege,
wiU again seek It,
St. Johns People Do Not
Have a Kick Coming
Wo havo nt different times been
nsked to consura thu trolley lino
pcoplo through tho Iluvluw tor stow
service, cold cars, poor track, etc.,
but wo hnvo so far foiled to " dis
cover wherein thu pcoplo of St.
Johns had nny Just cnuso for com
plaint. Wo nro well nwnro of tho
fact that It Is n slaw nnd torturous
rldo to Portland many times, that
tho cars were not nlwnys ns warm
ns they should bo for comfort, nnd
that thu track In somo places would
bo tho hotter far n Uttlo repairing,
but hnvo thu pooplu horo sufficient
grounds for complaint by reason of
thoso conditions? Can they expect
tho company to supply ns efficient
service on their suburban routes ns
obtains lu tha heart of thu city
whore many times ns many passen
gers nro handled? It Is a lung haul
from Portland to St. Johns nnd tunny
times thu trips do not pay. Tho com
pany is nt nn Immonso expense con
stantly, but In splto of this wo bo
llnvo they nro willing to i'o anything
within renson." Tho faro of flvo cents
Is certainly rensonnblu enough, nnd
thu enrs run offer enough to satisfy
tho mnjorlty of tho people nnyhow.
In few cities can bit found first elnts
sorvlco on tho suburban routes. It
Is ono of tho petty niinoynnci'H of
suburban life, nnd It tnkes tlmu to
overcome. As long ns a porporntlun
Is doing ns well us It profitably can,
why should It bu cuiiBiirod? No prl-
vato Individual or firm would do
moro, and likely not an much. Mora
ei.n bo gained by being thankful for
what wo hnvo received than by knock
ing hecausa wo cannot got moro. Thu
company Is fully nwnro of the defi
ciencies that exist, nnd nro llkoly
as anxious aa nny ono to hnvo I hum
remedied, but It tnkes tlmu uud
money to do so. Aa tho population
011 tho PoiiliiBiiln Increases better
facilities will bu Inaugurated. In
tho mouutlmo, lot us aid rather than
hinder und annoy.
Visits New Town Site
Thu Columbia Trust Company con
ducted an excursion from Portland
to Ilrondmond last Saturday, tho oc
casion being 'ho opening for salo by
this company or this beautiful tract
3t land situated 42 miles nbovo Port
land on tho Wost Side. About n
hundred or Portland's enterprising
citizens, with n sprinkling or our
peoplo from St. Johns went with tho
train and found ubout COO pooplo with
a bass band nt thu station whun
they laudod. Tho dny was nil Idoal
ono nnd thu location thu prettiest Im
aginable for n town slto. it Is on
thu famous llroaduiond estutu owned
by tho Lndds and Is being platted
and jiold In small ncroages. Hveryono
in this suction knows thu reputation
of this splendid property nnd It wus
no surprlso that thu laud went from
tha start llku hot cakes lu a logging
camp boarding houso. Wo found P.
J, nnd John Potorson luto of Mc.Mliiu
vlllo locatod thoro lu their own two
story store building with a big stuck
of goods busy as bouvors, nnd thoro
Is ovory reason to bollovo thoy havo
a very favorable leoutlon, for It Is
u splendid country all around them.
Tho farmers aro all woll to do, many
of them rich, und this now town
starting at a fuvorublu distance from
nny othor largo place Is bound to
gruw rapidly, all of which will mako
"pudding" for Poto und John. May
their shadows nover grow less.
Tho ciowit nto everything In sight
that tho comp.iny had and they wero
obliged to muUo two or threo trips
to McMinnvllli with autos to got
moro provlndor to feed tho visitors.
This was donu and ovorybody was
flllod and happy. Many sales wuro
madn on tho grounds and tho tract
formully opened for salo.
Wo wont up via Oregon City and
camo back via of Forest Grovo
and everywhere tho oyo was mot
with views of tho finest of crops of
all kinds, Verily tho Wlllamotto
valloy Is a perfect Paradise. Tho
man who has a farm or any kind In
this valley will certainly regrot It
U ho over lets It go.
One or tho Party.
Pay your subscription.
Contractor Mason Has a
Strange Experience
Contractor V. W. Mason met with
nn odd oxpcrlonco ono morning Inst
week. Upon nrlslng nnd going out
fildo for n whiff of fresh nlr his
nostrils woro greeted with nn odor
Hint would havo mndo half n dozen
gluu factories combined look llko
thirty cents. Tho nlr wnB heavy
with tho strango purfumo, nnd Mr,
Mnson docldod Hint hoforo his souses
woro wafted nwny on tho "wings' of
thu morning, ho would mako n little
Investigation ns to Its source. Start
ing townrd his chicken coop his nt
tcnllou bocniuu fixed upon uu empty
barrel with n board leading from tho
ground to thu top or thu barrel, and
as ho wont townrd It his 1100 told
him that lie had struck 11 "pay
streak." (lotting closer thu sront be
came stronger nnd moro over-power-
Ing, and looking part wny Into tho
barrel ho saw tint head or u cat, nnd
thoro wasn't thu least doubt lu his
mind what sort of cat it was, 80
hurrying back to the house ha se
cured his trusty six-shooter nnd ad
vanced to thu attack. (Jotting with
in rnngo he took enreful nlm nt n
head part way up thu barrel on thu
Insldo nnd blazed nwny. Tho head
disappeared for n moment but came
back to draw nnothor shut. Six times
did Mr. Mason tako nlm and flru nt
tliu visible head, nnd when It came
within vision thu seventh time hu de
cided his mnrkmatishlp wns decidedly
off, und us all his cartridges wero
used up, hu aliped over to n neigh
bor's and burrowed a shot gun. After
firing two heavy charges Into thu
barrel, nn further signs of life wero
visible, and In vestlgallon revealed
thu fact that nut one, hut four evil
smelling representatives or tho felluu
Mho were lying dead within, and tho
heads Mr. Mason hud boon (ruining
his rapid flru gun upon did not In
every ensu belong to thu same body.
