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PubllAhiid Evory Friday
At 117 West Burlington Street.
THK RBVIKW is entered nt jwst office
In Snlnt Johns, Oregon, ns mall matter
of the second class under the Act of Con
gress of March 3, 1879.
Job Printing eieeutcd In flrtelii iie.
Hilts lor Job Printing cih on deMrtrr.
All communlcstlom ihould bt tddmaetl to
Tbi BTlw, fit. John. Oregon.
AdrcrtUIng ritu, $1.00 per Inch pr month.
All idTettlilng bllU PJU Brit of each
Offlcli Mswtptpir of th City of Bt. Johns.
Subscription pries $1.00 por yonr.
FRIDAY, JUL-Y 30, 1909.
tlctnombcr tho
dnncu In tlio now
dny, August Cth.
Commercial club
city dock Thurs-
Thcro HccniB to ho aomo activity
lntuly along tho DcBchutos river, and
Iliirrlmsin und Hill nro again having
n fencing match.
Somehow Harry Thaw's nnmo
seems to Hiirlng Bjiaamodlcnlly to tho
kuku of on Irritated and long Buffer
lug nubile with lltllo relief In Bight
Tho sulcldo mania bcoimh to hnvo
struck tho country In great shape
and 0110 cannot pick up n dally paper
without noting Instances of from 0110
to half n dozen who hnvo departed
this llfo by tho "hurry-up" route.
Action tukon by 1'reflldent Taft In
setting aside tho Josupliliiu county
caves ns a National reservo meets
with thu hearty approval of tho peo
ple of this Btato, who are Interested
In preserving Its natural wonderu.
One niiitaru mllo Including the on
trance to tho caves has been mado
a rosorvnt Ion, belonging to tho gov
ernment, by proclamation JiihI
Hlgned. Tho cuveM titnku up won
derful collection of roomy caverns
and galleries In tho side of it inmin
tain In tho (Irayback rangu, about
30 miles south of tlrnntH I'aHS,
Wonder If thu tlmo will over come
when women will Imvo thu aiidaelty
L wear becoming hendgear In spile
o tho dictates of Imperious faHblon,
or whether this fesllvo damo will ever
troii' tho fair box hinder by design
I.W hats after something moro dig
nified and moro beautiful than tin
imim, dish puns, peach baskets, etc.?
It Is ronly pathetic to seo 11 good
li tiling woman endeavoring to ap
pear attractive under it hat that
resembles it half bushel basket dec
dinted for display at 11 Harvest Homo
picnic. It Is not necessary to go
outside of Ht. Johns to noto what
distressing caricatures Damo Fashion
can miilio out of woman kind who
worship ut her shrlno.
Big Dance in City Dock
The proposed big danco nt tho new
city dock was a leading themo of dl
cusslon nt tho Commercial club at
Its meeting Wednesday evening, and
It was definitely decided to hold same
Thursday evening, August Cth. This
promises to bo an affair of mora
thnn ordinary IntercBt nnd will be
conducted on an extensive plan. Tho
dock Is snld to have moro dancing
spacu than any other building In tha
Northwest that Is available, and I in
mouse throngs of dnnccrs may bo nc
conunodated nt 011a time. Tho differ
ent committees havo their work well
In bund and nothing will bo left tin
dono to mnko It a brilliant success
In every particular. Tho proceeds
will go to tho club for tho purpose
of advertising and furthering tho In
tercst of the city of St. Johns, and
every 0110 should muko It a point to
10 In attondanco since tho cnuso Is
such a worthy one. Largo numbers
of people from out of town nro ex
pected to bo present, and It Is likely
that a launch will be run from Port
land to accommodate the peoplo there
who deslro to eoiuo by water. Ar
nold Ungur will look after tho re
freshmont pnrt of tho affair, which
menus that the wants of tho crowd
will ho fully satisfied along this lino.
Hood music will bo furnished mid
gill edged order, will prevail. So If
you want to hnvu the time of your
life, don't fall to bo there next Thiirn
day night.
Tho action of tho council In offer
ing thu elty dock for Bnlo at thu price
specified was iinnnliuoiisly endorsed
liy tlio club, who belluved tho elty
dads ami mayor deserve lots of credit
for tlio action they hnvo taken In
the matter.
Tho subject of tho North Hank
road not culling out thu fact when
Ht. Johns was reached and permit
ting tho passengers to get off nt that
point If they so desired, was brought
up ami tho secretary wits Instructed
to request (ho officials to attend to
this In tho future.
