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Devoted (o (he Interests ot the Penlniula, tlio Manufacturing Center of the Northwest
VOL. 5
NO. 1
locals ma foot ball DOINGS OF THE CITY COUNCIL
High School Lads Defeat Portsmouth in a Well , ri., n a r Vt tl .. . n a, .
Played Game Here Friday Afternoon TllC Clty Dads Co"Vene and Tfa"SaCt Their Usual Budet of
Municipal Business in a satisfactory Manner
Coudltloim woro fhio for n game of
footbnll l-'rlilny afternoon of Inst week
.when Hit) Portsmouth. aggregation
canio up to show thu 8t. Johns high
school boya how to play.
As nuar as wo could loiirn from t,.u
hoys tho llnoiip wiih ns follows;
St. -lolins Portsmouth
Arthur Chirk c HnrncBi Htnufot-it
noiiru Anderson rg Fred Cnrlcton
Kmory Gllmoro
Joromo Whistler
Archlo Smock
Drlck Doylo
I lurry .Mount
Will Mngono
Alex Kerr
Clyde Teollng
Fny Durlny
Frank Tiirland
Fred Orlsuold
win. McCnrty
lo Homer Ferguson
rh Forest Martin
Hi Waller Perry
qb (too. VohiI
hnrnest Crouohley fb Hun Cntlandor
! rank Crowoll, Umpire; Tom t nrroll
Hanii'st Crouchloy mailo n nplcndld
kick off. Tho Portsmouth (mix rmiimi
tlto hall and voro penalized IT, yards, T'10 nu"J0ri,t'(l session of the city tho city attorney for a written opln
hnt plncklly Btnrtcd In to win them c0,mc" "-'t Thursday ovoiiIiib all ho- Ion all voIIiib yes
wick, tvj "sointB"woro loo many for K ,,UBU"lu-i;i,i numei-suu uusont. ueca or m. jj. nowrooK for cor
thorn, however, and it was n sore from t,, clt' tain lots was noted and held for fur
tils .ppolntmeiit to tho homo team Aflor aiding tho minutes tho ro- ther Investigation.
.viion limo was called, for thov were tur"ur ru"u n communicaiioii rroin water ortiinaneo passed tho conn
Just reaching out for another touch. 11,0 ,,ni'lf,l! States teluphonu company oil alt voting yes.
down. With true American snlrlt tho B'llf)''"B their willingness to co-op- Garbage proposition was still held
homo team choore.i their ,i,f,.....,i ''" to with tlio city In their Polite
opponentu after tho ennm signal as Indicated In Inst week's
Tho team shows tint i.rfi.rt nfmr... 'tevlow.
ful coaching by Tom t'nrrnii nmi limn Keport of IV.-ry company was ro
will bo a number or excellent Barnes C0,mI for October with n check for
durliii? Dim uTiunn I $7.25. The report showed thnt the
Tho boys feel Brnteful to tho ulrls rorry "n" "ntiilloil Slim foot pnsnen
over for further luforniatlon
Half of tho money on tho openliiB
of Willis botilovnrd Is puhl In and
tho council expects thnt nil property
owners will make good without the
necessity of local proceedings,
On motion f Doblo the water and
referee; "Torilblo Ted" Crouchloy, i grnr.d stnud and bleaeherH bel.iK full
for their loyally In bIvIiiji t'lieourni:- KorM' 1110 H,MR'L' r'R8 '! doublo light commltteo was given authority
Iiib high school yolis and "raotlim" 1 KH ",,rl,, the month. On motion to Install tho now ckclrle police
for their homo team. ,)av'B "'Pert nnd Jock were no- slgiinlH,
Thero wns n flint ntiiwiil'imn Hi,, ct'ptod. , On motion of Davis the recorder
timekeeper; Cecil Mngono. head
linesman, Hilly Woods, nrslstniit
H was n spirited unino throuBhout.