Visitors From Michigan
Thu MIbbch Mary and Llzzlu Pnrkui
of I, 'ay City, Mich., aro visiting nt
thu homos of Frank Clark and A. H.
Dunls this week. They aro on route
to take In thu Imposition at Seattle.
On their way out they stopped at
Colorado Springs, Denver uud Salt
Luko City, but think Portland Is thu
fliiost city oil tho routo. Tho rormor
la a teacher In Hay City and tho
other n teacher lu thu Chicago
schools. They sny they uro much Im
pressed with the hourly way every
one has or lauding thu beauties or
our city uud pointing out thu places
or Interest to them.
Foss Kept Busy
Chas, Fuss secured thu contract
for thu excavation und rock work on
a building to bo used as meat market,
barber shop uud general storu ut
Whltwood Court, adjoining Knight &
(Hover's saloon. Tho work Is being
(I11110 for W. II. Hush or Portland. Mr.
Fuss also has n force of men at work
clearing a lot for Wayne L. Mills nt
Whltwood Court, nnd will soon bo
hln excavation for thu erection of n
handsome dwelling for Mr. Mills,
Whltwood la rapidly coming Into its
Reckless Shooting
Whllo Mrs. P. II, Kdlofson and sov
erul others woro sitting upon tho
front porch or thu Fdlorsen homo ono
evening tho past week a bullet burlofi
Itseir In thu pillar directly over their
heads. Thu reckless party who did
tho promiscuous shooting should ex
erclso moro enru lu tho future, bu
causa It was only puro luck that tho
random shot did not do moro damngo
than was tho case. An ordlnanco
forblda shooting within tha city
limits anyway.
Mrs. Kmlly Walker, or 423 Stewart
streot, who was operated upon at
tho Good Samaritan hospital, Port
land, last week, Is rapidly Improving.
Marble Halls of Southern
Oregon Reserved
Tho President lias Just signed a
proclamation making a Natlonnl
Monument or tho Oregon CavoB or
"Mnrblo Halls" of Josophlno County,
In southern Oregon. Thcso natural
wonders nro located In tho Siskiyou
National ForeBt about thirty mllca
south of Grant's Paso In Cnvo Moun
tain. Thu enves aro In marblo and othor
limestones nnd consist of Innumer
able cnvoniH, corridors and passage
ways of various sizes, nil of them
docorated beyond description In
crystnlllzed carbonates. Thoy havo
been explored to n dlstanco of two
miles or moro, tho lowest of them
being nt n depth of about 2,000 foot
below tho summit or Cava Mountain,
tho highest being somo sovon or
eight hundred feet nbovo It. Thoro
uru many pnssngownyfl and rooms
which hnvo never boon opened, nnd
with these distant nnd unexplored
openings tho mngnltudo of Oregon
Caves Is practically unknown.
These natural wonders wero discov
ered In 1874 by Kllja Davidson, whllo
bear hunting, nnd tho groator part of
thu exploration work wns dono by F.
M. Nlckorsnn, of Korhy, Oregon, In
1877, when four floors or lovols woro
partially opened, Many or tho old
ladders used at that tlmo nro still In
Cnvo Mniintnln, tho punk which con
tains thoso envus, rises to mi olovn
tlun or nbout 6,000 feet nnd Is of
limestone rormntlon. Tho mnln opon
lngs around which tho National
Monument has been created nro nt nc
elevation or 4,000 feet, hut tho en
tire inouiitalu-Bldu for flvo or six
miles shows caverns of various sizes
mid In nil probability Is honeycombed
throughout Its Interior llko tho por
tion which has boon explored.
Many small streams nro round at
different elevations, uud larger bodies
of running water can bo heard In
bottomless pits so rar ns measured.
This running water probably accounts
for currents of wind that In soma of
thu galleries blow so hard as to ex
tinguish nn open light nt onco.
Thu llmo doposlts tako many beau
tiful forms; miisslvo pillars, delicate
stalactites or alubaster whiteness with
thu crystal drop or water carrying Its
mlnulo deposit or lima from which
they uru formed, uud broad shoots re-
soinbllng drapery with graceful curvo
and waves that woro certainly mado
by varying currents of wind during
In past yenra visitors havo broken
off und carried nwny many of tho
most valuable specimens and this des
truction us well us to rotalu thoso
natural wonders aa public property,
Induced tho recommendation to placu
them In 11 National Monument.
Thu Forest Service has rebuilt and
Improved thu trails leading to thu
Caves from each sldu of tho divide
In ordor to moro easily protect tho
valuable forest surrounding, and to
mnko thu cuvoh mora accessible to
Delightful Musicale
Mrs. John N, Kueler entertained
with 11 muslcnlu last Frlduy ovenlng
nt hor homo on Stuwart street lu
honor of Mrs, Itlluy Hutchinson, who
loaves for a visit to hor old homo In
Dulutli, Mich. A flno musical pro
gram wus rendered and prizes con
sisting of small musical Instruments
woro won by Mr. and Mrs, E, L.
Cox for guessing tho greatest numbor
of musical people and of articles hav
ing musical significance. Refresh
ments woro sorved and a good tlmo
enjoyod by all.
il Will Be Kept Here
Tho O. It. & N. Co. has cleaned
out thu old oil works in North St.
Johns and will after Soptombor first
handle their oil from St. Johns In
stead of at Portsmouth, This covers
tho supply of fuel oil used by tho O.
It. & N. and Southern Pacirio rail
ways In Oregon.
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