President Valentino asked for nil
expression as what benefit the elly
would likely derive from 11 ball team
with St. Johns uniforms making a
our of twenty or moro cities In the
Northwest and distributing literature
concerning the city ns they went
along. While nil decided It would lie
a fine way to advertise this part of
world, no action was taken In tho
way of tho club aiding tho project
fliiiiiincliilly, Tho Idea of thus bring-
ug the city of Ht. Johns to tho n-
Ico of tho peoplo In tlio statu of
Washington and points In Oregon Is
ipillo meritorious and would 110 doubt
tend to advertise Ht. Johns In 11 sub
stantial manner.
By Had.
Mary had a little lamb,
A woolly little tyko
And overywhero that Mary went
That lamb was euro to hlko.
Ho wont to town with her, oncdny-
A foolish thing to do.
Boforo that lamb could got away
They had him In n Btow.
Mnry had n llttlo rat,
Shu kept It In her hair;
And overywhero thnt Mnry wont,
Tho rnt was Burcly there.
'Twas Btrango how Mary loved that
Hut feared a llttlo mouao;
And always kept a big Tom cat
To Bcaro It from tho house.
Mary had a speckled hen,
A great omclctto booster.
For every dny Speck laid an egg,
Hut wob overy night n rooster.
Now, Mary praised that speckled hen
Just llko tho very Dickens;
Hut her ungodly brother, Hun
Dcclnred It "common chlckonB."
Mnry had a brother John,
Tho worst 0110 of tho lot.
Whenever Mary had n beau
Jack was Johniilo-oii-tho-spot.
While you may gather animals
To you from overywhero,
Tho things that they will do to you
Will mnko you tenr your hair.
Tho only remedy thnt wo know,
Is renlly worth a button;
Is to take tho offender out
And mnko III in Into mutton.
Tho following officers of Luutol
wood Itcbekah I.odgo were installed
at their regular meeting Wednesday
night, July II:
N. (I. Mnymu Monnhnii,
V. (I. Tllllo Hill.
Hucrotary Aiinn 1 Iitthawny.
Treasurer Koto ltambo.
Chaplain Miniilo Hall.
Conductor Anna (Hover.
I. (1. Kiln Aiken.
O. (J. Hubert Simmons.
It. 8. N. 0. Cynthia Hewitt.
It. H. V. . Mary ICIIIolt.
L. 8. V. U Mary Downey.
Tho Warden, Amy Day, and L.
8. N. (1., Alum Dorrlo, nro yet to
bo Installed,
lllg danco at tho biggest pavilion
In the Northwest next Thursday oven
lug, Hvcrybody turn out nnd Incl
deutly have 11 good view of tho city
dock before It Is filled with grain.
Paste the tlmo In your ditto book and
let nothing kodp you away.
At n meeting of tho Hoard of DI-
rectors of tho Collapsible Hox com
pany, which met nt tho offlco of tho
company on Monday oveiilng last, W-
S. I. authors, owing to a pressure of I
business, resigned his office ns Pres
ident of tho coinpnny, nnd Gov. J.
II. Hotelier wns appointed to fill tho
position In his stead,
Steps were taken to cnlnrga tho
business and to give it nn Impetus In
other directions which will soon mnk
it one of tho most Importnnt enter
prises In tho city. Tho company has
had many discouragements to con
tend with In the past, but these havo
been surmounted nnd Its progress
from now on promises to bo rnpld.
Tho output of this company has no
equal anywhere, nnd when this fact
becomes moro generally known thcro
wilt bo no question as to Its speedy
expansion and development.
Some meat men may laud tholr
business to tho skies with poetry
and prose, and in glowing terms
tell of tho great benefit accruing to
tnnnklnd through tho operation of
their moat markets, but In this par
ticular market neither nro necessary.
"Thu proof of the pudding is in tho
eating," mid Just so It Is with our
incuts. Thoy speak for thoinsolvcs
and tho flno patronngo wo aro enjoy
ing Is concluslvo itssurnnco that our
mcnts nro not without merit. While
others may endeavor to secure pat
ronagu by empty words nnd ambigu
ous phrnscs, WH DIJLIVKU TUB
GOODS. Wo confine ourselves strict
ly to "paddling our own cnuou" and
do not rely upon building up our
business by tearing another down.
No question was over raised ns to
tho purity of our ments, and thu rea
son of It Is because tlio opportunity
wns never presented. Our ments nro
ALWAYS I'UIIB. Try thorn nnd eo.