In tho first half Teellns with tho its
ilstanco of Crouchloy covered n punt
and made a touchdown,
lirlck Doylo caimht tho flint for.
wnrd pans and inndo L'O yards before
ho was broimht to kmsh. llihl; did
oxcellent work tluouBhoui (ho entire
Biiine, nnd tho hl.'i vrlw;ol hoys were
iinkliiB It warm ti" t'.p vlsltlns
eleven when "Terrlllo Toddy" :alled
Tho Inst half of tho itamo was n
moro oven striiBKle, somu times tho
visitors woro near their bdiiI and
nKiitn tho St. Johns lads would crowd . new suits and
them back almost to a touchdown. I worth slmIiib.
in tho limit. Nearly If not nil tho
faculty of uoth schools woro pro
sent which added not n luilo to tho
vim with which tho boys played.
I hero wns a good attendance from
Mr. Illtkner presented bid for $KI0C was roipiested to take tho matter
worth of Improvement bonds which ol excess charges up with tho Pa
cific States company and ascertain
was accepted on motion of Davis,
Petition for Improvement of Mon-, why they nro clinrgliig higher rates
lleth street was rend and nccepled on than their franchise warrants. The
motion of Jonhsoii and the engineer vote of tho council was unanimous 01
tho citizens outside tho schools ami l"Hlr'lcll!'l to furnish a profile of the all of these propositions.
tho footbnll boys wish us to thank tripoHod Improvement. J
tho business men nnd others mmit Tll "'otter of tho South .Jersey, Tho .list session of tho city conn-
heartily for tho lueiest manifested Mlrt'01 ''"Provemeijt was tabled for ell convened about n half hour lalo In
In this team and their uamo and wwK " ""'lunvor will Do mad
promise to spare no imlus or laLor ,0 ll,,rill0lllz tho Interests on thnt
to kIvo thorn tho hesi irmtw, ilw.i-nmhtrcet and lirtvo the Improvement
able overv tlmo IL ioimkh ilmlp wuv. """I'' Inlcr.
. .... . 'I 'ri..., int.. it. .......i ...
TIIO UV OW Will e vn noli c t- In nt" uu .munvu .
all the gnmes tho boys engngo In and
hope they may bo as fortunate In all
of them as they were In this game,
Thu lads look tino In thero bright
tho game was well
ii'.otli.n of Houhnm:
Portland den, ICIcc
Columbia Klec Co.
St. Johns lluvlow
John Murdoch work on street
Co nnu.uu
K. of P. Will Erect a
Building of Their Own
Homes Iodgo 101 Knights of Py
thins tins tho reputation all over the
state of being one of tho most pro
dolly ono of tho strongest If not
in. Jurisdiction; having jnado tho
most rapid growth, manifested tho
strongest fraternal spirit, and Is fiunu
annnlly ono of tho strongest If not
Hi. strongest lodges In tho city.
Their latest movo It o t.eoulro a
lot and erect u UiiinCrg with n hall
on tho second floor and business
rooms on tho first. A building as
u elation has been Incorporated un
der tho laws of tlio state for this
purposo and tho stock Is being rapid
y taken by tho members and others.
Ivoposnls for bids on n lot COxtOO or
larger Is bolng advertised for In an
other column and tho tlmo sot for
oponlug tho bids Is sot for Friday
night, Novombor 27. Tho building
whon orccted will bo n credit Jo St.
Johns and a splendid homo for tho
A Trying Experience
J..a. Holms who had tho misfor
tune to got his arm broken some
Umo nr,o, nudivvMi another surgi
cal operation a week ago last Satur
day. Sovoral weeks ago tho surgeon
cut his arm open and placed tho
liwi together nnd wired 'hem up,
thinking they would knit togothor,
but tho bones would not grow
togothor nnd after some tlmo tho
arm was again opened Inst Saturday,
a week, and tho bones cut back to
the good, sound, greon bono and
again wired up and put in tho pins
ter cast. -Mr. Helms says tho Indi
cations so far aro that tho nones
will knit together and mako a sound
arm. It is sincerely hoped that thoy
will for ho has had a very trying,
serious tlmo with his arm.
