St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, November 06, 1908, Image 2

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Al 117 Vit llmllngton SUeft. St Joint.
IlV MAHKMi & llVltUT.UK.
TilK ttKVlHW is cnU'ieil nl ist office
In Snlnt Joints, Orct'otti lntl
of the second clnss under the Act of Con
gress of Mnrclt i, 1879.
AdrrrtlnliiR rntri, $1.00 ptr Inch per montli.
All roinidunlftlom ilioulJ he ililrcccl to
Tho BoTlcr, St. Julini, Orecon. t
iai l'rlntln? pii-eutrd In flritrh( tyl.
HIIU for .lob iTIMIne jiih on ''"'"'v
OOcll Newtpw ot th OUT Bt. Johni.
Subscription prlco $1.60 poryonr.
A. W. Markle, Manaaer.
D. N Dyerlee, Editor.
AlthoitRli defeated in the presi
dential battle, William Jennings
Urynn proved himself a full blooded
American by sending the following
to his victorious opponent '."William
II. Toft. Ciucinnatti, Ohio Please
nccept my congratulations and best
wishes for the success of your ad
ministration. William Jennings
Bryan." We always did admire n
cheerful loser and it is refreshing
to note his manly course, and we
like him belter for It.
The Wild and Woolly West ns
exemplified by the condurt of the
citizens ol uregon on ciecuoi. iiny ,
was something remarkable. All
the old bullyragging of the ward
heeler was conspicuous by its ob-
seiice. livery voter went to the
polls, deposited his ballot "accord
ing to the dictates of his conscience' '
and went on his way rejoicing. No
more orderly election could Imaged
for ami wc nrc pioutl of Oregon
and her citixens, who can g.u
many pointer to the cffite on
good citizenship and the manii' r of
pulling off nu election.
Tiler is some product tint
Pittsburg street will lc improved
before the weather makes it imjxis
Mhle. It would be a shame to p r
mil this street to go nuolhir winkr
as it did hist, pnttirlilHrly -iucv tlu
l'ctry company has offered to urri
tlu- rock free mid doitu'c fso in
cash. The p ople most directly
benefitted, the big mantU'iu tilling
concerns lying alongside the street
should have been glad to hnvc
borne the entire expense as the
benefits that will accrue to them
would more than compensate them,
but they were apparently afraid
they would do something for some
, body else for nothing. Selfishness
hinders the progress and develop
ment of our city a hundred fold
1 more than poverty.
An event that means much to
tWtlmifl nml St. Inlnm is Mm form-1
al opening of the North Bank road
today. This road taps one of the !
rir.1ii.tit nrr-frn1lltrn1 t-nirimie in tltn
world and will bring millions of
dollars worth of cereals and live
stock to our docks. Iivcrything
that can be done should be by our
people to induce the North Bank
road to put a track into our new
dock. Already exporters are mak
ing inquiries after our dock with a
view to leasing and the track should
be in by the time the dock is fin
ished. That the Hill road would
be the more desirable of the two
is conceded from the fact that it
bleeds n richer and more extensive
territory and would consequently
bring a heavier shipment to our
dock. Our facilities for handling
this export will be of the best and
if tin. fn1intii nf lumincss should
become too great for the present
dockage facilities, there ore miles
of St. Johns water front just about
as good that can be utilized for that
eucKRCB's sieos succeed 1
c r a 1 i 1. nrrER!
ripl.n f-olln.flnM tlailak.ttHll.tttltUvl
r I 1 im -hYiiTiniYii ta,llrxlil"-S
1! IS flnaat I Tarala. 1 Inland . I I OaUa. (Ml tl.
rlioil 10 'it. .). i halt Hi TantllM ID U.
XVtito (O'dayt Mention this Ppcr.
L SMtmftlt w lltantiriil t4 and l'lt ln
L aria llMBt ItftlfV A
Oregon's Financial Standing.
There are few if any states in the
Union with a better state of finan
ces than Oregon. She is not only
out of debt now, but hai an nbund
ancc in the treasury to carry her
through to the first of April when
the new levy will be realized on.
There are no debts hanging over
Oregon, bonded or otherwise.
According to State Treasurer
Steel there is in the treasury a cash
balance of .$658,320.15, of which
$214,897.98 is in the general fund,
an amount sufficient to pay the
ctntr pvtwuiu") until next March.