Buster BroWs
Th Tsrrors and tha Dangers of a
Tropical Forest.
It Is not n pretty story, this narra
tive of a trip up the Orinoco, but you
may understand orchid people better
if you read It.
"It began unluckily," sold he. "I
took n partner becnuso I'd lenrurd that
thu dark places of earth are hnrd upon
a man by himself. I met him nt Port
of Spain, nnd ho wns enger for the
adventure because he had Just abscond
ed from n Hrltlsh mercantile house In
Havana nnd the Orinoco Bounded to
him like n haven.
"Wo hired 11 few negroes. Our real
guides we would pick up nt Angos
tura. One day while waiting for the
stores to be packed 1 took my partner
out to shuw III 111 what 1111 orchid was.
"Near the Pitch hike I saw one In
n tree nnd ordered one of the negro
boys to shin up nnd get It. He would
not. A deadly siinke dwelt In that
tree, ho declared. He was afraid
nfrald of Biinkes! Nice, clllclent, help
ful boy to lake Into tropical forests.
wasn't her
"It was Insubordination before the
expedition had even started. So 1
cuffed him nnd handed him my burn
ing knife. 'Itrlng down thnt Mower
3,th.,!!; S. COBB, Cor. Jersey and Burlington
110 was (irincuiug tne or-
TrsJc Mark Rcpslcrcd
Tht Best-Locking, Btst-Fttling and Dtst-Ftttins well si BuU
Wearing 25 cent Slocliinj; nude. They sre old four pain in. a box tl
and w3l replace FREE any pair that wesri to holes M heel or to
within four month from dale of purchase. Let ui how them to you
show you how to top the drudgery ol darning.
Continued from first pngo.
tnbllshed. It is work that should
hnvo been dono before tho urn of
street Improvement opened up this
Spring, nnd tho chances nro Hint
nothing enn bo dono until It ubates
Ibis Kail.
Tho subject of tho mlu of tlio city
dork was broached, and thu mnyor
stated that tho attorney of tho North
west Warehouse company was now
engaged In drafting an ordlimnce
legalizing tho sale, which requires
tlmo and euro In tho drawing there.
of. It Is likely thnt tho ordinance
will bo In shnpo for pitssitgo or re
jection uuxt Ttwsdny ovunlng.
Is the center of industrial activity in the cnMcrn pnrt of St. Johns. This valuable property adjoins the only depot on
the entire Peninsula, thus affording local and through passenger, freight and express service.
Is already the situ of several small factories, others in course of construction. Present growth indicates thnt in only a few months
the pay rolls of these plants will be Mifliclcnt to support the entire district.
HAST ST. JOHNS in not only a AUmiifnctiirinn District hut has a fine Residence Section that is high and sight
ly, The Building Restrictions of 51,500, 51,000 and $500, provides suitahlc home sites for the laborer and thu
business man. The Water, Lights. Phones, Graded Streets and New Schools arc not promises, but facts.
TALK it over with any RKAL HSTATJt AOHNT. East St. Johns land Co., East SI. Johns Station Phone Richmond 601
the trunk.
ciiui rrotu wncre it clung wnuii a
thing tike n spear, ns black us UU own
skin, suddenly struck nt the boy's
wrist. Ho screamed with terror nnd,
toppling down, writhed with pain. lie
died, nnd I felt n gloom settle on my
"Well, nt Angostura we took rafts
and six guides upstream. First one
guide died of fever; then another wns
bitten by poisonous insects. One fell
In wllh-or Into mi alligator. Wo
needed meat, and thu skin wns worth
it good deal, so half In revenge, half
In curiosity, wo went out nnd plugged
holes In the monster. When the guides
cut It open they stooped and drew
things out the bones mid the cotton
clothes of the guide' this cntinlbnl rep
tile had swallowed. The very knot
wns still In his sarong. Oh, don't
squirm! This Is orchid hunting.
"Wo lind throe guides left nt tho
end of the second month, when, pad
dling along one day whore tho vinos
overreached nnd let snaky tendrils
draggle down, we enmc to n fifty yard
clearing. We snw there tho sides of
tlireo ennoes, half smothered with rnp
ld growing vegetation, nnd 1X-00 alli
gator skins well salted, hut decaying.
Hanging to tho roof of what hnd been
n kind of lean-to were 100 orchid plants
withered nnd dead. On the Moor lay
two rusty rlllcs nnd two skeletons.
Out by the nshy place where the lire
had been wns it third skeleton. Up
between the ribs were cheerfully grow
ing some gny weeds." Kvorybody's
Arouttd Hir Curloilty Aftir All.