A Big Help if Money
Was Kept in St. Johns
Several of our business men hnvo
spoken lo us In regard to thu fact
tli'it. about 7. tent of cur teachers
In our two fine si-I.ooIp Hvo outside
of St. Joins Ohi-i la omothlngthat
we do tint any thing about.
Tlicy mnko Hie eluln that wo are
paying out about 20UO a month to
our teachers, nnd about $1."()0 per
month of that goes outside of St.
Johns direct, to say nothing of n
healthy portion of tho other $500
that keeps It company. Kveu If It
t i
(leo. Warner labor
U. Klugo
It. Hell
W. O. McKann street clouding
J, linker do
P, Simmons do
!C. Smith do
J. II. lllack, supplies
". Sagert, wood for hull 1G.00
C. Sngert wood for street roller
P. Lovlns Inbor 4.i0
Chas. Toss S.U
St. Johns Hardware Co 2,i0
Howes & Co C00.00
Marshall Wells KI.I0
J. Lnugnii, rodmnn 10.00
II. Tolllver a.00
tho cjiiutil clmiiiboi li.osdny oven
lr., w'tii Hunter and Johnson absent
and l'nvln lardy, but wcio soon lined
up and at work with n vim.
Petition of the cltUeus on Stnfford
street to improve thnt street from
lA'onnrd street to tho city limits, was
0. 00 rend and on motion of llouliam was
Itl.rui accepted ami placed on file.
j At this tlmo, a representative of
13-71 Kerr, Olfford &Co., of Portland, ad.
2I.M) ' dressed tho council In behalf of his
10.00 firm and asked that an appointment
IG.7) bo made, or a commltteo appointed
i to meet with the firm looking tu tho
G-l' leasing or tho dock. He made somu
1. U objection to tho dock as not bolng
"7fargo enough to meet their demands,
-I.S0 but as the city has moro ground Im
mediately adjoining tho dock tho
same may bo extended. The mnyor
then assured the gentleman that a
commltteo would bo appointed to
meet with his firm ns requested.
Profile of grade on Hnrtmnti street
nq presented by tho city engineer
last week wns ndoptci' on motion of
On motion of DavU city engineer
was liihlnklcd to tMlnhllsh grade on
Ilium an street In compliance 'th
profile adopted,
ltesotutlou to Improve South Jersey
street was adopted on motion of
On motion of Davis preliminary
resolution wns adopted Instructing
city engineer to prepare estimate for
Improvement of Thompson street
from Myers street to t tills Itoule
vurd with n-foot cement wnlks.
On motion of uolilo Hunter was,
granted 15 days nddltloinl leave of
nli Hence.
Itesolutlou for the Improvement of
Thompson street war adopted on mo
tion of llonhnut,
Itesolutlou to open Kant Richmond
street Instructing thu engineer to
furnish profile showing location, etc.,
from Jersey street to Willis Iloule-
vard was passed on motion of lion
On motion of llonham the city at
torney was Instructed to prepare
waiver of the remonstrance against
the Improvement of Pittsburg street
and an agreement for the city to
keep the Improvement of this street
In good repair for the space of five
years. All voted yes nut uouie, wno
voted, No.
On motion of Doblo it wan deter
mined to rendvertlso Kust Uurlluglmi
Tho following bills were allowed
on motion of llonham:
Kluue. labor $ l'J
All the Encouragement Possible Should Be Used
in Keeping Enterprises in Our City
Total 950.8',
Profile for tho Improvement of
Itesolutlou to Improve Stafford
street as petitioned by grading tho j (leo. Warnor, labor
street and constructing a d-foot co
uiout sidewalk wns rend and on mo
ttou of Davis wns adopted.
Petition for tho Improvement of
South Jorsoy street was also road
nnd on motion of Dohio petition was
Is true wo don't see anything that can 1 1 art man streot will bo held for tho accepted and placed on file.
bo done nbout It nt this tlmo. Whon Inspection of tlio property owners. 1 Petition to Improve South Stafford
tho now thoachers are to bo employed,
however, there might bo something
done to prevent this by making It a
part of tho contract that tho Instruc
tors must mako their homo In St.