1 His report shows that two years
ago tuc balance in me general iiinu
applicable to the payment of cur
rent expenses of the state govern
I input nnd maintenance of state in-
.stitutious, was $212,512.03; there
was received Muring tuc two years
- en5.Roi..iontid disbursed 52,soo-
507.45, leaving the present cash
balance in that fund
Mr. Steel makes n number of
recommendations to the legislature
among them tliesc: Tliat tue inner
llnnrn tnv lie made nttnlicable to til
nvrn nf it? mi nil collateral in
lipritmirox nnd nn all benucsts and
devises exceeding $sco to persons
not related to tne uonor; uiai m
i1nnninrv lnw be made antdicttbl
in tl.p Kclinnl funds: that counties be
made to pay the maintenance charge
for tne care ot tne insane, 111 me
first instance the counties collecting
frnni itti tiorKotts ordered to Day
the charge; that such special funds
as the pure food fund, tne veieiiua
ry fund, the board of examiners'
fund, etc., be turned into tue gen
rnl fund mid nil claims now out 0
tln.aii. fmwk Im oald out of the uell
erai fund, that provision be made
ri iiwtu.eiirm of wclelits and
measures so that the law regarding
the same may be eiitorced.
In order to Insure a change of ad
vertltemcnt the copy for tuclt change
thould reach this office not later than
Wcdneday, at 3 o'cloek p. m. Pleaie
'emember thl and tave the prlnte
November 12, 13, 14
Jess Little, who now holds the chain
pionship for one mile, when asked by Man
ager Myers nbont the race said he felt sure
that he wo aid win. Me is St. Johns' chain
pioii in the race.
Jack Kr.tse of Portland holds the five
mile champi.mship of the Pacific coast.
When asked what kind of a run be couh
give Little said he was sure he could beat
him, barring accidents in the race.
Eddie Molt of Chicago, who holds the
championship for the six day race of the
Pacific coast, which he won at the Oaks last
summer, is one of the contestants, and when
asked about the race said he would give
them a run for their money, and if there
were only a larger skating surface he was
eonfideut he could go around the entire
l bunch.
Jack Scanlon of Tacoma now holds the
three mile amateur championship, says he represents the Emerald Isle with his new green
skating suit, and that he docs not mean that any of his compatriots shall blush at his per
formance, but if there is any such thing possible he will carry off the first.
Will McNiel, the other contestant, has been taken sick and cannot enter the race, which
limits the contestants to four instead of five, as at first intended.
Will furnish music for the occasion and will add much to the evening's entertainment. Manager Myers has
talked to a number of the very best people in the city and they have been very complimentary in their re
marks regarding the older and the manner in which the skating rink is being managed during the past two
weeks nnd say they have never known the rink to have been run in such an orderly manner as now and they
think that it will have the very best of results this season.
Keep your eye on the Review and note the special events from time to time. There will be a large
number of them presented. You cannot afford to miss any of them. There will be skating before and after
the races each evening. There will be skating every evening and nil day Sundays. The management has
gone to great expense to make this racing event n success and feel sure of good results. Racing begins at
9:15 sharp Thursday evening. General admission 15 cents; skates 25 cents. Remember the dates Novem
ber 12, 13 nnd 14.
There will be a grand masquerade on skates Thanksgiving which promises to be a very pleasing event.
wwrwooo COURT
Get a home where you do
not have to spend two or
three hours every day on the
street cars.
You will be able to reach the heart of
the city from Whihvood Court within
TWELVE MINUTES on the new car line
that will soon be completed.
Lots 50x100, $200 and up",
easy terms. Water piped to ev
ery lot.
t Phone Richmond 1 021 . 110 N. Jersey, St. Johns.
St. Johns im
The Largest and Oldest Rca' Estate Pirn,
in St. Johns.
East St. Johns
3 The center of the great development now taking
$ place on the Peuinsula.
S We have onlj' a few business lots left on Columbia
Boulevard, which for a short tune only will be sold at
present prices.
Some fine residence lots still on sale.
Choice manufacturing sites adjoining the 0. R. &.
N. railroad for sale on reasonable terms.
Holbrook's Addition
We have some choice lots in the vicinity of the ,
new $20,000 school building to be sold on easy install- $ i
ments. 1
Call at our office for prices and terms for either of 5 1
these desirable tracts.
St. Johns Phone Jersey 931 Oregon
St. Johns Lumber Co.
Has all kinds of lumber, kiln dried and otherwise.
Also slab wood. Timlers of all sizes cut to order.
Get your winter's wood row and save trouble.
Is the onlv wnv to secure immediate delivery of your
O Kols at the most reasonable of transportation rates.
BTherefoie rinn up the
2 run I LAND & SUHUKdAN urnttt uu.
Operating electric freight cars between St. Johns and
Portland. We call for and check your trunks direct
to destination. .
Turn your trunk checks and shipping receipts
over to us and your goods will receive prompt attention
We have teams connecting with cars at St. Johns ana
Get our rates before shipping. Special rates oil car
load lots. Kxperienced and courteous employes.
Phone Main 358, Portlaud office.
Phone Main A 3358.
First and Flanders Streets.
Phone Woodlawn 818. Agent at St. Johns.
- Office 105 E. Burlington street.
St. Johns, Oregon.
Capital $2So-0
Surplus ....a....,-....'...,; 5i33-85
Interest paid on savings deposits,