"Don't wnnt nny." snld n housekeep
er from her second story window to it
street vender whoso corered wagon
wns Hlnndlng it few steps ttwny nnd
who hnd Just pulled the bell.
"Don't want any whatY" grullly nsked
thu vender, who hadn't hnd even n
cbniico to trll what Ids wnres were.
"What Imvo you gotK" nsked tho
housekeeper, whomi curiosity wns get
ting tho better of her annoyance.
"Oh, never mind. You don't want
any. ait up, 1Mb!"
".Vow, I wonder what that exaspcr
atlug mnn is selling, niiyhnwt" she ex
claimed ns tho wagon disappeared
around tho corner. Uxchnnge.
ln Buying Extracts
Why not buy VAN DUZER'S, when you get them at
the same price they ask for Extracts of an inferior
The name Van Dtizcr means high grade goods.
Call and get a one ounce trial bottle absolutely
free at
couch & co.s.
Bids Wanted
Scaled proposals will bo received
it tho office of thu City Kccorder tin
til 7 o'clock p. in., Tuesday, Atiguil
3, for tho lease of tho elty rock
rusher and utilities now located nt
Whltwood Court. Further liiformn
lion regarding tho sntitu may ho ob
tallied nt any tlmo nt tho elty hall.
Tho right to reject any and nil bids
is reserved,
City Recorder.
Published In thu Bt. Johns Itoviow,
July :iOtb, 11)00.
Prnulilmil MN.ft iflll vlull fW.,.,.ii I
this full, llo will come In October
nnd will mnko stops at Portland und
other cities of tho statu that his
Itinerary will permit. The President
liitu accepted (ho Invitation of Kottii
tor Iloiiritu to bo IiIh guest whllo lit
Now record prices were reached In
the hog market at Portland during
tho past week, Lust Thursday hugs
advanced to 10 per 100 pounds, this
being thu highest valuo over record
oil within the memory of thu trado
A shipment of 77 hogs from thu
Wlllnmetto Valley received this nt
trnutlvu flguru. The liogtt nveraged
181 pounds each and brought tho tut
usual prlco of bettor than Sltiitf
J i i i i
That tho clliunto of tho Pacific
Northwest Is most favorable to long
llfo la tho belief of Dr. Itudolph J
llongue, exponent of tho simple life
and author of tho book, "How to llo
Ono Hundred Years." Ho Is going to
establish u colony of his followers
nour Vancouver, Wash., whero llfo
will bo along simple lines und next
to nature. Simplicity of diet ami
clothing will provail. Dr. Honguo's
followers will bo tucked iutu bed ut
sundown and will rUo with tho lark
Worry and dull euro will bo tabooed
and members of tho colony will bo
told to bo always cheerful and happy.
Dr. Hoaguo promises all who will live
utter his rules u hundred years of
John llureh, who left hero several
mouths ago for his health, died at
Woodland, Cab, July U'th.of n compli
cation of diseases, llo had been it
resident of St. Johns for about three
yours prior to going to California. Ho
wns aged about 58 years, ami loaves
a wife mid young son, Ho was a
good citizen and greatly respected by
all who know hliu.
Ono who holds tablo salt as okboII
Hal should try eating tho skins of
nil vegetables and fruits and tho
wholo cereals, and sou whether tho
craving for salt does not grow less at
ono pursovures. Vegetables cooked
"in their Juckutu" do not ruqulro
salt. Tho orgaulo salts nro lit thu
skins. There Is tho Iron to iiiako
rod blood ami rosy cheeks, oven us
It makes red cheeks of tho applo;
thuro Is enamel to protect thu
teeth oven iih the tender meat of tho
fruit Is pioteoted; there uru thu bono
und brain builders In correct no4
available form. From August Phys
leal Culture,
attended by tho highest priced baby
specialists could not bo cured of
stomach or bowel troublo any quick
or or surer than your baby It you
glvo It Mctleo's Haby Kllxlr. Cures
diarrhoea, dyseiitary and all de
rangements of tho stomach or bowels
Price 1!5 cunts and CO cunts. Sold by
North Hank Pharmacy,
Team of horses, ouo white and one
buy, both geldings, weight about
I'L'OO; taken up Monday, July '.'0, and
now In thu city pound, St. Johns
Owner may have same by paying
costs and proving property.
Chief of Police.
H. J. Hodgens, recently of Ores-
ham and a natlvo of Michigan, has
purchased tho Smith blacksiulth shop
on South lvauhoo and has already
taken possession of same.