Johns during tho term of their Incum
honey. This would ho perfectly
legltmato, and wo do not think tho
teachers would object to such an
Long Wedded Life
Rev. and Mrs. Chester Paul Gates
of tho Evangelical church went to
Dalles last Tuesday to visit Mr. Gates
parents, and returned to McMInn
vlllo today, where they will attend
the 57th wedding anniversary of Mr.
Gates' grandfather and grandmother
Hoberg. This is a wonderfully long
married life and the many friends
of Mr. Gates and his grandparents
will Join us In wishing these good
people many moro felicitous years
hero before thoy go to their reward.
Construction Is under way on elev
en miles of paved paths and drive
ways at the grounds of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific
Getting Along Nicely
A lottor recently rocolved by City
Attorney Collier from C. W. Potter
states that Mr. Potter is In tho finest
of hoalth, working hard ovory day
and weighing over 200 pounds, all of
which would Indicate that tho Med
ford country agrees with him nicely.
A fow weeks ago Messrs. Potter and
Gould sent tho Holmes lodgo K. of
a box of tho most dollclous Uuorro
d' Aujou pears' which tho boys did
full Justice to, at tho same tlmo tho
stalling countenances of theso good
brothers were visible "by faith" and
mjoylng tho feast. Thoro is only
ono thing that would have pleased
tho boys better than tho box of pears
ai d that would have bebn to havo
ti.o donors step into tho hall in per
son . May their "shaddors" never
gtow less.
St. Johns Leads All
B. D. Putnam of South Dakota, who
has been making a tour of the coast
stopped a day or two with his old
friend, J. P. Hendricks. Mr Putnam
Is a wealthy farmer near Artesian,
S. D., and state to his friends here
that In all his travels ho had seen
nothing thnt looked so good to him as
St. Johns. Mr. Hendricks took him
over the town and showed him tho
water front with Its busy Industries
and tho many locations for other
such Institutions, and the visitor wns
deeply impressed with tho prospects
for the future greatness of St. Johns.
Not tho label on your paper.
Petition for llipior license from streot from Polk street to mo souiu
Sam Downey and C. J. Anderson, lino of tho city or St. joiiiib was root
Samuel Cochrun and two rrom K. O. and on motion of Doblo was accepted
Magoon wero read and referred to ard placed on file.
Portland Sub. ICx 7
Claud Pofr labor 1.00
It. Dull Inbor 0.00
Sol Cnpplo labor K-00
II. Itnsmussen labor --00
W. O. McKlnnoy labor .... 0.00
W. It. McKlnnou Inbor 1.00
J. Plum, labor 7.25
J. linker, labor "0.00
i:. L. Nlckol. labor 12.00
J. S. Downey 1.00
C. J, Anderson t0
Jack Lnngan, rod man l-.oo
It. McKlnnoy Spl. Servlco I.Su
Cnn. Kthriduo. f Ulillnnllllk' .... U.00
O. K. itostaurant, meuls 8.10
St. Johns Planing mill material. .LIS
M. Wills & Co,, supplies 11.10
J. i:. Hiulotliie, labor 20.20
Total $H7,30
Save Your Coupons and
Vote for Mrs. Valentine
"Now Is tho tlmo for ovory good
man to come to tho aid of tho party'
Is a maxim wo used whon a boy
learning to uso tho typewriter. Wo
wrote that until wo could seo tho
Should Realize Easily
12 Per Cent from Dock
Tho Tologram recently remarked
that It was expected thnt tho city of
St. Johns would roallro $3500 a your
rontnl ror tholr now dock. Wo do
not know how the brilliant Journal
words with our eyes shut, but Just 1st secured his Information or i-r-now
It Is ror another purposo. There 'lived at his conclusion U It wns a
Is a contest on betwoen St. Johns, ' surmise, but ho certainly is away off.