All rouds lead to tho new city dock
Thursduy ovunlng. lllg time, big
dance, big doings. It will bo some
thing long to bo remembered. Muko
up your mind tu bo thuro.
When six months old tho llttlo
daughter of K. N. Dowoy, n welll
known merchant of Aguowvlllo, Vn.,
had mi attack of cholera Infantum.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di
arrhoea Itemedy wus given and ef
fected a completo euro. This remedy
has proven very successful in cases
I of bowel complaint lit chuuren and
I when given according to tho plain
! printed directions can bo relied upon
; with perfect confidence, When re
duced with water nnd sweetened It
Is pleasant tu take, which Is ofgrciu
, Importance when a medicine must bo
given to, young children. For sale
by all good druggists.
It's Luck to Smoko Puck
Tha Hotter than 6c Cigar
Tho Cigar lit tho Green llox
Subscribe for tho Telegram best
evening paper on tho coast. Seo
Kd Stockton,
makers nt
Apprentices and
onco at tho Vogue
Trim, neat ulckle mounted, f 15.00
1'iiie, better grade, rubber
mounted ... 30.00
Pine, double tlttvlng, ulckle
mounted 34.00
All our good are low comvtred to
the quality. Large stock of Collars
and Sweat Pads 011 hand,
St. Johns Harness Shop.
The New Grocers
Cater to the trade
Opens Mod., Aug,. I
One of the most com
plete aud up-to-date gro
ceries in the city. All
good strictly fresh, no
old stock.
Fresh fruits and vege
tables daily.
Your patronage solicit
ed. Prompt delivery.
Phone Jersey 1031.
1 1 1 South Jersey St.
Sllinetd Him.
Tho young mnn In tho barber's chair
hnd been nnnoyed by suggestions of
the while coated artist, although ho
hnd said clearly enough when ho sat
down that ho wanted only n hair cut
nnd a shampoo. Singeing, facial mas
sage nnd hair tonics had been offered
Finally tho barber perpetrated whnt
is with barbers tho crowning Insult
Passing his hand over tho young man's
face, ho said contemptuously:
"Slmvo yourself, don't you?"
"Sure," snld the young man. "Don't
you J"
And thoro wns silence. Washington
Poor Mnl
She I'm never going to spenk to
your wlfo ngnln.
He-Whnt's tho matter?
"She promised to write to mo two
weeks ngo, and I haven't hennl from
her since."
"Oh. well" (feeling In bis pocket),
"hero's tho letter. Sho gave It to mo
n fortnight ngo." Youkcrs Statesman.
Th Deteent.
"Father, do nieii descend from mon
keys?" asked nil Inquisitive bid
"es, tny boy."
"And what do monkeys descend
"Tho monkeys deseend-nh-from tbe
trees! ' London Telegraph.
Tho city of St. Johns does ordain
ns follows:
That whereas tho city council of
tho City of Bt. Johns, by resolution
adopted May Ith, 100D, directed tho
city engineer tu muko survey of tho
proposed widening of Fessondeti
itrect In tho city of Bt. Johns, from
(ho Southwesterly lino of Jersey
street to tho Wlllnuiuttu river, und
to muko a survey mid plat and
written report of snmo containing a
full und completo description of said
proposed change by widening of snld
Fessemleit street and tho boundaries
thereof, mid to fllo snld report, plul
.tnd survey within twenty days from
said duto unless said tlmo wus by
said council extended, and,
WheroiiB, thereafter, nnd on tho
2&tlt day of May, 11109, said Council
extended said tlmo for filing said re
port, pint nnd survoy for a period of
twenty days, nnd
Whereas, pursuant to snld reso
lution tho city englnoer did, on tho
12th nay of Juno, lyuy. tlio sucn
report, plat and survoy of said pro
posed widening of said street, which
said report, plut und survey have
been examined by tho council of suld
city, and deemed satisfactory in nil
things, and Is ns follows, to-wit:
St. Johns. Oregon, June 12, '09
"To tho Honorable Mnyor and Couu
In widening Fessendon street ftom
Jersey street to tho river, It will lo
uccessary to condemn tho following
described property:
Ileglnnlng nt tho Northwest corner
of Lot 3, niock 43 In Jumes John
Addition to tho city of St. Johns,
run thenco South 66 dogrees West
along the present Kasterly line of
Fessenden street to tho Willamette
river, from tho above mentioned Hue,
I and .1 In Chlpmnn's Addition; .10
parts of Lots and 'i't lit llloctc 10,
Clilpmitu's Addition; .10 parts of lots
1 and 10 In Illock 13 Chlpmnn's Addi
tion; ,0i)M parts of it 11.33 acre
trnct, owned by tho .Merchant In
vestment and Trust Co.; ROD sqttnru
fed of tho O. It. mid N. Co.'s right
of way, mid .10 parts or lots 1 mid
10 In Illoelts 1, 4 mid r, In Ilyars
Addition to thu city of St, Johns.
liy condemning thu above des
cribed land thu street will bo mado
70 feet wldo from Jersey street to
tho Itlver.
a i-:. an Din: w,
City Engineer.