Oregon Uty nnd Vancouver, Wash. Tho city paid out $00,000,or will liavo
Tho Tolecram has offorod to sond u done so when tho dock is finished frrmi n,yn nt tllOHn rlllnn In AlllK- far tills flllO plCCO Of PrOPOI tl'. It
ka to boo everything worth seeing 'Ib paying six ptrcent on tho dock
thoro und to tuko In tho Alnskn-Vu-, bonds, rour per cent ror wenr ami
kon exposition. tear of tho dock Is llttlo enough, thei
Mrs. P. W. Valentino has consent- K the dock is lensed there should
ed to enter the contest ns a candl. 8n Vnontw ot tho pro Its
date and U wo had looked tho cltyf operating the dock accrue to the
over we do not know or ono who j city, wo thereto think that $750 or
would make a better ono. Mrs. Val- $&00 per month would bo small
entlne Is a very popular lady and 'enough rental or a term of to
worthily so, for she Is a most excel-ws lease. Docks no larger I an
lent lady In every walk In .fe. Shoour now one m iu.u u, ....,
Is a model homekceper, Is an oner
getlc worker In her lodge and in all
tho circles In which she moves. Sho
Is tho personification or kindness and
geniality and Is always tho same.
Sho does not meet and greet you
vl'.U smiles ono time and then, when
In "big company" Ignore you as tho
manner or some Is. She Is known by
almost every one In tho city and
liked by all who know her, hence wo
predict a phenomlnal vote. 1 lease
watch your Telegrams, cut out too
coupons an'd vote early and often
ror Mrs. Valentine. Don't miss a
ballot. If you aro in tho habit of
subscribing by tho year or month be
sure to mako a long distance sub
scription ahead so as to capture a
larger number of votes. Lot us sond
our candidate to tho famous gold
ifglons. It will cost us nothing ex
tra and will glvo her a vast amount
c pleasure. Tho beauty of It Is that
In $1000 a month and upwards dock-
ugo charges. St. Johns cannot ar
ford to glvo a long lease ror nothing.
Thoro may not bo so much In It for
tho first year or two but It will moro
than mako up for It during tho later
years of tho lease.
sho deserves It, else wo would not
ur0e tho votinf. Please remember
whon you get tho Telegram to cut
out tho ballot.
Tho C, B. society of the Christian
church will give a box social Friday
of next week November 20th. Place
will bo stated elsowhero. Tho Pen
Insula band will bo down and fur
nish tho music for tho occasion.
Come out, buy a basket, havo a good
tlmo and help a worthy young so
ciety to prosperity. It will do you
good to get acquainted with theso
young people.
Matrimonial Catechism
And the Trite Answers
What Is mnrrlugo?
Mnrrlugo Is an Institution for tho
Why do some people never marry?
Ho cnubo they do not believe In
When a man thinks seriously of
uuirriugo what happens?
II i H'r.ii Ins Muglo,
Shn.ild t man murry a girl for her
mom y?
No. Hut ho should not let her bo
an old maid Just bocuuso she's rich.
When a girl refers to a "sad court
snip' what does sho mean?
Sho moans that tho man got away.
In selecting a husband, why does
a gli' preror a rat man?
Roctuiso a rut iiiun rinds It hard to
stoop to uny thing low,
When asking papa, how should a
young man act?
no fchould laco papa manfully and
nt A r glvo him a chance at his back.
When tho minister says, "Do you
take this woman for bettor or ror
worse?" what does ho mean?
Tho llrldegroom's people construe
It ono way, and tho bride's ramlly In
terpret It another. It Is very sad.
When a man says ho can manage
his wife, what does he mean?
He means ho can mako her do any
thing sho wants to.
U an engagement ns good -is a
marrlago? It's bettor.
Whon a child Is smart and good,
to whoso family Is It due
To Its mothers,
Whon a child Is bad and stupid,
to whoso faintly Is It duo?
Wo refuse to answer.
1h It posslhlo for a married man
to bo a fool without knowing It?
Not U his wire Is alive. United.
Wo nro howling, tho most of tis poses to ship In gravel. Install a
ror moro factories and business on-Ismail crusher lu his factory nnd
tcrprlso ror St. Johns, nnd we crush his own stone, i Ma only ob
think It Is right to moke a "holler" , stnclo In tho way of his doing so la
In this direction, It is music to our 'rinding a suitable dock. Mr. Mason
oars; out there Is another thing says If ho cannot got n Httltnblodook
that wo should "watch out" for ami hero he wll1 bo oidiged to move his
thnt Is to tnko good enro of the ones factory away from St. Johns to whore
wo havo. Of courso tho cuy cannot 'lie cnu get such mi accommodation.
do everything nnd ennnot do most It nppenrs to us thnt the city might
things Just ns quickly as many would lensu Mr. Mason the Ulchmoml street
like. Thero Is somu duuger of losing dock us soon us tho new dock Is fin-
tho Hollow Coucretu Illock factory lulled, for undoubtedly almost the tut
or W. N. Mason, which Is giving em- tiro business or tho city will bo dono
ployment to nbout a uozen men nnd over tho now dock, and thoro will bo
Is growing rapidly, blthiing fair to hut llttlo If anything to do on the old
become quite a uianurncturlng Instl- dock. If Mr. Mason enn seeuie dock-
ttillou. Mr. Mnson tried to buy crushed hbo ho will keep on hands at nil
rock from tho city. Tho price nskod times snnd nnd gravel ho that any
ror It, however, at tho crusher, $1.25 ' quantity miiy be obtained ul any
per ton was prohibitory. As lo that tlmo for the Improvement of our
wo hnvo nothing to say. It may be streets and sidewalks. This will
too high, tho city may bo able to not only prove a coiinouIoiio to
make a profit at hnlf the price, orjMr. Mnson but to tho city also whon
It may ho right nnd Just, we do not the people may need snnd for thw
know; but It does seem Hint tho ' sldewnlks, or ror Hand binder on tho
city could sell to Mr. Mason at the ' mreots. Wo bellove II would b do
Hame price as to the contractors, SO hK n K0(lt thing If the city fnthoiit
cents per yard. KallliiB to get n price' would strain a point and otm the
thai would Justify him In using tho itlclnnnnd street dock to Mr. Miimih
crushed rock Mr. Mason now pro- If possible.
Edison is One of the Evangelical Ladies'
Few Honest Rich Men ' Aid Entertainment
Ami It Is clean greatness IMIsoii's
He wenra by rights the look of u
contented man, He lias robbed no
whlows, crushed no competitions,
stolen no franchises, taken no re
bates, Ho Is rich not because he
gnmbled lu tho stock market; nor
employed children and woman at star
vutloii wages; nor awaited, doing
nothing himself, for tho rise hi tho
price of land or corn or cotton. Ho
Is famous not because ho manipulat
ed an election, or bribed a legisla
ture. There Is nowhere lu his career
any record or success which came or
devious or deceitful ways. Ills Is lu
Iced a clean great ness. He has
worked ror what lie won, and every
thing that ho has done bus been III
I )ii dlieellou or making this a better
world ror mankind to dwell In,
Men will tidl nil their lives rot
themseUes alone grow tired; thoy
want to stop nnd "get something out
or lire." Or course thoy do; hut
thoy aro I lied, not or work, but or
heir own Inadequate and selfish i
lives. Hut a man liku Kdlsou does
not ucL tired: you seo that lu tho
youthful look lu Ills oyos. Money
doesn't pay him. Ills enthusiasms
nro far otherwise, and external to
hluibcir. He hnu lived with tho ah-
stomlousiioss of a monk, hating fow
leisoual wants, and the wants ho
nnd were gratified with tho simplest
ihlnuH. I lu bus never stopped to
tujoy lengthy honors, though honors
httie been showered upon him from
ovory part of tho am Id, bucauso lie
hs brn so busy nil the Umo with
r.oiv concerns, Thoro Is nothing, !
Ltd, In this world keeps a
man young, joyous, siiupie, use me
unselfish pursuit of truth.