That raid report, plat mid survey
bo, mid they and each of them nro
hereby adopted mid approved.
Passed tho Council July 2th,
Approved by tho Mnyor July 27th
Attost Mayor,
Published In tho Bt. Johns llovlow.
July 30th, 1909.
Not Guilty.
It Is said that wltiiln 400 years gold thence run North 66 degrees East to
nggregntlng JL'.OOO.OOO.OOO has disap
peared from circulation, and tho gov
ernment would like to know who has
It. Wo learn that the members kX the
newspaper fraternity are not suspecttd.
-St. Louis Itepubllc.
"You ought to savo mouey for your
"Yes. but"
"Hut what?"
"My family won't lot me." Cleve
land Leader.
Pe'.ty thieves are hanged; great
thieves nro asked to dinner. Geraau
moans that man and wife have lived
to a good aid age and consequently
have kept healthy, Tho best way to
keep healthy Is to see that your li
ver does It's duty 305 days out of 365.
the Southwesterly line of Jersey
street thenco run along said South
westerly lino of Jersoy street to the
place of beginning, containing In all
and omitting land already dedicated
for streets. 10,150 squaro feet. Said
10,450 squaro feet being composed of
tho following fractional parts, or lots
and blocks;
.05 parts of lots 2 & 3 In niock
43. 34. 22. 21. S and 7. In James John
Addition; -025 parts of Illock 13,
and .05 parts of Itlver Lot No, 14 In
Jumes John Addition.
Also beginning nt tho Northeast
Corner of Lot 8 Block 5 In Chip
man's Addition to the city of St.
Johns, run thence South 56 degrees
west aloug tho present westerly
lino of Fessenden street to tho Wil
lamette river, thenco run Westerly
to a point 5 feet distant lu a per
peudtcular line from the above men
tioned line to a point, thenco run
North 56 degrees East parallel to
tho present direction of Fessenden
is somothlng wo hear or read about
overy day of our lives. Burns and
scums euuer sngui. or serious are 1 street to tho Southwesterly prop-
Tho only way to do this is to keep I bound to happen in your family, bo crty line of Jersoy street thence run
Uallard's Herblno In the house mid prepared by hnvlnc n bottle at Bal. along saw &ouinwesicny
take It wheuover your liver gets in- lard's Snow Linimont handy. It re
active. 50 cents per bottle. Sold by Hove tho pain Instantly nnd quickly hug land already dedicated for street
North Bank Pharmacy. heals the burn. Sold by North Bank purposes, 10,750 squaro feet. Said
Pharmacy. 10,750 square feet being composed
A ashing at homo. Ad- ,ota .raf.,s.b
Preach the gospel ot SL Jokux. I .10 parts of lota S aud 9 In Blocks
Sand and Gravel
I have inmle arrangements with
the Pacific UridKC Co. for wash
ed river gravel nnd sand in un
limited (ttnutittes. Contractors
fiKtiritiK on street work or on
building; would do well to see me
and get prices. Hunkers are lo
cated nt foot of Newton street,
opposite the site for the new
school building in East St. Johns
Ilusiiiess phone Woolawn 1 194
Residence phone Richmond 134 1
L. D. Jackson
To lay in your supply of
We hnve a fine assortment on
hand. Call in and pick
out what you want.
Wanted Washing at homo. Ad
drcsa John Kllue, HarUuou streoL
Ice Cream
The Best Obtainable
Cosiest place iu town. Bring
your friends around aud treat
them to something fine. Get
our rates for church parties,
socials, etc. Note the big yel
low sigu.
103 N. Jersey St.
Skcoto Skcet for mosqultos, Hay
wood's Poison Oak Salve for poison
ous skin eruptions. Peroxide Cream
for summer tan, A. D. S, Foot Pow
der for sore feet, and nil kinds ot
"fly catch" at the St. Johns Pharmacy.