Surely there Is no bolter or more
h'lerul model ror struggling, limited
youth than this ini IMIson. Not
that ho has risen from a poor boy
In od to a i Ich uud famous Inventor,
but botnuso by steady work through
many years ho has become n fine,
simple-hearted, generous, useful old
man. American Mngujslno,
Carnivalians, Attention !
W. J. Peddlcord, president of tho
Peninsula Itoso Carnival association
has called a meeting of tho associ
ation to bo held In North Alblua
Tuesday evening, Nov. 17. All mem
bers aro requested to Ijo present
and all persons who wish to take
membership with tho association on
this date. Tho only thing mat is
necessary to become u momber of
tho association Is to sign tho roll.
Bvory energetic wide awako cltuen
on the Peninsula sliould uo on mis
roll. It should bo considered u roll
of honor and every one who has tho
advancement of tho Peninsula at
heart should havo his or her name
...I... ,i... ii..
on tlio roil ami worn wm iu nu
bunch of peoplo who havo started
this movement. It means much moro
to tho Peninsula than ono would at
first think. Como and seo for yourself.
Note the label on your paper.
Tho Ladles Aid of tho K angeli
cal church gave it very suceessful en
tertainment In lllckiiur'H hall I'rlilsy
evening of last week. Tlio following
program was rendered:
Piano duet .Ml wo Hdinoudaou
and Plnskutt. N
Itocllullou. . . . Itiith hMmomlHon
Song Georgia lllljoii
Heading Dr. Vluevut
I. ailies quar'il . . . .XeWllou
Heading "The first mil on the
butcher.".... Miss Jcmh ItoMeh.
CllltMtllHIllfH ClUb ftwlHfllHff
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no Hall
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Piuiio solo Miss Ptiiuh
Dialogue That Hwrt Nffc0
Heading MIsm Netll Maroy
I'lano duett Ml Otmtlw
ami Cox
Tho program was well iMdwl
throughout and was reeelvcd m
thushisllcally by the xnillew. Ttw
attumhiucu was fairly good I her h.
Ing something like U0 In IU htU.
Dr. Vincent's rending wh etfpoctaUr
good and tho duett by MImmw Mart
Ma icy and Georgia llllyeu waa a
tplumlhl uunihur; Mrs. Hall's part,
too, as always, was ''up to auuff."
Tho dialogue, that "heait affection",
viih one of tho best ami tM parta
wore all well .curried. Tlw Irre
pressible Miss Delia McPhluH?, Ow
French lady rrom Cork, was t)w
whole lire or the play. The raeoJpt
wore liicronsed by the sale of a (ink
recipe with a samplo of tit oHktt
thrown In so the buyer would kww
when thoy wont according to iHno
tious what thoy would net. The!
good people made their entartalu
ii i at a HiiocoMH riuuiielHlly and to
cl'.lly, nrd reel well repuld fw tlii
1 1 oil Ic sad expense.
Hicks' Almanac
For 1000, reaily Nov. 15. 1S0S, Iml
over sunt out, beautiful covers In
colors, fine portrait of Prof. Hicks III
colors, all tho old foul ores and aer
crul now ones in the bonk. The boat
astronomical year book and only oh
containing original "Hicks Weather
Forecasts." Hy mull 3.",e, on uews
hi amis :t0e. One copy free with Wort
and Works, tho best $1. Monthly lu
America. Discounts on alinaiiaoa
in quantities. Agents wanted. Word
and Works Pub. Co., mi l4MHtt
Street, St. Louis, Mo. Hvery uliteun
owes It to himself, to his fellows and
tu Prof. Hicks to posaeas the "Hicks'
fci coasts, the only relluble,
Cameras will bo admitted to tho
grounds or tho Alaska-Yukoii.Paglflc
exposition. Tho size limit has been
fixed at 1x5 or 3,4x5fc. Permits must
bo secured from tho manager of con.
cessions, but no cost will uo at-
Note the label on your paper.
Note the label on your paper.